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WED HR2 032322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 24, 2022 12:11 am

WED HR2 032322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 24, 2022 12:11 am

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Donate and listen to podcasts WR already were back and here you go. We we have will I got a little clip will for this, the solar clip first. Here and then David Horwitz who is written the book blitz and that is trope will smash the left and the wind he's he's talking about where he says that the Civil War started by the Democrats succeeded from the union in 2016 would trope one the election and so will pick it up there on the other side of this.

So bring on that that that clip about the world coming world economy.

I was having dinner with a friend. Not long ago in New York City. We met in a place called oriole which is in Midtown.

My dinner companion that I was a senior advisor to BlackRock.

As you may know, BlackRock is now the largest asset manager on the planet.

It directly manages $5 trillion in assets and overseas another $11 trillion to its Aladdin platform. That means one firm controls more money than the GDP's of China, Russia and Japan combined. Anyway, my dinner companion happens to work directly for BlackRock CEO as we nursed a white wine in the evening whereon she let something slip.

If I remember her where she says something like they want to tell us we can't sell what was she talking about who was she talking about. I placed a few calls. First my contacts in Washington and to a few people on Wall Street.

Soon I was on the plane for series of meetings to London to Geneva back to New York, then down to South America. As I began connecting the dots.

A pattern emerged.

It revealed a network of more than 189 individuals positioned inside the world's major financial institutions, some of them hold senior physicians inside the IMF, World Bank, and every central bank in the G 20, including our own Federal Reserve.

These elites share one vision and are about to make it a reality that vision is one world order one world taxation and one world money they worked for years behind the scenes preparing to realize that vision. They've literally read the laws of international finance. Everything is basically a place right now.

This essentially no way to stop this from happening when the crisis has still flipped the switch. Freezing the global financial system that will give them time to reset the world economy according to their vision is the coming crisis unfolds. Pres. Trump will be powerless to stop it. In fact, trying to stop them would probably weaken the president's power altogether extent that that is amazing.

Jim really so these elites want from your contact the BlackRock. Basically they want to classify BlackRock's too big to fail. The technical term is systemically important financial institution or city. That designation normally applies to banks such as Bank of America. If your bank gets the city landlord means the government will bail you out first in a crisis, but it also means you must turn over control of your bank until the crisis subsides.

In this case they're trying to reclassify BlackRock and asset manager as too big to fail. If they succeed to be able to freeze BlackRock when the crisis is BlackRock clients won't be able to sell it will be able to buy either their accounts will go dark indefinitely and the elite operatives will take control BlackRock's assets remotely via the Internet. But our research shows that there ice nine plan goes much, much deeper than that.

That you referred to their plan is ice nine you just said that what what does that mean it's a reference to the Kurt Vonnegut novel cats cradle in the book of mad scientist creates a new form of water molecule called ice nine when it comes in contact with other water molecules. It freezes them at room temperature one drop of ice I can freeze the whole ocean. That's with these elite operatives are about to do. The world economy and can you share the reviewers exactly who these operatives are and in with the ultimate goal might be like a said John more than 189. The lead agency slowly worm their way into leadership positions across the board. They now sit at or near the head of the IMF, World Bank, and even our own Federal Reserve.

They also control much of what happens that the central banks of China, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada and Europe.

As you know, these institutions form a kind of global superstructure. It forms a kind of snaring it and circling all nations. Their leaders are democratically elected not accountable to you and me there, beyond the reach of government citizens yet they hold the fate of the global financial system in their hands to get a sense of how they operate.

Imagine an array of floating spheres on spheres labeled IMF one is labeled fed one is labeled Bilderberg one is labeled Wall Street one is labeled central banks what is labeled intelligence agencies.

One is labeled media and so on the lease and have it all of these fears together the network forms a kind of 3D bend diagram as I see it regardless of what sphere they inhabit the lease all share the same vision one world order one world taxation and one world money all of their actions are geared toward moving that agenda forward. Are you able to share the identities of these elites with the reviewers we've identified more than 189 individuals who are in many cases hiding in plain sight. Regardless, they all share the same vision one world order one world taxation and one world money. A short list would include Christina God, managing director of the international monetary fund, IMF, Mark Hardy, governor of the Bank of England by Ground Zero Jean, Vice Chairman of the Bank for International settlements whole hiccup Florida governor, the Bank of Japan, William C.

Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Augustine Carstens, Gov. of the Bank of Mexico, Janet Yellen, chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve system marriage.

Augie, president of the European Central Bank shoot Lynn for deputy managing director of the IMF shows Yukon governor, the People's Bank of China Robert E.

Rubin, chairman of the Council on foreign relations.

This a list of essential bankers and other releases just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, not one of these elites will tell you Rabbi what's going on.

I've seen and heard enough to connect the dots for myself. Not long ago, for example, I met with one of their senior operatives is a leading economist who served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the last crisis. He's considered one of the most influential miser banking today. We met privately during the conclave in Seoul, South Korea. The course and talk about their menarche. I came away from my meeting with him. Stunned and convinced that ice nine was real not long before that I set up a one-on-one meeting with another member of the network's name is human, the former deputy governor China central bank until recently he served as deputy managing director of the international monetary fund.

She was a brilliant guy like Menachem is pleasant and well-meaning. There's no doubt my mind. It is also a member of the Linc network preparing to oppose ice nine on millions of Americans, but I wasn't done with my research.

I've since met with dozens of senior officials intelligence analyst and former Wall Street colleagues, a quest led to a final meeting a face-to-face summit with the head of Bilderberg.

We met at Rockefeller Center Manhattan and was very eager to get my take on the euro as a currency. I was happy to provide a course in exchange for some valuable intelligence is a semi-new book.

He did not have horns in fact he gave me a nice gift. We parted ways. A blue Swedish vase. I keep it in my writing studio. My home in Connecticut, but my point is I came away from all three meetings convinced one thing when the next crisis since the elites are planning to freeze the financial system and the replace with a new system, one not based on the US dollar. When that happens will wake up to a very strange and disturbing your reality and for reviewers that are watching today, what might the reality look like that morning. How does this manifest. First, the love going to bed knowing that a massive financial crisis was underway when they wake up to find it has worsened and the contagion is spread worldwide when they go to let your money. The right angle say close temporarily when they go to sell stocks or Kelsay transactions not available when they go to their local business. That business will only accept cash if it's open as citizens realize that being barred from the money riots were wrapped it's going to get really bad, really quickly.

How would such a freeze actually work and end when the be highly illegal. Well, it wouldn't be illegal. Technically, because they been quietly laying the groundwork for years. They rake the financial laws change the rules of the game to allow this to happen. The stage is set. They have the levers in place. The lights are positioned now.

Someone just sees the flick a switch and though oppose ice nine rapidly and again all this will be legal because they bring the system in their favor here in the US, for example, Congress pursue something called the International emergency economic Powers act or i.e. this allows the government to freeze accounts, assess even whole institutions that will. The only condition is that there's some threat to national security with a foreign connection of course with the global market.

Every financial crisis as a foreign connection any systemic crisis fits the bill.

And the thing is when the next crisis since it's going to be so bad. President Trump won't have any choice but to go along with the lease plan that that is you have to admit, that sounds somewhat hard to believe how can these operatives actually freeze the whole country's financial system. Well, fortunately has a recent real-life examples to study the elites have been conducting a series of dry runs for years leading up to ice nine look at Cypress, for example, a few years ago the Cypriot economy was in trouble, especially the banks lineup stepped in and loan Cypress $10 billion but the loan came with strings to pay attention because this is precisely what they're going to do but imagine it on a global scale.

So, in exchange for the capital injection. The IMF demanded control over the separate banking system. More specifically, the IMF froze the entire system. Literally every bank in the country and they did that to ensure the IMS demands were met, including strict capital controls. So how did all this impact, regular citizens, their local ATMs went dark. Even the bank branches closed permanently.

In some cases citizens could not withdraw cash they can even transfer funds from one account to the other. What Wealth extraction on a grand scale. The IMF basically stole 6 to 10% of all the cash in the separate bank accounts. How did the lease justify this, they called it the Levy the price. Regular citizens had to pay for their governments missteps. Keep in mind the sassy confiscations were done at the balance sheet level with the institutions themselves. They never had to confiscate individual accounts. They frozen every account by controlling a handful of the country's biggest banks when the next crisis hits were going to see this here in the US and around the world and it will be a highly coordinated global attack on the entire system simultaneously already. We are back could you do notice something he referred to Pres. Trump and note that's very interesting because there is still obviously a major portion of this country still regards, Pres. Crow as the legitimate president.

