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MON HR2 032122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 21, 2022 11:59 pm

MON HR2 032122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 21, 2022 11:59 pm

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McMeekin Smith point and touchdowns beating the mind of your team for a moment thinking about how they missed that goal point score. Think about the name your price to from progressive letting you choose coverage options based on your budget.

Unlike your team that missed the end zone area anyway distraction about progressive name your price to with helpful sure can even think about all the penalty balls donate and listen to podcasts WR Joe, you know stew better and so he was worried we've said we would say that the oh with the October 2020 was absolute treason. The left and I'm talking about those in the media all the co-conspirators.

All of those by the way, Joe.

I want to read here.

I've got a list of home. All of those that were part of the conspiracy, though. Although so-called intelligent officials that lie that I'm going to do so many young women read Exodus 51 senior intelligence officials who lied outright lied about the Hunter Biden lime laptop they try to cover it up. So the reader try to retentive up on night case to start out with Mike Haydn from CIA Dir. forward CI director now. I now and now is an analyst for CNN. Okay, liar, gent, Jim Klapper, former director of national intelligence now see it in pundit liar Leon Panetta, former CIA director and defensive take defense like secretaries now runs a public policy Institute of California liar John Brennan, former CIA director now analyst for NBC and MSNBC liar Thomas things are former National intelligence Council chair now teaches at Stanford University didn't respond but a liar.

Rick led gent former national security agency Deputy Director now liar John McCall McLachlan, former CIA acting director.

He now teaches at John Hopkins now he's a liar. Michael Morelli, former CIA acting director now.

Georgia makes George Mason University, a liar, Mike Vickers, former Defense Undersecretary for intelligence, no board of BAE systems a liar Doug wise former Defense intelligence agency, Deputy Director teaches at the University of Mexico and according to the Wall Street and according to we live couple website right here.

All of these people and Danielle of the author of this article here and says again they all lied.

So those of the first 10 that lied and they knew they were lying.

What does the Bible say about all liars will have the place where criminal record fire they don't believe it now, but will they believe it, all the world may believe that yes all right were going to play Cliff know here what did the what they did in October 2020 was treason. We told you Biden was illegitimate and the world knows that's what Steve Madden said. And so let's let's go ahead and the mighty Andrew play the clip for summer have a partisan discussion. Rest assured we were right in the low fan boys wrong in the cause more destruction and ignore cause more destruction right now Reuters is reporting to put up Ukraine Zelinski calls for meaningful talks with Russia says it is either going to happen now. This can be several generations will take Russia seven several generations to recover. He's a man without a country right now when I say that numbness on the country of Ukraine. I mean that metaphorically this right here. He got cut loose yesterday. She told Biden you not doing anything. You can try century were not stop and when I come back down for you. We think your weekly think were feckless we think America is in decline. America is not being made great again because Donald J terms on the White House.

You think she would say that the trump that you would be incorrect.

They feared us in this first meetings on the fear trump okay and trump had a couple of guys surrounding that were that were far to the right at him when the Chinese chemist party.

I will have to name names okay and they knew we meant business. Indulging from that business. This would never happen if trump was never the mullahs or the dealer can with what we have had enough time to time to focus on that the dealer try to warm around on a run this world. The gangsters the mullahs in Iran have captured an ancient civilization Persia.

There gangsters put in after this date I go back and look at all the times I've been quoted about food since admission and demographic decline. They don't produce anything except raw materials for the West and their run by the KGB in the military.

These are bad hombre things are gangsters. Okay in one another gangster in Turkey, the Pakistani guys. Essentially, gangsters okay.

