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MON HR 2 041822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 19, 2022 12:01 am

MON HR 2 041822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 19, 2022 12:01 am

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Hey kiddo how is the health to learn anything. Yeah that ripping power induces spontaneous joy. The I contest let you do with 50 destinations worldwide from 249 adult drop in for next winter now and save my donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back in Sylvia in California budget $50 thank you Sylvia folks get here.

We still got the wood. Over 4000 ratio will he get one older dude and so the number is 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. And whatever you: you try to I know the for the guys on the line.

The working hard as they can.

We work were short one individual. Tonight I'm here and are pleasurable to NL.

They have to be brief because they can't afford to miss call. We have to one month one week out of the year or the month rather will week of the month we have to raise enough money to stay on for the entire month and that's that's not an easy chore. But thanks you folks and I do want to thank you for all of these years for supporting us and for all of the encouraging letters I really want to thank you for the encouraging letters out there. Yeah. I retired her prayer in your come through wonderfully. You know, Jill the people to send in a prayer request we meet on Thursday morning and bow. I'm going to tell you we got a stack of them.

I mean a stack prayer request. We stay there we stay there until they're all played for and so because we believe in prayer we believe in prayer because God says it works right and does so little more time. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 now. We got some articles go through here very good distance from world news daily by Ardmore and 18 month data driven probe concludes 2020 election was stolen.

Well, we've known that all Catherine Engelbrecht and great films have been engaged in the battle for election integrity for more than a decade and the day after the contested November 2020 vote. They made a pact. Catherine looked at me and said we are going to do what were going to do.

Phyllis recounted an in-depth video interview with turning point USA funder Charlie clerk Kirk oscilloscope Phillips recalled.

She said let's go all in. Eventually hired a dozen people will put in 16 hour days for 15 months, combining tied initially through cell phone geolocation data surveillance. Their hot hypothesis is that amid the many many dirty out of date voter rolls and the unprecedented distributional mail-in ballots.

A highly coordinated operation in the key battleground states collect the balance and paid mules to literally stuff them in the unattended drop boxes that became a center of controversy. Phillips the vulnerable healthcare data company begin lending this tech savvy to Engelbert's nonprofit true of the vote 2030 to analyze voter records across the nation. Open officials remove duplicates and registrations of nonresidential noncitizens and deceitfulness. They say that they had the hard evidence the vector finding that they were 4.8 million fraudulent votes in the states. They targeted including Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia but they've been shunned by the authorities and the media won't touch it. We wouldn't expect because information about turning back was the evidence. Much of the evidence of criminal behavior is indisputable.

Georgia, for example, it's illegal for any person to place more than one ballot in the dropbox… He or she is registered is in the sister in Gwinnett County where there is video footage of people with latex glove stuffing the multiple balancing drop boxes then recorded the deed with a photograph. There were no assistants registered in the 2020 election angle right in the Phillips eventually took her to pitted vitals of data. Next highest measurement for data storage for their terabytes equalizing 1024 TB or 1 million GB.

The filmmaker Dinesh De Soto whose feud whose feature 2000 mules in the postproduction. After the movie comes out in the deliverable attacks come Phillips of the investigation team will pull the record and release all of the data. Engelbert said that they wanted totally transparent and give it all to the American people that movies out now is it so now you can save nobody showing you to this point.

What nobody showing you to this point. Phillips noted that a lot of of fear surrounding the raising of any questions about the 2020 election. Everybody's afraid right now were not afraid we told you from day one from day one was election fraud all the fake news news media all including Fox News were aiding and abetting the deep state they were all part of it. There you go Elaine Buchanan article thereto. Yes I do and this is really horrendous. There's a 29-year-old woman named Alexandra Hunt running for a Democratic nomination in Philadelphia congressional district, and she's been attempting to leverage her past in order to gain an edge over competition in the race as a young adult, she chose to become a sex worker while she was studying at the University of Richmond where she earned a degree in psychology and now has her eyes that on Congress.

