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May 13, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina the first verse of Isaiah chapter 40 comfort he comfort ye my people, saith your God. That's what this chapter is. It's a reminder of some things that God has promised you, and I don't know if you need some comfort or some encouragement today.

I know that just about every day. I could use a little bit of that and know that you can to and in Isaiah chapter 40 we have some things I want to look at our title bar message today is this, did you hear did you hear that we live in a day and time where people here a lot and a lot of shared back-and-forth and everybody is interested in some juicy information and I am giving you the juiciest this morning. This is great. Isaiah chapter 40 and I want us to look at verse 26 if you would lift up your eyes on high and behold who have created these things, who did God did live dry up on high and just notice take notice of who is the creator like this that bring about their host by number the call of them all buying names by the greatness of his might. For that he is strong in power. Not one failed.

Verse 27. Why sayest thou of Jacob, and speak us to go Israel my way is hidden from the Lord, in my judgment, is passed over from my God, why would you say such a thing.

Why would you even allow your self to think that God is overlooked. You how could you get to the point. The thing that God, for some reason has forgotten you are isn't seeing what you're going through. He answers this question in verse 28 hast thou not known. Listen to this has not heard did you hear you've allowed yourself to get to this point that you think you're in this alone and you think that God is is too busy doing other things are. You think that God is more interested in someone else, then he is you have you not heard lesson of this I love this, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth fainted not, neither is weary.

There is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint, and them that have no might he increases strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint in all God's people said did you hear you mean you came in the building today and you thought somehow that God has forgotten you. You mean you showed up here on a misty rainy day and somehow in your mind. You literally believe God has forgotten to do something in your life did you hear him to tell you (Lord, we love you. I thank you for all you've done.

Please bless dear Lord, in Jesus name we pray. Amen. First answer the question. This did you hear who he is. Just in case you feel that way today.

Did you hear who he is.

Notice verse 28 he says literally that he is first the ever lasting God not know pastel not heard that the everlasting God, this is the name in Hebrew, Elohim, along it literally means this is identifies God as the eternal God, there has never been a time when he wasn't in there will never be a time when he isn't he is eternal he existed when there was nothing but him while they were this way you will always be here. Always has, always will. The E internal God before I even tell you what he can do.

Let me tell you who hits second.

He says he is Lord.

Now this is Ofc. the word Jehovah and you know I make a big deal about this a lot of times because when you read a passage you need to know exactly what they're saying and who they're talking about and the word Jehovah. This name identifies literally the Lord, as the self existent one means that every other being in the universe depends on some other being for their existence, but God depends upon nobody.

He exists within himself by himself for himself. He depends on nobody.

Everything depends on him and he depends on nothing and everywhere through Scripture. This name Jehovah and you know that I got a big deal about that.

We have gone through the names, but I want to make sure that you have all these names today. Now this particular use of Jehovah here and in Isaiah chapter 40 it is literally the name that means the covenant keeper or the God who keeps and stands by his word, the God who can be trusted that you know as we have gone through. Jehovah is used for many days and for you to understand who he is.

Let me just remind you here this morning there is Jehovah Rakhi, that is, the Lord is my shepherd you're familiar with that.

There's Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide. There is Jehovah shalom, which is the Lord my piece by the way, then there is Jehovah raw fee, which is the Lord my healer. There's Jehovah sit New, which means the Lord is my righteousness.

There's Jehovah Schama, which is the Lord is there.

There's Jehovah Nissi which means the Lord our banner. There's Jehovah KS which is the Lord my sanctifier Jehovah LLE on which is the Lord most high, and literally were told that God is not just eternal but he is everything you need all wrapped up in one and is not even done is that if you not heard that the eternal God, the Lord, look what he says here that what creator of the ends of the earth. This name in Hebrew this word creator literally means the one who made everything out of nothing but God, who has the power to create not just his word, but all worlds. He created all this is the God we serve. This is our father. This is the God that literally walks us through life takes care of us every step of the way he is literally the eternal God, he is literally Jehovah he keeps his word. He is the creator of the universe, the creator review the creator of himself. He has always been existing and you need to understand when you walked in today and thought somehow, someway, this God has let you down. You're wrong.

