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Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 7, 2022 7:00 am

Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 7, 2022 7:00 am

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Breen spent the new listeners and welcome to the RT heart ministries program. I'm sure not greeting with Thanksgiving for tuning in today because we know Faith comes by hearing and read by the word of God.

I'm very excited for you to hear today's message by myself and my dad brother Hardy.

It is tremendously eye-opening to the cause and effect of demonic harassment, oppression and bondage that many Christians experience and what to do about it.

Find out now in today's message. Cleansing your home of spiritual leprosy appropriately) brother Hardy about spiritual matters. I've been referring to Scripture you can read them later if you want to in Isaiah the eighth chapter in the 19th verse all ties together with the psychic phenomena we are being inundated with psychic nominal on your television. You can call the fez everywhere commercials everywhere you look there. What does the word of God had to say about it. Isaiah 819 says and when they say unto you, then have familiar spirits and under wizards that seem water for my sake, keep in mother with her. This is what were taught that demons P and letter should people not going to these demons. These so-called psychics. Why can't you… There were severe warnings in the Bible against his now familiar spirit refers to wizards, sorcerers, necromancers with the necromancer were not growing.

There are people that call spirits from the dead and anything is something that is spirits are not those people there in attaining demons because when a man dies.

It is undergone or goes down. But as people do not come back there in attaining your Bible says will unto them.

The Bible says clearly. Leviticus 1931 not seek after that do not by then. Do not buy that do not crated by that the bottoms of the Leviticus 20 verse six. If you talk to whoever turns them shall be cut off the bottom of the practice of doing things are to be stoned to death.psychics stoned to death and we can do that legally today, but the judgment is reserved for them. But how dare you turn to these things and make these phone calls, how many say Deuteronomy 1810 very important. Scripture God for Mr. McKenzie's indented nation detonation is trying to discern the future. What's going to be what's going to happen of the time the King James says modern translation astrology consulting Harsco some people want to read the comics they read their Harsco. I'm not making this up on the Christians read their Harsco every day.

God said the abomination. Some people can tell you what sign they are but they can't tell you if you asked him Scripture in the Bible. They couldn't tell you where was Tom anything in time and shall enter which charmer, consult your spirits with certain I can answer these are an Obama nation are not ideal and is one of the reasons why God out of the land they polluted the land in those very houses. With this kind of activity that's why God said the children of Israel live in those houses.

They tear down have anything I like to close with this thought there were a lot of kings there were more wicked kings in Israel and Judah were righteous, some of the well-known ones are 1/2 what the Bible says the absolute most wicked King of all was Manasseh a gelato we can ungodly things a lot abomination. One of the things that anger got slightly turned Israel to the worship of astrology and in the temple of God builds, that had the signs to the heavens and he introduced that kind of worship in either worship into the house of God. God banished him. He lost everything they put a ring in his nose and a chain with his nose and a drug like and they mocked when they took him away to Babylon, God brought them all the way down because he calls his people to do such comical things that a lot of Christians are bringing that into their very home and are wondering why they got contention strife and discord and lost their husbands and wives are getting along and they have less problems there on the verge of committing adultery their kids when drugs their kids around the street there's there's fight and argue all contention that have God's people steer their children are tormented by spirits of fearing demons because of his leprosy in the house and you cannot bring the oil you cannot bring the glory and you cannot bring the Holy Spirit where there's leprosy.

He won't live there.

You gotta get the leprosy out the blessing in your life, all mobile certain research you really go to the blessing role should go to war trouble and you're overjoyed just to summarize real quick, which really covered. That's why when the Lord told us both to do what you had of all really stirred up should just go ahead and take her mother say about more analytical oil anyway.

Joshua six chapter 8 verse now they're coming to process the layer lecture should really do girlish things in the beach house in search in the 18 versions should and you and everyone keep yourself from your cursor. Let's you make yourself accursed when you take up your coaching bring and lick the tip of his role occurs in trouble. God convicted Judah's morning clean the start of your house. You go to become a coach, demons, spiritual have complete control, the house of God shall bring editor not one of her say better about coming to be delivered different story. You play with that stuff. I don't want to go ahead Bruce Hubler tells whomever I'm talking sure have a lot here but we be saved. Clean the O Mary.

