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A Wise Man Once Said

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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July 7, 2022 12:00 am

A Wise Man Once Said

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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This is good Truth Network horses just to inspire you relationship with God that empowers things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode hey you, not humanly speaking we all behave better when someone is watching spiritually and practically, we benefit when someone who cares about our best interest and future success.

They watch for us. The principle is basic to in the family. I believe it's the way parents watch for their children, but is also basic to making disciples with in the church within the kingdom of God because the disciple that the believer who chooses to follow Jesus as a disciple becomes the mentee that word is in ENT EE are the one who is mentored or coached. This disciple has two tents are coverings to choose from to tenant's are coverings to choose one from one tenet is truth. Of course a covering because it's God's proven truth and in this sense is this truth is expressed by those who personally have proven truth in their own lives and this is an important and have paid a price for truth embodied in and manifested in a significant way within their own lives, so they personally proven truth in their own lives and you see that they paid a price.

In other words, compromise is the least road of resistance of least resistance, but there's a price to be paid really, and a victory one you know, that's another message to so but as watchers as watchers those who care for us and who lead us with their own lives as they cover us. They are not ruling over us. They are not dominating, not controlling but rather they are is is to supply wisdom, and they encourage and strengthen us from a place of wisdom and again this incredibly important principle of a proven life.

We are the epistles that are read by those around us. Our lives tell a story so 110 is truth and it is expressed and offered to the one who wants to be a disciple as a mentor would offer to a mentee, a watchfulness, a caring and in the second covering that we can choose from here is really one this more philosophical. It's a man conscious you would say approach and this is something that Isaiah the prophet warned very strongly against his words. What sorrow awaits rebellious children, says the Lord. You make plans that are contrary to my you make alliances not directed by my spirit thus piling sin upon sin, for without consulting me you have gone down to Egypt for help. You have put your trust in Pharaoh's protection you have tried to hide in his shade, but Isaiah says by trusting Pharaoh you instead will be humiliated and by depending on him.

You will be disgraced, humiliated, disgraced us. Isaiah 31 through three. I was reading from the new living so just by by word of explanation here.

Biblically, you know Egypt represents the world and Pharaoh represents the world system and its ways. The world system and the world's ways. So he says he warns don't go down to Egypt don't go down don't go down to Egypt and if you're already headed that way. Are you thinking about going that way. Turnaround change your mind return to godly wisdom, asking the Lord to cover you. You want to go back to that tent of being watched for in all your decision-making. Remember this seek out wise people, wise men and women submit what you're thinking what you're planning to their counsel before you go any further guard against wrong words verbally agree with words.

The Lord has already spoken concerning you and anything that concerns you, your household, whatever.

Choose restraint. According to his word pay the price for truth. You have to pay the price for truth and choose not to go down to Egypt you know you might say at this point, but if I trust someone with something this precious to me that I am guarding really privately they could be disloyal or could misrepresent me somehow. Yes that is possible. I have experienced that if you're alive and breathing air today to have experience that human nature is that way. Unfortunately, sometimes but not always. And this is what I want to emphasize wise men and women who life their life tells you the story tells you what you need to know you see in them you when you see them. If you look in the mirror of their life. The message that comes back to you is the image that you can trust and also look up to. Don't go down to Egypt. Look up look up upward.

Your redemption draws not the word says and in speaking about these two tents you know you might say, a wise man once said don't don't trust in the wrong tent you have two tents to choose from, and then the last word here. Some people like to go in and out of those tents. One minute they're in the tent of the Lord with watchers who care for them and the next minute and that philosophical man conscious approach that just loves Egypt and really doesn't really mind conforming to Pharaoh. Okay, listen, instead of going in and out and back and forth between the tents remain in the Lord's tent because they are stating you can trust. You be glad you did. I promise you, because the rewards are rich, they are eternal, and they'll serve you every day of your life that is a promise.

And hey, how supernatural is that how does on is that pretty much right. God bless. See you next time. But explicitly, if you enjoy this you like to help support this project, please share it with others. Post about social media, leaving leading review. Don't forget to check out the notes, you can subscribe to Shirley's email list and produce your very own copy of Shirley's 65 horses. Thanks again and we will see you next

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