The golf emirates Saudi Arabia. There gangsters they did against some of the other day. A full flex on the night states wouldn't take. Think about the session she's get on the phone call this guy. He Artie knows his part in Saudi Arabia hasn't taken Biden's phone call that that the the golf emirates, doesn't that that the kingdom was irate doesn't exist without the night states protection doesn't exist does not exist for 40 or 50 years, and they help the state and the Soviet Union of doubt about that. They were good. Alan actually kept pumping at low prices. Part of Reagan's work plan okay.document that the film and made about, but now they get another partner. They invite Schieffer state visit. This is what all happened over the last week. There are decades in which nothing happens and there are weeks and months in which decades happened decades are happening right now Zelinski confirms he's he's telling the Russians VO2 it's many generations usually effectively hate brother many generations of your country of Ukraine are being affected and your buddies in the EU and NATO cut you loose white has can find your letter and actions get a column as being liars in the Y has nothing to appalled, appalled, is actually is back down in inches my calendar. Johnson swats Swan back down an inch on that story had they backed up an Internet story had they backed up an inch of the mass migration story because it they get their doubt into this ministration mass migration of a mass migration where you have been hundred and 75,000 were having every month more than the Army that took the beach in Normandy every month were having that and that's not a mass migration event they're planning now for what they call a mass migration event. You don't think that's an invasion hey ask Rommel and the verb mock if the guys in Normandy were an invasion with that invasion I think they would say that was an invasion. Yes, Mr. Bennett. There was an invasion we categorize as an invasion. That's every month in the United States of America every month, month after month, but that's not even a mass migration event that's good, they take off title 42, why because are all Wayton in Mexico. The Mexican governments, and southern Mexico 75,000 or 25,000. There, it's all blown up and when I demonize these people there actually rational, logical people didn't make a run for the border once ran to the states are in the state. They give us a number in the test to be here in 60 days and for another court hearing but assume there's no enforcement is no ice there's no internal enforcement it's it's not even a joke. It's in your grill and have the Republicans are up there at the conference put invasion on the southern border at the top of the list, and particularly this is the charge of impeachment. They keep the receipts you can impeach a sky you get enough witnesses.

Hey cellist Cheney and little Jamie Raskin in shifty shift and saw while Benny Thompson where where are your hearings on January 6.

Where are they. I was sent here. I'd I save my dance card for you guys to be mesmerized by Watergate level hearings. Where are they. Where are they.

Where is the nation hanging on every where is the next witness is amazing where are they as I tell you right now you're going to get some hearings, a new sheriff in town after November 8 that the fallacy hearings all found she's now saying I think I'm going to retire at your bro it done matter. Your your your your this is metaphorical dead man walking okay your receipts or organ be saved.

The fact is not a retire. The fallacy hearings hate will say some show time on that the hunter biting hearings and then bringing in all the national security guys that lied about it and were stripping them of their other security clearances immediately so they can't make a living anymore leeching off this country selling this country out being treasonous what they did in October 2020 is treason. They knew it was real information. They knew Murdoch's New York Post ejected out done the due diligence and they lied about it.

They lied about it.

They lied about it. To aid in bringing aid and comfort to our enemies to bring aid and comfort to enemies what any of this happen if Donald J. Tromp was a president we told you binds illegitimate and then the world knows it. The world knows it. In this car as she knows it. He warns about it and then puts out a bingo rally Chris emesis. He says I think they paid the people think. I don't think they did.

I'm just betting over and under and that okay all right what he was saying there's another laser closer to home, Joseph Farah covers of Joe Biden flighted of flood of unvented aliens across the border and he says America is in crisis.

It's never been more serious, more critical, more of the next potential threats to liberty the rule of law and it's happening to us in plain sight. We've been talking about this and talking about this and again in noted it's it's gotten to the point with the mainstream for the fake news media has mesmerized the people with this information out there to work. So many of the people are clueless. You know Joe sixpack out there is clueless he doesn't know the people in Texas know you know right now Joe, did you know would the murder capital of the US is because is right now with city. St. Louis Rick Grimm torturing now is now who went from Chicago Joe to Houston, Texas. Texas Rd., New York weekend Mayor city had 29 shooting victims that took 383% from last year, and out of that 29 there were four murders every major city that's run by Democrats were saying the same thing. Houston may have the highest fertility, Chicago, Atlanta, New York. You name the Democratic run city violence, murder, crime, drug use is rampant to see if same thing all of those cities run by Democrats.

Violence increases the liberal policies increase more crime the more violence the more corruption every what you need for Prof. Ernie Lee, the I just need to talk about the irony in I was circle back listening to circle back to hear Jen Sankey, Jan secular would have heard about talking about the Kentucky without that a country that doesn't protect its borders is in the country right right now that that had to deal Ukraine but it doesn't apply here because when Joey Biden he ensured America would be open to invasion.

He invited invasion. He asked for invasion right is it resulted in untold number of court invaders entering the US. He offered to pay them. He transported them to our cities and buses and secret flights in the dead of night he gave them safe harbor all 50 states he didn't even see if they were security threats.

