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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 11, 2022 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 11, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about another tool the enemy tries to use against us, and that is condemnation. The clips are from "God Of War," and "Wonder." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network of every man, ways of believing that your life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request a band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey.

Glad that you're with us this week and were in the mood or mentor mentor mentor metal that's I say that word middle of a pillar series.

That's what I was trying to say you can't mix those together you get mentor and so were in the middle of the pillar series and Robbie will tell us a what does that even me be. Whatever else Vanessa, like a toolbox of the devil or Satan depend on what you would like to call them yachts and it also each of these are in a kind of this the way he builds a foundation against us when he attempts to do by deceiving us and so we been going kind of through different tools that he has an tonight stool. It brought you by Danny Condemnation. Yes, it attacks your your identity.

Identity okay will try to get those euros will be tested is not your topic.

It was my need is down. I wrote it down and you. Second, the notion that went so does anyone remember what the other pillars are done so far. Sleep number of blankets you like it then you will remember shame shame and unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is referred within the same yet. That's when it's women out when not in shame.

Shame on you should not have yearly all condemnations on your way.

Yet it is shame.

Whenever your topic else remember him trying me to go to the podcast we could find hard to get back together this week's topic is condemnation that attacks your identity and Rodney, you suddenly remember devising your phone yeah I found my notes.

So we started with unforgiveness.

We moved on to agreements which was browsable bitter roots that we were to busyness is okay so now that we could remember all that I'm sure St. had enough stuff to throw at us and condemnation when I accept it because really learned today that that's just a tool. The enemy to try to do that and so were to get her first clip, and that's from movie I've never seen that I really don't have a whole and a desire to see just based on the fact I thought it was a great clip but it wasn't necessarily a movie that would attract my attention. United could be. It's a good movie.

I just don't know but it's called God of war and it's one of those movies. It's animated but doesn't look like it's animated that's probably the thing for me that I just don't really like a whole bunch but anyway this is a great clip and so what we know about it since I didn't watch it is all about is there's a guy sitting there sharpening a sword. Obviously he's got a worse and some battle going on here and a person comes in to reminding that he is not what he thinks he is or tries to knock him down a peg, so to speak.

And so this is the Satan type character entering into the scene and attacking with condemnation onto his identity and so will take it from there spot as much distance H1. You cannot change you and actually where from the process for me on finding clips is one try to rack my brain for movies is one of those people really just like movies and I remember stuff from movies and it's been something of had since I was a kid, nothing was coming up so then I go to my normal sources, even to look at the movies in my house you know that I've got several movies on DVD and nothing's really sticking out inside just went to YouTube and thin and you will always be in his left it in a blank there one person's a pop up so it was monster so it listen to. For me it was a perfect clip of how I was feeling and how I feel that you and I try to live my life in a way, as a husband as a father is not husband now, but as a father, teacher those types of things at the enemy comes out. This is all you can run from the truth all you want is a common Spartan sampling in a human spartan thing you say that you say tomato I said about that, though he is attacks that he attacks the identity right and so he comes after that. So, yeah, but you're really just and then fill in the blank is those labels that have worked on in the past Phil and Sam okay pervert light struggled with pornography right that would be a label that he tries to throw out throughout the get the stick or you remind me of times that I feel like I wasn't a good dad. You know so you think you are good dad. But here here's the real truth and God healed those things and and so I can. I have tools to throw back adding this is doesn't stop him from entering and trying to do that, especially when I'm tired, especially when I'm down, especially when I'm angry or frustrated or or you know any of those things busy halt I think is what we talked about and I don't know what it stands for hungry, angry, L and T something, tired, hungry, angry, lonely and tired, lonely, tired yet thank you and said those of the tools it uses so were in a somewhat different Jimmy got something to say while they were angry which is what we call our cats are hungry and angry because hungry but about what really hit when you said what you real what you get most often. I've got to just came out of nowhere, which I know where that came from but one is I'm lazy which I'm really not. But I'll agree with that heartbeat and I'll go sit and do nothing for a while and and the other is I'm a coward. I do not like confrontation and I will confront but I come run away just because that's who the enemy tells me. Thank you and now I got nothing, so, so, what would you do differently in the past we've done some loser as we listen to other people's clips is rethinking and jumped up in your heart on the clip as you listen that.

If not, we can talk about Rodney or anything else comes to mind and he is on Avandia that we do mostly missed any Sandy having hearing-impaired, I was wondering and yeah it's really really hard. It's a tossup between Rodney and and Danny I haven't really the preshow. It's all the nanny but I think every movement of the rod, a segment of the picking loggers are talking to you like he's had a procedure to a set of procedure. I like that because it it's what names have I given myself in the past or I thought I was given myself.

