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Trump Has Too Much Baggage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 22, 2022 4:30 pm

Trump Has Too Much Baggage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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2024 elections.

If you plan to vote Republican if you like to see Donald Trump one again or someone else for the light a fire with your hosts biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. We are going to have an opportunity as mature followers of Jesus to express some different viewpoints without offending each other or insulting each other because that's what we seek to do here on the line of fire, and I believe that's what's in your hearts as well. Welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown so glad to be with you here confusion with faith. The truth encourage you can stand strong in the Lord hears them to call 866348784866-34-TRUTH. Now, if you have a general Bible or theology question something about culture wars just random and you want to call and ask me that for sure. Your viewpoint for my feedback on something else I may get to calls on all kinds of subjects. Later in the show, so feel free to call in my holding for little while. Feel free to call him with any questions on any subject, may be unable to get through on Friday will redo the entire broadcast so phone lines are open to you but we focused first on political issues. Now look if my calling in God was to be the pastor of a local church or traveling evangelist and that was my primary calling, I would be having this discussion maybe privately with friends, but I wouldn't be using the platform God gave me to have this discussion wouldn't be something I would focus on and if I was the pastor of a local church skews me of this kind of subject, although constructive to major on it could be more divisive than helpful. If I was a traveling evangelist seeking to win the lost and equip the body that when the lost. This would be a distraction from that mission. If my main calling was only to teach the Bible and help us grow in the word of God will this would be off-topic in many ways, however, I am called to win the law, especially Jewish people. I am called to teach the word Lamb called to go to the nations it helps to revival in the church, also called to be your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity, also called by God to navigate how we as believers walk through the minefield of politics navigate the culture wars understand how we are to live and to please God is part of what God is called me and anointed me and gifted me to do so as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. I want to share thoughts not to be obnoxious not to stir up conflict not to get people reacting and then the phone lines light up and though I've ever had a good show because her body reacted no would be good in the eyes of the world, not the eyes of God. I want to be constructive when have an honest, constructive viewpoint. I hears my view. In short the uvula the. The short of it.

I personally believe Donald Trump has too much baggage, and that those of us who resonate with the platform of the Republicans resident Democrats could do better and have another candidate would have many of Trump's strengths, but not so many of his weaknesses that would be better for the good of the country.

Overall and better for the good of the church. Overall, that's my viewpoint. Now I'm gonna unpack this and sure why, but if you agree with me. That's great calling me know who you think would be the best Republican candidate.

If you differ with me called in and make a case for Trump or if you feel that voting Republican is wrong and that the Democrats have the better platform with you consider yourself a follower of Jesus would not discuss all that you make that case. So we have a discussion where you get to weigh in and and will do it in a way that if I totally disagree with you still do with respect right 866-34-TRUTH out. I did a credible due Twitter poll posted it last night at a 26 was gotten 765 or so for the that's a pretty good response, especially because it was a limited subject and I've got one only like 45 and half thousand Twitter followers submissive compared to those with with both blood millions in the responses lesson Melissa. It's a good healthy response if you plan to vote Republican. Would you prefer Trump as the 2024 candidate, or someone else feel free to express a failure of the candidate of choice in the comments. The once your answer, please remark a link your suit don't hear my opinion for vote first response first middle article. So here's the voting is for those who said Trump was their preferred candidate that 17.9%. Those who said someone else. 76.9% and then a different either way. Just 5.2%, so better than seven a hat and 1/2 and 10, said we would prefer someone other than for we plan to vote Republican but we would prefer someone other than Trump and less than one in five said that we would we would prefer Trump. Now this is just a poll on my twitter feed us all. It is nothing more than that, but in my recollection that the folks that follow me a lot of them very much pro-Trump so I was interested, maybe a little surprised to see this responsible what article it's on the ask Dr. website ask Dr. so for him to agree with what I'm sharing to the future. This article with others and simply called Trump has too much baggage. Trump has too much baggage that follows an article that I wrote over at C December of last year, Trump knocked the door down with someone else walk through it comes out the door down with someone else walk through all right so many of you know my own history with Donald Trump.

I really opposed him in the Republican projects have either the post most fighting gets about was that nobody in his world right but I do like him as a candidate. I did like the fact that some Christians were follow him. I thought there being duped.

I thought this Misty is using us.

I thought this guys, I can keep his promises sees the ultimate pinnacle of political manipulator.

He did as a businessman those SL himself duped and and I preferred to Chris but I really preferred. Virtually anybody else in the Republicans in Donald Trump when it became clear that there was little support from even among Christian leaders.

