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WED HR1 033022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 31, 2022 12:02 am

WED HR1 033022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 31, 2022 12:02 am

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Good evening and welcome to another radio about certain centers and this is the loan, this 30th day of March, 20, 22, and tonight we have a whole lot. We hope that will look we gotta get going like lightning round.

We have so much to cover and tonight we have on the board again tonight. You know he's these are simply standing ready to take on the bad guys in the field full of fear money Andrew. He won't just go to book a chill through the entire library money. Andrew I will throw the entire radio station okay and out there cheese pretty and she's petite and she's smart as a whip, and that she is a natural medicine woman casino I did news word lady. Right now though. She's a lady I use the word woman because she knows what a woman you ask her and she'll tell you what a woman is not like some people out there who they want to put on the Supreme Court home. I and so we have none other than the amazing Wendy Wilson after getting a young lady you ready to roll tonight.

I was guiltless go after the title of the message is weak, was how to avoid being left behind and what do you do if you are left behind right and so Horgan picking up where we left off and well that's first Thessalonians chapter 5 and we read verses one through 12, but of the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write into for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night when they shall say, peace, patient safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, and prove, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape okay couple of things here, here, what is he's telling you don't listen. Do not be messed live. Do not be misled by those that tell you that they know the date of Christ's return here there's an old Hebrew custom that when a man wanted to find when a young man wanted to find a wife he would go to the marketplace of someplace there and it would it would look mentally phone woman that he liked and if he could say that she was single one married. The custom was for him to follow her home and when she got home that he would go to the father and ask telephone that he wanted to marry her and father would say will cut what you have will, dowry, do you have and they would discuss that and then when the time came when he would go to his father and his father would set the time and the place of the wedding when he would receive the right now how do you think that corresponds with what were talking about the day of the Lord in the day of Christ. I do think that responds and corresponds quite well the day during the day of Christ are two different you're absolutely right. Today the Lord always deals with judgment and salvation. The other one right. The Lord is when he's the deliverer he's the Messiah.

Okay the Redeemer and so here now he's talking about the day of the Lord. But now the day the Lord actually has as to meetings because it's is going to be a day of judgment before the wicked, but the it's also a units a day of punishment for the wicked, but it's a day of blessings for for the saved what would be a day of blessing for the saved you think my well that's true but you see what he does when that day the Lord attended accumulation. Not only is there judgment on the unsaved to the wicked, but he ushers in the millennial kingdom and for the saved and that's going to be very good timed to be on this earth isn't like yeah well what I just asked you about the thing with the father. Remember, the father decides the day that the groom will come where his son will come for his bride, God the father decides the day that Christ will be given his church, his bride, and also God, and that this starts with that starts with actually the rapture of the church and then the end of the tribulation. When when Christ returns and so then that deals with all three, and the time that his bride is presented to him during clean.

So here we go and and we read this or that they love free. It's okay for when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.

But your brother are not in darkness, that the day should not overtake you as a thief. You are all the children of light and the children of the day and we are not of the night, nor darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as others do the let us watch and be sober, for they that sleep sleep in the night and they that be drunken are drunken in the night, but let us who are of the day, be sober, putting on breastplate of faith, love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation is a screen he's telling him to what always be ready always be. Live your life as if you expect the Lord to return in a minute okay and so now the day that were living in it when he refers to the night.

He refers the darkness of and right now, what would you say would be a lot of the signs that we are living in the time of sorrows that the Lord Jesus referred to their Matthew 24 is a time of sorrows Lord's will and I think I'm going to be preaching this week.

Possibly Wendy on why am I angry.

Why am I the Bible says be angry and sin not be you angry and sin not okay and so is referring to. There's a reason there's something we should be angry about, and I think that's what I meant to be preaching on okay let's call the righteous indignation, a righteous indignation. And so, and boy do we have good reason for righteous indignation devoutly right and so he says here for God have not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. We think you meant by God has not appointed us to wrath is kept cut two applications are well regarded tribulation. Right the wrath of God is the tribulation. Eventually ends up in the lake of fire how right and so here so he says again, for God is not appointed, not appointed us to to wrath so many when he says he is not appointed as this thing is talking about.