He is still the legitimate president of the United States.

He did not lose an election that that election was stolen in every everyone and anyone that denies that's a lawyer and is no truth in that election was stolen the fraud and now there's a major part, especially with in the military and within the former military would you called the white hats who still consider as myself. I do not recognize.

Joe Biden is the president of the United States at all and I recognize Pres. cobras dilute legitimate president of this country and fork. We we put that on a great big sign a billboard and put it right out where everybody can see it so this is what he was with when he was referring to Trump he was talking about representing those people major, major, major part two of our military is still regards, Pres. Trump as the legitimate President of the United States. So far here working with talk with your dog will not quit back the night going Biden headlines Biden considered good drivel about dollar how it differs from regular money. Pres. Biden today issued an executive order that could lead the lead to the US, creating digital currency. Quote my administration places the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of United States central bank digital currency notice central bank digital currency and one on the talked about how this currency could be used to support efficient, low-cost transactions, particularly for cross-border funds transfer payments and foster greatest greater excellence to the world's financial words greater access to the world's financial system. What would people need to do out there listening to us. You need to stack up on food, especially food and medical supplies you need to start is going to be in fact I resolve some signs of a lot of the logos are starting to dry up already.

As we know a lot of the farmers I wanted to play those conversations of those farmers who have been told not only are they told not to grow crops but are actually told some to destroy some of their crops not not harvest the crops there are. You paid right and so, but what's gonna happen there purposely wanting to make a food shortage and they want to control whatever food is out there for folks if I were you, take our major enemy is not Russia, it's not China. Their enemies with our major enemy is a deathly credit kindness collective right here in America occasions right from within.

People were in the middle of a revolution where having a communist revolution and even while Larry Summers remember he was the economic group for Obama's Kamal warning that this inflation is grim, urges the Fed to do something that they there three years behind is that this problem is going to get far worse before it gets better. The Fed behind the curve. Blah blah blah. The warning people other got about three or four other guys Brian Rittenberg probing the Kings College is an economics professor talked about the political policy mistake of the Biden administration will reach every corner of the country will get every American citizen there saying this inflation could last up to three years and three or four. These economists all say they could lead to stagflation like we had in the 70s, and it could lead to severe depression of recession depression in America and when they devalue the dollar. They're doing this on purpose. The Biden's doing this on purpose huge debt will you pay off debt with very valuable dollars or do you pay off debt with very weak dollars. You raise the debt when the dollars high then you pay down some of the debt with the very weak dollar, and it's cheaper that way. There's up there doing all kinds of strange tricks, but in the end festering there kind of break America down from being a superpower. They want to destroy our economy bring us to our knees were no longer superpower therefore week then we will need to join with the other countries informing the world government because we won't be strong enough to defend herself against China against the wall legal triangle China and North Korea around all that and we will have to join with the other countries and consolidate our banking or economies. This is all part of the one world order plan now Doug released Licia but all that will when Obama was in office he can. This on a smaller scale after steppingstone. He tried to create on the marital monetary system similar to the euro, which would have been Canada US Mexico and he was trying to do away with the US dollar and can create their and thankfully it fell flat right no support that day they left. Beyond that, that and are trying to accomplish it on in one very large move and got so many in the halls of Congress that this is their entire agenda and I think part of the reason that Biden, who nobody wanted in their Democrats didn't want them in their is because he was weak enough that they could control them why they're doing that for sure. Well, absolutely. Questioning authority can talk right. Well, you know. Here's the thing.

The mean when they talk about looking 25th amendment and removing him. The thought of having camel hair and their I mean it thinking that I mean nobody will rebuild him and slip my wall so everybody wonders why her.

Why and and then it thumped so somebody bag cavalier attitude that will get rid of both of them at the time and you Pres. Pelosi with three) note saying that we could choose between the devil and the deep blue sea or something.

