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1270. Conversion

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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June 10, 2022 7:00 pm

1270. Conversion

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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June 10, 2022 7:00 pm

Dr. Jason Ormiston of the BJU Bible faculty continues a doctrinal series on soteriology entitled “Our Great Salvation.”

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Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. The school was founded in 1927 by the evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Senior's intent was to make a school where Christ would be the center of everything, so he established daily chapel services today. That tradition continues with fervent biblical preaching from the University travel platform today on The Daily Platform were continuing a study series entitled our great salvation which is a study of the doctrine of salvation or so to reality today speaker is seminary professor, Dr. Jason Ormiston good morning, one of the Clare at the very beginning that God answers prayer in Jesus is mighty to save my topic today is on conversion and my heartbeat is that perhaps there would be some in our student body that has professed faith, but has not really possessed faith in Christ and today may be the day when you choose to come to Christ in error. Many of us who have possession of the spirit within us. We are born again believers and we need an encouraging reminder that God gives us the power to say no to sin and to say yes to him. I want to find that hope with me in second Corinthians chapter 13 when I say God answers prayer.

Here's what I mean I've been praying a prayer for the past 20+ years, probably 23, 24 years. It relates to my sister my younger sister Sarah. I happened to because the way things worked out dad's pastoring at family Baptist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and upon graduating from Northland Baptist Bible College.

I went to family Baptist doubt get that ministry started and I was kind of. By default, the youth leader and ended up being the youth pastor and guess who's in the youth group. My sister that had been really awkward and imagine that your dad's the pastor and your brothers. The youth pastor Ron and indeed it was a little bit challenging and she was on a journey of her own, seeking to know the truth and identify the right way, not wanting to just buy into what everyone else is saying in that journey took her into some really dangerous places and had some serious consequences. It began a process of me trying my very best to reach out to her as a brother reach out to her as a youth pastor and then eventually she ended up leaving the church in kind of saying I I'm kind of done with your version of Christ and Christianity. I want my own thing that always has a can concern and what does it mean when someone says my version right well I tried over the years and we talk about 20+ years to connect with my sister. It always seemed awkward, strange sometimes it's confrontational at but I don't mean it to be.

I just wanted power. How are you how are things going now not interested would be response or she would just smile and just got a move on or whenever I would show up to visit back in Minneapolis. She wouldn't be there in the Lord worked in the years and years of prayer in the years and years of pursuing her that over the past summer she was at a very low point and in need of some help in getting back on her feet. At this point. She has two children ages six and five and I connect with her and I said you know we'd love to have you come and live with us and come to get back on your feet and seek whatever God wants to do and she accepted that offer and the Lord answered prayer, and there is an opportunity to open the door to normal conversation and relationship building and she told us a story about how the Lord worked in her heart to get a hold of her to help her see this is real and I do believe in it made her desire for what the world had to offer. Through alcohol or through different relationships seem like strangely dim in the light of his glorious grace. I wonder how many of you right now are kind of enticed by what the world has to offer, interested in, and may be trying a different path or to know that I have experience in my life that the way of the transgressor is hard at seeing others that experience that same thing.

The question is really what it comes down to it, are you converted. Are you born again. I want to know that Jesus is mighty to save. He can save and he will save the definition of conversion for you is is taken from a general source shared to get more general than that.

Notice it's talking about a total change of attitude.

A change of your viewpoint and notice how it is included in your especially such a change in a person's person's religion to be converted is to go from one perspective to a totally different perspective and inject, ask yourself the question, theologically, who is the one doing the work is it God or is it me, and I think it's interesting that God's parting conversion is this threefold. He is the one who gives life to the dead.

Ephesians chapter 2 verse five he is the one who gives sight to the blind. Apart from God doing this conversion does not take place.

He is the one who actually gives it as a gift.

