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March 18, 2022 11:32 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 18, 2022 11:32 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses tradition versus Scripture.--2- Who gave Jesus the authority in Matthew 28-18- Who, in the Trinity, has the most authority---3- How do free will and predestination connect---4- Why did God allow Satan to persecute Job---5- What do you think about Les Feldick---6- How do you reconcile Exodus 6-3 and Geneses 4-26---7- How can I deal with people who say that we are -small gods----8- Do you know anything about Ron Wyatt, who supposedly discovered the site of Noah's ark-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a mess look like man I would tell you ruptured the last-minute stuff going on. Well, okay, so if you hear me breathing was also willing you know what the Lord's work is good stuff all right hey look folks, you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 so I was having a discussion today with one this court that one is Unitarianism and so generally speaking, generally speaking, what I do have discussions with the patient will be polite but had a discussion with one particular guy who is now working hard against the doctor, the Trinity, and East keep denying that Jesus Christ is God in flesh and other things. So you have a calm heretic for what he is and has gone to some discussions of having discussions about that very thing was exposing I was exposing to a discussion room.

The inconsistencies with his unitary position with God doesn't work is incoherent, showing, and don't so there you go for that.

Send me my thing so by the way, if you want to give me call you to do was dial 877-207-2276 and the solitary girl was rushing. I mean I was rushing and I get a kick out of it because I like doing a lot of things and sometimes I multitask alright alright alright is enough of that stuff down here to first time a listener as a Christian apologetics or we defend the Christian faith in any of your questions on issues of the Bible, politics, evolution UFOs, the cold Mormonism Joe's witnesses criticize unity behind Islam all kind of things Eastern orthodoxy and you'll I hope Jeff blows to the false doctrines that are out there. This Scripture is the final authority and that's what I use is the word of God. The final authority is the Scriptures and in fact I was into discussion groups today discussing to go through something with you will hopefully call is the issue of tradition and Scripture because there are groups that teach that tradition is equal to Scripture and sacred tradition. Oral tradition is equal to the word of God, Roman Catholic Church, for example teach that. So you have to believe in the magisterium and that is the inspired word of God is not only the written but is also the verbal tradition X given depth of the descendents of the authority, the apostolic succession apostles and things like that. So here's something that I bring up that I discussed with him because Agnes and I get this to say people do this essay will you look next.

We have sacred tradition.

We believe that there are truths that are manifested that are not revealed in the word of God not Scripture in a sizable worldly sex whether there tradition. All right, children, your tradition is with the catheter saying is that tradition finest read some stuff from the monarch to show you something Scripture I think is important that tradition is to them is both Scripture and and what is will Scripture them is tradition in oral tradition and also the written word. So is that the case is that true all managers know it's not why do they say that they say it because they want to submit the word of God to their church and or church authority.

So oral tradition is a true form of tradition in the Roman Catholic Church where one thing is spoken and headed down to another inside the Roman Catholic Church and so they therefore then know these things and will reveal them as being true. For example, the Assumption of Mary that she was assumed in heaven didn't physically die or they'll say that she was born without sin will how do you know this because as a tradition of the apostles, why nostril because the apostle said it in a pass down to their apostles were disciples and their disciples and their disciples into the Roman Catholic Church and we have that because we are the true church. Blah blah blah. Right now we do is read second Thessalonians chapter 2. The first five verses that we request you, brethren with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him that you not be quickly shaken from the composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter, as if from us to the effect that the Lord is known in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the sudden destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or work object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God displayed himself as God. Verse five.

Do you not remember that while I was still with you. I was telling you these things so so that means he was the neighbor kids are equipped with the current break screaming little girls are playing at the yard time in the spring here because can't hear that botanical brick and so looks what's happening here to what I was telling you these things, telling his speech. That means oral oral tradition, so the Catholic Church says that when something is spoken, not necessarily written down the spoken and then transmitted. This is exactly what Paul is telling them I was telling you these things and notice what happens here Paul the apostle himself was giving them the word, giving them the oral proclamation they were getting it wrong right away right away. Here we have the people of Thessalonica, Thessalonica. Paul is telling them the sinks are there disciples there. Of course there are Christian disciples of courts or the people are Christians, of course. And yet when they heard from Paul himself. They were getting it wrong right Scripture to correct them. Why because the oral tradition wasn't sufficient right there in Scripture.