When I call peer really is to get through Republican leadership in office not rhino right and take back the Senate take back to Congress and that nullifies Biden, and it nullifies the Democrats agenda about got to have. You can't keep reelect rhinos and we've got to have strong show in both houses of Congress, especially in in the House of Representatives that that's worth the bills about and so we gotta take that back. Dr. L I've got a great idea. Why don't we make a political slogan about make rhinos and endangered species only when not talking about wildlife Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals that would read the fine print we come after you get the press because of that that they get this out there waiting for the Republicans are trying to get rid of rhinos and I get a lot of media attention then would have to explain the work talking about rhinos you know Republicans in name only in politics. We like the rhinos in Africa. We want to save them. But I want to get rid of all the rhinos and got so you want to have a lead you want to have a patriot lead Safari right okay that speaking of that going in Alaska and one of the pastors that I reached for was formally a missionary in Somalia and I said brother I said the only thing you did wrong while you are in Somalia there is one soul.

You failed to win the cry who's now in Congress and thinking to destroy our nation computer monitor. Christ meant she wouldn't be there but maybe you could want Johan going on over over my Somalia well you know what I tell you here in Columbus, Ohio has become a little Somalia where in many of the areas that there are so many civilians there that they actually Floyd fly their own flag and there is a very very high rate of human trafficking going through their lives, their own flag in public, yeah. While so well in Minnesota.

The reason that she felt secure, no matter how many things she publicly declares because Obama moved all the Malian refugees into their district in Minnesota and so they have the power just like colleague has in Dearborn the largest Arab population in the country so these two gals feel absolutely secure in their position because of their voting block okay very did that's their part of that what is called the squat on the here and there there identified those with an open which identify in Jeremiah chapter 2, but here is the question question is what's going to happen during the midterms are people because look, the Democratic communist collective knows they cannot win a fair and honest election.

He cannot do it without voter fraud. Now you see a lot of them are jumping ship.

Already the Democrats without without extreme voter fraud unless they can stop the election some kind of like another crisis to do stop the election or have martial law because if you have a fair and honest election you're going to thin the debt, the credit party out. I mean it's going to become almost the nonexistent. Now officials in US and major US cities named four 2020 presidential election bribery now the complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin election commission on bringing bribery allegations against the mayor of former Mayor in the city of clerk of Milwaukee over the actions leading up to the and during the 2020 presidential election officials with the Thomas more Society acting on behalf of the Milwaukee voter levied the claims against Milwaukee acting Mayor cavalier Johnson, former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and city clerk Jim Osowski. The allegations are that the officials acted in violation of Wisconsin's bribery law by accepting private money from the center for tech Oco you know that is as little murky. Mark Zuckerberg yeah I'm good on the mark here that Mark Zuckerberg got rich liberal that basically try to change the entire election and make it illegal and well her laws and more.

He gave yet, he spent 370's million dollars in order to facilitate in-person MC voting and approaches and place absentee ballot drop boxes. The complaint also charges that the city's absentee ballot for dropbox is actually were ill legal under state law. While they were in Georgia to another place and what they did. This is representative of a national trend explain Eric Cardell a Thomas more Society special counsel. 16 states have now passed legislation to ban or regulate the acceptance of US of the use of private funds from public election of officers Thomas more Society at the other two that one of those new blue blue states and outcomes more Society attorney prior to 2020 election were the first delete to litigate this issue that was more say lawyers file litigation and nine states all of the litigations have led to successful legislative action to ban this dark money I Arizona, Georgia and Texas passed legislation addressing this issue, and in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The legislators passed laws regulating this conduct, but those laws were vetoed by deadly credit governors. Three other states, Minnesota, Iowa and South Carolina have passed bills regulating this conduct and are now waiting for those bills to be enacted. He said there any clue about our program and did you hear that loaders out there. If you are in those state, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Make sure you get on the phone to your governors in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Call, email) tell them to hurry up and pass the stuff sign these and out so we can have some real, honest, free and fair elections that would lead it would not be nice. Yeah, Minnesota, Iowa, South Carolina for the bills. I'm sorry I wasn't South Carolina.

You don't get to do with an open phone lines, intakes and calls so the phone lines are now open nationwide nationwide 888677 what is a Joe 888677. What is it 673 you got it already. There you go phone lines and now open 888677. What is it 96733 came first question of doctoral for the work to fix it. What it all Orthodox and pathetic which group is easier to bring to Christ or that a reasonable question.