We have not been appointed. The church is not appointed to go to the tribulation.

Sounds like it.

So let me ask you this.

Would there be, would it make any sense at all.

Would it make any sense at all for the church to go through the tribulation. Now God would punish them with the evil one. Well, what is the purpose of the tribulation. Had two purposes.

One purified that the purification of the, the wife of God. That's that's the nation of Israel is referred to as the wife of God, kidnapped and purified. He gives as an example in Hosea, where he refers to Gomer, which is Hosea is wife.

She's a horror and and he deals with very steep gives glories of this is how you deal with her and then so now he sees telling of that and that's exactly how he's dealing with Israel. Israel has been a horror okay and so in the end he redeems redeems Israel so is the purification. Israel with one other thing.

What the takes place there to as the judgment is the judgment on the unsaved wicked right that's the purpose of the tribulation. Now then he goes on to say verse 12 and we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you and esteem them very highly love for the work's sake, so anything is talking about paint well yeah but he sees nothing.

Let me read that again. And we beseech you brother to know them which labor among you and our over you in your ministers.

I write you right and admonish them and esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake. So in other words, do you think the world out there esteems pastors. I mean real pastors for very highly anymore world that we live in now will you be right about that now. I want to go over to first Thessalonians chapter 1 in first Thessalonians chapter 1 and read verses four through 10. Knowing brother and beloved your election of God for our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also empower and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance. As you know what manner of men we were among you for your sake and you became followers of us and of the Lord. Having received the word infliction enjoy the Holy Ghost so that you are examples to all that believed in Macedonia in a chaotic for you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in Macedonia and I cry. I would also in every place.

Your faith toward God spread abroad so that we need not to speak anything for they themselves show of us what manner of entering in we had unto you and how you turned to God from idols to serve the living God, the living and true God, and to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus was delivered us from the wrath to come. So set in think that's another confirmation that were not going to go through the tribulation. The Bible will tell you more than one Bible with all yeah now there he's talking to us that the reason this statement is Megan insanely soon as at that time there was some of those Thessalonians that believers that they thought that they would be protected from death until Christ returns for them and so when some of them begin to die under person of the persecution they started questioning their faith. They had misunderstood. So Paul is explaining to them what happens when you die for a believer it's appointed them to death and then what happens once they die they would they enter into eternal life.

Don't okay so there you go on clarinet, and died there believer saying they go to heaven they go to hell right you know the Bible Bible know nothing felt that her people get hung up. I think there might well please referring to when Solomon said that he also said this, he said them. You better to be alive dog that it did lying, not dogs were despised and that in that culture lines were highly revered and he was making a point that is long as you're alive as long as your life. You can change things okay as long as you're alive if you wicked and evil we can repent of that. If you've done wrong you can reverse then the right of your life with her. Dad then you can't do any of that you can undoing any bad and you can't do anymore good but now you see we are cry human beings. We have a body soul and spirit going France and so the body goes to the ground and that's what is referring to see after in your spirit, soul and spirit, go to be with the Lord. And so it is referring to that after that happens when you go into the ground. He can't do anything.

I mean you can't be running around in good or evil anymore, but your spirit and soul is going to be with the Lord. And so here. This is why when the Lord returns if we read over here. In fact, we read this okay, but I would have you I would not have you to be a novella concerning them which are asleep, that you sound, not even as others which have up for. If you believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus, God will bring with him now to seek the Lord Jesus is coming back from heaven with the Saints, their spirits and insults the states when he gets back here then he raises their bodies from the ground okay and he reorganizes their atoms and aces.

For this we say to by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep and sleep for the Lord himself shall be sent from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel with some of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Then he which are we which are alive, shall remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air we show ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another so those that are dead, their atoms would be reunited with NL have bodies, but these time. This time though, have glorified bodies glorified body and will be standing before the Lord in two places. Okay C number unless a diverse 15 very carefully okay for this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep so there's an emphasis on this one aces by the word of the Lord.

