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The Purpose of New Testament Prophecy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 10, 2022 6:10 pm

The Purpose of New Testament Prophecy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 10, 2022 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/10/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

What is the purpose of prophecy in the New Testament has been applied to us today for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown and Tuesday with faith and truth and courage you dig into the word together and to equip you to take your stand for the Lord welcome again to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Here's the phone number call if you agree with me or disagree.

If you have a question if you have a comment 866-34-TRUTH if it's on topic will get your calls earlier if it's off topic will try to get to them later in the show, 866-348-7884. I have taught on the subject of prophecy and prophets in the Bible for many years.

Going back to the early 1980s, and I have written a commentary on Jeremiah.

I'm writing a commentary it's on the back burner now because some of the projects were ready a commentary on Isaiah had a great interest in prophetic literature over the decades and have often carried a burden of burning heart to see repentance a burden to see America revived Leslie Parrish a bird that many of you also carry that is a prophetic kind of bird literature read the words of the prophets, and you feel that same pain and you praying you grown and you want to raise your voice and shout to the world. Many of you feel that same way so that the subject of prophecy in the Bible has been of interest to me for many years and is something that I carry in my heart terms of how I relate to this world. Not only so, personal prophecy, one of the aspects of New Testament prophecy has been of interest to me coming to faith in a Pentecostal church and for some years rejecting those things for today. The becoming convinced Scripture. They were for today than seeing some beautiful wonderful manifestations of prophecy over the decades and then seeing some abuses over the decades, these things remain a perennial interest to me so because a question has been raised to me recently amended to address it on yesterday's broadcast that I never got back to it because the question of prophecy is really swirling today.

Every specific question is been addressed to me. I thought let's take some time and not just talk about specifics of profits today or so-called prophets today were true prophecy or false prophecy today. What about the trunk prophets and what if what if it's proven, the Trump won the election. There was fraud been with the prophets be proven true. When I have to apologize for calling them to repent for getting it wrong in such a public way so will tackle those issues, but I want to look at a larger issue first and say okay according to the New Testament. What was the purpose of New Testament prophecy. So as I've taught on it from years past is taken from an outline that I used all go back like I said to the early to mid 80s. Here, the purposes of New Testament prophetic ministry.

So one is what you call prophetic preaching prophetic preaching. That's the first by that I mean when someone is anointed by God to bring a very specific targeted word from God the cuts to the heart and brings about transformation. You might call it apostolic preaching.

If you like, but it is not just another sermon or another message is like asked to where Peter preaches under the ocean and empowerment of the Spirit and when he does boom the arrows pierced the hearts there's massive repentance and 3000 were added to the body that day. Or here's a message just in the midst of you know Stephen, speaking in acts seven right.

Empowered by the Spirit filled with the spirit bring your rebuke to the nation as the prophets did evolve and then stoned to death in a moment for his preaching that to me is prophetic preaching in the same spirit that the same spiritual genre as the prophets of the Old Testament.

A second second aspect of New Testament prophetic ministry and these are not all in an order for their Kerr priority just as listed.

The second is revelation some miraculous words of knowledge were information is given where someone sees something that that was not available to the naked eye. You know, Paul talks about when he's writing to the Colossians and seeing the order in which they are conducting themselves, seeing that it in the spirit or in first Corinthians 5. He says that he will be present with them in spirit. There that's that's not prophecy. There is much is just the. The reality of the spiritual realm.

So when Jesus tells Nathaniel and John when I saw you under the fig tree he saw him in the spirit he saw him prophetically so this is part of prophetic ministry in the New Testament, revealing information that wasn't there or known to others in their countless examples of the things of witness with finalize things.

At times I been used in a but other voice stories I've heard firsthand from people where there is this supernatural revelation information.

1/3 is prediction prediction.

So, for example, in acts 11 chapter agonist predicts a famine that's coming in acts 21.

He predicts Paul being arrested in Jerusalem. So, prediction, so some of it was so mere prophecy, and the only thing prediction will prediction as part but is not all all right and then out warnings, stop signs, rebuke us, so the prophetic word comes to state you had in the wrong direction.

Turn back turn back.