You hear who is second did you hear what he does. Verse 28 hast thou not known, hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth. Listen what he does.

Number one he fainted, not number two.

Neither is weary and number three that there is no searching of his understanding is a bridge what the world is this me will get this number one I want you to see. Did you hear what he does. Number one he never gets worn out. The Bible says that he fainted, not that is literally the Hebrew word which means tired, get out exhaust. This is what we are told that he never gets tired and he never gets worn out.

I guess what you and I do we get tired.

We get worn out, we fail we overlook things we forget things and I do all the time, but different. I'm here to tell you if you haven't heard, God doesn't get tired.

Second, he gets worn out. Second, he gets. He never gets way down. Notice what it says it says he fainted not, neither is weary. Now this is where I got excited.

This Hebrew word for weary literally means to be over burdened it means to hold more than you can hear. So I'm here to tell you that our God never gets tired and he never has too much on him. There's never so much that he can't take on something else.

There's never a time where he's carrying so many other people's burdens that he can't take yours is never weary.

He's never to the point that I just can't hold this any longer.

He's got rooms different to what it is that he doesn't get tired. He never has too much on him. He can bear it. He can carry it. Notice the third thing he never gets worried says there is no searching of his understanding what is that me and you and I cannot understand what he knows we could never figure God out where you and I don't know the future. We don't know what's going on. We tend to get worried. We tend to get concerned but there is no searching for his understanding another word you can search for chill never find it. You can try but you'll never figure out God is not worried God has it all under control. God knows things that you and I don't know if he never gets weary. He never gets to the point that he's just tired Hank can't go on a never get to the point that he just can't bear it anymore and he never gets to the point that he's worried about what's been happening in this morning. We haven't even been told yet what he does force were just told who he is and were just told what he does. He never gets tired he never gets worn out. He never gets way down.

He never gets worried hold on third question answers. Is this. Did you hear who he helps.

So before I can even tell you this is what he does. I gotta know well in my my. One of the qualifiers for. I made it would be horrible to say what this is who we helps but you're not one of you all the been there, haven't you all been on the phone with the insurance. Is this procedure covered all we have wonderful cover. We have wonderful insurance please will you ensure your whatever the commercial set with the letter says. Then you call him like a Lozano that you have all these coverages is my procedure covered no so the coverage doesn't really make a difference to me unless I get the coverage so I tell you this. All things that God does, but you're still convinced in your mind that maybe you're not the one God does it for doesn't do you any good. So we got a start from scratch. Let me tell you he is. Let me tell you what he does in third tell you we help all right. Thank you so much.

We were 29 he giveth power to the faint dance of them that have no my dear increases. What about the people that do have the strength to do have the power onto a wide and help them because they don't need it. They think got this God. God loves to help as those of us that admit I can't do it.

This is too much. I can't carry this. I'm getting tired I can't go on. I can't bear anymore and God is a member.

He's the God that never can't go on and a God that never has too much on him for here we are people that we can go on and we do have too much on us and that's a perfect two worlds to me.

God says you are just the ones that I want to help all of his number one. He helps those who cannot continue number two.

He helps those who cannot carry my love how obviously we use the King James version here were all on the same page were not against you if you don't whatever the case might be, that is what our and I to and I preach, word for word from it so you understand you have some different there but I want you to get this verse 29.

He says he gives power to the faint and then he says in the second verse that he those that have no might ease her two different things. The faint means those that can't take another step. The mic means that those that can't lift anymore.

Those are two different things. You know, sometimes I'm just weary to go and then sometimes I'm just weird because I got a lot on me when I can't go. It means all worn out physically when I can't lift anything else.