I brought this up for and let it out in and show people that there's a problem with tradition is one of the things and showing us a second vessel to let surrogate of the phones going to make only a forth in lines 877-207-2277 Patrick from North Carolina welcoming earlier element. I I I called in the other day and was asking a question about Matthew 2818 80 having all authority in heaven and on earth was given to jesus by the father or gosh.

the father is god's called god. and when jesus was on earth incarnate form and all of that when he prays to his praying to the father because he is under the law, and so that's what he would speak about the father can cancel the father-son holy spirit in trinity is god. the fourth part of the navy you know god is a trinity okay so that has the most authority in the manner gis but he said he was given authority because he was made under the law for longer than the angels. so he was in a position of humility and so got the father gave it to candace with more authority than the father did say that doesn't would you say that the text of zeta oil.

why would you try make a problem that the text doesn't say what the all authority in heaven and on earth is been given to me in that name. that authority over the father, so when he says all authority that means good.if i didn't have any authority left that he gave it to the son law about the holy spirit you have in your lovesick hold is that what you're saying that when god the father gave the authority to the son that god the father no longer had any authorities after same nalanda okay client to hold on. i asked you to figure saying he said no. so then when god the father gave the son of authority than the father still has authority right from what i get done that all three have the talk of the father-son brought up this issue.

the authority in matthew 2818. so i'm asking you questions about this. if i ask you questions about what it is you brought up and you avoid the very issue you brought up and there's a problem with me but with you from asking questions about so you've already greeted all the authority is not removed from the father. the father and the son both have authority which you are you agreeing with all because david has all authority is nobody else as a okay so the following have any authority so authority can have any authority that might is god asking you. what are the are you saying that the father doesn't have any authority on her managing gala question. are you saying that god the father doesn't have any authority. if all authorities been given to the son lecturing out authority for gave it all for the thought okay i just hung up on folks that you notice and see what happens. here's i'm asking a specific question several times. he doesn't answer the question i've had thousands of encounters over the decades, with individuals who just refused to answer a simple question based on their theological or logical position all had to do was say no, it doesn't mean that he doesn't have the authority okay that we move on et al. move on the next statement you know what you saying that and he can even get to that point.

the reason this is important is because you understand that if a person holds a position there are ramifications to that position. we can ask questions about the position, sometimes able to say i thought of that. i need to think through. not sure it's fair. but when i ask a very detailed question and that he hymns and hollers and backtracks on the same thing and he doesn't answer my experiences is shown that the conversation continues in the same vein or nothing gets addressed.

ask questions she doesn't answer yes that her question and nothing occurs and that is not conducive to good conversation, so bye-bye i just ask people. please answer questions i answered questions and go back and forth that's disrespectful.

i think we have for the logical to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the julie from south carolina julie welcome.

i'm fine. will you eric the when my friend and you really like my end.

and black tell again. i'm not threatening. i know that the word of god guide and an and kind of cranky understanding.

maybe there are in conflict. understand and neglect of any kind. be well and how all of that and nine turned up no explain. maybe you can help me out yet. sure free will means that were free to make choices, and weekly her we make we may come in a manner that's consistent with her nature. the reason i say that is because god has free will and he can only do which is good, that is nature. we don't want to find free will. from a human perspective and see that's what true free will list and it would apply to god so we can choose to sin and not sin, but god can only choose to sin.

i do things like that, you know, i simply could just get a collection of times i put it together and save it so anyway i will write back after this.

okay will get to the stage when some they folks, please hold on for open lines and if you want to continue listening to her to complete fully you write back mass y call 77077 is immensely all right with tried again free will. you can choose without being forced to leave it that okay for choice now when god elects with that means is he chooses people that would election me in a different words for elect, choose, and chosen in the word church, and pronounce them in greek and listen to the first syllable of each click tests click of my neck like a classy word church is a classy, where the called out ones all the world deserve damnation. we all fell in adam romans 519% to 1522, romans 518.

