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A Conversation with Jason Lawson

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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March 19, 2022 12:00 am

A Conversation with Jason Lawson

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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March 19, 2022 12:00 am

3/19/2022 - A Conversation with Jason Lawson by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together it's recent relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in states in 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland, of all the Christian books published every year. Do you know which genre sells the most. What would you think would you think of maybe marriage books or parenting books that are very important. It's been our privilege to write some of those maybe many books on finance and economics. Do you know the number one category of Christian books is what we get to talk about today hi Alex McFarland, you're welcome to truth for new generation, and that you are with me.

Here is a beloved friend and colleague Pastor Jason Lawson, who is in youth ministry and Jason, thank you for being on the radio show now. You've been on our television program we got great response but if I recall, this is probably the first time you've been on the radio show is that right that is correct. I want to congratulate you. You're doing great ministry at Southam St., Baptist Church work with the youth and I've got something else to congratulate you about, but first I'll tell us about your ministry and what you do. Among the people of South St., Bennett at Southam now for about four months fairly recently by abnormal South Elm since I was a little little kids been a part of that church and with their pastor and so yeah we we work with are the students. My wife and I and now we're just trying to connect teenagers and parents to to God. Let them walk that out.

They will never, I will never be able to be that that instrument of change in teenagers lives were trying to connect to parents and families and have family devotions and put them together and walked out together since is it an exciting journey.

What you doing the vital work Jason because that youth ministry year, Angie and I we were involved in youth ministry even before we got married and we still 30 years in love to be around elementary and middle schoolers and high schoolers but you mention family the landscape of the family is vastly different nowadays than than it's ever been and I want to commend you brother for doing that great work of evangelizing young people discipling young people but also helping instill within their heart of value for family yeah you have family you could say is that is really just washing away. Going to hell in handbasket or any of those things I refuse to to stop there. I believe God can still work in the hearts of families and parents and and they can still lead their families to the throne of Jesus Christ well and I want to thank Pastor Lawrence clapped if he thought he may be listening but Lawrence is been on the show and it's our joy to interface with literally 2000 churches throughout America. Hundreds of pastors and probably millions of people, but tell him what I see God doing at Southam Street is very very encouraging and you're a big part of that so I commend you brother but I want to congratulate you because you've got a new book out the potters hands and it's a 365 day journey to knowing God. Now Jason, this is your first book is not right that is correct.

Well I don't know if you knew this when you begin writing, or how the Lord lead you to write this but the biggest segment of Christian publishing our devotional books. Did you know that I did not, but I was in a meeting last weekend. God's allowed me to write 18 books I give God the glory.

But my publisher said to me he said we really want our devotional books because they sell the most. So congratulations and how long did a 365 day book coming my goodness a year. How long did it take you to write a year-long 365 day devotional when it actually took me a year to me 365 days but you gotta understand I didn't set out to write a book exactly the the potters hands was birthed out of a very dark place for me, I will. It was brought out a panic attack.

That really shut my world down and it just hit me some some time to come up out of that I not going to some counseling and my counselor said Jason, you need to exercise, eat well and find something that this can be fun to do and I had a new baby academic noise and so I was going to write a book. As I was going try to write a devotional year-long will do this one a day for year and that's really what came out of was I was seeking God searching for God in the midst of a very dark time in my life and it it's the outflow of the year with God. Do you know it's funny you would say a panic attack because I was just reading a news article about day before yesterday we got the situation in the Ukraine.

We've got inflation. We've got so many think money problems. Some of the leaders of the world are very concerned that a nuclear war could break out and political pundits are saying hey World War III, we are already in the beginnings of World War III.

Not only God knows. But this article said that people are concerned people are having yes panic attacks in your own life. A dark place that was it. A feeling of hopelessness that put within you such apprehension and an anxiety.

Jason we yeah very much so it was just a loss of control that season of life. My my third child was on the way with my first two were emergency C-section so we knew this was me another C-section was going put me in the operating room again is a very nervous thing for me.

My father always get Ray to have open heart surgery which they were asking me to be kind of the pastor there. My my dad four days later it was going to have major surgery on his neck again putting me back in the hospital and so I just it all came to a head, and I was just started freaking out. It know what to do and I felt like I was a bad husband about father about pastor a bad sign and everything came crashing down.

