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Answers to Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 20, 2019 4:30 pm

Answers to Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 20, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/20/19.

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It's Friday were live you good questions.

We've got answers phone lines are open stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown enjoyed Brown here. Thanks so much for being part of the broadcast questions. We've got answers 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH yeah I got the idea from Rush Limbaugh actually we started our daily broadcast and I was thinking about themes and we do different things on different days and the one thing we started was yeah Fridays: on any subject, I got that from Rush Limbaugh's open line Friday. That's get the different anyway great to have you on the air today Monday's show. I'm gonna really get in depth about the cost to remove the president and impeachment hearings in Christian controversy over that, but for now, go to the website asked her to escape your and read my response to Mark Galli from Christianity today calling for president crumbs removal. It is not a partisan political response. I did my best to write a kingdom response to read it, share it with others. All right 866-34-TRUTH we started in Arlington Texas with Chris walking to the line of fire romping to government you bet requested in regards to the recent going anywhere, conversion, and merging over Christianity. My question actually gives them regards to Kim Kardashian's comment on the view that she had when Aldus first came out, so she actually made some statement saying that she said she has a sister that struggled with meeting medium.

But then she went on to say that curse the Kim herself. She said that she had an amazing experience. Just staying connected. You know she's an amazing experience of meeting with the mediums and the thing connected and then she went on to talk about her father passed away and before he passed away. He tried to get her to read a book called embraced by the light which according to Christian research Institute. There is a Mormon and New Age doctrine promoted in the book. So my question to you is, although Kanye and Jim are new believers should Kim RB advertising was speaking highly of the book back possibly be promoting New Age thought and what does her comment about having an amazing experience. Meeting medium for about her being a new believer and how can the church as a whole. Help them understand yet. Thank you for asking.

Number one I have no clue if Kim Kardashian has really come to the Lord. I know she once recent baptismal ceremony of blessing for some of the family members, but it seems to me that the biggest influence right now is his conversion. In other words, he's not comfortable with addressing certain ways and he stood spur onto dresses way studies are comfortable with the doesn't want their their daughter wearing makeup and honesty with the been totally into that before she's watching TV at night.

He's reading his Bible and that's what they're saying I and now she's even say what you know she's at the White House in dealing with prison reform issues and she's thinking if I post a picture of a thong bikini one day and at the White House. The next dataset look so it looks like there's some stirring of her own conscience, but I have no idea if she's really met the Lord if she understands the gospel at all. So from everything I can see Kanye's had a genuine conversion experience recognize the weight of sin, the ugliness of sin and and is seeking to live up a new life in the Lord and get the gospel on God's using them. So the key thing for him is to keep praying that he'll be surrounded by godly leaders by people who are not. Try to use him or uses fame or uses money, but just want to pour into him and help them grow in the Lord and that the Lord will keep them from the wrong associations and to pray for Kim to really come to know the Lord. So what she saying about mediums epic. It would surprise me at all because on uneven, though she's in the Lord, a new believer in the least that to me is just a worldly person talking about worldly spirituality from a worldly perspective and is further proof that if she does know the Lord.

Boy is she absolutely brass new skis. Me and some of us were brand-new. We did some pretty stupid things and said some students stupid things we just weren't on national TV doing it but the I would pray God really bring Kim Kardashian's use of really bring her into a true life-changing encounter with Jesus, and you know that that will happen when she starts talking shamefully about her past and embarrassed about it. In the example that she set the seductress is seductive example that you set but how she's received forgiveness and new life as Connie seems to be speaking so thank you for the call and let's pray that your influential people with Sprint abuse for God's purposes. Thank you sir.

All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go over to Vietnam.

Daniel welcomes Alana far where exactly in Vietnam. Are you working and put it okay will thank you for calling Sir yeah so the monitor.fear in them. I kind of got introduced to good to be really in the end of the hyper great and I always read Paul ever thought I was there the reaction here in the and I had the impression of you and your legalistic and harsh and then 1/3 of the thing. When I found out that gradually fair-minded and and and and kind them and that I really liked her stuff and I've kind of moved away from that theology a bit, but I guess I still struggle a bit with the whole issue of ideas on unconfessed and like it is unconfessed and put you out of fellowship with God and I just the way that I'm the reason among several event because I realized my own capacity to have blind spot yesterday.

The self-justifying oil to be too hard on myself and so down, then up in the situation. By I'm not like I think maybe I stand but I'm not sure you know that I got.

Anyway, I like for example unionized and attractive woman and then and then you know you go in your mind like that. I lust after her with the just attracted to her in a normal way that God designed you to be attracting her neck, thing and then it like even if I confess that I okay got.

