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The Christian's Adoption, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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July 29, 2021 8:00 am

The Christian's Adoption, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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July 29, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friend to new listeners and welcome to this program at the Archie Hardy ministry Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is the Christian adoption as the children of God we had been begotten again by the incorruptible seed of the word of God.

But do you know that we have also been adopted into the family of God adoption in Bible times was an ironclad legal process by which the adopted child became heirs to the wealth and privileges of the father's family. Find out what this means to us as children of God in the Christian adoption.

All Christians should the Christians adoption. The other Bible rumors.

The trip about 14 verse Ms. Joseph Rosemary is of God.

All the sons of God, for you have not received the fear you have received this about adoption, whereby we cry, father, the spirit, so for the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and of children, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, hallelujah, that's a wonderful passage. The Christians adoption, for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but the spirit of adoption or song ship.

One of first of all speak and explain the Roman metaphor about dark sugar. Paul is usually here to show the new string ship of the Christian with God. When he did say one Paul use the metaphor of adoption to the Romans the Romans really understood the relationship to God. You also this modern day.

We don't understand adoption like the Romans understood usually adoption our day is somebody didn't want to just got rid of and then underprivileged and mistreated. Usually like somebody would. Maybe a couple couldn't have children so they adopt a child when all of a sudden I started having children in the adopted child gets pushed in the back. A lot of times when that new father about adopted child by the will. He was cut out, not so in Roman adoption. First of all aluminum wall.

The father was weekly: Latin poetry or protest betrayal protesters means that absolute power of the father in law all the father had salute our over his household, and especially his children if his wife had a child and he didn't like it he would just simply throw it in the trash or give it away if he was merciful.

This was a common practice in the Roman world. They would just give the children away and mostly they would get the daughters away or throw them in the trash that unscrupulous people would pick him up crippled them and then use them to get money by baking or they would give them of the report father give the daughters to the gods as a gift and then they would become, as in the case of Aphrodite's the goddess of reproduction. They would become the temple prostitutes so notorious in the Roman Empire's worship other gods. That's why God was against these idolatrous worship because almost without fail. It involved this illicit sex relationship with the worshiper with the temple prostitutes but the father was at salute, and some of the child number got from under his power. It doesn't make any difference if someone would get married and have his own family. His father was his ring and the only way that the sun could get free of his father's power was for the father to adopt and this was illegal. Roman custom involved two things two phases happen when a person got adopted. First of all first page was called Manistee patio, which means he was emancipated. We get our English word from that it was liberated or free from the power of his father. The second phase was then the cardio or he was vindicated or legally recognized as the new father's so, and this was all gone with the symbolic ritual they would get scales weighing scales. The father that was going to release her saunter the other father that was going to buy the sun and become a new father to him. The original father.

Would you please weighing scales and weigh out the amount of money that the new father had to spend the purchase this so that had to be seven witnesses and then they would act out a little scenario, the father would way the amount of money and usually for a male was 30 pieces of silver as a kind of strange. That's what the game Judas for Jesus for the daughter 20 pieces of silver. The father was going to be the new father would then put the amount of money agreed upon on the scale.

Then the father would give the child to the new father but then he would back away and then change his mind and grab the child and said no I want more money but the new father would say I have paid the price agreed. The slicers paid in full. You have to give me the child. The father would reluctantly give the child back and then back away and then grabbed the child again and said no it's a part of me, letting go the new father would say you To let them go.

The price has been paid and after the third time finally, father would give the child go take his money up and put it in his pocket and walk away. Then the second stage of adoption have become into action the venue because of the vindication which men that the new father had to take the legal document witnessed by the seven witnesses down to the recorder. Probably cheaper records in America. The clerk clerk clerk and he would record this legal transaction in the course of Rome and at that moment that it was recorded then that's all was the legal song of this new father and all the records of his life was wiped out and remembered no more. So that was a consequence of becoming adopted into the Roman family after they went through the Nancy patio the emancipation and the free, then the vendor cardio vindication approving of the recording of the adoption.

