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Q&A With Koloff- #78

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 19, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #78

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 19, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with Tina Ari for another great episode of questions and answers.

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This is the Truth Network. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Welcome to another episode Q&A with Kolov, the devil's nightmare. With me today, such a joy, such a privilege and a pleasure. It's not all the time that I get a female, a woman on the show. I mean, sometimes I do, but today I have none other than the bride, the wife of the Turkish tornado, Ms. Tina Ahri. Ms. Tina, welcome to the Q&A show, the Q&A show.

Are you there? I am. Okay, did I, I leave you speechless with my introduction. You did.

The Turkish tornado. I teased your husband, Helme, with that recently and I just, because, of course, we told the story how, you know, he's from Turkey, his dad was from Turkey, and then told some of the story how he met the love of his life on a cruise ship. It must have been the love boat, I'm thinking.

I don't know, right? It must have. Maybe, were they on the show for those who are older listening to the Q&A? Maybe they remember the show, the love, the love boat.

Maybe I shouldn't sing. Okay, anyway, I didn't ask Helme that, but was it, well, do you know, was it on the love boat that his mom and dad met? I don't know, it must have been. Okay, well, a cruise anyway, for sure. So they met, he grows up, he's, I know, six years in Turkey, he comes to America, he's already learned English, and then, and his dad, who is just impeccable integrity in the medical field. I know everybody loved Dr. Ari there in Lincolnton, North Carolina, where you guys live.

And tell us, just real quick, how Miss Tina met Helme and how that love story unfolded? This is a funny story. His dad was my mom's doctor, and he, his dad would have actually delivered me when my mom was pregnant.

Come on! So he happened to be out of town when I was born, so it actually didn't happen that he would have delivered me. And his dad actually delivered almost every one of my cousins and delivered my sister. And then some years down the road, whenever I was in school, I was going to school to become a medical coder at the time. And at that point, I needed to have some in, some in-office experience and some in doctor's office experience and hospital experience.

Right. We had plenty of hospitals that would let us come in and do our school experience through them, but we didn't have enough doctors' offices. So my mom told me, she said, well, I need you to go pay my bill. She said, why don't you go in there and ask them if they'll let you come in there and do some of your medical experience through there or your school experience through there.

So I go in there and lo and behold, he'll meet the office manager over his dad's office. Okay. So I go home and I ask my mom and I'm like, okay, so, um, what can you tell me about Dari's son? And she's like, nothing, because he's married. I said, no, he's not, he does not have a ring on. Go on. Are you sure? And I said, um, positive.

He does not have a ring on. Well, um, come to find out, you know, we ended up not being able to do the medical, um, directed practice, directed practice through his office or anything. My, my teacher didn't, ended up calling his office. Well, after I'd graduated and everything, I started working at the hospital there in Lincolnton and I was working second shift by myself at the time. And my supervisor came and told me, she said, well, we've got someone coming in to do some, um, chart reviews.

She said, do you want me to put them in the, um, conference room or the, um, doctor's workroom? You're listening to the truth network and truth Nikita Koloff here. Have you registered for the Morningstar men's conference in August? Not yet. What are you waiting for? We have an amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA all-star Al Wood, WWE superstar Lex Luger, General John Cena, Al Wood, WWE superstar Lex Luger, General Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Benham, the Benham brothers were renowned evangelists, Frank Shelton, Chris Reed, and of course, Dr. Rick Joyner and yours truly get registered today.

