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SUN 073122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 1, 2022 12:24 am

SUN 073122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Turkey wants to be a professional wrestler.

She also must meet all of them like picking her family makes everything count leaving out this week.

Okay Coco squeezed together. Squeeze patches are nutritious me from everything that we see 24531 remind you it's time to get back to church this Sunday service. The following programs, views, claims or representations may not reflect those William 1220 the word or sale media group. The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded what's right what's left is coming summer is flying flying boat folks like the title of my messages which is the warlocks and wizards. Oh no is an old saying that we can't see the forest because of all the trees.

America is so engulfed on every side by sorcery, wizardry, witchcraft, and only a very very small percentage of us recognize really coming is only a very small percentage was the can see what's happening.

What is the reason for such ignorance. Well, it's biblical literacy. It's it we look at Hosea 46 we rely people are destroyed there destroyed for lack of knowledge and in Proverbs chapter 1 verse 20 talks about how people how the simpleminded acknowledged wisdom and knowledge when that's exactly was taking place. Everybody's going to and everywhere looking for answers so the answers are and there's only one source close here. There's only one source of knowledge, wisdomwould complete and total truth and complete and total authority is only one source of information that tells you exactly where everything where it started, why it started. Where were going and how we're getting there and what the end will be. And that's God's word right here.

This King James Bible. It's it's it it truly is a living breathing document and so let's start tonight in mayhem. Chapter 3 and here if we read verses one through four can be what can be said about every major city in America today and list take a look woke to the bloodiest city is full of lies and robbery link they pray applied to part with not the noise of the whip and the noise of the rattling on the wheels and know the prancing horses and of the jumping chariots. The horse lifted up both bright and sorting the glittering spear and there's a multitude of slender great number of carcasses and there is none into their corpses. They stumble upon your corpses because of the multitude of the Hortons of the well favored heartland, the mistress of witchcraft that sell with nations through her horrid arms and families through her witchcraft well if we take a look right now to say tonight in Chicago. I don't know what to with the death count is going to be in Chicago by tomorrow morning, but every weekend there's a Lotta number of people killed is not your Chicago, Washington DC, is another good example New York City, Baltimore, here, and what it says in the bloodiest city full of lies and robbery today is not just smash and grab unit which you know was the big thing for a while just smash door windows going into stores smash and grab. Now they've got a new racket where it's called hit and Rob head and Rob where they pasted in cars in a way to see people crossing the street someplace and they run until they run them over and then they Rob when they're down on the ground dying and that this is what's taking place in your major cities there all run by Democrats. There are run by the same people and so here now. He says the noise of the whip and the noise of the rattling of the wheels well that that's what you have there, especially right here in Ohio and Columbus.

By the way, here the noise of the whip.

You've got human smuggling, human smuggling, where these especially these young girls in show are treated pretty rough and they are equipped, maybe not what horse whip would with whipped with belts and their they're told to perform or the leaking be killed for doing so. You've got to shoot in writing Columbus in Ohio. Here we have a real problem with human trafficking, especially were going to the prostitution and here he goes on to say, and there's a multitude of slaves in the great number of carcasses will, of course, like a set in Chicago to what will get a body count tomorrow for the weekend because of the multitude because of the multitude of Hortons and the well favored heartland, the mistress of witchcraft. The sellers nations through her horrid rooms and families to her witchcraft and that he's talking about noon of Nineveh uses beauty in this press stage in its power to assist seduce other nations like a prostitute.

She enticed them in the false friendship then one of the other nations relax thinking that Siri was a friend. Syria destroyed and plundered them beautiful and impressive on the outside, Nineveh was vicious and deceitful on the inside but he that beautiful fox façade sometimes lies seduction and death, and so the message here for us is that, don't let an attractive institution or company or movement of persons seduce you and this is exactly was happening to lowering your standards.

We we see how easy it is to get people to lower their standards are copyright and compromising their moral principles and it tried to justify the compromise and so here we go on. Behold my the way folks, it is one of Satan.

And if you ask most people here.

