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MON HR2 031422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 15, 2022 12:01 am

MON HR2 031422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 15, 2022 12:01 am

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back in board. We have a lot to Doug about the first we just say 888-281-1110 folks. We have approximately 50 minutes left to raise a bright blue 40's was a 4400 4450 ministries 4400 or 888-677-9673.

That's there's never enough subcortical to let me know if I got the special medicine Dr. Peter Glidden Clint: yeah I did and did I take it the I did and it was a ill like you said I'm over the coded but you got remnants yeah no I don't know enter Gemini man low-energy and very low energy. When I started taken just once a week they I from Acton so I'm taking Windows 7 I Remington per week, you know, for one day and it's working all right very very good. All right Joe what you have.

Next our one big thing I want to bring up one of the biggest things are happening we are having an invasion in this country just college going on in Ukraine only ask done by our own government.

We are watching our economic system go down hill spinning spiraling downhill because of our government the lies and deception, and we are in the middle of a revolution in this country.

A communist revolution and the end result is the communist will take over America, the one world order group just like Rush is trying to take Ukraine, only their using your ignorance out there now for example, Biden came out was talking about. He said he was all upset.

I'm sick of this stuff.

We gotta talk about because the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money simply not true. Folks, all one of the legendary investors and Wall Street said basically that inflation is serious is the way democracies die. Just give me a minute or the inflation is just a function of money supply, the more money you have out there the less it's worth, this is been the history of the world governments avoids tried to beat the system by printing more money and whenever they've over printed money created something out of nothing that makes what's out there less valuable, which means you have to spend more of it to buy the things you need. So it just the death cycle in error. Charlie Munger is talked about this and he said you looked over the history of the world out there and basically the examples are from the Roman Republic Hitler Latin America you look all over the Roman Empire fell in the final thing was inflation. He said there it's the biggest danger we have next to a nuclear war and never talk about with this consumer price index. We have this now inflations up and up and up, but what you're telling you is a lie because if you go back and look in the 70s. This consumer price index had a different set of things that they plugged into the formula to get the rate of inflation. Well, if we went back to the 70s and use the same examples they use them to get the rate of inflation during that high I.

Of inflation are inflation rate right now is not 7.9 is not nine something. It's actually over 15%.

Almost 16% inflation because the government keeps changing what the use to make to compute the CPI because they don't want you to think it's as bad as it is. It is really bad if you thinking when you go to the store out there you're really your spending hundreds of dollars more right now per month for the things you need in just a few months ago and it's all because we've had the Biden administration folks they have been pumping money in ever since he became president, the supply of US dollars has increased more than ever and is going higher and higher and higher and they just came out with this new what $1.5 trillion. But guess what all this.

$1.5 trillion is basically most of the pork barrel spending. The Democrats use this to keep themselves in power. For example, Chuck Schumer at 142 earmarks in this bill. This is basically a hog heaven thing where they're going after all this, there were 4000 earmarks in this for $1.5 trillion. This post to keep us running till September the lawmakers projects alone covered 367 pages of money and, for example, Schumer got 59 earmarks $80 million in just one section of the bill the transportation in Housing and Urban Development and you got another 10 earmarks in another section for millions more and yet Republicans some Republicans were in error of Mike Braun of Indiana know he's one is tracking the numbers.

I'm sorry Mike Braun was a good guy. He counted the hundred and 42 Schumer link Projects 59 just in one section of the bill and you spending that money to what make sure he gets reelected. There New York so you folks know in New York. The taxpayer money know about the printed money. The more money that they're having to print to pay this $1.5 trillion bill. Most of it is pork that the politicians are using to give you little things back home to make it look like the good guys so that you will vote for them so they can go back and print more money that we don't have put you deeper into debt so your children and grandchildren will never get out of debt and be beholding the government for the rest of your life.