Well, I mean those are just a few that are on my background right you're familiar with, but of the main ones about people of her right well you have conservative you have the reform on the fire, left end of the spectrum. On the far right end of the spectrum, you have the freedom you have the Orthodox and then splitting the difference between the reform and the Orthodox you have the conservative clerk and after that you have totally secular. Yeah, you know how this this is there is an interesting thing because when I was in I was in Israel. I had met with a bunch of of professing Orthodox they were professing Orthodox Jews who recognize Christ as the Messiah. Note all of is that where we are Orthodox and we we recognize Jesus Christ is the Messiah and yet at the same time, they still referred to father Abraham and the laws of Moses and queso. It's an interesting thing because again it's it's like the Judaizers in Scripture. They they again accept Christ as being the Messiah. And yet at the same time they want to mix the letter of the law would grace throughout okay. We got to get your equipment here let me finish it, question an outcome that you're okay, I'm your prospective people all the time. Believe that a totally secular Jewish person is easier to reach then religious or observant Jewish person is darker, the fact is difficult to reach and it had really more to do with politics than it had to do with doctrine. They were they know their history. They know all the way going back to Constantine and the persecution that he brought on the Jewish people are not aligning with this idea of Christianity and then it flows down from there. Throughout Constantine's church's history and you have the Inquisition simply say even the Holocaust where Hitler had an audience with before he began Holocaust and the Pope never one time publicly denounce one thing that it was doing sell the church and the Jewish people wanted a complete churches behind the Holocaust, here we go again. Even the pogroms of Eastern Europe. I will be thinking done under the banner of the cloth in the name of Christ, and it just drives Jewish people away from wanting anything to do with the church or website or his followers is Ali RC and if it's not if you're gonna hurt me when you're gonna hurt so the South reservation sort of thing. I mean when your document. We've been trying to get home from school because the Catholic kids are light enough to hide in laden wait and be chapped at your Christ killer, you know I can do it Christ. And so it makes it very difficult.

The more religious observance.

Use 10 to the cycle of children and what it means to be Jewish, so that makes it a little more difficult. On top of that than the other extreme, the extreme secular.

They walked away from anything that really is to Jewish. The last thing they had to hang onto is being Jewish is their identity.

Well, if they cross that line and accept Jesus as Messiah no longer Jewish. So now what I'm so it's difficult no matter where they are what add making it difficult as everybody wants to witness to a Jewish person by dragging them kicking and screaming down the Romans Road. They don't believe there's one word of truth in the New Testament, so you're gonna have to go back in the Hebrew Scriptures which Jesus declared he was there all the clarity there. Jesus and Jonathan 5 gallons affairs to search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have everlasting life. They are they which testify of me blaming him is not talking about Matthew Mark Luke and John had been written yet right where you are turning. I have been teaching about Christoph and AIDS crisis all through the Old Testament as the angel of the Lord. Hang tight. Will be back up against the heartbreaking will be back right after this will taken away. Mighty Andrew is now the King of Kings, who was born of a virgin and above all things missing was any was in any count and how is it in Christ finds Satan, the father of lies and all the things in the name because he was yelling something. He said I am the way the truth and the life. So they hung them between him and he was crucified in the K reading varied immunity and for days and three nights alone and with planning and a great big stone from the tomb and the old man looking inside Jesus, he was gone and now you know I know a send me the way in and church fire in the Roman Empire and the Lord was turned. I multiply and no and send me the and maybe they'll come back his account only and will say only movies the way kind manner with their old theme will be a higher and no and Jesus closet. Is it designed to be de-in an and Jesus and can take that right to the bank as they say their endoskeleton Jesus cause number back with Dr. Reitman, L okay what would you tell him to hang on because outcome have to go ahead and answer my question.

Next, okay, so now what you came across with call on their believing Jewish people call a messianic which is what I technically am a messianic Jewish person is just Jewish person that leaves Jesus as the Messiah and essay.

However, it can fit that point who gets a hold of them in the cycle. I used to be with the ministry for quite a while.

That wasn't like this when I started in an and is totally engulfed in it.

At this point to the larger extent and meant that they believe in your right it's like the Judaizers, but they believe that God expects them as Jewish people.

