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WED HR1 042722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 27, 2022 11:22 pm

WED HR1 042722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 27, 2022 11:22 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out now I'm ready about 37 and indeed on 27 April 2022. This is the voice of the Christian resistance and tonight we have again mighty Andrew on the board. Good evening Pastor and everyone living in. We out yonder we have that Missouri person Pastor Joe Larson. All and may God bless all of you will all right thank you Joey, we have a lot to cover tonight so we can have lightning rounds will you have to get right to it. And since we don't have a prayer request that I know you really get to really get right to it.

So here we are going to. We have a request to do my intro again. My commentary and so I'm going to do that course to title the message was storm clouds were things and times of sorrow coming soon and that we were talking about in the Western culture like here in United States catalysts on I call them Lala Landers referring to the vast majority of the population.

Joe they know that things are not the way that they should or could be, but there is loss of the total lost to try to reason why know they sense that there and they understand this is a great cultural divide between the majority of people out there the indoctrinate of the indoctrinated and of those of us that are biblically literate that understand the word of God. They know that the Bible clearly knows get some things and in the here soundbites and in the quote, though soundbites like Judge not lest you be judged with the clueless to what God's Word, the Bible actually teaches.

For the most part Mount Pearl. They are in a fog. They are in a fog yesterday, meaning the convergence of the geopolitical the ecological the scientifically religious and spiritual, moral, cultural and economic new world order proceeded all coming together okay.

There saying the woke corporations candidates away why these corporations want to get into politics. Well, it's convergence of the wooden one world order with corporations where will rule people along with the others. Remember, Babylon, Babylon the great is the combination of unholy Trinity of the political, economic, and the religious and they're all housed right here in the United States.

We saw that 9/11 World Trade Center where here you had the political and economic there and within housed within the what is called the new world are quick, what is about heaven when mice stared their New York house within. You will know, not with the World Trade Center, but on New York Manhattan Island. The business district of the world you will is not one of them try to think of and that I did take herein headquartered in their United Nations. That's what I would try to help you house within then United Nations is the world forum on religion housed within their and so here there at a loss to understand why they are being taught to accept and conform to beliefs that not so fun. Go Joe would've landed them in a mental institution.

Things like killing an innocent baby is invertebrates constitutional right. Things like numerous genders, and sexual identities when they've always known that his only soul and always been just to genders, male and female, but another told that this does numerous and they know that's not true, but they are afraid to write to stand update there bullied by the antichrist left into silence when they know that they should speak out against the evil blood.

They're afraid they're afraid being sensor operator word being called. Words like grapefruit, homophobic, now there are afraid of actual government power and their freight likelihood they're afraid of being counseled or censored by the by the communist elite by the collective. They feel mocked and made to be to look foolish when they have to pretend that they don't know what a man or a woman is a little boy or girl is what they have to contend that because that's they were told that by their trainers by their trainers and so they fear to speak out against the lunacy fear again of being outed by the fake news media. They know that critical race theory promotes hatred towards white people that it destroys the hearts and minds of children teaches children that they should feel ashamed for being and apologize for being born white. They know that burn little murder formally known as black lives matter and at the far are to the Democratic Communist Party what the brownshirts were to Hitler and with Richard for the stolen. They know that the woke movement is led by corporate horrors.

I'm a corporate horrors that have sold their very very souls. Very cheap. They know that that these that they are lacy, pedophilia and sodomy and transgendered beast reality in child sacrifice on the rise. They know that these abominable sins will destroy a nation but are much much much much too afraid to stand up against the they see a wicked and evil antichrist pedophilia named Obama Biden who openly who is who is that on destroying America.

Who is there who is all lock stock and barrel by the red Chinese government and is determined to destroy America. His mission is to reduce America.