Going through this in successfully traversing the deep valley. What is it teach you about God while what the potters hands. He is the potter. I am the clay and this is not a necessarily feel good devotionalů This is not one. This is can be cotton candy. God is the potter.

Therefore he has the ability to make me anything he wants me to be. He's the potter. He shakes me and then he puts in me anything he wants and he put me through the fire so that I become hardened and then he places me where he was. I don't have a say so in that I am just his vessel to do what he wants and I had to come to a point where I added determine do I trust him at that or not. I didn't like those panic attacks and like what I thought it like the that the feelings of losing control, but do I really believe God is good doubly.

He's a good potter who's gonna correct the end and shake me the way I need to be and I finally came out of the saying yes he is. He's good for those just tuning in, this is TNG radio Alex McFarlane here we are talking with him just of a valued friend and colleague in the ministry, Jason Lawson and I have been friends for some time, but he's got a brand-new book called the potters hands 365 day journey to knowing God states his the apostle Peter wrote first Peter to remind us that Christians have true and lasting hope in their Savior Jesus Christ. Because Jesus conquered death in an incorruptible glorified body. We can be sure that our salvation is permanence. As we walk through everyday life, the Billy Graham training center at the Cove presents Jesus Christ hope that lives hope that lasts for every believer. A special three day seminar with Alex McFarlane. Alex will dig into first Peter to help you gain truths delivered by an assurance to keep going come to the Cove near Asheville, North Carolina July 8-10 for three days of in-depth Bible study fellowship and refreshing Jesus Christ hope that lives hope that lasts for every believer. A study of first Peter with Alex McFarlane. Find out more and are you tired of liberal agendas ruining our country but you don't know what to do about it. That's why truth and liberty coalition was founded. We want to equip you to take back our country and impact the world.

Here's how we do it educate broadcasts conferences in our website resources that form equip and motivate unified by collaborating with like-minded organizations like the family research Council, the family policy and life mobilize by providing practical tools you can use to impact your local community as Christians we are called to make disciples together can change the course of joint truth and liberty to connect with believers in organizations not only want to see change in our nation but a community that is actually doing something about it. Join us online for our broadcast describe relevant updates on our website. Truth and timeless cruise soundbite culture for a new generation radio. We are back on TNG radio Alex McFarlane here. It's a beautiful spring day, or spring is trying to come around, at least. And I'm with my friend I minister to students, youth pastor, man of God, and now published author Jason Lawson and Jason, I want to say thank you for being willing first of all we give God the glory you went through a deep valley and you you came out victorious with Christ because you keep your eyes on the Lord but I want to thank you for being willing to share kind out some of the pain you went through. I know we we men, we don't always open up and get vulnerable and share things but look on I'll say this, any of us on any given day if we've got anything together. It's because the Lord is holding us together. We we think we you know were I do in life and we got got it going on but look if if we've got anything hanging together is just because Jesus is letter that is correct.

Here he is everything. He's the foundation he's the support is the provider said it is it is Jesus, bar none. So you had a panic attack and you turn to the Lord, you begin to write with babies in the house had, keep quiet.

Was it. First of all just almost therapeutic for your own soul and then printed your your writing and journaling, you realize okay God is giving me something that's going to be a resource that will shape the lives of others.

Yeah when when I had a panic attack and it was like the bottom fell out I went to God. I didn't have account started really having returned and sell it to God as I got what would I do and he let me in Isaiah where he said he is the wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, and as I was. I mean you won't be evil to be my counselor must must lay down on the couch and USB questions and is kind of felt like saying yes just talk to me and so that's really where this kind of began was I was just journaling and writing out ideas and thoughts and then became you know it was I did day one denied made it through week one.

My three-month one and it just all is first and salad send it to my mom or different people to see if they would just kind of look over and see what I thought I really appreciated it and said they were they were gleaning things from and so I just kinda said okay if were able to go all the way to the end of this then I'll send it to a publisher list to see what happens. What God does and he opened the door I men I meant sometimes hard times and trials. Some people turn away from God you turned more closely to Jesus what what makes the difference.