He didn't care if they had a raise or whatever whatever disease they came right in.

He partnered with dangerous drug cartels.

He worked hand-in-hand with the dangerous drug cartels.

The Biden crime cartel the Biden crime cartel work with the drug cartels of the human trafficking cartels to get them and he turned them loose in the unleash the most deadly substance ever to reach our shores and create an epidemic that kills more people from 18 to 45 years old in any other cause of death yesterday continues unabated. In fact, is growing today by the way, Joe lets was we saw a 60s 3% higher death rate than the same time last year 63% higher. There are many of you record it or breaking it hard to keep track of them 60% error 90% there. 45%. Here I mean everywhere.

We are breaking records and none of them are good records like were producing more oil and gas were saving more babies were developing healthcare is improving.

Nothing like that.

It's always on the negative. Well yeah with with with what we have in there we've got to go take a country back and there are many of us will. There are some some positive things were seeing them more and more sheriffs here in Ohio. We just passed legislation to make to make constitutional Kerry I think we became the 22nd 23rd state to have constitutional carry means that the and we we don't have to go and register and let the enemy because the government is become our enemy.

The government has become the enemy of the people, remember what Jefferson said is that when people when fear the government you have tyranny. But when their government filter people you have liberty liberty. Amen. And that's that's the problem we have such a corrupt government from the White House down.

It is so corrupt, so very, very corrupt. We don't have a Justice Department. It is good you got dirty cops right in that the FBI is filled now with dirty cops. The CIA field and we got to somehow clean it up and that's what Tromp was doing and that's what what made him so so scared but there are Joe there are a lot of people we do have the white hats in position places. So there is things happen in one of things is happening your seat so many in an increase because of Donald Trump. You put it, and what the policies he put in place. You see an increase in the Pettit arresting the pedophiles. By the way, you know, the death or credit Communist Party just filled from top to bottom with pedophiles is filled with pedophiles and so well one people I've hurt somebody. How do you guys know this will we've been doing this for many many many years and I remember in California. Every time they would put side of my agenda someplace. There was always here looked up at Harvey milk in California. They want to put them on postage stamps. Well, he was an advocate of Man boy love and you go back they were the Democrats are the ones that always tried to lower the age of consent for sexual activity between male and female. They are the ones that keep pushing these young boys that all they want to need an older man to teach them how to bring out their homosexuality think we've done story after story after story. It's always about younger and younger victims and has been for 3040 years that I can remember.

And there's probably stuff in the past that I can't remember that how many thousands of stories we've heard and seen it follow that they always were wanting the children they wanted to control the children. They wanted them sexually. They wanted to train them to become liberals to become sodomites to become whatever that this is been going on for so long just hard to imagine people cannot grasp the concept I hear you. If the Sultan of the phone lines takes and calls the phone lines now open and 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. The phone lines are now openly thankless there already. I don't think Connecticut really slow on the trigger will find out in a minute if he was mighty Andrew will let us know. I've got one story grower waiting for her first call to throw short this new nuclear Deerwood. Biden is trying to work with a ran representative Jim Banks their Republican Indiana explained the dire effects of passing Mediterranean nuclear deal and he basically said that this deal would make Biden the biggest funder of terrorism in the world because he will be spending billions of dollars to the carrier.

The terrorist group and that would make him one of the biggest funders of terrorism and the entire world and the American taxpayers get to pay for. That's our uncle Joe yeah yeah my slick traitor to Obama's race traitor trader Joe Joe phone lines open 888-677-9673 nationwide indefinite trait or not trader, not Trader Joe's like in the dental tray tour Joe okay wasn't looking to start off with Cliff. Cliff is as we got was like I yeah you guys have their own laptops. I hope you haven't left in the different repairs south across the Northeast part of the country want to ask. It's uncanny how Proverbs 14 seems to relate to the media's first 15 chapters 14 improper capital flow. I want to take on the first two verses of Proverbs chapter 14, you don't hear that.

Talk about too much but that seems to talk about self sabotage that could be in the spiritual sense to put those two verses together well is talking about the wise and the foolish right yet what came first to start talking about people building a house that really doing a self sabotage right well if he is he will get that done. Look when the Republican Party will not them but so much when Trump was in office when Reagan was in office. What did they do they don't some things with the with the Trump to he built of the economy.

