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Pay It Forward

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 28, 2022 8:00 am

Pay It Forward

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 28, 2022 8:00 am

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I feel like life have built you will. I came to talk to people like I don't know why other people having this happen to me. I must be must be something wrong make you the Bible is just up and down. If you are feeling down and out today. You've come to the right place.

Today's message might just be what you need to hear hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California coming your way. Next, an Old Testament story about a young boy who was about as done a notice down the familiar face came on the scene to show all of us were true Christian love looks you can stay with us. Visit pastor to hear any recent Destin for victory message on demand.

That's pastor Stay tuned.

At the end of the broadcast for special message from right now must join him for today's Destin for victory message. For second Samuel chapter 91. Read verses three through seven in verse 13. Then King David said, is there not still someone of the house of Saul, to whom I may show the kindness of God and zebras said to the king. There is still a son of Jonathan who is lame in his feet.

So the king said to him, where is he and zebras said to the king. Indeed, he is in low the bar, then the king sent form verse six limit for the chef, the son of Jonathan, the son of Saul had come to David, he fell on his face and prostrated himself. Note this. Then David said, do not fear, for I will surely show you kindness for Jonathan.

Your father sake, and will restore to you all the land of Saul your grandfather and you shall eat bread at my table continually skipped on the verse 12 for the chef had a young son, whose name was McKay and all who dwell in the house of zebra or servants of the for the chef and he dwelt in Jerusalem, for he ate continually at the King's table and he was lame in both his feet. This message comes to remind you that your blessed and it comes to tell you that blessed people have a debt to pay, but it is not a debt to pay God back for how good he's been to you. It is a debt to pay full word the blessings you've received. So in the midst of preaching about some of the other. Do not fear passages where we covered lots of different areas that we need to learn to live fearlessly. I wanted to stop and say here's a do not fear passage that really doesn't have anything to do with some foreboding circumstance that you need to not walk in fear about this is don't fear because God has been good to you is going to continue being good to you not fear to receive and accept his blessings, and then don't fear to pass them on to other people as you go walk you through this passage. It's just simple yet profound, and I'll be done before we examine the text I want to point out a couple of impactful occurrences that happen in this man's life prior to our text so we know now that the manlift membership is the son of Jonathan, who was the covenant brother of David before David was a king he met this young man Jonathan and God put them together every now and then we all have lots of acquaintance people we met along the way they play different roles in our lives. They have different levels of importance to us and all that's fine. I just want to let you know.

Every now and then God bring somebody into your life and it is a divine connection. Not everybody just shows up. I just happened to meet so-and-so today know sometimes it's a divine connection you just met a divine connection here in the hearts of Fellowship somebody who met me in some way. We bought the eat Subway eat fresh and I think I'm just going to get a subway sandwich and I meet someone who was saying, Lord, I need you to help me. I'm in a difficult place and I need you to meet me right now and show up at the restaurant every now and then God brings people into your life, either for your benefit or for their or both of your benefit and I need you to understand because as you walk with God just any old way. I want you to be busy earning.

I want you to be busy earning you know why because sometimes you meet someone for God's purposes and is not just happenstance. In fact, when you walk with God, you realize that nothing just happens. Why because we serve a God who takes what would've just happened, but he works it into his purpose. So that's why you get Romans 828 all things work together, all people you meet work together every circumstance works together is not that God ordained everything directly is that he have the ability to take what happened together so that he fulfills your purpose and you gotta learn to be discerning as you live your life and so I want to understand a couple things that happen in this young man's life before we get the second Samuel nine number one and second Samuel chapter 1 you hear about the death of King Saul and his son Jonathan while in battle.

Both of them are slain two different times but in battle, both of them are slain, what is that mean for this man in this story. It means he has suddenly lost the sense of being an heir to the throne. He was second-generation from Saul. Jonathan was Saul son and Jonathan, by all rights would have been the king after him, but that's not the way God had set it up every now and then God says no, no, that's the norm but that's not what I'm doing here and God had sold Destin David who was not in this lineage to be the king that he even put it in Jonathan's heart and one day you find them talking about it in first Samuel 23 when David is on the run because Saul has made him a fugitive.

Saul had gotten jealous is trying to kill his young protégé, and he's on the run as a fugitive, but Jonathan meets him while he is on the run and Jonathan says to him. Listen, I want you to know my dad trying to kill you.

But he's not will have the last word in your life and I me somebody know your enemies are trying to kill you too. But God is not going to give them the last word in your life that was messing over your mind and your heart, your body, let them think they got the last word.

