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Scott Volk Guest Hosts Thoroughly Jewish Thursday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 27, 2020 4:21 pm

Scott Volk Guest Hosts Thoroughly Jewish Thursday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 27, 2020 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/27/20.

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When Jesus was asked by the scribes with the greatest commandment was his response was extraordinary and I think you'll be blown away when you hear it as well for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking at me on your looking and you're saying about the Dr. Brown shave his mustache, oh did he shave his head. No golly, he's so good-looking today while that might not be altogether true, but I'm Scott Vulcan.

I'm so blessed to be sitting in for my dear friend Dr. Michael Brown, who currently even as were on the air live now is in Australia, ministering the gospel around the world. Dr. Brown's one of my heroes and I'm so blessed and honored to be on the show today our lines are open. This is thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Israel related question were happy to take it and one interesting thing that Dr. Brown does sometimes it's Hill Hill give a book away if you ask a question that he can't answer Dr. Brown and I are just a little bit different today if you ask me a question that I can answer the first one is to get my new book, Jesus was not a Christian. I only have one to give away today but I want to encourage you to call in our lines are open and we are ready to take your call I got a very special guest in the studio today Nathan Smith who is the associate pastor of the refuge church in Kannapolis, North Carolina dear friend of mine, a Gentile believers come into the fullness of the revelation of even God's heart for Israel, so it blesses me to have a brother a dear friend and a leader in this city who is championing God's heart for Israel. Nathan, thank you so much for joining us today. That's a great pleasure man think summers can't make it if you could as quickly talk to us what change your ear a leader in the city you're an associate pastor.

What many people call a mega church yet you had kind of an awakening, where Israel is concerned can talk about that for a minute Scott.

I wish I could tell you some amazing theological story or some powerful spiritual encounter. The truth is I was just ignorant. I was just ignorant. Love God had a relationship with the Lord, but it really had no understanding of the weight of a new understanding of God's heart and his desire for Ellie for Israel and the Jewish people, but for the the church to understand their role in knowing knowing more but engaging more and so man I was infesting wasn't praying I was walking down the hole in my house and the Lord as as us is clear is I'm speaking to you not because I heard a voice but it was that pointed. He said Nathan why is it okay you know nothing about Israel and the Jewish people and that's it's exactly what happened and I'd I just stopped in my tracks and I didn't really know how to respond and that started me on a journey of single Lord, what is that even mean I didn't feel confronted by God but I didn't feel corrected. I just felt invited.

He now invited into and so from there on the Lord, show me where he had dropped some breadcrumbs along my path. I different Jewish believers I had met in the past but didn't understand what they had to offer me in understanding the things of of of God's heart for Israel, the Jewish people and it's just been a journey since then that's been maybe seven years ago now.

Amazing well Nathan I've so been blessed to see the metamorphosis in your heart and just to even watching hear you speak. It's really really so thrilling to me today were going to talk about the power of the Shema. If you're writing Schumacher in English it's spelled SHEM a and that word in Hebrew means to hear and to obey and Nathan as as a non-Jewish believer, you have really no reason to have any clue what the Shema is but since you been awakened to the to God's heart for Israel you been studying your even getting a degree at the University.

A Masters degree which so blesses me just briefly from your perspective. Tell us what the Shema is all about. Just very, very brief yes of the Shema is really the essence of God's call to Israel what their identity is as a people and what they're to be about, and it's really, I mean Moses is giving this to them and letting them know. Hey, this is who you are.

Who it is from calling you to be the calling you to do right and so really we see it, not only in the Old Testament, but of course, as I'm sure we'll talk about it and out in the New Testament got what.

Let me tell you something friends about the Shema as as a young Jewish boy being raised in a Jewish home every Tuesday and Thursday I would go to Hebrew school after I went to public school.

It was a really long day one of the things that we learned in Hebrew school was the Shema. It's a prayer that many religious Jews praise for it.

Pray first thing in the morning they prayed in their prayer times. It's the last thing they pray in the evening and many times it's actually the last prayer that a Jew will pray. Sometimes even the last words that come out of a Jewish person's mouth as they are breathing. There lasted it's been written and documented. That is, Jewish people were being marched to the gas chambers march to their death.