But maybe they're coming from the enemy as well that I didn't realize until I had to stop and think about all who's who are the players in the game. Now it's not coming from God's condemnation, and it could be me that there's an awful lot of times when it just doesn't.

It is not me. It's just something I wouldn't say but it comes out at you and even like to save heads and victory over some things you said just some of times on painting some of the names other than just yeah, you're an idiot and stupid stuff but trying to go through life. I think one of Jim's what he said was, was one of mine. Mr. Coward at Exide.

I don't like the confrontation I never use the word coward as much, but I just I would rather be peacefully get along and try to find peace in the situation that much would trying to argue through it, but when I find myself in that argument. Is this because all about being right, and has nothing to do with the other person's heart, so I something I've been really trying to help myself get over his first contact I found a lot. Once I started analyzing it really did find myself condemning myself for being like that and it's been some of had to come to work through one say what you notice the sin like okay now you better deal with it in the enemy's good trying to take your stand and making an identity find you and your pastor is get it and calling you by your sin even though he knows your name or God calls you by your name and those are sent a lot about that and that's it's in their is in there, but as I was to answer question.

As I was studying than the other 19 Psalm recently you may know that really I didn't know that. But I did for a while that one of the words that that I kind of learned and that was the word reproach, which is that look your dad gives you when you bring home their report card. You know, and it's got season stuff sometimes even a laugh and he had such expectations of you, but he gives you this look and and that look is of disappointment and and a lot of the verses in the hundred 19 Psalm says don't turn away your reproach and you think about that look on God's face and and how many times you know I'm picturing this in my mind of this reproach since turn away reproach that I fear for thy judgments are good words when God looks at you.

He actually is seeing Jesus and and his judgment is in fact good and that's hard for Hartz to buy into completely, but there's no doubt that that's the one Satan like man Robbie you're such a people have such great expectations for yet from the baby didn't like to be great but you have for there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ right in and that's the truth it's hard as you said you get your heart feel that and I share the story long time ago. Robbie may remember Anna Finney and Jimmy have been here with the company I was with in Indiana. We used to go and keep in mind the enemy always called me pervert as I struggled with pornography and so my company a group of us always met to to do work at Panera at the tightly come back that the entire story of the teaser yeah this is when the enemy really a tavern at Panera. Yeah, sounds like a Saturday evening and Netflix.

Information contained herein is not going to go really wrong with the Nokia go back to working talk more about this good Alaskan to register what has been given to me that's a really testing to articulate it so deep inside me. It's ingrained in every part of me understanding woundedness got really caught me in my and also helping the step in the healing and restoration from those is critical. It's like an onion peeling back the layers and it is exciting is frustrating, together with what I enjoy the process. We got for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time.

I'm getting a download from God, where my life is how I have a have his story. However, it is one of those things is communicate with us welcome back to Mexican journey that is Stephen Curtis Chapman with the fingerprints of God. It's on an older album, signs of life. Many, many years ago, but it can came to me this week as we think about a bump in as much of the enemy likes to point fingers at you in on put his fingerprint on your those no matter those are true, those are life, those aren't real feel real. So much of it that feels like it's so very true right. But what really matters is the fingerprints of God and sometimes as fingerprints come from him holding you and we need to be held this time from him pushing you into the direction need to head into the kind of just lifting up out of where you've been and where you going to and cellulitis think it is fingerprints and I'm so very thankful that I have them on me because sometimes the enemies feel much more true right now they're not. But they feel it because I know me I know my story, I know where I've been less than Netflix series were talking about whether the Netflix we will get back into that for lots of reasons to go back into the story of Sharon with you. The enemy had and as I struggled with pornography. The label he had on me was pervert and he would yeah it was pretty pretty bad. It just you heard it starting.

It was dirty in all those things and condemning. And so my company I was with back in the days when life I just wasn't everywhere you know we we got up and Hermione a couple guys to meet new work is minimal work the office to Lincoln and getting done were field personnel that also work out the office and so go there to prepare for meetings and things and so just like Walmart and a lot of stores. Panera's are all pretty much upset at the same way you walk in line and in the event and all of them. In theory and practice in this particular one, the men and women's bathrooms were switched and so you and I got up at didn't just there with my friends and think about something walk and turn to the left went into the men's bathroom and there were women standing in their and a lady looked at me and said pervert and it just hit me to the core so bad that actually went out and got my stuff and left the meeting I was in because I just couldn't. It felt like the truest thing about me. It wasn't true that day is a mistake of making a turn into the wrong bathroom right in on snow when you're walking quickly.

