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Q&A With Koloff- #70

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 24, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #70

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 24, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with friend Elton Payne for another great episode of Questions and Answers!

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Uganda 40% of the people after 30 minutes or more for clean water. Two thirds of the world population could face water shortages by 2025 something today. Your gift could help install a Jesus well providing water for the entire village for 25 year gospel phrases install 30,000 of the belt and they need your help to give life to thirsty people join Truth Network in supporting this cause go to or call 855573751 the spring of living water to the world. Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is welcome to another episode Q&A with Cole today on the phone not in studio, but on the phone Elton paying welcome to the Q&A with Cole off. That is a good trial to go dry weight can't be. I flattered by the Delta great to have you on the show. Thanks for joining Garamond will Elton. Let's let our listeners know a little bit about who Elton Payne is an area where were you from where you residing in you know just a little bit about who you are, regular morning George, little little bitty town at the bottle and I reside in South Carolina now little snow little.

I know I'm 41 years old and happily married to Grace Watkins as well as Courtney and all my endeavors live in the looks department.

I am a child of God and a Christ follower who without him I would not make it a day-to-day basis. Well, I would did all that that that is exactly what your lovely bride's name.

Her name is Kara Hara hi spell that RA SOS guys want to make sure I find now the most even the most common name can sometimes be spelled differently, so I'm doing autographed site as signees itself. It can be built well go to spell LA would be something like like you are not as well built. But anyway I just everyone's name is differs or talk talk how long he has been married will be married here wonderful.

Congratulations on on those 14 years, and any any children.

Elton, we have no children mammal okay okay I understand that very well as well and so did you say heart. Well, Georgia by the lake. But right on the right on the boat right on the border right till about seven so you may or may not be familiar with the little tiny town called Royston, I), North American gender all okay okay I was finally sick and you have so many conversations and talk to so many people it's hard to keep all straight like where yeah so you are at the Manor conference there at the camp a little late in your house you hear about a semi invite you or how to hear about it. I laid my wife and I were incompetent. Okay and I left after informing very good and and you did. It took me up on it and he came there now just to get noticed and get you the man can't build. I am actually spring one, but I was already out of on a vacation and I am looking at all okay will ret registration is open so the man camped out in full and well we had it. We had a phenomenal time we had 19 campers and 13 staff and in seven different states. The guys gathered together to two guys drove down from separately from Delaware and guy from Annapolis Indiana yeah they can't came in from all over. So is it was pretty amazing and just there to watch the Lord just working you know in men's lives in. We got the baptized six guys water baptized six guys and it was it was powerful so will that's awesome that is us know what you do.

Elton what he resorted to for living. I worked in retail, working out over okay are I am really tell, owner, I'm not your entrepreneur. Yeah, that will that's it. It's interesting, I'm blown away like I got a good friend of mine who was in the printing business for years and years and years and almost in the sense coming up for start of that but but then jumped into for some siding come into that eBay business have watched him learn the ropes, so to speak on that in just blows me away. I will on what people by all the oddities of what people by what they're willing to pay for it and and I think presently we may cite hundred hundred $50 a day just doing that I have a sit at his house, listening to the Truth Network and Peter call. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway, Facebook, call my new fan page for bands and the like, and follow your listening to the Truth Network and get a row. What I am finding that to be true, and he is is get garnered quite a system for for doing that is so I'm I'm sure it's only a matter time before you make that more and more successful. So yeah will yes while they like anything it takes time, especially if you want to just flatter right and yet you give it some patients along the way so well that's really cool. While I appreciate the appreciate you coming to the conference and to sell all look forward to seeing you in October at the camp and as well as the just learning little bit more about you and your story that's that's that's pretty cool, so wrestling fan you been a wrestling fan going back today all I will not even all men love well in the bowl while okay you got back in a like during like the money that wars right with WC.yet this lot before okay but you got to be a part of that whole cycle.

I think the attitude error. I think yeah that was where I grew up on all a little bit back before that to what was to what was mired what we call the golden era of progress acting yes absolutely. Come on out. They come off so maybe a couple of your favorite memories from the golden era and maybe your favorite memory from the attitude error will generally like anything involving just recently been all modern who just recently surrendered his life to the Lord. My understanding so what have you… Whatever you like. We let our light in this area and there would lie I should.

I hope so.

I hope so. I really God really truly knows the heart of a man in and you know I don't know what he professes but but I'm open it based on the fruit that he displays that he has genuine encounter or his hand, and there will be a life changer for reactor real who is so who are the three that you you're referring to yeah stinger on mom well and Jan and I again I see him post some things and so trust him in and believing that he's he said that encounter that life-changing encounter in and I know a friend of mine one time a pastor friend of mine met him years and years ago and and at that time said you know Terry you realize you know if you if you really got sold out for the Lord. I mean like really sold out with your following the yellow the impact you could have no further kingdom. An offer for whole Armenia you know, Lord, for the kingdom. Yeah, I sell it in and in flare as well.