I don't belong to you belong to the God you ladies some man mess over you not know you will be anything without me telling somebody told you wrong belong to him him matter that you decide you want to be against me because I'm going to win in your best bet is to leave me alone on his anointed.

I'm his chosen one on the apple of his mess over you. Don't let them think that they got the upper hand. No, no, they are just pawns in the hand of God, and it did not serve a good purpose in your life.

Do yourself a favor and push them to the side because you got bigger plans.

God has a plan, a destiny, a purpose for you. We has hope and a future for you and don't let anybody forget it. Who walks with you and lives around you and so you need to understand that Jonathan said to David, I know I should be the heir to the throne. But he said to him in first Samuel 23 you're going to be the next king, he said, and I'm going to be second to you.

He said I know I should be vying for first place, he said, but I know that's not God's plan and so we're going to put you in the place God has put you in and I'm going to be second to you. So Jonathan Jonathan is dead now and that is the father of this man. In this text. Jonathan's gone and his father dies in battle as well. So now the king is dead and Jonathan is dead and now you've got this young man who is five years old when this happens five years old when it happens and he's now got a fend for himself.

And then there's another problem that we Saul in the text.

Let me make sure you understand what I came from. In second Samuel chapter 4 read about the personal injury that changed his life.

Pastor Paul Shepard will be right back with the second half of today's Destin for victory message pay it forward. Listen to the broadcast on that's Pastor will find a host of great resources that are online store you can also listen on your mobile device by downloading our free Destin for victory mobile app search Destin for victory in the app store and listen to Pastor Paul wherever you go, now is he back to the rest of today's message pay it forward once again his basketball. Look at verse four, second Samuel four it says Jonathan had a son who was lame in his feet. He was five years old when the news about Saul and Jonathan came from just rail and his nerves get the picture now is five years old. His nurse hears that the boy's father and grandfather are both dead and in her hurrying away you know why she's doing it because if the king and his son are dead. That means they're being defeated in battle is only a matter time before the enemy comes and hot. Gotta protect this boy and so she quickly gets up and tries to flee, and in her haste. Here's the way it says that he fell and became lame. Please understand that that's not just a mirrorlike slip out of her arms and he fell to the floor.

Whatever was happening. It was such a major fall that when the boy falls, it results in breaking both ankles and other breaks.

Obviously, because you can recover from broken ankles. But whatever the multiple breaks were they resulted in him becoming permanently lame. So look at this. His dad's dad. His grandfather, the king is dead and now at five years old, he loses the ability to five-year-old does. He's running around and prior to that. He's having fun and now he can't walk both of those circumstances, the deaths of his father and grandfather and the injury that results in permanent disability has taken place and is only five years old I came to speak to folks who feel like life has dealt you a role deal. I came to talk to people who feel like I don't know why other people are having a good. I don't know how this happened to me. I must be cursed must be something wrong with me. I came to tell you the Bible isn't just for the up and in the Bible is for the down and out. The Bible is for people who think there's no hope there's no future.

I must've done something wrong. People who get real spooky.

They must be past lives. I must did some wrong in a past life will make up a little bit anything when it trying to figure out why their life is the way it is. You got it in the past by never hurting by saying the past life I was a criminal. I was awful. I was mess the audio outside.

I remember I was a queen there's a Greek word for that baloney, but I came to talk to folks who can't figure out why things happen. Shaken out for you. The way they should tackle some of the folks get guys off the people that make you envious number one because you will know the real deal. Even in their lives, they might look all outside might have money might have fame might have a million followers on Instagram… Mean your life is what it ought to be some of the most jacked up arrow RN that I'm known by everybody.

I'm admired by everybody category.

If you don't believe me explain how come celebrities are taking their lives there framing them up there. Well the notoriety. Why are they killing themselves, because all that glitters is not gold.

You need to understand people are hurting, you can hurt and everybody knows it or you can hurt and nobody knows what people all need the Lord and so I came to talk to folks who say I can relate to him. I had all kind of bad breaks in my life love ones died early or we lost our family wealth or whatever the case may be, or physical injury. If God was so good how come you let this happen. Let me tell you right now you need to realize God is good and yes he let it happen, but you have not got to the end of your story yet. I came to tell somebody. Yes, God is good. Yes, you had some bad things happen in your life.

When I got a discount that would pretend like that didn't happen, happen, and we should be sorry that you are and we could come around you and love you and encourage you and build you up, because the fact of the matter is, gotta tell you, God is still writing the story of your life. Don't you put up. What God has just put, during the, place, and it's not a good place but I came to tell you.

