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Just Say the Word!

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 7, 2022 12:00 am

Just Say the Word!

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 7, 2022 12:00 am

Jesus is about to make a significant turn in His ministry, as He extends the promise of salvation beyond the Jewish community and speaks directly to Gentiles. In Jesus' interaction with a Roman centurion, the expression of faith in Jesus and miraculous healing are no different than what Jesus has previously done in Jewish communities. His promise of salvation is for all the earth.

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Months before that other centering. We all know that stands the cross and says Shirley he is the son of God, the centurion has already come to that same conclusion.

This is the Messiah.

This is the anointed one. This is more I want you to notice.

He realizes something else. Did you notice in verse 16. Since this new message it says that were ready to come under the roof of my house the Jewish elders about this guy. He is worthy, he says not come to my house. I am not worried joined us here on with this broadcast demonstration resurrection power comes from the gospel in Luke seven, Jesus made a significant turn in his ministry.

He extended the promise of salvation beyond the Jewish community and began speaking directly to Gentiles in Jesus interaction with a Roman centurion.

The expression of faith in the miraculous healing teach us that the promise of salvation is for all your Stephen with the lesson that he's calling.

Just say the word living in a constantly drifting culture way when you know regularly update our GPS where we are who we are warmer going who were listening to her obeying or believing to be accurate in changing the word of God. I want to show you a man who was guided in a crisis moment by nothing more than the word of Christ to take your Bibles and go back with me again the Luke's gospel were now in chapter 7 of his first letter to Theophilus. This converted Gentile aristocrat. Luke's second letter is called the book of acts, but Luke tells him and us. Now, here in chapter 7 and verse one after he that is, Jesus had finished all his sayings in the hearing of the people he entered Capernaum Capernaum. Is this busy city built near a major trade route and it becomes the Lord's home base for his ministry and what we just read is a summary statement of respondent signals a new stay in Jesus's mission and his ministry fact, if you been with us the first six chapters of Luke's gospel. Jesus is dealt primarily with the Jewish people, but now after finishing his sermon on the plateau.

He wraps that he now begins to interact with Gentiles inherent in the seventh chapter. This is his first encounter with a Gentile first two introduces him to us as a Roman centurion. Let me pause long enough to tell you what I have learned centurion was in command of a century up soldiers. That's the same word family 100 soldiers centurions were responsible for the discipline and morale of the regiment. They were they were considered the cemented of the Roman army Polybius of the Greek historian wrote 200 years before the birth of Jesus that centurions were quote reliable men not overanxious to rush into the fight, but if hard-pressed ready to hold their ground even if it meant dying at their post is are highly respected military leaders. Frankly, I don't find it really any coincidence at all that Lucas can write to Theophilus a Gentile official. This testimony of a highly respected Gentile commander is demonstrating faith in Christ.

Let me tell you about a Gentile, a man of high high regard who demonstrates faith in Jesus. Just as an aside, you could do the study on your own. But until my study.

In this text, I wasn't aware that Luke will introduce us to seven centurion who will sorta weave them into his gospel narratives in Luke chapter 23 and over in Matthew's parallel account. You may remember, probably the most famous centurion he standing there beside the cross he remembered as Jesus dies, he says that the records and say truly this was the son of God, that the 2754. Luke will write in acts chapter 10 of the conversion of Cornelius, a Roman centurion in acts 21 centurion that rescues the apostle Paul from being killed by this mob in acts 23 you have another centurion who who enables Paul to avoid an assassination attempt. Also, later in that chapter yet to centurions with their 200 soldiers that escort Paul safely to trial before feeling the governor admitted acts 27 centurion will treat Paul with a tremendous amount of respect. In fact, he will follow Paul's advice as they are facing shipwreck and they are shipwrecked on the island of Malta really seven centuries. This is an interesting study. You can do on your own as they become followers, many of them of Christ. Now notice verse verse two now centurion had a servant who was sick and at the point of death was highly valued by the leak medical doctor gives us his prognosis.

The language here is death is impending in other words, there isn't anything Dr. can do what he means. Told her that he was highly valued by the centurion word for valued could be translated honored or respected. When I told why no back story here, but we are told it was serious enough for the centurion to actually enlist the help of Jewish community leaders ought to go after Jesus. Verse three when the centurion heard about Jesus, he said to him, elders of the Jews asking them to come and heal his servant. And there's this there's this note of urgency in this request. The word for heal, and he healed again is another medical term from Dr. Luke, which was used in the medical community for rescuing someone who was dying from a severe illness.