What my friends reached out to Mrs. Mike.

Maybe there's more going on here and and is as people got to know him close and personal, someone would contact me right about him about the to get along with Trump and spent time with them and then it they call me or text me afterwards. They said no. There's something about this guy week. It's unlikely and it's surprising is the last we would pick but but we really feel it. The gods in this and then when it was Trump versus Hillary I always said once we through the primaries from versus Hillary the muscular accordingly.

Obviously if you share my convictions. Abortion is a massive masturbation about site right. I'm not telling all of you. You must have my same convictions. I'm not making a spiritual judgment on you if you differ with me, please hear me.

So allow me to speak freely because I'm not attacking I'm just sure mouth just like you have your convictions, right. So abortion is always first on the list.

So with Hillary Clinton being so pro-abortion and with Donald Trump standing strong pro-life that was massive from Israel stand with Israel other family values despite Trump's messed up past and married three times and all the things narcissist, etc. so it came time to vote, a second vote for Hillary. Can I vote for Trump must have some misgivings because the kind of person he is, he so divisive he so nasty he so narcissistic he can be reckless. This can really mess up a country on the other hand he could do a lot of good. He wants to fight for religious freedoms as well. He could appoint justices to the Supreme Court that could potentially overturn role.

There he he says in a movie. I was seated through some maybe session a do maybe have a breakthrough Middle East I believe is good pushback against tyrannical China and the terrorist threat of Iran is a big, existential issues sought.

I got concerns burnable from four years later when he kept his promises when he appointed the justices what he continued to keep his door open, evangelicals would move the procedures the money foster the Abraham occurs. We start the China when he did these various things.

That's okay. Now it's an versus Joe Biden the Democrat platform continues becoming more extreme article from again. Now here's the deal.

The root almost every article I ever wrote it, praising Trump for doing something good. I would have a caveat. I'm always concerned about this if you like what you always have to set aside because the concern is always there anyone of order from Arsenal Cambodia and get a follows a pastoral good church.

This is not my subject matter but it's is part of the fabric of our lives apart what God called me to do radio and in writing so to serve the body. Here we are with joy but but what happened was this that the app I put out very very clearly if he doesn't change in certain ways he could do more harm than good. As we got closer and closer to the 2020 elections. I became more and more concerned with seem like almost a cult of Trump in the church almost a worship of him is he's the only one can save America. People seem more loyal to him than anything ever seen anything like it and only she could be trusted and on and on it went. My concerns grew and the more I saw people acting Christian leaders acting like babies nasty, divisive, angry, judgmental, everything was about Trump. If you stand with Trump or we reject you with some terribly wrong here and ultimately when he was not reelected or you believe the election was stolen. Either way, he did not get end up being inaugurated.

I was convinced of this was the will of God with us for the judgment on America.

Either way whether it was the vote or the steel. Either way, was the will of God that he is not reelected, and in my view, effusively humbled himself to become a more decent human being. If the church's outlook… And unselfishly begin the White House right now brings too much baggage in my view.

I think another couple minutes to explain that and then Scripture calls for Lindsey Graham as many as possible on the inside of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown about. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining us on a lot of fun.

I was glancing down the question on the board said about that's what was about my thanks for joining us. 866-34-TRUTH of the phones momentarily do you get my emails just beginning to show. I got one of my emails for the week Wednesday watchlist lease videos we put out this week when Pastor told me yesterday. These now put these all together for his church leaders on different culture subjects biblical subjects to educate and equip them. This way you won't miss a video was an article to be updated were about to announce our May 2023 trip to Israel. Yeah. Amazing.

So this way get our emails you will miss an announcement we a lot of special stuff we report and she when you sign up to ask Dr. Brown SK your brown dartboard and sign up for the emails today. Okay before I go to the phones running when I say Trump has too much baggage is always get a B division over the issues right Americas deeply divided over major major issues and we tend to demonize the other side, and so on. It's the divisive nature of politics, but Trump brings the baggage of a personality of throwing people under the bus, of being unnecessarily insulting and nasty so you have these character issues which are shouting out so loudly that a lot of people would've voted for him based on the policies with the personality push them away. There's the baggage of January 6.