That's often just done with the word of God making application from the word of God to a situation, but there times when there's a special function in it, you know, for example, Peter's warning to Simon the sorcerer and ask the Capulet as a prophetic warning is a prophetic one is a prophetic rebuke. There another based on first Corinthians 14 three that prophecy is for etiquette edification and exhortation and consolation.

I can think of examples where you have a word for someone you don't even know the significance of it. Next thing the person is weeping and weeping and weeping because that that word touch something very deep in them or or they were in such pain over loss and that words spoke directly to it or just a truthful word of God being with his people, the word of encouragement so that's another function direction as in acts 13 went through. Three.

With the spirit speaks separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work of call them to. So here's the Holy Spirit speaking.

That's a prophetic word prophetic direction. Speaking that and then link foundations with apostles, according to first Corinthians 1228 and following.

In Ephesians 219 and following that the prophets can be used by God with apostles to lay church foundations, though limited be as explicit as I can. I do not believe that every church needs to be under code and apostle. I do not believe every church needs to be under an apostle or profit. I do not believe every church needs to be able to identify. That's my apostle. That's my profit if if that is an alleged characteristic of nor new apostolic Reformation that is yet another aspect of so-called nor that I differ with at the same time, I do believe that there are people with apostolic and prophetic calling they can work together to help a strong foundations for local church, then personal prophecy.

Jesus has personal prophecies over Simon right prophesies over him and in his. His name is now going to be Peter right so Shimon K fa K for an aromatic Petros Greek then he prophesies to him that he's going to be sifted by Satan since you try to destroy him and then is this right before is his crucifixion that after his resurrection, he prophesies about Peter's death so personal prophecy frequently use their and you have again examples like I was prophesying person over Paul prophetic Presbytery, Paul writes about in first Timothy 414 first Timothy 414, Paul talks about Timothy receiving a gift through the laying on of hands and and and talks about the prophecies that were spoken over loss of first Timothy 118, so installing someone to ministry installing them for office laying hands on them together and speaking a prophetic word or prophetic words that now become very valuable for Timothy's life where he contends for the faith, he contends for the gospel, God called him to do this God spoke this over him, Lord, bring that the past. Bring your words to pass. So that's another confirmation that your called to to make a surprising move your call to quit your job and move to another state and server missions organization. There you believe it's the Lord you shared it with your family. They trust you, but there little uneasy then you get three texts in the next two hours for people know anything about this essay have I just see you been called by God to work with missions in someone else's eyes to see the Lord call you leave your job soon and then someone else's. I see you called to go to a particular state.

You these things happen, ever present on that happen, different levels about life worth your laughing with joy and praise God would glorious confirmation of discerning times and seasons discerning times.

This is in the same spirit of first Chronicles 1232 that the sons of Issachar understood the times and new with Israel should do look a bit like Francis Schaeffer and Charles Colson were not doing this Charismatics understood the times and was speaking to them with prophetic accuracy lease. We seek to understand the times on this broadcast to be your voice for both Saturday and spiritual clarity and reason. One way by understanding where the world is going to sound the alarm and helping us navigate our way again. The prophetic spirit is given broadly to God's people to be used in many many different ways of pronouncing judgments that your for example, acts 13 Paul speaks to elements the sorcerer and and speaks of of of judgment on him for his resisting of the gospel conviction of sin prescriptions 1424 that very of 20.25 if everyone brings a prophetic word sums comes into the meeting, the secrets of the heartily bear their sins revealed a fall on their face and worship God. And lastly, rocking the boat stirring things up. Not not to stir them up, but as a result of obedience to God rear words that shakes things. All of these are aspects prophetic is been tested and I believe every one of them applies some level to this day the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friend Michael Brown here. You know it's a great joy when I go and speak in the congregation and I'm able to meet some folks afterward. Sometimes at the book table and they'll come up to me in the CID. I drove four hours wiper. I drove four hours to be here with you this weekend or all we heard you were coming so we we came over we live 1/2 hour wait a week to go somewhere else. We just came for this day analytical hug hug. You know, so we got your email so I love that we were able to notify you when I'm coming into an area and in this we get you get an email and it just just goes to the people in that general area that are following us and sometimes you know from distant areas.