we all deserve damnation for god did as he chose us in christ before the foundation of the world efficient for that would be holy and blameless. he chose certain ones to be that those who be holy and blameless organ be the saved ones. the unbelievers aren't holy and blameless their dying and their sins.

so god from all eternity chose us and he predestined the ones he chose. he worked in their lives and in circumstances to bring them to the faith and at the time of his choosing.

he grants that they believe philippians 129 and he grants repentance second timothy 225 he has in our work is the work of believing in christ etc. god work of god, that you believe and hope he is sent john 629 were still fairway delete the very great and we expect next year that could not happen can let god show that very current, correct. the correct seat written up tried again coming i went by and a cake, the gate, and why would we go, but about the only thing at what what and what perfect is it that we go in the we go and try to make the gospel here people on island and never heard it because guided already because we don't know how god elects. we don't know how he has made the choice we don't know if you hear something, say this, we don't know that god has by his ordained will use free will creatures redeemed that from eternity he's decreed that they make these choices by which he uses to choose what he's done because his decree to do so against tough we know a simple level that god tells us to. and for some strange reason, when we preach a lot more people get saved. there is, somehow, someway, and interaction with that is how it is. i know that god elects people from the foundation of the world. i know that but i also know that the more we preach, the more people are saved, how that works. i can't tell you it's above my pay grade. so what i do.

it is as a friend of mine said no. mckeever said this elect will begin the credit was due bill mckeever from sandy, utah. there he says were in the where not in production were in sales where the ones who try and convince and god is one who produces so were not in production when sale so what we do is give an answer and we go preach and teach and then we just trust that god has got all worked out from eternity past, and yet the more we preach, the mortgage saved.

i believe that which is why witness a great deal. i probably witness and teach more than most every christian. not boasting the sick i am to exhibit eric christiansen, seminaries and things like that teaching you have the opportunity to do radio every day and write articles and i'm on debate rooms a lot and so i could do us a great deal of excellent saying more than the average christian and i believe god predestines an electric as the bible says so it doesn't stop right. it encourages me know how god had black man i'm reading and i got ralph on it at the meeting and edge on the topic and the more i tell people all the more they think that there i think. they think that down now and i cannot really quickly. will you know i've been discussing this teaching audit trying to answer objections and things on this topic for say 30 years below. three years now and am served as a minimum right, but i have a lot of questions asked in the i like to think i have some answers and i just can tell you they been wrong about some things not just saying it giving those words lipservice not believably been wrong and i do so ask god to show me where i'm wrong, teach me where i'm wrong, but by the word for what i see in the word is in ephesians 14 he says, it says so he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. okay you chose us.

he says he predestines us. that's what it says in ephesians 145 okay. he works all things applicant will ephesians 111. he is a hard-working, where he wishes it to go of proverbs 21 one.

we can't come to him on the screen.

if the father john 665 were born again, not around will.

john 113. he causes us to do. reporting out to eat the grass. we believe liquids 129 these are versus i know and i know them well tonight i can audit understandable, so to speak.

simultaneously with the article. consider that with this for so long. okay, they'll fit my conclusion is this god's an absolute control. nothing surprises him. he's ordained everything to come to pass it at the same time. what we do somehow make a difference because from all eternity. god ordained does.

