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It’s All Part of the Plan, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 28, 2022 9:00 am

It’s All Part of the Plan, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 28, 2022 9:00 am

Pastor J.D. shows us how these final chapters of the book teach that in Christ, the suffering here on earth is limited, the resurrection is eternal, and the power of God is available to all who believe in him.

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer. Our hope is not imperfect marriages and prosperous businesses, and political power. Our hope is in the resurrection of the dead. Our hope is in the certainty that Satan and sin and ultimately be defeated, just as hardship or persecution have been agreed. So the anointed one was going to renew and restore all things, and let us move with him forever. Light, as always, I'm your host Molly events. Today we conclude our teaching theories through the book of Daniel called shining in Babylon and Pastor Judy Greer shows us how these final chapters of the book teach that the suffering here on earth is limited. The resurrection is eternal and the power of God through Christ is available to all who believe in him. The only question is, are you ready to be a part of this movement and live like this. We know you don't want to miss a single message here on the program so if you need to catch up. You can hear previous broadcasts from the Daniel teaching series online but first let's join Pastor Katie as he concludes our series with part two of a message that he titled all part of the plan. Make no mistake, we are sending our kids out and enjoy hostile world for that little cute little songs and habits and wanted to say the right words. That's not going to cut it in the world as the top we have got to teach them that there is something worth living for and dying for that is stronger than all the opposition of the world that's better than any of the world's affirmation another, never going soup they're never going to be applauded by the world to hold fast to their confession of faith and it's okay because Jesus is worth that's what we gotta move beyond just the sort of lazy, discipleship were content with job Christian children who don't have sex and no way to vote.

We gotta teach them to be overcome, or shoot love Jesus enough to give their lives for him now sale that is I read this I read this you should to Vanessa will no wonder Daniels really dark view of the future right, we should grieve. Also, the world generally spirit speaking is a tragic place. God's people suffer are sometimes tortured and slain again and again.

Just as never comes on earth. And it's only getting worse. He says this is like a tomato today to be assured. John 16 in this world you have tribulation, sometimes in church were in such a hurry to rejoice. We overlook the grief that some people coming in are feeling some of you coming in this weekend you're facing pressure at your job to conform your suffering from the scorn of friends for the sake of godliness. Or maybe you're just suffering the world can be a dark place and we want to grieve with you and not get so close to the happy songs we don't take time to spread knowledge. I know it's dark that I know that is painful. That's exactly what Scripture tells we should expect. So is the war survivor. What is the good news. I thought you'd never ask you been waiting to tell you and you have an answer. We go three elements of hope that the Daniel gives you the bright shiny and are also only one.

This is the suffering is limited.

Suffering is limited. What stands out to me as I read this is how in control, God seems to be of all of us. Daniel drops all hints about that along the way. Luke 1136, which read a second ago. I look at it again you will be successful the antichrist to be successful until the time of wrath is completed because what has been decreed by him about God is been decreed will be accomplished time of wrath is completed. What is been decreed, is accomplished.

In other words, this is all part of the plan under persecution is real, and it's painful. It's all been decreed by God but time has been set and not an ounce more of it comes that God has intended and determined like a terrible scene where where was Snape and Dumbledore looks bad. Looks Babbitt is all according to the planet. One day the meaning of these tragic events going to be reversed when my favorite aspects of the book of Daniel is how specific God is about where to come from and how long it lasts. By the way if you never see what I'm about to show you it will blow your mind.

Okay once you go back, hold your finger. Chapter 12 the back to jump not real quick what you tighten your belt and put on your nerd glasses you need of your fermented for 24 Daniel nine. Once this 70 weeks are decreed God sister Daniel through the angel about your people and your holy city to bring the rebellion to an end.

The sandwich term for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place a week volunteer gave nerd glasses on a week in the Jewish language just means a period of seven I could be seven days a week of days or it could mean like that's here seven years. A week of years. So how many weeks of years are prophesied 77 years time 770 weeks, 70 sets of seven weeks. That's 490 years.

