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What is The Tribulation?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 20, 2022 5:00 am

What is The Tribulation?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 20, 2022 5:00 am

Chris Hughes looks in the pages of the Bible to describe the coming events of the Tribulation and End Times Prophecy.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts of starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

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Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris about. We took a look at the rapture. What is the difference between the rapture and the second coming today and talk about even people when you look in the word of God. When you look at into income property will look at something called the tribulation what is the tribulation, nearly 4 in 10 Americans.

Almost 40% said they agreed that the invasion of Russia into your training is a sign of biblical office becoming the past that the last days, that's amazing that many people are paying attention or realizing that we really could be living in the end times now is conversation all share with you again the ball said no man knows the day or Ali Jesus will come again, and we recently talked about the difference between the rapture and the second coming of the rapture is when Jesus comes in the air and those of been saved. Going to meet them in the air second coming is when Jesus as he stepped foot back on the ground out an area of contention among a lot of Christians is when will that happen. Some people believe is called a pre-tribulation rapture meeting Jesus will come again for his church, the bride of Christ. I will be people would just attend church with people who have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and servant heart, soul, mind and body steel come from them normally come before this time called the tribulation loaded, the military come after you be talking about so stick around today shows can be interesting. Walking the Christian perspective anchors you don't think Mid-America body theological Center for being the home of the Christian perspective studios nearly bring you our show each and every day, Aldara wonderful campus right here in Memphis Tennessee. If you're looking for place to go to school to college and that America is a wonderful Christian college rear students will develop a biblical worldview, solar great subject matter content, so don't think it is. Sometimes people think of another Christian school, only a good education. Regular great education but you also get it from a biblical perspective.

Maybe you're going to like where you're looking to learn more about God's word Mid-America Baptist theological seminary to break place for you to continue your education not have to come to Memphis or more of the branch campuses across the country to study the comfort of your home right there online and check them out in a BTS in a Mid-America Baptist theological seminary because we want to thank our show sponsors the Christian, the citizens of America foundation citizens for America foundation. Is it educational organization dedicated and educating and training Christian, I develop a biblical worldview Wednesday Bible study on issues like drinking, abortion and homosexuality. Traditional family values and gun ownership, and so much more citizens for America foundation wants Christians to understand what they believe and why they believe it with a biblical perspective and then take that biblical perspective into the world, not just in the world but specifically to engage in the arena of public policy and politics of their have a great great event on April 30. If you have not registered for the culture Gage Masonic Memphis, Tennessee. Go to citizens for America today that citizens for America and register today to attend the 2022 culture Gage silicates going to be incredible or been talking about income prophecy delete we living in the end times and again I want to be clear that nobody knows for sure when you go and return again but if you look at Bible prophecy and huge portions of the Bible screen that Jesus could be returning at any time because her prophecy is basically a prediction of something that will happen in the future. And when you look at those predictions. Everything that supposed to happen in order for Jesus to come and rapture the church to take the church away from this earth has taken place. You really Jesus could come at any time or he might like competent volunteer. We don't know, but we need to be living our life with an urgent because Jesus could return it anytime the Bible tells us toward enzymes will be collected at birth pains of a woman where things are going to start happening in rapid succession. Goodness look at the things that happen in our country and our world is change. Share lunch just even in the last few years and we start talking about Intel's events we talk about the size of the Jesus could rapture the church at any minute, and we talked about the difference between the rapture and the second coming.

So today was shift gears a little bit and talk about the tribulation first were going to talk about what's gonna happen during the tribulation.

Again, let me tell you that the tribulation is a period of time described in the Bible is a seven year period of time that seven year clock will begin when a peace treaty is signed with the nation of Israel and asked question many people are looking at is Ukraine situation again. I'm not saying this as any thing to do with the tribulation. Jesus return, but there are some people across the world today that she Russia coming into Ukraine and think that they're not stop there continue their way down towards Israel because her scripture that will talk about again in more detail the wealth describes how an attack will come from a country little work again. A lot of scholars like that's Russia will come against Israel and because of that pressures going on at that time, a seven year peace treaty was truly a peace treaty to be broken seven year shooting 3 1/2 years, but it peace treaty will be signed with Russia having a meeting with Israel. Sorry I with Israel and and then when that these treaties that you better look at me ready for the rapture is imminent at that point. If you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

But either way, the signing of the peace treaty with Israel will kick off a period of time. The Bible refers to as a tribulation seven year.

