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To Know Jesus is to Love Him, Part 6

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 23, 2022 8:00 am

To Know Jesus is to Love Him, Part 6

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 23, 2022 8:00 am

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This is leading the way with pastor and author Dr. Michael you set. If you examine the Scripture close you'll find the word is most recorded is the word remember remember remember remember as we conclude this series of messages to know Jesus as the loving water. Talk to you about how to love Jesus with your memory and how vitally important it is, you probably heard that phrase that hindsight is 2020. What that means is that you have a clear understanding of the situation when you're looking back on it, rather than in the beginning when you're looking forward to the unknown of the future. Everything just seems to be in better perspective when it's hindsight all today a challenge to look back to remember how God guided and protected you from life's challenges protected you with his mercy blessings and amazing grace. I hope you're ready to join Dr. Michael. You sat in Psalm 42, 40 days leading the way. Now this message is part of Michael series called to know Jesus is to love him and please do remember that you can listen to Dr. Yousef's timely teaching on the radio or online or you can subscribe to the podcast and through the leading the way at the listen with me as Dr. Michael USF begins our memories is one of the Lord's most awesome gifts to us.

We have an Amish polishing capacitor to store up millions of bits of information. This information beta. This kept in perfect order. This information is stored and codified ready for recall as needed. The latest research have shown that the brain can store enough data to fill several million books mind-boggling the Brian's capacity would make modern computer to be literally insignificant in comparison but also the human brain is very capable, whether deliberately or involuntarily, of forgetting.

We forget things. Did you know that modern technology is ruining our memory power. I just love this. Recently a number of independent studies have shown that cameras and video cameras in the cell phones and all those modern technology, which will love but the wreck havoc with our ability to store up memory. They tell us that when you trust remembrance of a certain event to a photo or video or trips in all those kinds of things we become less inclined to remember or store things are memory bank. The fact is that we all remember what's important to us. It's a fact were all remember what's important and that is why people can forget prayer meeting, but do they ever forget an important business meeting that there have to see what we remember what's important to us now. That is why if you examine the Scripture closely you'll find that the word that is most recorded one single word.

This most recorded is the word remember remember remember remember as we conclude this series of messages to know Jesus is to love him.

I want to talk to you about how to love Jesus was your memory and how vitally important it is. Throughout the Scripture, we see how the Lord is offended he really is offended when his people forget him. When his people forget his past mercies when his people forget that his past favors when his people forget his past graciousness when his people forget his past deliverances when his people forget this past supernatural intervention in the life and not know why we remember what's important to us. God wants us to remember what's important to him and her. What's important to him.

In fact numerous times both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

You see the heart of God. The depths of his disappointment when people forgot him. And when people forgot all about his past mercies and blessings and grace in Luke chapter 17 you read about how Jesus healed 10 lepers 10, nine of them were Jewish people who were in the covenant with God. One was not so mad at them outside of the covenant. All 10 of them are healed. All 10 of the Maclean's and yet only one term back to say thank you only want the Samaritan was considered to be outside of the covenant of God, he returned and said thank you. No wonder Jesus gave him an extra blessing far greater than the healing of leprosy and that's a government on the life they give them salvation. Look at the depths in the sense of disappointment in the words of Jesus in Luke 1717. You cannot help but feel the depth of his disappointment were not all can heal.

How come only this foreigner give glory to God for his healing.

In the Old Testament God you that they going to forget all about it. Once again into the promised land near and so he warned him again and again and again and he told them that the greatest temptation they will be facing when they prosper in the promised land as they going to forget who prospered them. That's exactly what we are in America today where forgot who prospered us. It is God's hand that prospered America and not talk about all kinds of prosperity, just talk about material things, his protective hands. His guiding spirit. Time and time and time again profit after profit after profit would one why because right on schedule as soon as I got into the promised land and they began to prosper. Guess what, exactly what the Lord told him what happened happened very forgot who God is and that he is the one who prospered. But that will tip the hat them on Saturday.