The Third World status and so here they see him opening our borders to invaders and one that the very definition of a country being invaded by foreigners is an act of war. It's an act of war that we don't have a military or military been neutralized, not the soldiers but those that are in command. They are no longer on our side. They have betrayed America they pick their committing high treason against God and against our Constitution, we see the Democratic communist regime eating and abetting drug cartels and human traffickers that mad rush to reduce America to this status of Venezuela North Korean the Biden crime cartel is working hand and foot with both the Mexican drug cartels and with the human smugglers no way those of us that understand what the depopulation agenda of the New World order's have been to a great degree alienated from many times our families and friends there clueless. They actually believed Fauci Fauci made fools of these people follow to the other in gates and that they've they've made. Well, they made fools of the people. He deceived them. They indoctrinated him they dumbed them down. They laugh at him. They've gotten them. They conned the men to take in the kill shot. Many are getting sick. Many are dying right now in vast numbers but not to worry, they've got the fake news media no matter what atrocities no matter what atrocities these mad men.

These so-called scientists that are the matter what atrocities they commit genocide or whatever the fake news media will come a whoring, they will come a whoring without and they will tell tell any ally that there asked to lie, any and all lights they will tell us, and that includes election fraud, not a fake news media is going to be in on doing whatever they can to try to stop the next election because they know that what happens when if there is a fair and honest election.

Their party is going to be in street note we those of us that are of sound mind and biblically illiterate. Understand that the forcing of dehumanizing and wearing masks that these masses that got nothing to do nothing at all. Nothing at all to do with stopping the spread of viruses all about dehumanizing. It's all about control and it's all about the grading the very image of God and controlling the masses now were fully aware of the goals of big Pharma to corrupt our DNA and to reduce us to be less than human. We know that many times more people are dying from the kill shots themselves that are dying for the covert. We know this is the fact and it is been hit by the fake news media that betrays the American people every single day. The fake news media is gonna whoring with big Pharma.

There, running interference for big Pharma to keep the truth from coming out today in America. The following institutions have lost all credibility. The AMA, the CIA, the FBI CCD FDA HHS DHS D&C. They've lost all credibility. These are no longer any of them legitimate agencies. Their criminal their criminal and civil Joe working to pick it up in verse 21 and read through verse 27 and stop there, Mark Kirk. Verse 21 and go through what 27 and stop there and allow any man shall say to you, hello, here is Christ hello is there, believe him not propose Christ's and false prophets shall rise, social five and wonders to produce if it were possible, even the elect. But take he hated borehole. I have foretold you all things, but in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be dark darkened and the moon shall not give her light in the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be and then will they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory, and then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together as Alexis. The four winds from the outermost theater for the outermost part of heaven. Okay.

Job sharing them when he talks about if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. This turnover do first Corinthians chapter 2 and start with verse 10 and read all the way through 16 its first Corinthians chapter 2 pair verse 10 and read all the way through you, but God hath revealed them under fighters correct for the Spirit searches all things gay deep things of God. For what man know the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in even so the things of God.

Know no man, but the spirit of God.

Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man received, not the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned by either spiritual judge of all things that he himself is judged of no man for who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him, but we have the mind of Christ. Okay, Jim, the deep things of God but God has revealed them to us by his beard with spiritual searches all things is the deep things of God. No, that's that's referring Joe to God as unfathomable as an infallible nature and his plan if you give you alternate US US Joe sixpack UX close people, you know, even a lot of them the sit in the pews of churches and ask him why did Christ have to die the cross. Why did he have to do that. Why did why did the father put them on the cross white. Why did he do that.

The best majority people are clueless, you know, I've always wondered about that seems like a horrible thing seems like God didn't have to do that God could've done.

He did, he wouldn't of had to do that got could've just made people obey him if he wanted to hide but I think right okay so they had no idea of why you know what, but the reason was he goes in and then hereto because it all is all a promised plan of salvation. They didn't understand God's ways is a much higher estimate than ours and so here 01) cannot comprehend the power of God that cannot. They have not been taught that God existed before the creation of the known universe exists far after, and before he created creation. He knew the end result because he was there after that happened, so they knew beforehand what all is going to happen before he created and this is something I know this is not taught in most churches and most people go to church have never heard distant cannot comprehend that at all.