And at the end of that seven year. Now that's when you're going to know to be ready for the second coming of Jesus when Jesus will literally return to the earth, not just to catch people up in the air, but returning tribulation is divided into two, 3 1/2 year. The first three of your peers to be very bad for the second 3 1/2 is desperately unimaginable and I believe is told you aboard a pre-tribulation rapture one reliably letting God is always delivered his people, Great torture on the earth is never seen anything like like what will devastate so tribulation and talk about some of the major players of the tribulation. The two profits are Bible you are like what the antichrist hundred and 44,000 witnesses, and so much more. So what is on the tribulation. When will again in who experienced the horrors of the tribulation.

I want to go to Kerr leader Aldrich questions and talk about a Christian perspective.

Today they are questions which every Christian should know the answers all your studying the Bible is huge for survival talks about Jesus return and the prophecy of what can happen and in time days and we as Christians need to get God's work. We need to know what we believe and what we believe it. Matthew 24 verse one says, for then shall the great tribulation, such was not since the beginning of the world to this time no more shall ever be. Remember what I told you I do not believe that Christians will be here during the tribulation. I told you why. Revelation 310 promises that God will keep his church from the wrath to come.

What is it say Revelation 310 says because The word of my patients. I also will keep these in the hour of temptation. I believe that our temptation is a tribulation.

The Bible goes on to say we shall come upon all the world. Try them that dwell upon the earth. The Bible clearly teaches the tribulation will be a seven year period of time is gonna be like.

Unlike any time ever previously experienced in the history of the world is going to be nurse to be studied is regulated right after. Not long after Jesus body that Jerusalem was destroyed destroyed around 70 A.D. and more than a million people were killed at that time listed maybe were sent out more people would die during the tribulation and the black backs get a black leg rabbit your killed more than 9 million people is gonna be worse then Calvin. It will be worse than World War I growing more than 20 million people were killed in World War II were nearly 50 million people kill is can be a terrible terrible time suffering.

I want to tell you, you do not want to be here when that is already seen much of the Bible is prophetic in nature but more time is given in the Bible to discuss the tribulation. Did any other prophetic event that you so a majority of Christians don't have a clue really what the tribulation is just a block which gave or what capital during that time Oregon Volvos dedicated to the tribulation. Any other event any important gross to know what the Bible stands and while the Bible says in on anything different. Usually the important intelligence and what can happen during that time he particularly during this time we call the tribulation and the Bible.

Tribulation is referred to. So if you hear these terms segment tribulation warned the terms of the Bible talks about is the time of Jacob's trouble. Remember, Abraham, was a founding father of various religions and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob. Isaac said the grandson of Abraham this time is called the time of Jacob's trouble.

Why is that because that's really referring to Israel. Israel Collins from Jacob in the Israel nation, God is trying to get the attention of his people, the Israelites people nation of Israel are God's chosen people in the tribulation is gonna be centering on getting their attention to Arizona's time of Jacob's trouble is also called the tribulation is called the day of the Lord the wrath of God and the wrath of the Lamb. If you hear any of these terms. These terms are referring to that seven year period of time in the bottle. Install the tribulation. You know the tribulation is mentioned by the prophets in the Bible.

39.sub is mentioned once in the Bible. It should be important and gather our attention. But if is specifically discussed 39 times in the Bible that we as Christians need to understand tribulation know what it is what you expect and be prepared so we are not here so we been enraptured by Jesus Christ not here with What is a tribulation tribulation is a seven year period of time when God invented discipline. Israel and finalize the judgment of the unbelieving God try to get our attention. God wants us to spend an eternity in heaven one day and we have rejected reject and reject, in particular the nation of Israel rejected him.

Jews have rejected him.

God wants his chosen people, the Jews, the people of Israel turn to him in this area.

Upon the seven year period of time.

The effect of the entire world is really going to be a focus on the this show is brought to you by generous jokes.