Okay what happens at the end of those 70 weeks of years and about 490 years. It says what about point rebellion is brought to an end stop we put the salmon iniquities will be atone for everlasting righteousness.

We brought in all biblical prophecy will be fulfilled in the most holy place will be restored okay Windows 490 week start. You ask great questions right intelligent. Verse 25 exactly the start know and understand this from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. That's when you start the stopwatch from that moment until an anointed one, the ruler will be seven weeks and 62 weeks it Jerusalem will be rebuilt with the Plaza and a moat. But in very difficult times and the clock starts ticking at the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. That decree was given by King Artaxerxes of Persia around 445 BC you read about that event. By the way, in the Amaya chaplaincy that's that's the story of that from that date he says is 77 weeks and then 62 weeks, seven weeks again. Nerd glasses is 49 years, which is roughly how long it took to rebuild Jerusalem, then 62 more seven-year periods pass after that I want to express 26 after these 62 weeks plus the first seven the anointed one will be cut off for seven weeks and 62 weeks means 69 weeks and then the anointed one is going to be cut off 69 weeks of years. That's 483 years. I did the math for you, but that's for 93 years for Nader is not using the Jewish custom of a 360 day year 483 years after 445 BC when Artaxerxes issued the decree to rebuild Jerusalem that would land us at A.D. 32 3280, which is the date the Jesus collar. Telus was crucified. That's when the anointed one was cut off God gave to Daniel, the dates that Jesus would die some 480 years report have. The point is a God who can prophesied the details of something like that is in control of all of it when you agree it's all part of the plan. Verse 26 what just then the people of the coming will destroy the city and the sanctuary that happened in 70 A.D. the Romans are are going to re-destroy the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. then what's this for 27 he will make a firm covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week you will put a stop sacrifice and offering and the abomination of desolation will occur again after the anointed one. Another way of saying, but a little Messiah, anointed wants what it means in Hebrew.

After he is cut off. There is one more week of seven years. The 70th week. There are two ways you could interpret this one way is that the last week of years are not literal years that week represents the final chapter of human history, which were in now. It's a stretch out for a long time. The second way you could interpret this and I believe the correct way is that after the Messiah was cut off in 32 A.D. the timeline was paused and we are now in a parenthetical. Commonly called the church age were God has shifted the focus of his activity away from the nation of Israel and onto the church which is comprised mostly of Gentiles non-Jews. Most of us, but at the end of time, when the antichrist officially makes his debut. The focus is going to re-shift back to Israel and we will enter into that last 70th week a seven year. We call the tribulation the tribulation of the book of Revelation is all about Daniel's 70th week, not here is why I strongly prefer that second interpretation and not the one where sister like this.

Your metaphor for an out first hunters like the first 69 weeks will literal surgery. It was roughly 483, 360 day years to when Jesus died, so why would you suddenly switch the last seven to make them elastic metaphor.

Second, like I noted the book of Revelation is all about the 70th week. In the book of Revelation strongly implies this is something in the future, not something were living in now. There's a few commentators that try to argue were living in the midst of Revelation right now but I just don't find the reasoning that compelled to be wrong and is not a first issue order faith you want to leave our church. We disagree with me but it just didn't seem to me to be written that way. In Revelation circa verse 24 says that 70 weeks are decreed about your people and your holy city for Daniel your people would be the Jews in your city would be Jerusalem. These 70 weeks focus on Israel and Jerusalem well right now.

Like I said, the focus of God's work is in the church which is mostly made up of Gentiles non-Jews. In fact, Paul says in Romans 9 to 11 that God has temporarily set aside his focus on Israel to build the church among the Gentiles. One day Paul says one day in future how to resume his focus on Israel, and when he does and more people to get saved in any previous chapter in human history. It's going to be awesome.

Paul says, but the point is, Daniel says these 70 weeks are about Israel. So we live in an Right now and there's another really really terrible week coming activity when we get to the encouraging part was the encouragement is in the word decreed, if God decrees all this with this amount of specific specificity does not show you he's in charge of all of it and what that means is that what looks to us like bad news is going to one day be reversed to be good news.

Satan drops Dumbledore, it's okay. It's all part of the plan.