They were uttering the words of this prayer. Why is it so powerful.

Think about this in the gospel of Mark chapter 12. I want to read to you. Mark 12 verse 28, Mark 12 verse 28. One of the scribes came and heard them arguing and recognizing that he had answered them well.

Ask them what commandment is the foremost of all Jesus answered, the foremost is here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one of you read that again Jesus answered, the foremost, the greatest, the most important commandment is this here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And then it goes on to say you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in Hebrew. It goes like this. Shema Yisrael Adonai hello hey new Adonai apricot and and I want you to remember the word F cod EC H ADF cod that means one and friends here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one, and that is the most important understanding the most important commandment according to God's own son that God gave why is it so important.

What is, what are the implications that this commandment and proclamation hold and when we talk about one we have to understand that God is one, but Nathan we talk about the oneness of God that might be a little bit confusing to some people because we say that God is father, son and Holy Spirit were that's not necessarily in the Bible the word Trinity is something that many, many Christian believers hold onto.

Can you just address this for a moment and talk about what the oneness of God means to you yeah think obviously this this identity passage.

This I am your God. We are in relationship with each other and speaking of, you know the little guy the Lord is one. I think infesting it says our God, right okay new, our God, yet is that relational component and the Shema saying you God is one. There's a unity there's a unity in himself as a there's a oneness of who he is right right God himself, and this blows me away and friends this.

This is a very very important point. God is one, but he is a multi-faceted one. I want to read something directly from Dr. Michael Brown's book, the real kosher Jesus from the most well-known Rabbi ever. Rabbi Menachem Schneerson when he wanted to talk about the oneness of God. I want to read to you directly from Dr. Brown's book the real kosher Jesus. This is what the Ravi said men and many Jewish people thought the sky was actually the Messiah. This is what he said F cod means one the Shema proclaims the oneness and unity of God which the people of Israel are charged to reveal in the world and which will be fully manifest in the era of Moshe, but God the eye, but is the ideal word to express the divine unity like its English equivalent.

The word does not preclude the existence of other objects as in the sequence 123, nor does it preclude its object being composed of parts we speak of one nation, one forest, one person one tree, despite the fact that each of those contains many units as components and here's the point. It would seem that the word yeah he'd according to Schneerson, which means singular and only one more clearly expresses the perfect simplicity of God and the maximum that there is none else beside him, seated teaching explains that on the contrary, F cod represents a deeper unity then yeah does Yahoo need is a oneness that cannot tolerate plurality if another being, or element is introduced into the equation. The heat is no longer Yahoo need another were jockeyed means one and one alone. As soon as something else comes there's no more Yaqui hero Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Schneerson is saying that's not what it is F cod Schneerson says, on the other hand, represents the fusion of many elements into a harmonious whole.

The oneness of F cod is not undermined by plurality.

Indeed, it employees plurality as the ingredients in the very essence of unit to see what what he is saying here is an unsaved Orthodox Jewish rabbi in it. Not perfect, professing Jesus saying that God is not one singularly alone, but there's many assets to him.

You know, when Jesus Yeshua said that I and the father are one Jewish people picked up stones to stone him. Because of this prayer, but maybe Jewish people don't fully understand that the oneness of God himself is perfect community three and one issue is not a wake up one morning and knock on God the father's door and say dad. We had a good run for the last 7 trillion years and I'm to be taking my ministry elsewhere. No, the oneness of God represents God as who he is and the greatest commandment is for Israel to hear and obey that God is one friends when we have a true and ultimate revelation of the oneness of God, then we will understand what were supposed to be. As the body of Messiah one body Works will understand the mystery of marriage to becoming one will understand the mystery of Jew and Gentile coming together as one new man on the other side of the break work and investigate all that has to be said about the oneness of God, and I want to encourage you.

