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Judaism, the Problem of Suffering, and Wrestling with God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 26, 2022 4:30 pm

Judaism, the Problem of Suffering, and Wrestling with God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 26, 2022 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/26/22.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

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Have you ever heard of the Jewish tradition of wrestling with golf for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity, three, four truth to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. There is so much to think about in terms of the national tragedy took place earlier this week. The slaughter of these children in school teachers involve the Texas and as it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday wanted to bring to you in a Jewish dimension of how Jewish people, especially religious Jews have dealt with the problem in pain of suffering.

Over the generations. And of course Jewish people as a people have suffered in extraordinary ways and so often been the target of attack and hatred and persecution and discrimination and exile and imprisonment and death, so we we want to talk about this when you look at the Scriptures and we open the phones.

As always, as we do on thoroughly Jewish Thursday for your call so any Jewish related question of any kind. If your Jewish listener and you disagree with me about Jesus. Got a question about the Hebrew Bible or Hebrew language. One thought about messianic prophecy sums that relates to the Jewish people today are the state of Israel today, by all means give us a call. Phone lines are open so as long as it's usually doesn't have to be on the topic of suffering losses Jewish related calls are welcome 8663 for eight 784 is 866-34-TRUTH you know in the Bible you have many Psalms of prayer and petition right now as I'm listening to the Bible on audio I'm in the book of Psalms and it's striking how many times there are crying out how long the Lord, you forsake me. You can abandon me, you can abandon your people. How long Lord you don't just have these Psalms of petition and crying out even say Lord wake up. It's as if you're sleeping. Think of the boldness of that prayer in the psalmist fully understands a God by nature never sleeps right the same Psalms tell us that that he who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, but it seems as if he sleep even Psalm 22, which Yeshua prays on the cross.

The beginning of the Psalm, my God, my God, why you forsaken me.

It seems and feels right now is if you have abandoned me. That's the feeling that the experience but along with that you have words of protest. You have the book of Job withdrawal protest against God. He appeals to God against God. He flees to God from God, and he says your smiting me your destroying me. But I know if I can go to court with you I be proven right will lose your approval right will justice itself because the separatist universe. So even though Job goes too far.

His accusations against God. There's a great faith behind it but which he knows ultimately in God's universe, there must be justice there.

There must be the setting right the wrongs the monsters treating the monstrous treatment that I'm now getting Job is thinking what I'm experiencing from the hand of God is no better the devil write about half the time Satan so that the horrific things I'm experiencing from God now cannot be reflective of the real nature of God. So you have these these words of protest within the Hebrew Bible, and you have these words of of deep question and dialogue in and out of this has grown a genre of what could be called wrestling with God in Jewish tradition, so it is a great reverence for God a great honor and respect of God, but at the same time, the feeling that we as God's creation, are obligated to bring our concerns to him so classic example in the first place you see anything like this in the Bible is Genesis chapter 18 Genesis 18. So after the Lord and and to all of two angels visit appear to Abraham and visit him. In Genesis 18. Then Abraham gets into an extended discussion with the Lord. So Genesis chapter 18 beginning in verse 16.

The men, the two angels set out from there look down towards Sodom. Abraham working with them to see them off.

The Lord had said. Shall I hide from Abraham and I'm about to do since Abraham is to become a great and populous nation of all nations of the earth or to bless themselves by him, for I have singled them out, that he may instruct his children his posterity to keep the weight of the Lord by doing what is just and right in order that the Lord may bring about for Abraham what he is promised, then the Lord said the outrage of Sodom and Gomorrah is so great in their sin so grave I will go down to see whether they have acted altogether. According to the outcry that is reach me. If not I will take note, the men went on from there to Sodom. While Abraham remained standing before the Lord literally the Lord is there in person with him talking face-to-face. Abraham came forward and said will you sweep away the innocence along with the guilty others pause there from were familiar with this narrative. If you read the Bible. You've heard this, you're familiar with, but think of the audacity that it takes to test the question to God or he understands he stays talking face-to-face with the Lord without any asked the question when you sweep away the innocent along with the guilty. I mean if he said I know that you will not sweep away the innocent with the guilty because you are righteous.

That would be one thing but is asking the question that to to force the answer, of course not.

