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Precious in His Sight - Born to Be a Winner, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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April 11, 2022 6:00 am

Precious in His Sight - Born to Be a Winner, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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April 11, 2022 6:00 am

Chip’s wife, Theresa, shares how to develop five areas of a healthy self-concept. This message was given to an all-female audience a few years ago, but guys, there is much application for you, too - either for yourself, or for the women in your life.


You realize that you were born to be a winner. That's right, God is for you.

He loves you. He's got my experiences most people don't feel most people feel like they don't measure up to God doesn't really care. Our goal today is to help you to see yourself stay with. Thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge with shipping Living on the Edges of international discipleship ministry featuring the Philly Bible teaching of tripping gratefully joins us as we continue our series, precious in his sight taught by her guest teacher Teresa. It was society continues to drift further from the truth. Realize finally, grounded voices like Teresa to assure a different viewpoint. What were experiencing, we believe that through her insight and wisdom of our teaching we can better encourage and support Christians to really live like Christians.

So with all that said, here's Teresa with the second half of her talk and she unpacked some very practical ways we can internalize God's truth hereto resources for Scripture memory in the first one we have found a resource table, topical memory gainers and it's a wonderful tool to help help you learn how to begin today's Scripture map memory on a regular basis, and if that plan to follow for those of us who really like organization and and it will help you to make memory part of your life takes you through the process of how to do this over. Time and how to review so that you won't forget the scriptures that you've memorized the very first time I did, Scripture memory was probably 20 years ago when I started with diamond.

I got that packet. I memorized whatever was this 60 versus in the packet and after that I started writing out my own from the Bible, just like they are little cards Acacia topic and attaching the verse and I can't tell you my son will exchange me. I don't respond in situations the way I used to because his word is there. He reminds like that and he brings it to my mind, assuming to put some work into it. We have to do something we need to act upon his truth and another thing is a memory card handout that we've prepared for you and it has two passages for each of the health image concepts that we have in the front of your booklet, things were talking about. So there's topically and there's two passages each and you could get starting tomorrow night you gonna have that your little cards to gather and I just think of like the end and any statistical right thing to do and you be so glad that you can read God's word in your heart to be so glad it's there for the third thing here under renewing your mind is set to train our minds to think on what's true. As I said just automatically happen to train our minds we have to do something in Philippians 486.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. The choices we make it something that we need to do.

Colossians 32 set your mind on the things above, not on things that are the earth was to set your mind. If the choices we make it something we need to do something and making a decision not to dwell on the negative thoughts about ourselves and replace the sauce with what God says is true value to take this native foxy I need to just decide I'm not going to think that it doesn't work. What you have to do is to decide. I'm not going to think that but now I'm going to replace that with Dr. this is what I am going to think and and part of that for me happen as I began to study my own thinking patterns.

I began to think about what I was thinking and watch myself and hear what I was thinking and it was amazing to me.

Something negative thoughts were going through my mind so I had to become aware. First of all I thought I was thinking and and then why thinking this love I had that thought.

Okay why am I thinking, and then I need to ask is this true is this consistent with God's truth or not. And if it's not to say that I need to stop that thinking pattern I given you to resources.

Also, for this and the first one is, is to learn a healthy self-concept you have this in your booklets in the test five areas of our other healthy self-concept of what we need to believe about ourselves and if you would take these five things and read them out loud to yourself every day for three weeks. You would have to memorize and you and you have to work at it. I guarantee you will. It's a good thing to think about every day and the other thing is to use stock cards as a tool to stop negative self talk and replace it with God's truth and what I mean by using stock cards is to take a 3 x 5 card and when you study your thinking patterns, new began to become aware of some of the false beliefs of the negative things that you believe about yourself and you know are true and they are affecting how you're responding in higher living in different situations than you like in this belief down on one side of the card. The 3 x 5 card whatever that is not giving examples of mind. Maybe you have the same one that I want for you to use. Unless you last may apply to your life that they my missing is the lead at one time with. I need other people's approval in order to be happy to write that down once I the car not right off real big and so I use this as as I would go over Scripture memory cards. I would take out the scars of these misplaced and I would read them over. I need other people's approval in order to be happy stock that's not true, and then turned over and read the truths and think about the truth and the truth is I want people's approval of me, but I do not need went with God's approval. I am no longer compelled to earn love and acceptance. I am free to be me see that's who I truly am. That's God's truth about me and that's what God wants me to believe another example down maybe 3 1/3 when my value as a person depends on what others think of me. That's not true. My value as a person has already been determined by God because of my relationship to Christ. I will not give the power to any human being to determine my value. I will not do that and see in my mind on think about making it doesn't matter what he thinks it doesn't matter if I please him or not. It doesn't matter if he ever tells me that he's proud of me.

