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Everything is Ready, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 30, 2022 9:00 am

Everything is Ready, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 30, 2022 9:00 am

It’s good news when Jesus tells us to “come to the table.” It’s an invitation to you!

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer, the gospel is not the Jesus rewards the righteous with great seats around the table.

The gospel was only one who ever lived or deserved a high place and he voluntarily to blow place for you.

So when he died on the cross he got in your place, and he died for your sin now offers you his pipe at the table as a gift. In this parable about the low places not just good social advice.

It's the way of eternal life. I'm your host Molly bit of edge.

You know it's good news. When Jesus tells us to come to the table. In fact, it's an invitation to you personally today. Pastor Jamie Greer looks at how Jesus extend that invitation to address and what keeps a lot of people from accepting. Hopefully today we can learn some valuable lessons, encouraging us to RSVP and join him in this most important way you can reach out to or give us a call at 866-335-5220. We've got resources available to help direct you in your journey with Jesus, give us a call today, but for now let's join Pastor Jamie Greer in Luke chapter 14 continues his message. Everything is right. Ask yourself what if the things the Bible says about eternity are true.

This Bible that we are looking at teaches you that all people everywhere use your children all your friends, all of you are going to spend eternity want to places.

One is a place called heaven that is a place of unimaginable bliss and pleasure, a place where a place that is the party of all parties were everything that you would your import comes through the other place, a place the Bible describes as hell. That's not a figment of our imagination is not something that is an image for really bad time on earth, Jesus describes hell as being a real place of real torment.

A place that your brother would usually not a hateful preacher. It wasn't the kind a got a got crazy in the guilt of everybody all the time. He said these things because he loved us. He said these things to warn us. You gotta ask yourself what if what he said was true. What if it really was true that his death was what he said it was that it was our substitute him dying in our place for our sins so that we didn't have to. What if he was serious when he said I am the way the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the father but by me. What Jesus was telling the truth on that. You can't just brush set aside and say well I don't really care about thinking about that Jesus was true see it demands the utmost urgency. Sometimes I'm afraid when I'm up here preaching the people feel like I'm a little too passionate about some of the feedback like a scared little bit because you yelled everybody will house not to be passionate about this.

I'm not in here like trying to get you convinced to join our church, or give our church or join our club or join our movement.

I thought I'm talking about eternal things and I feel like that this might be the most important discussion you ever hear because if this is true if there really is a heaven and a hell and Jesus is the way the truth and the life. The only way that somebody goes evidence through a relationship with him. How could I not talk about it with urgency and with plastic right. I think I told you this before Rauscher present on the girl and she's here in the community was you from New England and she's grown up in America she'd never heard the gospel.

After explaining the gospel to her.

She said she had much questions once of objection.

She said you actually believe so yeah I believe she sickens you like you believe sodium center tell me about it.

She said no you act like you're trying to win a debate. She said your drawing to win a debate with me. She said if I believe what you say you believe I know how I would get through the day. She said I would call up every person I knew I would talk to everybody that I could convince I would just played with them. You have to listen to me. She said I would just have this weight of sorrow that characterize my life it would change how I want to do with my money would change how I talk. She said you act like you're trying to win a debater when somebody your teammate you're talking about things of eternity and it seems like decent compassion would make you share with everybody all the time. Do you understand the urgency of this invitation. A lot of people don't.

That's why a lot of people miss it today because I just feel like it's not that important. There's a second reason Jesus said people miss the party. Some people miss party number two because they feel unworthy. The story was scandalous because rich, important people, when and by the poor Lane. The blot of the outcast of their homes for a social gathering but that's who got invited a lot of people miss the party because I don't believe a guy would actually want them there Ellison there is something instinctive in us.

It feels like we had earned we are to be worthy of what we receive on the one of those him probably: potluck dinners at church. Don't talk about nearby Brazil. There, you know their food in the big like place was all set out and as always you brought your green beans and chicken and you can anybody else grimaced it was a great day right so I'm suitable others things like not known. It was potluck week or whatever and you forgot to bring something.

How did you feel just like you should meet. Was it. I was one of the biggest changes in marriage brought into my life when I was a single guy would little small church in college and I was forever showing up in places where people brought food and I have brought any right and so I just learned to embrace grace and dive right in right and then I got married and my wife, who was under the law, my wife would let me do that anymore with her if we didn't bring anything. We gotta go home. We can't take part in the blessing if we haven't contributed right nice is good social manners. That's good social matters, but it's not true with God and his fees because there literally is nothing that we can bring.

