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Hi Neini... Here Am I-Here I Am, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 10, 2022 8:00 am

Hi Neini... Here Am I-Here I Am, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 10, 2022 8:00 am

Are You Ready to Give God Your All?And... Are You Ready to Receive His?When You Say, Here Am I, He’ll Say, Here I AM!

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Greetings mentor new listeners and welcome to this program in the Archie Heidi ministries and share not unhappy with doing this today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I think you really could enjoy today's message which the Lord first gave to me in my own personal times of devotion.

It's entitled, he may which is from Hebrew.

The English translation is simply here at Mayor here IN, but its implications are profoundly transforming and rewarding. He may need back like Shirley look back and wonder why sometimes There been some very low ballets and various mountains but no everything to God in prayer nothing to do trivial and for God, and neither is it too greater and possible my God is the God who loves his people he cares about our parent desires about heart and he's there for us and you know what to give God all that is all I know is right by God's grace. Somebody said I'm not studying about looking back because my eyes have seen the King, like John said in the book of Hebrews talks about John was out there will not miss.

This is the way I see it, Moses said it, but I bring it up to date.

In the New Testament to John but the Bible says that Moses was able to endure the sufferings that he adored.

He was able to endure the reproach that he suffered the reproach of Christ, joyful for season and all he was able to do because he had seen him who is visible. He saw invisible God spoke to God face-to-face Moses had seen the Almighty God. And so it didn't matter what the rolling test was and believe me, if you were the pastor of the first Church of the wilderness, you would need a lot of grace. Amen. You likely know, a lot of times when time Like one time that I quit.

I'm done with all of these your people. I'm going to start all over with to start from scratch and raise up a new and that time God needed Moses to know you don't mean that you know you're not going to do because God can't lie because you swore to Abraham and you swore and you swore to Jacob, and two or three witnesses every word shall be established and you're not good to go back on your because the Bible says his cup and he will not break, neither will the work that's going out of this map does not work to do that your rise up and say.that because he didn't have the power to keep them deeply embarrassed when he couldn't feel shame when he couldn't get the water to drink varies will rise up and say Jehovah is no better than our box and that's what God wanted to hear. That's exactly what God wanted to hear.


That's why he chose Moses because he knew that Moses intercede for the people on God's behalf. Amen.

Intercede for God sake not know you didn't mean that you know what you said amen you said 400 years ago Abraham, your people will be in bondage that will be under affliction for 400 years that they will suffer greatly, but after that I'll bring them out and bring them into a land that I have promised for that God didn't bring will now not to commit. He didn't bring about not going to the promised land. Although there were millions of them that God's, God raised up there.

See, God set out to everyone that's 20 years and younger into the promised land because God is not a man that he should lie, and he's not the son of man that he should. God said that you can count on it. Amen Jehovah Jara and he said I am your provider. You don't have to look any look to anyone else.

I'm Just look to be just look to be. I will supply from the foundation of the world and everything that you will ever need to pertains to your liking your godliness is already given it to you in Christ Jesus. Do you think you now that he spared not his own son, but when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us that God raised him over, raised more naturally, how shall he not also now freely give us all things. When he spared not his own son. The devil is a liar.

Amen. The devil is a liar and let God's work be true to trust in him tonight. Amen. And I want the Lord to know that I'm 100% is no going all the way. This is not a part-time thing with you know it's not a part-time thing. I go to church because that's part of my culture know I'm I'm 100% for the Lord in my mind is stayed on Jesus even when were doing other things we have to do and nowhere in this world you know we have to protect the world because were three-part being and God made us that way.

And so you know we have world consciousness with our body and we have to interact with people we have self-consciousness with our soul and we interact with ourselves and with other people, but that part that was dead. That part of me that was dead when I was born November 27, 1951 there was a part of me that was dead. I was born in sin in trespasses and sin and death. But one day Jesus quickened me and made me along with God Almighty with my father.

Amen. In my spirit is in love with God and I want to say Lord all that I have know that I it's yours. You know there's a phrase in the Bible in the Old Testament in the Hebrew it's a phrase it's very common in the Hebrew people and even put into songs and such. He may need.

It's very easy to say three syllables.

He mainly trying and what it simply means is here. I am or I am here, but don't think that it just means like something so casual as when you were in school when they took roll call, and they began to call out the names and you take precedent. You know the Calder name Sharon Harding precedent means I'm here accounted for.

That's not what it means. It's not that superficial. It's not that casual. It is so much deeper is so much more profound because what those three little syllables really mean it really means. All that I can and all here IN I give it to you. It means total commitment. It makes one hundred percent anything in all and I give it to you. It's what you should say and mean when you stand up your altar and you get married and you say and they said would you do this and what you do that, would you do this and what you do that and you say I will I do I will I do.