I think there's something amazing as we understand theologically how to pray for those that we don't know. Are you born again are you not to ask God to do these things. Lord give life to the dead give sight to the blind, give this gift of repentance to those that need it the most. You have to know a person's spiritual condition to pray these prayers all you do is you can look at their life and in the fruit that there bearing you don't know what's going on internally. I had no idea what was going on inside my sisters had all those years but I can tell you that something's changed in her and she's on that journey of seeking after the Lord and she's not perfectly guess why I'm not looking at a single perfect person in this room and you're not looking at any perfect people but God does the things what we have to do if a man has a part in this conversion, and is to repent of sin and man is to choose to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I want to make sure that as I get started I lay this foundation, the God does his part.

We do our part and you need to pray effectively for those that are wandering, and perhaps you are currently praying for someone who is wandering in your wanting them to come to Christ. Don't give up.

God answers prayer. I want to know that Jesus is mighty to save. But I want to see this in second Corinthians chapter 13 in verses one through five.

But the key verse.

I think, is found in verse five in verse five it helps us understand the concept that we have to examine ourselves and test ourselves to see if we are in the faith majors Charles Spurgeon very famous preacher.

He is one that upon his conversion and quick speed to ministry would preach the audiences of six and 7000 people every Sunday we got used to minimize an amazingly mighty ways hi Pickering is one who authored several of these brief biographies and he dined on pollen from his statements from Spurgeon's own mouth from a sermon he preached. This is what Spurgeon talked about. He says I sometimes think it might have been in darkness or despair. Now I might be in darkness or despair.

Now, had it not been for the goodness of God in sending a snowstorm on Sunday morning when I got when I was going to the place of worship. When I could go no further. I turned on according came to little primitive methods chapter in the chapel.

There might've been a dozen or 15 people.

The minister did not come that morning snowed up. I suppose a poor man, a Shoemaker Taylor or something of that sort went up into the pulpit to preach is obliged to stick to his tax for the simple reason.

He had nothing else to say but sex was looking to me and be saved. All the ends of the earth.

He did not even pronounce the words rightly but that did not matter. There was, I thought I got a glimpse of hope for me in the text to begin this, my dear friends, this is a very simple text. Indeed, it says look now but does not take a deal of effort in weightlifting your footer your finger. It's just look Leman not to go to college to learn the look you may be the biggest fool and yet you can look a man need not be worth a thousand a year to look anyone can look at child can look but this is what the text says that he says look at me. I said he and his brought Essex many of you are looking to yourselves no use looking there will never find comfort in yourselves than the good man followed up his tax this might look in the me I'm sweating great drops of blood looking to me I'm hanging on the cross look dead and buried.

Looking to me. I rise again looking to me.

I ascend I'm sitting at the father's right hand all look to me. Look to me when you die got about that length and managed spent about 10 minutes she was at the end of this type. Then he looked at me under the gallery. This is Spurgeon saying I dare say with so few present he knew me to be a stranger. He then said young man who looked very miserable. Well I did what I had not been accustomed have remarks made in my personal appearance from the pulpit before I thought about maybe doing that this morning but not want. However, it was a good blow struck, he continued, and you will always be miserable miserable in this life and miserable and death. If you do not obey my text.

But if you obey now, this moment you will be saved. Many shouted is only a primitive primitive Methodist can young man look to Jesus Christ there and then the cloud was gone.

The dark assembled the way and that moment I saw the sun and I could have risen that moment, and song the most enthusiastic of them of the precious blood of Christ had had that experience had you been born again. Notice it says in first Corinthians 13 verse five.

There examine yourselves whether you be in the faith. Prove your own selves know you not your own selves, that Jesus Christ is in you except he be reprobates. Notice we have all wrapping up the book of second Corinthians we know if we look earlier, there is first Corinthians we have second Corinthians in these at the end of this book, and so why is he so adamant to get the attention of those believers in Corinth and the church to say you need to slow down and you need to examine yourself and ask yourself the question, am I in the faith. I think there's reasons for that and give you a quick background. The church was full of corruption which would back in the first Corinthians, and you started with the thought in the conversations about the divisions that they were engaged in as to whom to follow.