You gotta show up at the party empty-handed or something instinctive in unit feels like that should not be see anything you could offer would be worthless to God. Isaiah 64 six is all of our righteousness is like a filthy rag.

The word that Isaiah use for filthy rag literally means a leper's rag was what had leprosy in there that their skin was filled this disease they would wrap them in these rags that would become quickly soaked fluid blood and pus and disease.

Imagine taking that rag and bring it in. Later before God and says this is my party gift. This is why think I'm worthy to enter into your feast, by the way, the image there is really revealing because you got a ride that is now soaked through with all the corruption of disease and the corruption of things he said this is our righteousness. Yes, you may do righteous think sometimes but soaking through that righteousness is your own depraved heart. You have nothing that you can bring I am this week I was earlier cycles and Boston. The speaker something up there and I got a chance that one of my daughters with me and so we did the freedom Trail you you go around and see all the places in the American Revolution. Paul Revere was likely it was like the Nicholas Cage national treasure pilgrimage identify lights up. It was awesome, and will places that we went into was this old church and they said hey there's 10 crypts in this old bottoms old church. There's like 1100 people buried in this thing to take a tour of it and all of them you had showed signs of being open to close all the time because they say what they do is after they somebody bought it.

They would just resell it to somebody else Keep going.

Dead bodies in there until they were filled out is that each one was open, you know, hundreds of times, except for this one. My point is one said this was never been open since it was sealed because it was the one that they buried all the people of God of the smallpox epidemic in and they just are not just them. They threw all their clothes and anything they touched.

They just threw them into this thing and they sealed it up and nobody's ever gone and there because when you had that disease in those days.

Not only were you corrupted with everything you've touched is corrupted according to what I say is saying all of our righteousness is like a filthy rag.

There is little or nothing that we can bring to this table. So what we do. Why would God want us in all of our corruption at his fees.

How can you get us there. See, that's the gospel. The gospel is that Jesus took our place.

Paul says in second Corinthians that God made him who knew no sin. Jesus to become sin for us, he became disease and corruption in sin, he became that on the cross and died for. To put it away. The last words of Jesus on the cross to tell us dies in Greek and what we write that in English as it is finished.

It's a word they found scrawled on tax receipts after a debt had been paid, the debt is paid for your sin. Jesus lifted up a loud voice and said this SNS its prey died within put it away. Paul says God made him who knew no sin to become sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. I was clothed with his righteousness.

I was close with his acceptance. I was put in his house because of his worthiness.

Not my own.

That means the invitation is open for all who will receive it. Regardless of the worthiness or unworthiness you bring to the table is not about your worthiness run worthiness. Jesus died for all of it is about whether or not Jesus Christ is clothed you in his righteousness. For many mammas and crises of new creation. Old things are passed away. All things become new matter how bad your old things are all fast away in Christ. That invitation is for you four times. Jesus gives an imitation of this passage he keeps saying, let the poor and the broken, but the blind and the poor in this shame. Let them, but wandering and be afraid, let those who are highway people and hedge people, but those will fall away, but the shamed and rejected, let those who are discouraged, let those who have been abused, let those whose lives are filled with regret, whosoever will make comp because the invitations open all and it's been paid in full by Jesus Christ, the invitation is for you no matter what highway or hedge. You find yourself in that invitation reads the Lord Jesus Christ has been commanded on behalf of God Almighty to invite you to the banquet to hold everyone who thirsts, let them come to the waters and drink. Whosoever will make comp let him who is thirsty come for as many as received him, that's all it took as many as received him us and then he gave the power the right. The ability to become the children of God, to those who believe on his name because God so loved the world.

John said that he gave his only son, that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life. That invitation is for you to come to the table, regardless of who you are where you are some people that miss it because they don't understand that understand how much God loves the unworthy and they don't understand the gospel is the third kind person misses the party. Jesus said some people miss the party because they refuse to acknowledge that they are and where the discourse of the officer. The number two and number two people miss the party because they assume there to unworthy received invitation. Then Jesus talks about a month reformist party because they refuse to acknowledge that they are unworthy, which is why they don't watch us double take Jesus seriously begin to understand this parables understand the difference when the first imitation of the settlement. The first imitation is to get religious which most of you have done. The second invitation is to actually experience the gospel different imitation fact religious people miss the gospel more than any other group.

Why because religion is a great substitute for relationship with Jesus every time okay because what religion wants to do is to convince you that you are worthy, and give you a few things you can do that will make you even worthier. So, religion has always hated the message of Jesus because religious people would rather have a religion but just teaches you to live a good life.

