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1278. What Is Evangelism?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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June 22, 2022 7:00 pm

1278. What Is Evangelism?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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June 22, 2022 7:00 pm

Pastor Tim Richmond, senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Queens, continues a series on Evangelism.

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Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville South Carolina today on The Daily Platform were continuing a four-part series on evangelism. Today's message will be preached by Pastor Tim Richmond of Grace Baptist Church in Queens New York have three questions for you three questions what is evangelism what is evangelism today and already knew. I think what were to try to do with these three questions is give you an opportunity to answer them yourselves, and so some of you gave some answers to that question. I think we had that on Instagram and Facebook and and you can answer that as well. We just read a few of the answers that were given to what is evangelism and then tomorrow. How should I evangelize is to be really practical session I I think will be really helpful is you just share with the student body.

Some things that the Lord has laid on your heart that way.

This is what the Lord really use this as I share the gospel. In this way. Okay, so Cheryl and I take part and then not a lasso. Why should I evangelize a lot of reasons for us to share the gospel and and will to share those things together. I will read a few of these. Okay Stephen Shelton what is evangelism speaking the gospel either yourself or someone else. I'm in a really really mess up some of the businesses like peoples Instagram handle so as you wish. 45. What is evangelism the spread of the Holy Spirit.

Great Carol Frazier seeking the lost Katie Reed share the gospel. I like this one. Okay, these all get a A+ they all get A's share the gospel with people personally walking close with Jesus using your life to touch others life and making disciples with the help of the Holy Spirit. A lot of things in that one.

That's great and and there's there several of your sharing the good news to people that Jesus died on the cross. Persons that he offers forgiveness. All these are good answers the question what is evangelism what is evangelism why one look at second Corinthians chapter 5 to help us answer that each they also have a little card that has the question on one side and what I want to do is have you place this card in a specific place each day to this question.

What is evangelism it little card with a picture frame on the back what you do is you can peel off the top of that, I want you to stick that by your mirror that is not a sticker so you can peel it off but but a thank you for trying those those of you who have sticker collections are mad at me now. What is evangelism and also I think the cleanup crew would really admit any if this was a sticker but you can save it there tape it to your mirror somewhere will you will see it in a mirror frameworks I want us to see that evangelism is it. It's it's not just something we do we get a look at it like a mirror. It's something that I it is something that I am part of my being as a Christian right so let's read second Corinthians 5 together's verses 20 and 21.

Could you read this out loud with me and I will jump right into those first two words let's read second run the inspired verses 20 and 21 altogether big choir classroom. Here now that we are sinners, Christ, as though God sees you. BIOS we pray in Christ said be silent. God for me and him these sin for us, who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. Excellent this is you, this is who you are on pause for 10 seconds to a second pause for 10 seconds. I want to look at this and I want to put in here this this picture frame where you will be in 18 years 18 years ago was the last time I was in this room and I was sitting there 18 years from from then as now that I want you to picture yourself in 18 years right and just start drawing on this picture what it will be like. I don't know what I pictured myself all but I wither some pretty clear hints at that point. Picture not just what you look like. But your your responsibilities on your occupation. Maybe your church involvement.

Picture yourself with family you're not with family.

Just just take a second to the same thing on to picture myself 18 years from now.

I it's kind like laps around the track to run a mile. You guys have run 11 lap.

I run to write.

Sometimes you'll get front are you doing this thing. Picture yourself 18 years we got right then you picture that you picture your pets who picture their pets would cut maybe one or two what'd you picture on their what what I want us to understand today will I want you to leave with is to recognize that all of those things you assured all of those things really are subservient to and and really are platforms for and foundational words. The big picture of who you are at and so with our session today was the big picture. Finding yourself actually who you are who you are. Who am I well we are tech says ambassadors ambassadors you are ambassadors you have two questions that the text answers the now then kinda points to how you come to you view yourself in this way, how do you get this view of yourself as an ambassador and then the text itself. From then on, really shows who you are. This what I meant to say is a new view of yourself for all of you who are made new in Christ.

So the now then write how how is it that you gained this new view of yourself of everything fitting into the picture of being the ambassador and and really that the hard thing here is it's really all of chapter 5 leading up to verse 20 I would on time for that. But if you looking in your text there if you just see leading up to verse 20 there's all these building on top of each other. Logical ideas that relate to one another and and you look at look at verse 17. The first word is therefore verse 16. The first word is wherefore you go back to verse nine, the first word is wherefore verse six. The were first word is therefore in suit, so all of chapter 5 is handling these logical progression in Paul does this right. He builds one ideal type of the other ends of the other end of the other and the climax of it all is that your ambassador so how do we D the truth that I am an ambassador for Christ or how can I really motivate myself forward and II really have to just get it brief understanding of of what he's done to this point, bringing me to that place in I'm just going to summarize those in in in words.