The rest of the week there with the pagans of bail worshipers. Remember, remember, remember, no wonder, then, God let barbarians and terrorists helping captives. What does it say to us today. Please listen carefully. Don't let your prosperity make you forget who prospered you don't let your success make you forget who gave you success. Don't let your busy lives be so filled with all source of activities that you crowd out the very one who blessed you remember remember remember. In fact, the reason God established all these festivals festivities celebrations from Yom Kippur to Russia China and all the celebrations all the feast of Passover sick often all those feasts, God established all that so that they constantly physically with their own eyes. Remember God's gracious hand that deliver them out of the slavery of Egypt, and brought them into the promised land. He established all these festivals so that there be a visible reminder for them.

But what happened. They turned these memorials into self centered indulgences in the New Testament, the reason our Lord established the Lord's supper and baptism. Those two ordinances that he himself established is for us to remember his indescribable love toward us and sadly many are church today either. They ignore them altogether overturn them. This oldness into a hollow and shallow and empty rituals.

Why does God constantly remind remind us all the time is why please listen carefully because every time you recall the memory God past sacrifice, God's immense sacrifice. It gives us ultimate hope because every time you vividly remember that depth of God's love for you. He is inviting us to love him back more deeply and more fully because every time you take time to remember his matchless love brings us healing and wholeness. I want to give an example from the Scripture turn to Psalm 42 and I'm only gonna refer to three versus four, five and six. I want to tell you that some 42, particular those three versus is the best example of how forgetting God's past mercies God past generosity this past blessings. His past graciousness. This past intervention this past healings can lead you to discouragement and despondency and even depression.

Psalm 42 is a great example of how loving the Lord with your memory can fill you with hope how loving the Lord with your memory will pull you out of the pit of discouragement how loving the Lord with your memory can propel you into more fervent face, let me tell you very quickly the historical background to this song when David brought the song he was fleeing Jerusalem and Hewitt all the way north near then he sat there by the waterfalls in your out the song, his son Absalom rebellious son evil son turned on his father and he conducted a coup d'état pushed his father out of the kingdom and if I can tell you that David was really down in the dumps it would be the most gross understatement ever.

I don't think any of us can even comprehend what that means.

And so he sits in this part of discouragement in this pit of despair and he writes the song verse four. These things I remember. Please if you have your Bible underline the word remember these things. I remember as I pulled out my soul. What does he remember still verse four gives a sense rest of the verse how I used to go with the multitude leading the procession to the house of God with shouts of joy and thanksgiving among the festive throng that goes to verse five and there he begins to talk to himself now I don't want you to raise your hand, but the material, whether you know it or not you talk to yourself are we all talked ourselves.

It doesn't make you crazy.

Yes we all talked in fact we self talk in such a speed that will surprise you, but we talked ourselves all the because you already self talk. Three things I want to tell you the help you yourself talk okay.

It is better that you talk to yourself, then let your circumstances talk to you it's better for your mind to speak to your emotions instead of the other way around. And the third thing I want to tell you is it's better for you to preach to yourself then let the evil one. Amen.

Question what do you say to yourself when you speak to yourself is best example is from David. He said verse five. Why are you downcast of my soul house. I preach it brother Richard Weiser disturbed within me. Put your hope in God.

That's not about some of the preach yourself for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Verse six my soul is downcast within me. Therefore, I'm going to do what and therefore I will remember. What is he saying he saying that only the memory of God's past faithfulness can lift me up, and hope that only memory of God's past interventions in your life will deepen your love for him that only your memory bank of the Lord's past blessings will renew and deepen your intimacy with him. Well with this introduction, let me get to the text. Actually I don't have three points in the poem just have two things to tell you one when you're down.

It is because you have forgotten when you're up. It is because you have remembered. See how simple it is when you're down and defeated and discouraged.

It is because you have forgotten something very important. You forgotten something vitally important. Now I know that sometimes this forgetfulness can be deliberate or other times really involuntary doesn't matter. Sometimes that forgetfulness is by design sometimes is not, sometimes that forgetfulness is intentional. Other times I'm not. Either way doesn't matter.

I want to get the best solution here doesn't matter. You must take these things out of your memory bank and bring them to the surface is a how Michael how very, very simply similarly got read trace your steps is what is due read trace your footsteps and find out where and when you have fallen, how you got to where you are in the down in the dumps. Retrace your steps. Find out how you got the go back in your memory bank and find out when you have fallen into the pit of despair into the pit of discouragement. Find out when that took place and what got you there.