See, it doesn't matter because I have God's approval and that's all I need and I will not give him the power to determine my value essay I needed to learn the truth so I can apply to my life and when you use these kinds of things as tools then after a while you start thinking that automatically see what it is is training your mind to think on what's true we have a book. I think that they're telling yourself the truth and it explains more in detail how to do this and it's really helpful. I found it really helpful to me and I just want you know that I did these things over a period of years. Michigan happen in two months and over.

Years I worked and worked hard at it. The third thing here is to pray and ask God to help you see the way he wants you to pray. Prayer is a powerful thing. Ask God to help you and II talked to lots of people and they seem to they were really good at praying for everybody else-else pray for you and ask God to help you. Prayer is the vehicle whereby God displaces power towards people and not one discount work in my life and I want to depend on him to change me because the only one can and I need to put in all the raw material for him to work.

I have my responsibility built but only God can change my life and pray and ask him to do that and to seek his guidance and help you to be faithful to do that because he promises that he will and will betray him. Another aspect of our other prayer needs to be with thanksgiving to be with thanksgiving for the way that he is made his need you flaws and all, to be thankful to be thankful for the background that you came from to thank him for that kind of parents that you had and quit blaming other people for your struggles didn't need to understand the influence that her parents had on our lives is important that it's important understand help us to grow say not to blame them, and they my parents when I was growing up.

They didn't know the Lord and we didn't have the word of God as a guide in our home and they were peering out of the concepts that they had learned in from their own backgrounds and I love my parents and I choose to thank God for the good things that they still in my life and trying to learn from the negative things is that we need to be thankful for past me at St. God for his forgiveness for what we've learned through our failures and through our struggles and you can that he takes everything everything in our lives and works in for good no matter how difficult it is for good in some way, as we trust in him any. And as we pray, we need to submit to God. It says and to yield our lives under his control. Under the mighty hand of God and yet resist the devil, he says this yield to God that we, the devil and resist those negative thoughts, and he says he will flee from you know I don't have to listen when those thoughts come to my mind to dwell on the mall over and over in my mind on negative thoughts to see because I can stop them right in their tracks. If I choose to do that, but sometimes I need the tools to be able to nestle were talking about tonight in Ephesians 117 to 19 as a wonderful prayer if you don't know what to pray for yourself.

I want you to pray this prayer for yourself and write it down and when you pray, pray it to God. It says in Ephesians 117 in 19 ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory, to please give me theory of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of you. I pray that the eyes of my heart may be enlightened, so that I may know what is the hope of your calling, what are the riches of the glory of your inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of your power towards me. If you know what to pray. Pray that God will answer in a Great Way, #4 here's the walk by faith to walk by faith not by sight. Faith is believing and acting on the word of God. Even though our circumstances may look the opposite. Even though my feelings may be telling me nothing else is the step out on the promises of God.

It's not based on feelings acting on God's promises on what's true in Hebrews 1160 says that without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a real order of those who diligently seek after him and out is 11 one now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen stepping out and trusting God.

We don't see the other. We don't know what the outcome is going to be and so I say to say that we hold onto God's promises about assembling Jesus to listen to the lies and bring into our minds as we have learned to hear in our minds is by faith that we do that it takes a step of faith for us to make a commitment. Even this we can just start filling your mind with God's truth on a regular basis 90s. There's something you don't read your Bible regularly and you don't pray regularly are not seeking God's guidance or not putting his word deep in your heart and you see, it takes a step of faith to say the ongoing by faith, ongoing health and trusting guys going working and he will promise you he will. By faith, and I accept God's forgiveness and that I choose not to dwell on the past step of faith in active faith and faith is stepping out as we said in an believing God's promises we have seen the answer yet and I guarantee you if you take seriously some of the truths that we talked about this weekend and fly into your lives on a consistent basis over the next year and you come back to the retreat. A year from now you will be amazed at how God has worked in your life and how much is changed, you I can guarantee that and so I just really challenge it to take a step of faith and began to gain his word began to put his word in your heart began to memorize his word and to pray, pray for yourself and asking for for his help to change your thinking and help you to believe what is true when number five here is to get a partner to partner God is never asked us to grow along asking a lot of that happening here this weekend at the retreat.