Built of the military right to death.

The Kratz always tear things down, down, the always tear things down and we see it, but the foolish pocket that down with her hands, he that Watkinson up righteousness fear the Lord, but he that is perverse in his ways despises him. The Democrats remember how when when they had their vote of the convention. They voted God out of the party to remember that they voted got out and note the guy who was the narrator he he knew this ain't supposed to be. I'm in trouble and even though it was very obvious that the voice vote was much louder.

Foreboding got out that I was for keeping got in but would that fool didn't know was guided left there a long time ago. I think that that is process apply in the sense that there yet. You know that they're plucking that basically parent himself out as well without versing through the mouth of the foolish is a run of pride. And that's exactly what you have there within the collective government with the left always is restricted your work. They want to destroy the life they want to kill unborn babies and wanted to destroy the future. There always trying to what destroy the middle class are always trying to destroy the free market economy. Everything they do is destructive in the end. Like this nation tries to commit national suicide is first seven go from the presence of a foolish man, when they'll now perceive if not in him the lips of knowledge. And yet we have people in this country to keep voting for these extreme liberal radical and all radical feminist sodomites, you name it. Everybody on the left. They keep electing these people who have no knowledge, no understanding of God the office so God makes it require we're receiving destruction because that's what evil does this permit will they want to destroy the church. They want to destroy the family destroy the morality they wanted the children destroy the chill. Everything is all about destruction and death that the entire death or credit Communist Party collective is about death that that's what it is a destruction like that holds like most every verse in chapter 14 of Proverbs seems to be right in front of us. Right yeah well you know that I do want a swimming. That's why it's so clear he's trying to warn us today of what to look out for what not to do and just like the people of the Old Testament that they did want to listen to the prophets, the people today still don't want to listen to God's word in the Bible. If you really want to see one that implies.

Go to Proverbs chapter 1 Proverbs chapter 1 and start start with them. Verse seven and rated to the end and that really applies. I mean it really applies perfectly to other collectible. We have to move on with things. Cliff Escoto sister Mary Grace crap print out turn John you real cute guy.

I don't know you might be mildly live UXO American that is timeline in Revelation 13. American action and greater value.

Just got and I'm telling great lack of great ministry is really great Hacker That He Found That the Ego Might Think God Created America Everything about the Rotunda All about America and God Bless Thank You for Very Much and God Is Given a Great Start Blessing God Well You Know What We've Got to Three Missions He's Given Us, and We've Done and We Work Seven Days a Week on Those Three Missions. We in the Wind Again. We've Got Our Marching Orders and That Were Going to Continue. He Told Us Occupied until He Comes Back and Really Give It Everything We Have, Because That's What God Has Created Us to Do When We Have Next Did You Say John Your near Critical at This Time That Worker Inundated with Propaganda.

Yes, I Yeah Will You We Have Propaganda Everywhere on a Narrative Bidder to Propaganda. You've Got That Right. So Already Very Good and We Have We Have Steve Next, Steve, Your near Go-Ahead I I Might like to Know the Name of the CEO from the Nuclear Germany Corporation That Tandem Part of the Truth about Vaccines and Then One of the Questions for the Woman That Run for Position with the Supreme Court That the Individual That She Only Gave Three Month, Three Months off When It Was a Minimum 10 Years Left to the List in the First Question His Name Is Andrea's Andrea's Andrea's Boy This Is Going Soft Back Andrea's Shop Back and That's the Name of the German Ability Related Pardon the Woman Congruent Brown Jackson No No No No No, but There's Two Different Things See That All I Know I Jackson I Want to Find out What Which You Once You at a Minimum Three Month When It Went Actually. The Minimum Is 10 Years Have a Pedophile Stacked up on the Internet with Pictures. This Person Should Be in Jail about the Popularity out You Know What the Name of That Individual Christmas Letter Listing You're Still They Should Be Able to Get the Word to Their Current Well I Just Intelligent. Here Is the Article I Just Read a Tale of the Cake Last Month after Releasing the Truthful Data about the Will and Coronavirus Vaccine Injury Andrea S. Shop Back Okay the PKK, Provided He Was the Guy with the Facts of Death. He Was the CEO Who Was Fired for Telling the Truth and so That Article. It Comes Out Of the Natural News and That Was Was from the Author Was Ethan Huff so There You Go.

