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Portal of Glory, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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June 14, 2021 8:00 am

Portal of Glory, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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June 14, 2021 8:00 am

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Listeners well, not thanking you for joining us today down the faith because we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

In today's exciting message.

I will be sharing this.

My recent cancer diagnosis and how the Lord sealed my heart with his natural unsurpassable from the first day of my journey during which God gave me a phenomenal dream of a portal of glory from which radiated streams of energy into my body.

Stay tuned for portal of glory.

What does it mean when they will be ministering on today.

You know, I'm a little twist to it. But will down to that. Amen. Turn in your Bibles first let's read one verse in Romans eight and 11. Romans 811 and you know this verse well, but if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he raised up Christ from the dead shall you and you very Encouraging Word to me and I hope it is to you the spirit of Christ on the spirit of God in you. And if you spirit of God the Spirit by which God raised Jesus from the dead to me. After three days he did more than just raising from the dead. Because Ephesians 120, 21 tells us he raised them all powers and principalities and powers in dominions and might well bring in this world and the age to come, so we tested just raised from the dead zone right hand in the place of power and authority and again. Ephesians tells us in the second chapter that somebody is sitting up there with him on the right hand of God. Anybody that might be there with them.

When you amen we rebalance sometimes forget that, don't we know as you know I had surgery will be two weeks ago Monday, and it went very well very well. Amen.

Get the lab reports back and the thing that I was wanting to hear number one was that when they examined the tumor that they took out and the tissue they took out around it that they would not find the cancer had spread. They have to have a clean margin all the way around and then they took lymph nodes out because if it.

Brent is going to go to list notes first and the margin and the lymph nodes were perfectly clean.

I still am asking you for these next because one test came back positive, and I don't understand all the things about genetics and I surely am not going to bore you with all that, but it basically means that the type of cancer cells have a genetic pre-disposal of being more aggressive to multiply more rapidly and so because of that when I go into weeks to to an oncologist. Because of that she may tell me certain treatments that I should have and I know how very strongly I feel about certain things. So I want to be foolish, but neither do I want to do anything that I feel that it's not God's will for me. Maybe God work for somebody else but I'm talking about me because everybody's different and so I only want to be foolish and say I'm not hearing you. But on the other hand, I do not want to allow anything to be put on me that is not God's will. I trust the Lord. You see, when it comes down to it after the surgery is all gone and they give you this wonderful report seeing you still trust the Lord because he got up with the spirit of fear and you got about with what it what if what if so, is your still happen every day by faith for the rest of your life on this earth. Amen. So that's what I'm asking for your prayers my appointments in two weeks. But here's the thing about you all got to give you little tidbits along the way of how the Lord has just been helping me with the supernatural peace and that peace is never left me. Now I'm not. I think I got a little just reached day when he told me about this genetic thing and you know I got it was the most discouraged that I felt for these all these months put together and I was a little down but I did not lose it. I put the brakes on one. Amen. You guys, but honey they never sell down my cheek.

I was like we were not going there.

And here's the thing about it. The Lord gave me this absolutely phenomenal I don't have enough adjectives stupendous. I gotta tell you phenomenal clearly I don't. I think it was a dream but it was almost like a vision Sunday pass this on the past so I had to wait today to be uptight about, and you know when God gives you something like that. Usually there's a good reason for it, and he knew that I was going to hear that little damper, I'm calling a snack. He knew I was put here to snag in the good report to try to overshadow the glorious report with that little damper, so here's what happened Sunday morning just past. It was a three-part agreement not to jump to the last part because that's the part that so phenomenal.

I know in the first part, the setting was a very beautiful scenic outdoor setting. It was like a place where people go on vacation, there was a pond it was green hills and I saw all of these campers and RVs and I knew that people were there getting away from the stress of their lives to relax and have a nice time. Beautiful. And there I was in with their two I was with a lot of people, but I did never saw a eight was nothing specific. It just was a generalization to meet a lot of other details away from for me. Then the second part of the dream is going.

I don't know what it is and sometimes the Lord does that feel hiding from you and then later you might get up at the third part of the dreams where were going so I wish had been outdoors in this beautiful scenic area and now suddenly I found myself in the tunnel but it was not dark or or scary.