I I love.

Forgive me, but then I'm not really convinced of it in my heart and it doesn't feel like an honest confession. Though I do not have. You know I can appear like a hamster on a hamster wheel and that's why yet. That's why the hyper grace message. Often appeals to people of sensitive conscience because you love the truth and you want to honor the Lord in your consciences sensitive and this just gives you such a blanket of grace and such an assurance of forgiveness that sometimes people can go from from one extreme to the other. But here's the key thing Daniel listed. Let's just think this through for a moment because God is not a legalist right and God is certainly not looking at it like this, so would you say that fellowship with God, with some real fellowship with the Lord that that has a quality to it. It's not just a theological concept that there's a friendship there is a relationship there's a communion with the Lord. Would you agree that that's part of our fellowship with him. I really unaffected by government authority, broken plate. So there I I can give you my whole life story right now.

I would you say that that's elevate yeah I would resent you for things okay some deeper things that I'd love to see you get assurance and help since getting in to have this conversation.

But here's my point. If I'm to have fellowship with God.

Let's just say you and I are talking were having some fellowship. We we meet in an airport where all man had to gets all great richest fellow shipping around the Lord right and then I get a phone call from someone else and I'm talking to that person for 10 minutes. It broke our fellowship right so if I am consciously sending willfully sending and not acknowledging that before the Lord and not turning from it. That's can affect our fellowship does me. I'm not saying I can go to hell for that forefront. For that moment, but it means that I've consciously broken fellowship. So in the course of the day it's very very rare that I confess sin to God because it's it's only when I've consciously done something that I know violates his will that I willfully and consciously did something that I know violates his will write ignorantly did something that I then realize violates his will that my immediate response is father.

I'm sorry. Wash inclines me know it's it's a defiling saying and then I immediately go right back into fellowship because most of the things that we do wrong Daniel.

We don't even know about.

In other words, did I pray adequately. Did I pray with adequate devotion that I spend quality time with with the Lord in the work that I really love my neighbor as myself to have a deep enough burden for that long though. I mean, were always falling short all the time in first John 17 says that as we walk in the light.

The blood of Jesus, God's son cleanses us from all sin. And that's continual in the Greek and other words in an ongoing way as I walk with the Lord. He's cleansing and washing me things I don't even know about. But what I'm aware of something.

Just like if I did something and it was offensive to Nancy all honey I am so sorry. I can't believe I was insensitive forgive and were still married, were still husband-and-wife but a final address that saying there's there's going to be like a wedge between us so look at it that way.

Daniel, if you know that something has created a wedge in your relationship with God. Let's say someone sins against you and your firm and you refuse to forgive them and you keep arguing your heart. This can affect your fellowship with the Lord for Lord forgive me for hiding my heart Lord. I forgive them. Then the fellowship is renewed. Look at it more in a relational way than a theoretical way and and if if you say okay that I lusted that women are not residents. Think about that you say Lord I love you, help my my thoughts to be pure and godly and beautiful and was just pray positive things over yourself, rather than trying to analyze so can I just pray with you Dan. We got a break coming up but but I can I just pray for you center-right okay father I pray for Daniel and we we join together. Given my deep assurance of faith because of what Jesus did, not because of who he is or what he does or how hard he tries, but because of who you are and what you've done. May he receive a baptism of joy today that you love him with him for him and not against any and that overcoming life for out grace under son today. She sustained bless you Daniel God's grace is therefore the true grace through grace the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown truth is number call you got questions, we've got answers. Let's go that Isaac in Gainesville Florida will come to light a fire there again. I I am familiar with the Jewish tradition world of 50 years you mentioned in your natal guidebook you pick out the music that the relation of Abraham throughout Iraq directly got what I be wrong in saying that it means the apostle John in Revelation 20 believe that be the case for defeat by raining 4000 years are corresponding to the second millennium, or assertive, like at Abbott millennium. If that is okay. Do you agree with the tradition fully and that the Messiah must combine the years picked out right so number one that traditions which is skis necessity one and well well-known is in early 20. The tradition is just one of many that are given another one is that you have €6000 of the world and then thousands your millennium right so that would be a different one.

So this ultimately 7000 years of history there right one is to to into for 6000 total another 6000 and then the 7000 is is the millennium that's that the Sabbath one so I would look at that is a different one. In Revelation 20. Speaking of a thousand year millennial kingdom which would be more in harmony with the one that's a €6000 of world history and then the 1000 millennial kingdom, but does the Messiah have to come within the Jewish calendar 6000 so we have 200+ years left for maximum no, not necessarily in other words, if the Messiah came before than this I throw off things and can we be sure that that date is an exact right date. So to me it's just another interesting question and and I really II don't make definitive decisions in terms of chronology and that by the way, I think the second week of January. I'm going to have a young earth creationist on it for a whole hour to talk about a lot of these issues so so will cover some of those things from a biblical and geological and scientific point of view, as opposed to rabbinic point of view and the second question yet. Thank you for your time. Now you give it exclamation.

