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What Is Evil?

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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March 26, 2022 12:00 am

What Is Evil?

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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March 26, 2022 12:00 am

3/26/2022 - What Is Evil? by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together it's recent relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in states in today's speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland what is evil does evil actually exist and if evil exists. What's the solution for it was the origin audit hi Alex McFarland here will the truth for new generation radio program, you know, every worldview has to deal with what scholars call the problem of evil.

There are several ways to to approach this and I think we know what evil is because we see deeds done by people and we say that that was wrong. That was bad and when we really want to emphasize how something was profoundly wrong will say that was evil.

There's even another word that's very strong and it's probably the most powerful adjective that we could invoke when talking about bad deeds, sinful actions, it soared wicked me some things are an inconvenience.

Some things are undesirable, but there are things done in this world that can only be described as wicked years and years ago. The Menendez brothers when the news they were in their late teens, young adults, and yet they murdered their parents for insurance money clearly that that was evil in my own home state of North Carolina some years ago the world was shocked as is to preacher's sons. There were adults, they plotted the murder of the wife of one of the sons grisly horrible murdered and they worked hard to cover it up and with the life insurance money bought motorcycles and boats that was evil. Evil exist. Now some people, many of the skeptics with whom I've debated they've said well you know the world is so full of bad things clearly, a loving God must not exist. In fact, there was a a thinker. Years and years ago and Epicurus, and he was elaborated on by the Scottish writer David Hume but they said you know basically is. If God is willing to prevent evil, but he doesn't, then he must not be good it, if God is willing to prevent evil, but he's not able to then he is not omnipotent. But if God is willing that evil happened, then maybe he's not good. It was phrase. This led by Kim is God willing to prevent evil, but not able minis impotent, said Hume, who by the way, denied the supernatural and denied miracles.

If God is able but not willing, then he is malevolent.

Is god both able and willing then rinse evil and that was why does evil exist and perhaps you know in Robinson Crusoe, the famous novel where Friday asked the question. If God is all-powerful, why he know kill the devil well in the Christian worldview.

We acknowledge that evil exists and that God is all-powerful now on the surface.

These two things might seem to be irreconcilable and all-powerful, all good, all wise God and yet evil pain-and-suffering rottenness sin wickedness exists.

How do you reconcile these two things will some say will clearly the biblical God just must not exist, but let's ask the question, does the.

The present reality of sin and evil necessarily necessarily mean that God isn't real or God as the Bible describes him now. The reason I invoke the word necessary is because this means is it a logical necessity that we conclude there is no God. Now if we see you know a pipe burst and water spray all over the room.

You know it is logically necessary that there's going to have to be a cleanup.

There are some things that logically follow 2+2 logically, mathematically, must equal for but a loving, powerful, wise God who is able and is willing and who knows how to vanquish evil. It doesn't necessarily follow that such being doesn't exist because there's evil, right now. In fact, only the Christian worldview really has a plausible workable. I would say compelling very encouraging solution to the problem of evil secularism and naturalism really denies the existence of evil because evil if something is objectively wrong. It's not not merely my opinion. I'm not just saying look I don't like it know I'm saying it is objectively factually absolutely, the scholarly world would be ontologically wrong what Putin is doing in the Ukraine is wrong.

Not only does it violate the standards of NATO and treaties and and civil government.

It violates the rights of people it violates human conscience. We look at what Putin is doing in the Ukraine. We know that is evil. This is wrong but there was something in the news this week about a girl in New York City at 26-year-old said to be socialite was going through New York City and shoved down to the ground and 87-year-old lady who turns out was a beloved vocal coach, a Broadway performer in her own right, and I was a vocal coach for pop stars like Blondie, who's who's made many popular records will lady hits her head on the concrete and is bleeding. The girl watches what she's done and then flees away and the lady dies and the logger's defense. Now this woman is being charged with with manslaughter. The lawyer says but my client who shove the woman to the ground. My client is moral and just end up right and of course the Internet is melting dancing know this. This woman is evil and needs to be accountable for what she's done with folks when we come back I'm going to continue talking about what evil is from a biblical perspective, a biblical definition. First John 519 says we know that we are children of God.