I want to encourage you open your ears open your hearts asked the Lord. Father what would you have needed to where oneness is concerned, there may be a brother or a sister that your get your at odds with the Lord wants us to be one, even as he and the father are one state is on the other side of the great work and explore this more quickly calling calling calls on this early Jewish line of fire your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Wow, I have special special testimony just about that song alone have on Aguila. We were on the Sea of Galilee last year with the group of people, many of whom not having fully understood God's heart for Israel. A bunch of Christian songs popular Christian songs were playing on the boat on the Sea of Galilee, and then they started dancing 1/2 an Aguila and this girl. This girl who came to me the night before saying I don't get this whole Israel thing comes to me, weeping and saying what was it about this song and right there on a boat and it wasn't even necessarily Christian music God touch the heart of the heart of a person and open up her up her understanding for what it was that Israel meant and friends. A trip to Israel will change you for a lifetime. I want to encourage you. By the way, we still have room on Dr. Michael Brown's trip to Israel coming up very, very shortly.

There's only a few seats left and the reason I know that is because I just looked at the numbers and there's probably three or four seats available left on this trip. If you're interested in joining Dr. Michael Brown in Israel this year go to ask Dr. annual just a banner on the top of the on the top of the screen that says experience is rising is called holy fire in the holy land and he would love for you to join them until your friends one trip to Israel will change you for a lifetime and I'm just looking at my screen and I see one of my dearest friends in the entire world happen to call in at this moment on thoroughly Jewish Thursday Paul Wilbur, is this really you online. One Paul of friends I am not hearing anything on my phone.

If we can get his check and maybe you can let me know if he's there pause in Nashville.

I am currently talking here yet.

I can hear you.

Oh my gosh, thank you for joining us, Paul. This used to be. Ask Dr. Brown but today it's actually ask Dr. full what you think about that well. I have lots of questions are not sure you're up to it, but no I am not as a matter fact is a matter not a pro I told people that Dr. Brown gives books away when they stumped him on questions and if they called with a question that I can answer I'm actually giving three books away today bro were talking were talking about an amazing issue today were talking about the power of the Shema and in your calling in your Jewish believer in in Jesus and you song in venues around the world you seen Jews and non-Jews people alike embrace the God of Israel, Gentile Jew coming together as one F cod can you talk to us for a moment about the significance of the Shema to you and to your family well actually I wear that on my I had a ring Israel in Hebrews Shema Yisrael out of there. I got you and I traveled together well and can of that, but I'm sure I haven't heard the front part of the of the show today, but that that word is taking on a whole significance because I really believe that you know going on in my life and what's going on your home Jacksonville, Florida because the one who is called family. God Jacksonville Florida and of service a dramatic way and has caused individual churches and Bible studies and messianic communities to come together in such a dynamic way, expressing the work for one of the hot if we were counting rate what the word Eckhart like different malt. There's some multiplication and to in in them in number and that word cod cluster of grapes would be call son cluster parted many different grapes there different colors or different sizes. They don't get over the one that only has one speed there. There's a key and that and that's what's happening in the body of the fire pit day in stock significant way and the family is coming together.

Jew and Gentile Ephesians to the expression of the one new man. It's very thing that I better stop talk talk the rest of well listen I just want to tell you how encouraging that is to hear what's going on in your city because I believe one of my firm beliefs is that there's something more ultimate than just showing up in church and I don't believe the Lord's interested as much in church attendance as he is with his sons and daughters coming one because oneness and unity really attracts God and went when he sees bro when he sees people getting together as one. I think I just wants to die then to the one party and added his blessing to it.