That's It. The Only Other Question I Wanted Jackson, What Would It According to Only Three Months When You Gonna and I'm Not Pedophile Pictures and the Internet for Stewart and Year Minimum. I'm Not Sure Tells Us That in the Article Is a General I'm Right Now I'm Not Sure.

That Information That Might've Called Some of That Stuff Out Of the Mirrors. It's Really Hard to Find Links to Be More, No, This Probably Wouldn't Listen. Listen to It Tomorrow Either Listed Today Here in Samara.

My Guess Is If Josh Holly Gets His Way. Chill. You Might Say That I Don't Know. So There You Go Victor. Can't Write Things. Who Else Is Calling Okay. We Have Anonymous Your near Anonymous. The Lord Gentlemen. You're on Your a Game Tonight but Let Him Have It with Two Barrels. Thank You, yet You Mentioned Proverbs 1 Know What I've Noticed That's Really the Communist Modus Operandi Following Purchases after First Seven Verse 12 Talks about the First 13 They Going after All Kind of Precious Possession. They Want to Filter Houses with Spoil, and They Want to Have a Common Person Hold. That's the Whole of What You Call That's Obama's Transfer of the Wealth Visited Is the Grandson of the Program Absolutely Is When Obama Said, Remember from Those That Are Funded to Those That Deserve It. Yeah, and Don't Stop at Nothing at the Root of It Is Covetousness of Socialist Is Very Envious and Their Confidence and They Just Wanted Not Going to Get in the Way. Note, No Person Noting No Policy to Bulldoze Their Way Right into Getting What They Want, but Just Remember the Truth Is the True Socialist Notice Man's Weakness and He Is Using That Theory to Control the People so They Can Become Wealthy and Powerful They Don't Really Believe That Garbage They Ceded to the Masses so That the Masses Believe the Lies so They Can Take Their Money and Take Power and Control over Them. So the True Communist like Putin Understands He's Filthy Rich. You Look All over the World.

The Heads of These Communist Countries. Communist Parties Are Filthy Filthy Rich. They Understand They Use the Weakness of Men to Control Such a Thing, or They Don't Really Believe the Garbage They Teach, That's True. They Pretend like They Are on the Same Level of the Common Man by Clicks. There Is Elitist Is Anything in Their Stacking Money up till Left and Right and Use It for Evil Purposes and Not Not Honoring God with the Distinction of Couple Things You Gentlemen Mentioned. What about the Border.

It Is Interesting How That and in the Lead up to This Big Hundred 75,000 Mass Migration That Building down There Is Interesting How That the Even Our Enemies Are More Aware of It Than the Average Citizen Watching Legacy Media Al Qaeda Just Put out a Big Public Service Announcement like They Do. I Gotta Do Is Watch Memory or Subscribe to Mr. Spencer and You Know Exactly What's Going on with Their Thinking There There Gearing up to Filter in As Many As They Can through Our Southern Border That to Them.

It's Just like a like a I Don't Know What You Call It, Micah Had None Vacation or Something You Don't Get Out Of Jail Free Passes Correct to the Border of Event Been Doing That We Remember Them Trying to Tell Us These People Crossing Her from 144 Different Countries in the World or from the Middle East Are Terrorists Coming across Are All Kinds of People from All over the World from China Now and It's Interesting Because Melvin Got Ukrainians Trying to Command and Guidance, Not Letting Them by Stopping the Ukrainians yet He's Wanted to Please Come Will Take You All There Being Warehouse Because They Didn't Fill out the Proper Paperwork While They Were Fleeing from This Combat Zone and People Dying and You Know Showing That People Will They Were Trying to Escape They Didn't Have the Proper Paperwork. According to Jan's Sake They Have To Apply to the Existing Programs and When They Left Ukraine. They Didn't Fill out the Paperwork, As It Remember Ukraine or the a Rack around.