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You're listening to the truth network and I said either one's fine with me and I said just let me know which one so I know to look out for them and she told me who it was and I'm like oh yeah I know exactly who this is. Yeah we ended up spending the entire night talking and we just hit it off from there. You hit it off and almost you know like I said so was it for your mom was it you know kind of love at first sight when she saw your dad he's like yeah I think so it's a sounds like you guys just fell right in suit there Tina that you know you saw this handsome young man Hilmiari and and striking young Turkish man and and and the the doves were cooing for you it sounds like in him as well so yeah that's awesome so you guys just just started so how and you've been married how long now 24 years 24 years well congratulations on that that's awesome so and we just found out that um we've got another grandbaby on the way nice in november which will be how many then it'll be eight eight grandbabies wow congratulations somebody's been busy so yeah you guys are catching up to me I just had my 10th grandchild so you're trying to compete I get the feeling but anyway so well that's awesome well thanks for sharing a little bit of your story and absolutely just you know love you and your husband you guys are are awesome and and you've been so very helpful you know him as a businessman over the years with his prior printing business and and helping me out with with that with like eight by tens and banners and all kinds of things I know he's kind of got a got away from that more or less and stepped out more into an entrepreneurial role and of course you're you're more you're more or less retired you're not still working in the medical field right you're retired right no I had to go out on disability because of rheumatoid arthritis and um a bunch of other things that go along with it and I was working from home and it got to the point where I couldn't even work from home anymore yeah you're just like okay yeah so I I try to help him out here as much as as much as I can and you do and you do whenever it got to the point that I couldn't work from home anymore yeah I thought that that's it it's time to it's time to hang it up time time to hang it up so well and and I know you are incredibly helpful there at the house and that you you have been so gracious you guys to have me over as a guest numerous times and and uh so I get to see firsthand how you guys a labor of love how you guys work together uh in in business but also just in in your personal life so well this is the Q&A show and so we got a little little backstory on you but let's let's flip the table here and give you Tina the opportunity to ask me a couple three questions and so if you're ready just fire away with your first question okay so my first question what was the smallest venue or the smallest number of people that you've ever wrestled in front of and how did you keep it exciting exciting and fresh for them yeah that's a great question because I'll just tell you truthfully so I mean let's just give a truthful answer obviously it's it's easier to get jacked up pumped up when I'm walking into the ring against Ric Flair at the Great American Bash where there's 25 30 35 000 people in the stadium right that that's not hard I mean it really isn't that's not really too hard but when you walk into the Lynchburg Armory and up in Virginia and there's like 10 people in the audience and like I'm not exaggerating that there were times what people don't understand is like people okay let me give you let me help the listener out here with this too you know there's big fat contracts you go read about AEW it's all public right these guys make 3.5 million a year now to wrestle once a week I mean I didn't make 3.5 million in my entire career nor even come even even scratched that right our guarantee for real our guarantee was 50 a night that was our guarantee and and and out of that came your gas money any food meals like hotels because the promoter paid for nothing back then like you paid for everything and and so just to help the listener understand a little bit better what the what we the what we paved for these guys who are living on the gravy train now okay with pay-per-views and all that kind of stuff so literally in Lynchburg Armory immediately came to mind because there was more than one time I'd walk into that army I'm like oh my gosh okay all right get pumped up get get your mind right you know pretend there's 30,000 people out there because you know they still paid to come even if there's only 10. So for me for me personally this just me I can't speak for any of the other guys my goal regardless of whether there was 10 or 10,000 my goal was to walk into the ring that night and give the very best performance I could give regardless of the number of people I wanted they were paying customers I wanted them to be able to walk away and say Nikita Kolov gave everything he had in that match tonight. So that was my personal goal but it was it did take it was it did take a lot of discipline and again just a mindset you might even say a paradigm shift to mentally go okay I can't I can't can't focus on the lack of bodies in the building I have to focus on what they paid to come and see so and that's what I did that's what a great question off the energy from the crowd yes yeah for for sure now even with 10 guys there I mean there might there might have been one like especially as a bad guy like what I would always try to do is find one that I could get under under their skin and aggravate them the entire match and yeah I would work on just that one for real because I knew that one would get the rest of the crowd going and 99% of the time they did but yeah that was my strategy personally so but yeah you did you feed off the energy of the crowd the electricity in the building so for sure great question Tina great question thanks yeah so going from there what was your favorite venue and why um so there were a lot I mean I have a lot of history at the Charlotte the old Independence arena it's all kinds of different names now it's called Bojangles I think arena but it was Independence arena it might have been the Charlotte arena for a while I don't all the different names uh over just outside of downtown Charlotte and so many amazing memories there I mean uh it's where I won match number seven against Magnum TA uh in that building uh it's where I turned from a bad guy to a good guy in the cage that night when I came to that man can dream death the road the tower of power two three to be power if you will yeah and we became the super power baby yeah so you know so it was there that night that that that we turned I mean it wasn't in that building but it was still in Charlotte uh at the at the stadium I think memorial stadium I think it was called at the time where I wrestled Flair Ric Flair for the very first time for the world heavyweight belt at the very first ever great American bass so certainly Charlotte which was our home and it was a mecca for wrestling and wrestlers was memorable but one of the others although I've had there were a number of them but one of the others had immediately come to mind was the Baltimore arena old school arena and down just off the inner harbor in Baltimore where Dusty and I won the Jim Crockett cup tag team tournament which is incredibly memorable that was a two-day tournament we got to spend time in the inner harbor uh one of my favorite restaurants was in little Italy there in Baltimore called Sabatino's and if we were ever in Baltimore we went to Sabatino's you know um in fact I went there just now a while back I was doing some ministry in town and they knew I loved that place they surprised me took me over there same owners and I had not been in that restaurant for 25 years and and and the same owners now the kids are now running it but they recognized me and they were flipping out they