The come anyways this is an opportunity see each other, but we shall miss that their emails asked her to brother Lord SK dear Brown dog board. Just sign up for that and we got a neat mini book an e-book and how to pray for America one send you as well so that those emails are 866-348-7884 if you have a question for me or comment something when it asked me about talk about but you went on a Friday is completely off the topic of New Testament prophecy. That's great, that's fine because I will take some calls later but now's the time to call and then we get your calls in a bit so why do I say the prophecy is still for today because the New Testament tells me it is that's that's my primary reason my secondary reason is that I've seen it with my own eyes and undeniable ways, but my primary reason than the, the vast bulk of weight I put on the Scripture says, in effect, it is confirmed by experience is beautiful, but that secondary to what the witness of Scripture says right so and asked to with the Holy Spirit is poured out, and hundred 20 are now speaking new languages in the crowded hearing something in the trunk of discerning the praises of God in their own their own language so.

It's up any say these men are not drunk, as as some of you think this is the third hour, and this is not in the morning, but this is what Joel spoke three cellular quote from Joel 228 following through reading and he restarts in the third chapter but same versus right Peter adds in the words not found in in the Hebrew not a fan of the Greek Septuagint in the last days he has those words it to say these last days in which we live these last days from now until the return of the Messiah in the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh in your sons and daughters will prophesy in your young men will dream dreams. Excuse me your your old men will dream dreams young them will see visions, and, upon all flesh right servant's handmaidens. I brought my spirit in the prophesy. So one is that for that's for the last days on whom on everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. And then Peter preaches his whole sermon and then calls repentance when the people said when we do repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus every one of you for the forgiveness of sins and asked you the right you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for the promise is to ensure children and all that are far off Lisbon is Laura double call.

So here we have the outpouring of the Spirit with the spirit called the last days from the death and resurrection of Jesus until his return and it's reaffirmed numerous times in the New Testament the Holy Spirit will be put on all flesh. Those repent, believe will receive the spirit and sons and daughters male servants female servants, not just an elite few. They will prophesy. That's the sprinkler now you get to Paul's explicit teaching on the first Corinthian's 12 and 14 with the the love chapter in the middle of it and everything operates through love the gifts etc. operate through love. So we get there and him and he lays out the gifts for the nieces earnestly desire the gifts, especially prophecy, especially prophecy. Now all of your word word loving people were based people please show me where he ever says until a certain time then stop over Smith is 13 he does. When Jesus returns right we know in part, we prophesy in part, right so so we we have these things in part when when Jesus returns them will see them face-to-face them will know God even as we are known until then mental complete of the can the canonization of Scripture the thoughts knowing Paul's month first 2013 is his writing. Absolutely not. And it was was a concept he was thinking of. At that point but but not mentally so. The fact is we still have disagreements were still debating these things. Obviously we don't know, as we are no known see face-to-face. Obviously so there's faith, love, knowledge, right and and we know in part, we prophesy in part. But when he returns.

When the perfect comes, then it will be important anymore then you will need prophecy and the world to come. We will need faith in our knowledge will be complete until then were to pursue the gifts. Show me in the Bible. Here, I'll show you in the Bob which is pursue the gifts, especially prophecy. Please show me which is dull. Pursue the then offered today is not there. If the word is your God. If the word is the final authority, then we should be pursuing earnestly the gift of prophecy.

To this day. To this day to this moment is that's adding to the bottle I was adding to the Bible when they prophesy the New Testament how many prophetic words were delivered in car than elsewhere the carbon thousands, hundreds of thousands of prophetic words delivered in the early church.

I mean, we read about the gifts of the spirit these things for centuries after and exorcisms and prophecies and things like that. Healings so those were about being added to the public is not adding to the Bible if if I come up to you and say the Lord spoke to me to tell you that that terrible injury that you got in a car wreck tenure through toast regularly, but, and I feel depressed below. To do this the terrible injury you got the Carrick 10 years ago. God is about to heal you look to him. Put your trust in him you like. Who are you, it's okay. I don't know you but the lordly that our heart to tell you that I had to the Bible. No ethical ideas about adding to the Bible all and now, in addition to that everyone must believe that no adding to the Bible.

It's a word because the exam is on the word of God is not the Bible but that's understood in the early church. Consider all these prophecies and they were not being added to the Bible or becoming part of the Bible part of the New Testament course not.