This is that the holy boldness here with there should be 50 innocent people within the city and even wipe out the place and not forgiven. For the sake of his and 50 who were in it, far be it from you to do such a thing to bring death upon the innocent as well as the guilty so the innocent guilty for like, far be it from you within these famous words shall not the judge of all the earth do right and the Lord answered.

If I thought within the city of Sodom.

50 innocent ones. I will forgive the whole place for their sick Abraham spoke up saying here. I venture to speak to my Lord, I who am but dust and ashes.

What if the 50 innocent should like five you destroy the whole city for one of the five that now look at how it gets turned instead of saying for 45 it's like this is only five missing here. This is only five went from 50 to 45. No use or is it because a five night until all the guilty people in the city. He answered, I will not destroy it if I find 45 there, but he spoke to him again and said what if 40 should be found there and answered. I will not do it for the sake of 40 any said let not my Lord be angry if I go on, I'm in this. This takes boldness where 30 should be found there and answered. I will not do it if I find 30 there any said I venture it against the speech, my Lord, what if 20 should be found there and answered. I will not destroy it for the sake of the 20 and he said let not my Lord be angry if I speak with this last time.

What if 10 should be found there and answered. I will not destroy, for the sake of the 10 this is this is a kind of wrestling with God in prayer, friends, as we step back from the text and consider this.

This is petitioning and this is going another step for Lord I ask for this we get to Genesis 32 we see a real wrestling with with God by Jacob.

It is, is called Israel because he strives with with God with man. He he overcomes he wrestles is literally wrestling with a man was a 12 tells us it was a Moloch, an angel, I believe it was the son of God, and in Jacob calls then replace Piniella's is because of seeing the face of God face to Faye have seen the face of God's upon Amos face Algar Pennell the face of God.

It's real wrestling. There, but but then an ongoing Jewish tradition. You have this aspect of great faith challenging on the I know it sounds irreverent to some, and in my own life I I don't pray in this way. In other words, it doesn't feel natural for me to pray in this way simply because when I'm in his presence I just say Lord you worthy your good, righteous and perfect all you do is good.

Forgive me for my lack of faith or by misunderstanding or whatever, but I know other people. People have real faith.

People love the Lord of gone to this point of agony of harsh, that of challenge God I got there something wrong.

This is not what you promised is not the way. Supposedly, II can pray prayers.

I guess like that. Those who follow my heart sometimes, but I think of an example of often shared with Nancy's permission shared publicly. We had lost a number friends over period of months, it was just one after that they weren't really close to us, but it was one after the other and then to families. We were close to one lost a 13-year-old boy in the fire.

He sees me in a in a freak accident. The other 12-year-old boy in a fire. These were families were close with.

We knew the kids well and it was him was just a few weeks apart and I remember the second loss that the final loss was about 10 different people in a primitive just a few months, but the last two so close with their children and Nancy stopped eating and and said are you fasting she was Norm going on a hunger strike it what it was the way of protesters in God's not supposed to be like this.

We have descriptions of who you are in the word we have your promises in the word and these are fine people love you and these kids were were kids who wanted their parents and and all your mother and father. Your other your father mother than legal well with you, that you may live long in the land.

Paul refers to Ephesians 6 is there as the first claimant with a promise that these kids were gone. Honoring kids and and and they died in these freaking terrible ways.

How could it be this tradition in Judaism that wrestles with these things and ABB cell even shares a scout to many to sound strange to think I don't get this, but in the Holocaust group of men came together one day and decided that they were going to put God on trial Jewish men was he liable for the suffering of the Jewish people in the murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust and they argued both ways and concluded that he was guilty and then they went from there to see their evening prayers to worship and honor God's out and get it it it's it's an unusual thing but it's something that imputes such righteousness and goodness to God in such close this with us towards him can have these kind of sinners and just saying conditions found in the midst suffering and pain and they help give people an outlet for their faith than continue to worship God right back 866-34-TRUTH usually calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown about going back to Israel and more about that in the moment. Here's the phone and begin to call now's a great time to call will be able to get your questions, 866-3487 80 forfeits Jewish related that it is kosher for us and thoroughly Jewish Thursday of lease which subject for a moment then go back to this Jewish tradition of wrestling with God and into a very moving story from a brother I met with in Bethlehem few years ago, but I've been to Israel.