Here's a pin in the paper, draw me a picture of a witch usually will do what you see over the years since we been children going back for decades and centuries are women in long black dresses with pointed hats and works on the notice in writing the broom well. We know that yeah there's a lot of feminists that way. By the way, we know that rebellion is the same as witchcraft.

By the way, to he lied to the abortion mills ability abortion mills and you watch the late the cars to come in and the women that work at these abortion mills. How many of them have witchcraft bumper stick Seo a many of them yes there involved in an witchcraft. Behold, I am against the saith the Lord of hosts, and I will discover life skirts upon my face and I will show the nation. My nakedness in the kingdoms like shame and I will cast abominable filth upon the make the vile and will set the is a gazing start now is talking about here in the city of Nineveh, the city of Nineveh and Asia come to value nine I tell you what I think this perfectly describes San Francisco.

It really does and you should come to pass, that all they that look upon me shall flee from the inside. Nineveh is laid waste who will bemoan her once. Shall I seek comforters for the art thou better than populace. No, that was a situate among the rivers that had the waters around about whose rampart was to see inner wall was from the city will Thebes know Thebes no was a city in Egypt.

The previous willpower was stood in the path of the Assyrians expansion in the South.

The Assyrians conquered Thebes 51 years before this prophecy was given to Judah surrounding to the north and south way. Syria, the situation appeared hopeless. But God said that the same atrocities done in Thebes would happen. And then of Ethiopian Egypt were strength and it was included. Put aluminum were light helpers yet. Was she carried away she went into captivity or young children also were dashed in the pieces of the top of all the streets. They cast lots for her honorable man and all the great men were bound in chains also shall be drunken, though, shall be hid, though also shall seek thy strength because of the enemy meant. There is no power on earth can protect us from God's judgment close… This is what God said he would do.

And that's exactly what he did okay. Not here.

Here we see that what he did. He did. There's no suitable substitute for his power in our lives.

They were sent to Syria put their crust and alliances of military power.

But history would show these inadequate so here as we go along we see in all the strongholds shall be like fig trees with her first phase with her first right things.

If they be shaken initial even fall into the mouth of the leader is telling him exactly what he was going to do, how they are going to be conquered. Behold, I people in the mist of the air women to get another words, all the men of been killed off the gates of thy land shall be set wide open to that enemies of fire sugar power light bars draw the water for my siege fortified by stronghold go into the clay and tread the mortar and make strong the Brooklyn. There shall be fire, devour the and the sword to cut the financial eat the up like the canker room make thyself many years.

The canker worm make myself many years the locusts, thou has multiplied the emergence above the stars of heaven. The canker room spoiled flee of the way the ground are like the Locust and the Captains are great grasshoppers, which camp and the pigeons in the cold day, but when the sun arises.

They flee away in their place is not known where they are like shepherds lumber Co., king of Assyria by noble shall dwell in them in the dust and the people are scattered amongst the mountains and no man gather with them. There is no healing of thy Bruce and the wound is grievous and all that here the brutes of the shall clap their hands over the four once whom Heather not they wickedness pass continually so here what he was saying that all nations hated to be ruled by the merciless Assyrians yet, but they wanted to be like a Syria destroyed that one of the powerfully one of the wealthy prestigious in accordance friendship as an essay way we don't like the idea being ruled harshly. So we do what we can to stay in good terms with a powerful leader. Well, we kind of see American buckling down to China. China has China owns Washington DC China owns the Biden crime cartel. There bought and paid for by China in supply whites. There is such a concern about America coming to the point where come come this fall in a given who we talked about it time and time again and we hope adult manifests itself. That way, but there's a lot of chatter out there and were talking from people met in the know that is Austin and Millie continue to weaken our militarily continued to do everything they can to weaken our military.

The time comes when we hear that well. China is threatening to invade there's a threat of war with China.

We cannot we cannot win a war with China. Our military is become too weak yet. Thanks to Austin things to Millie thanks to a course that orders from the collective edge Obama so we need to do is we need to give into an surrender to whatever their demands may be just remember Nineveh was like DC and New York and all of its ways. Here, the cop, the compromises is almost complete.