I mean it. Look, he is so charismatic in such a settlement heard yeah if you ever got your Tillie generally sold out for Jesus man what an impact. Those two guys could have for the kingdom, not for themselves, for the kingdom right so maybe we may we pray that God just ignites a fire and the two of them. What a lot of you imagine your age yet yeah he probably have millions of millions of joules in his crown that he could lay at the at the at the feet of Jesus. So in the course I was thrilled to hear that about about takers while in and acknowledged about hour and 1/2 long now, he sent for an hour and 1/2. That is except a speech the whole thing this year with about a half-hour long on a global and Shawn the book of clean water and later and If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. The keel was seen as adoration declaration for a gift of $50 accumulated wrestling sets for $100 more will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today your listening to the truth and all now our happiness. Well, certainly deserving, he sees quite an icon, a wrestling made made his is market wrestling that's that's for sure. In the course stinger you know course, I know very well and have had the privilege the opportunity of of of helping to disciple and mentor him over the years and and in his his children as well, but stopped. So let's do that we could talk a lot about this end. But you know II know you might, maybe you're itching that asking me a few questions. I'm still throwing some out there but let's reverse it. Let's reverse it around and give you health and the opportunity to ask the rural Russian nightmare. Handful of questions here, fire away what your first question will request the most important questions took a long time, and the question of why people have since you bought Spain, what you feel like an venue. While one thing always like you have control over him to speak.about well and and and Christ came to to establish yourself to establish a relationship with the father right and ran and modeled that for us and what that should look like and so I was a first and foremost have been very intentional on just pursuing that that intimacy that passion with with Christ with with Abba translated Poppa daddy EL Abba father and it's been very intentional over the years and even more so now the older I get to really set it set aside some time and be as much time as needed and necessary to just continue to build upon that relationship that was established. 17. October 1993 when I gave my life to the Lord and since that time. It's been a process of refinement feel he talks about in the Bible about refining fire and I'm reminded of a use a silversmith as an example who it has his cauldron in his silver and headed it. I understand it's a pretty intense heat. I think after heat that up like 800° or something like that superhot right, but the objective being for what any idea what's what's he trying to do Y stuff the heat so hot. Any idea what purification so so he's got this cauldron filled with silver and what rises to the top. The draw's right I lost the impurities rises to the top and then he skims off the impurities and the kind of paint a picture give all the listeners out there. A visual hopefully the ultimate goal of the silversmith is to be able to look into the cauldron and see his perfect reflection guy and ultimately that's that's God's goal is is we go through these tri-reef fiery trials in life, tribulation challenge is that you don't. Sometimes it can be relational like for me it's been relational that I'm leaving this to other relationships that I've had. Sometimes as those closest to us that try us the most right where where it seems that the greatest fire or that or the most heat is is within our own home or within some of those own our own relationships, especially for those who might be married, you know, your spouse, just rub you the wrong way and and but it can be God's way of refining you and getting those impurities out of use so that ultimately Elton, the father can look into our lives and see his perfect reflection and so, that being the ultimate goal is is for for all of us as Christ followers and so I summarize all that to say you know the relationships around me, whether it be family or friends who have taken me to the foot of the cross. Whether it's seeking forgiveness for something I said or did it, and urges them robbing me the wrong way and learning to have patience, compassion, unconditional love, and that's how I would answer that question. Your listening to the Truth Network and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the troop radio network.

Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today your listening to the Truth Network and believe that well in the eye because it, and it is for all of us write all about us. The ultimate goal is for all of us as a Christ follower for the Lord to be able to look into into our lives looking into our heart right Gestalt God looks at the heart and it just look at that the fruit that we're bearing right how we act things that were to come out of our mouth. How we conduct ourselves in behind closed doors in public and in private.

I mean it should match the test of integrity. Our public life in our private life should match the test of integrity and and Christ likeness and character Christ likeness are are synonymous and that's what we should be showing to the world not get it there.

You know were all a work in progress so I get that as well. Some of the guys before mentioned, you know would maybe say ham a work in progress. Okay, I'll cut you some slack so I'll sprinkle some grace while at the same time. I still need to hold you accountable and hold your feet to the fire.

