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There is a Righteous Cause, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 10, 2022 7:00 am

There is a Righteous Cause, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 10, 2022 7:00 am

Pro-Choice is an euphemism for Pro-Death. Abortion is tantamount to child sacrifice in the Old Testament, and God hated it. He forbid Israel to partake of it, and any who did was to be put to death. But that's not all: God said those who witnessed child sacrifice and looked the other way and did nothing, He would also judge. God not only will judge those who provide and have abortions, He will judge His people if we fail to lift our voices on behalf of the aborted ones!

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Greetings friends and welcome to the sound of faith, not thank you for joining us today because we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and we have a very special word of the Lord for you today. There is a righteous cause.

This means to stand up for a cause that is all God's heart and to defend his name and his word and the abortions be done in this country is such a cause.

Proverbs 31, eight says open your mouth for the dumb in the cause of all who were appointed for destruction. The dumb are those who have no voice and I say to you, the unborn in their mother's womb's have no voice, and when there is an appointment on the calendar with the abortion clinic.

They are appointed to destruction.

We must open our mouths to speak for them. This is a righteous cause. How many of you remember that preacher we had a few about a few weeks back we had this preacher that preached about. There is only one God, for all men and preached against racial hatred and we had a preacher the priest about same-sex marriage and how it goes against God's word and remember that preacher.

Amen we had a preacher that preached about a few weeks ago preached about the fact that this nation, contrary to what people are now saying, was founded by godly men on Christian principles, many of you remember that preacher on that week. We kinda had a message to you. A come on folks this week. Everything changed.

You know the things that are happening in our world today and the stories that were getting hit with. There was a time that just any one of those stories would've been the story of the century, and now we got three or four of them occurring simultaneously. If that doesn't tell you the coming of the Lord is drawing nigh when not only these signs are happening but the overlapping one another. Amen. So the shock of one.

We haven't really absorbed until something else comes along and so some of you know what I'm talking about, but Tuesday of this week there was an undercover video released. Someone did an undercover video of a high ranking planned parenthood director Dr. Deborah knew the Toler she's a senior director of medical services at the planned parenthood, and she's been there since 2009 and a group representing a biomedical lab. They had going out to lunch with her and their interest is in purchasing baby body parts from abortions and so this undercover video was being done and so they were asking questions to get this woman to give out the information. For instance, the average price for a baby body part ranges anywhere from $30-$100 per specimen and while she was casually sipping wine and eating her salad.

She revealed the fact that fetal or baby livers are especially in high demand.

Although she said a lot of people want head intact head and there a lot of requests for long and lower extremities. And she said Planned Parenthood affiliate means all the different offices across the nation.

Absolutely was her word want to offer such organs. She admitted that the Planned Parenthood abortion is take great care not to appear as though they are profiteering off the baby body parts. She said they just want to do it in a way that is not purse as the clinic is selling tissue not perceived.

It is what they want to do it so it's not perceived that there selling tissue and that they're making money off of this and this issue is not just the PR issued its a federal law, trafficking, human body parts is punishable up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000 so the method that she describes on this video and her particular office.

They have a huddle and they determine what fetal body parts are being requested by their customers and what agents they will be having that day to perform abortions on and they will buy that they will know how they need to go about harvesting. What body parts and they want to do it in such a way. When they do the abortion they want to do it in such a way that they do not destroy any organs maximizing the profits for that reason. This is her quote. Most providers will do this under ultrasound guidance, so they'll know where exactly to put their forceps because they don't want to crush an organ that they want. So if they want a particular organ say the liver then they're going to make sure that there have the altar sign guiding them while they're going in with the forceps to make sure they don't injure that liver showed in that case they would crush something above and something below so as to keep the body parts that they want intact. Some people, she said she took another sip of wine. What actually tried to change the presentation so that it's not Vertex or not. Head first.

So if you're doing if you're starting and you have a breach presentation. Another words the baby is not head down yet. If you have a presentation where the baby is not head down but feet down. The doctor will go in there and try to turn the baby in such a way so that he can have an intact head when they to get out that they will crush it or harm it. She said there are ways around the law because there is a federal abortion ban is a law. She said the federal abortion ban is alone. Now she's talking about either because abortion is legal. Amen. But she's talking about partial-birth abortion. How many are aware of that.

Okay, if you're not out quickly just give you an idea how it goes.

It's done. Guided by ultrasound and the first thing the doctor does is that when there and grab one of the baby's legs by the forceps then pulls the baby out all the way out topping at the head if they were to if they were to bring to head out then it's a baby and then it would be murder.