I don't believe in any way without detailed knowledge of everything happen, but for my own outside perspective. I don't believe that he in any way was legally responsible what happened on January 6 and in that there were specific things he did that can make him legally culpable for the storming of the capital, but I believe is morally responsible and that is rhetoric in the call to fight not think he was thinking that that was can happen, but what is the nature of the rhetoric. Up to then basically telling Americans that voted for him that it was. We stopped the steel that will never ever have a free election in our history that provoke a lot of crazy people to do crazy things. So January 6 is always to be held over his head and that to me was the negative fruit of him being the kind of guy he is bullheaded, it will knock the door down with with his fists at the same time he said it is a no demolition ball that swings destroys us. That's great for destroying us is not great for remodeling room but you always got the same problem demolition with Trump for better or for worse. And there's the baggage of the election of his money. Basically loyalty to Trump is determined by whether your convinced the election was stolen not. And there are people absolutely to the corridor, being sure colleagues of mine that election still have any doubt the research. They looked at it, absolutely sure other friends like no way it was conducted fairly and the courts of and verified that people like Bill Barlow.

This room close to it have verified that Mike pence did the right thing. On January 6 two to do his part, certify the election either. Either way, 20/20 becomes an issue in 2024 that Jimmy is not a war, we need to fight signal about my what if in fact election will still do just look the other way.

We don't know what you Trump but maybe our debt is nothing much, but the thing about justice for every voter was best for America and to say that the way that we fight fraud. If you believe there is fraud 2020 is to ensure there is no fraud in 2024 with Trump or whoever else wins is not the issue. This is who the voter fraud thing fixed.

If you believe it was okay, those are my thoughts. In short, my point is not to demean you if you have a different view. My point is not to say you not as spiritual as me if you have a different view. My point is that the question your relationship with God. If you have a different view.

My point is to share my heart hear from you as we interact constructively before the Lord.

Alright, so let us start with Donna in Norfolk, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, I appreciate it. I am calling. I pretty talked before about Pres. Trump and I am 68 at work politics think I was pregnant with my older nine and realized that five months that children were being killed at murdered in the world and when I got my friend move like that.

I knew the person and this could not be cannot stand at the back are Hitler moment and down that we'd work my kids.

We work politics all the timely fact to bring in righteousness push back the evil output awaken the conscience of the nation and Donald Trump. In my opinion, is a gift of God.

I.e. I don't think about him without thinking. Thank you God, where did this man come from which he had the strength, righteousness here that he was a man of the world like Nebuchadnezzar and Darius that God awakened and they they proclaimed him throughout the world.

I do think Trump is like that big Steve the world thing to respect him.

He was no fool, the, the American dollar. The American taxpayer dollars. That is down young money can do a lot was being used for many many nefarious wicked evil things that people most people knew nothing about because the press didn't report it at Trenton. The output that media, I notice, and the people knew that people who follow politics politics deeply knew that Kate but he brought it out and he fed it boldly because he was Donald Trump the and I didn't really know why my thumping asked about Obama's birth certificate. Like if he get light of the meeting, asking him who is Donald Trump.

But anyway, he was known throughout the world. He would bigger than life in effect and some people have been impressed with flying on a plane is not impressed with luxury is not impressed with the money he America and he'd love any American. He had a respected letdown nation. He told you. I am the president of the United States. I represent American you live in Columbia you should represent Colombian 11. You know, wherever you represent your people and try not to let you know people around the world walk over my country steal the job submittal American bringing and cannot destroy our country and destroy our people destroy their livelihood know why I have many people were unemployed with them.

Democrats and Republicans not to convict going out there.

John Downing opulent the likelihood of new job, no family, Trump seems to have a handle on the basics of what is being been stolen and sold out so that the politician that had been in DC for too long after Newton felt filthy rich with filthy rich on the back and I don't I don't think they have any respect for middle America is so much here. I believe that Donald Trump did for veteran. He did for black and Hispanic he did for people that with the right to try the dip of the Supreme Court of nitric Star will not attempt so much lying so much against. How could one man stand against so much opposition, God would not like him and he still standing everything.

Everything to destroy him and cannot do it and it's currently January 6 and Mike pence. Now that you know you need to read like revolving knew we think that people journalists what really looking into this set up that steel for 2000 meals and more to follow the put everything in two steel. The country and the first thing they put in on when the Democrats took over with to federalize our election. At the first thing they wanted to do. The people at Power Mac at the powermad and Donald Trump brought his thoughts whenever he was for America American people around the world. He was no war, he yelled try to help bring out even of North Korean man Christian can you be entirely fatherly that this guy and bring them into better things. John W been incredibly articulate and this may be one of the longest calls were I just sent back and listen because youths thought these issues through so obviously I agree with much of what you said. Which is why voted for him twice of different perspective.