We are a big, big trouble, folks, and its crooked politicians are destroying America. This continues the next couple years is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

I'm warning you now we've got to get these bums out of office or they are going to totally show you know we had this past Saturday, a conservative Republican day dinner and you had was for all the local politician when adjustable glue running for governor. They were they were all out there. I mean the places was really packed and here they asked me to open up and so II open the meeting and open the meeting in prayer June and here I ask out as a guide, you told us in your word that all went those nations that forget the God will be turning to help America has forgotten the forgotten our God, the Lord you The remnant is a remnant of us here tonight, right now, and we are asking the Lord for direction rescue for discernment were asking for leading Lord were asking you do to use us to take America back to one nation under God the way you gave it to us Lord were asking for statesmen and not politicians Lord that stab us and bleed us were asking for leaders to lead us, just like in Susan's song we have and follow God were asking you, Lord, to rid us of the rhinos for years and years.

We sent people to Washington DC that are promised is one thing, and they've gotten there may be traders and so were asking the Lord to rid us of the rhinos and Joe. What happened was I got a standing ovation. People stood and applauded because the energy there were several hundred people that they wanted to hear that they wanted to hear a pastor someone stand up and say the what would need to be said where it was so tired of being betrayed just so tired and there was energy at that place and were seeing that across the nation.

Now something is thought was going to happen here because we've got primaries coming up here but what made third something like that. Now the Communists, the Democratic I'm is collectively no that there is no way in the world that they can survive a fair election or even election. Okay well that made third primaries. If the wind doesn't push it back again for political reasons yet well I don't get on the wind did something today he came out you know what he did today. He came out and he signed into law constitutional carrier here in Ohio women wanted this for a long time.

The timing is a little interesting incident, it's not a mistake and then he pressures pastor Ernie that some politician might be trying to get all spiked last-minute attempt to do something. The people wanted and then Christine who tell me look all I know solidity when she was a senator Christine the real pretty, tall politician.

He a point appointed her to head up the board of elections, which was a very very conservative mood. Okay, here in Ohio, which it would when he's trying to regain some loyalty which he has lost absolutely so he's moving right now until right before the primary, we have moved.

He's not really moving well it's a smokescreen will see what else that would've ended with is very interesting. The people know that you think that is I've got several messages left the limits you realize what he's done to realize that I governor is done so and elbow folks, we are tired of being betrayed within up no more okay and so we really get out and and you going to see them. One of the problems that were having the good news is we've got all kinds of patriots that are running for office. One of the problems though is that you have two or three patriots that are running against rhinos in the primary and the patriots are going to split the vote up and they need to sit down and they need to say look, we WILL split the vote so you however you do flip a coin. However, we have to decide, but somebody's got to get out and then the rest of us get behind it can run for right right make deal. You try your run for the rear got you got different offices in the state Congress that you know will yell or maybe even look at you and for two years and redo your general election. Maybe then I'll run for two years. Cal run for the next. But anyhow however okay but we need to do something, but we're running out of time, Joe. Just like you said we are ready running running out of time what they've been doing pastor they've been running the money supply finger Pike everybody should know what a Ponzi scheme.

The Federal Reserve is taking those emergency powers they got back in 2008 and they been using these emergency powers to print money to print money.

They said it was supposed to save our economy but they have literally destroyed it and it got to the point like a Ponzi scheme at the end of the positive scheme.

Some of the people way back in the first part made some money but all those on the and suffer and lose everything. And the Fed knows that they try to pull everything back it's gonna collapse and the sum monger he said basically he said this inflation is not going anywhere. Look what happened Japan when they had high inflation for a long time. It turned into stagnation and for and what 20 years. Japan could do nothing. They didn't grow they didn't dare resist, barely made it through and he saying he sees inflation that could be lasting a decade and yet our government.

What are they told us Joan Janet Yellen came out and all and she said all it's just transitory.