The word binding on all people. They were a word to be tested and in first Thessalonians 5 pulse is not drunk once the spiritual path screws far don't despise prophecies. Test everything. Hold to the good he has a note while you have these things temporarily know this is a guideline. This is a guideline. So the New Testament tells me explicitly that these things are for today until the end of the age right to Jesus returns explicitly lays it out exclusively tells me to earnestly pursue the gifts, especially prophecy. So who am I to listen to church tradition were some of the teacher who contradicts the Bible with all respect, I was there with the word. So even if I never saw this in operation.

I would believe it's for today and I would question where is it because race have seen in operation.

Many, many beautiful and wonderful times and and Wells writing the book, playing with holy fire came out a few years ago dealing with a lot of the serious abuses in the charismatic Pentecostal movement of which I am a part in calling these abuses out with a chapter on unaccountable prophecy in the chapter on mercenary profits is always calling these things out was also given examples of the true and the more examples that I was reminded of many of them I was an eyewitness to renew the accounts of first or second hand in a reliable witnesses. I was edified by wobblies amazing beautiful things are happening okay question I was asked what is somehow it's demonstrated at this late date that there was actually election fraud exactly demonstrated the Trump one what I now apologize for calling out those who prophesy drums victory when it didn't happen saying you need to apologize. You can understand how you got wrong and do some serious soul-searching when I have no no course on because the prophecies were the Trump would be in office that the prophecies were not the Trump would theoretically win an election. It would be so why didn't the prophets get the information. Why did God tell them yet.

He's gonna win numerically, but it's can be stolen and and Joe Biden will be inaugurated and will be the sitting president. We don't care who theoretically was going to win.

If this is gonna be stolen right it Lord, are you really sending me that car. I believe you promised me a car so I could get to work you send me the car. Yes, I am sending you the car by the way, was a block away from some of hijacked it and drove off with, but I can tell you that part and you'll never get it, no course and there were prophets explicitly saying explicitly saying Donald Trump will serve a consecutive years. Donald Trump will be inaugurated January AA and telling as you watch the states can return the states concern that states contract and none of it happened. None of those specific words came to pass, so nothing change I covered that months and months ago where there is fraud with elections were stolen with that's what really happened and and therefore Trump did within the province right thing to save win the city be in office visit.

Biden would never sit the guy I I watched clips that were sent to me in context with people guaranteeing Joe Biden will never serve a day in the White House. Donald Trump anointed Neville Donald Trump is the real president heaven is come on friends. The other approach that that is brought to the name of Jesus. Drill is the amount of ridicule that that brought to the things of the spirit. Germany people's faith with shaken over that. So let us not look for another compound. Let's be responsible for the claim to speak on behalf of the Lord, with roots teaching the Bible or delivery prophecy. Let's be responsible people.

These are serious matters. We will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the 1518 go to some calls shortly, 866-348-7884. So what we do on Fridays, any question of any kind that you want to talk to me about if you want to weigh in on something I've said, agree or differ all means give us a call. Phone lines are open now, 86634 before we do that one focus on something very important. I have been reading and hearing more and more about the play offense and no related deaths in America and it was growing anew is becoming epidemic. I knew that people were accidentally overdosing on fentanyl hearing some personal anecdotes that would just got wrenching and and I've I've leaned into it times by lean into it.

I mean all study it more about it. I'll get more data on it and of my heart Lord drove to say something about a jewel woman to add my voice from to write something about it and it was his last night that I got an email from a colleague who lost his grandson to an accidental fentanyl overdose. He thought he was taking a prescription pill for pain and ended up dated his parents finding him.

I mean who can imagine the pain of it is just a teenager and when I was not aware of was that made 10th is national fentanyl awareness day so I want to play this clip for you.

It's from a dad who lost his son he's telling his story, which usually had to say and then I wanted to share a little bit with you about this and point you to some sites where you can get involved to make a difference. Let's listen. They say there is no greater pain than a parent losing a child. I can verify that as I lost my 18-year-old son to a counterfeit prescription pill laced with fatal amount often.

If you're not aware of the fentanyl epidemic. It's taken over 70,000 lives in 2021 and is projected to possibly double in 2022.

