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May 23, 2022 6:59 pm

Economy & Politics

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 23, 2022 6:59 pm

Economy & Politics

Stuart Epperson takes the reigns today to discuss the economy and about politics. Some topics are Hillary Clinton, Inflation, and our border.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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Everyone I know will show you why your home work. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve and now here's your host Steve Noble okay on her and not me. You know will see, this is Stu Epperson Junior found Impreza Truth Network host of truth talk and I'm fired up folks. I am flat out fired up Grace and we ready to vote or to call in. I want to put them on.

This is a safe, no shame, no wrong answer.

At this point I'm desperate I'm desperate for an answer to the question that I would ask you today on the Steve no-show on her to sit in for my good buddy Steve and I Miramar to the byway tomorrow might just had an election stolen from him and so many people, including me. Having said so much information. Misinformation about Mark Harris and his loss in the ninth is victory in the ninth District of North Carolina and what happened after that. I mean, court cases, scandals, books, movies, you name it.

So, his wife, Beth wrote a book she participated in this book and it was just a page turner. I read it called 13 balance shocking. What happened or a Christian man is a pastor, a mighty man of God you're here for him. Whatever you think. Love them hater like him or leave him.

Good to hear from him tomorrow on this program.

So stay tuned to the Steve no-show Stu Epperson sitting over Steve so my topic today. By the way, I got some really hot headlines for you summer heartbreaking.

Some your likes to I listen to this Truth Network. This program so I don't have to hear all the negative stuff in your peppered me with it.

Well I just wanted also would want to keep our head in the sand like an ostrich will know what's going on out there.

Continue anxiety about inflation in our economy story on CBS skits growing a fastest keep ranges met with Christian radio partners a little bit ago, said man food costs are going up in our time raising prices on people I been. I don't want to lose my business so be praying for people like that in support local businesses. That's a great thing to do. Client approved releases of the steel dossier to the media. Out of this out of MS and this out of national reviewed several stories, New York Post part about her involvement in that as soon as things yelled out in full judge blocks the lifting of title 17 is out of CBS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not too happy as they can't move forward just allowed anybody and now so that's actually a good thing that we gotta really watch that it's crazy what's happening at our border and by the way, is a non-political statement to Republican River flooding in. No covert testing. No citizenship testing.

No IDs and just no control, and it's really fascinating. Why that is. As believers, how are we reaching them with the good news of Christ and then let's see finally Hyundai invest 5.5 billion in a Georgia plant to build electric vehicles. That's a good good story for all our folks in Georgia. Nice to see that coming here to American soil.

Gavin Newsom spends California's $98 billion in budget surplus while so not even a touch that he's just out-of-control.

Just spend away buddy can do whatever you want. San Francisco Archbishop denies Nancy Pelosi's communion. Nancy Pelosi denied communion due to her stance on abortion.

Some think this is a story out of town hall and Fox news. Some think that this is oversight or over what you call it gone overboard by the church. Others think is a long overdue that these politicians so how do you hold politicians accountable only talk about that today. I really this is this is an ax that I have. I want to grind and I just got your thank you for being gracious enough to listing today and wanted to share some things with you, so here's the deal on the father of daughters. So one of the most important part of my daughter's development is dealing with guys dealing with young men. So the young man was a call my daughters.

What I do.

I want assurances from them that there is a treat her in a godly way there to treat her like she's someone else's future wife and they're going to be respectful, honor they're not going to lay hands on her. She's not there wife yet have awesome son Alonso Grable help Harrison and hope he married my daughter got a grandson through them amazing little guy, but just how God honored that process, but I spent a lot of time countless conversations try to get assurances in trying to make sure he was committed to godly practices, not just in the dating to the marriage and all that stuff so here's my question. How can we better that politicians, because this is the definition of insanity. We always do laws do we always get we always get every single want to use its premises. These guys promises the moon. They promise to hold protection of religious freedom they promise us that they will protect human life. They promise us that they will protect marriage but then they do it to get our vote.

