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Stop Hiding, Start Healing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 23, 2022 7:00 pm

Stop Hiding, Start Healing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 23, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention and talks with author and long-time friend, Craig Brown, about his new book "Stop Hiding Start Healing" and how to live a life of freedom, meaning, and purpose in Christ.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network, the National religious broadcasters Association stand next to a guy who's really been a mentor in my life and this guy is an author. He's got a big news here. His name is Craig Brown, Craig God bless you brother thank you, but not with me when I was just a little wet behind the ears Christian radio sales tax due on never knew that you were little. For one, that I am there were great three point suitor behind our guy's love you sis great to be associated with you and NRB be here promoting my book stop hiding start healing is far too many people are going to church to hide instead of healing due to their saying the guilt or pain other things in their life in the not fully embracing everything across has a long, so I've been there myself personally. I've been serving a Christ centered recovery ministry for the last 22 years. This is my observation I did it myself.

I did instead of you I see far too many people doing it in churches and churches need to be instrumental and intentional of reaching people at the pain level. So how many people listen to my voice right now are hiding when they need healing and that was the story of Craig Brown was you and uses it as this book is personal and it will receive his book so I'm looking at right now and I like the subtitle Discover how to be set free from the pain, the shame of your past so you can live a life of freedom start without real quick when it's just that we have a main we hide from our past pain because it's what me know if there secondly it's painful to go there. Genesis chapter 3 when Adam and Eve are busted. It all began. There they felt shame they felt there they were disobedient and then they were separated from God. Same thing happens now with the same the pain and the guilt see salvation is but it doesn't end there. You received everything you need to be healed and go from a place of brokenness to wholeness.

You have to do the work but it's too painful. A lot of people the same.

They keep they carry can only be shattered by Jesus. So people are still carrying that burden with them. Even though there were a Christ centered believer, the born-again they go to church to worship their serving in leadership there there to get well. But there's still holding it back because it's too painful. They want to hide it rather than healing. That's why what the Lord just to use this book to be an encouragement to others for them to read and realize ones are not alone number two come out of isolation. Number three come out of hiding get into a Bible preaching gospel preaching church and find your path and save people trusted people to help you on your journey to healing is cool little man's about the Spanish sale regulation yes indeed it says stop hiding start feeling and it says everything that is covered will be uncovered and every secret made known as one of my my risk right now is a man of God wrote his book, the biggest take away you want people to get into the nuggets we don't want to give away the whole thing.

We want people to buy the book stop hiding start healing. I guess there were books are sold right you got some on sale here as a religious broadcasters convention is one of your former colleagues at Terry Fay KTLA agencies in LA right you are a WAV aim to celebrate 30 years in the Salem or the NRB a different capacity of years ago at the old Sheridan DC Nelson national but you're making noise.

Terry was a legacy when your former colleagues write a book easier NRB talk about the sky Craig Brown when I went I guess I just was telling his wife wasn't there.

I guess there is life after Salem after they never tell you they say you leave and we don't know what's can happen, but it's attribute J us guys in Christian radio and I we've ever Truth Network I monitored an aborted Salem you know dad and uncle Ed got put on her heart. Years ago, you see Craig Brown who was a major leader known as Salem office and are led by day rule in the legend himself Tom Boyer, Greg Brown. I was a little upstart working for secular radio company.

I got there and just like I go to LA and you guys all take the little still okay here is what you do little suitors I was done right. But what is encouraged to see a man a guy like him like in his second career doing this, bringing people to Jesus you know this whole message of stop hiding start healing was. It was a house that you, Terry. I think it's outstanding. I think it's great to you now expand what you can do and found your niche and go for cipher stations like KTLA outline the fish in LA like all the Christian radio station. So many are hearing my voice right now the care that are brave enough to carry to talk Craig, what's it like now communicate his message across persistent radio were used to be a part of Christian radio you're still part of it a different way would always authors. While Krista Reddy is a beacon of hope for years. From the very first one and out and were called to be a beacon of hope, whether individually, corporately, whatever that is, the people that are broken that are hurting to be able to tune in to listen to have the lives changed and us be used to share that message heart-to-heart face-to-face with me next is very is not real complicated and out your driven all of you both and I used and I'm still element stoically you as a radio guy love radio personal radio and it's a it's just hitting getting them every single place. They are wherever they are. And if this message can get them out of hiding and get them into a place of healing.

You asked me about in a nutshell, the first chapter is when the pain is greater than your fear. We never change. We never change anything in our life until the pain is greater than our fear and that's really the starting place for the book when the pain is greater than your fear you're going to change habits and sales that happens in leading a team that happens in dealing with people individually, and when I get knee replacement when the pain is greater in the fear of what emotional baggage the people of this Christian radio. The people shall be church or we can have such deep pain yes and their hiding don't have healing and were not knocking or not anymore. Shame on credit does not work on them to Jesus. There's a cross of pain that was born for them, take us home with a call right now to be leather that are hurting, you haven't read your book, stop hiding, start healing yet. We want them to. But right now someone's out there will just sit and listen to talk wherever they are driving on the road wherever wives say to them personally. Not alone. Don't look around like you're on that island think of that none of us have experienced pain, despair, shame, guilt, or any of that because we have all of us have issues. All of us have things in our life that we have to deal with. Now you may be dealing with something.

Maybe it's a past addiction or current addiction of divorce and abortion trauma, whatever that is okay and you feel it's too painful to go there to get healing. It's not not the cross.

Everything on the cross, embrace everything on the cross, forgiveness, loving yourself, finding us a safe place to go and and find others in your life to help you and is therefore you it's there, but I understand your inhibited. I understand your your your fearful of what people will think Joe think that way because you have loving caring individuals like myself, Stu, Terry, others that are out there to be able to help you, Krista radio should be instrumental in helping you, and that the local church should be instrumental in helping you and that and if it's not reach out find us find us and stop hiding start healing on Facebook your website for the book raining like that. Stop hiding start healing stop hiding, start healing book.calm, I'm available. I've been to the valley of darkness and back. Been there, and I understand I'm available to help Greg Brown. God bless you and you you said something earlier about a church that the station you're listening to. She thought right now like Peterson solid churches on your plug-in. This is the point of the church to get our arms up as much a battleship Missouri hospital ships as needed. Read offer prayer healing and caring concern and minister to people who are hurting Cragin and that's why were here. Let's get to a church word that's available with the word God's talk is there something powerful about the word of God is sweeter than honey. Honey, says in Psalm 19 more valuable than gold and it gets in there to convicts. It also gets in there and converts it also gets in there and brings healing right absolutely exactly right exactly is stop hiding start healing the author is my longtime friend and mentor and just great man of God Christian radio.

Better news is we ladies admire. That is my wonderful wife of 30 years to see greater success as briars is right there slough. There's all kind you walk in, there's a friend over there people looking at the Christian radio goose and all the big everyone here in all kinds of pastors authors leaders but Greg Brown is here, get a picture with you right now by them in rushing down your next interview. Okay God bless my abilities to this is the Truth Network

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