Actually the tunnel look like it was the color of what I'm wearing today sides in the ceiling even though it was not outdoors and it was beautiful but over here to my right was an opening in the sun and the light was pouring in the tunnel from that opening on the left side.

The tunnel was coming down and then it made a very sharp left turn. I couldn't see what was around the corner in the turn. So I'm standing there looking at this tunnel think you know where I am and what's going on in here comes a lady on coming in the tunnel here and she's got a bright red suitcase and she's walking in the tunnel. She's walking down towards this over here. Just when she got to where she would have to make that left turn. She stopped the suitcase down and looked over at me so I said to the person next to me. I said I'm going with her so I walked over to where she was now as soon as I walked over to where she was standing immediately became aware of is the sign was penetrating down which was unusual because it had been a toddler with with the ceiling on it was beaming down on my head and so I looked up to see what was going on and I can see the way there but it was like it was just on me and it was coming through the tops of the trees and beaming down on my head and I mean it was hot, but it felt wonderful. It was not.

It was glorious and it got brighter and warmer and brighter and warmer and then begin to strengthen. I began to get like vibrations coming down through my body would come down to go up and come down and go up any got stronger and stronger. It was like energy energy was coming in my body and penetrating me.

It didn't hurt.

It was actually pleasurable. It felt wonderful. He was in this light and love, and in all these vibrations in my hand I begin to worship the Lord in worship God. The more I think God and the stronger it got to remember myself. I wonder how much my body contact, but I don't want but I did think that I wonder how much power rankings, but don't stop Lord keep it going. Here's here's the unusual part. I begin to cry 00 and the more I tried it out.

And it was just it was glory coming up in one word, I'll say this ecstasy, and civil. I'm not sure how long it went on, it seemed like it went on a long long time, but it finally subsided and I laid there is quiet and still as I could because I was thinking maybe it would start up again and I didn't want to move just in case I knew I was under that portal of glory and I laid there for the longest time, hoping it would start up again and then I just begin to thank the Lord for what he had just done and I just kept thanking him at the same time and thinking in my mind in the world is glorious and necessary time I go through the whole ring over and over again in my mind until I fell asleep so the next morning.

Guess what I did. I googled glorious on the amen and so the first thing that popped up on the Google I clicked on said portico Gloria Santiago portico PO RTI Seo and so what it was about is it's a beautiful cathedral in Spain that was built back in like the 1100s and it has over 200 Romanesque style arches and sculptures all over it. The high point of this cathedral is the portico or the main entrance into the cathedral. It's considered the greatest work of Spanish Romanesque sculpture in the world. This portico has three arches and the middle arch is wider and bigger than the other two arches. These arches are covered with sculptures of the prophets of the Old Testament and the apostles of the New Testament and angels.

Angels the three different arches represent number one the written law, the land of grace and the last one.

The natural law. The central arch represents the final destination for true Christians glory and resurrection. This opening. As I said is wider than the other two openings of that of this portico and also in this central opening.

There is a sculpture to St. James St. James because Psalm is St. and I was going to find out what Iago meant now. I kept thinking to myself what is James got to do with my dream I can figure that out but I was really excited in mice. Because I already knew that I had been given a portal and open portal and entryway to glory so I'm trying to figure out what the world James is not to do with anything. Nothing will let me Google Santiago.

So why did and I found out that it is Spanish.

The word Santiago means St. James sodomy St. NTI means Jane. Now I knew that James was the first of the apostles to die a martyr's death, something out like that interpretation too good. I see a connection there at all to my dream. Amen. So, so they caught my eye.

Another posting said to Iago, the origins from Hebrew Academy. Check that out.

So I did and I already knew when some of you may already know that James in the New Testament is the Greek form of Jacob. The name James is Greek for Jacob. Amen I already knew that.

Amen. So I started studying looking at this closer. I found that the two Iago is actually from the Hebrew and that it means James and then I thought well.

James actually means Jane.and Hebrew.

Jacob is Yaakov because there J becomes a Y and their V becomes a B. So Jacob technically is Yaakov. Okay, now I know okay. It has nothing to do with James in the New Testament. Good action somehow to Jacob in the New Testament so I'm thinking what's the connection with Jacob, and as I thought about this a question rose up in my spirit.