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The world of politics in this fascinating channel during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of years to face one's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic limited fight like a wailing rock dome of the intelligence flopped at Chris through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own faith and conviction against the hand to place that I savings bank, the inherently Jewish fortress in the final fee first hand ready event that the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens funding and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating family is not there is an underlying 39 years signing helping families to relationship 1999 on Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate in line. Enjoy American Indians of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had been ministered to by colonial missionary David Brainerd for this day April 20, 1718, with his interpreter, he wrote horseback along the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers camping at night. David contracted tuberculosis and was nurse at the home of Princeton University Pres. Jonathan Edwards and died at the age of 29 in his diary, which is inspired millions David Brainerd Road. Oh how precious is time and how it pains me to see it sliding away. While I do so little to any good purpose that God would make me more. This is an American minute with no federal free transcript all American minute at one 880 USA will is she talking about Bible prophecy topical Lord of the Bible Bible prophecy today. We want to talk about tribulation. What is the tribulation before the break. Tribulation is a seven-year period of time when God is really to focus attention on unbelievers and specifically focuses attention on the people of Israel to try to get them to turn back to God and to turn from their wicked ways to get Jesus Christ is actually Messiah and get their attention to who is to be in the tribulation will again.

I have told you that my theory of talk about this more on the show on previous shows is that I believe in a pre-tribulation, pre-tribulation rapture. In other words, I believe that Jesus will take his followers away from the before the tribulation. Either way whether you believe that Jesus takes is one for the tribulation ability tribulation after the tribulation we need to live our lives with urgency because Jesus could return at any time while people asked will Christians go through the tribulation and I believe I just said no, that those who've asked Jesus to forgive their sin to change their lives and promise to serve the rest of their lives will be rapture party tribulation on what I just described a coalition initiated.

You don't know for sure if you died today you didn't Jesus return today that you go to heaven. It's a simple process and it's so simple. People don't like is even real. Wishing you all your people because a lot of you think I'm good enough to get heaven got about her getting updated.

Sin separates us from God. The Bible tells us all sin falls short of the glory of God, while tells Jerome 623.

The wages of sin or death. In other words, because we extended that separated us from God. We deserve to die and spend an eternity in hell. One day, so the only saving grace is John 316 God tells us from God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son is charitably banana should not perish but have everlasting life. The only way across to have an eternity with God in heaven one days as Jesus to forgive us of our sins to change our laws and promise to serve him. The rest of her a lot. If we do that than the Bible tells us that one day either. When we die, or when Jesus comes again that we will spend an eternity in heaven one day these bodies that we live in our earthly vessel they're only going to live over lucky 7080 years and some people little bit longer for the Bible tells us that we have a soul that lives within us. This year that spirit, we live throughout all of eternity in the decisions that we make in this life affect whether that all will either spend an eternity in a place of eternal damnation called L or a place called heaven in the presence of God Almighty. In Jesus Christ, you might say will Chris I don't believe in hell. Let me offend you. Whether you believe your lot does not matter because it still real and if you don't believe in it, you're going. I don't want you to spend an eternity in hell. I want you to dedicate your lucky Jesus Christ and I do not want you have to go through the tip tribulation. The Bible clearly tells us in first Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 13 to 18 and in first Corinthians 15 versus 51 through 53 that God's people will be removed. I believe prior to the tribulation. God always removed his people from a time of great wrath, whether it be a lot remember when Lawton's family lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, and God gave them the opportunity to leave before he destroyed that area and then remembering the time of Noah. When God told Noah to build an ark because very few people just that when his family were serving God the world and gotten so wicked at that time when God delivered them from the flood to destroy the entire neural first Thessalonians 5 not as clear that the people that God will remove his people in the Tomo graph. That is,, Grafton is talking about their area of town. It is called the tribulation. So what are the other names for the tribulation.

We covered some of these and what cannot go fast to remember read all the Scriptures, but I'll tell you where you can look them up and find that what I'm saying is true. Again, don't ever trust me or any man or woman who says something you need to be grounded in the word of God and is not what my opinions and I share with you when it versus what the Bible says it is not important what Chris used. Thanks. Was important is what the word of God says. The Bible is the and Eric which means are no errors in it. It is the holy Scriptures. It is the word of God is infallible. There are no mistakes and we need as Christians need to believe the entire word of God. A lot of so-called preachers in the world today there telling people well the whole Bible is not true or Jesus didn't create.