Okay one word each and will just fly through right that the first one is a new destination verses one through eight, verse one we have. We know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved. We are, we have a building of God in house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens you have something eternal that lives beyond your four laps around the track for laps around the track and then then you really have something great.

You have a new destination. In fact, verse eight he says like I'm kind of wanting more than I want this life like your commute right you have this you're all in your commute now to heaven now that you know Christ is just a short period of time and some of the of stinky commutes. I think we're just this is a rough life, and some of you don't have stinky commutes any of like pleasantness, but all of it's just a brief time and then you really gain the glorious presence of Christ for eternity and that motivates us because not only is it new destination we have this motivation that when we get there we finish our four laps will see him so I'm motivated to live for him right and so that's what he saying there verses nine and following. Wherefore, we labor that whether present or absent. We may be accepted and it will all appear before the judgment seat of Christ for laps. I can live anywhere please because when I stop when I get to the finish line to see Jesus, who brought me there, who died for me and in fact that motivation is so great that that Paul summarizes it, how can he summarize it with an idea that that Christ is died for me and and he's purchased me and he's he's placed me in glory so so how can he summarize how that changes me other than a slight creation. You are now a new creation. All old things are passed by all things become new and so that's the next kind of logical progression in verses 15, 18, there's this new creation.

Your your know all these things are of God. Verse 18 God is on all of these things and and because of that, he leaves us to the share on our track honor commute about this great person and what he's done for us, to the glory of God as he gets right into that reconciliation.

Verses 18 and 19. Riley read those verses. All these things are of God.

This new destination is new motivation. The judgment seat of Christ is new creation that Christ is living in you to do these things all these things are of God, who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ. Not only is he reconciled us. This is all of God.

God is done at all. We were alienated with to him and he reconciled us by Jesus Christ. He has delegated to us this message. This reconciliation, this message of the gospel he has delegated to you and to me because of that, because of this new creation and that changes the way I am, so that I have a message of reconciliation. Therefore, to wit right this is what God is done because of all that verse 20 therefore now then some translations say therefore now then this is who you are, so evangelism is not what we do, it's who we are. It's a part of our being and so let's look at who you are now who you are. This is the new view of you. This is who you are. Verse 20. Who are you, well, there's a title there of who you are and then there's a message that you give in and the basis for that message with the title who who are you, you have a new title.

This is this is like topple your resumes gotta be here now. Then, because of all that God is done, we are ambassadors now then we are ambassadors of the word. There has as reference to an older brother and older brother that speaks for the family goes to the gate and tells the business of the family speaks on behalf of the family. The family had that spilled over into city states politics where you have the person who speaks for the group speaks the interests of the group sent to negotiation negotiate on someone else's behalf.

We have a few folks in our church work with the UN United Nations. There is a delegation that comes to Manhattan from a different country and and these this team studies what's going on in the world and and they make proper proposals of what they will say on the world commute the world stage for their country and the ambassador will take all that research and will speak on behalf of their country on behalf of the president behalf. There can ambassador that's you it's really important not just because of the position itself.

I'm ambassador but who are you an ambassador for their for whom the US ambassador for Christ. This is an honor. This is a high honor as you paint your future. All of it subsides under relates to this being this is who you are who who are you know your student and K but it all relates to who you are as an ambassador on a student ambassador pastor ambassador. All that relates to that calling that title. This is the new you in Christ. So the next 18 days on campus. This is who you are. In the 18 weeks of your summer.

This is who you are at camp work. Maybe you're just gonna sail the seas on the yacht. Your dad bought you what whatever you you are doing doesn't distract from who you are, that I am an ambassador right of this reading biography of a lady was a spy in World War II in France and she would have to change your appearance change machine. What she did her occupation so she's in older ladies a farmhand and she's a younger lady who's a press reporter for the US but but really who she was your big picture was that she was a spy subverting Nazi interests in Branson actually was on the top hit list for the Hitler. One was gunning for the great job. Who are you right okay you may have this labeling right here but but who you are, according to God. According to this text. This summer you're an ambassador urine ambassador. That's the big picture this title has a message comes with a message look at it and put Paul does is he kinda jumps out he starts. He starts doing it. It gives us an example that this is the way it looks as though Christ, as though God did beseech you by us. We pray you in Christ said, and then this is the message itself be reconciled to God. You're not right with God and and meet the actual message itself right the phrases leading up that message is just kind tells us the way we should share it but be reconciled to God is the message restrain your ear, your you're not right with God, the way you're born in, and a lot of like this is the world doesn't think this way even very secular people had a a system of morals of right and wrong may be politically correct political correctness.

It might be resume.

It might be Islam. What what in their peer group. They usually have a group of oughts and and they feel like they're doing okay with those thoughts are message goes away against that right that that you are alienated from God.

Your estranged from God. We are born that way and and we need a reconciliation right now. You may not be talking to your roommate because they did some they made totally left the trash hauler this morning.