At first, now she's saying well higher priced dessert coming or going to be kinda high and then she finally came out and said well actually no morning the we could have the second year of an comfortably high inflation so not just this year, next year, and that's from Janet Yellen and the other experts are saying this could last a decade. Unless we get some adults who understand economy and are willing to be honest with the American people tell them what the government is done and it's going to have to be fixed but it's can have to be done by honest people who were willing to tell the truth of the American people you do you know what Joe Jill we have to do people have to live to the standards that is coming this going to be food shortages and these are food shortages and created by Democratic I'm his party food shortages are created by the Democratic I'm his party. Just like the inflation you know it's it's an amazing thing.

How blatant that that Biden can come out and blame the Russians for gas prices when the gas prices were going up here but you know as soon as before Boudin invaded Ukraine and so it's like boy I really do think you American people are stupid. If you're going to buy that right, and more so now that track there is anymore coming out of the truckers you know in the United States and Biden and their regime is guided attempt to blame them for shortages. When the supply chain shortage started last year. Delta literally it was done on purpose wracked by and was gonna be food shortages so I'm telling folks out there. You need to stock up you need. You really do need to stock up on food and staples and barn and staples on Staples and also herbal medicines. I would I would stack up on herbal medicines to senior supplements because they want to the Biden call the Biden crime cartel in DC. They wanted try to push through healthcare to only those that agree with the government. Those that are what they call right thinking those that agree now the Department of Homeland Security knows come out and said that those people that are telling you the truth. Those that are tell you the truth about all the election fraud. Anyone caught telling the truth about all the election fraud could be charged okay with is been a terrorist and so and modem of authority insurrectionist because we were there in January 6 yeah we are. We are insulin unit meant to be there. I know Kate to be in insurrectionist beginning. And so there you go anyhow. I gotta say this Cindy in Illinois pledges 10 $10 thank you Cindy Stephanie from New York pledges 50 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. I would encourage people to inure where your live in your location.

Seek out your patriot groups seek out your Christian patriots. I write because they exist in every county, every city and in every state absolutely first, but here here's what you do first, which really will for course first. If you listen to this program. Obviously you know that apart from Christ any of you right now, nobody has nobody's been promising tomorrow is this is this is the important thing that first about that, you find that you yours. You call upon the name of the Lord, and you receive eternal life.

That is the most important thing that you limited to find a good church find God in a Bible believing fundamentalist church find out of fundamentalist Bible believing real New Testament church. Okay and going there now that if if it's a Bible believing fundamentalist. The pastor will be as bold as a lion, the pastor will be as bold as Bibles of the righteous are the lines if you got a prissy preacher and there don't go in there okay.

But because, like you have no fellowship with darkness consultant. Find yourself a bold church. The Bibles is run with the horses and become a doer of the word, a doer of the word not just to her own blood. You. You have much time. One of these days you get a dime and when she died within you, you, your rewards will be based upon what you've done for the Lord while you are here on this earth and you want to hear those words. Someday well done my good and faithful servant.

You really do and so find a church and then the belong to a tea party get get involved now when you have one of these preachers to tell you that Christians shouldn't be involved in politics.

Get just get away from him as far away from him.

As you interact, because God's Word, the Bible says we are to judge every thing and God's Word, the Bible tells you very clearly we are to be salt and light in God's Word, the Bible tells you, from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. That's what the word of God teaches. And if you have one of these prissy preachers that they are telling you Christians shouldn't get involved in politics get as far away from him. As you can quickly So now we have us let me say do we do Stephanie from New York pledges 50 right Stephanie from New York pledges 50 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9670 okay were down to about 4300, but we only have 30 minutes only got 30 minutes.

We had a race 4300, we can do now. We can do that. I think maybe we can do to help get there by telling people from big curve but they're not going to hear I don't think anywhere else I've been doing a lot of research and if you notice out there that are everybody's talking electric vehicle CDs, DVDs, people are wanting I'm trying to buy them. The government's pushing and working to get rid of fossil fuel blah blah blah. Everything is EV with her forgetting a few things. One, we talked before about the all the world supply of things like Nicole and all the things are going to the batteries and what it would cost and how would have to counter up most of the earth to mine all the different lithium in the: copper novel things are going to battery that's one thing here's the other. The big lie. You go by this electric car you pay $50,000 will they have a level II charger the takes eight hours and it's relatively inexpensive to charge your card if you have the eight hours you get home from work and charge it overnight. That's fine, but that level II charger is going to cost you $2000 that will only charge one vehicle insurer to vehicle family.