They Didn't Fill out the Paperwork We Could Get All the People the Right People on Board Because the State Department That They Hadn't Filled out the Paperwork That They Will Remember Afghanistan Afghanistan They Were Left behind Because They Didn't Fill out the Government Paperwork at the Right Time and I Love That Excuse. Thanks, Steve Will Be Back Right after This Is an Chris Chris Is in a Chris Chris and That Was Chris with Brian Park and Yours Truly Asked Her and Joe. I Wrote That Song You Told Me That I Believe You Because You Don't Lie to Me. You Might Go My Leg. But You Will Never Live You Know What I like to See.

I'd like to Hear John Return Sing That Song Then Work on That House.

I Give Pastor Dale This Thing.

Oh Yeah, and I Have the Two Little Be Good for a Miracle.

Yeah, Right. Very Good. When We Have Next Jack, You're in the Air by the Administration in Any Hurry to Allow Ukrainians to Migrate to the United States Part of the Invasion of Our Seven Border Is to Make the White Rate in the United States, the Minority and I Think If You Want to Bring This War in Ukraine to Some Type of an End.

Some Things Have To Be Done. The First Thing Is Prudent Has To Be Placed on Trial Now In Absentia for Crimes in Russia Also Has To Know That They're Going to Pay Reparations and Everything That They're Blowing up Is Going to Be Counterproductive Because They Going to Pay to Replace Everything in Every Family That's Been Dislocated Is Going to Receive Reparation Will Essentially Prep Russia and There Are A Few Things That I Find a Little Bit Unusual One of Them Is the Linsky.

I'm Wondering Why He Isn't Dead yet and I Say That Because If You Look at Osama Bin Laden, He Wouldn't Use a Cell Phone That Giveaways Location. Terry Supposedly Is One of the Russian General Was Killed Because He Was Using a Cell Phone and Ukrainians Got Its Location and Took Them out with the Linsky Talk for a Half-Hour to an Hour in Front of the Amendment Is Our Congress, and It Doesn't Seem to Be Worried about His Location Being Given up When I Saw Him Today He Was out on the Street and the Applicant Be Able to Pinpoint His Location.

Then You Have To Wonder Why the Russian Having Gotten His Location and Taken Amount in Life. There Are Other Things Going on in This War That We Don't Know about Hello, There's a Whole Lot Going on That You Don't Know Now Earning 9/11 That a Great Deal Because There's Corruption in the Experiment on Both Sides, There's past History There Is in Creating There's Corruption in Both Places in Power Struggles and It I Don't Know If Our Intelligence Really Understands What's Going on. The CIA Has Admitted Training Not See Nothing but Neo-Nazi until a Nazi Terror Troops in the Ukraine and They Have Been Been Fighting and Killing Russians along the Border Assist since 2015, but You Not Going to Hear about This in Any of the Them the Lame Stream Media Not Ukraine Is Been a Hotbed of Anti-Russian Terrorism since 2015 and the Culprit Is None Other Than the CIA. The CIA Is Involved in Every Kind of Evil. Okay, the Central Intelligence AZ Also Known As Deep State Central Is Also Linked to the Rise in the Nazi Terrorism, and Many Other Countries As Well. Wherever You See Extremist Population Seemingly Extremism Pop-Up, Seemingly Out Of Nowhere.

The CI CIA Was Likely of All, This Is an Article Again from from by Ethan Huff Gave World News Daily and so the US Government Has a Well Documented History of Backing Extremist Groups Will Give You an Example Document That Whole Thing. Remember There and End with the Jackson South Carolina Couple Years Ago When a Guy Ran the Car through a Guilty Retina Girl over Woman over and Where They Supposedly Had the White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Demonstrations and at the File and Burma Gluten Murder Showed up and We Had People of Their That Were There and They Were Watching Them Get off the Same Bus. Together They Came in the Same Buses Together. They Got off the Same Buses and Then They Separated That Whole Thing Was Staged in Order to Strictly Oppose Group Writing Together. Conflict and They Were All Getting Paid Okay. They Were All Getting Paid to States That Unit Was a Part of That.

The Fake News Media Who Was Was a Major Part of That. Well the Other Things That I'd like to Bring up That I Find Disturbing Wanted.

I've Never Seen the Man with the Football. The Nuclear Code Anywhere in Proximity of Biden Not See This Guy Floating around Trump All the Time Specially Rally Front I Don't Think Biden Has Control of the Nuclear Code Is Probably General Millie on the Other Thing I Find Really Disturbing Is That Nobody's Really Talking about It. Why Isn't the United States at Devcon to No Regulation with an Attack and Were Not at Devcon to Be Able to Respond Exactly A Lot Of This Is Height.