God didn't create the heavens and the earth. There was some Big Bang or all the other nonsense undelivered preacher you're spewing you need a list of that nonsense. The best way to read the Bible is to interpret it as it is written in and in most cases you can do that and when there is a case you need to just take it for what it says that you can't just pick a verse here their house going to be regulation itself which you need to get any word of God understand the context in this study history little bit and understand the context of what was going on at that time because sometimes customs the at that time were different than customs in our day and age we may not understand why the Bible says something and says that we need to not just renegotiating their read entire passage of Scripture to understand what's going wrong and then understand the content of what is being presented in the Scripture will read so worried he tribulation referred to on the use of the example Barbara told you making all throughout the Bible and the tribulation is the most discussed prophetic event in the bottle so the day of the Lord is mentioned in Isaiah chapter 2 verse 12 and Isaiah 49 verses six and nine in Joel chapter 1 verse 15 and Joel chapter 2 verse 21 verse 11 and 31 Joel chapter 3 verse 14 and first Thessalonians 52. Again, I will be rattling off a lot of verses here Megan Reed and Tom. You can go back.

This show will be released later today on the podcast anywhere you get your all podcast letters from our network. The Truth Network of Apple carpet, podcast, respondents are needed or may be you can go back to listening and asserting Truth Network we have a transcript to you be in receipt of all of these verses listen now is also called trouble tribulation in Deuteronomy 4, verse 30 and Zephaniah chapter 1 verse one is called the great tribulation. The great tribulation.

By the way, if you remember from previous show is the second half of the same year. So the entire seven-year.

It is called the tribulation the second 3 1/2 years that seven-year period will flow to as the great tribulation and I can be the most tense period of time that the world is ever seen and that's reference in Matthew chapter 24 of verse 21 is Matthew chapter 24 verse 21, where you can learn about the time of the great tribulation, which is the second half of the seven-year. He tribulation is called the time or day of trouble in Daniel chapter 12 verse one, data control in Daniel chapter 12 verse one and Zephaniah chapter 1 verse 15 call the time of Jacob's trouble.

Remember Jacob's trouble.

Jacob is a reference to Israel because Israel descended from Jacob, and God is try to get the attention of Israel, specifically during that time, Jake always called the time of Jacob's trouble in Jeremiah chapter 30 verse seven is called the day of vengeance of God day of the vengeance of God.

Isaiah 34 eight and Isaiah 63 verses one through six were God is going to begin his negative vengeance against sin because God cannot & and sin separates us from God is called the 70th week of Daniel in Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 through 27 were Daniel just thousands of years ago described in great detail was going to happen during the period of time called the tribulation is called the time of the in Daniel chapter 12 verse lot on the great day of his wrath in Revelation 612 is called the hour of his judgment, because remember God is judging for in Revelation chapter 14 verse seven is called into the world, which many people think that we're approaching right now the end of the world is referred to in Matthew chapter 14 verses 40 in verse 49 is called the indignation in Isaiah chapter 26 verse 20 in Isaiah chapter 34 verse two in Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 tribulation is referred to as the desolation of abomination in Daniel chapter 12 verse one is called the time of troubles as never before. Now list today so you have an idea of some of the places throughout the Bible were God will closely and Tom event we call tribulation Michelle New York. Terrible things of the one of the long during the tribulation. One of the reasons that I love to study Bible prophecy because God's word is always true in God's word is a God's word I'm talking about the Bible is also always accurate. So don't listen to liberal preachers to don't believe in the energy of Scripture or the sufficiency of Scripture. When you study every prophecy given in the Bible everywhere that came true as God said it would come. God's word is always true.

And it's always accurate. Our understanding tribulation comes from Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 to 27 were dimensional while ago, the prophet Daniel talks about something called the 70 weeks. Daniel chapter 9 verse 24 talks about imputed time God is given is what the Scripture says to finish the transgression, to make an end of skin to make an atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place over the next verse tells dictated is going to bring in 10%. When Jesus finally comes in the second coming neck of the millennial kingdom. That's where they will never be seen on this earth again and I can't wait for that day will will live in perfect Army with Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit is making atonement for iniquity as well bring in everlasting righteousness can be a great day and hope all is that Jesus would do the right around states of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is very busy and nationally syndicated radio host and founder American foundation, Dr. Chris before meeting Dave Internation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden Washington DC and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage tour will include an up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the centuries learned on the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles.