You could say he may need. He named me he naming it would mean the same thing and probably deeper. All I'm holding nothing back.

I'm not going to have some compartments that hold back at all and I 100% and we can see a few examples of it in the word of God. The first one that I'm aware Rob is Abraham and you know that God called Abraham because he knew we could trust him because he knew that Abraham was a man of faith and he knew he said. I chose him because I know he will teach that my ways I can count on Abraham to pass down the legacy so what God called Abraham he called about a ball of Rev. and all of his family getting data traveled 4000 miles away and go to a land of brand-new place so we could get him away from all the influences and all the gods and all the idols from his birthplace. Amen. He began a journey with God and you know God told him I'm going to make the father of a great nation. We all know over 25 years for that miracle to happen.

We know that was a long time of great turmoil, and there was some side turns and there were some things that happened in your you know there was something did they should not garden but nevertheless I'm so glad that when God makes a promise he won't take it back. Amen. When God makes a promise and in this case. This promise was unilateral. That means it was one-sided.I'm going to make you the father of many nations.

Amen. He said in your C and so even though they messed up. You know they try to stuck to his plan. Amen. It does not mean suffer many know we've all done that part of what had Abraham stuck with God and God stuck with Abraham and by-and-by after 25 years. Finally the child the promise, Isaac laughter was born and all you talk about joy you talk about your happy and full of laughter. Amen and and Sarah set caused me to laugh in my old age. You know a lot of people when they get old they get cranky and crabby and mean amen and you're just grouchy all the time and nothing pleases them and they're not happy about anything, but I believe if you're in Jesus, you won't get cranky.

Don't get sweeter and sweeter. And God will make you laugh in your old age.

All good things that make amen and so they were blessed and now after all those years of struggle they had joy unspeakable and full of glory, and time went on I grew and you can just imagine every day life around that little kid.

Their lives revolved around the sun and one day God came and upset the apple cart because the Bible is after these things.

It was a long period of time were not exactly sure how old Isaac was but God came and said to Abraham.

Abraham I want you to take your son, your only son, who now love assist and I want you to take him up to a mountain that I will show you and Mariah and I want to offer him and sacrificed him to me.

Now I'm not going to go into all the ins and outs I preached in the message or the portion why think God does not believe in child sacrifice, and why God would even asking him to sum up want to go there tonight you get that message was in the magazine something case that puts a stumbling block in your mind what why would God ask him to do such a thing. But here's the point we want to look at and that is the fact that Abraham did not argue he didn't dispute God took his son and he took some servings I know we kept it from Sarah. I know for sure he didn't tell her there's no way he would have told her she would hold on to that point she would've had that boy she taken that child and nail them down somewhere. Amen. But Abraham had an appointment with God, and I know we had a heavy heart and it took three days, three days to get to that place. Do you know how long three days can be waiting for some news error report or something and it took three days or a week and it was the longest week of your life. The longest three days of your life waiting to try to get that answer back what weight was it going to go for you or against you. It might help reported by the legal report.

It might've been something in your family seem like three years and I cannot. Abraham made his way with that boy and you know how kids are well. Father this and father that Abraham had like everything was all right like everything was all right went inside the heart was broken and everything was all wrong when you didn't like what you were going through you to stand why and they did seem like everything was all right and do what you have to do because we do it had never stood up their own acquiring saying because you know that was your post, but inside the heart was broken. Amen either been many times I had to preach and there were things in my heart to put that on the side and minister to the people of that. I can imagine that combos how Abraham felt as he was trying to be lighthearted with the sun and as he was trying to hide the true mission that they were all in. And finally they reached the place. And Abraham, but still with all faith in his behind. He turned to the servants, and he said you wait here.

I will go further and we will return unto you, he was speaking words of faith. He didn't know what was going to happen upon that mountain, but he was fully prepared. He was fully committed to do what God said and he said we will return because he knew that God had given him that son out of Sarah's dad will always no longer able to beget children son when she was 89 when he was 99 and he knew that God could bring it back from the dead, and so they went up on that mountain and here's Isaac carrying the wood on his back and they get to the place and Isaac in his innocence, said father we have the wood. Where is the sacrifice and Abraham, and Faith said God will supply himself a lamb. Amen. But he continued on the mission and then you can imagine it. Isaac began to get the picture is Abraham took the wood off and put it up there and then he took his son and bound him and laid him up on that would amen in the Bible doesn't say anything about Isaac protesting. We don't know what anything was said or not. It's not, we can imagine at the very least what was going on in his mind what many times he'd seen his father sacrifice lambs and Rams and the Bible says that Abraham lifted up that dagger so that he could take his son's life before he burned it. Amen. And as he raised his hand. He heard a voice speak out of had Abraham. Abraham was the voice he now called at any time. You know what Abraham said you named me Abraham said he may need. He said here and another work. He said God what ever you want from me whatever you need.