What is each telling you something here and he's telling you that that God had told him directly that they that God has spoken directly. Paul spent three years being being taught of the Lord Jesus and the Arabian desert and this is what he is telling you here so that he heard this directly from the Lord.

And so does any of that make sense to so will will stand before the Lord, right on that day when he raises and then what and then were going to stab a foreman another time and that will be where at the neck or the next time was stable for him will be the beam is a judgment and get your crown straight yeah and so now I want to go over to Revelation chapter 3 had a norm we might not have them with enough time for this. You know what I better better. Maybe hold off on that because that's gonna take me more time than we have. To get into that here tonight and so with that were going to take take a break now and come back and let it turn you loose on the folks out there. How's that well okay all right take us away. Mighty Andrew is.

That's the most powerful thing. It exists as God's word. He said the best, but his words will never ever pass away, and that's what we live by is that Wendy Wright alleges that one good thing.

Praise the Lord for this Matt Gates entered Hunter Biden's laptop. The laptop from hell into congressional record. That means now Wendy there has to be an investigation may can't stop it and listen.

I've seen some of what is on their it is. It is horrible. I mean it's there's so much evil evil on that hat laptop from hell. And it really brings it right down and Joey matches Joey Biden, but lunch at the end of the whole Blyton crime cartel and on top of that half of Washington DC you know which half. That is, don't you already well I want to say this post. Get your pen and paper ready because we got the medicine lady here tonight with us and as we always say she has got. If you've got to if you got the ailment. She's got to cure right here in his book, all natural natural the best natural herbal medicine. They went a little different than a lot of the others we have. She did. She does deal with nutrition, but most of her deals with natural medicines which which we need and we have others like today I Dr. Laufer and Dr. Peter Glidden and he has.

He's big in the area of natural foods and that and so is is Cass Ingram but you deal did mostly with with natural medicines and in your your natural medicines are not only are they high-quality Wendy put they got a good long lifetime company, Like near different between the dinner after well I think that you know now that there is a deed of basically herbs are made from foods or things I could be okay but like you know like I know that you have. There's a lot of healing and some some kinds of tree bark like willow bark or whatever her, but I wouldn't want my own one evening. Willow bark from my campground at my mom asked me a lot of your maybe bitter or hot fight, and they have different chemical properties in but they all felt full of minerals, and amino acted and antioxidant poet, sorta like your dental K commercial if you will we get one vote educating 30 balder shredded wheat think it admitted that okay shredded wheat as your normal though when you get sick you need more need you needed at different creation of nutrition and got that and so when my kids were small in any way takes the stuff that would make them feel better. I would say well strawberries suite and at the food you can't hope that this man says that special and so powerful. God made it that way. Knowing what you have a little bit that he made it bitter or hot that I made 10 to make it make sense anybody out there, but that they are really packed full of nutrition and what the body needs to get better though I remember is the as a kid as a young child and family. My mother would every spring.

My mother would have us make is always old the kids drink sassafras take and it was, is, and it was a special type of sassafras stated that been handed down through the and it was supposed to do something good for our blood. Okay, but it didn't taste very good at all. It's not likely that sarsaparilla you know it would this stuff did not taste good. Go to but you kinda had to hold your nose like a new member castor oil right kind like that you know it we had similar flying out like that. I'm basically her Crap for the male metabolism, it does implement torments on them that way. I dare you mean when I was a little kid my hormones as being influence and I did the note way I will feed the enter content of the body with nutrition and that one that manufactures the hormone balance them and for your time of life that when you're young you have market thoughts around a kind of Peter Stan so that I might make for that specific time alike that herein so you mean to tell me I need more hormone help right now that I did everybody say that like women and five minute pot to be very transition that when things get out of balance when you have the you now unsavory in our night flat and irritability and things like that. The hormonal system is not transitioning that that should I remember one time I was I had to substitute for that.