You find that in the first couple chapters of first Corinthians, but you also find things like sexual immorality lawsuits, idolatry, profanity and worship abuse of spiritual gifts.

Heresy regarding the resurrection and defense. He always always defending his apostolic power in his presence. He was one that really cared about this church to consider Paul in his missionary journeys.

He spent the most amount of time with the believers in court. Note no other congregation received the kind of attention that the church in Corinth received all stayed with them a year and 1/2 during his first visit. According to acts 1811. She wrote at least three letters to Corinth to return a second time for a painful visit in second Corinthians 21 he received correspondence from the church and if you attended Dr. Belford's lectures over and Rhoda Haber you know about those letters receive in his responses to those letters.

Three of its members visited Paul for sprinting 1617 and Paul wrote to them about his intentions to return in second Corinthians 1214 and so he really cared for them, but they had this problem. They had examples of excessive correction in this is in second Corinthians, dealing with a church discipline situation and they were really kind of mean-spirited towards one who wanted to repent and then as we wrapped I think I get our way into our text this morning and second 2013 watch look at verse 12 chapter 12 verse 21. The very last verse of chapter 12 meeting is in chapter 13 unless when I come again, my God, will humble me among you, and that I will, I shall bewail many of which have sinned against ascend already and have not repented of the uncleanness and fornication and lasciviousness which they have committed the evidence quite a bit of carnality here and so then he begins to break down aspects of why they need to examine themselves is only given to into simple points.

We have to ultimately repent and believe the gospel, and if we do this we understand that the purity of the gospel demands accountability I want to show you that accountability and segment is 13 133 and I want to show you. Last of all, here the power of the gospel enables victory met in verses four and five and I we will rest a little bit in that verses four and five to be an encouragement to understand what's going on. Notice in verses one through three. First of all follow the biblical process of confrontation. If you're wondering is someone really born again like Paul was in a good reason to wonder what should you do about notice he says in verse one. This is the third time I'm coming to in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be establishedphysically coming to them 1/3 time, or is he talking about letters that he's written to this church. Whatever the case, Paul is saying we should follow the biblical process of confrontation. We learn about the process she is quoting from Deuteronomy 1915 you go back to the Torah or you go to Matthew 1816 which talks about the process of confrontation is not 2 to 3 to 1 and then for a large group.

It's always wonder 123 to 1 and then in a large group and so I encourage you as your thinking about that person you're praying for you're not sure if there truly born again.

I encourage you to heed what Paul is saying and follow the process.

That process involves you giving personal care for that image bear reaching out to them and say hey I haven't connected with you for a while. Can we get together in copper how are things going and engage with them and pray for God to open up an opportunity for you to help out in their time of need. Notices process in verse two, I told you before and for telling you as if I were present.

The second time and being absent. Now I write to them, which heretofore have sinned into all other that if I come again, I will not spare that sounds like a lot of verbiage but I want you to notice the connection to heretofore have sinned. Paul was convinced that I need to address an issue because you have in the past been involved in the sins that do not please God.

Over those sins happen to be, well, I just got done telling you. Verse 21 of chapter 12 gives us a list of sins that you have already committed, which include uncleanness, fornication, master business so as you break down what he is saying here is talking about uncleanness or impurity you've been involved in inshore relationships. You have been involved in sexual immorality or you have given yourselves over to sensuality. This is a problem and what I think is pretty obvious here is that Paul is saying that if you are engaging those things you should really pause and ask yourself, am I truly born again if my life is characterized by sensuality, sexual immorality or I'm just focused on how I can break the rules in just around the corners to benefit my own got what I feel you are not one who is completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. And that's a serious concern. Paul goes on to talk in verse three. Not only just about the process but the reason for confrontation and they were ones at this church love to confront him with the fact that you do not have the right to say that to me and he says in verse three. Since he seek proof of Christ speaking in me which to you word is not weak. I'm speaking to you a price to speaking to me and it's not a weak thing that I'm doing and what is the proof that Paul had the authority to say anything to anyone in the church of Corinth. What's the proof of his apostleship delivered chapter 12 we see in verse 12 truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patients and signs and wonders, and mighty deeds also say I am apostle big day apostle I have perform signs and wonders in front of you and if you tie that in first Corinthians 91.