Whether it's abortion, sodomy, LGBT Q same-sex marriage trials like you have a Washington DC this this January 6 things with only the prosecution and no defense. The corruption, the corruption and that what they call the committee is complete. It is complete and total. There's not one person on that committee that has not been found to be a complete and total liar photo. Let's say that to be mean or nasty but there they are. Every single one mouthful are complete and total liars. And here let's go back to verse four because of the multitude of the hoardings of the well favored harlot, the mistress of witchcraft, the sill of the nation's Jordans and families to her which That's exactly what they've done. There Washington DC with the patriots with the good people of the God-fearing people they've destroyed their families and they let the and here you've got the criminals. I mean the really corrupt people have have gone after good people and the good people of going to jail and prison and some of died. No, here is we take a look at this, we see that in all my years in all my years in a prison ministry. One of the regrets spoken of by the prisoners most often is if I had only listened to the warnings of those around me. If I only listen to their warnings. The Bible gives such clear descriptions of the attributes and characteristics of the wizardry in the witchcraft and the like Jalisco over here for a minute. I have mentioned this earlier, but let's go to first Samuel chapter 15 in verse 23 for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou has rejected the word of the Lord.

He has rejected the from being king now here we see today. I mean we have well known, which is today very well known, which is people with the vast majority people don't don't realize Hillary Clinton, for example, is the witch of she was the head witch of the covenant there in California and she would fly down there and she would go and she would have her meetings. How do we know this will slick Willie, her husband, Bill Clinton would talk about how old Hill is going again to do or which they and he would tell Larry Patterson to go and Larry. Next, go get the go get the ladies and they would find prostitutes and they would take a mortar flower and and again of folks is say what I don't understand what yet. This is a part of the which are easy here. We had a which covered not far from years ago. I don't know if it's still operating would there was what a matter and the which is where they were, which is that which coven but they were also prostitutes is how they earn their living as prostitutes with a their goal was to infiltrate and destroy churches and they would they would look for young pastors unexperienced inexperienced pastors and they would they would go in and they would befriend the wives the young wives of these pastors and get set up to destroy the marriage and destroy the church. I wanted here. He says again for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft will hear again. It's not just among women. Remember, Jerry Nadler said God has no voice in Congress. Not a smart move. Nadler not a smart move for all that King Saul. Remember, he consulted with the witch of indoor and the Joe Biden consults with the cattle, Harrison AOC, Nestor Pelosi and a host of others and I would I would have to put them on the very same level if you will of the witch of indoor note as we take a look how it's all of that apply to date there was let's take a look now as I was today when I was trying to put this this message, together, I was inundated and needed her with in bombarded with interruptions with distractions anything and everything did the stroke into my train of thought while I was trying to put this message together with then finally after that as I was working and to put this message together. I ended up falling asleep and so it was not an easy message to put together.

And so today I'm going over to Isaiah chapter 19 and read verses one through four. Another burden of Egypt. Behold, the Lord right of the body's with cloud and shall come in to Egypt and the idols of the agent shall be moved at his presence in the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it and I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians, and they shall fight everyone against his brother everyone against his neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom in the spirit of Egypt shall fall in the midst thereof, and I will destroy the causal arrow and they shall seek to the idols into the charmers into them that have familiar spirits into the wizards and the Egyptians will I give over to the handful crew, Lord, to the head of a cruel Lord and a fear of King shall rule over them, saith the Lord of hosts.

Well Egypt had was the nation were God's people were enslaved for 400 years and was hated by the people of Israel. Yet Judah now was considering it an alliance with Egypt against Assyria, but Isaiah warned against the slides, because God would destroy Assyria in his time and so here know nothing about this. If you would just four minutes here now again there's only one place where you have all the answers. There's only so they want is only one being in existence that has no problems but has all the answers and what they did here will guide did exactly what he said he would do one entity. He set them against each other just against Egyptian brother against brother, and now here Israel or Judah you will decided that they would with a one of the former Confederacy with the Egyptians to fight against the serial and so what are they doing when all of the confusion came in when God set them against each other that the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof, and destroy the consular oath and they shall seek the idols to the charmers into the to them that have familiar spirits to the wizards disabled wino worldwide in the world with the with it not go to God. Only God's help to got the money Egypt well you see, here's the problem.