Seems like people are really connecting very well in Ecclesiastes 49 and can attest to are better than one, because they had a good return for their labor force in either of them falls to one will lift up his companion. Woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up. We need each other desperately need each other.

God's given us each other.

We need to encourage one another. We need to help each other. Believe what's true and you become all that he designed us to be so I encourage you if you don't already have a partner to find someone a friend or get involved in a small group us one to hold you accountable to be in God's word and to grow spiritually and now to encourage you in your faith.

We need to help each other because we can't grow alone need each other and number six is our words of encouragement and may still healthy self image and another's life the words come out of our mouth. Powerful, powerful, and they can either build on another person or they can tear them down, then the power of Encouraging Word is an amazing thing and we know it is weak we know is we can know when somebody encourages us in our faith in our walk with the Lord and who we are still still good and he gives us hope in Ephesians 429 says let no unwholesome word proceed from now, but only such a word as is good for edification. According to the need of the moment that it may give grace to those who hear and what this means is that our words would be a minister of grace to others, you know, I thought Jesus Christ as we minister grace to others through our words as we edify and build them up in Christ as we give them hope. And as we feel confidence in their lives and health of the city can really become know God never he never ever gives up on us. He never gives up because he always see what we could become in you know we need to be that to others in our lives. We need to help see what they can become help others see their gifts and their abilities. Because so many times people don't recognize what they have me see what I had. I didn't see the good qualities I had. God brought people into my life to help me to see that and and one in the way that I discovered what my spiritual gifts were through encouraging people in my life. It was people seeing me in doing different activities or whatever it was coming to me and telling me you're really good at that.

I see this quality in your life. God's really using you there.

Is there anything I can help you to develop that area and it was people in my life that help me discover my spiritual genius and we need to do that for others because we MUCH.

And sometimes we fail to see what we truly have 12 there's a an Indian folk lore. It's about an eagle in the Siegel spent his whole life thinking he was a prairie chicken and he did perceive than insects to eat and he thrashed around with his wings in a flurry of feathers and and he couldn't get off the ground just a few feet. After all, how prairie chickens are supposed to fly in years past by in the Siegel group really old and one day he saw this magnificent bird in the sky and he just he thought it was a wonderful thing this bird was just hanging with graceful majesty in the sky on the settlement.

These wind currents in his word and the sky was scarcely the swings and the Eagle thought was wonderful and he looked up and his beautiful bird. He said to his neighbor and his and he said what is it in his neighbor said to him, he said will go to the chief of the birds and his neighbor clucked and he said, but don't give it a second thought he would never be like him and you see all along he never was able to enjoy what he was really designed to be. He never really enjoyed his true identity and so I just encourage you to think about who you are to give it a second thought.

Don't be like the prairie chicken. No give it a second thought, God has given us all we need is given us his word is given us. There is given us all the things that we need to become all that he wants us to be to be a reflection of Christ in us here of influence that he is given each one of us to live out our true identity and enjoy who we are to give it a second thought become what God wants you to see someone asking out what's tattooed on your mind what's tattooed on your mind you born to be a winner for God says that you are with God's help you convey all that he planned for you to be Christ father, thank you so much. I just think of how important it is in in my life and how your work has changed me that your word is living and active and that it does transform our minds and help us to live out your word. According to your will, and seller. I asked for each of us that we would take hold of all the wonderful things you've given us. We would make time to be in your word on a regular basis that we would instill your truces within our hearts and we can learn to live out the identity of who you have truly made us to be enjoying the pray in Jesus name, listening to the dripping teacher for this program which is from bursaries precious in his sight. Teresa and Chip will be back in studio shortly to share some application to work with her today.

