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How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 30, 2022 12:00 am

How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 30, 2022 12:00 am

Focus on what you have in Christ so you can follow God's will for your life.


Welcome today's weekend impacts podcast with Charles Stanley Christians are God's possession adopted by the heavenly father and children of the King keep these trees in mind as you listen to pipe to have how the truth can set you free.

You will listen, this series of messages on how the truth can set you free. My friend, your life will never be the same. There is a liberating power in this passage of Scripture that can make a decided difference in your life and it may be that you are in bondage to areas that do not even aware of. Made you been a Christian long time and can't figure out why you're not happy.

Can't figure out why not enjoy your Christian life if you will listen carefully. I believe God will speak to your heart and show you the real problem and if you will apply what you going to hear.

I can assure you, your life is going the sense of freedom and liberty you've never known before.

John chapter 8 let's begin reading. If you will, in verse 31, remembering that Jesus is talking the Pharisees that is talking about the truth and he said, therefore, to those Jews who had believed him. If you abide in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Answered him, we are Abraham's offspring have never been enslaved. Anyone how is it that you say you shall become free. Jesus answer them truthfully, I study you everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin and the slave does not remain in the house forever. The son does remain forever.

If, therefore, the sun shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. Now let me define what I mean by freedom I mean release from the bondage of those things attitudes, habits in your life that are hindering you from becoming the person God wants you to be and from achieving the things that God would have you to achieve. Listen to me carefully. There are three aspects of this truth that are essential to be set free. One of those truths is the one I want to talk about them until you all three of them talk about one the day. The first truth, and the basic truth is, I must know the truth about my position in Christ Jesus. And until I know that I will never feel the security God wants me to be an innocent. What do we mean when we say our position in Christ. What is that position. What is my position in Christ Jesus. What do I mean the I want to look at about five scriptures if you will, beginning in second Corinthians chapter 5 look there for just a moment second grade. In chapter 5 verse 17 look at that.

What do we mean by position, what is that position.

The Holy Spirit is injured in your life and mine. Verse 17 therefore if any man be where in Christ he's a lot a new creature all things passed away behold all things have become new. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.

I watch this, the word reconciliation means to bring back to reclaim so what did God do in his grace and his mercy he reached out for the Lord Jesus Christ convicted you of your sin showed you his grace and he brought you back to himself. Which means that now you have been reconciled, so you are not are in a position of having been reconciled that as we been brought back. That is, we are now with God. We have been have been brought back into oneness with him second leg want you to see. As a result of that. Look, if you will, and John chapter 1 and verse 12 but as many as received him, to them gave he the power the right to become what children of God, even to those who believe in his name. The watch that.

So what did he do our position is we been reconciled. He reached out founders in our sin reconciled us on to himself and made us what he made us sons and daughters of God. What is my position. My position is I am living in the state of being reconciled.

My position is not only that but he says I have been made, a son, and you women have been made. Daughters of God are, let's move one step further. If you look in the Colossians chapter 1 for a moment and if you look in verse 13 in verse 13 he says for he delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved son.

No watch. We have become citizens of the kingdom of God. God's entire great sovereign kingdom that covers this whole universe over which he reigns every single split second of every moment of every day. He says you and I have become not only upon the family of God. We are part of the kingdom you and I are part of the rule of God and the reign of God reining in righteousness without Lord God Almighty himself, our position has changed. He says once before we were in the domain of darkness, but now he transferred us back about faith responding to the atoning death of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit baptizes in the Christ Jesus. Now once in Adam now in Christ. I want you look at these verses.

Here they are tucked away in this Ephesians chapter 2 passage, everybody knows these verses.

Verses eight and nine. Say, for the grace you saved through faith. Man reported that for years. We know those verses. But I want you to go back to verse four and listen to me carefully and ponder the meaning of these verses. But God listen, but God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, he made us alive with Christ about humorously and has raised us up with Jesus Christ seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus in order that in the ages to come he might show the surpassing riches of his grace in kindness toward us who are in Christ Jesus now want you to watch this look at. He has taken the real you and when you are saved. He said he raised you to walk in newness of life on this earth, but he says he also took the real you and he took you into the heavens, and seated you in the heavenly is in Christ Jesus. At the father's right hand.

What to do. Took you out of Adam, put you in the Christ Jesus. He says when Jesus died, we die when he was married.

We were buried when he arose, we arose when he ascended, we ascended when he was seated. The father's right hand because we are in him we were seated there also, he says you are seated in the happiness in Christ Jesus. Now not going to be now past tense wall because it is already happened is, how can I be the engine of their lives and what he says but God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love which he loved his own reason happen even when we were dead in our transgressions. That was our spirit was that body was alive, so is life still thinking feeling he says he made us alive together with Christ and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus never listen. What is it that he took up their he took the real you are. Blair he's taken the user that's going to last for eternity. He says you are seated in the heavenly is in Christ Jesus have on the one you going to be lost when you're already there. You said, but now I just don't feel that way. Almighty God says the day you were saved, he raised you out of your life of sin, placing you in the Christ Jesus, and he has placed you in Christ Jesus seated in the heavens that is the new red team. Do you your spirit he says is in the heaven is in Christ Jesus you are any turn of the secure Melissa know that you are earthly secure. If you are in Christ, think about this. If you are in Christ and Christ is seen in the heaven is the father's right hand.