The problem was God expected them to be a holy people live a holy life.

In other words, they wanted God's help, will they had to change their ways. They didn't want to give up there said they didn't want to have to go out there. Idolatry didn't want to give up their origins didn't want to give up all their sinful ways and they would have to do that. They figured if they could go and them stick to their witchcraft and wizardry. Well, they can continue and hopefully find out the future.

Here's the problem. The problem is there's only one that really knows the future because he is the future that's got so instead of going to the only one that really could tell the future they want to wizards and witches. Not a smart move. Maybe after God had taken Israel out of Egypt after 400 years of bondage again after after that Judah will decided she wanted to go back to former Confederacy with Egypt here. Isaiah warned he warned against such as lines and again, what did they do. They went to witches and wizards now again today. Folks there are more widgets and more wizards around today than ever. But they don't they don't dress the same. A lot of them at the infected controlled with that as we go through this will see how the modern which is working want to go over fact that they what you'll find that most all of your universities.

All of your law school. All of your medical schools are filled with witches and wizards vector inherent in the American gynecological Association. They want to force they want to make it mandatory want to force before the they can become doctors they want to force the.

The law are the medical students to do abortions to kill babies. It's wicked, it's wicked as we can get an they need to fight this and I need to sue these people for everything they have made the decision that organization/penny. The they needed to give a massive class-action lawsuit against him. I want to go over not Isaiah chapter 8 and I want to be 19 through 22 and when they shall say unto seek and to them that have familiar spirits and into wizards that pay Plato that words their peep means to whisper to whisper it.

It's an interesting thing for my triage notice to on that illegitimate that what they call a January 6 committee you notice how as as those absolute corrupt people out there folks arming you if you if you only knew away into the cave just how corrupt they were living. Notice how the people come out and they're all there satin at the long table if you will or counter. They come up and and other aids come in a whisper things in their ears, whisper. We notice this thing to a lot of the courtrooms where you're out there, somebody will come in and of the whispered something to the bailiff and the bailiff will go up and whispered to the judge, but here today with these and it will take a look at this because it gets pretty prevalent prevalent here we see that these smartphones, the smart phones are aiding and abetting in an infidelity infidelity is on a super rise because of the smartphones, then it's mostly wives. These wives today young wives especially, but cheating with single men or divorced men and is because that this this the cell phones have given him this this power and it's like I don't know what you would call knowledge that all wires would the vast majority is these young wives and here you'll notice an end and how they get caught so often is that the be texting on their phone and the be laughing and and I've heard this. There's been so many stories about this map view. Look at that the series on toes in a divorce coordinate.

Others were their husbands will see them laughing and texting and the lives of what's so funny lately. They come over to take a look.

They want to find out what the joke is in the wives will put the phone down and stated is that is that none of your business locate. This is my privacy. And right there. That's a red flag for these husbands and what happens more often not the first chance. The husband gets with his wife to the shower. She's asleep he gets all of her phone. He finds out who she's been texting and and out. Find out how he's being betrayed and this is really popular now put the whispering part comes when when he says and wizards of peep that, in the middle of the night will be open obey on their phones with their lovers in the be whispering the be talking often milk. Maybe go in the bathroom or go into another room and their husbands will catch up and this is an end unto wizards syncretism that have familiar spirits and into wizards that peep that means whisper and mutter should not a people seek into their God, for the living to the dead to the law and to the testimony of they speak not according to his word is because there is no light in them and they shall pass through it hardly be distended, hungry, it should come to pass that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves and curse their king and their Godhead look upward and they should look into the earth, and behold trouble and darkness and dentist dimness means gloom means gloom of anguish and they shall be driven to darkness here, the people consulted wizards, wizards and mediums who try to think absence from the dead people instead of consulting the living God got alone God and God alone knows the future God is the future now after rejecting God's plan for them. The people of Judah would blame God for their trials. And that's the same thing I just heard a woman the other day she was blaming God for all her problems that even though she tried and everything God would hear her and he goes on here and the people will continue to continually blame God for their self-induced problems body respond to the unpleasant results of your own choices today. Folks like these women who what were talking about just how they respond.