The servant has essentially been rushed into intensive care, which is probably why they're not bringing him to Jesus or asking Jesus to come there that Matthew in this parallel account uses the word paralysis to give us the condition of this individual, which implies that at this moment he's already slipped into a coma is not moving, there's really nothing you can do is life is literally hanging in in the balance of the centurion. He reaches out to these Jewish elders to get a message to Jesus and then you may know, there's no let me tell you Jewish elders are in the middle and the practice of running errands for people, but they do and were told why over here verse four and Wednesday is the Jewish elders came to Jesus. They pleaded with him earnestly saying he is worthy to have you do this for him, for he loves our nation and he is the one who built us our sin that God so they're not only bringing the requester lobbying on his behalf, and rightly so. The centurion evidently is a follower of God, not a full Jewish proselyte, but someone you read about in Scripture as a God-fearing believer in the God of Israel, and we have this really interesting phrase he loves the nation Israel mean how many Roman centurions love Israel not very many, I can assure you that Luke uses the verb occupy we think about this is the this is the coalition all oil fall decision. He's made up his mind that he loves Israel, which is an implication that he's made up his mind that the God of Israel is worth following. This is an interesting Roman soldier.

We know from history that centurions were paid about 15 times more than the ordinary soldier making them fairly wealthy, and evidently he was generous because we just read built their synagogue, what Roman soldier does that abides in the building committee love this guy.

You don't their little synagogue were not told which one we are told in the next verse that Jesus agreed to go with them. Matthew's account says that Jesus responds by saying I will go and heal. Keep that in mind. Keep that in mind. Jesus doesn't say I will go take a look at and see what I can do. I don't really do much in the ICU. You know know I will go and heal him. He promises something that he will be able to produce his word will stand in fact will find out he doesn't even go to the house we think about continents are shifting and drifting but his word stands now want to watch what happens here verse six Jesus went with them and when he was not far from the house, the centurion sent friends saying the Lord do not trouble yourself for I'm not worthy to have you come under my roof stop here for a moment to read ahead. Look up this way okay thank you.

Let me let me point out to terms the guys look back to the circle of first he uses the term Lord.

Now we know that can be an expression of respect like Sir. However, in the context determines this most often in the New Testament. Unbelievers refer to him as a rabbi teacher. Believers refer to him as Lord. Somewhere in here. You know the centurion is been doing his homework. God has granted him to this Roman soldier the very insight the Jewish nation can't seem to get their minds around. He is basing his request on his faith in the word of this one who is not just Sir, but the divine Lord is one commentator brought out to get this months before that other centurion. We all know that stands the cross and says, surely he is the son of God. This centurion has already come to that same conclusion. This is the Messiah. This is the anointed one.

This is the one we've been waiting for this is God the son. This is this is Yahoo so far this is more he could do whatever he wants to do and what you notice he realizes something else.

Did you notice in verse 60 since this new message it says I'm not worthy that you come under the roof of my house.

Don't don't miss the obvious play on words, the Jewish elders that were to get help this guy. He is worthy, he says not come to my house. I am not worthy. The implication is he's heard what the elders have said he never told him to say that because of his recognition of the divinity of Christ. He he essentially says don't don't come here not worthy. Besides, you don't have to visit in the ICU.

You don't have to get in the neighborhood just say the word for seven but say the word and my servant will be healed. Just say the word more to say the word to speak and will be healed. He goes on explaining in verse eight for I too am a man set under authority with soldiers under me and I say to one go and he goes into another calm when it comes to my servant, do this and he does it. I say go and they go the word for go that command is actually a military term that can be translated March I say to my March and they don't say, well, me think about my feet hurt. Monday March I say stop based on attention. Heels clicked together this one. One author said this all has that military ring and snap to it. So here's what he saying to Jesus. I am up a military man I have authority over 100 men when I tell my mentor March they march back when I send in order for them to march at a certain type I don't even have to be there to follow that order.

They don't respond with anything but yes sir. So what you think Jesus is saying, Lord, I can command whatever is under my authority, and so can you. And since you're the Lord of the universe. You can everything my paralyzed servant disease.

The power to heal nature the physical body time distance universe.

Everything is under your command. Just say the word disabled.

I wondered as I read this. How responsive are we to God's word.

A quick and my when he says March I think about it. My feet are stop, but this be our attitude. Beloved Lord just say the word to say the word.

Verse nine told here when Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him there. By the way take from them on the idea of surprise is an element of surprise Jesus's surprise marveled could be better translated, admired, admired, turning to the crowd followed him said I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith. The elders of the Jewish people commended his works. Jesus commanded his faith and his faith was placed where in his works. No, in the words of Jesus. Matthew's gospel tells us that at this very moment his servant was healed. Luke records for us in his account in verse 10, and when those who had been sent returned to the house.

I found servant well well is another word, analytics, medical bag.

It's a word that means in good health in perfect condition, which is really an amazing series them. Here's a man.