Trinity to get Dragon campaign.

We can fill the universe of his glory. Believers with the Holy Spirit and the same time and manifest their tabernacles among I expect I believe that the Bible teaches that the right right that the Trinity but my question is when I'm engaging the people thought that comes to my mind in that area couldn't a God with an absolute unity like a traditional Jubilee to do the same thing and that God is omnipresent, but he can still manifest his presence strongly in certain areas such as the temple, but it doesn't require any to have a distinct person within the God yes certainly that that would be true in other words, a Jew who believes in the absolute unity of God, lease, and the Holy Spirit is is a certain power of God, a believes is seen the manifest presence of God is a certain aspect of God so that theoretically you know he's sitting in thrown in traditional Jew thinks he still be non-corporeal. So is not literally sitting in heaven.

These not bodily is never a spiritual body of any kind used these to her spirit and in the Maimonides in Jewish conception, the problem would be safer looking at the language of the New Testament where you have the father speaking to the sun or the sun to the spirit of the father sending the spirit of the spirit bear witness to the son or Jesus time of the glory that he enjoyed with the father before the foundation of the earth that obviously doesn't work from a New Testament perspective and then from an Old Testament perspective, if the Messiah is divine then then you have two persons that now you now you have a separation. So although theoretically some of this could happen with God's absolute unity. The full picture. Even the full picture. Rabbinic Judaism and in mystical Judaism points more to a complex unity and that's why Benjamin Sommer who I quote that the professor at Jewish theological seminary with the book.

The bodies of God's is the quality of the Christian Trinity is is nothing on Jewish about that very much in keeping with Jewish and biblical thought, so I would just push back in that way and try to show how rabbinic thought actually is is not that different than what were trying to emphasize, thanks. Hey Isaac, I just remember when you called as a teenager believer, the great question about the Exodus years ago voice was not quite as deep as today so bless you on the journey man keeping witness for the gospel, 86634 let's go to Rebecca in Brooklyn.

Welcome to the line of fire hi Becca how are you doing very well thank you Dragon I don't know, I'm fine, but my question is regarding 11 3030 to 40. I'm I believe no one like what you think back and the apologetic belief that that are on the thinking that God never quite quietly back of my correct like the pagan and therefore barbaric practice.

No crying. Becca fight that I come across the FA bath and him how he made about the God and sacrificing his own back up right on of his own daughter, though of course I know I've got my own moral competence of the word of God is quick, not by active act on it like a ball but my understanding of that look pondering like what he is not. Yes, it's a troubling passage where Jephthah comes back from battle makes a vow that the first and the comes out of his tent to sue me. It's going to be a chicken honoring goat or lamb or whatever. The first of the comes out of his tent. His sacrifice to the Lord and it's his daughter comes out of the tent in the plainest reading of the text would be that he sacrificed her some try to argue that she just had to be celibate. The rest of her life that she could never marry you and that's how it was looked out to me that's kind of wishful thinking it would be nice if that were true this and seem to be so first thing is judges records Israel during a really messed up time and even the good guys often are flawed like Samson's soul is in point of fact, there is is just a lot. Bad stuff in judges and this is one of them. This is one of the bad accounts. There's not a hint.

God required it that God was pleased with it. That God rejoiced in it.

It just to me it's a picture of how horrific things were and how bad they were. And yet people understood universe. If you make a value. Keep it. It's just the culture don't break about.

But since the Bible so categorically speaks against human sacrifice for shouting it to us from the pages of Genesis 22 when when God, to the angel tells Abraham do not sacrifice Isaac and then the many laws in the Cheraw about people who would sacrifice children and and burn their babies to mullah Imola that the the horror of that, the book of Jeremiah in the seventh chapter 19 chapter as being one of the key reasons why God judges Israel because of their sacrificing babies and things so the Bible so categorically condemns this, that if in fact Jephthah did this. It's just another indication of how messed up the time was and how full and and even though he was a leader that was used to help Israel. He was anything but a paragon of godly virtue.

The cement lot. I want my kids to grow up and be just like Jephthah so it's it's a ugly account. If there is a way out if there's some subtle hint that that she was just given over to never marry and never have children and that was that's how it was played out.