They've never been taught well. How can God do something that that's beyond my comprehension.

I mean I really I think of department will put your standard railroad, they cannot comprehend the awesome power of God that is immutable. That is preexistent that he omnipresent exists in all times and all places great. They just did not grasp how powerful God is so they try to bring him down the something that the little mind can comprehend which things also we speak now and the words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual things now are when Paulson speaking there in his words are authoritative. Extremely the case of taught directly by Christ himself is overall, Gardner got caught in the now is he speaking here because he immediately tells you he tells you the reason you know who is who is responsible for what he saying so he's not telling you this is my opinion here, and that this is the way I feel about my gut feeling, but he's saying he's saying but which the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost teaches is. Comparing spiritual things with spiritual things. So what kind of a record of the Holy Ghost have forgetting things right perfect locate and so absolutely perfectly rewritten.

We might know the things that are freely given to those who have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we have been given this Is not given to everybody okay but the natural man received, not the things of the spirit there foolishness to him. Neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. So okay so now if you go to a Democrat and you tell a Democrat. I've got the Holy Spirit dwelling within me.

I've got that Huck getting grass that can comprehend how how do you have the Holy Spirit beyond him. He laughs, he doesn't believe it doesn't comprehend photogrammetry drill m so that Google throughout the Bible thumper. Chernobyl guide.

Okay, so, so they can.

I mean it's well you know I don't have the Holy Spirit to me so I don't know if I don't have no Holy Spirit to me.

How can the M1 him right right exactly okay so I mean I have an experience that with but he that is spiritual judges all things in himself is judged of no man how could that be humming are they judging us every day.

Don't the world judges every single day, a group of chiropractors. They really have no right to existence of fault defeat physical. He came begotten of the father. Physical came from the spiritual God was father with spirit he created the physical universe. He created directional sign of physical fund and physical man so beyond everything in charge of everything is what the spiritual came first and is in control of all things.

Okay, so lately Newton you notice that often the lines of communication between us and the world. And I don't like. I have people listen to this radio program and this is this is not what they been hearing on on the 6 o'clock news. This is not with so so they'll call the call the office to try to straighten me out because you know this. This is not what they're here. This is not what they hear and circle back since I could say I and so in their little mind that little mind that's there that indoctrination there clueless you got everything all wrong. We just don't get it right.

So here he goes on to say for who hath known the mind of the Lord. Well let me let me go here when he says that we are to judge all things we are to judge all things that we haven't you heard Judge not lest you be judged from and we used to hear that at the abortion all the time) right that one phrase and thought that they remembered it's a set it's a soundbite, but if you go on reading one reading you'll find out. Jesus says, but we knew, do judge, he doesn't say were not the judge he's he says, but when you do judge judge with a righteous judgment. Meaning don't hold other people of the highest anything itself adjacent to her.

Stealing money from your company at work, you better not somebody else for shoplifting. That's right. 20 mean judge not likely reject if you are an out out there guilty. If you haven't stopped that kind of behavior repented of your sin. Change your ways. You have no right to judge at all okay for who hath known the mind of the Lord, that we may instruct him how how how could how how can we know the mind of the Lord through the help of the Holy Spirit.