The symbols you don't really pay attention to is not treated, then it's not true. Ever. You know there was a sin there that needed dealt with but that was never the identity and what made her sting so much is not the mistake I made is because I was in the middle of battling that and so is just other evidence of what the enemy was Artie trying to tell me was true, if that makes any sense. I think it's interesting actually helpful that the story itself, right, left an imprint of you know the thing that I keep coming across the software. If we thought about this topic is I can't get rid of my condemnation by my understanding of the gospel. It God's gotta do that work on my heart you know that's that's sort of the heavy lifting that no same struggled pornography that you know the same thing. How do I get rid of that stigma that he keeps throwing back at me and I really don't stand a chance.

You know, in less than less God is there to help me think you Robbie you actually have the next clip from the movie wonder, and I hope you all have seen is tremendous movie about a young man's had multiple face surgeries is left horribly scarred and yes to go to school and you can imagine elementary school. How cruel it is and so after here's the kids over here scientist talks about him being a monster and all these kinds of things he puts on the space how many will take it off and the scene that we can pick up here his. He's still got his helmet on and that's what you hear his mom say take it off and and and then he has a conversation with his mom over how he feels in his heart that he slightly and will take it from. Please be okay. You are not ugly because I knew Monica count because I'm your mom, because the most because I know you the most. You are not ugly and anyone who cares to know you will see only all things this wrinkle hear from her first surgery. These wrinkles here surgery the system is currently chassis.

The company, so there so many great statements from my perspective that he makes. He feels that and and then he asked her question really will always matter and I don't know how you are where you are with your condemnation, but his comments and questions. It you know will it all goblet always matter and you know clearly the thing in. And again I got use this because one of Sam's things.

He said it for years and years and I've always thought it was cool is like, you know, I know God loves me, but it's in his job description is love. So it's likely doesn't get out but I love the fact is, I've thought about that. In this clip that Wayne admitted he knows me way better than I even know myself and and and I know that is a sit there saying you know it's those marks that are all over you, which are are the condemnation of their note is never ugly. Not if you're his child out of here in Christ. Yet again our hearts are like Augie want to say you know is it always got a matter of the interesting things you can't's succeeded in forcing him to discard the clip is when she said you know the map of where were going is here. She pointed to her heart and the map where we been is here and she pointed to her face and it's never ever ugly and I think that that therein lies my struggle and and I told you before the show that for me. One of the things that Satan always brings up questions. He always does, but he does quite often is. He reminds me when I was in Scientology and I was going into this organization.

I had to sign a contract for eternity. As you know, they believe in past lives in all that and although my mind is you know I try to pretend it doesn't matter, but it still does it.

Like the log yes I try to pretend it doesn't matter, but it still does. And I know my heart still reacts at which you know poses that question. I know this is in his toolbox and he obviously consents my reaction when he brings it to my attention in spite of the fact that I know that God knows me better and I know that stuff intellectually but it's my heart that I need God to help me with. Because you know all the knowing doesn't necessarily get up there you have it unite there's things that this kid ingrained in you, you better believe that I double check bathroom doors are locked and it kills me to go to restaurant little say like amigos. And so whatever like where my hat which what am I know this drives me nuts to the way.

Note this is not good Sam yeah no sure I don't go to this restaurant. Any did you yeah it's your topic is yours that the solvent is about. Maybe things so you godly fingerprints, but the enemies is you smudges and came to be who they met that would that clear. Robbie was you be in the dark, curly haired, skinny boy. Well, I have overcome both of those in you didn't do the derogatory nickname to the get ingrained in who you think you are you and what I've thought about as we talked about this is that even though God gives you victory over things that mean Satan in the tackle. That didn't mean he didn't throw it back at the wall just to see fiddlesticks about doesn't mean that there always totally free of pain. Pain most days it's not can impact me most days, the stuff that he's thrown at me just not go ahead we get into that hungry, angry, lonely, tired, better data hurting got you five more times. I have it. II down but it it's in those times that you know he knows that he has you the better chance of having anyway you never his Playboy. He tries to get you over to that side pretty quickly and when we live in that condemnation.

How's the other house life for others around us meaning for honest then it just impact everybody that were around. Yeah, angry would be a light and a reaction. Yeah there there's not even a term for how I could get sometimes and I was living under that condemnation, believing it to be true. I encounter with my wife today and she wondered why I was angry what she was saying was helpful when I was here again is your stupid, you will even recognize that this is what's happening there and while I didn't react terribly angrily. She could tell it was I was a bit testy and we can do that just by momentary agreements with the lie incident know what you do same thing we do. I think ask God to open up those as lures of the enemy is using to try to get you to buy into the combination condemnation.

Once the lies that even believing what's the labels you've been living under what ones do you think keep surfacing. What's the routine that habit the things that you have to keep fighting against and let God work on those invite him into expose them to heal them into movie into place and deeper truth in him do that this week will go do that along with you and pray for one another will pray for you and will talk with you next week, but in the meantime get a masculine register for the Boot Camp coming up November 17-20 or the entrenchment. This is the Truth Network

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