I mean, it's a remarkable thing. How have you seen this whole unity thing and many different expressions of the body of Messiah coming together in Jacksonville. How is it affected what's going on in the city if you could just talk to that for one or two minutes that be really sweet. Well, for instance, in the past we've tried to have community prayer and pray and how to get people together and lots of different Russian denomination. Edition six. Typically got it uncomfortable because the charismatics don't want things done care different positions of your long term all the stuff all of a sudden everybody there where Jacksonville we had a community prayer and praise thing just about a month ago. 119 churches were represented there was land of worship team went on the hours kingdoms stuck and I think kingdom is really a keyword I'd I agree with you hundred percent and it just so blesses me bro that you're in the middle of this not as a token Jew but seeing you know seeing even within your local congregation, a black pastor a white pastor a Jewish pastor all ethnicities in the Messiah in one body coming together. I really believe that when we get to heaven, unlike the current Jerusalem where we have a Jewish quarter and an Arab quarter and a Muslim quarter and a Christian quarter. There's knocking to be quarters or neighborhoods in heaven, my friends, there's going to be one people at from every tribe, every tongue and every people in every nation. That's gonna really be the ultimate F cod I would assume don't you agree oh yeah. Even so, large gray letter kingdom, and you will be done on earth hello yes it heaven about our earthly expression break down because week heaven, but there that Dr. Brown a part of this and that we have people moving along the country to be a part of this because it like such a brat of air like a heavenly believe will the spirit the breath of God is below our study and everybody comes in the eco-logos in a basket at the at the entrance and they don't think make it into the sanctuary. Well listen. I'm really excited about an event that's coming up the weekend of March 1 I'm sorry May 1, second and third in Jacksonville Florida because said together for Israel is going to be hosting a restoration conference in your home city and I'm going to be there Bob Gladstone's going to be there. Dr. Michael Brown's going to be there and you are not only to be leading worship at the sessions. In speaking with us, but you're also to be doing a citywide night of worship for all different churches of the city to come together and worship the King and I'm so excited that you can be with us for that. It blended group on the platform will have several several nations went native and express a couple different languages just because we can and such a great time.I'm so looking forward to that weekend yeah friends. If you're if you're interested in joining us, you can go to together for Click on the events tab and you'll see what's going on with Paul Wilbur and with me when were in Jacksonville together. It's really going to be a treat Paul to be with you.

We got about 30 seconds before. I'm gonna have to cut you off Paul give give our listeners. One thing that's most specially burning on your heart right now I'm in Nashville writing for a new time. I believe we have entered on time, a new era exchequer 315. It is time. Amen thank you Paul. I love you God bless you feedback on the other side of the break talking more about the importance and the potential of the small line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and how Dr. Brown sits still in this chair on thoroughly Jewish Thursday were getting some comments on the Facebook page. While Dr. Brown's lost a little bit of hair.

Thank you for noticing that I have no hair I had a goal wad of hair when I was younger when I was about 18 years old had a little.starting in the back of my head and this is what I have now but makes it so much easier travel is enough to bring shampoo or anything with me and every day is a good hair day one. Dr. Brown.

We miss you Dr. Brown's currently in Australia ministering the gospel and it's a privilege for me. Scott both to be sitting in his chair today in studio with me. I have my dear friend and local pastor Nathan Smith with me and were talking about the potential and the power of the Shema when Jesus was asked by the scribes and Pharisees, what's the greatest commandment.

He gave the Shema here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one God's oneness is important to God.

It's important to Jesus. Yeshua, he said himself. I am the father are one. And it's important because even as he is one he wants us to be one. He says that's the revelation of that great commandment will change everything Nathan.

There's an amazing verse in John chapter 17, why don't you tell us exactly where in John 17 it is and then go ahead and read it for us young Sir John 17. Look at verses 20 through 23. I do not ask on behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in me through their word that they may all be one, even as you father are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us so that the world may believe that you sent me. 22 the glory which you have given me I have given to them that they may be one, just as we are one eye and then you and me and that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you have loved me, that is remarkable.

Father make them one meaning us. First, he prays for his disciples and then he prays for those who would believe in him because of what the disciples preached father make them one, even as you and I are one, so that the world may believe you sent me, Nathan, how do we how we even begin to understand the importance of the unity of the spirit were brothers and sisters part of the body of Messiah are concerned with the place of agreements. The place of power Scott and we come together in agreement. That's why God makes such a priority on unity and that's why Jesus himself is not only quoting the Shema here in the New Testament talking about its priority, but is talking about the essence of unity being really how they'll know we belong to God is that we behave in such a way. I mean, the Shema itself is not just some ideological concept.

It was an activator. It was we are supposed to be doing these things to love the Lord our God with all our hearts or minds drink and that's what Jesus is saying they're going to know we belong to God by the doing of these things, not just mental ascension. Thinking about it, praying about it but actually being about it and that friends is the costly part.