It means I worn out emotionally, mentally, God says when you can go on physically. I don't get tired and when you can't take anymore emotionally I could lift some more for you and if you happen to be somebody here this morning that can't seem to continue and you just don't seem to feel that you can carry anymore good news for you. You are exactly who God wants to help anybody else glad about the audit operator what you trying to say next question is this. I know you love did you hear what he gives. Did you hear what he gives. Did you hear who you is that you hear what he does. Did you hear who we helps. Have you not heard we go to verse 31 but they that wait upon the Lord we always take that word as meaning basically completely patients and that's not the full meaning of this word wait wait doesn't just mean well, all right, I'll just wait here it word.

It literally means dependent. It means those that will not take another step, because I know I can't take another step. Without him.

Those that wait upon the Lord, I'm totally dependent. I can't do this without you. God, what does he give number one he gives strength to renew, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Sometimes we just need renewed. Let me put it this way. Sometimes we just need remind sometimes we just need to realize why am I doing this alone.

Why am I trying to charity this by myself does it mean to be renewed needs to remember.

I can carry this. What was I think here got here God number two. He gives strength to rise and I love this strength to renew strength to rise, renew our strength is renewed and he says you shall mount up with wings as eagles by the way, you know what it comes to renewing that you have to fill this word renew the strength means that that's the only thing that'll make me run is God strength so I can look to other things. But it's not going to help me so I got a refill with God strength that the only thing he put it this way you can have a really nice car in the parking lot and you can fill it with Mountain Dew and it'll be filled but it won't run in my little one who knows little about stuff has in it, but another words I don't just need something to be filled with I need a certain something new and I only make it with God strength and what is it do well when we are renewed.

God says it done just renew but I'll give you strength to rise, you will mount with wings as eagles.

That means God says I'll allow you to rise above those circumstances in your life you don't have the wall around in here and become burden burdened by giving you strength to rise above it. Somebody get excited this morning not the only one that shot to that get to you or something. What's going on. We need another shot turn on Brian.

I need something.

Whatever paystub you like preacher I just don't think I can go on and this will imitate number one. You can't carry that number two you will not exist if you cheat. If you keep trying to go back to the middle of let God take you about you just rise above just get above that junk. You just get above those people you just get above all that mess. I know they said whatever and did whatever whatever the case might be, you just mount up with wings as eagles. I'll give you strength's you showed up thinking that God has overlooked thoughts that I'll give you strength, renew, I'll give you strength, rise, number three, you know it. I'll give you strength to run phasor bridge was so horrid about this with this is that same war, which means I just don't think I can take another step. I'm just tired. God said, hey, when you're tired. I'll give you some energy algae to some vitamins. I'll give you that little five hour energy bottle thing that you get five hours take a little bit of the Holy Spirit. That'll last for years.

God says they all give you strength to renew. I'll give you strength to rise above but I'll give you strength to run in spite of all about you. Some of you are like me run and run and run and run and then we wear out and were so worn out that got I just don't think I think another step in the cop does something to just let us run some more before God gives us strength to resolve all of this notice. If you were the last races.

They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint sounds almost like the same thing but run and walk or two very different things.

This word wall is literally the Hebrew word you lock why AL AK it means this to bear to carry to bring it means I'm not just walking for God. It means I'm having to carry something while I do what the Lord say if you're gonna be my disciples. You need to take up your cross bear got setting.

I'll give you strength to renew.

I'll give you strength to rise above all give you strength to run in spite of but I know you're carrying a lot and I know it gets heavy for you. Sometimes, so I'll give you that strength that you need to resolve.

Lord, this is heavy and I know that I don't handle it right sometimes but with your strength. I might not feel like running right now.

I might not be able to spread like the phrase before but I can will go to love God's word you give us strength around and sometimes we don't feel like running for some time, were carried so much that we can. But God says you can still just gave no stoma. The Sunday school classes morning I did our growing connections class. We have some folks recently join think about joining Stefan go to our church history and I said, I've had little time in some people been my history how I came here.

