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April 26, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Talk about this night, but if you want to and if you feel it. What this first takes and what I said this morning was the first step in getting out of sin is to realize you're in it and I think that I want to ask each of us tonight. Could you maybe just draw a little circle around just you not think about your neighbor that you think we could really use this or another church member that you think one blather here tonight for the could we draw a circle around ourselves tonight and do a little self analyzation and try to ask ourselves this question in my as close to the father as I used to be in dear friend. I've always said this is kind of a mean statement because I guess all of us were all guilty of this, but if there was a time or season in your life that you were a lot closer to God and a lot more faithful and a lot more excited about serving him than you are right now. It means that you have moved away from him that you might have good reason, and that life might've been rough on you and all these all these type of things in men.

I certainly understand that. But you realize that if there is ever a time that you were closer. The Bible says God is always the same.

He doesn't move. He did move away from you. You have moved away from him and in the process sometimes is so gradual that you won't even realize that it has taken place and if you have ever been fish. You know sometimes that if you go fishing and you don't want to necessarily use an anchor and I went fish and often times in Florida village, although stories of what where my fishing career kind of ended and I used to you know catch all kinds of fish and fish. Rock is a different kind of vision, different things in Florida and I'm, you know, if you just can't do it if you let loose at all, and you're sitting there kind of fishing you don't have a trolling motor on you don't have anything else on it. If you don't pay attention, you can drift sometimes. 4050 feet from the spot that you were and you don't even know what and that's exactly what happens in our Christian life and any all of us have to look at each other tonight just say and not at each other, excuse me, ourselves, and say, could this possibly be for me tonight. Could it possibly be that I need this tonight and if you and I realize that you know what preacher I am a further away than I used to be. What are the steps that I have to take how do I begin this process. How do I get back as close to the father as really I want to be and I don't know how I've gotten this far away, or how my heart's gotten this cold. But how do I get there and I want to notice. Number one tonight and then when I can refer the whole story you're familiar with it, but I wanted essay number one when should we go home. When should we go home. In other words, preacher, how do I know when it's time for me to go home. How do I know that I need to go home. When should we go home as you look at this story this young man had to get to a certain place in his life to realize I need to go back home. So when should we go back home and if you're keeping notes. This takes place between verse 11 and verse 17, but I minute give you the reasons very simply. Tonight let's pray Lord we love you. I ask you to bless Lord in this passage that is preached, out of so often and yet Lord, it seems that we always find something that we need Lord I pray did you bless this tonight in Jesus name, amen. When should we go home number one want you to write this down for keeping notes when you leave the father's house behind when should you go home when you and I need to realize you know what I need to go home first sign is this when you have left the father's house behind Dino for the Christian, the optimal time for coming whole is the instant you realize you've left. Are y'all with me tonight.

The best time for you and I to get back to the father as quickly as we can is the moment we realize we've left you see, the longer your way. The more comfortable your go to become being away. The farther you go the more comfortable you're gonna get with that, the longer we drift, the more okay we are with the fact that we have drifted and and you and IIII think sometimes you and II think we look at ourselves and if you're like me, sometimes you get better at night.

If you if you're not asleep as soon as you hit the pillow at aikido we work so hard different things.

Many of you, but if you have time just to think you begin to think about your life and if you're like me, I think you know, Lord, I should've done that and I should've said this and I you know, Lord. I'm sorry and I begin to realize you know what I wanted off a little bit. I'm not been read my Bible like I should not not been in God's word like I should not not really have the attitude that I should've had a different look at me, the more you and I analyze that and realize that, but we don't do anything about it the harder it's going to be to ever get back home. So when should we go back home number one when you leave the father's house behind the moment you realize you know what, I'm a little bit far away got say something. Look at me, it would've saved this young man a whole bunch of problems and a whole load of money if the moment he walked off that property, he would realize you know what I'm doing the wrong thing leave in my father's house, but he literally had to go as far as he could possibly go before he learned his lesson and it cost him everything dear friend, you and I need to learn to go home. When we leave the father's house behind number two.

If you notice verse 13.

When you begin to live like the world. If you notice in verse 13 and I find this very interesting. The Bible says not many days after the younger son gathered all together, took his journey into a far country notice and there wasted his substance with riotous living. You know how you and I should know that we need to get home is when we begin to live like the world he began to participate in riotous living. By the way, this is a first for this young man, probably because his dad seemed to be a pretty sharp individual in a compassionate individual and obviously in the story is a picture of our heavenly father so his dad must've been a godly individual and this young man would not of been allowed to participate in things like that so obviously this is the first time this young man it ever got involved in some like this and I have seen over and over again young people to raise right taught right in the right got a whole it seems as they begin to rebel against at the first opportunity they get.