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Welcome, my first two were taken a few days here to talk about in time prophecy in and before you get back into where we were just one kind review again so you know what we've been talking about where were going future. Just join the show in town. Prophecy is so important because by understanding what the Bible says about away and we should not be shot descriptions weeks were surprised, sometimes with what's going on. We shouldn't be because the Bible tells us these things are going to happen. The Bible tells us that in the last days so many different things, and with it, I'm going to be describing here these few days on a radio show so many things are going to happen and that it becomes like a woman in labor is what the bowel tells us because you know when a woman is a labor. She starts half of birth pains. They grow increase in in the severity of the paint and the frequency of how often how those things happen and that's exactly what were saying here. Whether we look at strange weather patterns are happening across the world and people talk about you to as global warming and climate change because it's not just warming schooling. Things are changing on a continuous leader a lot of very powerful hurricanes and tornadoes in tsunamis and tidal waves all across the world even though we don't necessarily feel of the United States. Yet salmon more so than ever before. All across the world's always different things are happening there increasing in frequency and we don't need to be alarmed because if we read God's word. If you read of the book of Revelation, which is the last book of the Bible and the New Testament read Ezekiel and Daniel in the Old Testament and other books. Many other books about about 1/3 of the Bible dedicated to different prophecies in the Bible tells us was going to happen in these times and so we as Christians usually do realize not know get scared or crazy.

But realize this, what God told us what happened in portable we need to do is Christians as live our lives with a sense of urgency we need to understand that Jesus is coming very soon and if we going to live our lives with a sense of urgency that one of the things that that were going to do is were spent a lot more time in prayer because prayer prepares us for what God wants us to do to be his vessel and then the next, and really the most important thing that we need to do is we need to tell everybody we know about Jesus Christ. So if you claim that your Bible believing Christian. If you believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth. He lived a sinless life. He died on the cross and he rose again for the graver we just just a few days ago celebrated Easter. If you believe in those things and you also will believe that Jesus is coming again as he said he would answer that means we need to have our lives prepared and ready we need to tell everybody we know that Jesus is coming again because these bodies are just an earthly vessel. If you're lucky, you might live 70 to 90 years acute because grace you that, live but there's a spirit inside this body of soul Bible tells us is going to live for all of eternity in the decisions that we make on this earth determine whether that body spit that so spends an eternity in a place called hell on eternity in a place called heaven and God's presence and a lot of people don't leave until the day and you know you heard me say this before it's offensive to people that believe in it. That means you're going is still real. Whether you believe it or not and if you don't believe that you're going to spend an eternity. Hell is a terrible place of torture and damnation and pain. Very few preachers talk about hell today but I'm telling you that hell is a very real place.

I don't want to go there and I don't want anybody that knows that I don't even want my enemies together and that's why I have committed my life to telling other people about Jesus Christ. I want to encourage you to do the same.

A lot of people never even heard Jesus, I was an unknown get cut off the bottle prophecy her for a few minutes but is a little over a week ago on the Tucker Carlson show Fox News or Shealy with the Tucker Carlson it was it was a Jesse water show. They went out and they interview people on the street about a holiday that was coming up that holiday was Easter a lot of people didn't know the Easter was coming in the even as it did didn't even know what Easter was Easter is the celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ resurrection from the grave and with that is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and it is sad that lot many people know today. They don't know because we as Christians are not telling them I because you don't have the courtesy to tell other people about Jesus Christ. They're going to spend an eternity in hell. One day because we don't have an urgency to tell others about Jesus. So I want to just challenge you as a Christian we have got to both. If we believe it.

If we believe it would gotta act it out Just verbally we have to live our lives in the way we were sharing Jesus Christ with everybody that we come in contact with someone, review here.

What's happening here to get more detail in the tribulation.