They want to get all of our money and they get a powerful position they go left and a goat to get corrupted by Washington. So here's my question. What could we do Juno to you out there listening to this awesome show know of anything in place that would help in the process of vetting and holding accountable in this dating process with politicians, particularly conservative politicians.

They do everything they can.

They spend all kinds of money millions in some case tens of millions of dollars to get your vote, and then what we all say will they get up there than they get they get the office and then they change okay.

I will give you a quote quote. I am in favor of traditional marriage.

I believe marriage is between a man and woman" who said that Pres. Barack Obama and Rick Warren's church before he was elected. So how can we have got him to sign somewhere in the make a pledge of covenant. What can we do, I'm looking for ideas on looking for a friend here to end this insane cycle with politicians who promise to be in favor of biblical principles when they get elected, they completely go rogue like he did completely did everything he could in power and still is doing it to destroy the nuclear family to advance sexual perversion and all the stuff going on. So how do we do it with a of politician party was as a I'm a Christian, do right by you give your vote. Give your money beforehand to check what can I ask for from him return to assure me he's in a stick it out and do the right thing when he gets up there 866-34-TRUTH 866347884 866-34-TRUTH question of the day, how we better be how to better fit D these politicians the promises the moon mean, you know, maybe we could say hey what about the road project.

What about looking after local economy. Maybe we will just have to go this direction on the important moral the quintessential issues of life would you protect that baby's heartbeat. We protect that the child in the womb when you protect marriage and the sanctity of marriage and what can we put in place what we get them to sign to commit to do. We put together like a you you sign these 10 promises a pledge.

Here's how it goes. Mr. politician I would love to give you this check to support your campaign you're running on this Christian values ticket you are promising pledging to honor Christ in everything you do in Washington. You're saying you're not like them here to stand up for marriage or stand for freedom of speech. So beforehand you this check server you need to sign this document saying you will hold those values. What why would I even consider that because we all say like a broken record again to get up there. The get corrupted and I can forget about the safety of life more. More Americans are going to kill their young. This is predominant here what it wanted. One of the Congressman water, say, a California plate*I believe is awash in time, supposed after this question, why are you so adamant in favor of abortion, you know, she said. She said I'm marching in this abortion promoting parade March because my mom didn't have all the luxuries of getting abortion was. She was my age when she was younger with quote I'm marching as a pro-abortion advocate because my mom didn't have the privilege to now the accessibility to abortion of a late ma'am you understand what you just said Saudi politicians have gone up there. They say I would stand up for godly even come to our church is able to stand up for the truth, for the freedom of speech, this one for fiscal responsibility I would actually be a part of our government not spending more thing that comes in exit bouncing the project so we have financial stability so we don't have this particulars inflation rate is of the gases in 56 bucks a gallon and whatnot. So how do we hold etiquette how we in the dating process of up preemptively before they get elected.

What can we do onto simply asking for a friend you're looking for someone with some wisdom. Who's tired of this definition of insanity over again. Politicians always promise of things they get up there. They don't deliver and they go left and left and left know there's a letter out there circulated by Al Gore who talked about the value of life, and I stand for the child's safety of life that there's two heartbeats in out mama and we got a protect that baby and make all kinds of adoption available and we got we got a yellow hill of the model you protect the safety of life. Al Gore said that what it look what happened when most added almost intense pro-death candidates ever after that after he got out there got elected. We gave our money. What you do.

He goes against life to the structure that precious little one, I would hear what you think about how we can what can we do to get assurances from just like Noah talk about marriage and dating a little more so I can give you some we know we do this in our society.