We can be guided and directed that the client says we have the mind of Christ through the indwelling of his Holy Spirit so Jesus said I'm in the father. The father in me and I am in you and you and I and that's where we get our wisdom and knowledge and guidance is from the Holy Spirit. So this is the by the Holy Spirit. We have insight into the sum of God's plan is not always plans because he's telling you, there are things that that is reserved and not for us to know, but the things that he has made known to us guys plans guys thoughts and God's actions they have in fact have the mind of Christ. That's what is telling here so that we know enough we know enough about a lot of things that are real or more books written in the world could also be like that, but we are given everything we need to know. We know enough in order to so when we petition the Lord in prayer that we petition him in such a manner as praying in a way that the Lord would won't answer those prayers that we pray, in accordance with his will and not outside venting for the right reason and we pray that his will be done. Now I'm just starting to get pretty smart. I'll tell you the oven covering (totally got it the other night on your electric question in my mind will not work fast enough. I know the answer but it just won't come for a while about five minutes later if only I knew all that went forgetting her organist letter. Let's take a break will be back right after this would Lord will go away more to go much more fun to the federal government. He pays his knee sees them may motivate God, he will be a US US following Jesus time is now. Jane, you will use time in March 1933, Pres. Yardley, the bankruptcy of a private corporation with con the American people into paying this fraudulent using security guard when we becoming your life, liberty, and property insurance board you don't hope to become a family, don't despair. Stewardess.righteous pain. I phone you will resend. All right, we can't do anything more to you, Carl. Your your home with the Lord. Your work goes on there you go, buddy.

Here your work goes them already very good.

Did you buy the wage Chucky Schumer say we got a raise taxes. We got a raise taxes. We got attacked and what we had attacked the more you know we can't leave it with anything right got attacked her way out of this inflation and the regatta print more money and fight the dollar even more clear. I mean the logic and the insanity just rolled out of his mouth unreal.

It's about destroying America to reduce is that there was that former rep. Steve King well former rep. Steve King reveals what really goes on in Capitol Hill. McCarthy worshiped the New York Times and is forcing GOP members to sell out to globalist with got I have a zero tolerance to rhinos. McCarthy should go. He's got a go after years of constantly praising New York Times capitulating to Liz Cheney and the Democratic leadership and kicking members who stand in the way of advancing the progressive agenda off of their committees, thereby crippling their blade to fund raise inescapable karma is coming full circle for conniving house GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warns former representative Steve King's thinking is always been on the up and up and McCarthy's getting caught. He's there that's what they do they infiltrate they buy them. The New York Times is McCarthy Bible King told the Gateway pundit and exclusive interview, McCarthy more or less worshiped in maritime they New York Times reporter said that. And so, the New York Times reported to me. He said the New York Times would not make a mistake. They are professionals.

They would make a mistake even in the punctuation. Now that we are at the New York Times turned around and laid this on him so he there you go with Vista so he came betrayed. He was one of those. Remember, on January 6.

He was one of the betrayers that betrayed us so that way and got caught on talking about the trumpet truncated to be impeached and terminated to redesign the talk and then he really didn't say things and then turned around after they played the tape now showing that yes he did say all these things are well known to us, downplay while I talked to trumpet everything is fine between us and the lady see what happened when McCarthy betrayed us in the New York Times betrayed him Thursday. The New York Times investigative reporter Jonathan Martin Alex Burns release passes and from there latest book. This will not pass Trump Biden in the battle for America's future and that in the book, the two claim GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney on January 10, 2021 call that he would consult Trump to reside before the end of his term when the claims within the book broker early in the news. McCarthy's bondsman Mark Bednar refuted them saying McCarthy never said he'd call compensation reside McCarthy himself called the claims about his conversations totally false. When New York Times reporter reported him earlier in the day. Then he got caught. Wonderful things are paid a record like your magnet recorder during our talk it on the record, Rachel Medco Rachel Medco leaked the private phone call on his show Thursday night of house minority leader Kevin McCarthy with Trump hating lunatic Trump hating lunatic Liz Cheney. She'll be out after this next election to be gone on January 2021 people there that the Republican Party want no more.

Part of her at all.