Remember we began this process by talking about the importance of end time prophecy is important for Christians to understand what's going on and again as I just shared is because we need to liberalize with an urgency and understand that Jesus is coming again about 2000 years ago after Jesus died on the cross arose again. He was on earth for 40 days, many, many people saw him one occasion there were over 500 people that saw him, and there are 13 references in the in the Bible and the New Testament of when Jesus and he probably revealed himself more than that, but there are 13 instances in the New Testament that are documented when people saw Jesus from the time of his crucifixion and resurrection until the time that he ascended into heaven and then when he ascended, that is called the Ascension that took place in the mall evolved where oh where Jesus ascended into heaven to be with God again and he told us in his word that he will be returning again one day and that's what the church is been waiting for is the return of Jesus Christ. Now there's a term that we use to describe that that is called the rapture now some people want to get high and mighty as they were the work rapture is not in the Bible we know what none of the English words that we use today were in the Bible. At that time with the Thessalonians talks about a snatching away taking away the Greek term for that was her poncho and that's where we get our work rapture today, which means the taking away or snatching away at some point in the future.

And when you look at Bible prophecy word describes what can happen before Jesus returns.

By the way, every single thing the Bible said would have to happen prior to the tribulation, except for one thing has happened prior to the tribulation so that tells us that Jesus could return at any time in his return is imminent and we need to live our lives as if it is imminent and it taking away as I was mentioning just a second ago is referred to as the rapture are different theories on the rapture. Some people believe that the rapture will take place before the tribulation.

Some people believe it will take place in the middle is called a mid-trip you. Some people believe that it will take place at the end of the tribulation and people don't believe that there will be a rapture all their other theories as well as those of the made theories of the tribulation of the rapture so the rapture is a phase where Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven. The Bible says those who are dead in Christ shall rise first. Those who are alive and remain the believe in him shall be caught up in the air.

So in other words, God is going to have an anointed time where Aeschylus and Jesus in the clouds to call away. All believers in Jesus Christ all followers of Christ. What we call Christians today. The second coming of Jesus is a two-phase event. The first phase is a rapture were Christians were taken away into the sky. That's the rapture at some point after the rapture will begin a seven year period of time that we call the tribulation that seven year period of time will begin with a peace treaty being signed with Israel.

The Bible talks about will go to cover this in greater detail and you can do a quick overview this technical quick. The Bible talks about there will be a time of seven year period of time is to be a very bad time on this earth. The first 3 1/2 years of every really bad, but the second 3 1/2 will be what the Bible refers to as the great tribulation will be a terrible, terrible. But that will begin. So if you want to know and Bible selling is exactly want to know exactly when the tribulation will begin. It will begin when a peace treaty is signed with Israel. So at some point we know between now and that time that somebody is not have to invade Israel. The Bible talks about armies from the north and a lot of people believe those armors for the North to Russia and some other Islamic allies in the Middle East. That's why so many will bet people were concerned are still are concerned with Russia's invasion invasion of Ukraine, Russia captures the Ukraine, Ukraine, many people believe that and I don't know if they will or not but many people believe that they'll plow through Ukraine and there keep heading their way toward Israel at some point there will be an attack on Israel because of what will happen at that time, there's gonna be a need for peace treaty to stop them a peace treaty will be set that will begin the seven year period of time.

Tribulation were talking about in more detail in just a minute. All the things are happening will be happening during the tribulation. The Bible tells us at 3 1/2 years into the tribulation. Three and half years into the seven year. Antichrist is going to go to Jerusalem and he is going to desecrate the temple in Jerusalem, and put a statue of himself up and demand everybody in the world worship at statue. So what does that tell us that tells us that there will be another temple built on the Temple Mount that can happen right now. If you studied Israel ever been there but there are two a month Islamic mosque that are on hold. The area that we refer to the Temple Mount area where the old temple used to be in order for a new temple to be built there. Those mosque have to be taken down. I believe it whenever that happens, this was going to cause us great war or peace treaty.

You have to be fun because there are millions of Muslim Muslims of the world and they are not going to be very happy about those mosque being broken taken down the dome of the rock is the third most holy place and all the Islamic religion are not going to take it lightly when that happens. So the antichrist three and half years is coming to this new temple, and he is going to build a statue to himself and then things are really really gonna get bad for the next 3 1/2 years.