remember when we always used to come in and they wanted pictures with all their kids who are now running the restaurant the whole deal so oh my god yeah so pretty cool thing so so Baltimore I so though I would say those two there and there's more there's more stories more more that I could I'll say this the great American bash on tour when we went to uh we did a I don't even remember I think a 15 20 stadium tour like so rfk stadium you know the redskin stadium in Washington the Pittsburgh Steeler Riverfront Stadium I think in Pittsburgh I think it was called where the Cincinnati Bengals played where uh I mean they were just stating you know just all these different stadiums down in Florida that that we wrestle in all these stadiums which is a really really cool memory as well great American bash on tour yeah that's cool another great matter you're asking some good ones Tina what else you got okay on the wrestling bucket list were there ever any venues that you did not get to go to that you wish you had you're listening to the truth network and hi Nikita Koloff be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and podcast go to or the truth radio network check out your local listings or better yet download the truth network app today Nikita Koloff here and I am excited did you hear the huge announcement the big announcement well maybe it's a minor announcement anyway facebook go look up my new fan page Nikita Koloff fans and like it and follow today you're listening to the truth network and you know I Europe I didn't really wrestle in Europe I wrestled a couple three tours in Japan I wrestled in the Middle East we did a 10-day tour in Kuwait the mecca of wrestling in the Middle East yeah that was that always gets to me that one that one's really cool yeah I was actually close to Hilby's home come on turkey I think I was just across the border too bad Hilby's not on the interview but anyway you can tell him that later I was I was right I was I was right in his backyard right in his back door yeah yeah that was I could do a whole show on the tour to Kuwait but uh but I would say Europe to answer your question I would say Europe because it was you know there were times where they were starting to go over to Europe and I was either in in contract negotiations in between contracts because I wasn't going to wrestle without a contract you know if possible um unless I had some kind of at least some kind of agreement that they'd get the contract done and so you know they so I would have enjoyed I think wrestling in England and Germany and Italy and some of those different places that the Scotland and some of the different places those guys went because I haven't been to some of those those countries which I want to go one day but so yeah Europe would be the answer to that question so man I don't think anyone Tina just so you know has ever asked any of these questions those are really good just want you to know oh good yeah they're really good we got time for one more do you have one more yep um this one's going to be kind of off off the top off topic okay okay different subject you are a very healthy eater yes ma'am so whenever it comes to your diet so what do you have whenever you have a special cheat day food oh did you say cheat or treat what did you say not like a cheat day food yeah well I don't cheat like you got you know you got the rules slapped across your hand at school when you cheated you know and yeah and I learned it treats exactly because you know because you and I know cheaters never win right I mean that's right they may wait it may appear as though they're winning for a while but there's always consequences to the cheating it always comes back around if not in this lifetime I assure you there will be consequences for cheating in the life to come when everyone stands before Jesus there will be consequences so anyway that's a whole nother subject for another time as well Tina but to answer your question so um yes and for those out there who don't know I try to be a pretty clean eater clean lean clean and green uh beans greens and berries uh you know um it took me 300 days a week give myself 65 uh flexible I kind of call them now reset days or treat days treat days um and I don't go crazy with it like like you know I might have a Krispy Kreme donut but I don't have 12 okay but I might have two um you know I might have some pizza but I don't have a whole pie I might have one or two slices right of pizza right um so but pizza's a favorite pizza's a favorite in fact my my dear friend Lex Luger recently uh blessed me when I was in Atlanta with him with with a incredible uh I think they call it four corner uh butter crusted barbecue chicken are you talking about that one yeah oh my gosh yeah yeah little plug for just pizza if you have a just pizza in in in your in your town or wherever you live go go get a four corner anyway it's amazing it's probably one of the best pizza I've ever had so pizza I'm a cheesecake guy now and I don't have all this stuff every day but you know I change it up have fun week to week you know one day a week I have a reset day and then a few holidays etc so I'm a cheesecake connoisseur uh I I do enjoy Dairy Queen blizzards and so I may have a blizzard from time to time a piece of cheesecake I like I I really like a good carrot cake um an occasional burger and some french fries deep fried fried fries um occasionally some fried chicken so it just depends like a lot of times Tina I'm out usually Sundays my my reset day or my treat day because I'm preaching somewhere on on tour as an evangelist ministering maybe doing a man up conference the day before and they want to take me out on Sunday after church and so I'm like hey you got any home cooking places around here like the real deal you know like the mashed potatoes yes like the mashed potatoes gravy I if I can stay away from chain restaurants I prefer to do that because they're anywhere and everywhere but man if you get some of that old grandma's recipes and home cooking man it's so good peach cobbler you know I mean banana pudding you know I I need to stop I'm making myself hungry here but um no hey again another great question for all you listening out there if you're not on a health kick or or uh hey I would encourage you you know make that a priority because you know without your health and as Tina just even alluded to you know she's got a a number of different health issues but that I you know just praying for her and trying to encourage her along to to be mindful of you know there's the old expression is we are what we eat so if we're garbage in garbage out you know if you're putting exactly yeah if you're putting not so healthy stuff in your body like all the time it'll again there's consequences right it'll eventually catch up with you so I'm the guy Tina that when I coach I know there are certain foods that mess with my RA like too many tomatoes right too many potatoes too many um oh shoot there's another one that messes me up yeah it's but it's just interesting yeah yeah will send me into a flare and a heartbeat yep yep so you just got to kind of know your body listen to your body and and know you know right things to put in and and not put in right so yeah awesome well awesome well you have been wonderful today it's so great to have you on the Q&A show with kola thank you for setting some time aside thank you I appreciate it well and do me a favor if you would just uh hug that your husband's neck for me uh mr hill me and and just sure love you guys and appreciate all your support uh for me what I do so thanks for being on the show today thank you hey just a quick reminder if you'd like to be on the Q&A show with koloff just uh email me and uh just shoot me a message and email and say hey I'd love to be on your show and and we'll get you on hope you have a wonderful week out there god bless you tune in again for another episode Q&A with koloff this podcast 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