That means that when something feels dark and chaotic to me right now in my life.

I can still rest it because that would make. It's all part of the plan. One day the terrible meaning of all these things can get reverse is not Dumbledore's tragic death, but part of his ultimate victory is one question I heard about a man heard I heard a man sees me remanding Steve St. speak at a desiring God conference in 2005, Steve was the son of Nate St. who was one of the five young missionaries who were brutally and tragically speared to death on the beaches of Ecuador in the 1950s they been trying to establish contact with this isolated tribe called the Alcatraz in order to bring food and supplies and eventually the gospel to them. But on January 8, 1956 they were deceived by the tribe and murdered in cold blood.

Steve was the son of one of the slain missionaries Nate St. and at this desiring God conference some 50 years later, he recounted how, as a young boy he had struggled with what you said, it is why God had allowed that to happen.

Why did God let my daddy die he could've prevented it. They were trying to do the right thing. Why not stop it now here it is too late 60s. He said he realized that the rose that God did not just allow it to happen. He said God planted but that sink in. Just allow he planned.

Steve said 50 years later, we can see that God use the incident to pave the way for that tribe about this to be saved because after the murder of those five men and their wives went back into the tribe.

The troublesome move by their generosity and the forgiveness had never seen anything like it.

That piece was established and eventually nearly the whole tribe came to faith.

Several years later. In fact, Steve knew I was hearing speak got the bad ties the very man the very men, men Calle what's his name would put a spear into his father's heart and that man Steve said at this conference became the surrogate grandfather of my children, a beloved member of my family and Steve said this, that conference was one of the most powerful statements I've ever heard.

He said, why is it that we demand every chapter to be good when God promises only that in the last chapter you will make all the other chapters make sense.

So part of plan I know it's hard to believe in your life.

It's all part of the plan. I know it's dark, I'm trying to communicate that she is dark understand the need you to understand that it limits that is limited in one day is coming when I get reverse that your first moment of hope your second and third needs much quicker. Number two uses that the suffering is limited but not to the resurrection's eternal after Daniel tells us about this time of untold suffering is to be a time of distress such as never occurred. Since nations came into being is that at that time all your people who were found written in the book will escape many who sleep in the dust of the earth are going to wake somebody to eternal life, and some to disgrace and eternal contempt. Just as a time of persecution is decreed. Watch this so is a resurrection and a certain and as real as our suffering, so is the certainty and the reality of our resurrection. The ancient of days sits on his throne of wheels saying I have decreed it all, since above it all and will restore it all had the first word.

Daniel says he's have the last or hope friend is not in success in this life, you're coming to this church thinking that Jesus is going to give you your best life now and success in your job in a perfect marriage. You might be disappointed or hope is not in perfect marriages are prosperous businesses and political power. Our hope is in the resurrection of the dead.

Our hope is in the certainty that Satan and sin and death ultimately be defeated and adjusters hardship and persecution have been decreed. So is the eternal reign of the anointed one. Jesus was going to renew and restore all things, and let us run with him forever by note know this very important friend. Not everybody participates in this blessing for not everybody is this coming of the ancient of days as the coming of this Messiah, not a forever body is not joyful. Verse two says many who sleep in the dust will await many means not all verse one says that it's only those who were found written in the book that will escape the book of life.

What Revelation because of the most important book in history. Life contains a list of all those and only those who have repented of their sins and trust in Jesus save the most important question someone is arrested is your name in that book.

We looked over the names this weekend.

We went through alphabetically.

When we come to your name in the book, the worst feelings in the world to me is when I show up in some hotel late night check-in. After traveling all day. I give my name Greer expect them to say Mr. Greer, your room is ready would have the hotel clerk would back me and say I'm sorry sir name is not on the reservation list. Let me tell you I stand there and I argue like there is no tomorrow.

My why no one told my sister to make the reservation but inside I'm thinking that that's on the ball on this the way, my assistant, Allie will me to point out that this is happened only like once maybe twice in all the many years she worked for me when is how tragic you find out on the most important list ever compiled that your name is not on whose names are written in the book is a church member's is a people who live mostly good lives no those who have repented of their sins and surrender control of their lives to Jesus and trusted in him as their only hope of salvation.