In the end of that 3 1/2 year.

The Bible tells us that Jesus will return again is different. Remember we talked about this are ready for the rapture is a rapture where Jesus takes his Christians away this earth, and they meet him in the air. He does not, stand split on the ground when he comes back in the second coming at the end of the tribulation. A seven year. The Bible tells us that he is in a step his foot down on the Mount of olives, which is where he left before she was coming back place to the left and there's the mean earthquake Mount of olives is going to split in Jesus and his armies. So in the first phase we go up to heaven in the second coming more detail talking like that happen around like that name and organization or individual life can be difficult as socially give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way.

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Paul will flow to the tribulation and the Bible and the book of Daniel, God said that he will fulfill all these things. 70 weeks when Daniel referring to a week is not a seven day week as we doubt the Hebrew word injected which is translated as a week in Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 to 20 main seven and 70 weeks literally means 77 or 707, 707 is 490 God referring to 490 years, which is confirmed in Daniel chapter 9 chapter 9 verse 24 that we talked about a while ago. In other words, 707 is 490 years 697 is 483 years. Both the Hebrews and the Babylonian Jews, a 360 day calendar which is different from the calendar that we use today get a little confusing yourself. Stick with me the message. You can go through this process. There are exactly 483 years from the time of Israel's captivity until Jesus is crucifixion. Remember I mentioned Lago 69,483. There are exactly 483 years the time of Israel's captivity until Jesus crucifixion 483 years times 360 day equals 173,880 days. The Persian emperor architecture is one unanimous who ruled Persia from 646 BC until 424 BC issued an edict to rebuild Jerusalem on the status of the call Nissan in the 20th year of his right, which is roughly March 5 444 BC 173,880 days later is March 30 33 A.D. that is a significant day as people celebrate Easter. Here's a map March 5 444 BC March 5 33 A.D. equals 176 years because one BC to 180 is one year. There's no year-over-year 376 3.6 Paul on datalink, which is a modern year equals 173,855 days till March 5 25 days until March 30 33 A.D. which is exactly 5 days before the Passover on April 3 of the three A.D. so what happened exactly 5 days before the Passover that year. Go to your Bible and read John chapter 12 verse one and see what it said. March 30 was the triumphal entry the day upon which Jesus presented himself to the nation of Israel as their Messiah was the first time in his entire ministry that Jesus allowed himself to be publicly proclaimed of the Messiah, God's word is always accurate.

Daniel predicted to the Holy Spirit's guidance that very day Jesus death ;-) hundred years recorded quote 120. We need to trust God world and is always treated.

That leaves us seven years engagement to be fulfill mostly been years of ovulation.

So what happened during the call to be steel judgment trumpet judgment what the Bible called bulging windows make the tribulation was comprised of many torments and plagues and it will be much worse than what happened when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt Bible tells us that there will be seven steel judgment seven trumpet judgments and seven bowl judgments. Each of these three second judgment are different.

In judgments from God.

Each judgment will get progressively worse through that and more devastating.

The time progresses the seven seal judgments will bring in his judgment seven trumpet judgments will bring in the seven bowl judgments and goals will lead to the second coming.

While the rapture, the second coming of Jesus when Jesus will return to earth and set up his millennial kingdom. What are the 70 judgment. Seven. Seal judgments are found in Revelation chapter 6 verses 1 to 17 Revelation chapter 8 working 135 force.the first four seal judgments are commonly known as the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Again, I'm not talking about wrestling and Rick where the original portion from the word of God.

The first seal which is also the first portion of the Apocalypse introduces the antichrist.

In Revelation chapter 6. The antichrist is a false imitator between Christ and he will be given great authority and will attempt to conquer all those who oppose it. The second seal which is the second portion of the Apocalypse calls great warfare.

You can read about that in Revelation chapter 6 verses three and four. The first seal import Horsemen of the Apocalypse causes famine in Revelation chapter 6 verses five through six. The famines could also be a result of the great wars it will take place all over the world as we wars going on at that time for the second Horsemen the force field brings about the fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse and plagues and further famine it even more fair and you can read about that in Revelation chapter 6 verses seven and eight, the fourth Horsemen symbolic of death and devastation from the placement, famine and terrible disease. These things are going to spread all over the world.