I mean it's pretty stinking easy to show up in a church building on a Sunday morning sit next to somebody you might never see again or never talk to leave the church building and there's no issues of oneness whatsoever because you're just showing up. But look, I've got I got a pinky finger right here if I don't like my pinky finger. Unless there's something seriously wrong with me mentally there's no way on earth I'm going to cut this off because the pinky finger.

Doesn't look like all the other fingers that it sounds crazy because it is crazy yet God calls us his body, his body and were not supposed to be disjointed were not supposed to be separated from one another, but in fact, Ephesians 4 calls us to make every effort to preserve and to fight for, and to strive for the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Why, because God is one the greatest commandment here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Jesus said I am the father are one. Jesus then praise father make them one so that the world will know you sent me what when I think of of what we measure great evangelism by specially in in in our world today. It's it's large meetings, its miracles, it's the supernatural.

All of those things are great. I'm not knocking any of them. But when Jesus prayed on his last night as a free man forced to taking our sins on his shoulders on the cross. One of the last prayers.

He prays his father make them one so that the world will know you sent me even pray father give them large meetings even pray father make the men and women who can perform miracles. It's easy to perform miracles as a maverick you can perform a miracle and not even know God. God's as many are going to come that day is a Lord. Look what I've done, cast out demons. I feel the sick. I raise the dead as they depart for me.

I never knew you miracles aren't ultimate friends, church attendance isn't ultimate unity is ultimate and unity is costly.

Nathan it's it's so costly, I think I love that verse. There, in John 17 where it says that that they may be perfected in unity. There really is that iron iron sharpening iron we get together there's there's the knocking off of the road edge of the rough edges and that doesn't initially asked me confrontational, but really how I know I have the fruit of the spirit of my life. Scott, unless I'm in relationship with you you to say and he knew anything I want to challenge in this area of patients because you're noticing something or I want to challenge in this area because in relationship I can receive that from you. No one thrives in isolation, and even though our culture, especially in the West and America specifically will be live on hyper individualization. Everything is about me the way I want to how one all the time and we wonder why were not maturing but the truth is God desire. He deals we see in Scripture.

He deals with with Israel as a people, not necessarily as individuals only and I think that's part of the call to unity in us is to recognize we need one another in order to even be who were called to be yeah friends it's it's a remarkable thing and it it's costly it it it will cost something to say I'm more willing to be one with my brother or one with my wife or one with my husband than it is to going to church and even putting in $0.10 $0.15 $15 $5000 in the offering just reminded Nathan of a verse that Jesus actually speaks on the Mount of Beatitudes the sermon on the Mount. He says this in him to put in Scott Volokh translation if you show up at church on a Sunday and you're ready to present your gift at the altar you're ready to worship and you remember that your brother has something against you, stop what you're doing. Leave your gift at the altar stop worshiping leave the church and go make it right and then come back and then come back and present your offering Nathan.

It sounds to me like the Lord is not as much interested in how much were putting in the plate or even our worship in church as he is interested in our relationships, one with another, absolutely because again, this is what he said this is how the world is good to see the glory of the Lord manifested through us.

It's going to be in our unity. It's not that generosity and giving is unimportant. Of course it is. It's not that you connecting in environments we can publicly and corporately.

Worship is not important. Of course it is. But it is not near as important as the revelation of the Lord himself that's released through Brothers dwelling together in unity. It's so powerful and I do believe that there is no one like you said there's a cost involved, but you it really presses our humility.

Can we humble ourselves prefer brother right and then by doing so, allow the Lord to be glorified through our circumstances the relationship and in Scott you being one of the most relational people I've ever known. You excel in this and so glad you're talking about it because this is what it truly is to be about relationship, I mean the Lord desire relationship with us wanting us to have a relationship with one another. Why so reveal the goodness the mercy of the goodness of God, to those around you that's beautiful bro and I really really appreciate you chiming and I'm seeing some messages on our Facebook page about joining us in Israel about the importance of unity friends.

I want to encourage you Dr. Michael Brown is going to be in Israel. There's just a few seats left on this trip and I'm not joking. I'm not saying that to try to get you to sign up quickly, literally.