I don't know, 17, 18 time something like that. But every time I went before the last three times.

Every time I went was exclusively to do ministry so that's always in Israel, speaking at a conference equipping believers through some kind of outreach whatever that's that's why was there.

That's why want to be there. The idea of leaving a tour group over there never appealed to me. So my dear colleagues, said Mike, you've really got to do it. It's a great blessing to the people that go there dramatically change usually great time with folks. The failure ministry. It's a blessing to the ministry as well to do it so I agreed. I said okay will do it so we had a busload the first time that we did it was great. I mean as much as I knew that people would be impacted. I was still amazed by how deeply they were impacted but really I was blown away by it.

Only problem was that being on the bus all day. It was the next one other person from the bus right during the trio tour guide saw most of the time on the can be teaching during the day so so okay what can I do to make it more for time I'm spending good time with the tour group and an overall being productive over there so what what wheat we started to do what we did is the next couple trips was I would do teaching at key sites like Mount Carmel were logical of fire from heaven.

We do baptisms of the river Jordan which he thinks he each day we connect in the keyway and then at night. We do some together. Maybe I'll be speaking similar come to the meeting with me will bring in someone to do worship will do a Q&A will do a live broadcast from his real people can sit in. So this was, hate we get more time altogether and they get the full tour as well so wheat we did a couple more tours. I thought okay this is great. People are loving it on.

Get good time with the tour group and an it's all good. We were ready to take two buses to Israel before Kovic hit would've been May of that year, so we were ready with our buses by the hundred people going and we delayed it we delayed it in the refinery cancel and I thought you helped, I think I'm done doing these tours and next chemical Israel just exclusively to minister to the people there. Well, some friends started reaching out to me and Mike Eagle back to Israel because if you do I want to go. Then someone else Harry got it taken tripped as a Zippy do oligo the stranger follows me on Facebook from Burma me on more runs into me and in the Dallas airport subdued the tourist Israel because if you go, I want to go okay and I started excited about it again. Suddenly I was really psyched and as many times as I've been to the code. Tell the wall we call Wailing Wall here, but just the codes of the wall in Israel. As many times as a been there welcoming the tour group their symptoms and got there early and met the tour group.

There is, as they come from another location and just greeting them as they come up and see the site prank in their it always moves me so we are doing our best to lock in details for going back to Israel for tour next year. We don't have the details yet but as soon as we do will announce it. You'll have many months to get ready to go but hopefully we can have an amazing time there there there really is nothing like it on the planet. Okay when I was speaking in a controversial anti-Zionist conference in Bethlehem few years ago I was the one pro-Israel speaker that was there by invitation. For that reason, to go against what they were saying and then for them to challenge me. I met with a Christian brother. There is lived in Israel words specifically Bethlehem area for some years and tragically, he lost his son to cancer and many tell stories about his son and his upbeat spirit as often as men think think of a boy just a kid I was living 12 years old time of exact age, but he loses his leg to cancer and he tells his dad jokingly after say you have to pay half the amount know you bought a new pair of sneakers mean that was the spirit of the kid but he ultimately lost a son to cancer. Those who had similar battles and those children you can relate to this in a way that I can't so it in church settings. He felt a certain artificiality. His experience missing churches everywhere. His experience either he could really talk about what he was going through because people can handle it or just praise the Lord.

We can pray everything is going be all right for him. It didn't help him process the grief. It didn't help him wrestle with God over these things. This is one of God have the power to heal, you can promise is where is the healing is that's a kid suffer. I would never do that to my own child you living these things happen so he began to find some of these traditions in Judaism about wrestling with God.

He he met Jews, Israelis, different ones it and saw the way they handled suffering and hardship in their own life and even though he absolutely thoroughly completely believes in Jesus is the Savior. He found something among the people in the tradition that really ministered to him so he moved to Israel became a real friend of Israel and the Jewish people as a Christian follower of Jesus. Those of you who've been through real suffering. Those of you who suffered terrible loss. Those of you who experience different hardships that would make many of us just faint and in terror and pain.