That would be nice. I just don't see it plainly taught anywhere in the text okay okay right. Likely, Abraham, God told him during Isaac Martin not know it will actually kill but indicate that all exactly what exactly I totally and it says that God did to test him.

God never intended for him to to do it. It was a test and was God's way of saying no, I don't want this. I don't require it and then of course a picture of a father willing to sacrifice his son, which then points to some wonderful gospel truths, but yet there's lots of recording the Bible.

That's negative and it's it's recorded to be negative. In other words yet. Yuck. Oh, and that's why it's there and we learn from it morally and in the process.

Hey, thank you for the call. Blessings to you in Brooklyn, 86634. To this Garon in Canada walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey it is all right our same friend Ron with Yep your mouse with the Lord many years, but the great 97-year-old real kosher Jesus testimony that I remember well well that was was an incredible moment and I don't know whether I told you Dr. Brown that when my mother passed as my mother passed I was actually reading your book tour. No, I didn't know that I forgot to tell you that I was actually reading your book in the room in the nursing home room with my mother passed, the Lord took her while reading your book. I remember when you gave the book and that she surprised you by saying this is that the validation I needed. I'm ready. And then after putting your faith in the Lord that that she would evangelize the others in the nursing home there.

You're very moving and an unforgettable testimony, but that last part know I did know he Ron stay right there. We will come back on the other side of the break, but yelled one of the more beautiful, touching testimony, since Ron's 97-year-old mother came to faith Odyssey pray for many years witnessed to by many because use the real kosher. Jesus says the Lord is gracious. In summation I will be right back.

Her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the number to call you got questions and answers. All right, Ron in Canada. Your question forests are Dr. Brown going to Romans chapter 11 825 feel bad as I read it here that blindness in part it happened Israel until the fall of the Gentile come in. I'm really having challenged with until the fullness of the Gentiles would come in, what exactly is the context there will what does that exactly mean Dr. Brown most remotely from what we understand from of the Scriptures is that the harvest is the end of the age that the outpouring of the Spirit will continue and intensify until the end of the age that the great commission's go make disciples of the nations that there will be representatives of every people and tongue and tribe on the planet so that this gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all nations.

Then the end will calm. So the fullness of the Gentiles would seem to be speaking of this vast harvest of Gentile souls being reached. Not every person on the planet but a great harvest. The fullness of the Gentiles, perhaps even the Gentile believers coming into the fullness of the spirit as well and it provoked by that.

On the heels of that, the final turning of the Jewish people. So at any time. As Paul writes in second Corinthians 3 that any Jewish person that turns to the Lord, the veil is removed at the same time we know that the final turning of the hearts of the SKUs me of the Jewish people happens on the heels of an provoked by this mass harvest of Gentile. So it continues to accelerate more and more people coming to faith every day all around the world and at a certain point of crescendo that will reach its fullness and then the turning of Israel and the end of the world. That's, that's, as I understand before back before the blindness afflicted Jan a national level to level right on the national level right and it could well be that that's what it takes.

In other words, the prayers of the church and the intercession of the church and the church is me being full of love for Israel and the Jewish people that that's part of what God will use to remove that blindness, and hardness payment.

Okay, I got Leslie thanks for the comment.

All right 866-34-TRUTH we got our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown I have a main question for you, and if possible a undoubted one after that. Make wish. In Genesis I will read the account of Ishmael balking at the feast that Abraham fruitful after the pleading of Isaac Emma question is like want and how was Ishmael bogged yet so that is a great question, except we don't cease we don't have more information.

We we know what happened but as with many questions that you vast over the years, we have the same Bible that were reading and it doesn't give us extra information.

You know I 16 means marking cases little busy. We don't know the irony, though, is the same Hebrew root for four laugh in another form can be used for mock and so the Isaac's name is a plan.

Isaac's name here that that Ishmael's mocking them. But how exactly we all know this is all we have is what's written in the one chapter that addresses it okay and Eric was actually gave a good lead into a quick stop going to ask you mentioned about a couple weeks having a young earth creationist on your program. If that doctor can't hold. Yes, it is actually Yep it is more addictive with one today and I'm not bragging about failed… What you get role idea, but I was what it may be additional contact between both your banditry to get him all the characters like that he was wanted really watch what they turned me onto the creation of oyster Bay. You have a four hour say shortly after, I really didn't have the page and get a lot away about it, but at would hear hambone a radio program back in 96 acres.

It is really opened up to the whole debate and everything flows. She had lived yet.

Will talk. I'm glad that you reached out to me those efforts. We had his son on the air. Some years ago, but Kent and I knew each other during the browser revival in Pensacola, Florida gets in the wheelchair she had. He had a his note creation Museum there and things like that and I have to say this every so often we run each run into each other on the plane is refined out all the time but any time I saw him he was witnessing to somebody.