Yet the whole world is under control of the evil one that Satan first Corinthian 13. Six says love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

Evil exists. Secularism might deny it. Spiritualism says it's part of the yen and the Yang Christianity says no evil exists and it is bad and it is wrong and yet God really honestly does have a solution. Satan will get to talk about that solution truth for new generation terms.

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Christianity posits that yes, a good, loving, all-powerful God exists. But yes there is sin in the world now. People often ask this question. If God created everything.

Did God create evil. So if you said will God created everything evil is a thing. Therefore, God created evil point.

A God created everything that's true God created the heavens and the earth.

All of the physical reality the world, the universe. Yes, God created that a strip and then point B. Here's here's a presupposition now you know a presupposition is a truth claim a statement you are hearing my voice right now is that true or false true you are okay.

Evil is a thing that is a presupposition for sure right what we've got to do is realize that for a line of thought to be valid.

In other words, the conclusion of the line of thought in the technical word for this is the word syllogism your point. If a if B therefore see what a lot of people this is were so many atheists are as well.

God created everything evil is a thing.

Therefore, God must've created evil so apparently God wants us to suffer all that were suffering. Apparently God is okay with all this evil in the world. Well, this is wrong on a lot of levels because we know for God to exist and God to be eternal. There can be no evil in God because sin brings death. So we've got to make sure that our premises are valid in order to make sure that our conclusion is true.

So let's let's really set this thing up in a valid form gay. Yes, God did create everything but evil is not a thing. Not like a material physical thing.

Evil is a corruption of a thing that words evil is like a parasite on a host and we can think some great thinkers like St. Augustine for helping us in.

In this way, you see, like first Corinthians 522 says reject every kind of evil is not something so if God created evil, what were assuming wrongly, but were assuming that evil is like a thing that God created the heavens and the earth now earth was good over and over it's his God. The coverall of his creation. God saw it was good. It was good you read Genesis 1 and two and repeatedly we see that it's good Adam and Eve were in the garden. It was paradise on earth, and that was good but you look at the world and there is a killing line, adultery, immorality, theft in no credit card fraud.

There's a lot of bad stuff in the world.

And then there's a Russia that invades the Ukraine.

That's evil okay God didn't create evil because God is not the author of death. God is not the author of injustice.

Now, it could be said and please listen very carefully. We don't want to lose each other. At this point, the most it could be said if you're if you're wanting to accuse God of something God did not create evil. God did create the possibility of evil by giving us something called volition VO LTIO in volition VO LITIO in volition is the ability to make moral choices but look while free will makes it possible for humans to do bad things, also makes it possible for humans to do good things like have a relationship with their Creator and Savior so the world is the way it is because it couldn't be any other way. In order for us to have a relationship with God, human beings had to have the capacity for moral decision-making. Adam and Eve had the capacity for moral decision-making and a moral decision, a very morally and spiritually charged decision that they made in the garden of Eden was to disobey God and listen to the lies of the serpent rather than the truth of God.

Now it is our ability.

Our volitional capacity to make moral choices that is part of our humanity and you know what, while the. The good news. The good opportunity is that we can use our abilities, our words, our actions are influenced to do good things we can tell people that we love them. We can learn how to cook food and feed an elderly grandparent. We can learn how to work a job and make money and provide for ourselves and our family. We can use our moral faculties to do good things. We can also use our moral and physical abilities to do bad things and that is what evil is now people have often said demand that we've corresponded over the last 25 years with hundreds of people and sometimes people will say well if I were God I would not have given man free will.

People of said this to me. If I were God, people would have free will. But they would not have the ability to use it for bad. That's not free will. You see, humanity has this capacity, God offers his love, but he doesn't force it. God shows us the right wing that the Bible promises that God will not put on us more than we are able to bear, and with every temptation will provide a way of escape, that we may be able to bear it and serve the person that would reason in a less than correct way and and wind up with a God that is guilty of evil.