Teresa's messages really get to the heart of an issue for both men and women wrestle with identity. You know many of us define ourselves by our work looks well for our accomplishments but the thing is, those ideas never quite satisfied with a series Teresa reveals the freedom that comes with knowing we are children of God and that he values Just the way we are. Discover how you can live in the truth every day and experience true wholeness and satisfaction of you missed any part of this series, precious in his sight want to learn more about our helpful resources Chip Ingram up is a great way to get plugged it should be lower living in a society that is constantly chipping away at our self-worth and value whether it's parents comparing their life to others were teams changing who they are to fit in and be more popular or beautiful. How can we combat these unrealistic expectations and really see ourselves the way God sees us all they will tell you I'm in listening to Teresa's messages and some of the research that I've been doing the pressure on our young people, especially girls, is unlike anything I've ever seen. I mean that the power of social media of what's happening in terms of depression, anxiety, suicide, and those are sort of the extremes. I mean, we've got tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of young Christian women of all ages who you know they may not be having anxiety or panic attacks but just down deep don't like themselves and feel like you have got offended and am unworthy and we've all you know I mean this is a just young girls or women. We've all looked into the mirror and said I'll never be good enough. I just don't measure up.

And so you know my my joy is I've had the front row seat of watching the woman as she's very ominously shared, who on the outside look beautiful. I just thought she was so ugly so unwanted and I watch like a flower bloom before me, but it took lots of work. Lots of renewing her mind and we just had so many women say please tell us your story and so we made the affirmation cards nose went out like hotcakes and that it was like, could you put this in a book should have five people knew the agony for her to do this, but I will tell you if you're a woman and you want to see yourself the way God sees you and have someone that really really understand you get Teresa's brand-new book precious in his sight, and then get those cards to renew your mind the way that she has for so many years and what I can tell you for sure is that as you do that you will begin to see changes in your thinking than your emotions, your self-esteem, and it's a journey that you really need to be on and were thrilled to provide those resources strip all I can encourage you enough to get Teresa's new book and a set of or affirmation cards that we've bundled together just for the series and if you haven't thought of it already. These resources would make great Mother's Day gifts for any of the women in your life. So be sure to place your order by April 29 to receive this bundling time for all the details, go to or call us at AAA 333-6003 that's AAA 333-6003, or listeners top special offers.

Well here's Chip and Teresa with today's application. Will Teresa thanks again for coming back in the studio and taking a moment to share personally after these messages and on the last couple programs you shared a number of the real specific things that help us learn to embrace her identity in Christ and would you mind taking a minute and maybe flushing those out or helping us see how you personally come to practice those think that would help a lot of people because I want to do this well I would say that we all need to learn to practice what we call us spiritual disciplines in our lives. God's word says that his word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

He says that he his word is my hiding place.

His word is my strength. I find hope in his word that his word is living and active. It's not just like any other book it's it's a divinely written book from God written to us to his children and he wants us to know him and we know him as we spend time in his word to that's that's what I do. The second thing first is God's word. The second, I would say is prayer.

She wants to have this relationship where we come before him and we pour out our hearts and we we tell him what we need and and he is so willing and able to reach into our lives and help us with whatever that is. The third thing is said to memorize and meditate on God's word. That's the only way that I can actually replace the lies that Satan or the world puts into mind. My mind is is if I had instant recall in my mind because I memorize God's word I have. They are, and then the fourth thing.

I spent time with God every morning I get up and he's the first person that I deeply share my heart with and pray and talk to him and and I I begin my day every day with thanking him for the grateful. Just being grateful to wake up for a new J and all the possibilities that he has for me in this new day and just just be grateful really get you started off in a good way in the morning and number five I would just say, and I'm not always the best person that doing this is just to step out in whatever God shows you to do step out and be faithful and God will lift your head and so that's our part. God is in control. He loves us. He provides, but we have a part to play in this tube because it's a relationship between us and the Lord. Those are some great disciplines for us to purchase and remember Teresa price just before close. I want to thank each of you who's making this program possible through your generous giving 100% of your gifts are going directly to the ministry to help Christians really live like Christians from ships teaching helpful, but you're not good on the team. Would you consider doing that today to donate. Just go to Donate all me up or give us a call at AAA 333-6003, let me thank you in advance for whatever the Lord leads you to do: select sign for everyone here is saying thanks for listening to this additional

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