that's what i've learned. life at the start when unencumbered like that and get service desk when victoria yelled about the lender and you know why and maybe i will navigate what i got in the lot line to persecute him as john because it was for us and ultimately i could demonstrate the truth of who god is seat job was righteous in one level, but not in another. and god knew him, and satan challenged him and and job was right was vindicated and it is a book that teaches wisdom answers hidden things in their there's different philosophical positions that are taught by the different opponents to job need to go through and study that id was given me by somebody to go through and look but there's a lot going on there so it's more than just why would god let him be a persecuted for what will god does everything for a reason. we could offer a list of recent, for the greater glory of god to humble job even further to give him a greater reward demonstrate god oversight okay, you folks arrive at kathy's message is 720 mass y call 7707 wanted to call on the tv list building yeah i'm hearing some more more misnamed, and i don't trust him so wanted to say that for now. i probably need to do a bit of research on. i think i will just because you call about this because his name come up before i finished another person's researcher to expand it on andy stanley and then i'm going to go to stool was for celtic but i look at a statement of faith in the break and the statement of faith is pretty good this mean that he's teaching everything right but i've heard enough warning statements that i am just concerned so he believes in the gap theory and which is ridiculous.

let her stay on the earth was flooded twice. he says that and that adam and i don't want to lose even that's why he chose to fall in things like this which are not in scripture. some people start doing things like that. you gotta be very careful and don't then we have various things will get into it right now but i'm good enough you start to off. start working on tonight get a more comprehensive analysis of the sky because there's a lot he's producing. that's all i know right now and i think charlie for the text accident he does things he so distinctive and study sometimes and i don't see think this will do all of this research callback in the next week. the sooner come up with okay but for now i would avoid when kovic started when you were out early and get out my discriminant outgrowth of three great i would bitterly say that inflation lived out yeah i like to sign any problem with the with the fact that the belief scripturally that we play like they break those out if that's ii hate definitely give it all opinion like the gap theory why adam lit the army why adam and and there's a lot of things that he, then the does clarify a lot of things are thin is my opinion.

sometimes when you step out and give your opinion you get away will i tell you what's in anybody else's listening.

if you have any information on him. that is worth looking concerns then would ask you to do is give me the quotes it's in a book. it's in the writing is in a web address. if it's an audio did provide that and say go here and on page whatever or here's the quotes or so on this article here or it's in this audio at eight minutes and 17 seconds concerned that people send me to our videos will here's where the quote is on the stock you listen to so i need that that hope is so much to do so much, but if if you want to do that but i will say, having looked at his statement of faith. i couldn't. i scanned it i couldn't find anything wrong with it, so that's good. but you can have others who say some things that are good but doesn't mean they are and i think the back my mind is just me and i don't know what it is so, but i don't want to say something inappropriate either.

i do want to answer every sentiment say he's not a good guy if he is a good guy so let me just do some homework on call back next week and was soon to come up with okay alright, thank you for things are called by i think you bring that up to bring it to my attention.

he did things like what alright, let's get on the phone with lexi's next longest waiting person is nelson from bakersfield, a nelson welcome a mad gobbler in a minute. thanks for you to click about the thick 30 and i reckon they'll that with the very last statement in the portal genesis, exodus 6 says god appeared to him and isaac and jacob, as god almighty and you're saying in genesis 6 the last verse in genesis 6 was genesis for i forget which one or the last verse of genesis 4. this is a setting that it's as you begin to call the name of the lord there okay yeah on the other one that god almighty appeared isaac and pick them.

they did not know his name okay now i understand what i meant you mentioned?


so could it says in exodus 6 was in the time of moses, which is after seth says my name lord my name yahweh i did not make myself known to them that i'm actually glad you brought this up because i haven't had to deal with this thing this issue in 10 or 15 years.

it's just that i dismember i don't interest but it is been so long and i'm smiling because you caused me to remember which. i like the big so anyway him to. i'm thankful for that. so says that he began to call the name of the lord, it looks like what's happening in the current issue of seth, he called upon the name of the lord, call upon the name of yahweh when it says in exodus 63 says god almighty, but by my name yahweh i did not make myself known to them logically, we could say that he did not let himself be known to abraham, isaac and jacob as lord is yahweh is his name. we could say that because his name was not revealed officially until god was talking to moses in exodus 3 we know that in abraham, isaac and jacob. before that, but seth was before that time as well. it looks like what moses did is this he wrote in that seth was calling on the name of the lord to the company. the lord is a generic phrase it means to pray to to seek god so he was doing that, and it looks i would. moses did was just backpedaled and put the name of god in there as that phrase that represents his trust and faith in the true living god.