There's just a few seats left Morgan to take them on a first-come first-served basis and then anybody that signs up after the trip is full will put onto a waiting list and then if anybody happens to cancel will make room for them so sign up today could ask Dr. Brown ask a DR and on the page. There you'll see holy fire in the holy land and you'll be able to join Dr. Michael Brown. It's good to be a trip of a lifetime.

A boat ride together on the Sea of Galilee, standing on the southern steps of the of the place where the temple was in Israel. It's going to be remarkable friends. Click on the link for the tour.

Sign up today, you won't be disappointed. It truly will be a trip of a lifetime. I'm so thankful friends for the fact that when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was. He gave the Shema Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohim, you Adonai ask God hero Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Before we go to break, I want to encourage everyone that's listening to me today friends your unity with your spouse, your unity with your children, your unity with your parents, your unity with those in the church is important to God because it's God's heart for you to be one with them, even as the father is one with the sun that's the demonstration that the world needs.

That's the demonstration that Israel needs to see the glory of God on the people of God because there one you know unity attracts God. I believe unity is one of the foremost keys to seeing revival in the earth. In acts chapter 2. They were all together in one place in one accord and suddenly the spirit of God invades like a mighty rushing wind friend. He didn't show up for a disjointed community to experience his power.

He showed up where all work together in one accord in one place. God wants to show up today in your houses.

God wants to show up in your marriage. God wants to show up in your shirt. God wants to show up in our nation and for men and women will humble themselves and seek after the unity of this.

In the bond of peace. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author internationals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown while I play my little guitar, ukulele or what ever that was. I don't know, but it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire and I'm Scott volt so privileged to be sitting in an and guest hosting for Dr. Michael Brown today as he is in Australia were talking about the power of the Shema, the power of unity when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was. He said hero Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one, and we been talking about the power of unity we been talking about how God is attracted to unity we been talking about when Jesus prayed on the last night of his at as a free man. He prayed father make them one, even as you and I are ones of the measure of unity in the standard of unity is the way that Jesus and the father and the Holy Spirit are one inseparable forever.

Yet we break relationship so easily. God is looking for men and women who was a pot.

I'm going after no matter what the cost is theirs in the Bible you know the Bible talks about striving for things that are there certain verses that say cease striving, and know that I am God, so God tells us to stop striving may be in our relationship with him what's called to be still and watch him move, but where our relationship with others are concerned.

He actually tells us to strive for unity because it's something that's valuable it's something that's costly. It's something for which we must strive because when we see it.

God is glorified.

The world knows that Jesus was sent by God, and God shows up right before the break we quoted from acts chapter 2 were God invaded suddenly because people were altogether. In one place.

One of my favorite Psalms is Psalm 133 every Jewish boy growing up memorizes the Psalm Nathan, would you just read the first verse of Psalm 133. Please right here it says, behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in you know okay stop just right there for one second the very first word of this Psalm is behold that word in Hebrew is he may, in other words, stop what you're doing, stop where you're looking and looking this way because there something to behold when Jesus Yeshua was approaching. As John the baptizer was baptizing. John said he may be a hold of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world stop looking this way look that way because there something ultimate to behold. So here in Psalm 133.

The psalmist says behold stop what you're doing and look this way, behold, how good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity and then Nathan.

It goes on in verse two and verse three to talk about what unity is like and then what unity produces. If you just read Psalm verses two and three of Psalm 133 that be great yeah it's it is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard coming down upon the edge of his robes. It's like the dew of her moan coming down upon the mountains of Zion for there the Lord commanded the blessing life forever… That's remarkable. What when we see the words coming down coming down unity friends flows down if there is not unity at the top there's not going to be unity. Below you show me a family were husband and wife are divided and I will show you a disk connected family. You show me a family were husbands and wives are together striving after unity in becoming one, and I'll show you a healthy family situation, you show me a church where the where the leaders are in unity together and I'll show you a church where God is being glorified, but Nathan, it's not easy is it because of course not. But this is exactly why the Lord put such priority on this is why there's so many places we could exhaust the entire time of the show. Just pointing out scriptures that talk about the value of unity why God puts a priority on it and I think it's fascinating to Scott to think about you, even as were talking about the Shema you were talking about Jesus quoting it in the New Testament.