I'll make this short, but I came to this church, one time, just a weekend and a vest on Burchett here at church or not been friends from college. We recruited at the college together and and as she down there at school had gotten assurance for salvation. She came home one to get baptized. One brother Joe to baptize her and us so we came home that weekend I drove up with her and I spoke to the young people that weekend and different things just here for that Sunday well as we left to go back down the college. We went through Charlotte North Carolina on that route and it will 85 and if you ever go 85 through there. You will need see this big dome church which is Northside Baptist Church.

We were a kid. We were members of Northside Baptist Church in which to park our trailer. There are different things. Dr. Jack Hudson who are middle son Hudson is named after he pastored that church and I had a good friend of mine's name was Dale and a real good friend Mondavi, grown up just as boys together. I had seen for years and I knew where they live. They live the little neighborhood right behind that church and I just decided I wanted to drive in Northside.

I had been up your course living up your now you go by the lot, but I was just coming up college had been there in years and and so I told thoughts I wanted to strive for the trip. I saw to cut my first fish in that little lake right out in front of that church there. Northside and I was driving around there and I drove up to the bus garage there.

We had our trailer park lesson.

You know what I think the Bronx still lived with my mom and dad kept in contact with Dale's parents is that I think they still live there only to stop by there to see if anybody's home. So we drove in a little neighborhood and I remembered how to get to his house and Austin. I could rumor now how member them but got to his house and pulled up in, and we are out there and I went in and knocked on the door and nobody was home there what any cars there and I was just, you know way there knocked and knocked and I thought maybe so on his own. So I went to the car, got my briefcase Atul might like my textbooks all at stuff in it and I got a piece of paper out with up with the pin and I wrote some wrote a note to say just trying to find Dale. Whatever the case might be this day no one saw and put it on the door. We got the car and we started driving back to college and thought of as well just tell my story to tell this to my wife of the day because this young man.

Dale has just moved to Greensboro working a job on weekends any looser during the week. Some trying to catch up with him and I must tell my wife the story and I said so we got back to the college and I will wear a low know we would get in her classes. The next day and I couldn't find everything at all my papers. My term papers I was working on had my Bible had all my textbooks and it had money in it that I had put in travel in different things. So where is my briefcase.

Also, in both just thought did you take it off the roof of the car at his house when I wrote in that note I came right back got the car took off. Who knows where that briefcase came off the car. I thought oh my goodness never see that again. I had all my term papers, and it had my Bible that I had everything in it now just discouraged about a week later got a note my box college that had a package. Okay, maybe mom sent me some food. You know, don't act surprised me about over Smitty's as a Bible verse is excited about and got a package I went to the male things are open as I got a package and she brings out this big old box and hands it to me and I thought you got kidding so I took it and opened up the paper it was, in a box and there was my briefcase and opened up that briefcase and everything was in it, just like it was. There was a note a letter like an envelope in their had my name on the front of sobered up that note, here's my briefcase on my my Bible almost stuff. Check the zipper pocket. There was my money was in their had a note in this man said my name is so-and-so and he said I live here in Charlotte and he said I was driving on the road and set us on open briefcase. He said you'll excuse me, that I office.

He looked into the books to see the name find an address and I found your name Saul that you go to Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. He said God called me to preach. When I was a young man and I wouldn't do it is that I made some different decisions that I regret he said I found this briefcase and saw those textbooks and saw your Bible it says I'm just encouraging you from somebody on this in you finish college you find what God wants you to do and you give it everything you have. There was two $100 bills that envelope sometimes you just need remind God has not forgotten you, I thought about a lot of other demos tell my wife and his tears fell, said these years later, I'm so glad that I just did what God wanted me to do. Lord I love you today. Lord, I want to make sure everybody here has heard who you are what you do you tell what it is that you give.

Lord, you give strength to renew you give strength to rise.

If that's what's necessary you give strength to running.

We were tired and Lord, you give strength to resolve even when were carrying a lot. Lord, you don't send this somewhere or through anything that you don't make some promises. God, I pray that you would help us today to know the God we serve the God who never gets worn out never gets way down. Never gets worried is here to help those of us feel like we can't continue and we can't carry anything else you are an ever present help in time.

Thank you for listening to me whom you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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