even though he didn't know his name is one possibility. their possibility as he did know his name was somehow revealed to him and that it's abraham, isaac and jacob didn't know his name officially that those are logical possibilities. some are more satisfying than others. the one i leaned to is that what moses did when he wrote genesis is he just inserted the phraseology as an idiomatic expression call upon the name of the lord means to seek the true living god, and in the case of the word lord yahweh call upon the name of its that's where this and that he retroactively inserted into the text is as to what they were doing the true living god. okay okay okay got it. another call the name of the lord. they see that they were mightily with the thick good for you. these are the kind of questions i think are great because it does cause us to see and to think and you're putting things together from different places major paying attention and praise god.

but yeah, i i've had to deal with apple for and that's that was the answer that. in my research i came up with. it looks like it's a retroactive statement that he could moses put into the text to signify the phrase is because it's not that he knew his name, but there's a phrase to call upon the name of the lord, and in some cases we can wonder does it mean that they had the actual name or does it mean that they were calling idiomatically, especially with safe calling upon god and the name of god, as in the great being one so we don't know. and then there's also the issue that some may have had an idea of god's name before the time of moses.

when moses, who was raised in the court of pharaoh wouldn't have known the name of yahweh.

it could have been there. some theories in roi would theorize that the name of god could have been revealed elsewhere and earlier times, but he didn't know what they didn't know it until that time, the trigger several escalations that are possible okay okay will thank you much for the bone viewing the felt like a brother. i know that if name of the bible and he came across the name of faith and the definition of pain mean the myth and put it with me when even in the other factor, element, file, well let's take a look. take a look see kane and so we go have means of curse 17 times, canine once elder son of adam and eve first, which i don't see the guy go. there's a break.

okay buddy go back again all right have 40 with proven lines going to give a call 877-577-0781 operating in) i called you all allow one lawyer told her cope with her all, broken out or their art. i have but then i forgot about it on the flat mind of the river run the evening that we are small. god, you know, like argon garden there and maybe remind me of the telegraph identity in christ and i called her particular part of it. listen to it. so what's your question i want to know what is it that the alkali answer correctly, that we are not god. little about isaiah 4310 44 644 845 five know got quite a before god know god. after god is even know the little gods when they go to solid to sickness, which is your gods and jesus quotes it and john 1034. it's a mockery of the unrighteous judges so these people are arrogant fools who raise themselves or is a are god's yes they are absolutist, but yeah they are there three girls right there. all right. hospitals will logo immersive again like i'm right on valley. just go to isaiah chapters 4344 and 45 districts in those three chapters, you'll see lots of verses in their savior, god is only one god is even know the other three chapters are just full of good stuff. okay yeah but god. but how about a little god heard a little gods or any little gods is rooted in the bible. i thought not already there. you are a little daughter know that would be the book of directed or second chronicles is not there. so this lawyer more than the bible, but you are little dog it does not say it does not say anywhere in the bible. your little gods doesn't say that we are that we will be little girl that we are little dog it never says anywhere in the bible that we are little gods or will become god's it's not there not in scripture. all right. thank you.

i really appreciate her and i hope that everyone in your letter where everyone has a faint epileptic imprisonment to so we had a prayer if people are willing if you want. they can just email us and people who whose ministry it is to pray for people so they do so. it's a prayer i there apartment three additives great to be that person to prefer people truly need to ask you one more question and state the address is and you can always get to us that we has a prayer needs. Okay, one more question. Throwing the polar bears of the process of the curve. Several friends who are problem or block cries.

The want to hear is that like knowing the parole are her someone not forgotten you versus that the signs for trapping interfaith writing you again and have a party with long legs and the model are all were. I can't tell you that you should not mention the Bible all gathering people, but we have to be Walla Walla later by him hello hello answer to, but you have to be wise when the right time is to bring out the truth of God's word.

You don't want to be offensive. You don't want to be overbearing, but you don't want to agree never to bring up the gospel message and ask God for wisdom when the right tightness.