She also wants everyone to know that she never regretted the abortion that she had her campaign platform which is pro drug use also includes greater access to abortion. The decriminalization of prostitution and other progressive promises to erode the backbone of American society, while her campaign advertises her as a youth soccer coach was revealed that Hunt had spent time as a sex worker at the club she coached Terminator after she refused to stop promoting her past is virtuous, then in. She also wrote that sex work is only sex work is only viewed negatively, arguing that it's actually an empowering profession that allows women to own their sexuality and use that to bring both money and power to level the playing field. She became pregnant at 18, claiming that because regeneration faces the lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis and affordable student debt crisis climate emergency and other maladies. She chose to kill her unborn child stating that she wanted to offer her child a better life.

On Wednesday she created and only fans account in order to defend her campaign and unfortunately the web service allows prostitutes amateur models and professional adults on participants to offer the sale of smut directly to their fans.

Among other monstrous viewpoints expressed in her writing. She advocated for a high school teacher who was fired after it was revealed she had been using school computers to run a pornographic website.

In another instant she defended a preschool teacher was fired after she refused to quit doing porn other reality is that this Hunt like many other progressive sees stigma of any kind as a negative influence on society from personal responsibility to faithfulness in marriage and even to the sanctity of life each and every tradition is considered an evil that must be snuffed out.

Doesn't matter how many babies are terminated, how many girls are traffic it or how many marriages are ruined every negative consequence is met with a dozen unrelated justification and it says here, how did hunt to find defend her decision to terminate or change teenage pregnancy.

She was worried about climate change puts her with her first name, Alexandra Hunt, Alexandra Hunt, I've got good news for you. God's Word, the Bible says the word for sex workers is core that God says neural horror okay you understand you can use whatever terminology want. But God says your horror when God says your horror just what your horror and here's here's what you need to do that your selfish wicked woman, a very selfish week. You killed your baby. You killed your baby. You murdered a child.

So what what you need to do is you need to repent or perish seek God says you need to repent or perish, you can file what you want, you know, today you have a one of things is happening at a rapid rate is horror that was growing they have no what they call hot wives. This is the one of the things this author is really growing these communities, what, where women decide they want an open marriage in one of the reasons that they do. Is this right here this thing here has given these women what they call more freedom. Cell phones now and what's happening is you know there and you can tell their husbands pick up on it right away. Would there be texting and when the they want they go to look. The wife will pull the phone away. Notice dozen such as with the women but with the thing with the cell phone is more with the women but it's about Ford for new divorces now for filing and and cheating. It's the majority of them was like over 70% of believers are women that are initiating the trade that used to be just the opposite of what it used to be.


And so think in the late that's the name they call for and there was a thing about the Internet.

Were they were interviewing these hot wives and asked the William how would you describe yourself in and once the sexually liberated of another one said without boundaries okay and the third was those were horse so please what was on a 73 yeah part of the problem is, I believe that you know your your frontal lobe gets hijacked without the toxicities that are in our environment. Nowadays you know in our water. You know, in the chemtrail's etc. and actually that's intentional I write for the great reset to basically take down the morals and the ethics of our society were seeing were receded and ended and that the worst part is with the weights affecting the children. The children so confused they are so confused and you lose this with all of what's been going on the suicide rate among children, traumatized right there probably outdate they go to school of public school and they're told by authority figures well you see your problem is you think you're a boy, which are really a girl or boy's body. Nothing will confuse the child. Okay, I wanted to. I was to tell Joe you're a woman in a man's body with particular laughter well and then you know in here in Ohio you know in now. When other counties that went to the high schools. You have high schoolers that are identifying as cats and dogs that are wearing collars and it's a school with leashes. It's absolutely unbelievable and they decided what they how they want to be called and the teachers are expected to interact with them accordingly. God hears here's a woman dressed in a rabbit outfit and this is not Austin elementary school and she's dressed in 80 rabbit outfit and she's let me read a paragraph in the for the Easter Bunny costume handed out plastic eggs filled with condoms to children at the glitter elementary school in Austin Texas last Thursday. The pair dressed in Easter Bunny is accused of passing out plastic eggs containing unopened condoms to elementary school children as they were dismissed Thursday official said it was an incredibly careless and appropriate action of apparent spokesperson for Austin Independent school so the note statement to letters to parents. Gillette elementary school principal Tammy Thompson said that the school had not sanctioned the parents action stating that it was unplanned event. According to KU VD KTVU ETV reported tonsils letter out of the school official spoke with a parent about the inappropriate nature of the activity. According to the television station we have. This is just another reason why you don't send your children to public school correct correct you got pure evil and there is even some situations where there really are no English words to describe the horror of it Ohio pledge 400 Hector in Michigan 50 Richard in Ohio, 300 thank you thank you thank you hope report back to 1919 of the founders of cultural Marxism. One of them was George Lucas and he said that he knew he could destroy the Western culture worker traditional sexual morals they would've taken a giant step toward destroying Western culture and was Western culture. The communist revolution and then know all these culture Marxist came to the United States get away from the war in Europe and someone came to Hollywood from this Frankfurt school, and then Herbert my cursor was one more cruise and he wrote Earl some civilization and that's the book that started the 60s revolution freeing sex for many restraints elevating the pleasure principle over the reality principle. He was the one that cordoned the phrase make love not war general. God is bad all about self, the coming assistant is known for well over 100 years or more. Going back to visit Fabian Socialists in the 1890s sex were destroyed neural God's religion Western civilization and you wanted to go after the children with sex so it's nothing new that we have a news media who doesn't like to tell stories like that tell the truth right 888281 the Folger silent was still 3700 short, we have approximately 35 minutes so that is about $100 a minute we get it we got get in tonight to make a goal. So were still 3700 short 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 were waiting on your calls.