Watching this video the right place at the right time for not is now the number one killer of people ages 18 to 45 years old. What's worse is the drug cartels are disguising it in what appears to be legitimate prescription drugs such as Xanax Percocet, Adderall and oxycodone in this emerging crisis is only getting worse as drug dealers are using cryptic messages on social networks like snapshot to talk and Instagram to push these counterfeit bills. It's exactly how my son obtained what he thought was a painkiller that is going to help his injured shoulder but sadly it was laced with enough it no to take his life. My family experienced the most tragic nightmare to find him in his room, deceased, 3 o'clock on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'm sharing the story because I don't want you to experience such a tragic nightmare like my family did. So here's the bottom line, 45% of kids will experiment with the drug. By the time they reached 12th grade. The drug enforcement agency is confirmed that 4/10 seized pills in 2021 contained enough it now to kill if they don't dive the poison in these pills believe them brain-damaged on life support experimentation with counterfeit prescription pills is like playing Russian roulette with five bullets in a six shot revolver. I did know anything about counterfeit pills laced with fennel and how easy they were to get what a national crisis. It is not. I know I would have those talks to save my son Chase and his beautiful life, but I never got the chance today is national fentanyl awareness day.

Please urge new talk to your kids about the dangers of fake prescription pills laced with employees making every day to be an awareness day. Write one pill one pill stop there today. Get information, see what you can do to make a difference.

Just being aware being aware and alert. Look, you may be really strong out thinking what I need.

Pain pills I can't get them from a doctor I can get them in black market. It's a bad move to make. Number one, but it could be a deadly move to make today so that with this is not you. You go to your pharmacy and you get a drug from the pharmacy that some Alisa fentanyl is it's drugs that you and I can get at the pharmacy or friends LII got some extra painkillers like I got yet into regatta but the take one the maybe the last thing that they do so one pill just a few stats just a few stats so people dying of automobile accidents between 1845 people dying of suicide people.

I have covert note by far, by far, deaths by fentanyl overdose apace than anyone of those by four years of. Here's a note in 2019 polluter fact. West Virginia gave a mostly true rating to the state of the quote just two weeks ago customs and border protection seized and a fentanyl to kill every person in West Virginia 33 times over.

There was behind this is greed greed greed greed literally killing people. Also, as I was reading up about this is a form introduce myself.

You might my story I was shooting her at the age of 15, getting height 14 I was steered 14 shooting speed heroin 15 cocaine 16 getting radically dramatically wonderfully saved and I experimented I was crazy is having fun as a kid CL it's drugs I could do. I would literally do as much as I could of hallucinogenic drug to see how far I can go without, like flipping out losing my mind is having fun, challenging, pushing to the edge is of a supposed teenager if I played around with one of these drugs are be dead in the spot. Why listen to this. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 or hundred times more potent 5200 times more potent than morphine.

So go to one pill and find out what you can do these are not statistics. These are people were talking about when I heard from a grandfather last night seeing Dr. Brown. You have allowed clear voice on cultural social issues which you speak to this. I suggest Stephanie time I'll do it. Just read an article about this with links links to the video that we displayed and asked her to the idle, the article is entitled fentanyl is killing our young people. If you have a fentanyl related story of tragedy, and you will want us to sound the alarm by all means give us a call 86 634-8784 all right switch gears now, but please take these things to heart. Please take this thing start with a switch gears and go to the phones on a whole assortment of different topics start with a Trevor in Corona, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown so I question about linguistic president coming our counterexample to linguistic that you need overturned that we would like.

I exampled a great example of a legal department in Hebrew, but then you have to counterexample is that enough to say is not really any linguistic record here all or can you still spend on the 58 example. It's good to be like anything else, is Hebrew. Forget linguistic president. The principle is what establishes rule and at what point is something an exception to the rule and it would point to something challenge the rule right you look at at what point is it okay this is that this is a rule and when something comes outside of that rule, then it is clearly an analyst it's it's an exception that proves the rule as opposed to saying this questions with is really a rule or not. So for example when I was studying through the rough in the in in the Hebrew language and then did it occur in other Semitic languages. I found that in Syriac, there is one attestation of it in one of the writings of the church fathers. So in the lexicons it was listed as in Syriac it means he'll there's only one reference self. We know that in Aramaic a different word became the primary route for it for healing a saw in Austria would be a physician so we know that in the networks its way through various forms of Aramaic, Syriac, etc. so when I looked at this and I found that in all of the vast amount of ancient Syriac literature which was known and documented.