There's a unity right there good right yes clean the the Hebrew Scriptures and apostolic writings right Old Testament and New Testament. You know sometimes I think Christians today can have a bit of a separation there. They think will on the New Testament believers so I'm only here only read the New Testament, but this thing of unity. I'm in the first verse of the New Testament tells about Jesus's lineage, right son of Abraham son of David, and so I think not only as we talk about unity among brothers in the Lord. There is this unity of God. You know that one this cod that we all get to draw from.

We see than the Scriptures we see the life issue himself and me are supposed to see it in our everyday lives. Yeah bro that's an excellent excellent point. I can't tell you how many people I see carrying around New Testament the friends I have no problem with the New Testament. But if that's the only place you're living. It's like living on the second floor of the house that doesn't have a first-floor it's impossible every house that has a second floor has a first floor because the New Testament has no relevance without the old and were saying old and it was really the Hebrew Scriptures and the writings as my brother alluded to the. The Scriptures are one old and new together. I have a friend that actually took the middle page out between the last verse of Malachi, and the first verse of Matthew and he just took that page and he ripped it right out of his Bible in front of the whole crew that he was preaching to just to signify that the Bible itself is one love letter to the world.

Now it's interesting we just have a few minutes left, but I want to look at the fact that unity flows down and it's the only place in Scripture Psalm 133 where it says that God commands the blessing Nathan.

You and I were together on at the base of Mount her moan and I don't know if you remember this but we took a little bit of a walking trail in the Dan preserve and there were rivers that were gushing down you remember anything about the source of those rivers that we walked over that formed into the one river that became the Jordan you know I don't I don't recall specifically about the source, but when I have it vividly my head of been with you a few times. There is how refreshing that entire environment is yeah there is a coolness coming off the water in the sound.

It really is roaring right there. The base of the mountain and there is something of the otherness of that place right that's so delightful. But you got something in mind Scott a ceiling.

No, no, no, I just what I wanted you to give the picture exactly of what it looked like water roaring together like this river that literally if you fell into it.

Yeah you be swept away. But where does that river come from it come from it comes from Mount her moan. Psalm 133 it's like the dew of Mount her moan. Listen, friends, listen to this within the mountain is the dew from snow her moan's largest mountain all of Israel throughout the year. At times, often snowcapped, where it rains the dew from Mount Herman slips into the mountain and bubbles up in springs that come to the surface that form three rivers on the mountain and these three rivers converge and flow into the one river called the Jordan River and then the Jordan River flows into the Sea of Galilee and thence south from the Sea of Galilee all the way down to the dead sea and its those waters from the dew of Mount her moan that actually irrigate Zion. It's those waters that turn a barren dead wasteland desert into a fruitful field today. Israel is one of the largest flower and fruit producers in the middle east because of the dew from Mount Herman their God commands the blessing life forever more. Nathan before regards have to thank you for joining us in and just ask if you have any final words. First of all just so privileged to be a part of it. Thank you to you until Anna fire Dr. Brown just got a I'll say this, the unity piece is so essential and and in it we recognize where we are in our society right now. We recognize when election year.

There's all these to opinion, swirling on social media and everything else and I would just say something that I'm encouraged to be reminded of is that the more humble myself and the more I prefer my brother and look for ways to find common ground. The more the Lord's glory is released in a relationship. So rather than find ways to share every opinion have on everything.

My hope is that as we humbly submit ourselves to the Lord and truly that the unity would bring about the glory of God in our midst and people would know we are Christians by our love. That's right. And it's even a relationship that's right awesome Nathan, thank you so much and friends. I want to encourage you yourselves can see Mount Herman up close and personal with Dr. Brown himself on the holy fire in the holy land tour coming up this May.

There still only a few seats left.

But if you log on to ask Dr. Click on the link holy fire in the holy land. You can register today friends I want to encourage you with everything inside of me.

If there are relationships that are not right today. Do what you can to make them right, God commands the blessings where brothers dwell in unity and if you want to see the blessing of God upfront and personal like you will mount her moan all you have to do is seek unity strive for the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he make his face shine upon racist you. May the Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace, shalom in the name of peace, Messiah and King

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