And when you do that you gonna run smack into forgetting his past blessings in the book of Revelation chapter 2 Jesus the resurrected there sending the glorified Jesus speaks to the seven churches in Asia minor. Chapter 2 he speaks to the church in Ephesus, and here's what he said in verse four of chapter 2 in the book of Revelation. He said I hold this against you, what was you have forgot the you have what you have forgotten your first love has driven forgetfulness again and start verse five of Revelation to gives them the prescription. Remember the height from which you have fallen what is Jesus saying he is saying let your memory do the walking here saying retrace your steps.

Go back to the point where your trouble began. Don't gloss over or ignore the original clause.

Examine your memory bank is important it is that important because you cannot make progress.

You cannot go forward without going back and finding out how you got there beloved, you must understand when the Bible said that sin is very deceitful.

You must let alarm bells ringing all over you when you read why because if you think I'm not done it that you are above, since deception at the beginning of trouble. I got deceived by sin on how many times and I continue. Praise the Lord I need to get over this.

Just remember the deceitfulness of sin, because the moment I think I'm above the deception of sin, beginning of my trouble why my saying this mama to listen carefully.

Please, because by nature. We all reluctant to fess up to the reality of our forgetfulness, but is the good news. I never leave you. The good news is a good news to the Bible, never, never, never, never points out the sin that does not give you the way of forgiveness for that sin.

Bible never points to a problem without pointing offering the solution to the problem think the Bible never convicts us about something without showing us the way of expressing that conviction. Why, because our past memory is linked to our future hope that you get that our past memories are linked our future hope our past memories. I link to our future anticipation, our past memories. I link to our future vision and our vision of the future and that is why so many people are held back from coming into intimacy or growth walk with Jesus because they held back by those chains from the past go, cut them off. That is why loving Jesus with you memory is of vital importance. That is why when you're able to remember what Jesus did for you. You can experience renewal of love for him.

As we been seeing in this whole series of messages that's why. Did not begin the series about knowing Jesus loving with your memory, I begin with the mind because that's the decision-making process. It has to begin with a decision. Then we went to the imagination loving with your soul and then loving with all your heart, that is the totality of your being, and now I can't come to loving him with your memory and that is why the psalmist said my soul. Why are you discouraged, remember what God did in the past and when you love him with your memories, you will become filled with hope for the future regardless of the present. Maybe someone here today feels discouraged and despondent.

Disappointed some human deceitful, anxious as the future hold go back to memory bank get a withdrawal slip and get a bunch of it out go through past blessings go through past mercy doesn't past interventions go through past healing goes through past strengthening goes in God's past faithfulness start loving him with your memory. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set as he concludes his series to know Jesus is to love him. This is leading the way we live in a time when so many are church or departing from the truth of the word of God live in a time when the practically another single week that passes by without us see some pastors song leaders going through the call deconstruction turning their back on the face once delivered to the saints, and so I wrote this book called never give up.

This is the message from second Timothy, this is not my legacy it's the apostle Paul's legacy the last words he roared before he died, and he talks to Timothy in his time, but is also talking about what will happen in the last days and how many people would depart from the faith, compromise the faith deny the authenticity and the infallibility of the word of God is all there prophesied by the apostle Paul. Now I wanted to join with me for a special prayer for this book that many a young pastor, Sunday school teachers people are serving that they read this book that will be encouraged and those who will be tempted to begin to compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ watered down that this book will challenge them to repent and turn to the Lord and begin to preach in the power of the Holy Spirit. Father God in the name of Jesus I pray that these words of the apostle Paul roared in the dungeon in Rome before he was beheaded to his son in the faith Timothy even talks about the last days which we are in right now upright that will ignite the spirit of revival spirit of awakening in the hearts of people in the pews in people's Lord, we know that unless your spirit does his work. All of our work is in vain and I think for hearing and answering because we pray in Jesus name speak with the nationally representative Ordering information for never gather when you call us at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356. You can also order securely online and that and write to us at leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325.

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