Why do some turn away in some yet because I honestly believe trials can draw us all the more closer to the Lord. What's the difference well first of all I will say that I did immediately turn to God, but there were times where I was shaking a fist at him and that's kinda what the idea of the potters and it is is is is when you learn about making pottery with clay that when you start working the clay.

There are there's Holly sponsors air bubbles in their and if you put the clay in a kiln and turned it in the heat on the heat, air pocket to expand and will explode the clay and saw Potter has to slam the clay that has illiterate literally punch the clay and rolled up like it is air bubbles out. So when it's applied to the fire. It will explode and Saturday's Russian office to God and God I feel I can get beat up he's like I'm working these air bubbles out of your life. I'm getting you ready for the fire and and so the potters hands, not just the pottery each month is a different attribute of God or the potters Savior, counselor, servant healer answers, just different attributes of God. Titles of God and was interacts our life.

And I think that's why I continue going back to God and nowhere else to go. Nobody else nothing else brings fulfillment and ending I don't know, I likes to get the air bubbles mashed out of them. But he's the one who makes us whole. He's the one who provides in the long run and he said he sustains us. He he is my friend. He's my father. He he is personal to me and said I can't go anywhere else and isn't it true that some of the younger the trials, the testing getting getting slammed to the potters wheel so the air bubbles get pushed out. That's a great analogy, we might not enjoy it at the moment but that's the only way to become better people.

I mean really is the discipline of trusting God through the hard times.

I mean, there's really no other way to grow and mature and become stronger and I'm just a set become more conformed to the image of Jesus, we have to consent to the testing in the purging and the cleansing of trials don't way out. Most definitely, it's it really is is a trust you know that one and it's also a surrender you. You have to trust God had to surrender to whatever he wants to do. That's you're not in a fight that anymore and I spent years fighting try to trust God. But I've also followed him and what he wanted to do so at this this process of the potters hands trusting him to be good, but then surrendering when he wants to pour in the dregs of the bitterness or the whatever the trust and it's it's gonna be okay. There's a reason or purpose in so in the book the potters hands devotional book okay talk about the Potter, the Bible tells us he's the shepherd.

The Bible tells us that he is the counselor.

The Bible tells us he's the friend that sticks closer than a brother to me. Do you explore these various attributes of our Savior, and in this devotional book must find that that is what this is. Each month is a different attribute, and so we spin 30, 31 days diving deeper and it's all based on Scripture. So each day has a Scripture passage that we we look at and then we explore deeper what that passages and contacts and what is it that God is teaching us and said he is so much more than then we then that we can imagine we can comprehend and so is just a joy to dive deeper into him when this the Bible says this is eternal life that you may know him, the one true God, and said that's that's my hope is that we can just get to know him. Was there anything that you didn't expect and you it in the word of God in your prayer time or research for this book. Some things about the Lord that you said a while didn't didn't really know that before yeah 01 in particular in the book of Jeremiah.

When Jeremiah received his call always think of calling is God asking you to come aboard with him though Jeremiah. There was no asking. There was a telling God made Jeremiah to be a prophet.

He equipped him. He touched and putting words in there. He did not remove the fear in Jeremiah's life he he said this is what you want to do and don't be dismayed, or I will dismay you said truly we we think of God as a benevolent father and he is but he also he has a plan and it's it's he's moving forward with it and said he wants us to be there and he's telling us how he how to do that and so I really have no choice what you poison me whether I like it or not he's a Potter he chooses it and I have to surrender to Rev. Jason Lawson, the author, the brand-new devotional book and I believe God is good to use this in many, many lives. The potters hands. Satan will talk more about this and how God's will can be operative in your own part in life when TMG radio turns and radio send your kids to a summer camp that'll change their lives for the gospel and equip them to defend the faith truth for a new generation presents the unashamed biblical worldview can go deeper with God at the refuge Of Eastern North Carolina July 17-22 through 12th graders will hear from evangelist apologist Dr. Alex McFarland as well as conference speakers, profamily activist and radio host will and Mickey Addison from American family radio as they share with your kids ways to effectively engage and transform the culture. Campers will also enjoy swimming, doing fishing, soccer, volleyball, archery, and a whole lot a great summer Of building G shamed him July 17-27 at the refuge Carolina to learn more and to register, wanted to raise your hand during the sermon will hear is your chance. Hi Alex McFarland here from the nationally syndicated radio program exploring for more than 10 years, Michael Harper and I have taught Scripture and answered hundreds of vital questions. We held a brand-new book of the top 100 Bible questions from listeners of all ages from questions about supposing Bible contradictions to apologetics facts that prove the truth of Scripture.