Let God keep on writing the story and here is a wonderful example of this. So this young man at five years old loses his father, his grandfather, so that whole dynasty that whole lineage as a result of royalty is now disappeared and so he doesn't know where his life is going to go from here and he's lame and can even move around well on his own. He has the figure out life now under these very heavy circumstances.

That's where we are. When we get to our text and that's why want you to see what happens outside of his awareness, God is moving on the heart of David. David now is the king God has brought him to the place of prominence that he already knew he was going to be in effect when we first meet David back in first Samuel 17 you know as well as I do.

He was anointed to be the king when he was still a little shepherd boy. Take care. His daddy, she but God knows what you're going to be before you ever get there. You need to understand some of your gotta gotta stop thinking you are your current circumstances. I came to tell somebody you are not what you look like now.

You are not where you live, and now you're not what you have now that is not shoe what is you have placed there and you gotta start believing in you that God has ordained and not the you that you see in the mirror for that you hear other people talk about. Don't let people to find you if you find you get the right dictionary. Don't let people define you.

You never don't be anything. Tell him I bet you didn't hang around and see what God is doing in my life allowed you have seen anything yet. You can write me off to, but God is still at work and so you need understand this young man seems like is going nowhere but behind the scenes. David is asking the question, look at it again. He says who is still around from the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God, and zero says, well, actually there still a son of Jonathan. He's lame in his feet. Not sure why Zebra felt compelled to tell them that the question was is anybody still alive in the house of Jonathan. He's a grandson, but he lay something how people focus on what's wrong which is where we get that tendency really well have to ask anyone on the quest and here comes Reba Garber is a learning before going to make the rest of these points I want to ask you to teach yourself to stop highlighting the negatives just teach yourself until it becomes natural for you only lift up and accentuate the positive. You can ignore the negative is not that you're saying it's not there is that we don't need to talk about it, only to do that in your relationships, you need to talk to people about the positive things if you got a couple of friends and they need to challenge you on your job that's different, and even that is because I love you enough to tell you the truth about yourself, but when you do that you're talking about things that can change they can and should help in their lives. The people who say Cassie for minute for you to decide tell you something you don't like. They love you there trying to help you and usually give you some anesthesia like you and I love you right was you know I love you right, you being set up when you leave what you know I love you right all man is coming, but that's right job passerby to be in a circle and will tell you the truth, the last people to love you and you when your friend speaks to you. It needs to be totally truthful summary on how to grow so we don't get offended if they had to admit, I'm trying to help you get what you trying to say trying this thing all I'm suggesting by simply use something, you need a little tense, body. You need a little assistance and we will continue this conversation. This would be really good lead coming at me like that you like anything you conversation will be will talk about the deep things of God. We don't go one needs to take, thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory message pay it forward, look for any of Pastor Paul Shepard's recent messages online that's Pastor and please a pastor has join me now in the studio pastorate is been one thing that is been certain over the past many months is been the uncertainty of these times it's one of the reasons we want to encourage everyone to have this month's offer a booklet you've titled trusting God in scary times. So tell us about this great resource. It started with me thinking personally about what was it like to be Abraham having to send your wife Hagar and your's firstborn son Ishmael away from the family home. You know that had to be awfully scary.

Then I thought about what what would it be like to be Hagar and to be Ishmael and subtly you are put out of your home, and you're going God knows where to do. God knows what that had to be awfully scary. Frankly sometimes in our lives we hit scary moments they might not be what these people experienced. But if you've ever been through some tough times in my grandmamma would've said, if you haven't yet keep on living because it's gonna happen is going to happen right and the result is you're going to wonder Lord, how in the world am I going to get through this.

Whatever your this is so I wrote this some this part of the series and I wrote this booklet with the desire and the hope and prayer that God would help people understand that he is available to us, even in scary moments.

His faithfulness is certain, and although it doesn't feel very good. The Lord has promised that he is going to finish the good work he began enough so I pray that those who receive this booklet, which they can have at their request this month as they donate. I pray that it will be a real blessing and it will help them through the scariest moments in their lives.

God tells us in second Timothy one verse seven that the Lord is not given us a spirit of fear but of love of power and of a sound mind.

Again, this booklet is called trusting God in scary times. It is our gift to you this month by request for your generous donation to destined for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, our address is destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Can you tell somebody stop identifying yourself by your worst challenge, you gotta look beyond your challenge and look at the goodness of God and realize that he's got a big plan for you. That's tomorrow with Pastor Paul Sheppard continues to share his message pay it forward. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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