Every time it seems like 100% of the cases almost with those young women we were talking about when her husband snoop on their phones and find out in the confront them.

They always denied they always denied until the husband takes him and shows of the texts messages that they've got caught. So here the people you were consulting their wizards and trying to learn the Bible says. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes.

The dead know not nothing. They were trying to find out instead of going to God to future now today we have Alexis. People want to know Alexis. What is the weather going to be like tomorrow. Alexis Alexis, when is Donald Trump coming into town.

Alexis or Siri Siri keeps popping up on my phone and so they go to artificial intelligence known the old days they used to go to wage Ouija boards or tarot cards or whatever else can be found easily today on those smartphones not today in the smartphones again didn't get out one of the reasons for the reasons the Democrats hate Donald Trump and the reasons they hate Kristin so much is because they're constantly being told that they should hate us. That's right. And you get a lot of that they pickup right off the smart Alec phones and their tablets it and again the smart Alec phones and is tablets a minute much much easier to treat on their spouses and so I want to go now over to Micah in the Micah chapter 5 and as I go to Micah chapter 5 with my there we go. I get a bit wet my whistle. Been a long day. What happens if you don't quit your whistle now and then you lose your voice.

That's not a good thing when you do radio six or seven days a week and the remnant of Jacob Lyman, Micah chapter 5, starting with verse 8 to 15 now here during the millennial kingdom, the Jew and the Gentile to go and live together in peace without the need of an army in the cell phone will no longer control the minds of the people they'll all be gone and at the end of the 1000 years Satan will will cause the people to once again rebel and rise up against God and God will execute his vengeance upon them. Step quickly now here in the remnant of Jacob should be among the Gentiles in the midst of many know this again is taken place during the millennial kingdom as a lion among the beasts of the forces the online among the flock for the sheep who he go through both credit without an terror earth and please, none can deliver that during the millennial kingdom. Jesus Christ will be ruling he will be the world government Lord Jesus Christ will be the world government. Now we will be the born-again believers today will be there and we will be his government officials. We will be like during that time, like mayors and governors and whatever. And so, but judgment will be instantaneously when when people they can think whatever they want but when they violate the law, God will deal with them now.

Those that are born on the first day will live, since Christ will be there with them as long as they don't violate God's laws, then they will live to the one the entire 1000 years in here that listen to this in the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people is a lion among the beasts of the forest is a young line in the flocks of sheep who if he could go through both credit without an terror earth and pieces and none can deliver the right hand shall be lifted up online adversaries and nine enemies and nine enemy shall be cut off and they should come to pass in that day that the Lord I will cut off the houses of the miss the and I will destroy that Sherry is well here again there will be no no needed all of foreign armies would be no need for an army at all because here there. That's what he's talking about about horses and chariots in those days referred to the king that had the most horses and chariots at the Lord's army will there will be no needed all because the Lord Jesus himself will be ruling and I will cut off the cities of thy land and throw down the strongholds and I will cut off witchcraft out of thine hand.

Isn't that interested I will cut the witchcraft out of the right hand notices during the millennial kingdom and what is it that the people walk around. I was getting my oil changed at a dealership and as I was in there was a number of people probably six or seven other people sitting there in the waiting room and every one of had their smart Alec phones in her hand. All I was in a restaurant and there was a family there and the parents and all three kids, all of them were we had their their smiling folds with them. They they said of the dinner table and they don't converse. They don't talkative the text.

This is this is what you see everywhere and here he says he's going to and succumb to pass. I will cut off Willoughby city, I will cause the city's Allied land and leases.

I will cut off witchcraft out of thine hand, and thou shall have no more soothsayers. But you know that's that's exactly it's it's really that interesting thing there. If you look at it where people looking for like I was saying to go up there and they ask Alexis zero soothsayers of fortuneteller. That's what it is soothsayers Alexis Fino, who is coming to town next week when is president Trump coming.