There Is so Much Hype so Much Lies so Much Going on the Federal in the Program. The Truth Is a Very Very Rare Commodity. Those Are Good Questions, and Unfortunately We Don't Have Answers to Everything We Try to Very Good Question and Really We Should Have Been on That Alert Way Back When Russia Started Massing Troops on the Border Right Told Us That His Nuclear Forces That Not Only Did He Demonstrate Them, but Then He Put Them on Maximum Alert, Which Means He's Locked and Loaded and There Only Waiting Is Order to Launch Right and We Did Not and You're Talking about That He's Got Hypersonic Missile from Launch to Detonation of the United States Is about Seven Minute Compared to the Old ICBMs Which Are about 15 Minutes Already Have an Defenseless but Not at Devcon to Not Even in a Position to Respond Well That You Know We Don't Have Anything to Take out Hypersonic Missile Because We Don't Have the Technology, Russian China Have All the Hypersonic Technology We Don't Have Global Actually Darker Was the One That First Developed the Hypersonic Missile but Only on Paper and and We Never Congress Never Appropriated the Money to Grouted and Course China and Russia Got the Technology and They Now Have Hypersonic Missile That Are Ready to Go. I'll Bet Your Tender One That They Got That Information from Us.

That Is Surely What Happens: Information Not Believe Me Slick Willie the Clintons Were More Than Willing to Sell Them Whenever They Need to Move on. But Thanks Unanimously: When We Have Known All That Was Jack When We Have Next Cabin There and There yet.

Her Brother, You Don't Have A Lot Of Time so Much Information That You Won't Even Blame Cream and Print and How Much of This Stuff. It's Been Said, Staged the Bombing of the Hospital Word Had It There Was No One in the Half of They Had Already Cleared Them out, but the State Put Things on Camera Bring the Pregnant Woman out to Make It Look Good Just like to All the People That Were under Those Body Back Supposed to Be Dead All Of A Sudden One of Them to Moving More Staging Another Ones like That the Cigarette Are All Supposed to Be Dead.

Now We Have Ukrainian Citizens Themselves Paying and Telling What the Ukrainian People Are Doing Is Turning against Using Them As Shield Women Enjoy You Went in There to Bust up That Ring That They Got the Win and Thereafter the Biomed Want to Take the Whole Country over That Place Is Right Next to the Country of Russia Going and If You Get Them Collecting A Lot Of Information. All These Names Are Coming up Joe Biden, Obama's Name, He Bar Them from Ever Be Able to Enter into Russian Life That Felt This Is What That Mainstream Is Not Telling You People Are Missing in the Deep State Want to Make Right You Look Really Really Bad Old Man Restaurant Bad Rush If You Don't and so I'm Seeing It from That Side What You Think That You're Right but It's It's Bad. I Mean There Is A Lot Of Them, but There Is Russia Is Doing Some Bad Things with You Right There Is A Lot to Consider a Thing Thanked the Others a Whole Lot Being Staged There and We Don't Know. You Know, Just so You Know, Gluten Putting Remembers Former KGB and and and He's He's Not Know Is That George Washington but He's He's Dealing with Look to You Ukraine the Government You Have Nazis and That Government and They Have Been. Again, the That Is Been Such a Corrupt Nation. In Fact, According to the Stats, It Was Was Well above the Fourth Most Corrupt Country in the Entire World. But It Was Money Laundering, and All Your Your Crooks like Biden like the Biden Crime Cartel in All of These Others Were Trading They Were Using Using That to Launder Money and Every Other Kind of Crime and Sell You What He Wanted to Bust up.

Yeah I Know Well It's It's Not It's Right There on His Border to and so Not Only That, but Remember in Those Bio Labs They Had.

They Were They Were Using to Make to Make the Lie: 19. The Strains That Would Kill off Different Nationalities of People and They Were Literally Working on One That Could Strain That They Can Turn Loose According to What I've Been Reading Here and in the Health Ranger Will He's Been Putting out in the Usually Pretty Accurate That That Would Would Affect Russian People That That Would Affect Russian People so You Wouldn't Want to Have That in the Right Next Door to You What You Found One Other Thing.