One of the Bible teaches that taught the teenage girls. These these girls were nine and 10th graders, and they thought that they were going to have some fun little pastor I was substitute so they asked me there would have submitted Matsonford first of all why it's all right for boys to go without a shirt on what is not a way for girls and I told him I said well I said, because there's a major difference in their innocent somethings that when girls go shirtless makes boys have bad thoughts, and then delete they thought that they were still there were going to get me right in the civil then why is it why do we girls have had. The graphs and it's as simple your main people. Chapter is interested is really more questions cycling another man cramping and that not happen and it can enter content in a little out of balance. Usually it's a hormonal imbalance and ate it and I I am all my years of experience that it stems from a nutritional deficiency, usually in mineral okay well I think we probably had enough of that. I know that when women were going to change lives alone can be all full mean again and then probably heard people say well you know they tried, the third help their female cycle and to help in their monthly.

Things like now while Dan or hop on our thing is at six female erred unities of that's why you're not getting anywhere tonight.

Who would've thought that it would be like to chase tree buried mania leave hop with flour while Dan.

Unit never left me wanting. That's what I would've said would this, we better let you tell us what it is you come here to tell us tonight first before you wait, I gotta give you, let me get this phone number help you folks out there. Were talking about her medicine. I'm telling you right this phone number down.

It's 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 their time coming here in this country were we.

We can see huge shortages of food, you can see huge sort shortages of everything but you don't want to be with shortages of natural medicine right now would be the time believing folks right now would be the time to get it out. Don't wait until you can't because we don't even know there might be that that time comes, you might be able not even to order it or get anything through the mail so the phone number is 866-229-3663 or you can go to the power of God, and at least get her catalog so you'll know what would kind of natural medicines that you think about this before. The next time you go to the doctor or you go to the drugstore. Think about this God gave us the natural herbs and pharmacopeia means witchcraft. Okay so just think about that who you want to the trust so with that taken away. Wendy well topic on the let you pick which one you want to talk about her start with you and talk about massive fraud and scientific I am predicting your future value well you hear both of them were fraudulently go ahead and do list do the size predicting the future value because that's going to correspond with the unlimited supply of peace, a right right top of the hour, so go ahead okay, wait, wait, we have been reading article reporting on and in the last several years were scientist trying to pin down the biological indicator that would accept an individual's life value that what we've seen is no genetic can add an testing blood can help prove what a person will be an expert.

They're doing what they're trying to accomplish.

They been fine-tuning not to improve the fence. Our government should put funding to pigeonholed individual and what society we expect from an overall I will say that science has more than one pack for this type of that When two or more Include the same outcome would be data I find to individual and most likely would never be a rate so when I talk about what is it that really dissect a person's DNA and they are looking now at what is called leaching and no apology is basically more scientific theory. Anything else but the scientific community is taking this area. So it is a poly change is eventually something that influences your scared and your listings. You take away becomes you.

What I'm saying and what happening is your polythene will interact with editing and somehow determine what trait you acquire from your aunt in this concept was taken from date and inheritance theory for the definition of it inherent refers to patterns of inheritance that are characteristic of organisms that reproduce sexually and handling inheritance patterns refer to observable trait 19, which is kind of crazy thing going to think about the definition.

It was inspired pastor by a monk in the 1800 who through horticulture technique crossbred card. He and his monastery. Although mankind is humankind a plant. You can see where this scientist. From the real danger is that the sciences building, health risk factors from a theory that can influence an individual future. So what they do in their profiling people so that the polygenic score will profile a person inherited red and that was actually in quotation that within the report, but not just for inherited diseases or for health outcomes so the public that is not the and knowing about the other thing. And that's where they can be conditioned to believe that this will help determine a person's risk for health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

However, the score is there an overflow into predicting academic achievement criminal activity and population study to what the public will never be told that scores of this nature are never that accurate and are full of ink and therefore, there is concern from researchers on that a lot is already published data by the national and state health and the human genome research Institute that this flawed advancement score thing may become a framework for calculating an individual life potential in a rigid quote from Aaron Raymond PhD program director at Lynch in.

He says the real challenge is that the research community has really not adopted any universal dance practice and recording polygenic risk scores.