Folks listen to this. This is good news show Kentucky lawmakers block abortion access with the new law, effective immediately, Kentucky Kentucky affect effectively suspended legal abortion access on Wednesday as the legislator enacted a sweeping anti-abortion law that took effect right away and forces provided to stop offering abortions until they can meet certain requirements. The impact of the law in Kentucky, the first US state without legal abortion access since 1973 Supreme Court case Roe V Wade, established the right to end pregnancy before the fetus is viable abortion provider say abortion rights activist groups have said they will challenge the bill court course are going to the deaf culture through the unclean date. The unclean law imposes requirements of the state clinic say or to logistically difficult and expensive to operate, including a provision requiring the fetal remains be cremated or interred. Yeah health standards for an abortion clinic them for your local about your veterinarian house staff have a higher trained to have more cleanliness standards than any abortion clinic in the country. So yes, you wouldn't take your word and delay on a veterinary table are, you certainly don't want to go to an abortion clinic.

One of the sages recently emptied one of the blue stages. The densities of one of the pass legislation that that you don't even have to be licensed out last week related work of quality midwives and physicians assert of assistance. People like that out the Midwestern Commandant conducted an abortion. Well, it's similar to you know the current Internet station in Washington pending the administration of coalbed anti-coalbed pills by way of the pharmacist only eliminating any physician or nursing assessment related to need originated eight folks listen lines or did we get here from really do a pre-k travel station supported so we can work to keep it station you're listening to us on most become self-supporting way. We have some good stations of paper help pay for others, but the were at the point where there are some stations that are in doubt and now we just have to hear from you if you want to continue listening to this program, folks you don't know how closely we came to having to drop some stations and we we we fought like you said we don't get paid for doing this. We do not can pay were doing this for the cause to let you know to be the watchmen on the wall to let you know what the fake news media and antichrist Communist Party don't want you to know, and so we got to hear from you. 888-677-9673 888-281-1110. Well, one of those things you will we get until the people because it is what was happening over the Ukraine folks listen is as bad on both sides are committing atrocities you're only hearing about the one site again the the fake news media. There, I mean fake I mean really fake. I mean, really, really fake news media intake that gets me so angry because they just can't ever seem to tell the truth and so. But here's what's happening in the Ukraine Nazis were crucifying young Christian men right now, burning them, burning them at the stake in a good picture photograph here that that happening here. And so this is happening to the atrocities on both sides. The Russians need all your hearing about his how the Russians are raping women and shooting babies will probably some of that going on.

I do know one thing I keep you cannot trust the fake news media to tell you the truth you get it they will whatever they're told. The narrative is they they've got no morality, no decency, no honor, to be totally black and white crane good rush about and their lack of anything that might medical record Ukraine anything but wonderful. Ukraine is not a democracy.