They literally want to go off the deep end to be different. The moment you begin to realize your living like the world is the moment you should head back home because of you and I get to a point that were starting to live like the world we have left too far we've gone too far. Y'all get what I'm saying tonight's amen. Let's face it, there is a marked difference between the Christian and the world. Well me. Just let me rephrase that there is a marked difference between Christ and the world promise sometimes you look at the Christian in the world.

There's not a whole lot of difference is not much difference in our churches. There's not much difference in our music. There's not much difference in our attitude is not much difference in so many things that you know what. Before long the church can begin to look like the world and the world to begin to look like the church and dear friend Courtney this story when you start doing things like the world does them. That's a sign you have left the father's house number three tonight.

When should we go home when you lose the father's blessings when you lose the father's blessing notice. If you would. Verse 14 and when he had spent all all the blessings that his father had just bestowed upon this young man it was all gone and dear friend when you leave the father's house. Before long you're going to go through all of the blessings you been given doesn't mean God still not good and got so that meet needs and God still don't know where you are. Look at me dear friend I'm here to say that all the good things that you have reaped and benefited from living for God when you take off from the father's house and we begin to get a guilty distance away and it usually begins with our attitude in our thinking. Then it begins with our actions and it goes from all those things before long now. We got a rotten attitude, rotten action.

We don't want to be in the house of God.

We don't want the things of God and before long you think they everything still okay with me.

The bills are still getting paid.

In fact, there are people in my neighborhood printer that don't go to church don't have anything to do with God and are making money left over right and they seem to be doing well and they quit coming to church here, and they seem to be successful. Look at me, dear friend. Before long they will lose God's blessing you have all the success you want. That is not God's blessings. This young man as he wandered far away from father also realized everything the father had given was gone. You and I need to learn to turn back home when we realize look at me that we have lost the blessing of the father.

You and I live in a way that God can't bless that we have sacrificed something that is very valuable and you don't know how bad you need to. You've lost I could so many stories about that, but I'm not going to get into that tonight. I say that when God's blessings begin to be stripped from one's life.

It is a good sign that somebody needs to head back to the father's house, dear friend, may I say this you can have all the money you want the bank and all the material things you have.

But when one day you realize that you have left the father's blessings you realize you don't have anything I wanted to notice.

Fourthly, when should we go home number four is this when you are left with nothing. Bible says in verse 15 and 16. Notice this and he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country and send them into the fields to feed swine. Anything would've filled his belly with the little house that the swine did eat. No man gave unto him. He literally had nothing and a lot of times you and I they will preach. I just don't really have much we do poor in this country is rich in other countries and in on all this may not have everything we wish we had will have more than we need look at me when I say this young man didn't have anything. I mean he didn't have shoes.

He only had the clothes on his back and he had nothing to eat.

He had nothing.

Now here's what's interesting. The Bible says that God's children will never go hungry. You know when you and I need to realize you know what I need head back to the father's house. We have nothing. Unfortunately, that's usually where a person has to get before they head back home. May I say this in a loving way. Proverbs 1315 says good understanding give a favor, but the way of transgressors is hard year that the way of transgressors is hard. It's a hard road. It's a rough road. It's a tough road when you leave the father's house.

I wanted to mention this story I will I was. He won't give names because we are on Internet. Sometimes different things and is obviously I have the names but I just you know some of them will think about it. I want to give the name just like today. This happened but you know I don't want to say in case you know that in a minute. Everyone on the Internet, but I found the story of a man in Georgia who was very mad at the church he been going to and it was an independent Baptist church.

I can imagine somebody getting mad and independent Baptist church but I understand that that happens from time to time. This man had refused to go to church for years. He was just mad about everything he did go to another church a just and go to church at and he had a young son that led been riding a bus to that church and every Sunday morning that young man would get dressed needs a daddy will you go to church with me today and his dad would you just say some quick abrupt word like of course not, you know better than that, but he let his son go. This went on for months and Sunday morning would come to getting to go to church with me today, and it can't build up to the point. This man said literally one day be kind just got sick sick of it was in a bad mood by the way a Christian that is out of fellowship with God is a miserable person just isn't enough.

