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Hallelujah, Amen, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 29, 2022 12:00 am

Hallelujah, Amen, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 29, 2022 12:00 am

What will the world be like when everyone sees that Jesus is Lord? Imagine!

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How long will Jesus Christ reigns supreme over the universe listen and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will have no and this here. Revelation 19 is the beginning of that fulfillment is going to occupy the throne of David and his kingdom will have no and and the sound of all those singing sounds like a mighty rushing water Bible that word hallelujah hallelujah simply means praise the Lord. What is it that causes the host of heaven to sing and shout hallelujah well. In Revelation 19.

There is a song and that song refers to four things that result in hallelujah for things that cause the host of heaven to shout, praise the Lord were looking at that passage today.

This is wisdom for the heart and here Stephen baby with a lesson called hallelujah amen. No wonder numerous authors I've read consider. Chapter 19 to be heaven.

Hallelujah. Let's go through these four appearances will make these standards are four points, four stanzas and I want to know is why the hosts of heaven are singing effectively. The hallelujah chorus first. They are singing hallelujah for what God offers to get a verse one hallelujah why because salvation and glory and power belong to our God.

These are gods alone. There qualities of his of his character that he alone is able to gift to those who believe the author of the New Testament book the apostle Peter, as you have no idea what kind of glory you're going to experience another word appears for as many as received him, that is Jesus Christ.

And John went up to them he gave the power to become children of God. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians in first Thessalonians chapter 5 verse nine God is not destined us for wrath, but rather for the obtaining of salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation through him so power and glory and salvation belong to God alone there.

God's possessions that he gifts to those who believe. So when Bono steps out on the stage during his concerts is I watched a little bit online. As I read that he did this just to make sure he puts up on the jumbo screen the word coexist. The C representing the Islamic Christian X representing the Star of David T representing the Christian cross and then he leads the crowd and what is become the mantra for the apostate church.

We are generational beginning to call the emergent church and here's the quote everything you know is wrong with you referring to religion, but even more than that is referring the biblical propositional truth which is the hangup but then leads the crowd and chanting Jesus Jew Mohammed all true.

Jesus Jew Mohammed all true.

Was he saying he saying Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all equally true. Think about it. Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the Messiah who came was crucified.

Was again assented and is coming back, Islam doesn't believe the Jesus is God incarnate, is not the Messiah, and he didn't even die on the cross, and Judaism believes the Messiah hasn't even yet, how can they all be equally true and be like taking I-95 South believing that you can go to Florida and New York and Alaska is not great. Try it, listen to the statesmanlike spin of the same message.

Only this time from Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain by the way is now being promoted by the Willow Creek Association and the simulcast leadership conferences for evangelical leaders, which happens to be a utter mystery to me as to why hundreds of churches in America primarily affect thousands of churches we desire unbelievers as they've invited Bono and Blair on how they could tell the church how to act and Christian leaders to lead utter mistreatment and get the core of his message is what he says God's Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that can never be constricted by any one religion.

Be very wary of people who think there's is the only way who you think you might be talking about is referring to Christians who model it all up by believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ alone where the problem watch out for us. Peter wrote to the believing church. Listen if you are reviled you translate that if you're scorned.

If you are maligned for the name of Christ. He will last because the spirit of glory and of God rests on you but this is the message we have learned of Babylon and the volume of Babylonian voices are growing ever louder pushing toward what they believe will be the panacea of hope and help one global order one political power one global village one global economy. One religious unity as we watch the message grow together as an assembly as we study this book and take shape until it came to power in the tribulation under the reign of Antichrist.

We watched it ultimately wage open war on God and it was defeated the city of man and now here in Revelation 19 as Christ is set to return the multitude of heaven is chanting a different tune.

And did you notice no one is singing.

Salvation is from whatever God you like to believe in.

It is hallelujah praise Yahweh our covenant keeping God blessed the first hallelujah hallelujah. 4.offers the second hallelujah is for what God settled. Look at verse three and a second time they said hallelujah her smoke rises up forever and ever, who is she referred to here her smoke rises up forever and ever. She is we have come to know is Babylon the city of man, the world system and the world Empire city. This is who she is.

Babylon is corrupting with its arrogant defiance. Her man glorifying nature exalting animal worshiping Christian murdering promiscuous philandering false teaching ego promoting money loving, sexually deviant pseudo spiritual Christ denying demonically bound, spiritually blind world system and that's just the beginning of the profile of the man's city of man's pride dabble as we enter this paragraph and work her way through it. We can imagine his believer that all the hosts of heaven and all the redeemed would say and saying hallelujah as a relates to God's salvation and glory and power in you can immediately get into that but can you imagine the hosts of heaven here in the world of Christians and the resurrected saints are glorifying God for that and also now they are glorifying him for his eternal, unrelenting, terrifying judgment to exactly what's happening here.

We, the redeemed are as thrilled over the justice of God as we are the grace of God.