You Look Story. Nobody's Talking about. Look at Lately. How Many Countries Have Joined NATO and Keep Pushing Back Russia and Taking Those Countries and All Of A Sudden Russia Finds Almost Everything in Europe Now Is Member of NATO, and Only a Couple Countries Left That I'm a Member of NATO and May You Start to See That As a Threat That If I Were a Leader of a Nation and All Of A Sudden Seven or Eight More Nations Joined the Organization That Was Formed against Me.

I Would Start to Get Worried Just like Business You to the Other Time Thanks to: Leo, We Are Out Of Time with.

We We Have Times like a One Minute Call and We Have One More Color There. John, You Got about One Minute. I Want to Leverage Your Jolly Guy Denied Listeners to Support Babylon BIP Can Apply for Satire. She Went on the Cloud There's A Lot Of Clowns out There That Could Be Made Fun of and at the Lord Uses Satire Lot.

The Bible to Mock the Evil of the Wicked, so I Did Was to Get on Board and Support Babylon BND Are You Guys First. You Guys Should Be First on the List but I Think We Should Support Babylon Be Because They're Coming under Fire Now Which They Knew They Would Write First Preacher Always Comes under Fire and Rolling around with Things to Call in and Right Now Folks Will Say This Is the Title of This Message. Let Jill a Table at Lunch. I Meant to Do Tonight I'm Going to Read a Statement from the Fella You May Remember Him. His Name Was Jonathan Edwards. Yes, I Do Remember Them and Here's What He Had to Say Hell His Everlasting Wrath. It Would Be Dreadful to Suffer This Fearlessness in the Wrath of Almighty God. One Moment, but You Must Suffered for All of Eternity. There Will Be No End to This Exquisite Horrible Horrible Misery When You Look Forward You Shall See Him along Forever Boneless Duration before You Which Will Swallow You up Your Thoughts and You Will Absolutely Despair of Ever Having Any Deliverance in the End of Mitigation and the Rest of All You Will Know Certainly That You Must Wear out Long Ages.

Millions and Millions of Ages and Wrestling.

The Conflicting with the Almighty Merciless Vengeance. In Other Words, He Was Preaching on Hell Them Here.

We A Lot Of People Will Say What You Know. I Don't Believe in Hell, That's All Right.

That's A Lot Of People Globally Would Have a Listen to This. Everybody Will You See Everybody Every Single Person Will Bury the They're Going to Believe in Heaven and Hell. They Will All of Those in Heaven and All of Those in Hell Today Are Believers.

Everyone Goes in and Glory, and Those in Torment, but There Believers Now and All of You out There Listing You Will Be a Believer You Will Is No Chances. Absolutely No Chance That You Won't. You're Gonna Die.

And When You Die, Then Supported All Men Once to Die, and Then the Judgment That God Has Said That a Guy Gets It Right Every Time, and You Don't Want to Be One of Those Dies in Your Sent Now You Want to Believe in Heaven and Hell. Now and You Want to Get to Heaven and Avoid Hell and the Only Way to Do That Is Only One Way and Then God Has Told You What You Have To Do Is First of All, You Have To Get on Your Knees and Pray and Repent, You Have To Repent, Pray to the Father Gotta Pray to the Father and Asked for Forgiveness. Once You've Done That Then You've Got to Recognize the Fact That Christ Took Your Place Substitutionary Death, He Took Your Place on the Cross He Paid Your Price for Your Sin and What You Have To Do Is You Have To Ask Him to Be the Lord of Your Life. All of Your Life Completely and Totally without Any Reservation. Gotta Be Complete. Gotta Be Absolute and Then If You'll Do That.

See You Have God's Word and He Will Honor That and You Will Become a New Creature, a Born-Again Believer in the Early Kingdom and You Will Be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit and at That Time You Will Be on the Road to Everlasting Life, and so Folks That's the Way It Is That Just the Way It Is. So If You Haven't Done That. Do It Tonight Whereof Running up against the Clock Again. It's Been a Good Program Tonight. Joe and As We We Get to This Point Every Night.

At This Time He Is Ready.

You Ready to Go. Joe Already Wanted to Cover. Good Night God Bless. Glenn Always Always Is Doing Okay, Fighting, Writing, the Flight Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Once Right Once Left Posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to Learn More about Our Ministry.

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