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Freedom From Demons, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

Freedom From Demons, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends and listeners.

Welcome to the RT Hardy ministries program (not thinking today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father and brother Hardy is truly a dynamic devil chasing word of the Lord, freedom from demons. The truth is many of God's people are intimidated and/or press by Satan and his demons of darkness, and this absolutely should not be.

We had been delivered out of the kingdom of darkness were Satan, the God of this world rules and we had been translated into the kingdom of God's dear son, where we have authority over the enemy, and freedom from demons. Why God's God allows. She's not gone as a preacher and God is usually files do we control the devil can't control you first go to God and your permission God stipulated California could go straight 13 God is faithful God who can warn you that you are able to show him to make a way of escape, that you shall be direct so you only child of God, either by you not believe you believe in you. That's why fear is really soon because it's not what you said this devil is greater.

You and that's all I have any say that's a lot that we have nothing to be afraid because we have been going over the power of the double translated to the power of Jesus and not only that Jesus has given us power more more about witchcraft research, which is so God's children spell. If you if you listen to me clearly if you call and if you place DVMs, then close on you, a man of God really say that again you child of God, the Lord's will and you that someone would be a child of God cannot curse you, are you ready for the Scriptures story of Bailey in the Old Testament and the book of numbers 22nd 23rd, 24th chapter tells the story of the background has now set the plugs for each sleigh Passover supper speaking Moses has led out of Egypt's role but the Red Sea brought God's people born dry lamp and destroyed Pharaoh to see Pharaoh's destroy were not in his kingdom. They never have no more trouble Pharaoh was destroyed. We should not have any more trouble for double were out of his kingdom, and the promise land and how to go through the lab like Saul did come through not only come through curse Israel or the people of God curse Charlene's famous said on the anointing of God became to pass so we sent some of his young princes down to hire. The curse is God go with a weakness for money so you do not give place to the devil and the devil found he was going to go anyhow got started to go mobile. So there's no wall slanders waking state. Keeping new it was so filled with unrighteous K, don't beat me so much as gain to go to recognize God for sending more talk to him before all that new series for God here for God speaks for God, but it was just grainy good job God for sending the Size of the solid Angel and the angel said to have more spirituality at that time to go see God speak for God to not to go to bed. You're on your way to go but don't you say anything I thought finally arrived there fixing to come in curse. I will take my spot seal cancer except what God puts in my mouth and any truth to say anything. What God puts it is now 20 says because God didn't put a smile so you every little bit. Numbers 23 seven verse, verse, and it says in the immortal words in Bill's map and said return on the Bear Lake and thus show the house speak December 1. Here's what he spoke this parable and said the king of Moab have brought me from out of the mountains will be singing, and curse me, Jacob, and, the fly is and here's what he said.

How shall I have not curse somebody five the Lord is not defined. If God has blessed you body can curse you.

God bless you, even. Curse verse seven.

To me curse my stream all you see if you make it less I can see better safe. Bless you with couldn't get close out and said my son not to keep to speak that which the Lord has put them on receipt of the blessings of the Lord declares company so you and Bear Lake. The 13th person, playing with me to another place from dance style see them now so she broke the most part of them and also not see them all and curse me from that ticket to the back porch and then curse anyone. God blessed you are blessed in the front and back on the left you blessed your blessed in the valley blessed in the mountain shall not be in the city's best for the country so they'll be in the store since you will be like coming solely by going out to buy by 537 didn't make any difference where he looked at his blessed in the front in the back on the south east of the West, so you may have didn't bother this time the that if he could get a chance against Israel that if he could put a spell closing Saul please the Lord. The blessing say you man in the 21st said should be. I have received commandment to bless and he have less and I cannot reverse it honey when you are blessed. Nobody can reverse it. Nobody cannot do that they can see all of their pots with that we in liver And how should a good start. Say okay okay but it will come to brother's messenger the 23rd verse numbers 2323 shortly. There is no enchantment against Jacob. Neither is there any divination against Israel. But accordingly took this time it shall be said of Jacob, and others will want half God will. This is God's handiwork and in the New Testament said in Hebrews. Whatever God did for Israel she's going to do it better since we are the workmanship of God created in Christ Jesus. On the good works that can take Venus, they can share their chance they can store all their pots, they can now father in patients with EMC science, then you are Abraham's seed errors, God promised Abraham because there was no reset scene will last the applied last few few spelling to use his cell phone.

You trouble free. Just pulling now in the King James version.

The most English versions translate words in the English power what God gave to the Christian and what the devil had but it's not so in the Greek and the Greek says behold you were not Christians.