You understand that that that can destroy your life or with God's help he can make you more compassionate person a stronger person, a person of greater character person greater perseverance, a person of greater love and and you watch people destroyed by suffering in their own laws. You watch them become fearful or bitter or angry or hopeless or depressed or suicidal.

If watch marriages fall apart and you seen others who become more Christlike through the suffered who draw closer to God who become more compassionate who have backbones now that are immovable because they're such strong people of faith have been purged in the fire. So these are these are very, very difficult things, things that can make us or break us and want to take you into a really really interesting story here. The ties in with the subject matter of course.

During the Holocaust. Jews basically unarmed in Germany and Eastern Europe and Nazis and their allies with such tremendous force and power in many of the Jews that really knowing what was happening to them until it happened. There is very real little resistance along the way in certain ways. How could you resist what you do resistor instantly killed. Hang on. Maybe you can survive. So this is wrestling back and forth through just try make it to the end week we for liberation to some was going to fight for somebody's got to stop this madness. If you fight now. You deftly die maybe the more you fight your physical so this agonizing difficult situation but there were examples of resistance. The extermination camp Treblinka. This is not a a work camp. It was in extermination. The people he came in there were exterminated and you did not live for long and Treblinka.

So there were workers there just enough to keep the extermination camp going there was resistance there that ultimately destroy the camp and no more Jews were executed.

There, but only a handful survived, so that they lived to tell the story and then the Warsaw ghetto in Poland was another place of resistance again against impossible odds, and with so little weaponry to fight against that the monstrous Nazi army in all their power and in starvation diets and all of that there was resistance there was fighting back and after the Holocaust. Writings were discovered.

The Jewish historian in the community.

A manual ring emblem of the one that took it on himself to document what was happening. Why did you preserve what you write. How do you get it out will what he did is put his writings in these and these tin cans which were then buried underground and then subsequently discovered, so, so much of the of the history became known in that way. So there is an author was living in South America Jewish man named Tzvi Cole. It's an if he claimed that was it was all fictional. Okay was all fictional. He claimed to have discovered a hitherto unknown writing from one of the religious Jewish resistance fighters from the Wasser ghetto claim to Falmouth and when he when it was published. It was published as if it was legitimate that he always meant it as a work of fiction. But it was so convincing that it began to circulate as if it was this real battle that this religious Jewish men yes rock rock of her head with God only share some excerpts of this we come back, you probably never heard anything quite like this.

It's a fictional work, but it's put back in this time of Jews fighting against the Nazi army in Warsaw come back to this as we talk about wrestling with God use tradition. I give the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown through the Lords were gone. Lord alone conference tour through the Jewish Thursday broadcast urinal in the fire. Here's the call with any Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH. In fact, I may get to some that are posted on our YouTube chat so if you've got a Jewish related question or comment you'd like me to interact with posted there on YouTube in our chat there and her team will grab hold of it, or will get some calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Remember friends if you listing on Katie KR in the DFW area. There is a programming change won't hear us at this time but truly not person 11 to 12 you'll get the whole hour to your friends. A late night people he can tune in there or just download the line of fire app under your cell phone download the app we have an Apple, android, and then you can just listen live on the phone, you can listen anytime after to the podcasts was an easy way to stay in touch with us. Okay there is a story.

Here's how it was presented by Tzvi callouts again. It was fictional from the start, but presented in such a way that people thought it was real and and this is this what it says it was a 1946 is released as a short story reduced newspaper and when SRS and and it says this in one of the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto, preserved in a little bottle and concealed amongst heaps of charred stone and human bones the following testament was found within the last hours of the ghetto by a Jew named Russell rock over its dated to April 28, 1943 begins with these words. I also sent of David rock of of carpal, a follower of the rabbi of guarantor sing of the righteous learned in the holy ones of the families back of her nasal's writing these lines as the houses of the Wasser ghetto are in flames in the house I'm in is one of the last is not. It caught fire for several hours now we been under reaching artillery fire and all around the walls were exploding and chattering in the hello shells will not be long before this house. I'm in like a most all the houses in the ghetto become the grave of its inhabitants and defenders as the gunfire draws near record for noses death is moments away. He writes I died piece but not pacified Concord and beaten but not enslaved. Bitter but not disappointed. A believer but not a supplicant lover of God, but not his blind amen sailor I have followed him evenly. Push me away. I have obeyed his commandments evenly scores before I have loved him. I've been with love in love with him and remain so even when he may be lower than the dust tormented me to death abandon me to shame and mockery" account that he once heard from his rabbi by the Spanish Jew who escaped the Inquisition and said to the Lord God of Israel.