So that's that's when rhino that I believe will be UC did not commit will buy the cost and way too much to try to buy her sleep back okay working McConnell spending all that money became part Congressman McWhorter Sen. MacLachlan McCluskey economic clout McCluskey Raja close getting it is barely redneck real liberal Republican entity McConnell strata out. McConnell got a go to him and he's got Elaine college life and have got millions of dollars in business deals through his wife and her little red Chinese Chinese and he has only back from Courtney absolutely had to use tried to cut Trump off the knees before he is one of the biggest rhinos out there, but the Republicans are afraid to lose McConnell and the McCarthy because they're good fundraisers and are worried about the money, not the principal and that's what's killing Republicans that gotta start standing for principal, not worrying about the almighty dollar let you know. Hats off to Matt Gates. Hats off to Matt Gates had sought to Jim Jordan hats of two of that. Margie agreeing with the name him Mike Marine peregrine among her of Arizona yeah Mary more out there in Alabama and Lauren Goldberg of Colorado.

Yeah, that's that little bitty real cute little things got the runs like you really gonna all right, regardless tell the truth.

There's a whole really is a whole lot that wanted to do that like Jim Porter and I think Jan's got an excellent chance to get in there and that she will chill hook up with with those and then bubble it me she's in and cheated Jesus you know pull it at the bit to go after the squat barely coherent with Jim Jordan. I guarantee on that you anyhow.

Go another Biden link to Beijing. Tens of millions and millions in anonymous Chinese donations to you pin Biden center revealed that just keeps coming out more and more everyday and the fake news media as hard as I tried to keep the stub. They're having a hard time doing it.

So there can be little doubt among regional Americans at this point that Joe Obama Biden is one of the most corrupt compromise presidents in the history of America and is way long past time for him to be removed from office because he and his family are wholly owned by the communist Chinese where we heard that before Joe mentioned it. In this program yet.

Going way back. We were or what really not about how corrupt Biden was when he was a senator, let alone before he became vice president yet latest leak wasn't covered by government watchdog group that is now demanding that the US attorneys investigate hundred Biden in Delaware also took into tens of millions of dollars in anonymous donations from China to the Ivy League institution, the University of Pennsylvania, where there is an academic center named for Joe Biden. According to the New York Post, which is been all over the hundred Biden corruption story since the before the 2020 election that you pin took in some 50th 4.6 million from 2014 through June the June 2019. From the HI Commons, including 23.1 million in anonymous gifts.

Beginning in 2016 before then VP Joe, Biden left office and while his son was scooping up millions and millions of corrupt deals in Ukraine, Russia, China, all the public records indicate that so there you go folks which we been telling all along. It's coming out everything women telling enough for couple years several years starting to come out correctly like right now Dr. Biden coming out. I don't know anything about my son is doing never talk to my son about those with while Eric went on, the president of Rosemont Seneca that was a partner with Hunter right now.

Anyway, he met with Joe while he was vice president and the log show he had 19 visits paid to the White House where he winter according to the Arkwright visitors log so here is the hundred Biden's partner in crime.

19 visits to the White House, but we don't know anything about my sons business how they found that the reader just the other night that Biden said he would pay about $800,000 in the company that is under Biden in his associate and that the copy of all this was on an email sent right to Richard Ruffner, a personal aide who was working for Joe Biden when he was like presidents on stuff is coming out almost like you said, almost daily, and are more and more emails being deciphered and sent out this is like the song that never ends this going to keep going because there are another. What couple hundred thousand emails like you got dirty Mary Garland. I do everything get to try to stop things you know that this can happen right now.

Just like they're going to go after Eli must go after him big time because remember to censor us all of the censorship is working with Twitter working hand-in-hand with the so-called Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, to censor us okay and to, and so now here you got you got big money, but the corrupt the very corrupt, extremely corrupt so-called Department of Justice and FBI clinical data and do whatever they can to stop him and so American people that stand up. The American people have to stand up, you have to stand against this corruption. We know that must work over Twitter felt one of the doing right now the Department of Homeland Security. Biden is establishing a board to counter this information. That'll be good for the attorney headed by a former advisor to the government of Ukraine, who declared hundred Biden temperament laptop was a Russian influence operation.