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So please pray about what were doing. This is about God and country. We do need your help the ministry of truth for new generation we've been face-to-face in front of more than 1/2 million teenagers every day the week, seven days a week. We are talking to one and half to 5 million listeners you're helping us do that. Partners like you. So please pray and please be a part of what were doing for the gospel in our nation will somebody else who's a beloved friend and colleague, God is using integrate ways Jason Lawson Ministers Students Self Film St., Baptist Church in Greensboro, but let's talk with the time we have left about listeners because everybody listening, regardless of their status in life.

Look where were either in on a mountaintop or in some kind of valley or on the way to a valley are coming out of the valley.

People often ask, what is God's plan for me how I know God's will, something to start this part with the question what is God's will for a person that that's an incredible because nothing is kind of the question and I think when most people ask a question there asking what is God's career path for my life what it was he want me to do. That's not the right question. I don't think really we were aiming at is the day to day 24 hours what it was God desire and nothing he desires a relationship with us. He desires us to walk with him to win when you walk by flour and he goes a let me tell you about this flower that took special care on this one.

I think that is his will for our life is if were doing that then the career the person response to Mary where were supposed to go to church where would it go to college all these things will work out because were just walking on his heels were were following you. We think too much about what we do and what we have, Jason, is it fair to say what God cares about most is who we are. Certainly hate you know he created us. Therefore, what we are is where he where he is where we are. His fingerprints were his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works that he planned beforehand that that's his heart on display for all to see. So yeah his his will isn't so much of the doing but just the being who he made us to be. You know I love it in second Corinthians 1325 where it says God is God of all comfort, who comforts us in all the trouble that we may be able to comfort those with the same comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted by God. Now you went to a valley, you learned a lot of things about the Lord you put it down on paper and the very same way that Jesus carried you.

This is going to bless the reader who goes through this. Is it amazing that for the Christian, there is purpose and suffering there is purpose in pain and if will lead him even from our hardest times God will bring something good out of it.

Is that fair to say is most definitely think a lot of times we get hurt.

We we want that instant fix. But God doesn't ask us he kills us, and that as a process of walking with him. Over time, those that that hurt comes healed and so yeah what what greater thing could we possibly do than just allow him to be the medication that says put on the wounds and healed stronger than it was before to to new life and new heart, new voice, new songs. I think that's what God desires for all of us. We don't have a lot of time left. We been talking with Jason Lawson. He's the author of the brand-new devotional book the potters hands.

Beautiful book hardcover incredible not only beautiful packaging but best of all the content inside Jason. A final thought. Do you have a word for the one maybe somebody listening and I said look, I'm in I'm in a rough place. I just feel empty right now. Is there any hope for me.

Jason what you say.

There is definitely hope for you there. There is hope and it is sitting right there in front of you and is Jesus Christ that the whole goal of this is not to give a birds eye view of your entire life and how God's money used the cracks in the breaking points of your life. The purpose of this is just to find the fingerprints of God is to take you in two very close view of just God at this moment and that is enough and can you trust that we often say this people that Jesus is as close by is a prayer and he really is and John 637 one of our favorite scriptures the Lord said no, listen to this because friends this is for you.

Jesus said the one who comes to me I will in no way reject is not something Christ is saying, quote no way I'm not in it will not turn your way if you come to me in the way you do that you open your heart, you turn to Christ and say Lord I need you, and he'll come to you if we can help you in any way. We've got a booklet quarter million people have been given this booklet. What does God say about my relationship with him. It's a PDF on our website as well. We're here to help you in your walk and your witness as Jason Lawson would say, and I'm say Jesus loves you. Jesus is for you and we encourage you to turn to him today. TMG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives.

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