Overall, but the whole reason asking folks to call is to share the perspective so you heard it loudly and clearly, those who wonder what would Christian support Trump monies this kind of character how to be a good thing. Just heard from Donna very articulate, clearheaded reasoned argument for why Donald Trump should run again why he was a gauze in the you may disagree passionately that I'm not putting calls in any order in terms of four against whoever calls in the order they called were going to the phone so you agree you have a different perspective. Forms are open 866-3487 84 hey Donna, great job representing your viewpoint. I appreciate it and we will be right back line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Is Dr. Michael Brown on the political scene talk as believers or nonbelievers about how we would vote in 2024 again for me. For me to follow Jesus, I resonate with key parts of the Republican platform that have to do with issues extremely important to me and strongly reject other key elements of the Democratic platform that are also important to me therefore be looking for a Republican candidate. I myself am a registered independent, just as my own statement that I don't belong to a party or look to a party and that way just again formula judging you. If you're registered with the party but as I looked Republican candidate. I do believe you have other choices that could be effective, strong, decisive, through a lot of the good, the Trump did without the bad to the spot respect. We just heard from a caller made a very strong case for Donald Trump's go back to the phones all win in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Michael, I appreciate the opportunity of talking with you, but you're still not some thunder. I called in early and as you Talking Erica absent on the allergist and I'll do thing that could I really agree with everything except so far, but and I really appreciate what knowledge that I agree with her about the past. I think much of what you said. I agree with about God. It seems that God raised up Donald Trump when he did, but you asked about 2024 and I don't think Donald Trump is electable and that creates a problem because I look at our other candidates.

I wonder, will who would be electable.

I was a big Tom Cruise of Tom Cruise. Ted Cruz occurs as a Tom Cruise's shotgun is a bigoted true supporter brought up to date as he dropped out last time and Ally DeSantis in Florida, but he's got baggage and now I don't think there's a Republican out there that the mainstream media wouldn't say that had baggage. I really like Ron Paul is a believer. He stands for the things that we stand for and I really like him just like DeSantis is strong on the Republican platform but you and Mike pence is a believer, but I don't think he has the charisma that it would take to be elected shall not sure who we have a selectable except that we may win this time because everyone hates the present administration about like a boy. The Democrats hated Tromso always got that going for us, but if I were to pick today who I think on a BR candidate would have to be between Rhonda Santos and the ramp all them and when the fact is that you write.

Whoever is going to to run in the Republican Party is can be salvaged by the left-wing media as the rims Democratic Party would be salvaged by the right wing media and it's can be unrelenting but in my view, Trump brings out even more attack unnecessarily and distracts from the issues that we want to be the issues, namely the these policies versus other policies who can better carry them out again from my perspective, recognizing that the biggest issue for the health of America's. The health of the church. We are here on the radio every day to help get the church of America healthy to do our part to see the body and America's thriving, healthy, vibrant, shining the light making a difference. From my perspective, the fact that there was this cult of personality around Trump as he said this almost unreal loyalty to him cases bordering on and becoming idolatrous know people. Mr. Jesus is Jesus encompassed Trump when they took community remember the body and blood of Trump.

I understand it's a little man to glorify man when he was so healthy for the church and I don't see that that would repeat itself on the same level with other candidates invited. Pick one. DeSantis is been real strong in Florida on the numbers of key issues in the economy seems to be stronger but but I'd be happy with others potentially as well and we thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Matt and Ora Utah. Welcome to the line of fire very well, thank you for a long time to get by law or there by grade so earlier I agree with the… I think now I've been there much controversy around electable but I think that better and did a lot of bitterness and I don't get the part.

A lot of the big one will be January and also I know I would… Only knowing how their back the were both because of no further bill.

With that blind spot….

Personally, I would like around the big butt. One really beginning to be one of the corporate world and he took the law and he walked think that the house that kind of Bureau without a big big dog major breakthroughs that are not held that the other children… I want on a global global are part of the American global apart on doing a lot of good for Florida but I would love to have a bit to do with Peggy Roosevelt.

Back of the day waited a bit the Republican Party by starting the party that no two Republican.about the birth bonded here Democratic, not.elected by fragment the Republican party.

United by the book that there the better though. Back like the bed like about thou I the work that I do.

I will look for on the like. I think we could take back what it would be a matter of just jumping here. I appreciate that. Let's put aside charges of corruption instruments think the best and say that he hasn't been bought. Okay. And as far as unity among the Democrat parties being pulled asunder, because that there's a minority.