You got a rotten attitude and a right spirit just you better look at yourself as you might really not be right with God because a person that isn't is miserable or just angry and miserable and cantankerous. You know and and up so this young man just came of that is a daddy I'm going person are you getting you to go to church with me today. Daddy and his dad just turn around and he actually cussed his son out and he went blank blank blank. You know I'm not going to church now quit asking if you ask one more blankety-blank time.

I'm going to beat the blank out you so that young men went out of the house. The dad sat down not know if you are a parent like me. It's kinda hard to hear this but that young men went out got the bus went to church came back home that afternoon that's in there watching TV. The gamer some young men came into good Bible put in the room came back in the living room and went outside to play and as he was outside playing that dad just sit there. Kinda mad and bitter. You know different things and he seemed to hear this and he opened up the door and this took place about 60 miles north of Atlanta, apparently from the story that young man been playing ball with the neighbor friend out that front yard and had run out to get a ball in the car had that young man that dad when he looked out the window, saw his son laying there in the car sitting there in the individual been drunk car resist, hold their face and like this and in people begin to run out and that dad ran out to that Sunday that Carney got down a big upset son sorry okay blood all over this young man. His father said that his young man looked at him and said daddy since you won't go to church with me. Would you at least go to heaven with me and died that deficit with his dead son in his arms he went back to the father's house, but it cost him his son different. I'm here to tell you what would it cost you.

What would God have to do to get humility back in our life.

For God's spirit back in our life and desire to get back is close to the father as we used to have were going through the motions and were going through the action.

But, dear friend. When you realize Lombards call my hard drive. All the blessings that God used to put on my life I've left all that I need to do something about it. What would it cost to get to that point because this young man. Everything just like it did this dad went to the notice for when should we go home you to write this one down when you long for the father's house.

You know when you know you need to go back home. When you miss it you know you gotta get back in church when you miss dear friend. I don't care how far you go you will be line for your teeth. If you tell me that there was a time in your life when you are right with God and serving God and love God and you got away from all that you'd be lying to me. If you didn't tell me there are some times in your life when nobody else is around. But there are some tears that go out of those eyes because you miss it and you miss the power of God and humans that experience say something our father's house is so wonderful that if you leave it you're going to miss know when you and I know we need to get back right with God when we miss being that close you can sit right in God's house and miss it for God. I remember when I used to sit here and preacher would preach tears of flow down live in God's conviction would be so heavy on me.

I couldn't wait to get to that altar and get things right. My life, I couldn't wait to get in that car and talk to God in the morning on the way to work and slowly and gradually just got further and further and further away from God's house and dear friend I'm here to tell you if you're missing it, it's time to come back home. When should we go home get all those reasons. Number two how should we go home.

I preacher you made your point. I think I should know I should.

If I'm honest I think that there's a stairs in my life that need attention. How do I do it well. In the story it doesn't just show the point that this young man had to get to before he got right. It shows through the life of this young man how we are supposed to get right.

I find in verse 18 and 19. If you'll notice this. The Bible says, obviously in verse 17 when he came to himself, he began to long to be back in the father's house like I just told you, and then in verse 18. He says this I will arise and go to my father number one I want to see is how my supposed to get back home preacher number one with resolve. That means this their only way you or I will ever get back close to the father like we are supposed to be is if we decide to do it. What I find interesting. A lot of times people will want to go to a church service and the want the pastor somehow to motivate them to get back to being close with God dear friend if you have to be motivated to do it. It's not going to last very long. The only thing that is going to get you and I'm back to the father's house and back in close fellowship with the father is when we decide I don't care what I have to do. I'm going to do it and what I told you, and y'all got many of you laughed at me and you got left because you know you're right about it but you know what you know why I told you why some people come to church and you want to say. Well this then they have this habit is because they don't want to and I told you, you know want to eat anything you want to say why do white individuals not do such and such and listening to me always wipe her also.

Let me tell you why. It's because you've lost your desire to go not only in sickness and I'm not talk about that.

Obviously you know that but you know what you and I as human beings we find a way to do what we want to do you know that I mean I would say something to look this morning for the birders him to sit in the in the in the middle of the aisle on that wheelchair. Look for the Charles eyes narrowed his wheelchair sit out there.

We got into business billing me tell you something they got every good reason not to be in the house of God tonight wanted to go through all that put the wheelchair in the car, get out of the car. An oxygen tank doing all these things.