You know it's a dictatorship okay and sources money is how they are in. If they go down in the Ukraine, the great resets over already and so little from this the California pledges 15 Andrew from Cleveland pledges 300 Sr. Mary Grace pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you of some folks may question why the alternative media platform would pose such a horrific video for all to view. This is a video of what they did to this one young Christian man, the answer is quite simply the entire US government. Corporate complex is been aggressively pushing all of America into a pit of blind compliance with their nationwide. We support Ukraine and I still Ukraine side up just like this the same bad actors deceitfully promoted. We are all we are all we are all listed in this together. No were not all in this together.

No were not okay throughout the covert area. The no there there.

Conning the American people of the vividly supporting the barbaric Nazi regime. I will is the same genocidal maniacs or tried their hardest to start World War III by forever demonizing Russia while guessing Chris really pray for the brutal Nazi government of Ukraine folks for the last 70 years are CIA has been working in them and working with the Nazi groups there in in the Ukraine and they are killing and killing Russians you not going to hear about that not listen.

I'm not in any way standing up for Putin or the Russians are committing atrocities to but you need to know both sides and not just what the fake news media tells you. And when and the other point here is that across the world that the US has funded 336 bio weapons labs.

There is actually three in the state of Ohio down at Ohio State University and the fact that many of the countries know the labs are there but they're basically afraid to speak out. There is 26 labs in the Ukraine of Americans know just how much of a neo-Nazi neocon Zionist resolute Zielinski really is. They scream, but he murdered, especially when they understood that his administration and military have been slaughtering Ukraine civilians at every opportunity. Virtually every attack in Ukrainian hospitals and civilian infrastructure have been carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine or National Guard of Ukraine tickly by the neo-Nazi as of Battalion no. Here we had announced this week or so ago, one where genitals was caught they know they are leaving the state.

Teaching these as of Battalion. Now you know the National Guard. Likewise, it was the as of Nazi savages who perpetrated a viciously ruthless crucifixion and burning shown below.

There is a film out there showing no there burning these young Christian men until the US.

It is a receipt series US citizenry sees and hears of this searching well truth, they will blindly jump on the Ukraine bandwagon is slowing and slowly taken the world over the cliff as well. We posted this deeply disturbing and horrifying video on an it is a horrifying video here. This young man. His name is Nikita and he was happy he was helping people he was helping in saving lives. He was bringing food to people just trying to help keep people alive and the Nazis aided by the CIA burning burning live in St. you need to know that you need to know is really happening. Okay we have something I'll make you annoying. Both feel good parallel quicker than telling folks about the vaccines well longtime Democratic consultant feminist author Naomi Wolf is so switching sides. Here's gotten together with health experts and attorneys and they are going through all those thousands and thousands of documents on the Pfizer vaccine trials. Remember, the FDA was forced by a lawsuit to release those they wanted to do it and what 5565 years of my Anyway. She was on with Steve Bannon on the war room and she said there compiling all this information on her website video daily clout and she said it looks to me this is not an overstatement. From what I've seen that this was a clinical trial, Pfizer and the FDA knew sale vaccines were not safe. There were not effective. They want working. The efficacy was waning and they were seriously dangerous. Yet they rolled it out anyway and she goes on to show that they knew the 100 µg is being administered suppress the immune system the white blood cells. They found that the mRNA produced by protein and the lipid nanoparticles were making people sick really answering honestly. Now they know the people are suffering, joy, saying, muscle pain, their extensive favors cardiac problems and she said there is more to come, and the danger of the lasting damage that they knew about our clearly on display. So here you have released somebody from the left wanting truth that I think she's the thermometer for good listening, transcription side, seeing the truth of the left of the misery of allies and the other even talking about the number of children in the FDA had evidenced back in May 21 35 children suffer permanent heart damage a week after being vaccinated nurse more correct original enough time to go into the weeds. So you guys are proving very true everything we are told of this program is being proven true, one step at a time.

As we as we break this information.

All you have to do is wait a month or two or even three months and then it's proven you know as fact.