This only occurs once. Then you call the nonce word. In other words it's it's it's like a highly educated play on words that someone would get with linguistic knowledge but not evidence of what actually went on in that language because you got a mountain over here saying it didn't exist and only one example right now with ancient Hebrew so different because the corpus is not as big right we don't have as many words that are used. We don't have as much documentation so it's a little harder to say so if I've got five or six examples where this seems to be president in two or three questioning it normal and I have a president yet in my mind, and unless we have outside confirmation that it seems to be more like this, but it could also be like this. If I have 50 or 60 examples of of something consist there were 20 or 30 just one that's different. I would say is that that one is anomalous that one is just exception to the rule and it's it's it's a matter of seeing how fix the thing comes as no thing this to become more fixed after the Hebrew of the Bible.

Can we see that it does become a president. While in this case, we saw how it was developing.

When it became the norm and then got fixed so those are the ways that you evaluated. If, if that makes sense to you after the Bible clearly. I'm talking about where that how strong you waited to what the Bible might've been right. So what we have to do is look at it by chronically we have to look back at it.

Historically, we have to see. Okay, to the best run knowledge. How did this develop and and then we can say so if we seem to have more exceptions when you go back further. That means it was probably developing at that time and becoming more and more fixed and then later became absolute like spelling changes the happenings gradually become fixed they stay there.

I got a quick question.

His other great got some prophecy questions become facility to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH. But before I go to the other calls Trevor if you can concisely explain what was the president that you were looking at the word of Gordon vera and Janet 33. Payne subject: the rhetoric of the word vera used with a poor pronoun it refers to prosperity vetted multiple defendant referred to in your program. One defendant, 315, referring to a bigger program for people if they are chronic indicators for BRCA1 future defendant that in the college as predicted by Reed and Joanne John Walton, our counterexample. Namely .2250 where vera is clearly referring to multiple defendant used alongside a regular account that make the yet so I agree with somewhat on on that because Sarah itself is this company uses a collective noun, so to say a single offspring could be meant by that, but Sarah itself. So if uses are oh is seen as you receive.

If it's referring to posterity normally taken as plural.

Just that the word itself is a collective that it could be used in the singular way but in less that what you didn't really have to hyper specify that so II agree with John Walton on that and I have studied that in-depth might myself does the larger question of the usage of of Sarah, but thank you, thank you for that. I appreciated some almost John Walton on that one. All right, let's go to Jocelyn, St. Cloud, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire.

I thank you, for taking my call. Sure thing. I I like you translated my name, that the good thing no Hebrew allows us it's on the screen is is jail SUV if it was a QA. I was a Joshua but I did know anyway. Either way, welcome Ari anyway. Nevermind that I have a question I cannot and there, connected to one another and I just want you to know that I was raised in the Pentecostal churches collected in a couple race for 27 years and you now Lutheran. How I know that you not by revelation but the fact that I'm to answer your questions on Friday your twitter question so III. We just recorded that right before the broadcast and the spelling of name yet so II have been remembered, but I actually answer your question in terms of this saying these should be normative today is that an undue burden. So how how about that you just remain on Friday because I know that the lines requested if if you have a follow-up question. Feel free to follow we will count that you called today against you. You can call right in and over the five questions affair. Yeah, certainly all right, let's let's do that than only only because I answered them and tried to get into some depth when answer so if if there's a follow-up question if my answer leads to another one, then only will that we don't let folks call within a few weeks of will will will put you to the front of the line. All right hey thanks man.

I look forward to talking but I do like I just recorded this right before right before the broadcast. So the moment I saw the name and heard requested. Yeah, I thank you sir. We will interact.

Further, God bless you might let us go to grade in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire out properly. Check prophecy without having to wait to. It actually is not yet, so let's say someone has a word for you that the XYZ is going to happen in your future how you test it will one thing is, was there anything about it.