There are inconsistencies in the calculation and with field growing and stamp it with everything it in place to evaluate the scores and if they actually should be used in all." So again here we are in science there kind of free range they really don't have any blonde birthday that make them accountable and you can can prosecute him criminally for doing things they shouldn't. So they're off off the reality will to another area science that is really growing. This is what's growing unchecked has a lot of flimsy policies. No actual laws in place to verify research to hold others accountable for fraud, though, if we analyze this we see that science is one of the human race right now and which Treatments can adversely affect people's lives with her little if any accountability after let you know the apostle Paul warns us over the prescription sent to six about something he called left the first Corinthians the Thessalonians. When he talked about science falsely so called right in Dan's ice that's exactly what were talking about and I think you got it out I were the root of all this way and I felt that some of these reports by Dr. Raymond on the polygenic theory often builds off of research models that are called genetic risk prediction studies. He said and and this was all by the international working group where in 2011. They were publishing data on gene models and smaller gene variant to produce clean record for genetic risk prediction models will basically be used to control an individual's community assessment or or the value person has overall you know where limitations that may bring Katrina Goddard who is the PhD director of translational and applied genomics at Kaiser Permanente says without transparency. The ability to reproduce the studies effort polygenic risk scores maybe merely undermine science need to explain the statistical method used to develop and validate the polygenic ripcord that he thanked us that the polygenic now that the other Scores. Do you think are your blood okay so your blood has been recorded though, was because my blood was good enough to be scored going only to 117 Intermountain Medical Center published their study using blood Along with the patient agent to determine future risk of chronic disease scored in a claim that the test can predict within 78% accuracy. A person's risk of disease Trenton such as diabetes failure, coronary artery disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure are peripheral vascular diseases that stroke dementia even chronic obstructive pulmonary that you COPD, but here is what the report that quote. These tasks will be critical as over half of the US adult population is affected by one or more of the and our projections show that there will be a 40% increase in chronic disease cases by 2020 and so what is really the problem with these scores is that they will automatically attach all the off spring as potential health risk in the future as well so that generation will be aggressively encouraged to adopt lifestyle selected by healthcare to avoid those diseases that unit dictation of what you can eat that out. According to Heidi May the PhD at the cardiovascular epidemiologist Intermountain Medical Center says it is a lot less expensive to help patients improve their lifestyle than it is to treat a heart attack," which I don't disagree with that date on you people if they if they really wanted to improve their health and you have a lot of power with food. What you're eating medicine yeah but you know and the folks in London and King's College also got in this mix, they published a report that they have this new genetic score to predict academic events only from your DNA and a behavioral measurement I what they think you will accomplish during your lifetime, pastor to their study stated that out of 20,000 DNA tests on children under 18, they found that by the age of 16 they could predict their life accomplishments so the DNA that they say shows a 10% deviation in educational attainment in children before they reach the age of 16. Therefore, there relying on the scores and scary because it is difficult for them picked up on this. If the court system picks up on that and healthcare system picked up on the main not being encouraged to pursue certain interest based on your think a child in the public schools could be signed to maybe did County class when they really do have a good IQ, but they differently than others, but this theory in science says that there okay this research did get published in the July 2016. Journal of molecule psychiatry and they can incorporate that the polygenic theory into their research on King's College that this the research shows that genetic score alone provide as much better prediction of academic achievement than gender, gift, passion, or personality traits that would measure perseverance and long-term goal. These findings marked the tipping point in predicting academic achievement and could help to identify children with learning disability is a two edge sword. You see that pastor yeah sure. Do let me tell you, Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun. Think about this in the apostle Paul wrote this 2000 years ago. Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings. This is what you've your reading here okay and listen to this and oppositions of science falsely so called with some professing have erred. Boy did that not just perfectly discuss what you just use with same and that no one can take blood samples around show not too long ago where I showed you and through medical research report that you know a lot of times your sample get a handle the health and healthcare professionals and handle a lot of the sample and being a wrong name to get on there and get painted on you trying to argue with somebody that that that blood sample didn't reflect your aptitude track and try to tell client that they're wrong and remain yeah you really miss without teeth like a submissive thought she was wrong. While it blood sample and run it through the polygenic score. What we evil evil. More importantly, that we find scores to predict if you might commit a crime in the future.