I don't know what was discussed last week, you know, it was announced that the CDC was going to be starting to check wastewater in different major cities across the country and they're doing that specifically to identify remnants of coalbed you know in the wastewater.

And they're supposedly supposed to be doing as to prevent future outbreaks. But in actuality they I'm sure that they want to test the remnants of what is in that wastewater at so wastewater that gets treated that then turns it into that part of a letter that comes through your tap it.

But the point here is, is that there's a lot of information that's been released and what has steadily held true over the past two years is that the secrets are all around the patents. The patented viruses and now we have patents related to the use of snake venom in order to make medications and with the MR and RRA vaccine and I just want to tell the listeners that one of the counteracts of this snake venom is melatonin and you take tenant 10 to 20 mg daily and it actually will and activate the 19 toxins that are ended. Snake peptides hundred milligrams. 10 mg to 20 mg, 220 relic and then also the hydroxychloroquine is the other counter active you know for that. All right, Barb didn't from Detroit pledges 50 think you always build a barbed yet. I was on me. All right. Brandon and Brandon were all volunteers. There is no record there you go in this one more bitter good nerves. Remember the we talked many times about the Zuckerberg dollars the 350. I know what you say Markey's go ahead okay well is a nonprofit organization roller coaster distributing his quarter million in grants and has announced it will not engage in that activity in the upcoming 222. Tort 2022 elections and what happened.

The Center for technology and civil life of Terry Lawton help the film called Rick the Zuckerberg funded plot to defeat Donald Trump and it shows you how the Zuckerberg money persuaded zero people to adopt these policies that compromised our voter integrity and affected the election well one week after the film came out just Mark Mark Zuckerberg, threw up his hands in surrender. According to the film's producer, citizens United founder David Bossi and he said it's a big victory for the film.

The CTC yelled upset, Center for tech and civil life will not distribute the grants like it did in the 2020. They got caught or not, do it again if you can trust you to watch but there there are claiming they're not going to be doing that then there will be watched out very closely people know they are but they did Joey get to great feedback related to this 1 More Dilute Cool Way and she is will I can't wait. I can't wait to fly away. Take the rapture to get into the ground.

All right there you go over it were back illicitly to get serious. I'm seriously, seriously. Yes, indicate there you go folks that Jeep Lane serious damage.

32 3200 is what we got a raise, and we've got 15 minutes to do it. 3200 get to go and I'll give you 100 okay 3100 folks okay 3130 go 3100. We've got to do.

We've got 15 minutes and drop that down. I'll send out 100 or more ago to check with her stronger. All right didn't will market down to 3000 with a 3000 we get that it's about to $200 a minute okay so okay we got a late we got Pastor Joe okay there you go. All right 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and him again. Remember, they tell you that radio was because everybody have all those commercials and advertisers, sponsors, and we don't have any of that because the customer to secure the sponsor of advertising is a program you got your newsletter. You just want to get a good one. You got it Saturday. We hear them from people in time and annual even though you will will keep sending it unless he tells not to. But I get letters from people all times, and please keep sending folks is free. The newsletters freight bill close to anything cause us to anything that is electric and I copy mine or my own copy machine and I handed out at church. I handed out the family, friends, and I asked them to go and do likewise outweigh gifts may be 1020 times more people working on it for the same amount of postage you put out my dear wife.

She works all flight she really puts the lunch time today newsletter out thanks to the Lord and thank you for blessing Fort okay and you can get upper theater deserves a medal and I can listen get that newsletter that the way to WR WL is just WR WL 1478114781 Sperry SPE RR Weiss Barry Road SPE RR Y Newberry any W you are what Ohio and the zip of 44065. We didn't get all that you give your on the Internet you go to our website. WR WR Doug all the ways and you can contribute to his weight by mailing that by going up there but PayPal. All of the different ways it's right up on a website WR and you want to get the podcast. It tells you there on the website I get the podcast if you want to hear this. I get up there this program over or whatever. It's all up there and so they'll know where down to 12 minutes. We still need $3000 with 3000 short, we need 12 minutes get to get it. Okay, so the Lord promise that if you DO try to figure fair weather all trouble slow in memory if you donate to a ministry, one he will bless you we can. Thank you for God said he will bless your heroes earned the blessings and through God has made it quite clear that if you give a will make sure you're able to keep on giving that the Curtis for with the same measure that she meet with all it shall be measured to you again. Luke 638 is talking about giving and it shall be given unto you okay Jim in Oregon pledges 25 Donald in Chicago pledges 50 and there is one coming in right now.