By the way we do this we interview people want to get out to get a phone number on hear your ideas and there's no glisten. This is an idea when you listen to rule number one rule of brainstorming is there's no bad ideas down to write down your pin here raises my brand-new Truth Network 10 yellow leisure utilities okay from my pocket to your-ism. Given this pin Truth Network logo on it. Very limited edition uses Panama right now is blank sheet of paper. Gracie see the blank paper right there when write down what people say to me today at toll-free 866-34-TRUTH is a free call will pay for the call. You tell me how what we could do to hold our cannibal are parties accountable before they get elected before we even give them a check to help your campaign 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's the toll-free number nationwide recall and I'm Stu Epperson filling in my buddy Steve no Phyllis talk about interview people for job. Why do you even interview people well because we vet them will saying from good to great interview slow fire fast so one should be on your bus to write the letter be toxic to your work environment. Byrum what you do before you hire them you interview them you check references you get them to sign employment agreements to say they will show up on time.

They will do what's expected of them or what we do this with our pot. Why don't we better vet.

Our politicians get more concrete commitments from them in paper in blood for this is this is these are decisions that will affect the next generations of our of our country are failing our faith in all this.

How big is this so why do we say hey listen, sinus. Here's a pledge you can make. Now I know there's the contract with America someone's glad to bring that up with a little. Maybe that's a little bit different. That was a bunch of our elected politician saying I want to stick to this. There's others. Achille Sexton calls right now. Let's go. We gotta call her in a Concorde Mike is that a comment lessee, how I bring him on grace and you bring a monitor every month we get a new system bring alignment out on Mike how you doing there a budgetary article on a good show that an article on how I can fit but I would write down your name Mike Concorde North Carolina and only Dr. Brown by the way great man he got on his neck.

Okay and and all you tell me your idea you're going. It all other cooperative but you get all okay there are people out here all okay here, all people talk about multiple voting one by content that people's election process is corrupt. People are voting if you seen that movie, there's a movie called 2000 mules vehicle. Do you do listen, don't anybody tell me Republican, Democrat, don't anyone tell me that elections are being stolen or cheated on. Okay, listen, people listen to me. They have satellite image cell phone pictures of these 2000 mules stuffing ballot boxes and planet M is people are part of barrette about a methodical and what's your idea on how we vet these politicians before they get too far upstream before they get up there and I endorse going rogue on us all.

One what you're ready to go on all you take out you take an oath of office and you got to do with that old buffer customer account, you lose everything okay. Besides, okay Mike you first 866-34-TRUTH thing on working up on you know members and friendly young man on my knees but he married a young lady for 50 years. So on the front end of that you make sure you have the right biblically solid young man golfer great guy prayed with them and I say that to my daughters. Pray for your future husband every day on the front end of that marriage just we go to get this right will be following Jesus and working to prepare her for her future spouse will prepare him for his future spouse and were not to let anything sinful pollute that relationship and break us away or get between us and Jesus right so so there's and dating no look wire their divorce lawyers will tell you why there's divorce lawyers right because you made a covenant contract before God and witnesses with with a state appointed official who declared you in a wife and so usually I say I use are not the divorce lawyers you usually were were negative at all these guys you know is what are my love I will guess what the reason there. There is a sense of accountability because you agree to it. So who are the divorce lawyer's role these politicians is what they do they come speak to our churches. They come speak at a llama to be pro-life and pro-marriage on a protector.

The constitutional right to freedom of speech. The First Amendment detected on your Second Amendment within the by the way this item is to keep us from an oppressive government writes a wonderful thing there to visit it so it can attack all time and a savage. All these things and then there's a will here's a nice checker will write a check this guy Max out make a contribution and then what happens they got there they had crafted a second what happened there. You got brought about as a marriage between a man, a woman I'm with the sanctity of marriage traditional marriage made all and I agree with God, the Bible 6000 years of civilization, it's worked. I'm here because a man or woman what happens don't delegate what he views. Now one of most rogue perverse views is seen as a sinfully completely gone back and all that we have that quote from him. We have all these quotes are politician saying on I can do that if they get up there and they mastermind evil legislation that attacks the family that violates godlike stools solution is a pause of course not. But I was stewarded by vote God gave the privilege to vote in this economy.