They made a mistake. But let me just say this to me just say this what they're doing is actually it's called a counterfactual they're arguing against reality. God does exist and is good God is powerful. God is wise, but humans do have free will and it is that free will that even makes it possible for us to have a relationship with God because free creatures who can't sin that's really an oxymoron or contradiction. If we truly have free will. We can use it for the good of the bad now stating truth for new generation will be right back after this very deep philosophical theologically filled episode but it's worth talking about, because God is good and there is a solution to the problem of sin and suffering go with radio send your kids to a summer camp that'll change their lives for the gospel and equip them to defend the truth for a new generation presents the unashamed biblical worldview can go deeper with God at the refuge Of Eastern North Carolina July 17-22 through 12th graders will hear from evangelist and apologist Dr. Alex McFarland as well as conference speakers, profamily activist and radio host will and Mickey Addison from American family radio as they share with your kids ways to effectively engage and transform the culture. Campers will also enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, soccer, volleyball, archery, and a whole lot a great summer camp of fun and building the TNG unashamed Buchanan July 17-27 at the refuge cabin Carolina to learn more and to register, visit Alex are you tired of liberal agendas ruining our country but you don't know what to do about it. That's why truth and liberty coalition was founded. We want to equip you to take back our country and impact the world.

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It exists but it's really if you want to be very technically precise, evil is a corruption of a thing, but save got a beautiful painting and an art gallery and it's beautiful. And yet in one quadrant of the picture. There's a rip in the canvas and that blemish is so glaringly evident.

It's a bad thing.

You see, the real is not a thing in itself.

It's a bit of damage to another thing that was good. God did not create evil, but the possibility of evil existed in us having free will not do you know what I'm talking about this because of a new story that came out in the third week of March as the Ukrainian conflict escalates and the threat of conflict between Taiwan and China escalates and the threat of terrorism against Israel escalates well here's a problem for the US military during the years of Pres. Obama back in 2012 there was a law that we imposed on ourselves really for no good reason that we could not be involved in more than one military conflict at the time, why, what will the utopian liberal view that man is basically good and Pres. then Pres. Obama back in 2012 said that he wanted to quote streamline the military and so there was a a doctrine or law are really a protocol put in place now. Hopefully leaders in our Pentagon will overthrow this strike this from the books though under the current administration. I would not say hold your breath, but looked the idea that that first of all, we shouldn't have a strong, robust military ever at the ready to advocate for the rights of American citizens and the idea that we as a nation could never be involved in more than one conflict at the time because quote people are basically good and the assumption that somehow we can usher in this global utopia that's that's worldview.

For one thing, it's false, but do you see the outflow of one's beliefs. Some people think people are basically good and yet that view causes the world to be less good and in fact more evil Christianity and the viewpoint of America's founders that no people have a bent toward sin. We have a fallen nature. People are basically bad but that belief makes the world less evil and more moral because we live and we govern by an objective moral standard.

A binding absolute moral standard that we all agree to follow and so look God did create everything and he created humans and angels, each of which have free will. But God knew that some would use their free will to choose sin and rebellion and so God has made a way for us to be saved, but please listen very carefully what will have to hit the pause button for today. We agree. We agree that this is not the best world.

Yet this world is not heaven and the Federalist like Alexander Hamilton acknowledged us. If men were angels, no government would be necessary, but man is fallen, but here's the thing. While this may not be the best world.

It's the best way to the best world. In fact, it's the only way to the best world, a world of eternity where everybody goes where they want to go.

You know the Moody blues were right in that song nights in White satin that just what you want to be. You will be in the end. In other words, if you don't want to go to heaven. God is not going to make you go to heaven if you don't want to go to heaven. God is not in force you to go there but if you do want to know the Lord, you can in Jesus is as close buys a prayer. If ever there was a time we need to know that sin exists. Sin is serious sin will be the downfall of any individual sin will be the condemnation of any country and we know the right and the way to it. It's the God of the written revelation, the Bible, and his son Jesus, and through him alone.

There is salvation, we must know the truth in this time of evil and be committed to stand for our ministry truth for new generation and Alex McFarland ministries. We are here to help you know truth stand for truth live truth growing the truth and even defend the truth by the name of the Lord. Praise TNG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. For more truth for a new generation on TNG radio

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