The blessings are coming down on the left and the right your shoes on when you have the son of your love lying in there and you're thinking that God is requiring you to do this again about going to the ins and outs what Abraham would even extinct. I would expect that when you don't understand, but it was well are you willing to say he may need when God what they that's what I want I want this I want you will say he may need I say to you, the chances are God will never take that thing, but he wants to know are you willing what you say he may need. Abraham said he read my everything up. God, it's yours.

God, whatever you want you can have it.

I don't understand what I'm doing up here. I don't understand why my son is lying on this on this journey but the hardest three days of my life. I don't understand it but I want you to know that whatever you ask of me, he may need and then we find it again in the book of Isaiah and Isaiah says in the sixth chapter he said you're the king's iodide I saw the Lord and his train filled the temple. And he tells us what he saw. He saw the seraphim a special kind of angel that has six wing and they stood by the altar and the throne of God and night and day in day and night. They cry holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, and when they cry that the doorpost of the doors move up and down. You talk about power. You talk about glory and Isaiah was seeing all this he saw the glory and not listen and eavesdrop on a conversation between the Godhead and he heard them speaking any day, who shall who will go for us but before this happened. Isaiah said when he stood there in the presence of God. All of a sudden this will happen to everyone of us. That's what happened to everyone of us when you get into the real presence of God, all you become acutely aware of all this you say you are not a syndrome statement to wash the blood of Jesus observing.I know that I'm not talking about coming out of the world, a syndrome I'm talking about standing in the presence of him. He was lifted up in the present perfect holiness and becoming aware of all of your like the sermon I preached one time that God had me. I didn't know what it meant, but I pray I don't think the Holy Ghost not even know what this word means not like a jerk and Northlands may promote pillows below what is that I think it means little things about a person idiosyncrasies works or something.

I wasn't sure, but as I was walking in prayer the Holy Ghost Said and pray that I would listen, but that's all it is my own head. But then I realized I would tell myself to pray that I don't really know that worry is that I would share what say it as soon as I prayed and love. I felt this overwhelming sense of approval. I felt such a love of God, but where else you want me to say.

Now Randy got the dictionary. I wonder what this word means that felt pretty good and I went and read it, it means a character flaw. A trifling character flaw were not talk about someone who was habitual liar something earthy, but a trifling character flaw.

We all got there we figure we just got a put up with that you know this is the way God made me don't blame God. Amen, amen. Your born-again your new creation as well get that our spirit renew slightly trifling fault, a character flaw.

You know, affordable or evil with real apps and find out what will it is those little kids you know those little box that spoil the fun little indiscretions of we just smoothed over. Don't think so much. Amen. What a revelatory and impactful message. He may need. This is a very common Hebrew phrase in the Old Testament, which translated into English simply means here at Mayor here IM but it's not at all casual like when we were in school and the teacher took roll call and we would say present, which means I'm here when our names were called the profound indication is all that I am in all that I have here in my I give it to you. It signifies total commitment without reservation or qualification. It's like when two people stand at the altar to exchange wedding vows and they say I do. They could say he may need all that I am in all that I had is yours the greatest Old Testament example of someone who made such a vow to God was Abraham the father of the faith. After 25 long tumultuous years. He and Sarah received their son of promise, Isaac and life was perfect until the day God asked Abraham to get them back, and a sacrifice upon the altar.

Abraham could not know God would never condone human sacrifice that it was a test of his love with a broken heart. He laid Isaac upon the altar and raised his knife to slay him when he heard a voice speak out of heaven, Abraham, Abraham, and he knew it was God's voice he heard it many times before. What did Abraham answer he may need. He said here at my it's easy to say he may need when blessing surround you, but when the son of your love is lying on the altar and you don't understand why God requires such a hard thing of you, can you say he may need all that I am in all that I have is yours. God did not one Abraham's son. He wanted to know if he was willing. Are you willing to say he and Amy when you face your times of severe testing. If you can say he may need here in my God that he will say he may need here IM to you. And when God says here I am, he means I am Jehovah.

The covenant God, who will be what you need when you need it. He may need can be ordered on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer. SK 165 mailed to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go online to Archie once again to order him.

Amy SK, 165 center love gift of $10 or more to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Till next time you said Sharon not saying they're not

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