So is it not the epic is not on me as a citizen who can vote they do something about it and devote and ask questions preemptively of these politicians before giving God's money to help them stand up for what's right and be a witness for Christ in their public office. Is it not incumbent on me to ask questions of my question is Mike I thought was great just called today make it before they take the oath of office sign something to say they will defend the Constitution. Nothing wrong with that exit. This is one idea I'm trying to get more ideas. I get more people on the phone lines called in with ideas and I'm excited to take your column to give the toll-free number toll-free 866-34-TRUTH 878848663487884 and a 63 for truth and please call with your idea. What can we do preemptively to get politicians so we don't sit around back and complain that they always decrypted by Washington. What we do on the front end when the running with a promising everything to hold him accountable or something we can assign what gimmick or what what shtick what type of contract which you suppose or you recommend that would help us better hold them accountable in a sense, it's like a job interview. But there's a lot at stake here like running the entire country list. Talk to Paul who's been hanging on was put her on the line.

Paula, thank you for calling in.

You are on the air. See here.

All right, Paul, are you there hello Paula, hey, what was so I am got a pen in hand. What is your idea. Paula will want to acknowledge yet holding someone accountable to specific document, complicated as a number one number two politicians that have been running number one, we can look at the front that been producing Dr. fang on the Bible, meaning, love all that look at how their last three years of voting record of four years.

They kept their word on what date, their name brand name only pay attention to the flock of friends don't hang around with the call that Obama hung around with really bad people and I was trying to map out the charismatic and probably I let that I'll stop by And I'm voting for him. I mean, I am totally saying that the charisma got me and that's what the antichrist is going to get my credo's amazing know they say they say these politicians will say anything to get elected. So maybe we need to smarten up. May we need is that we don't need to give that much rope to hang themselves. By the way the recount in the Pennsylvania right now and not our singer Dr. Oz who got Donald Trump's endorsement is nothing but another Mitt Romney, but sourcing will we hope you'll stick to the truth.

We will be hopeless to not be like Mitt Romney, who's one of the most pro-abortion process easy. We masterminded the same-sex marriage movement. By the way, Massachusetts when he actually was one of the main proponents of that. Just google it.

I'm not making this up.

Why every okay I know, but my point is we got these two guys, now it's between Swede's and I believe his name is McCormick and this is a tight race. My point is, if it so I say suppose Oz limits his primary nose to run against the person who's deathly pro-death pro-abortion and anti-marriage and in the other side while luckily I saved Dr. Oz. If I give you a dime of my money of God's money. I want you to sign this right here in your essay in just any that you will defend the right of the precious child you will in the big ideas.

One more one more thing this app is really tall like you think about tonight.

Just it just looks is attacks call us back. Paula, I love what you said about the look at the record and you know that's what you do by what you interview Terry for job outlook and the references rattle out well. We got me not knowing what the job description what the complication now that I'm starting more and on the current angle and all my got things go by that I can help people accountable for the year that I think the likely said what you think about house back up to put Richard on great goblet yes ma'am good to hear from Paula Richard.

I got line open it 866-34-TRUTH. Maybe I'm all wet. Maybe Stu looked this this this day.

This ship is sale. There is no hold these guys accountable or maybe five writing a check to you know, the newly elected lever.

The primary was the primary they speak, they say I want to stand up for God and for the Constitution will before I write this check user. Why wouldn't I ask you to put in writing less to a video message that I'm in a playback that you said you stand for truth before going up there that will or what is another way of doing that.

Richard, you are on here.

Things are: epic about what you're doing.

It's called a political prenuptial like in barrio. I like to buy political readouts or enough double PP squared. I like that prenup. It will be P squared and you are asked you to prenup a you sign this thing is a lot at stake here. There's a lot going on, you know, in the Indo say anything to get elected.

Well then let's get him to sign something before we elect them out. 11. Richard, thanks for Conan while not right, dear, that's gold right there at Taylor now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 love this audience.

I love listen you guys don't agree with. But I love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback and I really think on some like this. This is so important to have these conversations is so important these questions is so important we we are good stewards of this and of course the cross is before the flag course the Gospels, the only solution. Okay hello will be full of liberal Democrats in hell will be full of conservative Republicans okay so you you you don't take my word for to God's word for doorway to salvation through Jesus, but Jesus has made us citizens of this country and he has given us the privilege in this country to cast a vote. So what am I doing what am I doing about that stewardship now.

