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Why Have Your Forsaken Me?

Power Point / Jack Graham
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April 12, 2022 8:00 am

Why Have Your Forsaken Me?

Power Point / Jack Graham

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April 12, 2022 8:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with just a little later in the program will tell you how you get a copy of Dr. Graham heaven first, here's the message, why have you forsaken. Now the world is filled with many question with a lot of questions that we ask and we really can't answer these are some of the big question is the big personal and often painful question that we asked like why did my child or why can't we have a child or why did my husband leave for why did my business: the big question of why is there evil and suffering in the world. This one, we ask a lot.

God why does so much evil exists then there the identity questions the big philosophical questions of who am I and why am I here and what is my purpose for life. Some of these questions are this side of eternity unanswerable. They are the inscrutable the imponderables of life. Frankly, there are times in ministry that I simply have to say to people I don't know the answer to that question, but we trust God does will Jesus asked a question at the cross and it has to do, really, with the question of why evil and suffering exist and what does God say about what does God do about God hung a? At the cross and chapter 27. Beginning in verse 45 now from the six hour there was darkness over all the land until the ninth hour, and about the ninth hour that approximately noon. Jesus, crying out with a loud voice, Eli, Eli Lama, Suboxone, that is my God, my God, why have you forsaken supernatural darkness spread across the land across the earth. A supernatural darkness, not a natural phenomenon of some kind, but darkness caused by God, and it was foreboding it was.

It was frightening and there was an eerie sense of of silence around the cross. I don't know if you had the experience of a feeling that he eerie silence that quiet before a big storm if you been in a tornado as I have as a child he gets very quiet and very still and very calm and very eerie and very dark before the thunderous tornado rose through the it was something like that surrounding the cross that day when even the sun seemed to hide its face for what was happening at skull Hill when Jesus was dying on the cross, Jesus had been on the cross, from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock. At this point approximately three hours he had spoken three times. Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing is spoken words of hope to a dying prisoner, a dying man on the cross.

Today you will be with me in. It spoken to his beloved mother mother woman behold your son and his faithful disciple, John, who had returned to the crossed apologies and now approximately three hours later. It is midnight. At midday, and Jesus pierces the darkness with a loud cry. We were told that he said in a loud voice.

This is a word which literally means a lion's roar. It came from deep within the men typically spoke on the cross and his people were dying on crosses. There was a delirious conversation and then and there was cursing and profanity and painful anguish that is being spread express. But when Jesus speaks here.

This is not delirium but rather it is a declaration of what is happening when Jesus, the creator died for our sin, he cried out with a loud voice, and he spoke in his language.

This is one of the occasions when the few occasions in Scripture that the natural common language of Jesus is given to us Aramaic, Eli, Eli Lama, Suboxone, which is to be translated by God, my God, why have you forsaken. It was in anguish that Jesus asked this question why God the one who had lived in perfect fellowship with the father from eternity, father, son and Holy Spirit, United now Jesus separated and disconnected, not in his deity do not think for one minute that that Jesus is no longer God in his essence.

But he is inexperienced, separated from God the father. So the question is what is happening here. Well I see in these words of Jesus of prophecy at the cross of prophecy that is fulfilled. Jesus is actually speaking the words recorded by David in Psalm 22.

In fact, take your Bibles, your place, and Matthew 27 in turn with me to the 22nd Psalm Psalm number 20 takes on 22 is called a messianic Psalm, which means that it is a prophetic Psalm. It is a sound predictive of the Messiah who, the Messiah is what he would be like in the Old Testament is filled with messianic prophecies, predictions regarding the Savior to come all the Bible centers on this question.

How is man reconciled to God. How is God who is holy, reconciled to sinful man and the answer is Jesus. And so throughout all about the Old Testament and New Testament including Psalm 22 we have these prophecies. One of the signs that you can the signals that you can believe the Bible is fulfilled prophecy one of the reasons we believe so strongly that Jesus is the Messiah the Savior is fulfilled prophecy and Psalm 22 is a fantastic example of that. Jesus speaks the words of Psalm 22 verses one and two by God, my God, why have you forsaken me, and he goes on to say in the inverse one. Why are you so far from saving me from the words of my groaning verse two says oh my God, I cried my day. But you do not answer and by night, but I find no rest. It was both night and day when Jesus was on the cross. At midday, it was midnight sun say Jesus was simply repeating or reciting words that he had learned as a little boy in synagogue, having memorized Psalm 22 that that Jesus was looking back to David and was simply reciting Scripture know Jesus was not simply reciting Scripture. He is willing Scripture. This is not Jesus. Looking back to David as to what was said but in prophecy, it is David looking forward to Jesus and what Jesus would say that's prophecy the predictability and the probability of prophecy the basic prophecies of who Jesus is and what he came to do and how you would die. These declare with high degrees of improbabilities that that these things could happen in the life of one individual such as Jesus of Nazareth and yet we see the prophecies of the Messiah perfectly fulfilled in Jesus and Psalm 22 is one of them I would I want to show you. For example, in Psalm 22 beginning of verse 14 to 18 when David wrote this. It was 1000 years before Jesus but beginning in verse 14 it says I am poured out like water. Jesus died.