I want to bring the restrictions of this team was in India for 10 years. They couldn't couldn't get to the particular tribe. They couldn't give them a good witness. The couldn't bring the lid when she couldn't tell them about Jesus. Five. At one of the workers was one of their Indian workers found out that they were village was sick and diseased, and no matter of medicine. The lateral offers are there idle dogs because they were idol worshipers you know in the world. The worshiper of Africa ever was more God's money.

God usually have people there more. I was surprised when I went to Trinidad I was rudely made of better about 90% of Trinidad were Indian people to dream over the greatest religion is the religion of demon worship. In fact, we put our tent up.

It was next door to a new temple. That's all I could do was fight based demon spirits five have a revival.

We did we become to people say human deliver love talk about, you talk about demon power to refocus much a lot of places I was in Africa whether there shall finally should change as the Child family living trial and said what can we do to receive these blessings of Jesus.

He said you bring all your rivals bring all your fetishes.

You bring all of the things you do worship in the prologue, whichever of them and within two weeks the whole village was how Jesus a lot of people are not very healing because you got evil things in your and you're not going to get a feel good about lot of people that obsess about protections of the church rejoice and not be five minutes of the house when the whole process that traumatized you got evil in the house and you got a wall split the walls. There are presence out of their budget of the bridge, another missionary group in Africa couldn't get in the village would recommend that outside of the city will call the healing rock. The villagers of the chief which doctors of the people would come and offer sacrifice to find healing of the brothers were spot.pray and fast for seven days on the seven day God showed a rainstorm one year out of the rainstorm God shuttle like the healing rock rolled down the hill, the chief of all the villagers came, should we want to hear about Jesus and the village got straight because the houses were supposed to show us demon spirits were always vapor a whole village barely moved through miles away into a Christian village get out of your apartment you read it so much to process thousands practice black magic shoot up galleries you might not get out of there so you pulled everything off the wall and you pull one into offices. One of the most sincerely's Bible range, but it was the center of idolatry and without fail. Idolatry is always connected with demons. When I look for demon under every rock not to stick to the place you might be there low, but wherever there is idolatry and idolatry is worship of anything but the true and living God vital triple to the great God Diane the cold blue separate budgies, female, portable Donald's comments in the Bible and they were sitting that manufactured the side Paul have a great revival that all the idols cursed folks to be good to get the parts group. They begin to get their divination books. They begin to get the curious arch to relive it in action 1990s of many of them also which use curious arch brought their together and burned them before all men and a child. The place of them found to be 50,000 pieces of silver that was $32,000 in their day and wonder what would be your best work of literature. Now what we gotta do which this one is seven dollars plus your home number one, don't criticize any people in your house, don't criticize him anywhere. Rebellious children number 20, you're supposed to be the head of the house of God hold you responsible but let them bring their show your men remove all graven images anything connected with your call shows a lot of omelettes, jewelry this, one Frenchwoman was starting in the college was wondering why you always get the southern touch of fear and panic. No matter all Prelude fashion, quick delivery. One day the Lord told him to go down to the stables where you have some horses.

Mary met a Christian brother should tell this Christian brother about your problem in the Christian brother that was bound told her so. The brother should I just Attach a Public Panic Fear, Uncontrollable Regional Office Where Brother Says Do You Know What You Got around Your Neck to Give Them a Lucky Charm Piece of a God Demon God. That's What's Causing You Trouble in the First Photo I Remember Craving the Got the Liver.

She, the Bible Says No Place but Sharon Said That Was a Trespass, You Can Save God Put You on the outside but He's Trying to Give You and Where You Give Them Place by Bringing Him Things Dedicated to Demons Articles and Basalts. You Door and Give the Devil the Right to Come in and He Is Going to Come, They Say Amen You Go through Your Literature. Your Subscription to True Confession, John's Wife and All That Stuff and Get Some Christian Literature You Go through Your Music and Thought out When the Morning but Bunch of Addicts Spewing That Stuff out. No Wonder You Going to Be a Tool and Open Door for the Devil Radio Harsco Your Know Anything Got Sick Call Him up. He Knows All, but Only That in Caution Often You Got Problems. Recall the Site to Check the Phone Now Don't Call 900 Girls Don't Have Enough Closable Euros on New Kind of American Become One When You Want Me in Your Time of Desperation and Trouble Been Talking to Some Girl on the Phone Make Emily Say Amen… Visual Context of the CBGB Your Client Remove All X-Rated Pornography Literature Takes CVs of All Your Pictures Restarted Again. The Brother Another Chapter 7 Was Called.