But as long as the head is still in there. The baby is not born, the babies partially born. Amen. It's a partial-birth and so after they have the baby pulled all the way out except for the head. Then the doctor takes visitors reaches in there and punches a hole at the bottom of the skull makes the whole wide enough so that he can put a catheter in and suck out the babies brings the baby dies, then the doctor delivers a dead baby, so it's not murder. Amen. So, she realized getting back to this article that it sold federal law prohibiting doing partial-birth abortions except for certain cases, but she said there's a way around the law at the national office we have a litigation law department which just really doesn't want us to be the middle per people for this issue right now.

She says but I will tell you behind closed doors. These conversations are happening with our affiliates now in a separate video, the investigators met with this CEO of Planned Parenthood. The top person and they told her how that this Dr. new patella had been incredibly helpful in their efforts to your unborn baby body parts all good. He said great. She's amazing. So that let you know that the very head of Planned Parenthood knows exactly what's going on in all of their offices around the nation.

Amen. So in addition to overseeing these medical practices. She actually does abortions herself.

This Dr. so the video went on to a lot of it. I just can you parts of it so the plan they said the people that made the video said plan parenthood's criminal conspiracy to make money off of aborted baby parts to the is reaches to the very highest levels of their organization. Elected officials must listen to the public outcry for Planned Parenthood to be held accountable to the law and for our tax dollars to stop underwriting this barbaric abortion business. Pro-life leaders are calling for a congressional investigation and this video provides the shocking reality about this grisly inhumane business model of Planned Parenthood. Amen.

Do you know that in their offices for breast screenings for women are way down and abortions are up. You see, they say that there's out there to help poor women who do not have access to good healthcare so there out there. There, the hero of women but why would breast screenings be down breast cancers, not down. Amen.

And so it shows you that if they are in a for profit, and there is a outcry now for there to be an investigation.

I put out a out there on the bulletin board. I put the numbers and the websites for our Maryland senators Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. Barbara McCloskey, you need to either call their office or go on the website and tell them that you want a congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood selling a baby parts if they get animated they need to be inundated there, those need to be overloaded. Their website needs to be overloaded with complaints it would take a few seconds to do it. You either call and tell him or go on the website goes on to both of them get both of the Senators.

Amen. Not everybody has their own different congressmen. So if you know your congressman. You can you can do your congressman to but the these are Maryland senators and this is something we need to do so. That's a regular talk about today and turn your Bibles with me to Proverbs 31 Proverbs 31 Proverbs 31 eight open nine. Now for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction one verse I'll read it again open thy mouth.

Speak for the dumb were not were not talking about people that are intellectually challenged.

Were talking about people that have no voice that cannot speak for themselves. Open up thy mouth for those who have no voice in the calls such as are appointed to destruction.

I say to you that the unwanted child in the womb, who is whose mother has an appointment on the calendar and it's not the appointment of her due date, but it's her appointment with Planned Parenthood or another abortionist I say that is a child that has no place in which Christians need to stand up and speak out there just call. Amen.

And some people think what we don't need to get in the politics.

This is not political. This is biblical. Amen. You know when David was just a young man and I he was still a shepherd on the backside of the mountain watching his father. She was seven older brothers were serving in the Israeli army and one day his father said I want you to go where the Army's camp and check up on your brothers and take him some things and bring me back a report how they're doing.

So the young David went to the camp and when he got there. Every one of them now entire army including the king were hiding in their tent. While this huge giant Goliath was taunting them and mocking them and they're all aired in hiding from the giant and young. In his heart and he loves them strong is what's wrong with you people. Why you out here and you're tense what is and he said not justifying you Israel are there any rights just call.

Amen. In the Bible waiting to take the call appointed to and I can't think of any worse destruction than to rip a child out of its mother's womb. I now add insult to injury babies parts. You know like the day after that. One case that went before the federal courts of the nuns who do not want to pay for abortions and do not want to pay for contraception in their health plans and it's been going to the system and they keep getting denied they got denied again and I thought how is it that they could be denied that own religious beliefs that they have to be forced to pay for people to have abortions selling out what we know what they're doing with these body parts. Amen. We've got to speak up. There is some righteous calls and I tell you that when you take God's righteous calls you do not have to be afraid. You do not have to back down.

You do not do say well I you know I don't think I should say getting that was only a lab. He was a young and here is big talk about anything you mocking our God in the name of the Lord out there and fight the giant and he was fearless and when the king put his arm when he said get this thing off me. I've never tried this thing out. But I know I tried my God, I know that he has delivered me out of the bear bears Paul and he's delivered me on the mouth of the lion. Amen.

And I am not afraid of this guy in the Bible.

We got to be bold and we got to stand up because there is a righteous calls. They are defying the living God because he said not in the commandments that he gave us.