That itself was unscriptural. Was there anything in the prophecy that was contrary to the Bible or spoke about God in false ways. If that's the case you throw it out. Another question would be, did he give you inaccurate information about the present did did the prophecy say you know what I the Lord says I saw you Tuesday morning weeping in your cars you are praying is like. Actually I was in my car Tuesday.

I wasn't weeping and sore.

There factual inaccuracies. If so then things be rejected as false. Another B does this person have a bad track record or they known to be unsound, spiritually or they known to be an doctrinal error or him or morally and reliably have a history of false prophecy. Those would be a giant red flags that would make me question things of the other would be if you are solid and mature in the Lord you you got a good a good walk with the Lord any good history of discernment if something spoken and it bears witness with your spirit that the Holy Spirit comes on use that word spoken. We have a deep affirmation witness in your spirit that would that would be of interest or if it confirms something that the Lord is previously spoken to you, then that would get my attention as well. That being said I would never ever make a decision for my future based on a prophetic word that God did not make real to my own heart. In other words, if someone says the Lord showed me that you can be a moving to the West Coast and I see you in California in the days ahead, and then three months later, out of the blue.

I get an invitation to join a ministry team in California that prophetic word will will be in my mind, but unless I know in my heart that the Holy Spirit is calling me to move to California nothing to do it based on that prophetic word. So in that case, there are words that you put on the shelf because you don't know either way there is accuracy to it. The things about the future that are not clear. You put on the shelf and if it's really the Lord will come back. The Lord will bear witness with their own heart or multiple people will speak those same words and that will bring further confirmation. So again, there are ways to immediately eliminate another thing is if there other prophetic people and they say we all hear the Lord saying the same thing. Then they carries more weight but still if you know in your own heart. That's right and true and accurate because we each have a relationship with God by his spirit today.

He thank you for the question is certainly important for those of us who believe in these things for today. He said again, never make a decision based simply on prophetic word. Someone spoke in less you know in your own heart that is true and right that so you make your decisions before God. The wisdom of the word, the wisdom of counsel and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Yet we've we've been talking about this concept of paying forward paying ahead. I was speaking at a church scheduled to be with them again in Vero Beach find congregation there and they they have a portion of the mall that they use for their meetings and they get a fitness center next to the caf it to be going there. There's a menu within the prices on the menu. The prices on the menu's you go in there and how much is this will the last people they paid forward for you so order whatever you want to order. Go ahead, dissuade people don't have much money they can be blessed. But you now are given the option to pay forward Celexa. Whatever you want to pay for your meal, you're really paying for the next people I commit and some are able pay for multiple meals and others like bile have anything hey, enjoy some is paid ahead for you so were asking you to do that for the next listeners that really reach on the radio for the next listeners that will reach in and are various ways of getting this message out. If you been blessed in reporting to you. Would you pay forward for the nexus of how I do that join our support team a dollar a day a dollar a day makes a massive difference because we have a growing army of supporters called torchbearers, and together we get this message out.

We don't we will have some rich person underwriting us. We will have some contracts of bring it all because of my weep, pay for the airtime to reach people so you're paying forward to the next generation of listeners.

So to join our support team go to ask Dr. SK DR Click on support and then monthly.

But before you do it. Once you see all the ways that we pour back into you because that remains our goal, we want to bless you. Pour into edify you, strengthen you so look at all the things they get poured back into you as you join our support team S Dr. Click on donate. Thank you for becoming a torchbearer and I love love love but I'm on the road and I run into similar even at the airport's analysis on a torchbearer it just it. It brightens my day because they got a big smile and I'm thinking all their amazing things that are happening. We just got some incredible test was and if you help make that happen. You're part of it. Thanks for joining our team and Samuel in Atlanta. I can't bring you on the air for shortness of time. But when does life actually begin. I believe the case that says life begins at conception is the right case that we can make a biblical argument for the Bible certainly speaks of the humanity of the people within the womb.

They look at is if they are individuals as if they are people and not just a clump of cells, but having said that, I do believe scientifically, we can argue that life begins at conception and right from the start. Something happens when when when you bring together the, the union of the sperm and the egg something unique. This form right at that moment, by God, and that's why say like a sacred beginning with conception, we get some really interesting and controversial topics with tackle tomorrow doubling click here on the line of fire. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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