Lori looks like in Oregon pledges 150 all right very good so will Pastor. Here we need to call Stacy Abrams and York and Georgia because her network has increased 3000% in less than four years, you have not yielded that that happens with the Democrats again.

Anton rises yeah, that kinda happens to them well to date right.

Currently, she is worth 3.17 million according to state disclosures that she had to file in March and 2018. She was worth $109,000. So where did all this money come from Georgie 5 to 6 million in speeches and book deals is what they're saying but this is one way that the Democrats launder money to their politicians first figure. Figure were all kinds of money just for showing up and will and then she supposedly received 700,000 over the last three years as an executive director of the southern economic advancement Project. The unusual thing about these projects is when you asked them actually how it was spent. They can come up with the listing expenditures ELM in the oh $6 million mansion mentioning Air Canada of the mansion in California and also people are buying million dollar homes in white neighborhoods and the kind of thing right correct contracts, like Biden did you figure about the Biden tax return one of the guys on Fox News talk about who paid about 10 to 15% more in taxes than the Bidens and I'm looking out at some information on it. They were writing all kinds of things off they set up subchapter S corporations and their breaking things down, putting things in places of all kinds of special things going on and basically they saved themselves the millions of dollars in taxes to make a long story short Marlene in Michigan pledges 25 eight thank you Marlene 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Mbyte with corporations curriculum more than 13 million on speaking fee book sales in 2017, and 18 and they that allow them to countless and 800,000 of that out there to celebrate. There could be tax for Medicare that there's a lot in here, but deep deep deep stuff so they basically paid very, very little, and yet they tell you that the pay your fair share America. Biden wants to start taxing churches down and you don't deny thinking when he said he's hiring 80,000 new people yell for the iron at 80,080. I think new people for the IRS. No.

80,000 80,080 so that was crap that was accurate and so they begin they want to start the church you don't, I was listening to a pastor to them.

Believe it was from California measurement.

He was saying how he didn't their church never shut down during the close down and praising the Lord for that, that the young preacher Andy Solanki had some some goods but we never did and none none of the UB of unregistered Baptist Fellowship Church is shut down and we totally went out front. We were not going to shut down. We are the Bible teaches. You must obey God rather than mentally rank of a God or alter your BF characters are real customer characters. They are not 501(c)(3) corporations launder the state absolutely true churches and their head is Jesus Christ the government Marlene the Mexican pledges 25 and Dale in Ohio pledges 100.

Thank you think you IRS a separate corporation to begin with you.

It's not part of the federal government at all now. It's basically a strong arm for the bankers for the area where the reserve Federal Reserve Federal Reserve basically that's what they're there. Click. It's not known and is not a reserve because there deep in debt yellow absolute and oxymoron. Just like the CDC is not a government operates its own five big Pharma is a Lotta people though they don't realize this because with the cooperation of the fake news be the very very fake news media they really know what to name just said today all the one from Liz's P MSNBC morning Joe's wife was her name like kindling. I don't know I don't want which he just came out and did another silly stalls that the talking about Twitter and of the Elon musk buys it, then people are going to hear the hearing about Donald Trump and Donald Trump will be tell a lot of fake and she said that's what wherefore we did tell people what to think, wow, and here's some more numbers for you and I believe this comes from the Department of Health and Human Services and it's a listing of what hospitals make in each state per Cove and patient and what's very interesting about this is that the highest-paid state is West Virginia and per case. They made $471,000 per patient and I find that interesting because isn't that Joe mansion states.

Yeah, that is interesting how much per hospital per paper Co. the case $471,000 that some in the state of Ohio. Ours was 180,000, and the lowest newsletter.