Moments ago I hadn't eaten a meal and who knows how long he's been paralyzed for who knows how long.

His life is been hanging by a thread. He's he's he's at death's door and suddenly, miraculously, immediately he's in great shape.

Jesus just since the word by the way, and neither account really at this moment are we even given in either gospel account what word that once Jesus may very well of simply thought it was the Saito us as believers, how reliable do we treat his word is not simply the word of the Lord. He doesn't have to be in the room with us. We don't have to feel him sends him see him here in order to believe him. JC Ryle and his expository thoughts on this text provoke my thinking.

He wrote no more than 100 years ago when yes this question have you actually seen the book of life. Have you seen your name written there though. Then how do you know it's there because God said so he wrote to the apostle Paul referring to believers in Philippians 4 verse three there are those whose names are written in the book of life. Jeff and ceiling have you actually heard Jesus standing as your advocate before the father. When you sin defending you when you sin no.

So how do you know he is his word says my children when we sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ. First John two just provoke. I think you know you can go to heaven deliver Jesus programming, how do you know that's really going to happen if you seen it. I've been able to check out your no Jesus that I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and take you to myself that were around there. You will be also. He said John 14 and between here and heaven. You know that's going to be some time. Perhaps Jesus is to change his mind and abandon you. I mean, I get tired of me. We know it will well lock.

He said the whole I am with you always, even to the and of time at the 2020 David Livingstone that wonderful binary missionary to Africa in the 1800s submitted every crisis in his life he would go back to Matthew chapter 28 verse 20 and he would read this promise and he would say this as he wrote in his diary. This promise is the word of a gentleman of the highest honor.

And that settles he's given us his word. We live in an age of uncertainty like the GPS got all scrambled up where living in an age where people are more open than ever to the advice of counsel, pseudo-wisdom of just about anybody and everybody to give them direction in life, even likely on the grave right everybody I talked to has an opinion, nobody's saying what this is that most people I talked to talk about where they're going to be able to get to do after you in our secular world, always uneasy with us within.

With this growing suspicion that there is something more out there. There is some kind of cosmic intelligence. There is some sort of universal force. The question is where will they look whom will they listen what word will they follow whose advice and counsel was at the store sometime ago in an older teenage girl in college, 18, 19, 20 years of age was at the counter. Let's check it out. I said I hope you're having a good day she opened up so not really, is that I've had an injury in a soccer game my foot them up and told it's gonna ruin my desires wanted to be a ballet throughout the bait United that it is worth throttle thing and see if they respond and I said well you know it got is a purpose for everything. Even though we don't understand why just to see what the response would be, and she said well you know III believe that's true because this injury is given me a lot of time to focus on my religion as it will 30 what religion are you she Salama, pagan I was expecting that. I said that will I know some people like that. What is it mean to you. She said on studying Wicca.

I would like to be a witch and start my own coven. I said will that that's interesting. Oh, what would you like to do after that. She said well on studying how to worship earth get in tune with the earthen she said I would like to start an earth church that is interesting. She wanted to go to church as it will that's that's pretty interesting what you want to do after that. She said well I really like to be a schoolteacher and I thought I'm glad my kids barely graduated. I looked at her and I said Eunice wonderful would be a great career I said let me ask you question after spending your life doing all these wonderful things that you think are things you'd like to do what he can do a couple of minutes after you die and she hemmed in hard and then she said I hope the divine will be good to me and I said, also you believe in God. She said well not that that really and another customer decided it was time for them to check out but I told her I want you to think about that encounter with that divine in the days ahead.

She promised she would like the rest of the world around us.

Her foundation is built on shaky ground is all about earth even earth is moving. The plates are shifting in her 5 feet off in Australia. Imagine being an eternity where's the word where's the Council was the advice for life. So true. Listen with a sigh close Psalm 33 for the word of the Lord is upright all his work is done in faithfulness by the word of the Lord Evans made and by the breath of his mouth all their posters, all the stars you spoke with all the earth reverence for all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him, for he spoke and it came to be commanded in and stood for the Lord brings the advice of the nations to nothing but the advice word of the Lord stand for that. Stephen entitled demonstrations of resurrection power. This is a nine part series and will be bringing you the rest of it in the days ahead. Thanks for joining us this is wisdom for the hearts wisdom for the heart is produced by wisdom international and we are the Bible teaching ministry of pastor and author Stephen Davey if you're new to our ministry welcome were glad you found us here on your local Christian station. If you'd like to learn more about us. We have a website you'll find us we have information there. That'll introduce you to our ministry as well as give you access to all of the resources that we provide all of them are designed to equip and encourage you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Take a few minutes and look around that website. Once again it's wisdom online. As I mentioned, will continue through the series.

In the days ahead. So join us next time here on wisdom

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