Okay I there are the Army army arrived. Thank you very much. I will call again for another question that I want to keep people waiting.Blair without math goblets play right let's get to Travis from North Carolina, Travis. Welcome you are a near man. I go about doing all right hanging in there by God's grace better yet, there had a couple questions for you. Maybe, maybe out of my bed, but I didn't know if you'd ever heard of Laurent Wyatt, archaeologist and of the 80s and 90s waiting on a non-analysis.

If there's anything with his message that would be legitimate and viable. You know, I just know because I don't know what she's looking at the name and is this the guy one of two guys who went and looked for was dark, but the oligarch and he did have a 200 and something about was it wasn't Noah's Ark. If you're looking for something else in the family found it was the amount where both said that he found the Ark of the covenant in either Mas brought K the I guess archaeologist archaeologically when under their dog back lady and claim to have found that out that it was for me and I just did a touch of the drive well apparently unlike native videos on the, on back in the right you know to do it well basically found the blood dripping on the mercy of the art in Jeremiah's grotto below Calgary and felt very there would be blood for 4000 years dripping. I will you know over the phone thing and that like there were no you get going or probable mother for 20 probable mother but there was only one why all one why, meaning that there were no other real father was waiting. Well apparently found oligarch in Turkey oligarch state park that I met and I would know if you'd ever heard of. And I won't I won't I could, will I sink. I know what is being looked at. Here I've seen on the web. I've seen this grotto over this area that looks like Noah's Ark yet that's exactly. I'm looking at a video from him to exactly what it is and I'm not convinced that a formation that looks like there's a phenomena called her Julia.

Julia occurs when you look into a cloud is a look at the frog. There's a guy carrying a lot of sculpture do not and then my saying is not the case.

But we have to be careful with the issue. Really, when you see a formation. Now I'm looking at this night.

It looks like a boat and maybe it is. I'm just saying what I see in this video I'm not convinced they would have to show an entrance and then a wooded structure inside and go okay now were talking I've understood.

I don't seem that and so I am just asking you to meet at the pagan opponent and in like I am not I'm not longer think you know something I can help, but your faith like a failed with your earlier, what you will call all the way Roman Catholic out one method of will and I met staying away from Catholicism. Okay, stay away from that, you know that I want.

I'm feeling especially with the revelation that all talk about what the horns or whatnot one coming out you know, basically the church doesn't the Catholic little three dozen each much about like to talk about, you know, all real like that.

Yeah your children on topic topic, but to follow you, but as for the ark that goes by I don't know if what he said is true, it is not been verified. As far as I understand. Personally, I believe that the ark is out there I believe. I suspect it will be discovered and verified. It may have already been discovered and keeping it quiet. I don't know I don't problem with those of the logically possible, but I wouldn't be careful okay. Be careful note I said Methodist.

Did you go quite a chance of the United Methodist Church. Yet I met are now in that format now time to get out of about why need to get out of their United Methodist get get out okay. United not church it is. I would never recommend anybody go to the UMC and I would also recommend they get out and pastors women elders promotion of homosexuality, inclusion of transgender's as being part of the viable operator operations of homosexuals and clergy, things like this a lot and cannot go there like a play that was my home church like I get I gotcha. Don't go is not. It is an issue here.

You don't go to Falls Church you just don't do it.

I don't have a lot of friends are there, you don't attend to Falls Church you don't support a Falls Church here in Boise the UMC church on a Sunday morning had a Muslim preach from the pulpit to heresy the woman pastor allowed it to another error I passed out and we have a bug but we have a male role called mantle port good and wise. He is then in a denominational support from homosexuals pastors women pastors you asked the question because I'd see you there. There have a really good reason. If he says I am inherent in order to witness to this denomination because it is going downhill. It's pagan. He's been a missionary in that context. Okay, but for the average Joe don't get what you expect them in time, but I won't go to figures of the unitrust. God is better to listen online to good preaching and sorry got better to go to a church online, watch online and defend church they fall short of time. The Lord bless you by his grace tomorrow and another program powered by the Truth Network

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