To his credit. Then he ended up going to jail and there was alleged tax fraud and his and he was holding to his convictions not to do things that would violence convictions are for the government.

So when asked about that when he comes on his people for different reports but yeah Kent was supposed be all thus I have an error in our end and then ice will come back another day will do a whole hour together. So it's good of you think the second week of January, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Diego in Washington.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown Gregor.why I think that I had a Diego hang on one second Danny, could you just see what's up with his phone. His it's really hard to understand. So if you just check in with Diego and let's let's get a better phone connection there with your not talking directly into the phone so I'm going to call and will go back to it to to Diego in a moment. All right, Cassondra, in Carbondale, Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire. Arielle doing very well thank you are hereby About how you know we need to make sure working on the gospel before I government or politics and great. My question is where is the balance between trying to advocate government help to place typical principal.

They obviously in the fight for life we want to break anything of abortion in our government. But then you got other things like.

I think they bring out whether not government should be an intervening on pornography and whether we should outlaw that were in a hurry is more than a help to help it hurt you see in a country like ours. We can advocate it's it's different. That's if your income is China oriented in ancient Rome where you have less ability to advocate that we have a lot of ability we can we can influence the culture, a lot, for better or for worse and we can do it legally sold what we have to do again his priorities right realize that the biggest thing is living godly lives. The biggest thing is is getting people to know the Lord. The biggest thing is changing the culture through the gospel through people being transformed and living differently at the same time we have laws against murder.

We have laws against speeding we have laws against human trafficking in the many laws we have that are very important because they save lives, so we just have to make sure that our passion, and priorities are in the right place and that that's what were primarily known for. And then we have to be able to advocate our position. In other words, if were going to advocate for the blocking of certain pornographic sites and whether that's right or not, or the freedoms that the fathers intended that they ever dreamed that it would be every type of sexual perversion available to anyone online you know that there be such a concept we have to be able to do is adequately articulate our position to those who differ in other words, explain rationally why we think this is a good thing know the pro-life movement has made a lot of progress through ultrasounds through finding out more about babies and living outside of the womb and then showing some of the horrors with Planned Parenthood's done with baby parts and things like that so you want to make that appeal just like the unplanned movie seeks to make that appeal in a certain way. So if we're just hammering you know that that that we are jet were gonna hammer and reinforce our way and will legislate this area. You can't drink. You can't smoke you can bring to pass laws for first decided to do any good is refined on the Prohibition era is not going to be adjusted. Make everything illegal people unit do things secretly, but there ultimately just a way for that moment to rebel and push back by if you can change hearts and minds and then in the process get good laws passed. That's the best thing so clear up. Do your best to put up a law of restraint to stop the onslaught of evil right sold and murder wrong. We understand if we get abortion out of any legal standing in America.

Wonderful. But the biggest thing is working to change hearts present our position rationally. To me it's both and and and the key thing is priorities and what we do and his believers in America. It's so easy to put the emphasis on legislation and voting as opposed to the spiritual battle which is part of the fight, so fight the spiritual battle first and then on the heels of that, on the strength of that do the other things and sorry to be called super going to be called motor private prayer and similar public advocacy. Let them work together hand-in-hand hate. Thank you for the call 866 yet and I realize there are larger issues, the role of government.

Things like that how much they should govern how these or other further questions. Write Diego back to you what's on your mind will Dr. Brown pleasure to speak with you. Great. So yes my questions around offers printing private about delivering individual up to the district of flesh yeah and my question is that I've heard. Here's about this. One of them is this person was saved and this was God taking them out of the world the other. Heard it was active man was quote on quote unsaved "leftist elevation, the destruction of flesh was meant to get back on track so I do not get your take on that Dr. Brown yeah I believe that speaking of someone who's in the Lord. But walking in serious disobedience and if they continue in that serious disobedience they could forfeit their very salvation of the words salvation is also that you just lose one day or two slips out of your pocket is a conscious rejection of Jesus as Lord. A conscious refusal to live under him, so if this man continued in that way, then his spirit would be lost on that day, so this is saying let it be given over same for the destruction of his flesh, so the enemy now will physically destroy him to be the end of his relationship with his father's wife, and the hope is that in that state of brokenness and in that state of instruction that help cry out for salvation. So somebody may die with his spirit say so that's the goal.

State that side instead a kind of tween thinking present.

Thank you sir for the call.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us it's three for truth. The questions we've got answers hate as we come to the end of the year. If we been a blessing to you and a help to you which you stand with us.

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