I give unto you.

In the Greek words X socio-and X socio-means power or ruling power should have been better translated.

I give you authority. So the first word and what it means for the Christians, behold Christian I give you authority to over all the power of the eye can see the effects of his power of those that he has out there bound and see him exit appetites fear shook up discouraged respondent Jesus said this is beautiful I give you. I give you authority. That's what he said to the church. In Matthew the 18th chapter I give you authority.

Behold, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, if you should never should have authority I give you the power I give the ability to rule all power of the devil.

You see, instead, a bit afraid of the double. We actually have authority over from children devil has brainwashed humanity to keep them from coming to the knowledge that they could have power in all the cartoons you see the devil with a pitchfork chasing time at least spot out that lie to bring fear in the hearts of Megan Klein say life remains. Then we got a rethink things become new. We got a migraine new and we got the mind of Christ and know that it is so the truth is that God has now reversed the picture and we got the sword of the Spirit and running for his life and sees the sword of the Spirit, and he uses it like he knows what is God, the devil believe in from as soon as a child of God began this son ship God gave him all the devil devil is a believer in trouble. Should we try to keep the knowledge of the truth, but they know the truth of the truth but I know now just a preacher. Do you think we are in trouble we can play with the options we don't got that sort. That's the truth only power now listen to the conflict that you will be child of God walking in the light walking in God's favor is over you is what you give no place to the devil, that's a command from God sons to place or not but I'm not going to give place to find this power I give you authority to rule over the devil got our loved ones got our city and our nation got our generation. We got power we close. We got the form of God first five buttons were defensive weapons other to make several complete complete armor of God offense sale map. What is the office of spoken word of God and praying with all prayer always in the spirit with all such quotation honey, we cannot only block the attack of the devil.

We could put in the flight in her own life and then getting the prayer calls it doubles power and helps our loved ones know what Saul seven songs that mother stayed up all night and day and she beat back the fowl of the air from those bodies. I believe you could take the New Testament our prayers can be doubles from our sin all the power of the double strike that is I want you to imagine some of you been West Virginia ready mountain state here on the top of the mountain. I got one famous cheek going to West Virginia or West Virginia large and here is a tractor-trailer all that diesel power and its to the limit for cargo of steel and it sparks down the mountain. Here we got diesel power we got wind of the steel pushing it and we got gravity pulling it in here comes a little fellow about 110 pounds soaking wet with Roxie's pocket. He steps out on that highway and stick some little bully that I in that semi-tractor trailer fall that diesel power all pushing and all the forces of gravity will throw. So another brakes and I don't trust because the shutter stops and comes right up to that little falls.

Why this man at all the decent power he needed. She had all of the thruster that will he had gravity's power working on. Why can he stop little fellow banner was dressed in a blue suit with a handle with brass buttons and had a bad shop there said laws. You see one, the other authority I got out of the world sees power in the church over people don't know the truth. God's authority to rule over the devil. Not only was should we be free in our own lives, but the cost were free. We use that authority.

God is given us the authority of the spoken word sent his word and healed him cast out devils with his word spiritual prayer. She was not roaring in the prayer close to double bring salvation to herself and he lost. We were warmly set on that one free wheel is already on record.

Jesus said whatsoever. The father you asked the father, my name, Jesus is on the second whatever you ask me that when I do the findings. You ask anything you ask anything in my name, honey, we can take this power be afraid of demons, be afraid of the double were blessed we can become not only do we not be afraid. We got we got kind of church and soon the what God has made us to be calm, sexist mind going to do things when I devil chasing message from God's servant. Brother Hardy freedom from demons.

We have not received the spirit of fear and intimidation of oppression but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Nevertheless, many of God's children are oppressed of the enemy harassed by demonic activity and tormented by spirits of fear.

Sometimes this occurs because the open doors in their homes, their bodies and their minds or because they are too passive in resisting Satan's attacks.

Satan has no legal right to oppress a child of God, but he is a trespasser so we must be active and vigilant, watchful and bold in our resistance. John tells us for this cause was the son of God manifest to destroy the works of the devil, and he has given us authority over all the power of the enemy and authority trumps power.

You need to add this dynamic CD to your spiritual armory and for your love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer 180 for the mailing address is RT Hardy ministries PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203 or order that RG Hardy.Archie now there are many spiritual resources in our Easter work when scores of topics that are prefatory for victorious Christian living. So visit us today but to order by mail request offer 184 and send $10 or more, PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time sister Sharon saying Mary

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