This Woman Was Having Trouble Half of Demon Spirits Sooner She Wanted to Set up a Trouble. There Was a Picture with the Minoan of Evil. They Had to Get It out but Sharon Said before, You Have God's Blessing before We Can Bless the Home. You Gotta Remove Everything the Priest Said Took Everything Out Of the House. Take Everything It's Ungodly out. If You're Not Positive or Not Short Thought out.

Emily Say You Men Don't Give It to Nobody Else but I Got anybody Else. Photo River Think about Have the Burden Bring You Live but I Tell You What My Insurance Company Would like to Burn the House down.

God Tells Them over Burning up the Devil's Mess. Emily Say a Man You Need to Get Your Good Metal Garbage Can Put All That Stuff in There. Have a Water Hose Ready and Boated up Boated up Praying for God, Show Me Everything in This House You Got a Certain Room Which Always People Something Is in the Wrong Somebody before You Really Somebody in Your Family Was Doing Some Stuff, A Lot Of Christian Started Doing This, Some Prisons and Found Some Other Children Had Satanic Bibles of Ouija Boards Say about Ever Wonder Why There Was Always Oppression While They Were Arguing There Was Trouble to Clean It out and Transfer Good Christian Music and Have a Good CD or Cassette Player for the Moment Christian the Christian Tingling with Me in Florida. The Christian Music and Tribal Salt Was Trouble about Demon Somebody Skill That Was Unloaded. This Almost Surreal Plain Spirit Came on David. David Picked up the Plate.

The Devil, the Spirit of God Sent You Sick.

You See the Sickness and by the Devil, Demons, or by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit Music. The Music, Rock Groups, Its Place in Sight and Say All Time Ungodly and Evil Things up so You on Your Spirit. I Would so for Christians to Work Christian. Use It.

It Would so about Christian Pictures Been the Whole I Would Assume about Not Wanting Pornography and Evil in Your Home and about Not Criticizing Something for the Church. Some of Your Children Your Nonbelievers down so Much That the Chocolates Are Not Going to Come Say That Jump out. The Last Thing the Seven Figures Don't Speak Curses Speak Blessings in Your Home. All of the Special Way Will You Say to My Children. I Shut All the Way of Death. And I Am Shippable, Lead the Way of Life. This Morning My Sushi Life for Why Should You Die, J When I Have Placed the Evil When I Have Placed a Sign in Your House.

It Is Because the Accursed Thing Is There. I Think about Will Seek Me in Prayer Will All I Will Review the Source Checkout (Buy Houses That Will Cleanse Our Minds (Vice the Rich Claims by Parties All Say My Piece Will Abide in My Production Will Be around and All I Say That I Will Be the Powers of Darkness, and I Will Keep My Children from the Evil One. I Will Brusquely Say Thou Shall Never Know What Thou Shall Be Bound up Strong Counsel. The Waste Collection and Thou Shall Bring Revival Say a Large Savings of Dark Days or Few Come out like a Lion Is Released.

All of These Wicked Things and All of These People Spiritually Because He Knows His Time Is Short Is Estimated That Certain Sale by Upset about That. That Would Be Great of Evil Spirits up When the Last Day I Come from a Sales Job. Like I Said about Your Revelations, Sincerely, Now from amongst Themselves and Not Be Able to Buy a House That My Blessings Will Be in the Course Shall Be upon It. But I Say Plan and Make Yourself Clean up and Walking up the Spirit Sale Shop Will Be up This Guy and I Will Remember Sale While I Save and Heal in the Times of the Patient Sale God Say What the Spirit Has To Say to the Church and Why Should Not of God and Obey Line Righteousness That She May Live for Why Why Should You Die and Place Herself under These Cursors and Barbiturates Are All Hearsay of God Blessed with All the Blessings God's Blessing Our Children Are Saved by Household so You Will Remember Some of the Work Was Shown Come Straight up My Prosperity. My Blessings Are Not up Excitement about Yourself so You and I Will Send the Searchlight of My World and I Will Speak by My Spirit and I Will Surely They Will Really Occur. Shipping and Return Lines That Are so Blessed with Him like a Blessings up Say about God That Loves Me with Low Sodium, the Lord Followed All of the House You Mothers and Fathers in the House.