Let me reconcile you it just just pick up the trash. Be kind to him and and and level okay that's reconciliation that this is it your estranged to God you were born a strangely God and and you need someone to come down and mend the relationship Jesus did that you were born that way. We have a prison in New York City, Rikers Island politicians are wanting to close out right now and set up a jail in our backyard. Actually two blocks from my house right this is the plan right and and a lot of people just don't want reasons at all.

But but jail were a set of cinema jail and Tim's backyard captive audience. That'll be great, but Rikers Island. You can actually this is this is interesting.

You can actually give birth and have a child stay with you in jail.

There is one of the perks you can be born in prison. This is this is the way we are born you and I are born in prison with the sentence of death on us by the what the decisions are parents made all way the back to Adam.

Any and all of us are born that way and and actually to this day. We continue to walk in that rebellion against God.

We we are in need of reconciliation and so Paul just appeals and look what he says this is what is is mind blowing.

He says this is how your present this to that person and their jail cell. That's waiting to send this of condemnation, he says, say like this is no God pleaded with you, be reconciled at so it's like as God is as if God came to the prison cell and said listen, here's a pardon. Here's your ticket out here I've paid for it, be reconciled to God. That's what God is doing in the gospel is coming.

All of these prison cells a saint.

Here's your pardon, here's your pardon. It's as if God did it and he says this is what I'm commanding you based on this in Christ dead you will be reconciled to God. While that's what our messages were were doing that and as we do that some may may balk at and say happy. What's your basis for being able to do that right. How does this work in and sets verse 21 that the basis for this message is the gospel he hath made Jesus him to be sin for us, who knew no soon that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. So we beg we the word.

There is a day God is besieging but but you are you are praying your begging someone to receive this pardon for coming to their jail cell with a full pardon them I say will. How can you offer this to me this is how you were condemned your alienated from God you were condemned and and God sent his son the prince of this kingdom and in the prince himself paid with his death. Your death penalty. He went to the electric chair for you. He came to the city and he died in your place.

He's offering his perfect righteousness to you perfect part we will never be righteous, but we are offered the righteousness of Jesus, and will be draped in his perfect obedience forever.

The father so willing to give it the sun is so willing to earn it. The spirit opens her eyes to where it the amazing thing here is, is that he leaves it there. Jesus did it all. Everybody that you me this summer there in a prison cell. Unless they've received the pardon there in that prison cell. There born there.

They've lived there to that point in Satan's bent on giving him Tylenol's giving them things to do anything to distract them from the fact that there in prison and they have a pardon that they can get out of prison and the only thing that will change that is you and I just want us to feel the effect of that God could have done it any other way related disease. He's going to leave the responsibility of this pardon being passed on the Jesus paid for with his blood. The father love humanity this much and then he's gonna leave it there on the table. All of these pardons right as you leave the responsibility of sharing that pardon with students at Bob Jones University and it's it's your job.

This is who we are.

We are those who need to take this pardon and share it.

Take this pardon and share it, share this is who you are here someone who is going to people in the prison and your your sharing with them the fact that your your alienated with God. But Jesus died on your behalf that you could have eternal life with. This is what God offers to you as a part of who you are. Evangelism then is what you are. I don't know that I would put on here 18 years ago.

The pictures that I can put on here now but I can put on here. Jocelyn Jocelyn was one of the first ladies I met when we moved to Queens from Brooklyn. Our next-door neighbor that evangelistic Bible study.

Jocelyn, her husband Mark always hear them through the door there. The wall why they love watching NBA and arguing, but Jocelyn invited to her home Bible study. Jocelyn comes with her Bible and she says well here's the sinners prayer is this a good prayer to pray yeah Jocelyn, that's a great one can see Jocelyn the firstly, I baptize, I could see her face still going down on the water. I was scared.

Husband's a little little hot tempered. Paul say from Nazi Holland by since we ladies but he never knew Jesus to we met in the diner and that it be done but by I used two examples real quick because those two peoples racer.that sows as you look out the next 18 years, by God's grace may may we see faces of people that we we felt responsible for God is sovereign in using means and you are the means by his spirit through which this pardon is passed on to others. May this may this picture be full of folks that you befriended you shared this pardon with an God miraculously supernaturally open their eyes to this glorious message and eternally they will be saved penalty.

There's spring award.

This is Mrs. this is such a high calling.

I pray by your grace, that we would we would do what you've made us to be. There's a lot of dads out there that are dads are not doing any dad stuff. Maybe there's some students here who there.

They are students but are not doing a lot of student stuff, Florida.

You've made us ambassadors, have we share. I pray that you give each person here this summer an opportunity to share this pardon, and you would use this by your spirit to build your church.

We asked in Jesus name you been listening to a sermon by Pastor Tim Richmond of Grace Baptist Church in Queens New York which is part of the series on evangelism. Listen again tomorrow as we'll hear part three of the series on The Daily Platform

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