They glanced in with a spear and out came blood and water and all my bones are out of joint. When the cross was dropped in to the ground and oh yes, this is hundreds, if not a thousand years before the cross execution by the cross was was practically used over the Romans in didn't invented they Phoenicians actually been invented, crucifixion but the Romans perfected it. You could call it that, and before there was such a thing is the cross the Jewish way of execution was stoning. So before the cross. All my jet bones are out of joint when you would drop across into his jacket hold the bones in the sinews and the ligaments would tear apart. My heart is like wax. It is melted within my breast when Jesus right died his right heart burst. He said my strength is dried up like a pot shared in my tongue sticks to my job late be assigned in the dust that for dogs encompass me the company of evildoers encircled me enemies of Christ roundabout and watch this. They have pierced my hands and my feet again centuries before the cross predicted that Jesus would be pierced in hands and feet. I cannot count on my bones. They stare and gloat over me. When Jesus died on the cross he died in nakedness and shame. This was a great part of the humiliation, the executed on the cross she would just lay they stare pure precious son of loading 17 W this they divide my garments among them, for my clothing they cast their listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham and today's message why have you forsaken me even in Mike's heaviest moments, the promise of heaven holds out and encouraging hope for you today. When you understand what your future with God will be like the burdens of the present film later. That's a pastor grams but heaven is all about and it's why we want to get a copy into your hands today heaven is our thanks for your gift to help share the truth of the gospel to more people around the world to come down to request your copy of heaven.

When you get home. When 800 795-627-1800 795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop RV store give the gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotion our website again is Jack Graham.Margie now it's get back today's message. Why have you forsaken. I say I see it the cross, something very precious to me regarding the word of God and the trustworthiness of God's word and in the trustworthiness of Jesus himself, and that I see prophecy fulfilled at the cross but not only do I see prophecy at the cross. I see agony of Italy Lloyd Thomas a Bakhtin, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me this cry is a mysterious cries eyes as I said impossible for us to understand but but somehow in that moment, Jesus the Savior, the son of God is separated from God the father and he cries out is been called a cry of desolation is been cried called her the cry of alienation. It is a cry of anguish of agony, not only the physical torture of the cross that that was enough. But this what we're reading here today.

What were seeing here today at the cross is what caused Jesus to turn away. Her desire to pass on the cross, when he prayed in the garden, let this cup pass from me. Jesus didn't want to die. He was willing to die.

But in his humanity. He did not want to die. Why, because of what we see the cross at this moment, the sheer horror and hail of being separated from God, cut off from his father to cry out my God my God why have you forsaken me. That's the cry of hell when people abandonment by God in hell.

Why have you abandoned me why that's what hill is it is separation from God forever and ever.

This is the cry of hell. Jesus is experiencing.

Hell, he is plunging his soul into hell he is walking the corridors of the day on why think with me.

God is holy.

The chief attribute the cornerstone attribute of God is his holiness. Holy, holy, holy, that means completely unique, distinct and separate from evil from wrong from sin.

God is holy and Habakkuk 113 says that his eyes are even so pure that he cannot look upon evil that he turns his back turns away from evil. He is so pure, so holy, so righteous, and therefore his wrath burdens against sin because God is not only holy.

He is just God presides over a just system where there are consequences to evil were getting close now to some of the answer about why evil exist and why suffering exist because God looks at a broken world, broken by sin and because of sin. There is suffering and pain and anguish. So how does God fix it. How does God satisfy his justice at his holiness and at the same time or sinful man. For God so loved the world, did it by this act of grace offered in sacrifice is a big word in the in theology in the Scripture which is propitiation, which means that God's righteousness God's holiness, God's wrath is satisfied in this sacrifice, not of the blood of animals by the blood of his son Jesus and God laid on Jesus. Our sin he knew no sin.

Second Corinthians 521 look at it segregated 521, the one who was without sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God. Jesus bears our sin. Jesus wears our sin and therefore he absorbs the wrath of God. He absorbs the judgment of God. All of the sin of the world, past, present and future. Yours and mine was laid upon Jesus that please God that our transgressions were laying upon him, and when he carried the cross when he wore the cross he was bearing our sin, he is the sin bearer so every violent we can be that you could possibly imagine. Every cesspool of sin every foul thing, every single thing every murder every rape, every lost every perversion all the anger all the hay all the wars in that finite moment of time. The eternal weight of sin was laid on Jesus and he took it all for you and me. This is the meaning of the cross. This is the mystery of his suffering.