I have fled to this place, that I may serve you and peace to file your commandments and glorify your name.

You, however, doing everything to make me cease believing in you, but if you think that you succeed with these trials and deflecting me from the true path and I cry to you my God and the God of my parents that none of it will help you. You may insult me.

You may chastise me. You may take for me the dearest and the best that I have in this world you may torture me to death. I will always believe in you. I will love you always and forever, even despite you. Again friends. This is a unique aspect of deep Jewish spirituality's a wreck of her, then closes with his own proclamation to the Lord member. This is the horrors of the Holocaust here that my last words to you my angry God.

None of this will avail you in the least. You have done everything to make me lose my faith in you to make me cease to believe in you. But I died exactly as I've lived an unshakable believer in you. Praise be forever the God of the dead, the God of vengeance of truth and judgment will soon unveil his face to the world again and shake its foundations with his Almighty voice Shema Yisrael here Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one juror hands. Oh Lord, I commend my soul as a rotary module commentary where I talk about these very moving traditions. This is what it means to wrestle with God. There's a quote from the Holocaust inscribed on the wall in the cellar in Cologne, Germany were some Jews remained hidden for the entire duration of the war slaves lived in the cellar.

I believe in the son even when it doesn't shine a believe in love even when I don't feel it.

I believe in God even when he is silent right now many people going through terrible times. Of course, we think of those just lost children love ones. The recent tragic shootings, but others are in their own unique agony their own sense of lost devastation and they are believers. This is really suitable how to understand it.

This is contrary to everything. I would expect in concrete your nature and your promises yet hold onto and can trust you.

If I let go of you have nothing so I'm going to hold on the matter. What because I have nowhere else to go but you and friend in the hardest most difficult times, God bring comfort government consolation. God will give you a way to get through their how hopeless things seem Lord minister grace to those who are in great pain right now, through his son, 866-34-TRUTH, we will go to Deb in Bass truth, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire OWI letter yet.

Not grateful to talk with you today and it interesting that you should be talking about Holocaust part of my question, but I am more interested in your opinion as a Jewish man not so much a theologically based question has to do with burial practices. Jewish people basically cremation versus burial at the Jewish person. I understand that I read about the reasoning for certain thing but in determining and making decisions. I'm just interested in knowing what you come to a Jewish man with your life experiences and your opinions are your thoughts about cremation versus bear full body burial for regular write to me it would be the same for anyone, Jew or Gentile.

I have loved ones who have been cremated, and friends who have been cremated, but that's me is is not the way to go.

I'm not criticizing or condemning those who have there is something about the burial of the person of the recognition of first just on the totally psychological level of of putting the body in the ground of a final goodbye of the recognition of that that that cannot be done in the same way with the same power with with with the ashes.

I know ashes to be on it, or spread, and certainly again, I'm not attacking those who've gone this way, but that's that's the first thing the second thing is because we look forward to the resurrection of the body. Even though we understand that over time the body will deteriorate and become dust. If it's long enough for the grave and him and we know that that people can die a fire in their bodies mangled beyond words, and things like that we understand all that. Still, there is something about the burial of the body and that's why it's always been important to have proper burial in in in the biblical mentality.

Of course a terrible horror as if someone would die like diet war and their bodies would be eaten by wild animals were exposed to the elements that was that was a sign of divine judgment or that was that. That was a horrible thing you wouldn't wish on someone so there is the, the honoring of the body that the person metaphorically sleeping with their fathers. You know there's a person laid to rest and then there's the expectation of the resurrection of that person in the future and and that's why you're through most religious traditions and in church and synagogue over the centuries that burial has been the norm is supposed to say in Hinduism where cremation has been the norm. There is no there's an example of burning the bones of some people in the Bible that was done, but to me that's really not a parallel to two cremation so I have friends that have written about this are very dogmatic about it. I do not dogmatic in the same way but to me there's a big difference between burial and in cremation for the reasons they say once more.