Three things happen to that moment. So he had a new family with all rights of that new father. Second, all his old life was wiped all as if he never existed until that moment forever. He became the air of his new father and everything is new father had belonging to him. It didn't make any difference if that father would have other children that were born to him they could not affect this adopted songs airship and standing in the family like I've already alluded to. A lot of times when a child gets adopted because of things that he cannot have children and they adopt the child and then all of a sudden children come along pretty soon they began to treat him as a stepchild and family that I deftly doesn't have a part in the will. It couldn't happen in Roman law. They could never never infringe on his rights as a son because of all, he was just as if he was born about father and he could not be disinherited and none of his rights could begin to but he had to be treated as the very air of his new father. In fact, a child that was born could be cut out of the will, but not in adopted shawl by Roman law could not be cut out of the will. He was always you my eyes rolling some of that father and his legal air and have all rights his father's wealth, power, and fortunes. Never let your mind wander going to see what a great truth is this what God has done for you and I hallelujah praise God label to give them a good clap where I'm glad I'm about adopted son of God. God is not only borne me into his family and I have become a child of God, but he hasn't hidden the Indians family and I have become his legal error and from right now. From the moment… In the family all well and all of the blessings in everything that pertains to my new father belongs to me.

It is my disposal. How well you lose your job. Thank you so so the consequences of being adopted was you had a new father your father had no power over you. Secondly, your life and all records was wiped out all of your debts were canceled.

In fact, her life was blotted out as though you never existed back there that you like only started now since you received the adoption into the new family. You have a new father, you have a new bike trail test today. The new father is the only one that has the power over you how to you have a complete DNA in our new family as the status of us. This is a legal legal term which means you are the care of your new father and all is well put everything that pertains to him belongs to you at your disposal. Now, now, immediately when you look up how blue the so now we can understand what the Holy Ghost says in this little verse that you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption or some ship, and the Holy Ghost is the witness that witnesses to your heart that you are adopted son of God that God Almighty usual plot trio plus tax. It is only one power over you and all is well and all 13 states at this right now.

Thank you. See the all life is radically the old life of sin real life of the law that was dominated by the devil's in the law has been broken and no longer see the long double powder sector all your sins all your faults all of your shortcomings that soon because what the wages of sin is not all about looking to the all of all the debts of Syrian all of its consequences. So you don't have to choose under because life has legally been wiped out as you never know longer are you on the pump for you say CM MO you are free son made you free to Jesus and the son. So you free use shall be free and now we cannot understand that we are truly free, truly free devil truly free up all three of Syrian truly free of all sins, all life, and its consequences. We did not see pop being matched up and set free. Now right now is my son who you all the attributes of things Almighty God made right now… No jobs, demons do not use my name.

Now you might have his son could tell I got about talking about being in God's being transferred from the absolute double the law and the CM into the so power… All my team talking about my old life has been wiped out all debts that belong to you, my director double whatever go to God and say CM in 1930.a look at the records and sites is 90. That's why I adopted him say something so he never existed until I adopted him in the mouth and since I adopted him. He is my son, my knee is going doing so all now Bob Bob all know how Dennis though all you could not meet once you and wants you been made the error of God and child of God. Nothing to talk to Mount only way that you won't get your characters is if you become a belief that, but nothing to get you out okay. Got you where demons can cut you out to cut you out unless you know the only way you won't walk away from.

And I'm not about to. I'm not going to go back to the power of Satan stay under the power of Almighty God, and God says I give you my power bill will I give you power… Everything. Now that my son that I give you power everything and not only am not under the power Syrian envelope power over sin and everything pertaining to that old line. That's how complete I would give the family of God's the courts of heaven on the say as it looks on Jesus, the actual son of God, you know, in the sense of having some Jesus is really only the father's real some cause. That's why he's called the only begotten son and he is the legal air of Almighty God. All things of God will by a greater role than the Roman law and the greater ritual ritual of adoption. We have been meant she talk to you.

You have been immense by the precious price that had to be a price, and this was the price of the blog of the sun 30 pieces of silver by how much more so for you were not cousin somebody's first meeting now. Do you mean just a minute informative and inspiring message by God serving brother Hardy, the Christian adopt

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