We got Paula back and I got line open one line. It 866-34-TRUTH if you want to weigh in and tell me your idea on how we can have a something like a political prenup for these folks to get contaminated by Washington before they get up there.

What do we do in the premarital stage to get them to hold true to get them to agree to sell the Paula. What's your thought that laughter have 1/3 option on the ballot when you're voting not voting for either voting for the laughter of evil and vile that everybody get to know I'm not poor okay okay okay God bless you.

That's really interesting. I struggle with that because we know someone's going to get elected. So sometimes a no vote in a vote with no what was to break all of our hearts register this one of my good friends deliver University. 40% only 40% of Oregon believers actually are registered to vote and then he said this, he said 50% of the last election. Now those numbers in the off little bit what noble guys is a tough act to follow up tell you, but it's already in the hot seat.

So think of all of our amazing listeners who listens program to support this program with provider. We got a hot show tomorrow special guest who had an election stole stolen right out from under him and you may say oh no he didn't know know I store under the story about Mark Harris to somebody said this somewhat citizen artists on solicitors about what he did had a bad aerobic consultant. Well, you haven't read the book you always have a talk to Pastor Harris like I have is what happens when having him will blow your way and guess what he's in a be in here taking shots from everybody. The letter will know tomorrow.

This time on the same same station, same bat channel same bat time will be going Toto with Mark Harris and his brother's wife's brand-new book, 13 ballots, it will blow you away. So the question today what we do to prevent it, to break the cycle of insanity and it's going on all the time in DC.

It happens so often it's just like the lady says this man is not who I married for or the girl says this guy. Boy talk to big game and not talk like a Christian but then I we started dating and what in the world and politicians there to be up there for six years five years two years four years longer. They promise the moon. They promise to be solid Christian values candidates and yet I get up there and that in this the broken record, and we say we sit back and say well it you're there you go again know they were there.

They lied and people died in they they didn't stand up for the unborn.

They gave into the big lobby money in a didn't auditor their term limit no commitments they made these verbal commitments and make these overtures will say anything to get elected. So what we do. What I do preemptively on the front end.

If your sinner saying I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and my vote is my stewardship and I'm good. I'm in a register to vote and I'm to vote vote for the person that best represents the truth and it's good to stand up for what the values are Scripture perfect person and their likely all vulgar, profane politicians, but this person can represent. But when they come to you and say I'm going to do right by you and by my district.

What can we presented them to sign to agree to like Clark caller said earlier Richard brilliantly set a prenuptial agreement is like a prenup. What can we get them to sign.

What can we do to provide assurances that they will do the job that they simply said they would do.

That's my question about national Arlo that's a great callers. The toll-free number if you want to weigh in is 86634 truth is 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I do have a law. I two lines open right now if you want to get in on the conversation but first were to talk to Orlando Orlando things are called in your own here yet.

The heart pumping out real quick I'm I'm an immigrant Dutch.

This is such a great great country when Korea like RL and you know I'm in the car business. So I think you know start with me about you really want to make a change. I am Christian, so I know the Lord Jesus Christ. But I think I think we need to have them sign it on the carpet when you have what is called a wheel is something that we all after we sell a car that we have. We promise when affixed to the customer was a politician should have some Soto commitment in writing of the hat. The right way and unfortunately you know when I left so much so much and I that being upset immigrant you know and see what we have in our country delighted countries and some Asian country European countries do not have a socialist and a one back here and really so sorry to all you do is talk to like yourself house that socialism worked out house that touted Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela. Every every country around the world and socialism stage.

People who want socialism here fortune.

I have no idea what you're talking about bank work hard. Well, that's what we do put the Lord first. As you well it's interesting socialism socialist is based on a completely communistic socialist and Marxist is Marxist anti-God worldview and you don't Venezuela, the fourth wealthiest country in the world, 20, 25 years ago and wealthier than China and today 96% of Venezuelans live below the poverty level. Kids are dying in the streets and that's how well socialism worked and it was like will will be implemented wrong. It will hogwash the system is bankrupt, but the problem is is our current rulers in America.