What is significant about Jacob and immediately I knew the answer. When Jacob fled to the wilderness after his brother Esau had vowed to kill him and his parents sent him away to go to Iran to their families. What happened, he had a dream and he saw heaven opened up and he saw a ladder and he sold the latter angels bending and ending and then I knew that God had opened up to me a portal of glory and his resurrection power permeated my entire body. So here's what I'm thinking. This is why need you to pray with me because I'm thinking that there was no cell eight that area of the original tumor but they always will explain to you that there's no way anyone can know if they pay through blood vessels and could be going through your body somewhere. So I decided that if any did escape and went wherever they got exact. I don't think I can get appointment just glory to amen me and then I need the Holy Spirit to tell me what I'm supposed to do. Amen. So turn with me in Genesis 28 and we are going to see how really glorious this is. I told you it's one-of-a-kind to be like Emmanuelle God with us. Amen. Auburn 28 chapter of Genesis and were going to begin with verse 10, and Jacob went out from Beersheba and went towards Ron and he lighted upon a certain place and tarried there all night because the sun was set and he took off the stones of that place and he put them for his pillows and he lay down in that place to sleep and he dreamed and behold, I will set up on the and the top of it reached ahead and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it, and behold, the Lord stood above and instead I am the Lord, the God of Abraham thy father and the God of Isaac, and we knew father there really means grandfather and a lot of times they referred to it being your father even many generations back.

Okay the land where I now lie is to the will I give it until I see, and thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the West into the East into the north and to the and in the and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed, and behold I am with the there's Emmanuelle for you.

I am with the okay.

The places where there's thou goest and will bring the addendum to this land. For I will not leave the until I have done that which I have spoken to the and Jacob are linked out of his sleep and he said surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not. And he was afraid and said who is this place, this is none other but the house of God and this is been only amen.

So let's look at this for a moment.

Now we know Jacob had fled because he had gotten the blessing of the birth right from his father which was supposed to go to Esau, who was the older of the twins. Amen. And he and his mother had gone through a little skiing in order to deceive Isaac into thinking that Jacob was Esau and he got the blessing and when Esau overturned and found out what occurred. He was limited and he vowed when our father is dead.

I will kill you. Amen. So his parents sent him away, and one reason why they sent him away is because Saul had already married, not on back to heathen women and when the Scripture says and faxed the soul of Rebecca and now, the Scripture says that grief of mind to both her Jacob and didn't want Jacob to be one of the women around them like Esau had done so because the family was in this big problem and they had all this distress.

They said this is a good time for you to leave town and that your brother cool off and you need to go back to where our families are and pick a wife there because we do not want you to marry one of these heathen women and so that's why he had escaped. Amen.

It's no wonder it's no wonder that God allowed the birth right in the blessing to be taken away from Esau you can see that he did not respect the teachings of his father and grandfather. Amen.

And neither one getting married to how quickly and how tightly he treated his birth right when he said to his brother from Philippi. That's why God rejected Esau. Amen. And I can see why God didn't want him to inherit the birth right in the blessing. In fact, in Hebrews a God called him a profane person and what that means is this a puzzling person is someone who pollutes something that's holding, amen. People that use profanity pollute the language our language that we need to communicate with one another. And God called him profane, so Jacob has a long journey people he's got over 500 miles to get to where he has to be with to see his other family members were he can choose a wife just like his dad Isaac had done it's taken a while to get there and I don't how many miles a day.

He could put in but we know we going about 58 miles. When this occurred when Eli laid down that night to sleep and he had this vision.

He made a stone to be his pillow substance was not the Holiday Inn. This was not even Motel 6 wellness. Amen.

Inhospitable place or place, and he wasn't well and remember it was Jacob that was body was the one that like to stay around his parents. He was the domesticated animals with his mother and now here he is in this desert in this wilderness below. This was not what he was accustomed to. Amen. Left everything that was familiar and comforting to him and I mentioned that possibly he could have been having self-doubts. Maybe he was thinking to himself, would I ever see my mom and dad again.

You know the Bible doesn't record that he ever saw his mother again. That's kind of sad isn't it maybe was thinking to himself cannot do the wrong thing by going along with my mother's plan to deceive my father. Maybe that was the wrong thing.