The radical left that's pulling others and another was happy with that. Sometimes it appears that those in the others are more united than the side you're on. But… But you could write about those luscious put those aside, yet that that is a concern that this would be about Trump more than America.

I do believe he loves America. I do believe he's made sacrifices for America. I do believe that that he really cares about the well-being of America America's place in the world. I believe Allah is my hope would be if for whatever reason he believes that either he can be reelected or that it would be the best interest of the country that he's not elected that he would get behind someone else. Again that's that's very, very big if, and his account to God not to me but what he said is one of the thing let's just be realistic about any candidates they just people and they got good qualities and bad qualities and none of them is like. That's the will. That's my Certain that just doesn't exist anywhere anywhere in this Jesus himself running for an office that candidate does not exist.

So let's not over exalt any of the candidates.

Let's realistically assess the let's vote our conscience. According to him at thank you for weighing and I appreciated up. Let's go over to Jacksonville, Florida. George walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thanks for taking my call should not happen to agree with you pretty much what you Say only thing that offer women are too many of evangelical Christians. Christian and general wheat, lined up right behind the Republican Party to our detriment. Times just interrupt to say that's by Lord.

Speaking of white evangelical Christians right so not across your hundred percent right hundred percent right about what Evansville's vehicle had yet yeah exactly. You're right dark brown the and what I've done. If Bob actually voted for the Libertarian party.

He hadn't really pinned me down. Dr. Brown Brown.

I'm really more of a conservative libertarian.

If there is such a thing. I guess Ron Paul might be the closest thing to what I really believe politically, and I voted for voted Libertarian in a couple of elections because I just was not happy with the from the things that went on it special. Later, when George Bush got reelected in 2004 and then I voted.

I was not one of them for Mitt Romney under any circumstances. I knew he was to me.

He's a great dealmaker and that A good thing and a bad thing in. I just didn't trust him and the fact I got you know maybe this is wrong. To me, or whatever, but if Mormon faith is what disqualifying out of the gate on me. There was just no I really felt like that that was the time and it just that was just an important issue to me so I think what we need to think about going forward. Trump is not person for the job, one for 2024. I live in Florida bonded famous so far been a good governor. To be honest, a lot of a lot to George you cut you off with thank you for weighing in appreciated very much. Come back Maryellen Jim John the next day ready. Thanks again to earth appreciated the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 34 truth with go straight back to the phones Maryellen in Salt Lake City, Utah. Walking to the line of fire. Four-year-old woman Donna, I'm 63. I think she was 68 that may be right.

Maybe heard it away. Go ahead.

As I go ahead I agree with her and arm. I before… But eating and I was still.

I didn't know the Bible. I believe in the Bible 13 years and I learning the Bible. I've been contacted. The Bible is basic instructions before leaving her found out Bible is so true Anna I just felt like I was telling fear for my children and my grandchildren. I have seven grandchildren and arm. I did not raise them up with the Bible and and there a few minutes and I just like the world is becoming active. America just got it right.

God the money God we trust and and think it became spell. The mortgage became so scary for me and I felt like.Donald Trump when he came in he acting like personality, I can make it beat out I get past that he might have prayed that he and I felt like he is a blessing of God became could talk to other country protected American with America first and now you can take care of first. That was so high I mean everything. Anything to eat. I felt regret by God. That's what I wanted to stay a Maryellen thank you for weighing in. I appreciate that's that's with the phone lines before.

Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Jim in Costa Mesa, California. Walking to the line of fire. Thank you.

I got a comment for the question. I can't disagree with you about the fact that Trump would probably have a lot of baggage based on the Udo January 6 and at other issues so I would have to see who else might be in a candidate that would be running against them.

But the comment I wanted to make if I, I, disagree with the gentleman that that he would vote for Romney, but I don't know Florida Christians know this, but I think the are that about 20 million. Christian did not vote in Obama's second election because they're so self-righteous they I thought, why can't vote you know for Romney because he's a Mormon, and so the Christian elected Obama happened multiple times so I say to anybody that is a Christian that didn't support Trump either does not understand who the other candidate started. They didn't know who Hilary really was okay. We dodged a bullet. If you break put in cash or hip Hilary.

The other woman, they would be joyously supporting dogtrot. But the article written basically Protecting Max Lucado, Max Lucado came out and said I don't want my congregation to know how I voted with my party affiliations are underway to give my support when Trump came along he had he had to speak out and this article just history called Trump and the Pharisee and basically was saying the same thing. I think people thought we were electing a pastor yet moral you know integrity are important, but at the end of the day we only have two choices. So I believe people don't support the business support Trump didn't know who the candidates really were and they didn't understand a two-party system.