When God here measures out eternal punishment to the followers of the beast to the great prostitute Babylon with its system, its false religion who seduces the hearts of of unbelieving mankind as God is measuring out his divine justice and eternal punishment to the unredeemed unrepentant humanity, along with all the fallen angels.

Listen, the believer will be singing. We don't usually attach the word hallelujah to the destruction of the unbelieving world. This is the fulfillment of Moses's words of Deuteronomy 32, 43, where he writes rejoice of nation rejoice with his people. Why, for he will avenge the blood of his servants and will render vengeance on all his efforts are. David wrote in Psalm 96.

We know this song. The first part well, we forget its context.

Let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice, let the sea roar, and all it contains, but the field exalting all that is in it and it did all the trees of the forest most sing for joy before the Lord, there's not.

There why, for he is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness.

Psalm 96, 11 to 13. Now some might think that the believer in the angelic host of heaven are somewhat insensitive and uncaring to rejoice in the downfall and judgment of unbelieving humanity. But that ignores the reality here in the context from which we hear them praising God. It ignores the fact that this city, and her inhabitants in the world of followers of Antichrist, will it had the greatest opportunities to repent of any generation that ever lived. In chapter 6 and again in chapter 9 were told of the human race at large refuses to repent, even though they acknowledge the great plagues and the natural disasters are coming from the hand of hell God they know it's from God and the text repeats over and over, yet they would not read 10 even though they have heard the most powerful preaching of the gospel in human history through the ministry.

The 144,000 Jewish evangelists also recorded in chapter 6, they refused to repent the world at large. Many will the world will also hear this generation will will here and watch the amazing supernatural death defying testimony of the two witnesses anybody attacks their testimony. Fire comes out of their mouths and destroys them and people are still going.

We don't think were gonna believe still add to that the fact that they will see and hear that Angel that will go around the globe, delivering the gospel. There will be many among every time tribe and nation who will believe, but the world at large says wow were still not believe they refused to repent. On top of that, this generation will here and watch those who come to believe, refuse the market.

Antichrist choose martyrdom over the Empire of man, and walk with joy for the glory of God. Yet, despite all of that, the world at large will remain unrepentant to the very end hardened in their defiant hatred of God, the hosts of heaven and all the believers will be shouting hallelujah why because at the root of all of this is that God has come to set the record straight and the believer who longs to see the world, bathed in the glory of God the unhindered praise to his Majesty. We are all going to rejoice when Christ sits as a righteous judge over all the earth, and there's something that resonates with us even as we go through.

It is as genuine believers we long for the day when the name of Jesus is no longer taken through them, don't we.

We long for the day when his characters vindicated when his word is honored when he is glorified so we with them see that they come and say hallelujah perhaps you heard about the gallery of modern art is been in the news here in the states for some time in Glasgow, Scotland, where an open Bible was placed in a display case. It was opened next to were some pens in the note.

The note said this my quote if you feel you have been excluded from the Bible right your way back into it.

You can imagine, within days. So many people had to face the Bible written lewd messages, profane God gallery which had no idea this would happen, for some reason pulled the display all messages like one person who wrote of the Scriptures wrote it on the page of of the Bible. This is all sexist sewage another who rode across the page of a Bible. I am bisexual and proud. I won't know God who disagrees with when the scales of holiness and justice are taken up by the hand of Christ in righteousness prevails in the word of God is vindicated in his his wonderful pure holy character is exalted. We will be singing, hallelujah for what God is offered hallelujah for what God has settled judges the earth there's 1/3 hallelujah to hallelujah for what God fulfills look back at verse or look ahead to verse four and the 24 elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sits on the throne saying, amen hallelujah that's it, no commentary just the church gets involved. Now 24 elders representing the church of Christ are wearing the white robes promise of the church. Golden crowns promised to the church, seated on thrones promise the church and yet they also supposedly they fall before God and the and they worship him and they had the word amen and amen hallelujah what a wonderful, wonderful lyric. Amen. By the way, is a word of affirmation you can render it so it is it's true the more well-known expression would be so be it. I had a woman, to me, and that she said my grandson little grand boy was over and and spending the night and I talked them into bed and we pray first and while we were there.

Did Reggie pray he asked me and grandma will what is amen me and she said it means so true, so I said well I want to pray and he prayed through his whole routine and then he got to the end and he said, in Jesus name.

So be it. Soviet did you notice the Angels are thrilled to join in here. The 24 elders and the four living creatures, these cherubim, we've studied representing the angelic host their all into it. Now they're all involved. Why, why would angels join well I thought about it and study this text, it occurred to me that they must be extremely thrilled at this point, especially to have resisted Satan's true attempt joining him in this attempt to dethrone God. We know from the Scriptures that Satan planned this coup attempt. Isaiah tells us he's going to ascend, I will have the throne of God. Anybody went from a NY third of the angelic host said Lucifer, that of course led to the fall. At that moment, those unholy angels. We call them demons today were confirmed in their own holiness and those who chose to stay with God were confirmed in their holy estate and it just occurred to me you know I can imagine Satan coming to higher ranking angels like Michael like Gabriel, perhaps suggesting to them, hate, join with me. We will depose the triune God and I will make you one of my chief ambassadors Lieut.'s and my because we know the angelic host had a choice.