I'm not saying that people who decided to be cremated and that the family went along with that that that somehow they sinned against God. Words can affect their eternity, or that the family didn't grieve the same ram, implying any of that. I'm simply giving my reasons for burial at exactly what I wanted to hear, hear you're feeling resonate largely really appreciate your anchor your paper. Start God and the sure thing Tim is it's this module you do that and of course there's the other aspect of the cemetery of the gravesite of the tombstone of the epitaph of the going to a place and remembering someone those things have a certain power as well. You're my mom and dad buried side-by-side by dead West Wing. 77 but he had thought he was always a planner and thinking ahead. He had bought the plot next to him for from a mom was time to bury her. She was with us here in North Carolina died at the age of 94 figures back, but that's were she was buried her body was sent back there.

That's really we had the funeral so there's something to that the to them side-by-side. The going there to remember to grieve the think back so thank you for the call. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. If you do not yet have my book has God failed to and you really struggling with your faith or you know someone close to struggling with her face to move the lost their faith really encourage you to check out the book. It could be a lifesaver, a life changer. Readers have found a tremendously helpful has God failed you when you get on our website.

We also link you to a video message I preach. Talk about with so many Christians are leaving their face will check it out when the website on the homepage has God failed you. Funny face not sure does real. I would like that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire through through Thursday broadcast driven hard-to-reach Jewish people with the good news about the Messiah, are you burden to see them recognize that the one the biggest foreign to them, God of the Catholic Church sure when the cause of so much trouble over the years with the perspective just gonna do with them.

You want to see them recognize Jesus if she was the Messiah would invite you to partner with us friends because we are on the front lines or materials right right now as I speak.

Armatures being used in Israel to reach Israelis in Hebrew with the good news of the Messiah.

Even even as I speak, or materials in English and Russian and in Spanish and Portuguese are being used to reach Jewish people around the world with the good news of the Messiah. We put many many many years into developing these materials work really hard to produce them in the best ways we can and we continue to produce more. We've got a great new initiative, working out, we do with your help, so if if we blessed you and you say we want to partner with you to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel remembers similar frontline ministries that you love and and here about support. We've helped undergird them. We've help supply them with the materials the doubt they can get out to the great audiences they have. So a dollar a day goes a long way to helping see Jewish people come to faith in Jesus the Messiah grow website ask Dr. SK dear Brandon or just click on donate monthly support and irritant, but I want to before you pledge to give look at all the different ways that we pour into you every single day checking out all the ways as a supporter that we will pour back into you and bless you and give you access to the materials so we want to pour into you to strengthen you as you partner with us to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So thanks for joining us. Ask Dr. Click on donate and then monthly support become one of our torchbearers. Thank you in advance. It's all our torchbearers shout out those watching just way back at me shout out to thank you you help us do right now you help us be on the air and do what were doing all right. There's a question that was asked on Twitter that I want to address Joshua why some people say that the covenants of promise and commonwealth of Israel. Ephesians 2 only refer to spiritual blessings.

Sounds like people trying to divide Israel and the church in the text never suggests that okay with little respect I think the the questions being frame wrongly, the church, the Iglesia is is especially from a New Testament perspective save Jews and save Gentiles all come together as one family right Israel remains Israel there's a nation of Israel.

There were Jewish people who remain Jewish people.

There are promises that God gave to them in with Paul tells us in Romans 15 is that the Messiah doesn't cancel those promises. He confirms those promises. One of the promises reiterated over and over the Hebrew Bible and then Psalm 105 plainly is that the land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people right to focus on Ephesians Ephesians 1 and two is every spiritual blessing in the Messiah that the focus start start in the first chapter right is not promising the land of Israel to the whole church to billions of people ultimately.

Obviously, even logistically know what is or is you should teach in Matthew 540 from Psalm 37 Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth right first Corinthians 3 pulses. The world is yours. So believers will inherit the world, but there is a particular possession for the Jewish people, which is land of Israel as a confusion. So Israel remains Israel, the church is the call that once the saved ones.

The believers that the community of the Messiah.