Law enforcement will use this data just like other evidence of a crime to can you imagine being tied to a crime meeting commit with a lot of ferroelectric theoretical data science which can't wait to truthfully prove anything. So it is all theory okay so the polygenic theory and scores cannot be created. They cannot be validated so that there decide to succeed in life and though the future seems to have client determining if the population will be a success or failure based on it, so here we have the research now from the Association of psychological science, who reported 2016. That gene variant determine the individual social and economic give big data and big brother. The reason they need to further control everybody's life. Most of the global population believe science is always right, and they rarely challenge these things, but here's a quote from their report data show that gene variant caused psychological factors and plays a role in the blinking a person's genetic profile for certain life outcomes which scanning professional achievement, financial security, geographic mobility and upward social mobility to wonder definite pastor about all of the covert swamp. They were collecting all the samples exactly remember, it is all unproven theory, an educated guess our hypothesis that these team scores are you telling me you don't hear I got here from the exposť US company meant to buy onto links bio lives in Africa and Ukraine to the pentagons.

DTR a J ironically our government is Ukraine to distract me. Atrocities committed in home with the creation of code in the response to it. However, it appears that focus on Ukraine may very will bring attention right back to the origins of the last catalyst global catalyzing global event that that they seem to erase for the memory regardless of what happens with the war. We need to know Ukraine is the new Wuhan.

He goes on to say that here it is clear that at a minimum US was heavily involved in developing and managing bio lives in Ukraine.

Although the US government denies the biological research take ablaze. Russia is currently exposing network mobile labs that began during the Obama regime. Now one of the things that they've done. Wendy is one of those bio labs that the Russians went after right-of-way.

They were they were coming up with a virus and covert virus that would attack the Russian nationality. The people that have been Russian capability.

They can really tailor it to certain protein genetic code and shot her. I'm wrapping this up, but I do have a shocker for Saturday. I read this quote from Daniel E. Duke University school of medicine.

He said getting a good education required many of the same skills and abilities needed to get ahead in life and is now more genetic so we I have hypothesized that the genetic will predict success in school and predict success in life that you catching it. The one blood test five score test score can wipe out a child or young adult what they believe in their aspirations, their hopes and dreams.

I had parents growing up and they tell me you can do whatever you set your mind to. But this is totally countered that and they're all going to say it, fine. You gotta follow the fine society has to pick a median marker for their theory so they have a genotype, a ruler of measurement today in a from people who had what they considered educational attainment to establish their genetic link with educational success that you know what they built this profile and pastor they they had the things the person has moved out of their parents house. By the age of 20. They thought out professional opportunity.

They built a successful career. They are good managing money and a married spouses that hired had higher levels of edge and a greater earning yellow below that make me feel good when I know I need some kind of medical help or you know but admitting how to hear again you call that science is the science of the problem is finding that their building it if it if government goal everything by hand.

Science is quite likely that people really need to go and get an education convicted profiling people going to get to this shocker, the spoiler alert if you will. Here is a shocker. The cessation for psychological science study contradicts the Intermountain Medical Center research where they said this.

Remember, they said. Dear Polly Jean can predict your future right and and figurative.

There were some important life outcomes that polygenic scores did not with the researchers looked at whether polygenic score is predicted difficult health. They found no evidence of an association of the findings provide glimpses into how gene may shape our ally over time that researchers emphasize that the association between polygenic scores and the life outcome is small we can only make very weak prediction about a person's life. According to the court finally walls that it won't tell you what year your health risks will be get out, so people yeah and I wanted to let you know that there's more and more people that are doing what you're doing more more people that have come out and expose the falsehood. The corruption within what is called science of their hiding people because they been getting threats on their lives in a number of them have been been killed off so anyhow we know what that means.

The pain tight world for just a heartbreak. When we come back I'm going to introduce a clip in the will get your commentary. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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