What is the weather going to be like tomorrow. You know they're asking for the tell the future what will be the price of gold, and though: Alexis or Siri today and so he goes on to say in the graven images. Also like cut off from standing images of the midst of the and thou shall have no more worship the work of thine hands and I will plug up the girls out of the midst of the soul. I destroy the cities and I will execute vengeance and anger and fury about the heathen, such as have not heard now right at the end right of that at the end of that millennial kingdom, God, Satan once again, heredity, and Satan will rise up rise that he will. The Lord will let them loose out of the the the PIP to be, shall be cast out into a pit of darkness and right at the end of the millennial kingdom. He will be losing for just a little while giving just enough time just enough time to to get out and out to will get the people to rebel again against God. And then when that happens, and I will execute vengeance and anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard well want to go over to Galatians chapter 5. Here and in Galatians chapter 5 I get up with wet my whistle get him sorry but we read this started with verse 16 this I say then, walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh, lust is against the spirit to spirit against the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other so that you cannot be. You cannot do the things that you would but if you be led of the Spirit's you are not under the law, though that's an interesting thing that he's telling you that you not under loftier live by the Spirit in here. What is he mean by that will, then your under the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law and is telecommute because we could never ever ever fulfill the letter of the law follows unity. You just couldn't do it in here. He saying if your desires are leading me to the to what he speaking of here earlier then you know the Holy Spirit is leaving you at the same time, you must be aware of confusing your feelings with a spiritually not here we talking about here.

If if you have a few red as he says here for the first lesson suggests the spirit and spirit against the flesh. These are contrary to him to one of you. You have your old nature in your new nature of your born-again Christian you you have your natural plus with lust of the flesh you you won't be might you want to enjoy fleshly things fleshly pleasures things that make you feel good eating so much drinking so you might want to drink so much or whatever and so but if the Holy Spirit is working in you. He says this so that you cannot do the things that you would but if you be led of the Spirit you're not under the law. In other words, here you under the law of the law was the law was given to us to show us just how far we were from being able to fulfill the law which was God's standard God's law and to obtain salvation.

We could do it. The just no way we could do it because sin dwelled within our flesh, and here now, and he's talking about things again of the flesh.

Again, the lust maybe you'll especially nowadays you know for six or four for drugs or whatever.

Today, that you have for gluttony is a major problem today and so he's telling you that if the Holy Spirit if that if you're working visa so that you cannot do the things that you would but if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law, see where under the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law all the letter of the law could do would be to condemn us. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which of these adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance emulations with strife and seditions, heresies, Indians, murder, drunkenness, reviling us in such like, of that which I tell you before, as I've told you in the past that they which do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God with the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance against such there is no law and they that are in Christ have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. Now here when he talks about this. These things were. He uses words well. For example, the words that are in the flesh manifest manifest simply means makes evident uncleanness obviously is impurity and lasciviousness means the voucher rate.

This lasciviousness is the same as debauchery and when he goes here and he says hatred and variance variances discord means discordant emulations, emulations of jealousy means this is the same word that we would use for jealousy, strife, selfish ambitions, seditions there seditions or dissensions. And of course heresies that you have the different heresies we talk about the different factions reviling insert Inc. reviling to the same as corrosion carousing if you will. And then of course what is referring to here when he said, long-suffering, long-suffering of that means patients and so here walking in the spirit is his obedience to the word of God.

The more that you walk in the spirit. The more that you will be prompted to be led by the Spirit's record and of course the works of the flesh are all being little works of the flesh are all being taught in our case, public schools and universities.

This results of the manifestation of babies being born right there at the at the University of Pittsburgh babies for born babies, babies that are carried to term these women is sometimes very wicked women will actually give birth to him, and carry a baby to term to sell that baby to be experimented out to be for the money for the greed their wickedness today. I mean, this is witchcraft. This letter, these are very wicked women.

This is pure witchcraft out there today and so they go to places like and and they'd dissect these little babies for their organs in here you see this this big push for pornography in the public schools were right, no. There's several battles taking place where, and just recently you had a father when the school stand up and say okay how to read.

I want to read to them. People that if there's any children… This is what that public school where his children were what they had in the library and they said no no you if you read if you read what we were giving to your children if you read that out here that indecent stuff filth that were given to your children will be arrested that's out and that's how corrupt the other words we want.

We want to lay this on your children.