Though their believers in Jesus as the Messiah, God still expect them to live with.

Call the Torah observant like they have no idea what it means to live according to Torah Albright really know is not the and worship on the staff that an a few other things but they don't really know how to keep the law because they were great. They were mostly racist secular Jews and now that they found Messiah.

They feel like they've missed something.

So they go back there overcompensating and acting like there abiding by the law of Moses and easy, just cut the legs out from under the spokes. All I wind up asking him as a once-in-a-lifetime either you or your wife have been through the Mecca, which is the ritual bath which is required according to the law of Moses and Don, none of them do this. If you're not that you're keeping the law of Moses. Jane says if you keep on your minimum point is guilty of all the right, but all are you like it all. And that's not just Chandler 613 update so that God gave to Moses there on Mount Sinai. So there check it you know if this air of superiority were closer to God.

God Mark got happier with us because were abiding by the law Moses and you will and so so easy to but this is where the rat and that's where they claim to be orthodox and they don't know what else to call. But we used to do these debate and in New York City with the other ministry and we have to a rabbi's name is Rabbi Milligan okay and he was very popular for time and he had cable television program called shalom in the home pizza in the home and he would come and give the Orthodox position in our guide would give the physician and whatever the debate topic was when they had a dinner for all the staff before one of these debates and there's one of the staff guys with this ministry called himself a rabbi because he has to say. Messianic congregation. He doesn't speak Hebrew. He doesn't know how men but he called himself about and so rabbi smiling within the next nominee looked at him and he says do you keep Torah. That's the law Moses do you keep Torah absolutely you drive your car on the Sabbath. Yes, he does turn his back on him turned to the guy on his other side about you and one question he proved this man to the really phony. This can kindle a fire on the Sabbath. According to the law Moses not starting that engine without kindling a fire and so he disproved him a liar and wanted nothing more to do with so a lot of the really monster just a lot of showboating. I think the they know very little about keeping the law, and yet they think that there doing it but one or two questions you can put an end to the law forbids you from letting out razor such a corner of your beer or the corner of your head so that they have a fear of a lot of the guys from and you can't do that. It has to be. Just let it keep growing, and then you Do pay us the goals that your temples and because you can't H attached at the end.

None of these guys have. They may have a beer they don't have the pay and the law Moses requires both of them. What one thing one about the sacrifice or clean like that would be one that veil of the temple was rent. There is no more sacrifice. Yet all through the Old Testament. You had to have the sacrifice for the temporary forgiveness of sin till the Messiah comes out of they get around that will first of all, they replace the veil in the temple and they can continue to sacrifice until the temples actually destroy okay to TAKE because those because we've had full will wait for long time was good.

LOL you're near you have from a geopolitical speculum playground equipment 30, the breakeven point what you would say before or a group of geopolitical perspective. I think Israel they get billions of dollars per month for week ad and weaponry, correct day every year I see authors like the old like they probably like the citizen add a bookmark with a bulletproof as the bodyguard will not understand why I think they're trying their part of Ghana will hold our country why the pronghorn are quite you will when they need a batch of my dinner at the Internet and airstrip about the amount of salt on the ashes, but they're considered valid.

Now you got militarily. Yeah, go ahead to why why they wanted country you are not going out what they don't like you know what I'm saying is going to break up like that, whenever very strict immigration policies are all that correct and electric they want, not the duty as we could be in a country you know but here we have open project and he liked a lot of experiments on what you know, we can whenever. And I'm not trying to start trouble you with your like like I feel lethally clear point in our politics and we all seem to be what is going on there and find America to death about you that the party we got Dr. Sarah died. Just appear at work, but the walk up to be good. I think you get away with you longer talk.

One Democrat that was Republican Valley went on at the one problem but the thing that you think you like but I think the winos I think that Dr. that your steak. I believe that the Democrats right Republican political thought, well, let me just let me say this, but I gotta take this answer your question you.

You will find the answer. If you read very very carefully over in the book of Romans chapter 9 read that okay because the answer is in there and then go to Revelation you read the last two chapters and in chapter 3 Revelation, the book of Revelation chapter 3 and you will find out the deer answers to your question is why are they doing this. There is an app that I have to move on something for: could we have next we got Cliff here and there.