This is why he cried out, why have you forsaken Micah Jesus died alone in the chapter after Psalm 22. That's song about the cross that we just noted is Psalm 23 Jesus spoke of God being a shepherd. The Lord is my shepherd.

He said when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you with.

But when Jesus walked to the valley of the shadow at the cross God the father was not with him. He was alone. It was never anyone who suffered like Jesus. Others died on the cross. Others had died. In fact, all will die and then the judgment the Scripture said, but no one has suffered. Like Jesus suffered not the physical torment, but the spiritual anguish of being separated from God, I'm so glad I don't have to in that mess this message. There a little later Jesus would cry out on the cross to Palestine. The sacrifice is complete.

The MC the demons of hell are shrinking. I management Jesus wasn't finish the mission with Bennett. The sacrifice was given to Palestine.

It was not the last gasp of a dying man but the shout of a big door and that's why I speak here at the close. Not only was there prophecy fulfilled there.

The cross and in agony experience there at the cross, but there is victory at the cross because Jesus would later say while committing his spirit father, into your hands I commit my. The relationship with the father is now restored into your hands I commit my spirit and the sacrifices accomplished in Jesus is buried and God the father accepted that sacrifice and Jesus came out of the gray and Jesus is Lord using the cross was a battle.

It was a spiritual supernatural battle that is been away from eternity past the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. When Satan raised up a rebellion against God in heaven. In this cosmic battle. The supernatural unseen world around us is in conflict and at the cross at the cross.

When Jesus died when he suffered and sacrificed his life.

This was a battle and the battle is one he wears the victor's crown. Jesus is Lord and he is coming again. He's coming again. I love Jesus I praise what he is done in these moments that we have together as the cup and the bread is being offered today symbolic of this sacrifice his body. His blood contemplate if you can. The immeasurable imponderable sacrifice of God's love for you.

He spared not his son. You if you didn't spare his own son Willie not freely give you all things as Romans 832. Listen to me. He was abandoned so that you could be accepted and sit at his table. He was forsaken, so that you can be forgiven and when man's hate and sin was lifted up God's love came down and Mercy and sorrow met at the cross and therefore because he was forsaken. He says to his own. I will never leave or forsake you. So when you have all those "why" questions and you wonder why you're hurting why your suffering. Why so much pain. Remember the one who suffered set listening to PowerPoint.

Jack ran in today's message you forsaken me no matter what struggles are facing today. You have hope in the premises awaiting you in heaven. And God calls you to share that hope with others today. That's why we want to encourage and inspire you today by sending you pastor grams but having this exciting book takes you straight to Scripture to help me see all that awaits you in the life to come, and how it impacts your life today, hope for today encouraged to share that hope with others. So don't wait to request a copy. Heaven is our special thanks for your gift to help claim God's word through PowerPoint to request a copy when you call today, when 800 795-627-1800 795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint defined 979 and don't forget to visit where you can shop our E store.

Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotion our website again is Jack Graham.Pastor, what's your PowerPoint is absolutely true that Jesus asked the question, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. Now some people think that God never wants us to be honest with him and that's absolutely false. Sometimes we experience, doubt or pain or uncertainty in fears and if we keep them inside their all bottled up in no place to go so what I do when I have fears and frustrations when I have questions that I can answer. I take them to the Lord as I read my Bible, especially the Psalms. For example, you see David and the other writers of the Psalm asking important questions about life.

That's how you learn.

That's how you grow, God encourages us to humbly and reverently cry out to him when we're under pressure when were stretched.

We don't know the way when we don't know the answers to our questions to the problems of life. There's another thing to remember and that is God knows what you're going through. He knows what you're thinking. Even if you don't express it SoHo you might as well tell him anyway.

God understands your difficulties even if you can't say them and were told in the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit is our prayer partner. When we don't know what to pray when we don't know what to say. The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. And that's right in the middle of the eighth chapter of Romans, one of my favorite chapters in all of the Bible. So don't hide from God.

Don't hide your thought, your emotions from God is impossible anyway.

Share your heart with him open up to him and be assured that he can handle any question that you pray he can handle any situation that you offer him because he wants to love you, embrace you and help you through what you're going through in his own perfect time and that is today's member when you give a gift to PowerPoint dosing.

Graham's book heaven is our thing. Call one 800-795-4627 1-800-795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint 2597891X PowerPoint. Dr. Graham brings a message about how Christ suffering on the cross can help you hone that's next to find PowerPoint with you PowerPoint with Jacaranda sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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