This person nicknamed Jack to know what I have previously served as disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, a liberal Washington think tank will head the board is the executive director of this department of this information to be set up within the department of homeland security and she is the one. Remember we talked about the highlighted Twitter thing about the evidence reclaimed by the 51 national security officials that the hundred Biden laptop was a Russian disinformation that we named we date tenant tentative time. You know for the lady that came out and all, and highlighted all this and she said we recalled were not going to talk about a fairy tale about a laptop repair shop that this is what the government is doing on that now.

Google is going well. They are putting in a new interchurch engine inclusive language function to cut down on quote politically incorrect words were going to be extremely current politically correct when he buys he uses Google and this inclusive language function will go will keep you from using any politically incorrect words like can use landowner left the property owner, proprietor, and all humankind known as mankind, aren't you know is the suggested humankind is the alternative to mankind. Try to get rid of that word man. Anyway, get a rental housewife. All this kind of stuff so they're doing everything they can to control our speech.

This is why Joe people need to do the best they can to support radio programs talk radio that got to do all he can to support talk radio is where right now with the last batch did out there of being able to get this message out. Now you and I praise you Lord for those that we do have one that I being carried in the different Internet sites and I'm and I'm praying that the dilemmas will be able to overcome it and stand against the very very corrupt. I FBI the very corrupt CIA very very corrupt Bible injustice, which is not a Department of Justice low and so that's why people really need to do all that they tend to keep us out there and also probably very very good time to tell folks if you're not getting a newsletter, you really should. Because all of these articles that were telling you about. We were sending you what what what you hear us talk about here.

We can only do lightning rounds because there's so much for us to get out that we can't go into depth as we did and we doing in the articles but we have these articles available. You get them in our newsletter and and it's it would be a good thing for you to do like Joe does another's to make copies and pass them out and and that has been happening a lot and we get we get feedback from people who their who have friends to get our newsletter and I shall miss what they get the night they write to us a look. I'd like to have that newsletter to it doesn't cost anything just right to write to W. R. W.

L that's WRWL ministries just W are to be as I have to do 14781. That's 14781 Sperry that's SPE RR why Road Newberry any W's any WBY OH 44065 no jump. We need to get this out again. A lot of people say wanted to just give me a website you listen to this is something we know because we remember what we just read.

We have the heart, the mind of Christ we know Julissa that it is this discarding the windows of their a lot of people out there that are not on the Internet have computers but they do have telephones, they do have telephones and they do know how to write and they have radios and many, many of those people like us are listing to the radio program right now and I don't think I go up on the website because they don't have a computer to do that. Okay, that don't even most of them don't have televisions. That's right, a private listen to the radio and and so a lot of them live out way out yonder in the country like you did you and they'd actually have to get in the car driving to town, go to a library and hopefully get someone helpful on the Internet computer out right but now they can get that by simply writing to us at WR W is W are no 14781 Sperry SPE RR White Rd., Newberry any W you are why OH 44065 for you that are on the computer does go to our website. WR that you about org and the geek show you right there how you can you can apply for our newsletter. By the way I wanted.

I want to say this to because we got people say why didn't you have this you had this politician on Academy White and have another okay now you find that that list and want to know why I haven't had say Josh Mandel and white. Why don't you go first of all phone we don't we don't go and solicit politicians. They come to us. Kate, the reason we've had some on the non-others is because the ones we've had on have asked to be their best to be okay so and so here now. In fact, Josh Mandel then asked to be on and I gave them my card and I said you call me when you're ready and will set up a time again. I know he's been pretty busy, but if Josh was to be on that that he can only ask Dennis call me call me and he'll whip will put them on, but were running out of time now. Okay, but you know after May 3 after the two are two primaries now just because of the corruption that money that the George Soros money that was spread around to reach the people and to corrupt to do where it comes to the areas of the what you call it when I'm having what your nice tonight. You. Her head scrambled, but it still happens occasionally. Yeah moment. Yeah, nowhere.

Anyhow, they decide what areas what territories easily be and how they cut it up and read to read this and forget it's confusing.