Proof of an apostle is one who is seeing Christ support seeing Christ and his perform signs and wonders. By the way, just as a side note, if you know anyone today who calls themselves an apostle big day then ask us asking a simple question.

Do you fit the qualifications of an apostle.

You've seen Christ, and you're able to do signs and wonders, and most people think can claim that seeing Christ in the vision but then to be able to do signs and wonders, and if they can then take them please to the Children's Hospital and invite them to demonstrate their power. Paul is saying I have the ability because God is given it to me, and though it may seem weak towards you. I want to know. Here is the anniversary but is mighty in you Jesus is mighty in his working in your congregation because it's his church and he cares so you may not want to hear from me, but I want you to know that Christ is pursuing you and wants her purity. He wants you to follow him with all your heart, Melanie pause and ask this question. Does that mean you have to be an apostle in order to confront someone who's in sin no. I'm glad about that right. Galatians 61 tells us your qualification you have to be walking in the spirit. But the one who is spiritual confront in the spirit of meekness and to be spiritual is to be one who is walking spirit. So if you walk in the spirit. You have every opportunity to love on someone enough to say there is a cliff. You're right about the falloff I want to keep you from that. But notice not only the purity of the gospel demands accountability and so reminded of Dr. Greg Mae Zach when he in chapel.

I think a couple years ago spoke about the difference between dogs.

Dogs are expected to be what they're expected to bark so it is reported dogs bark birds fly fish swim with babies do babies cry and what Christians do Christians grow nearly dogs bark birds fly fish swim babies cry Christians grow. Are you growing. Are you growing in your walk with Christ, if not you need to ask yourself the question, am I truly born again so notice the second point near the power of the gospel enables victory. This is in verses four through five. You can experience victory.

Some of you are truly born again but you're struggling big time and I want you to understand the source. It is as clear as possible. Welcome to the club again. We don't have any perfect people in this room right now, we all struggle, but we could find victory in Christ. I want to see the victory in verse four. Notices for though he was crucified through weakness, that he limited by the power of God.

For we also are weak in him. But we shall live with him by the power of God towards you and I want to notice the aspects of the parallels notice. These parallels first two sentences. If there's a period right after a description of Jesus and then it's a description of believers that are working at it right. Notice also he was crucified through weakness.

How is Jesus we while he humbled himself in his incarnation to submit himself to the will of God the father regarding anything he would know or do or say Jesus was willing to do that, he became flesh so he could redeem us.

So in his weakness. He did that for us and we can be weak in him.

If you think it's only for the strong survive. I introduce you to the reality that we are all week, but in our weakness.

We can let the Christ who demonstrated victory through his weakness, noticed that the contrast yet he liveth by the power of God and yes with the good news is for us, our contrast but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you find victory lasting hope from life besetting sin look to Jesus and understand that even though he was weak he find from strength through the power of God working in him and even though you are weak and even though I am weak I could find strength in the power of God, which works in me and he works in me mightily to take David Brainerd in the sky was not accepted by the mission agency that was a little young in the datebook to have a bunch of mission agencies interviewing him, but this guy had troubles with his lungs ended up dying of tuberculosis at age 29 he had a passion for the American Indians in his pursuit. He went there with his Bible and his journal and pursued a change in the lives of people around him because he saw the need. I want you to know this about his life. This young man is amazing in his pursuit of Christ. The Indians were out to get them what it is Brainerd's first journey to Forks of Delaware to reach the ferocious tribe resulted in the miracle of God that preserve his life and revered him among the Indians as a prophet of God in camp at the outskirts of the Indian settlement Brainerd plan to enter the Indian community. The next morning to preach to them the gospel of Christ. Unknown to him. His every move was being watched by the warriors when the warriors drew near to his tent.