The only way in the world. Anything can touch you down here is far Christ up there to allow it to happen. The only way that is when the Holy Spirit comes in your life and redeems you and baptizes you in the Christ Jesus making you a new creation and one with him, one with him. You are eternally secured. You have become a son in the family in the kingdom seen the father with the father at his right hand in Christ Jesus, so that you are in the heavenly is in Christ, and the only way you can accept that is by faith because you can't feel left and the only people who were going to get liberated of those who in the same Lord I can't quite figure all that what you said that you have seated me in the heaven lives of the father's right hand in Christ Jesus, that that's where my security is but because I've been secured up there. I am also secure down here because you see, I'm in Christ he's in Osborne more scriptures we are in him. That's where security is so that while in my mind and my physical body and in my human spirit. I'm still down here by spirit that will last forever has already been seated in the heaven lives in Christ Jesus God Almighty said that's where you and I are seated with him in Christ.

Now you see that all deals of my relationship don't listen. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and there is no security you not in heaven you down here this Monday world trying to fight your way through the make it and you'll never make it.

My friend without Christ. He says that God Almighty has executed his divine miraculous power in us.

He says but God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love towards what is he done say this and raises up seated us with him in the heaven is in Christ Jesus, so that listen if if God the father has ceded the real you in the heaven is in Christ Jesus, and eternally. You're going to be there.

Tell me something of the word about it, Almighty God loves you and me in the and he has so worked in your life in my life to make us eternally secure here and now. Not not future here and now, not later but now to say to us that because of his great love and mercy told us that he citizen the heaven is in Christ Jesus. Listen what he says in verse seven he says that he is the reason it in order that in the ages to, he he may show the surpassing riches. Listen, that is, that the surpassing indescribable riches of his grace is no way in the world of fathom the grace of understand it all. He says the riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus friend. The first truth that sets me free. Is this that I'm in him, that means on the site of reconciliation. He's brought me back to him. He's made me a son in the family put in the kingdom and seated me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so that I am walking in absolute security. Now what does that do these bondage areas.

This feeling of not belonging a rejection listen. Rejection is Satan's DC listen. He says you belong, he reconciled you brought you back. He's made your son made your daughter put you in the family adopted two major part of the kingdom. Now that he says he's put you in the heaven is in Christ Jesus in the father's right hand already. That's where you are the real you. This will last for eternity. Is there that you know I don't like you belong there is no legitimate basis for feeling insecure and a sense a lack of belonging. When God says you belong to him. He reached out and grabbed you brought you back reconciled.

You made your son made your family member easily put you in this kingdom now that he says I'm going to set out once and for all. I'm going to take you to the heaven is and seek you in Christ Jesus at the pump is running at tell me what you feel insecure only because Satan says you don't have. You can't do it. It won't work.

Think about this one verse. The next time you think you don't deserve something, read this. But God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love wherewith he has loved you and you mean to tell me you think he's going to let you go. Lack in any area of your life. He has secured you and him and that is the foundation, the basis of my labors in my freedom that it makes no difference what the world may do to me it's artisanal issue. The issue is that my attorney Donato is settled, but he says he has taken me into the heaven is in Christ Jesus, and seated me the father's right hand with him where he is. I am listen where he is. I am at the same time I am down through here in this body. In this mine and the Holy Spirit. His work is now to live through me. The life of Jesus Christ and the live that life through you think about what that means what it means is the only purpose you not have a living. My friend is what the glory of God to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ to magnify him to honor him. So our selfish pursuits don't fit because our citizenship and our family heritage and apposition speaks of holiness and righteousness, obedience, joy. He's confident security is that I still don't feel like I will tell you my friend, your feelings will keep you in bondage.

The rest of your life unless you are willing to give them up to the testimony of the word of God the Word of God says the truth will set you free. The first step in. The truth is to know what your position is who you are where you are in Christ Jesus our Lord. One last passage looking at John chapter 15 for just a moment John chapter 15 and listen to what he says Jesus talking to his disciples right before he left them pieces on the true vine. My father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that bears fruit he prunes, is that it may bear more fruit you already clean because the word which I've spoken to you this abide where in me and where in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself accepted about the bond, so neither can you accept you about where I divine you the branches. He who abides where in me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. You know what are you know what our position is apposition in our daily life is just resting in him. Look, if you will, in Colossians chapter 2 Colossians chapter 2 and verse six.

Listen to what he says in his are the key. As you therefore have received Christ Jesus. How did you receiving how by faith. So walk in him all right you received him by faith, he says, so we are to walk in him that is what we are in him. He is, and as we are in him. Our position is by faith we are walking in him and therefore if we are walking in him we have all the security we need all the since of belongings there because you see, we belong to God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit sons and daughters of God in the family in the kingdom and he says you who have been saved have been seated in him in Christ Jesus.

If I'm in him and he's in the heaven is that I must be there and my friend, don't let your feelings keep you in bondage because Giselle Varga just understand how I could be here how I could be there.

You never understand. You'll never fathom the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. You'll never be able to explain finite detail all the details of the end of the virgin birth, all the new birth. The UC he gives us enough knowledge to liberate his and Frias, but you never be able to fathom human and reason.

How you can be up there and I get the same time. That is exactly what is. That's our position. Listen you'll never be free until you willing to accept your position in Christ sons and daughters of Almighty God and he is free to become everything he wants you to be in order to accomplish everything. Thank you for listening to how the truth can set you free.

We would also like to invite you to join us in celebrating 45 years of God's faithfulness. My years to learn more. His podcast is a presentation of incense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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