There was that high while hundred and 80,000 for Ohio. I would bet there is also a couple other interesting and low numbers here are eight of the state of New York, received only $12,000 per each COBIT case in New Jersey was 18,000 per each COBIT case and so the monies they God had to come from different expenditures yet eligible. I got millions of dollars yeah but I think to imbibe the amount of cases that the New York they had many many many many more than they did in West Virginia, so they had so much money federal bugs. Whatever, so they just had to split it up there trying to buy by the state.

What's interesting is if you if you look at these states.

These states that I'm going to go over are the states where that election results are being contested. Arizona got 23,000 per case. Louisiana got 26,000 per case. Georgia got 73,000 per case. New Jersey got 18,000 per case in New York at 12,000 so it's just interesting to see other correlations that happened here with the COBIT monies okay very good we can salute you some good news is this huge Republican registration and battleground states are Barry and that the crash there literally have to treat extra hard to go at this world is very, very, very big news. Republicans are burying Democrats and new voter registration.

This is happening in state after state after state, including battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada only see where they go to Oklahoma Colorado California lineages routine. The Democrats led to treated Cardinal were they expect to remain in control the U.S. House and 71 registration that differences between the 2020 election in 20 oh and April 2022, Florida had a plus of Republicans of two, 245,777 registration in Pennsylvania, though there was a plus of Republicans hundred 2000 20,548 North Carolina 92,656 Iowa 49,633 Oklahoma 56,500 Nevada 24,336 Colorado 12,786 in California one hundred 93,256. This is an amazing thing braids a good look joke we got for four minutes and… Telephones that all of this everything that were doing right here when they will be forgotten everything that were saying here tonight will be forgotten that this will not be here.

The way it is. But people don't go out of existence.

They just go they change real estate. Really, if you're out there listened to me you're going to be.

You're really going to hear his word because what the Bible says makes clear that when we die. Then comes the judgment and we end up in heaven or help the right note to the place just like there are really only two genders minute male and female is only two places you can go you you again ago to heaven or hell, and it's this only life and death is nothing in between. Is there now there is an and so folks, but here here's the good news. The very, very good news is Lord Jesus is my resurrection suddenly is all about was all about this world. We know that biblical literacy is is growing and that's exactly what God's Word, the Bible said would happen, the Lord Jesus made it very clear he said, many are called but few are chosen. Many will come, but few will enter.

Believe me, you want to be one of a part of the few the limit and you can be. God is giving you the opportunity is what he says you have to do you have to pray to the father. Repentance is very necessary, pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins. That's the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life in all things at all times completely without any reservations and if you do that okay you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit who got God's word upon the God looks upon your heart and you got a minute. You gotta be very sorry he should be very sorry that was your sin that caused the Lord Jesus Christ suffered because of us and our sins that he ate he had to pay such price that he had a suffered way he did upon the cross. But the good news is he defeated death and hell and you need to be given you an opportunity to do the same. What you need to do is like I just told you call upon the name the Lord asked forgiveness and you will be as the Bible says you will become a new creature born again believer can airily kingdom and I don't get any better than that you want to add to that, Joe said that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations. The possible beginning at Jerusalem, and ye are witnesses of all these things until we we get up with you around there for a few minutes.

Clinically, yeah, I just wanted to offer to the listeners healing kindly. My phone number is 440-478-4073 that's for parole 478-4073 I be happy to speak with you it. If you have questions related to your health and wellness arrived very good. Thank you, Elaine.

Believe me, this lady knows what she's talking about one more announcement, Mickey Willis, who who came out with the movie plan endemic. He has a website where a pandemic one and two are located.

You can watch them for free its plan to make pandemic three movie will be coming out July 7 and he's got a focus on solutions for us. Very good right we have Dylan and Roseville, Michigan, was 100 Ingrid at Chicago pledges 40 folks will be around here for a few more minutes, a few more minutes we need to hear from you because were still way short. So call 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110 were going to hang here for if you'd give us a call course the Christian resistance alive and fighting yeah we are currently fighting the good fight of faith already all yeah because this you know we haven't done too little tonight for the Monday we normally do well very well well until tomorrow.

We want to say good night God bless. And always, always, always, Katie I know that by thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W RWM please tune in next time for another edition what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by its right to left ministries and is responsible for its content

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