Religion would rather primarily teach you. You express your Christianity to be a social activist to be generous to be good to the poor to be a better you to be a one who lives strong to be a good dad to be a good husband to be a good wife or mother to hear what happened. As Christianity has gone mainstream, which it has in our culture people have corrupted it. They corrupted Jesus message to say just those things that what Jesus primarily wants is for you to be a better you. You need to be a better pad you need to be a social activist and care about the poor.

Those are all great things that is not the gospel.

Just look at popular religious messages listen to popular religious messages and it's all about being a better version of what you already are what the gospel says is there is no version of what she wants to get into heaven you brand-new you. You need Christ to die. Some raise in view the gospel that you gonna worthiness all your righteousness is like a filthy rag. You are the poor. You are the blind you are the disease. Yes, God created you in his image. Yes, you have worth. Yes you are precious to him, but disease and sin. The said this disease of sin is so corrupted you that you are hopeless. That means you need to be saved, you need to be rescued need to be born again and I realize that those words may sound backward and uneducated to you. They may even some primitive I can assure you they sounded that way to the audience. Jesus was talking to, which is why they rejected it, but these are the words of eternal life, religious people always reject that because they want to see themselves as worthy Jesus said in Matthew five that it was only the poor in spirit who could receive this message poor in spirit. There's poor in spirit, and there's middle-class in spirit people more middle-class in spirit always watch us always want to feel like I'm a little bit of spiritual credit in the bank. I've done some bad things on my sandals about things. I made my mistakes on guilty like a body else, but I'm not a terrible person, not a terrible person was misunderstood, I was in a bad situation I got I got into bed. I got in the bed laying around that influences forces immediately. The risk that the middle class in spirit say I may have done bad things, but I'm still a good person. The poor in spirit, and all they talk done some good things. Even my good things were done for bad motives at the time release that was soaked through with a lot of the staying a bad motives when I was kind of people felt self-righteous about it is a better bios.

How are times I was kind of people so they become back to me a lot of times of done good things. What is meant for selfish reasons. I don't think I've ever done anything that was wholly pure even my righteousness feels like a filthy rag is not that they were righteous at all That that that was soaked through with my own simple art.

So you see your desperate need of Jesus's invitation because you're not the worthy one didn't invitation to the table. You're the poor, the crippled, the blind Elaine, you're the highway personage person that can't believe that they just got invited George Whitfield his preaching spawned the great awakening in the United States. Historian said he preached basically one message with two points is phrases over and over and over again .1 the repent of your sent made since everybody yeah got up in your sent because I'm doing things got it from and choose what to everybody you had a repent of your righteousness because you have used your righteousness to cover-up a heart that doesn't would belong to God, and at your false sense of righteousness that is kept you watch this from casting yourself on the mercy of God and cashing your secured life has an open book as a check before I a blank check for Jesus to say whatever you want for me.

You see, now all of a sudden you're ready to understand why Jesus started this parable with that seemingly random advice about the importance of digging the low place.

It is only if you're willing to take a lower place that is only if you are willing to admit that you're the poor, the lame, the blind and the crippled, only then will Jesus call you up to the high place at his party because if you think you deserve a high place when you get humiliated and sent back to the low place because the gospel is not that Jesus rewards the righteous with great seats around his table. The gospel is that there was only one who ever lived who deserve a high place and he voluntarily took the low place for you. So when he died on the cross he got in your place, and he died for your sin and now offers you his high place at the table as a gift.

The only way the gospel can be received using humility admitting that you got nothing about you that deserves that it is something so beautiful. You have no capacity to deserve it. In this parable about the low place is not just good social advice. It's the way of eternal life. It's open to you if you want to receive it but it has to be receiving humility in total surrender. One of my favorite hymns written by a young woman named Charlotte Elliott Wilson a whole lot anymore but store my favorites Charlotte Elliott in her early 20s was an invalid, she groaned. She says, but a point like very bitter and angry against God because of her disability just in a struggle with a sense of shame that came first for my own disabilities.

She said secondly with the depravity of my own simple hearted how angry I was a God when early to enter a mid-20s she becomes a Christian so she decides to write a poem that later to put the music per brother who was a Presbyterian minister said my sisters poem is brought more people to Jesus and all my sermons combined the poem that she wrote goes like this.

Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me and that thou bits me now unbelievably come to the Lamb of God, I come just as I am poor wretched and blind site, which is healing for the mind gay. All I need MBI find so O Lamb of God, of course, I come just as I am doubt will receive will welcome, pardon Clinton's relief because I promise. I believe the Lamb of God, I come see me as you can come wherever you are, whoever you are, let me tell you listen to, it's going to cost you everything and I apologize for people that have told you otherwise do they have till July, they told you noticed you had Jesus delight okay for this or prayer you can refine okay baptizing things to be okay as you listen to what Jesus said if anybody comes a man doesn't hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters. It is a life you cannot be my disciple units in the Bible. Would you say compared to your love for commitment to Jesus that even your most intimate loyalties for like eight but there's nothing that comes in the way of obedience to Jesus.

This is a mean you become perfect overnight that you don't trouble us anymore. This means you recognize how desperate you are for Jesus. So there's nothing that you would hold onto in his presence. And you said, Lord, it's all yours when I really got to have as you now. That'll make you into making a better father, mother, brother and sister all those things but the point is you have to come to a point where you realize how desperate you are for Jesus. The only people who would tolerate that kind statement are those who realize how desperate they and their children are Jesus and they say your Lord and I'll follow you anywhere because water profit a person to gain the whole world, what would it profit them to give their kids the best things in them and their kids to lose their soul. Jesus has to have the first place in your heart. Is there anything that keeps you from obedience to Jesus.

I know your religious but have you ever really surrendered control of your life to him and said got. I have no hope.

But your mercy told you that I had two invitations for you today imitation number one is for you to receive his invitation to save a few to follow him fully body. You have been in church and even religious, but you've never done this and I want to give you a chance to do that today. Some of you are coming back into the church at Abydos.

We cannot want to tell you you been making excuses as to why you not to follow Jesus stop making excuses.

The days excuses are going to be eternity's regrets what you had a wish five seconds and we tried to what you can be glad you held onto the kept you from just like well I mean I cannot just estimate questions about great. Get your questions answered. Start that conversation today is a oh well, yeah, not the church is too many hypocrites stop saying that, you know that's not the reason the medical profession has a lot of hypocritical quacks you still take medicine someone else's hypocrisy got nothing to do with you right stop saying that, but we should be glad Jesus loves hypocrites that offer and says that in the church is basically a houseful of misfits and the King of all miracles which means that there's room for another misfit and another person needs a miracle and another hypocrite you come on in.

Okay because you can experience the same feeling that we are in a manner I'll build this when I get older yeah good check on your oxen say that invitation might be close when you get back.

None of us would never close invitation. As you might die necklaces invitation or Scripture says God may disallow your heart. Harden you not even interested anymore but a lot of people who sit in a moment like this one, they hear the voice of the Holy Spirit like you were hearing right now and they say no, I'll do it later got this fun and God bless your heart harden you never again asked the question I'm telling some of you. This could be your last moment Jesus speaks to you in this way, if you hear his voice used to say yes you should stop making excuses by the invitation. I told you to be baptized. Baptism and salvation on the same thing. Baptism ascends like a wedding ring. It's what you do to go public with your faith. It's the first commandment.

Again, people in this room make all kinds of excuses on the ready. If you trust in Christ to read. This is not it is not a statement about how worthy you are how much you know about the Bible. It's a statement that you recognized the Jesus as your Savior and you're not ashamed to proclaim that in you own that two of you have trusted Christ you're ready because they want and I distancing that important houses can actually change my life house was a excuse me you really want to start your Christian life by telling Jesus which of his commands are important and which ones aren't. You understand what it means to be a disciple if you won't obey Jesus and a simple command like this one. How are you ever going to go all the way with him so well.

Well, NH is really inconvenient. I mean, I know most people know you want to get wet in front of them.

Honestly, all you're saying that please hear me and love. I don't think you get Christianity at all. Jesus said that to follow him want to take up the cross and died inconvenience is in a category that you bring to this decision right.

Some of you have made excuse after excuse of today is a defining moment. It's time for you to do today what God has told you can contact whoever you are, wherever you are. All are invited you're listening to Summit life with Jeannie Greer if you join us late. You can always cancel by today is the final day to reserve your copy of our nonpar inductive Bible study through the book of Daniel. Dino teaches us one primary lesson you want to make a difference then you have to be different. Dino and his friends resolved to be guided by the Bible that align, we cannot only see the results in their story.

We can also be encouraged to do the same as per your copy of the book of Daniel shining in Babylon and nine part inductive Bible study. We donate today at the suggested level F $35 or more. Give us a call at 866-335-5220 866-335-5224 90 more convenient again and request the study guide online Jeannie while you're on the website. You can also sign up for our weekly email to get ministry update information on the resource and the latest blog post delivered straight to your inbox. A great way to stay connected with some of my Jeannie I'm only benefit I'm so glad to have you here to listen again tomorrow as we continue Jeannie Greer

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