Single-Parent Were to Come up As God's Blessing on Your Home Were to Give You Obama All You Be Very Much to Drop over Every Doorpost. The Family Mother Father to Be Together Because of One Bottle Beach House so Your Man Not Given for the Children. But What We've Already Prayed with Been Prayed over Saturated Stop, a Very Special Parable Morning Service Which One. Each of the Family. Every Head of the Family Here Is the Husband's Here Is Your Single-Family Your Husband's Mother Was Not Here. You Raise Your Hand so Your Map to Give You This File Instructions Given to Everyone Freezing Here. This Will Tell You What to Do. Probably Can't Remember Everything This'll Tell You What to Do with the Oil Emily Say about Praise the Lord North Front Door and Everyone, Even the Bathroom. A Lot Of People Shot up in the Bathroom Basement Even Emily Say about North Nearly Blessed That Home Use. Like Sharon Said in Europe Dictate in the Power of the Name of Jesus Back up Chief I Can Give You Model Prayer Always like That with the Holy Ghost. Speak to Your Spontaneous, You Could Go and Say Lord in Your Name Morning Entrance to My House the Interest of My Room in the Attic in Your Name.

You Said Whatever Spinal Order Shall Be Bound in Heaven Are Buying Every Demonic Evil Force That Will Try to Penetrate This House That Your Blog Be upon This Dwelling That Your Blog and Your Blessings Be upon Each One of the Room, Drive out All Wickedness If There's Been Any Curses. We Write These Cursors in the Name of Jesus.

From This Moment on the Presence the Power and the Peace of the Holy Ghost.

My Preacher Hands or My Family Put Your Opinions on My Loved Ones Put Your Hands or My Children Bless Them. Bless Every Room, Bless Them, Say Your Map Must Every One of Your Children Name.

Everyone Obeyed Everyone in Your Family.

Everyone so That I Bless Them, Bless Them I Speak Blessings I Speak Please I Speak so Low, That Means the Whole Entire Wealth Speak These Blessings on Them in the Name of Jesus Occurs in Jesus Name Hallelujah Praise the Lord. Father, the Name of Jesus I Speak Shalom to Orbitz Household. If There's Any Demonic Power Cursors up on the Phone Now in the Name of Jesus That I Release the Blessings of Our Right Now in Jesus Night.

Amen. I Trust You Are Being Spiritually Awakened by This Hard-Hitting but Vital Message. Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy. Have You Ever Given Thought to the Ways That You May Be Opening the Doors of Your Home and Exposing Yourself and Your Family to the Demonic Realm. It Could Be through Music Television Videos, Books, Jewelry, Home Decor, and Even Your Children's Toys with the Rise of New Age and a Cultic Influences in America You Would Be Amazed How the Enemy Is Found Open Doors into Christian Homes to Seemingly Harmless Products and Practices That Are Rooted in Darkness and Satanic Inspiration. It's Time to Shut the Door and Evict Her Home of the Evil Because before You Can Consecrate Them Bless Your Home and to God and His Protection. You Must First Clean House and Evict the Evil Influences since the Lord Gave Us This Message. It Is Been One of Our Most Popular Teachings Because It Brings Deliverance and God's Shalom to Your Home. This Two CD Set Is a Doubleheader. It Includes My Teaching, Followed by Preaching and a Powerful Prophecy Given by My Father, Brother Hardy When You Order This Two CD Set Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy for A Lot Gift of $15 or More for the Radio Ministry. We Will Include Instructions How to Identify and Cleanse Your Home of Evil As Well As a Vial of Anointing Oil to Consecrate Your Spiritually Cleansed Home to God · Gift of $15 or More for the Radio Ministry and Request Offer 300 That Offer 300 Mailing Address Is Brother Hardy PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 Which You Prefer Going that's Archie again, cleansing your home leprosy and send your lucky that $15 or more to PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 2123. Until next time Sharon not saying Mary Napa

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