We don't want you to read it out here that you ever notice something to all of these people, especially those that are public education more than any other profession more than any other profession, send their children to private schools, Christian schools are homeschooled of public school teachers because they don't want they don't want what they're teaching what's available there. They don't want their children to be exposed to that.

So there's the pornography in the library to critical race theory. In other words basically would CRT is that throughout history out of the different race. By the way, there's only one race is only one place that what they mean by that is, nationalities close is only one race is called the human race. The Bible refers to this humankind.

Okay a kind means bloodline all people called down through the bloodline of Adam. So there's only one human race, but there are a number of different nationalities and so here would critical race theory teaches is that white people have had it throughout history that we been treated the best and the black people been treated worse than no, they want to reverse that they wanted to say okay were going to force were going to treat white people that the folks you don't. There's so much of revisionist history out there and if you really look into it when you had the slave trade and by the way. Throughout history of the Muslims had just as many white slaves as they have black were slaves, whatever, whoever they could conquer that matter what country it was.

They became the slaves and that still is actually taken place today, many places.

In fact, right here in America.

With this human smuggling okay is still taken place. Now here. What is he referring to this witchcraft and the public.

As the real drag queens in New York City pushing pushing I have one of my articles here shows a picture of a topless drag queen at taught with with a little child late in the little child by the hand. Any parents that would allow that their children to go to those schools with drag queen don't care much for the children and I and I tell you, and I certainly have no respect for those parents at all.

None of them put the other thing part of this big whoop witchcraft and folks. Believe me this is witchcraft is the push for gender change the mutilation of sex organs of the promotion of LGBT cute little growth splitter transgressing queers the same-sex bathrooms and the public.

As the roses, same-sex showers, that there determined on putting boys and girls naked boys and girls in the showers together. This these are sick people, but this is witchcraft. They wanted they want to change the meaning of words today who is the author. The Bible said God is not the author of confusion and where is this coming from the authors confusion. Remember what the date a while back just years ago women were referred to as birthing people. Women were referred to as birthing people then that all of a sudden they decided that they really didn't know what a woman once because now they've decided that men can have their periods. Mr. periods and men can have babies and men can nurse their babies with folks let me tell you something. See if they're having a. In their giving birth.

They are not men they are not meant and and this is insanity. This liberalism Democratic Party insanity. But what is it really is witchcraft and wizardry and so even the meaning of words and they were remember nursing mothers noted: chest feeders and are they changing the name of pedophile files. No to something that would prefer okay at the people that prefer younger children, whatever. This is another new name they've got for the pedophile's and then, but I just want to close with the greatest source today and of witchcraft and wizardry is big Pharma. Remember, farming, TFR McKey, it means wizardry. This is where you get the word pharmacy and big Pharma Pfizer and these drug companies are by far the biggest promoters of wizardry and witchcraft… You know it's a lot of people it goes right over their head there clueless.

It's only a very small percentage of listed up really understand with what is happening around us and that's what exactly what it says in Proverbs chapter 1 starting with verse 20 the simpleminded refers to those simpleminded that the don't want the truth they know what it is they want to hear. That's what they want to hear. They don't want to hear the truth. What were at a time for tonight and remember, folks.

The time will come as we say, that I will come when many many many many will run out of tomorrow's tonight of the tie will come and this will happen. This could happen tonight when the only thing that will that will matter to for many, many tonight. This will happen. The only thing that will matter to them as their standing with the Lord Jesus Christ is a God recognized two kinds of people. Those that are saved and those that are lost and folks again when when the preacher gives it imitation intelligent that you need to pray to the father asked for forgiveness of your sins to the nest.

The Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations that the preachers just the messenger.

The messages come from God is giving it one more warning folks if if you if you heard that warning and tonight if you have not received Christ as your Lord and Savior, God is telling you one more time you need to do.

You need to do that you're running out of time you're running out of time were running out of time tonight to so it's been an interesting take E poi@@I am ready for bed tonight. It'd really help.

I'm beat and so has we come upon this time as we do every night. At this time where we say good night God bless and until tomorrow always always always and I do mean always keep fighting and I meet. Keep fighting. There you go around the clock to keep fighting the fight. God bless. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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