Those who have been born again. Has there been a time that you can point to when you were born again is this an salvation is a gift that's offered freely to all who will receive an matter who you are what you done Jesus death is paid for your sin. He's atone for it, cover it intelligence covered for forever.

You got to receive is not yours until you claimant I read this week the last year Americans left over $3 billion unclaimed and gift cards, 3 billion waste never claimed this offer is worth far more than $3 billion. The price of your do not leave it unclaimed. Suffering is limited. The resurrection is eternal family power is available in this in between time y'all between Daniel's 69th and 70th week Jesus has inaugurated something in Daniel alludes to it in our key verse for the series verse three and those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the sky above and those who turn many to write shine like the stars forever and ever. Jesus talked about it this way all authority has been given to me in heaven on earth.

So go and preach the gospel in my power make disciples of all the nations, the power and the authority of the kingdom is now here upon us to preach the gospel make disciples. In other words by Daniel says to turn many to righteousness the full measure of the kingdom may be coming in the future, but the powers are now repeatedly throughout the Gospels, Jesus kept telling people you know you keep looking for the kingdom of God is something that's only common in the future, but I'm told is right here in front of you. I'm here, I'm the power. The king and the Holy Spirit. That power has taken root in us, so in the midst of a dark world ruled by the spirit of antichrist were supposed to set up little outpost of the kingdom, like bright stars started on ink black sky landscape with the power of the kingdom were to preach the gospel that sets people free from sin and then work with our hands to restore justice and demonstrating kingdom lift others out of poverty and break chains of oppression and promote these our lives ought to give glimpses of that coming kingdom power is at work in us right now in the Holy Spirit. That's what it means to shiny Babylon.

That's why we called this series will we did those who are wise.

Those who have turned their lives over to Jesus are going to shine like the brightness of the sky above and those who turn many to righteousness shine like the stars forever and ever. That's who we are church that is who God called us to be. So here's the question. Are you ready to be part of this movement whole reason we did this series are you ready to be a part of this movement as we shiny Babylon much about your heads if you what I get to invitations for you with heads bowed to invitations. Some of you need to trust Christ. The first one needs no fashion were get saved you sure your name is written the book of life usually find it therefore looked in his I'm not sure give you a prayer that you can express to God that would receive Christ would be a prayer of repentance. These are not magic words sibling repeating them after me is not going to anything to come from your heart. This is a prayer of salvation that God will hear Lord Jesus, and I know that I cannot save myself and I know that you did everything necessary to save me when you died on the cross telling you believe that his element prospers for you, say I'm ready to receive this gift and I surrender my life to you right now turning from a sanitary control of my life up to you right now I can't see everybody in our church, obviously, but with heads bowed and eyes close as you prayed that prayer might now just hold her hand to see this weekend.

I'm praying that prayer. Several of you that I can see more that I can't see. Put your hands down, but I pray for every hand is raised, I know that you're doing something in them and I know that they prayed from their heart repented of their sins, receive Christ as my second invitation for a lot of you it's time for you to get involved Babylon as a hostile world is no neutral ground and you need to start shining like stars, knowing that you are coming wise and only become wise is by submitting to Jesus. Once you get off the sidelines. What you get involved here, maybe right now this with heads bouncing on I'm ready. I'm ready to go on the sidelines and I'm ready to start shining line were to make a difference comes from Jordan to be different with the power of the Holy Spirit. You can find in this dark and hostile world listening to Summit life. The Bible teaching ministry of the pastor author and theologian JD Greer. If you happen to join us late or if you would like to share this message with the Frank go to JD when you get to Summit life here helping us expand our website and radio ministry to reach new listeners. All so that more people can dive deeper into the gospel message with us every day.

We are so grateful for your partnership and we like to say thanks by sending you a copy of a new resource created especially for our listeners. This is the last week to reserve your copy like our series entitled the book of Daniel shining in Babylon.

I'm nine part inductive Bible study.

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