People that are like the gentleman that called earlier supporting the Libertarian party teacher supporting the Democratic Party and Amsoil of empathetic, but for me the bike drop for the morally pure your Christians to think I'm holding my conscience for not voting the concert for supporting the wrong party might drop his abortion and people will say we can't make the one party issue, but you can if this is the genocide 10 times brighter than what Hitler did and just on that one issue alone I can to fight or better vote for so I don't know why people make complicated and it did to me. Dad the question sitting back thing. I'm not vote because you know Trump was divorce like those new you know, the mean tweet you peccadilloes from 30 years ago, much of it what they get to the party that I call that the death what the committee agent to let you speak get that out winding up of what I think you made your point very clearly and I appreciate phone lines are open for folks to do that very thing I would say a couple things natural, but would simply that yes the slaughter of the unborn is horrific and to me is always the number one issue.

I go to vote for my blood. Christian friends and how you vote for me, like Donald Trump. How can you possibly do that.

It did with it because he brought so much reproach to the gospel and and and he's such a vile person. How did you vote for man like that. I just turn around and say if you voted Democrat. How could you possibly vote for man or woman whose pro-abortion, among other things. So let's let's not judge each other too harshly.

Right now, let's come with humility and say before the Lord.

I don't understand how you could vote the way you voted to have conversation about Kim uniter on Jesus spent some time in his presence. Worship the Lord together can work together and then explain important perspectives may go change your mind because my mind maybe you will agree to disagree on a certain level maybe will leave so you're wrong either way. Given an effort but the heart abortions.

The heart abortion, the horror of the Holocaust and doing what it did do stand alone and is unique disorder to every three European Jews, the slaughter of nine out of every 10 Polish Jews 3,000,003.3 million living human beings outside of the womb, so let's let's not just a force of 10 times worse than the Holocaust. The heart abortion stands on its own. In any case.

In any case, the phones are open for you to make your point not to agree with me and disagreement is as welcome as agreement. Let's see if I get to one more call John South Bend, Indiana.

You been holding most of the broadcast.

If you can give me your question quickly. I'll try to answer quickly and have a question or comment.

Don't have time to time. So go ahead if you want to say okay okay yeah I I don't support dropping more of our current Wi-Fi I do know that the operators: like much going on about like that lady said that name throughout the world while that of the maximally good ecological fallacy and accounted to start talking. It is called and he said you could vote for him because you'd better Dr. the mean you have to participate in the Hegelian dialectic.

As you know you have to take your evil. You can, you don't have the take part in all but I guess my question was part of the culture war God and LGBT ridiculousness going on and just want your opinion and I heard it said how we go to bed at all just came from the protocols of Allard learner Elders of Zion just wondering.

I've never heard a thing on the think I was in real or it was also close a deal is sign is 100% known factually in courts of law to be false, fraudulent forgery, it was drawing actually from a French novel by Russian secret police, who then turns it into a document to try to indict Jews claiming there was a cabal secret cabal of several hundred Jewish leaders around the world and they were ready to take over the world and and this of course like 100 years ago so they're always ready behind the scenes and that they can dominate the world, you do this do that so it's it's one of the most destructive, ugly, but completely false, fabricated, fictitious documents attacking maligning demonizing the Jewish people. Pure anti-Semitism completely from the pit. We have a country like America where Jews are a small minority, but have great influence they were taking over your onerous the world through Jewish history using the depressed person can kick out of countries currently running the world. As for the idea that gay activism is somehow the fruit of of of Jewish influence of the fact.

The fact of the matter is it's Jewish influence based on Scripture to sell provide moral values, traditional Jews strongly oppose these things and it's it's only liberal Jews like the liberal Americans therefore them and if you look at the beginning of the sexual revolution in America out of which LGBT Q activism ultimately flows out of it.

Who were the horror that the two fathers of Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner both of them raised in very strict Christian homes. Both of them. Sexual and religious rebels.

Both of them Gentiles so protocols of the Elders of Zion terribly dangerous, terribly destructive, and all fabricated false, fictitious, is thank you for weighing in appreciated and thank you to every caller will you agree with me different with me and everyone who listened not in your head or shook her head. Thank you. This is how we discuss things together before the Lord, let there be more light than he can remember good aspect of Brown.or sign up for my emails

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