I would tell you that as bad as the four Horsemen are just a precursor for even worse judgment.

We gonna come during the tribulation the fifth. Theo tells us in Revelation 6 verses nine through 11 that Christians will be martyred for their faith.

Anyone who doubts that people can get saved during the tribulation dispatch.

It's clear that that is Christians cannot be killed for their faith that they don't follow Jesus you understand what I'm saying here.

I believe the trip then the erection church wager Galatian Amish lady well some people asked the question. Can people still get state. I want to tell you that is not a reason to not get saved now you don't want to go to go on during that time that I do believe that the Bible is clear that people will get saved during the tribulation that it talked about people being beheaded because you Christians of the church's rapture the right to be Christians year clearly because people get say during our class VI seal ring devastating earthquake which we call the macula people and terrible devastation around the world. Revelation chapter 6 verses 12 to 14 describe some type of astronomical phenomenon will also occur during the six seal will be so bad.

Revelation 6 versus 16 executive said that people who survived cried out, the Bible says they will say fall on us and hide from the face of him many God who sits on the throne from the wrath of the Lamb degraded and the wrath is come, and who can stand Alice talk about what are the seven trumpet judgment. You know what is terrible, we need to realize that we needed our right allies right with God, seven trumpet judgments all the seven steel judgment or failure.

Revelation chapter 8 verses 6021 Revelation 11 verses 15 to 19 the seven trumpets of the contents of the standard seal that's described in Revelation chapter 8 verses 135. No income earning allotment go get the podcast of the trench.

You can look all this up Revelation chapter 8 was long ago. The first trumpet will cause hail and fire halos like giant dry and all. We get one, bodies falling from the sky and fire that would destroy much of the flintlock on the world. The second trumpet brings what appeared to be a meteor shower. Describe the Revelation 8 verses eight why which will hit the ocean to kill most of the world. Seal the third trumpet of Revelation chapter 8 verses 10 through 11. Similar to the second trumpet and during the third trumpet most of the world, lakes, rivers, and freshwater will be destroyed. The fourth trumpet is found in Revelation chapter 8 verse 12 and it causes the Son of Man to be darkened, which could lead to great temperature and climate changes and it will be global warming global cooling. Revelation chapter 9 verses one through 11 ushers in the fifth trumpet which would be a plague demonic locus in attacking torture. All of humanity and a six trumpet releases a demonic army that will kill one third of humanity really a lot of people already been killed. Now I wonder what's left to be killed that's described in Revelation chapter 9 verses 12 through 21 Revelation 1115 through 1950s to 19 Revelation chapter 15 verses one through 87 trumpet calls for seven angels seven ages or more bring the seven bowls of God's wrath will continue this tomorrow. We talked about seven steel judgment seven trumpet judgments were just large portions of all the population been destroyed. Now the tribulation, the oceans of the world and see like a good destroyed efficiency like a rotting which brings the disease across the world. We just learned where all the freshwater is to be damaged in the world and people are to be killed by these demonic locus enter the world. It is a terrible, terrible time and we need to be ready and make sure that we are living our lives as we expect the return of Jesus Christ.

Some people say will Chrissy Chris you're just trying to scare me in becoming a Christian, you're exactly right that should scare you to death because it's got to be a terrible time and you do not want to be here when the tribulation date spot takes place is a terrible time of death and suffering and goblet had enough. Just imagine, we see how bad society got right now we're still Christians on the circular meeting and praying every day. That's the only thing is really rolling off the wrath of God statement from can take and completely over.

Just imagine a Christian giving rapture in the Christian you take away from this earth demons and Satan are going to take full control was going on the circuit, nearly nothing, no print fabric to hold them back is going to be a terrible, terrible pain is often tomorrow really talk more about this morning jumping to the seven bowl judgments. I want to be sure to come back tomorrow. This podcast will be vitiated will be released podcast later today and you can get that Truth Network will we have off. I guess the transcript of the shed is released with the you can certainly make you where you get your progress will disqualify here today. The Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. This assistance for America foundation, this is the Truth Network

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