They have Hugo Chavez's poster.

They were so the ground he walks on base up the house I that as they support. Castro all these guys right now. They support those guys like when second why do you are you trying to destroy our country and this is just like before they get elected Orlando. What we do. I like that. Maybe like you're the carpet is made, we schedule a service call election November 4 service call every six months you come back stand in front of us and you pledged to do these things to stop socialism to help the economy good for school. You know accountability economically.

Leno and stewardship of that and then you also said you standard for marriage and for the unborn. So I like at a service call dislike of the carcasses of how they're doing something out or omitted it that have come to compete against abortion and he said it up personal kill pregnant women Democratic Party who actually believe in abortion they will convert right double moderate to high can't abortion be that it's it's a but you know it's it's what how do you value life socialism Marxism communism is all based on Charles, most by the way, the most racist person in our in our all of our academics by the ways again argue two people, by the way, Charles Darwin and Margaret Sanger Argersinger, the founder of Planned Parenthood quote I we must advance the extermination of black people. She said we gotta get rid of these people.

She was the grandmother of eugenics is a direct quote from her Hillary Clinton celebrated Margaret Singer day and when we went over and and and and celebrate a statue of okay so that's what Margaret Sayers is the most racist pro-woman that's influenced our culture. Charles Darwin intensely racist survival of said horrible things about African-Americans, horrible things, yet we as spouses evolution is evolution. His theories which are taught as fact and they're not there lies taught art art textbooks in our culture and our public schools. Those theories are the basis of Marxism socialism and communism because you value life is just a fetus is just a bunch of cells and jobs, but 80% to 90% of women. They did an ultrasound better abortion minded they change their mind as they hear that heartbeat Orlando. The question is how do we get these politicians who say I would be pro-life him to stand up for what's right before Planned Parenthood could pump their bank account with millions of dollars by way Planned Parenthood is loaded.

They got they got a got billions of dollars in these little crisis pricing centers are struggling and they are struggling.

They could barely get churches to put that in their budget so we put our money where our mouth is.

We can put our folk were mouth is to register to vote Orlando and and finally, you can't vote in the communist countries put whatever they want in their date of the atonement knows better than you Orlando. The government thinks her budget outlets write the comments countries and that's the communist the way their thinking, but I'm not not when I say that our God current governor current leadership is communistic socialistic that is not an insult is just that they don't look at the living room. They got pictures of Fidel Castro and there they love these guys.

They believe that's the answer. The anti-God philosophy that values life and tries to disrupt you from being successful and in you doing with your money what God wants you, whoever you want.

They want to take out those freedoms away, just like Orlando, expressed in these other countries it doesn't do well in communist countries Orlando so that you know that firsthand hazard that has worked out too well has that philosophy. So there's corrupt course.

There's corrupt capitalist there's nice communist. You know, we were glad that that Pres. Obama is not being communist like Vladimir Putin look at where that philosophy goes. Go try to buy gas right now. Go try to find baby formula that's the that philosophy works astray through economics and then go try to save the baby's life. It works its way through our morality. It destroys the nuclear family its anti-nuclear family is very sad. So what you do about it. Well before this politician goes up there. Yes, a few tough questions and you think of a way and this is still on this journey Orlando so I find it, and assure the listeners. Okay maybe I'll come on the Steve Noble shows a guest when we find a way to some sort of mechanism that will better hold our politicians accountable before they get elected. You know like Dennis Randy's got a great book called questions to ask your daughter's date right before you know the date walks in the house raised got his baseball bat right questions you asked your daughter's date water questions master politician. Is there something we can get them to sign them into a prenuptial live account just to do exactly what they said Orlando things: accomplishment, you all are callers running time time Stu Epperson ordered to sit in the hot seat and all raise all this register to vote is register your people worship God, why not think it was Jesus

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