So many people so because of that that dirty money got to the right people on Ohio and we all know that and then there was a so-called court justice Supreme Court justice that was overheard saying that as long as I'm I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure Donald Trump never wins Ohio again and so in this person supposed to be a Republican.

There, what is that thing out of Republican's are Republicans in name only create crop because he was successful because he actually said I want to do this and wouldn't get it. And for some reason I think they hate the fact that he was successful that he would do things he said and makes other people like that and I think there was a lot of resentment. Yeah, it can lead a fellow redox backup like to have a downward truck. But I'm grateful he did. Yeah, it's wonderful. There were a couple rhino politicians got caught saying that is if he keeps this up every people again expect all of us to keep our promises now I think they're all set and are but they are also jealous for many people go to Washington to get rich.

You know they go there some fairly poor. Years later, there are millionaires and some of them some of the richest people in the country are senators and congressmen in the low first or more millionaires in the Democratic Party are Republicans. So they try to say we are the party of the rich know we really aren't.

If the Democrats about five more millionaires will yeah and 10, the wealthiest US senators.

The 10 wealthiest US individual death grants generated yeah and the party out of the rich barely secure the other side doing exactly what they're doing.

Regret telling people that for 30, 40 years, you know, so I mean that something will McConnell's not even then attempted so there you go. Now Goya foods CEO warns we are on the precipice of a global food crisis gives who's been talking about that Jim Reardon mentioning that telling people to get prepared and Iva, grow a garden. You got any kind of backyard you can grow container garden. We're doing our church, our churches are churches going to victory garden this year and so in the Jordan, and in my place where I live. Okay so for Laura's Russian man's fertilizer exports to crush global markets hungry bans all grain exports. Remember a bushel of wheat for pity right.

Earlier this week that it was going to happen. Iowa corn and soybean farmer been Reisch on Tucker Carlson program decided to discuss the massive inflation were about to see in food prices here at home.

According the ranch. Grocery prices may increases up to make me increase of the $1000 per month due to Russian sanctions and fertilizer so stuck in about a $5000 and that's easily almost what it called right now for family of four round rock, Texas. Not only that have useful beautiful garden way out yesterday after paper correctly. Neither livestock or produce department that's drawn up because of the cost of diesel everything that the primary dealing with David his equipment repairs. One of the tractors there not being able to get parts, like Ford Motor, their cars and people ordered. You might have to wait.

Now another year to get your vehicle because they can't get parts. A lot of these new tractors. People don't understand about computer GPS systems they can get the parts they can get the tractors they can get a tractor repair all finalist waiting for parts out of the elf $250,000 tractor is going to do much farming.

If you can't get parts.

Listen to a clip here.

On the other side of the Albert McKay and Linda note you can hear about some of that now remember mad scientist found she is crazy and he's praising China, he said you use lockdowns to force people to take the kill shop apology will not be MSNBC on Thursday morning to discuss China's historic lockdowns in Shanghai philology praise communist China pandemic strategy and discussed the reason for lockdowns to get everyone vaccinated with the experimental death. The death shot down go campaign. I've worked with some of the tapes. The people in my order. The sound of people screaming, crying or were locked up in buildings that are defective or hungry or thirsty. They are screaming and is horrible I can think think of my life that I think that the phenom is a more horrible than most people want in the high-rise building screaming in the night stand. If you don't believe you listed on the Internet. I did hear listen to this inherent here is the people that are responsible for all is the world world economic forum, the world economic formula… Yeah and you are looking at George Soros here you're looking to Bill Gates you looking at Mr. Fauci you looking at Schwab love Schwab okay.

All of these people there that you look at all the whole, the whole bunch of them there all the men and is good article by Tom Rentz is that during April 19 episode of wall. With governments, etc. for okay were up against the rig and were coming against the bank anyhow will be back right after this with a lot more. So do not go away you want to hear one listen to the clip right after the break and were down to about 10 seconds. Right. Okay so nine okay folks, we can close the right back right after this still go away is more to come whitening now. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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