He said now shall not kill, but they are better translated now shall not murder because in Hebrew there is about six words that all translated kill, but they do not all mean the exact same thing. For instance, God had the sacrificial system where they were to offer the lambs and the cows and such for their sacrifice. Amen the shed the blood put it on the altar and that they were to cook the meat and eat it. They want to waste the meat after they shed the blood. They were to cook it in them. They gave so much to the priest because the priest didn't have any occupation again their money in their food so that word kill is not the same as murder and then when there is a righteous cause such as Israel standing up against the Philistines are trying to kill them. The Bible says there was a time of peace and are anyway army against the nation that is trying to kill you like this because that is not whether some people, their conscience is so delicate that they can even do that.

They don't condemn others that want to go to war but they say I can't do that but I want you that there is the time a righteous cause to go to war but when you take the innocent life of a baby in its mother's womb that is murder that is infanticide.

Amen. So let's talk about similarities in the Old Testament now there was a terrible terrible practice that occurred in the Old Testament amongst the heathen nations of Canaan and this is one of the reasons why when God told Israel to go into the promised land. He told him to kill him, kill them all. It sounds people say when that sounds terrible, God is not kill them all. Don't spare any. The reason this is one of the reasons because they practiced child sacrifice in their deity worship all the nations around there did it was common.

One of their gods, the God of the ammonites was called the Malec and the God of the Moabites was called T mosh and I it was a huge brass statue that had was the head of a cow or a bowl with his arms extended out like this in a big cavity in the belly of the statue and what they would do was they would build of fire in the belly of the statue and how many know if brass gets heated up. It is superhot and then they would take that infant that baby and would place it on those superhot brass arms fire would be coming of the belly like this and that's why the Old Testament says do not let your children pass through the fire, they would put them there in the fire was coming up and they would have drummers beating the drums will leave the screams and the cries of the babies that we cringe we cringe unseating some of your facial expressions your cringing at the very idea of such a barbaric act of killing a child like that but you know what, it's just as barbaric. What we're doing in doctors offices. Amen.

It's just as barbaric. Amen it is still in lettering babies and God is against totally against any such thing.that practice of those nations that were around them and so God was against it now after God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, you know, the very last plague that finally was the straw that broke Pharaoh's back was that all the firstborn males in the land of Egypt were slain, and we know that God spared the firstborn of Israel if they obeyed and put the blood of the Lamb on the door posts and lintels of their homes and stayed behind the blood. That's the key stay under the blood and so if they obeyed the not of their firstborn were were killed. Now when they came into the land of Israel and God set up the sacrificial system. He said because I spared all your firstborn sons in the land of Egypt, I require of you now that you give me the firstborn males of all your cattle, your lands, your sheep, etc. you bring them to my house as an offering to me and he said of your firstborn sons with this one condition. God did not want them to slate their children. They were to slay the animals and offer them up, but he said do not slay your sons redeem your sons so another words they were to give an offering in place in lieu of sacrificing their sons because God was against child advice. Amen.

And so we said no. I want you to redeem your children sacrifice your animals, but redeem your children turn with me to Leviticus 18 chapter will look at a couple verses in Leviticus very quickly. 18 and verse 21 now God is giving the many commandments here many prohibitions here and in verse 21 he says, and thou shall not let any of thy seed, pass through the fire to Malec, neither shall not profane the name of thy God, I am the Lord. So here he referring to what I told you of sacrificing these children on this statue and some of the most wicked King.

The ones that were the most wicked after they begin to really backside it says and they allow their children the past five as barbaric as this horrible thing was, it came a time when something so evil and that they were doing it in Israel. Amen. What a passionate word of the Lord. There is a righteous cause. We are commanded to open our mouths for the cause of those who have no voice and you were appointed to destruction. This is exactly the plight of the unborn, who have an appointment on the calendar, not for their birthday but their mother's appointment with the abortion doctor. We must be the voice of 60 million babies aborted United States abortion is tantamount to child sacrifice in ancient times, which God hated, and commanded the death penalty for all those who killed their children.

But God also commanded that all those who witness child sacrifice and did nothing to punish the perpetrators should also be judged. God will judge politicians to legislate for abortions.

Those who provide for abortions and those who profit from abortions, but he will also judge his people who look the other way and do not lift up their voices for this righteous cause. Pro-choice is a euphemism for pro death, but you will never hear a politician claim to be pro-death pro-choice. Sounds positive. A woman's right to choose what she does with her own body, but God says she does not have the right to kill the baby in her womb. Make no mistake, the only choice she has is between having a living baby or a dead baby but either way she's going to have a baby in the parable of the unwanted baby of Ezekiel 16 God said to the baby dying in its own blood live J I say live, what do we say we say live or do we look the other way. There is a righteous cause can be ordered on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SK 142 male to sound the faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go online to sound the you can also order on MP3s, but to order by mail sent your minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 request offer SK 122 next time. The fish are not safe and are not

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