They saw the pale face as they put it on his knees as he prayed. Suddenly a rattlesnake slip to his side lifted up its ugly head. The strike flicked its forked tongue almost in his face and then without any apparent reason glided swiftly away into the brush with Dr. Carmichael say exactly.getting worked up about stinks. The Indians would say the great spirit is with the paleface and that's what I said and you know if you read his diary he finds so many powerful examples of God doing a work in and through him notice from his journal. Wednesday, April 21 is what he wrote down God again enabled me to wrestle for numbers of souls and had much fervency in the sweet duty of intercession boards April 25 this morning I spent about two hours in secret duties, and was enabled more than ordinary to agonize for mortal souls was early in the morning and the sun scarcely signed it all that my body was quite wet with sweat was less than you sweat over nonbeliever Saturday, December 15 spent much time in prayer in the woods and seemed raised above the things of this world. Thursday, August 4 was unable to pray much, through the whole day goes on and on and on. I commend to you to read and reread the life and diary of David Brainerd because their examples after examples of the power of God at work. I bring that up to you because I think the problem we have when it comes to life besetting sin is. We have not personally seen God doing amazing work in us and probably the reason is were not taking account of all the great things he's doing for us on a daily basis.

So go to bed thinking God for at least five things he's done for you today and wake up and realize that Christ in you, though your week is the hope of glory. Notice the last thing verse five. You must evaluate your personal standing, and I close with this thought examine yourselves no you not your own selves.

Prove your own selves. The words here in the Greek seem to indicate we need to realize that this is a personal test test that you're supposed to give someone else is a test useful to take. So are you doing are you truly born again, notice the test is factual whether you be in the faith in how that Christ is in you. These are phrases found throughout the New Testament that actually give us definition for what it means to be in the faith in Christ in us. It's not a religion. Everyone it's a relationship with Jesus Christ examine yourself. It's personal. It's based on fact a real relationship right relationship. That's real and personal notice.

It is unavoidable, except he be reprobates when I talk about your role is pretty simple. There's coming a time when you're either gonna pass or fail this exam. You cannot run from it now as I look at the broader context of chapter 13. The next verse seems to imply that Paul gives great hope to the body and point to think that many of you will pass this test.

Many of you will find victory and I have that same hope for you, but you gotta take this seriously, so my application. Really, simply right now I want to encourage you to evaluate the fruit in your own life. Talking about, not how many people are you leading to Jesus.

That's great if you could do that but talk about the fruit of the spirit does it come out of you. When the pressure hits. Are you born again is the question. And if you're not, you can come to Christ right now, do I need to reread Spurgeon sermon look to Jesus by need to start saying you look miserable look to Jesus is truthfully some of you really do look miserable and I talked about his external beauty thing I'm talking about.

I see some in the student body right now that did not sing a note today did not recite the creed. I don't really know why there could be other things going on the deep burdens, and so I'm not trying to offend you. I'm just calling out to you.

Are you born again.

That would mean bargaining site sing songs and reset the creek. No born again means that you know that your center you run to the cross, and find Christ the only sufficient Savior and you enjoy a relationship with him. You can do that right now you can come to Jesus right now for real. Some of these need to come back right so I ask you to care enough to lovingly confront those that you look around you say men thereon Facebook the entire time all semester so many say something out of love, not because I want your future demerits because hell is real and then practically memorize and meditate on consecutive 1345 if you took the time to do that it will really greatly benefit you in your walk with Christ. I want to know that praying for you and I I'm very interested in talking personally with you. If you have any part of you. It's like I don't know if I'm born again I want to talk to you want to point you to Christ I'm not trying to get you to pray a prayer on introduce you to relationship with Jesus Christ and I'm not alone in my team of faculty that love you and want the same thing for you so I'm just speaking from my heart.

There is conversion. Are you saved, if not repent and believe the gospel. Gotta pray that you take these words and you do work in our hearts.

In Jesus name, amen. You been listening to a sermon from the series are great salvation preached by Bible Prof. Dr. Jason Ormiston join us again next week on The Daily Platform

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