Gabriel would have said no thank you, not for me. Why, because of what he believed. He believed the word of God and he would be the ambassador of God uniquely Gabriel. You know would later announce to Daniel he would come to him and tell him Daniel.

The kingdom of God is going to overthrow the puppet kingdoms of Satan and that what's happening here in chapter 19 it's coming true.

The kingdom of Christ is coming. His word is being fulfilled like I can't help but imagine the Gabriel's thinking man, I'm glad I stayed with him. I'm glad I stayed on his it's coming true. Hallelujah for what God offers. Hallelujah for what God settles.

Hallelujah for what would God fulfill one more one final hallelujah for what God occupies. Verse five says in a voice came from the throne of voice from the direction the grammar tells us of the throne.

Probably one of the cherry beam or maybe one of the elders and here's the announcement now to all the redeemed. Give praise to our God all you his bond servants, you fear him, the small and the great that I heard something like the voice of a great multitude and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying hallelujah for the Lord our God, the Almighty reigns.

God is occupying his throne. He is victorious his throne and his reign are now without any obstruction, competition or rebellion is seen for who he is sovereign King of the universe is occupying the throne, and to been long prophesied to go now nearly 2000 years ago.

In fact, it was Gabriel himself came you remember to that virgin teenage girl, Mary Ann announced that she would conceive by the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit and would bear a baby boy and that baby boy was actually God the son fully man and fully God and he would be the fulfillment of all messianic prophecy and Gabriel told her this interesting text is given was in Luke two that he will have the throne of David. He will have the throne of David, listen, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will have no and this here in Revelation 19 is the beginning of that fulfillment is going occupy the throne of David and his kingdom will have no end and the sound of all those singing sounds like a mighty rushing water. Ever been to Niagara Falls quite a sound is 6,000,000 ft. of water rushing over the edge. Cascading down every 60 seconds.

If funders it reverberates right here better than an amusement park that they can turn it off at night. It's great to go and see yourself. This is the sound of the praise of the redeemed.

But I want you to know that it is wonderful not just with the mighty sound of millions upon millions. It is a wonderful sound if it's just one voice your voice saying in the secret place of your heart.

God's word is true. Amen. Praise the Lord.

He is worthy of praise I can praise him for salvation, glory and power for you today to say by faith. Amen.

It's true might be a great statement of faith for you because maybe everything in your world doesn't seem to play out the truth that what he said is true, maybe to say, praise the Lord, the circumstances in your life.

Don't seem to lead someone to say praise Yahweh.

So for you to say that brings from the recesses of your heart and soul deep resonating faith in God the Word of God would commend you and encourage you today. I stood in the hospital room a few months ago, one of our dear friends and coworkers had taken a turn for the worse. He been in the hospital quite some time had a chronic condition that was now deemed fatal.

He been on life support for several days. His body was running down I came over to the hospital room and and learn from his wife Sandra that Dennis had been given 12 hours, basically by the medical staff and there were going to unplug all the paraphernalia they had done everything they could, I've been in a number of hospital rooms and I've seen death, and I knew that all I could do was go over to and say goodbye and unconscious for some time put my hand on his head, told him I loved him.

I prayed.

Thank God for them and his wife and I with tears in both her eyes talked about the funeral. She asked me if I would preach it. I said I will talk for some time and I left with a heavy heart. Drove home and told Marsha updated news during the night something happened.

No one knows for sure what buddy begin to improve, and I did I did to my hand on him and pray to be healed.

I you know I didn't do that I can claim that Bennington stands alone in the ability to do that. I said goodbye farewell, but is vital signs all improve within hours he was off life support. Larry's is coming over here.

His wife told me this, she said, as he was coming literally back to life is is able to breathe on his own to get the breathing tube in the nurses heard them singing even though he was unconscious and he was singing the hallelujah chorus. Hallelujah only that amazing.

Never heard Dennis saying he's not in the choir of a good reason for that magic just one of God's trusting children slipping in and out of consciousness sat on his mind that which is meekly reserved for God's amen. I hope the truth of God's word results in hallelujah being the cry of your hearts, and of your mouth. We are the sons and daughters of the great and powerful king of the universe is praise can always be on our lips and this great word hallelujah is one of the ways that we as the church can express our devotion to God. In fact, that's why we've used the tune from the hallelujah chorus as the theme music for our other daily broadcast your listening to wisdom for the heart, a resource produced by wisdom international are other daily program is called the wisdom journey on that broadcast Stephen Dave. He is teaching through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation in three years because the Bible is God's word and it's all about him.

We've used the hallelujah chorus as the theme song for that broadcast well I sure hope this message has encouraged you today were to continue through this portion of Revelation. In the days ahead. Join us next time here on wisdom

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