I shouldn't of done it and maybe thought to himself.

And what about Jehovah is he displeased with me because I stand my brothers birthright and technically in my mind forfeited the birthright when he sounded to Jacob who had bola been because what did he say what is this birthright if I die from hunger.

So in my mind even, shouldn't of done the way they did deceive their father. Nevertheless, I believe that Esau had already forfeited it. Amen his father displaying the handle and given the blessing was the confirmation, but he had already given it up. He had no faith in the blessings of God if he believed the blessings of God that you knew was handed down to him from Abraham and Isaac that he wasn't going to die of hunger.

God is not going to make you a great nation if you're gonna die from hunger, so he had no respect of the of the spiritual things is what it boils down to.

Amen. So now Jacob has a stream and he sees a ladder and it can also be translated a staircase and some of your translations will actually say that a staircase but I like ladder ice to teach Sunday school, we used to sing we are climbing Jacob's ladder ladder, remember that song. So here is this latter on earth and heaven and angels are ascending and descending. That means they're going to like this. A cycle up-and-down up-and-down.

Amen angels are God's messengers and you know they work 24 seven. They don't have to sleep in the fact that they were ascending and descending tells us they had the cycle of ministry that goes on 24 seven they received orders from heaven, a descendent they execute the order they go back up to heaven.

They report that they had done their mission accomplished.

They get new orders.

They come down.

Amen. And so we are told in Scripture in Hebrews 17 Hebrews 114.

They are ministering spirits, sent forth to the heirs of salvation never set forth on our behalf. They are assigned to us during our lifetimes. Amen. And were told in Psalm 3470 angels of the loading campground about then that your hand and deliver them.

And that's what the word fear there means just like what Jacob was afraid not afraid in a big sense but afraid in the reference, I guarantee you with an angel showed up. You would be afraid every time we see them show up in the Bible. The first thing they say before they deliver their messages. Fear not because your human body reacts to that supernatural presence and power. We are told that they in campground the balance so that means north-south and east-west. That means 360. Amen. And we've already seen 24 seven so. Angels God sent to wasn't God, 24, seven, 360, or 24 seven and God 360. We are told in Psalm 91, 11, 12, for he shall give his angels charge over the to keep the byways in their own hands her foot against the and means to us that in a time of danger and will quickly rescue us. It may be a last-minute rescue. I imagine I see them swooping into prevent you from falling or stumbling or something bad happening to you sometime.

That rescue doesn't come to that instant that you need it.

But when you needed it will be there.

Amen we Psalm 103 verse 20 is angels. What is that mean if you examine something that means that you want somebody houses spread ones that come against us.

Amen. God needs to he can send no more. He's got areas of angels were told were told in the Scriptures, if you study it, that there's innumerable angels. Amen. So sometimes we may come up against the fierce arch enemy of the wicked one arch angels of darkness, against us, but we don't have to be afraid because God has got angels that excel. They excel over all the powers of the enemy. That's why told us in Psalm 91, and that is part of her in the New Testament by Jesus that we can tread on the serpent. This will begin the lining adder.

Amen. All the powers of the enemy because the angels of God, and I hope you're enjoying this fantastic looking to the heavenly realm that I experienced in portal of glory. This occurred a few days after I had surgery for breast cancer which had been found on a routine annual mammogram. It was very small and had not spread so a lumpectomy was done followed by radiation of this process took over five months and there were several curveballs thrown at me along the way but from the first moment I was given the diagnosis.

The supernatural peace of God that passes understanding invaded my heart and never left.

Even in times of uncertainty and Satan's attempts to bring fear.

To sum up my dream of the glory penetrating might be just one word it would be ecstasy and the unusual declaration. I kept making in the dream Gloria Santiago led me on a Google search that landed me in the wilderness with the Old Testament patriarch Jacob and his angelic ladder between earth and heaven. Don't miss one glorious nugget from portal of glory order on CD for love gift of $10 for the radio ministry request SKs 191. They'll just sound the faith PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go online to sound the where you can also order with MP3s or SK 191 portal of Murray. We will send you a bogus CD about my journey through rest cancer mailed to sound in faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 2123 next time Sharon on saying Darren and

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