If you're professing to be a Christ follower but you're acting this way you know you're having an affair on your wife or your husband that I probably need to hold your feet to the fire and call you out on that and hold you accountable right so relationships man SFAS one of the biggest challenges for all so great question. Question number two. I will talk about how the joint marital they have not, and you certainly be an honor if they didn't for whatever reason, they have they have chosen not to end and I don't lose any sleep over that. I'm okay also. I say this and I have a couple of things to add to it. My I'm more interested in being a hall of faith F a I TH that I am in the hall of the WWE Hall of Fame. That's again that's not to say I would be honored if they extended that invitation have just up to this point chosen not to for for whatever reason, they have the reasons for why they choose who they do and don't don't don't select more important to even my being and in the WW Hall of Fame would be Ivan Cole off being out, but I would petition for Ivan long before I would ever be, you know interested in being in it only because he's legendary alleging their 40+ year career, legendary Pete Samo Bruno Sammartino after like a seven or eight year run into the legendary Madison Square Garden about created a riot. Given the belt until he was in the back in the locker room in the hallway. He was locked up north and and so if anyone deserves being in there I believe.

I believe I believe that Ivan doesn't right behind him. Lex Luther if they give me a selection card those to be the two names I would ever check before my own ever. And one last caveat to that Hall of Fame that I am inducted and that is of high importance to me is is the Dan Gable wrestling Museum and Hall of Fame in Waterloo Iowa.

If your wrestling fan out there to wrestling fan both be at both amateur and professional.

Make your way one day to Waterloo, Iowa and go to Dan Gable's museum and Hall of Fame you will span you could spend two or three days there and still never see everything and walk away blessed to have gained that experience and I was fortunate to be inducted and that when I think back into thousand and six I think in so that was important to me. Great question. Question number three. I will look for one. I know usually hurt your arm if your opponent didn't go all know that you gave one.

Well, I mean every now and then I may throw a just for posterity sake throat throw one around and I have fun fun with a couple guys that I christened Alexander and Neil Cole off as my adopted nephews now is not exactly the same stories may be being Ivan's nephew, but in every now that the situation is right you guys believe it or not. Probably no surprise you guys stand in line wanting to take the sickle I saw in figure that one out because of how intense it was right but joy is probably within the last few years, a couple three years that I five. I think I've I have a entertain the fans with with the sickle, all that to say no. I've never injured my arm. There would probably be a few guys out there that that would confess I injured them more before I have rated my arm yeah got a member, especially in the in the early days I was 285 88% body fat 34 inch waist and and yes I did lay then why because I was to convince you, the fan Elton that that sickle was real. Many of fans have said, especially when I took go as they say, took off David Crockett's head off that the that was as real as it got. And so now, so far as I know.

I never injured my arm. No auto so we have time for one final question if you like that one more time finding.

I enjoy your show will only our unit. The podcast yet. Well we we silly so it's actually a radio show. It airs on truth radio network Stu Epperson Robbie Gilmore great guys here at the at the station that that put it up on truth radio and and get your people to gobble the truth radio app and get tons and tons of shows. If you had done that, Elton.

I'd encourage you to go to your App Store and download the radio app. There are so many amazing podcasts and and/or radio shows.

You can access so it's formatted for 30 minutes for radio and then from there it's uploaded onto all the podcast platforms and now a television show.

Did you know there's the manic TV show you're listening to the Truth Network and I will here and I am excited to announce the first annual MorningStar men's conference August 25 of the 27th man, it's time to have a phenomenal lineup, including NBA All-Star Elwood superstar Lex Luther David Jason that of the better brothers tenant Gen. Jerry Boykin will renowned a business like sheltie Chris Reeve director intercourse.

Yours truly registered early. You do not want to miss this event go to start you're listening to the Truth Network and heard about that. Yeah, yeah, I dares I actually mentioned MorningStar it airs so they launched the file. I'm not sure how many weeks ago couple months ago or something but anyway MorningStar you can go and find the manic TV show completely different interviews may that's a weekly show and they know it's also on Facebook and YouTube and coming up soon it's going to be airing four times a week on all nations TV on all nations TV be able to find all nations as well as on Roku and so I'm excited about the TV show man got some incredible enemies on there as well that that the people can can watch not only listen to the radio in the podcast but watch the TV show so but that's why it's not longer.

Maybe one day maybe one day will expanded to you to an hour, but for now all okay see that's all wrestling trick you know that you know that you don't you know what I mean by that. So if if you recall, if you recall, go back to watching mid-Atlantic wrestling in your world championship wrestling on TBS and NAB cut the end of the show become public to be the height. The heat of a match or something rather like the time we got to go tune in next week to find out what happened right so I take it that same strategy see with the radio show, Mike brought a time Elton.

We got a gold dial it again for another episode of today would Cole offer the man up show so all that to say Elton is been great to have you on the show today. Thank you and I and I do. I expect to see you in October and Royston George are man up. Bennett learned that the man the man camp so will God bless you and your family and then thank you for being such a long time loyal fan and honors think we all right tune it again for another great episode and hate. Just a reminder if you like to get a phone call from the Russian shoot me an email. God bless you.

This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous.

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