Jew and Gentile rights you have the Gentile world that remains with list of Israel that remains with this and you have the the larger commonwealth of Israel, which is now the Gentile believers commence that they don't become Israel and Israel doesn't become Gentiles as the larger community related to Israel so the idea that somehow the land promises to the Jewish people no longer apply because Gentile believers of the come of Israel want with has that even follow the promises were not made to the homes of Israel but to the specific Jewish people and those the ones God brought back to the land. Those are the ones that the Nazis tried to exterminate those the ones being Attacked and hated by the world today. In any case, your Pro that more feel free to call in one day. Let's see okay so just to answer this question from a caller.

The authors name of the letter. Look up Tzvi Colditz CVI KO LITZ Tzvi Colditz K OL ITC uracil rock Avers wrestling with God or glitters ago. So again if you find his name. You'll find this okay Eric on YouTube as could you please explain the process of the Masoretic text came to be so. The Hebrew Bible as is been preserved through the centuries has been most accurately and was primarily preserved by Jewish people and regarded as sacred Scripture, who are part of the tradition that ultimate becomes known as the mysteries so even when you have differences with the Septuagint, things like that 90% of the time the Septuagint is clearly following the Masoretic text will tradition so what you have is text being copied centuries now. Over the centuries, you have little difference among the Samaritans and their preservation of the Torah. Some differences among the Greek speaking Jews is reflected in the. The text that were translated by the Septuagint translators over period of of of years you have those you have some other text traditions reflectance of the manuscripts of Qumran, but those are limited right and for security. We have to reconstruct with the Hebrew would have been. And then you have it and some of those you do have an Dead Sea Scrolls. While that's the Hebrew there that's with the sister Teresa have these different textual traditions but then ultimately because the triumph of rabbinic Judaism and the preservation of the text in those circles and then being copied. Recopy copy recopied. You have now certain uniformity of the tax that's really it was the Masoretic text with traditional. Some have argued that the measures themselves were parasites of non-rabbinic Jews were all dealing with the same texture so the problem with the Hebrew Bible, is like other Semitic languages like Arabic, for example, it's not written with full vowels give occasional vowel letters but it's not written with full vowels was red with vowels. This is not spelled with vowels reading in Arabic newspaper today Hebrew newspaper they really without vowels. This native speaker read fluently without problem with them as REITs did as they develop a system for vowels. This line means this sound.

These dots mean this sound. This is this Val this is that Val and they added it under the letters on top of the letter to the side of the letter but that's with vowels, gold dots and dashes and then they had different systems. The one that were most familiar with is the Tiberio system so within the Masoretic conditions that different systems of wedding vows, but the same sounds and then they added and accents tell you how it should be chanted and how it should be recited and where you should pause in a sentence so the accents come last right in and those it's the most. It's the easiest thing to disagree with those because you say you didn't divide the verse correctly write that they carry weight, but it's easy to screw those the vowels came before that but they were originally written, so you might say if the text is correct. The letters the Constance but I differ with the vowels change the valves unit makes more sense. So you'll find that with translations, but the metric textual tradition is the most reliable that we have. Hence the one that is the starting point for the translation of all Bibles Hebrew bows and English and other languages. One more question. YouTube in the Old Testament God gave many laws to Jews and said that many were for all time. How we reconcile it with a new and better covenant. The new and better covenant. The new better covenant either fulfills those laws that were for all time or reiterates them.

For example, about 75% of the forever laws in the Torah for all time for all generations. About 75% of those cannot be fulfilled without standing Temple a functioning priesthood and Jewish sovereignty in the land about 75% of so either God commanded his people to do subnets been impossible for most of the time or he gave a new and better way in which Yeshua brings to fulfillment those things having to do with temple sacrifice priesthood offering cleansing. He brings those to fulfillment. Other forever. Commandments having to do with morality.

The New Testament reinforces and takes even deeper. So it's very simple to understand forever is forever, but when these things can't be kept either there is fulfillment found in Yeshua, or he gives us a new and better way or he really rent reiterates those things for us today. I deal with some of this in volume 4 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

We really want to dig volume 4 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus, a friends, let's continue to remember those in grief, suffering, pain in America. And let's pray that God would use our current crises is one after another to drive us to our knees to bring us on our faces to be crying out to God, revival, or we die to be praying for fresh visitation. It's what we must have full humble ourselves.

If we repent of our own sin, visited Bellevue on the back with him already for all your questions only plans we live Memorial Day as well. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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