It's going to be quick because yeah yeah my quick question now.

Okay I got the central bank almost seemed like the exact same person but my question corral is why people on such automatic highlight. It's like there's going to do in an expression come hell or high water. They gonna proceed no matter what. Why don't these people adamantly think what they're doing.

This is the Tower of Babel thing what what what what you think of the spirit you can give me a little more clarity. These people I guess you talked about the Jewish people… That about talking about the New World order.

People, when they have they have their agenda and they are thinking through their agenda. Michael and Obama came to the White House.

He he cruised in their declaring he was going to bring change normally asked him what changes she was going to bring. These are the changes, and these people were all disciples of so to speak. In that respect for that agenda. They are thinking it through in their movie trying to move their agenda which is to change America you know about the foundation on which we built absolutely.

I gotta move on things that Cliff was next. This Jack here and there. Go ahead yet.

So what's going on in the Ukraine.

Right now is a great argument in favor of the Second Amendment. A well regulated militia necessary for the security of a free state.

The first thing that they did is they formed the distance militia which is now larger than the rest of the Army and handed out machine guns. Everybody another handing out the antiaircraft missiles take Buster methyl all manner of things it shows that if you want to have a successful militia you're going to need every weapon and what the Second Amendment was designed for Tuesday press and invasion rebellion or insurrection know I have always heard from religious people that our rights are inalienable because they come from God, but I don't really see the Bible promoting the Bill of Rights and so I was wondering what your comment would be, is how do you support these inalienable right, coming from God lifters if the Bible doesn't promote a Bill of Rights and what would Jesus think of the Second Amendment. Okay, who's your question to you right.

First of all, the Bible does.

We have liberty in Christ all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient in case them. We are to be salt and light in the here and you have people telling you something to have these prison preachers telling you Christians should not get involved in politics, that's exactly wrong, from Genesis to Revelation. Guy gives you three main mission mission. One course of the great commission in Matthew 28 verses 18 to 20, from Genesis to Revelation. God's Word, the Bible teaches extremely clearly that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and then the third one tells you right there in second Thessalonians. Where to hold to the traditions of the apostles stand fast and not give up any ground so that is the Bill of Rights with thanks for calling were out of time. Hell, Pastor L.

Dr. you got we got three minutes. Can you give an invitation to the folks out there listing all over the country in three minutes. Our meeting no note give an limitation. I tell them how they can avoid going to hell and how to get to heaven right well the only the only way Jesus declared by him.

I am the way, the truth, they like momentum under the father but by me. That means the one and only ask for in verse 12. Neither is there salvation in any other per there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be say we can talk about all the political ins and outs of the most critical issue in your eternal existence is knowing Jesus as your personal savior. Having the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross country of your sin and I want you to make that decision to make that decision tonight. The Bible tells us now that the time I hope the day, the day of salvation, that the word of God says do it now Kuwaitis they will do it tomorrow or some other time. We must remind now my Bible also says seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon the Lord while he is near and so that tells us that there could come a day where you'll never reject the delete conviction of the Holy Spirit wants to often. And when you go looking for and you won't find him.

And when you try to call to him, he won't be there because you will of grieved him once too often don't do that come to the Lord while you have the opportunity allow him to be your Savior do that tonight because he tells Joe there actually in Proverbs chapter 1 that not to not to. You know how me when he says how often have I told you, and how often have you rejected okay and then he says that the day will come upon you very quickly when you're going to regret that. And you're going to cry out to me, but I won't hear you okay and so so it's making it very very clear and night and I want to say this very quickly. I just had one time I used to have an Orthodox Jewish minute was quite scholarly work come to the word of God, he would read and put in but he and he would often say to me, and independently he should know better than that, but that he had made up his mind on Christ. Yet, but if he's going to keep us keep researching and if he decides that the crisis it right before the end he'll know he'll make that decision. He'll call upon the name of the Lord that you know you don't know when that gamble yeah yeah and you don't know God is is God's call not ours would net incomes and sometimes at incomes very quickly so it's particular that the end of this radio programs is here tonight.

I will be looking for you L on Sunday and the be talking to you before then and so is is we do each week at this time we get to this time, we want to say thank you all for listing. Good night God bless you always always always K. Fighting, writing the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time. Mission was right once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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