Why do they go through all that, because human beings do what they want to do with a something when you decide I want to get back to the father you will do it, how to go back only one with resolve number two with repentance. If you would. Verse 18 this is how the sun came back home. I will arise and go to my father. That's resolve and will saying to him. Father, I have sinned against heaven and before the and am no more worthy to be called the son that's repentance. I have sinned against heaven and before the just. If he would've gotten as far saying I have sinned, that would've been way further than most of us ever get to we would go to the father's it will. Father let me explain why I left so-and-so did this to me how it is going through a hard time, and so on. So we we blame, we blame everybody else. This son got to the point you get back to the father. When you decide to get back with resolve and when you come back to the father with repentance.

Now look at me, God will take anybody back at any time.

It doesn't matter anything you've done, but he does require that if you're to come back.

You have to come back with there has to be a spirit inside of us that says God, I'm the one that did wrong. This is my fault repentance. What I find. Here is not owing to this young man experience a change of circumstances, but he almost. He also experienced a change of heart. I mean a lot of things changed in this young man's life with the most important thing. His heart changed told you this morning. He left they said father give me any came back and said father make me it totally swamped. Things changed.

I think about David after his sin with Bathsheba and all the pitiful things that David did. The Bible says that he came to God and repented of his sins and he confess them before the Lord, and cleansing and forgiveness came straight from the father dear friend when you come with repentance. God hears you. David said Psalm 32. I acknowledge my sin into the mine iniquity have I not hid. I said I will confess my transgression unto the Lord. And now for gave us the iniquity of my sin. Psalm 51. David said Friday. Acknowledge my transgressions. My sin is ever before me against the and the only have I sinned, and done this evil nisi that thou might us be justified when the house because, and be clear, when thou judges dear friend over and over and over again we find in the Bible that God for gave the worst of sinners, and God for gave the most evil of individuals, but he always did it when they came with repentance. A lot of people say I want to be back with the father but I want to blame everybody else for what happened, dear friend, God's gotta see humility in us.

It's my fault that I wondered off my fault that I left. How do we go back home with resolve with repentance number three with respect is very importantly, verse 19 he said this ceases on the tell my father I am no more worthy to be called thy son make me as one of thy hired servants.

What is interesting he left wanting all the money that the father would give him any came back willing to just be a slave, yet a total change of heart and he had so much respect. Look at me for his father and his father's house that he said I am not worthy to be his son. This wasn't a show he talked about this before he ever saw the father.

Now, a lot of us are good at this speech when everybody listen, but this was going on in this young man's heart before he ever even got back home, and he literally it is heartfelt. I'm not even worthy to be his son so much respect he had. He's basically saying this. My father is so good and I am so bad that I am not worthy to be his limited when gotta start getting your life in my life and begin to work when you and I realize that he is so good and we are so bad we don't deserve to be his children, but we are because he loves us.

You and I have got to come back with respect for the father, a humble spirit realizes that it deserves nothing but judgment and punishment.

Humble spirit demands nothing from the Lord humble spirit comes before him willing to be and to do whatever God could demand a humble spirit just wants to be back in the father's house.

I'll be a slave. I got said this morning. I'll clean the toilets. I'll take out the trash. I'm not worthy to be your son anymore, but I just want to be a slave.

I just want to be back around the father resolve. Yet he had resolve. You say, well, did you have repentance you but he had respect.

Know what I find interesting is that some people play games with people.

Some individuals tell people what they know. People want to hear you are to have enough respect for God's house.

You don't play those games with God. What you come up to an altar and play a little game put on a little show for individuals make yourself appear to be though. I'm just Mr. super Christian whatever and you know deep at home. The opposite is going on. They taste you and I should have respect for the house of God. He demands honesty from us. I have gotten down to pray. I can't take how many times a God.

I have a rotten attitude right now. I have a rotten spirit you been better to me than I deserve. But Lord, I'm selfish right now I am full of junk and I I'm mad and I'm this and on patent. God I'm knocking to hide it from you because you know what anyway got I'm coming you because I need a change of heart and attitude number three what will we find when we go home this good verse 20 and €21 when he came to his father, Bill, and he was yet a great way off, his father saw him had compassion ran fell on his neck and kissed and we talked about that this morning over 21 and the son said in him. Father, I have sinned against heaven and in eyesight and no more worthy to be called thy son like verse 22 but the father said he never got to finish his speech. You see, it's really not important what you say support what's in here. The sun didn't have to tell the father that I've been humbled. He could see in the sun that he'd been humbled and dear friend is not our speeches that we give to God. It is not our grand ability and capabilities. God sees right through us right into our heart. He knows when were humble and he knows when we're remorseful that he knows when we have respect for him. He doesn't need to hear our speech.

He just has to see our heart. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone in 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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