That means you have to spend about 2000 4000 or more to charge two vehicles.

If you have two people so well. That's a lot of money now.

There's other bubble level III little charger EV electric vehicle in 20 minutes, but it works great if you get home from a long day you been traveling and you gotta go someplace ago. Charger Carol fast well darn there's a problem. A level III can cost up to $50,000 a unit and that price includes upgrading the electrical system in your house power this thing so along with the 50,000 for the car you gotta spend 50,000 for electric charger if you want to go, charger, car quickly and the more you spend half your day charging your vehicle. So this means it's very limited and if you live out like I do.

That's almost impossible. So it's one of those all kinds of lies to the things are not telling you, then they forgot to mention that these batteries don't last long in battery replacements contact cost $10-$20,000 up battery and are not lasting as long as you think Jill again to give that number is 888-281-1110 phones we valued the phone lines generate 888-677-9673 Donna and Cleveland pledges 400. Thank you, Donna the gym questioning us is a lot for a donation dress is a lot cheaper than being dumb and running up down but here's the thing you see the amount of energy it takes to generate the electricity to put in that electric car is much more much more energy.

In other words, it takes more gas and oil to generate electricity to put in the car. Then the car would use on regular gas and oil okay so that's a losing situation now well is it nuclear power plants, the more more people. It looks like in Europe, it looks like they're opening up their nuclear power plants again and nuclear power plants would be a one way William put see the opposition. The truth is the death of Greta Communist Party forget the stuff that is not about the environment it's about control.

It's about control. It's about control. That's what it's all about okay and you had these people that have even come out with talked about it before on a divorce and they're telling us that you establish Clouse.

What's his name. #Barn slab yet swamp call Schwab makes it a very very clear that they now have the ability of the technology they don't have to be afraid of. They can tell you that they are going to control human beings and then come right out and said there is no God, there is no God above the clouds we know are God's strength is come out and and so but you know what, there is a God above the clouds and where his people, and in Clouse's guide get a surprise comfortable there is a burning lake of fire and he's gonna find that out in spades.

Okay number two God's people are going to fight back were going to fight back and Christian people can give the evil called the freedom reset. Amen.

Okay Bev for Manhattan pledges 200 and Silver Michigan pledges 25 thank you Bev, thank you soon okay we have approximately 25 minutes left. Tonight phones we got it we got here from no, you know, I think I wanted switch of the mighty Andrew over there. You know Jill would Jill had to say about the Federal Reserve one week when we go to the break play that song because the Federal Reserve is in federal at all.

Okay, so fine that Federal Reserve is not federal. People don't don't believe that they don't understand that just like the CDC is owned by big Pharma and some by the pharmaceutical company. Nothing is the way that it seems your phone on the date a Québec woman control one more big thing on your CV that I got into all of the batteries. Most all the batteries are made in China. Most of the rare earth minerals that go into the batteries come from China and the more we going to electric vehicles. The more we are enriching China. Our biggest enemy in the world. It's like how dumb can we be folks right now. Think about that. You know how we been telling you about what's taking place over there in the Ukraine and some of the people got all of us that will we said that there is infertile.

Ukraine is a very pro-country had a scaly flat in democracy. It said and Lily told you about the Nazi party that did the Nazi party is in it, engrossed in a government just like our our deep status here in the Democratic I'm his party over there. The Nazis are in no just rage because it is a good article from Joe off to Katie and he did some of his work, regardless of the motives, when Putin said he was going to focus on Nazis in Ukraine. He likely knew of the A's of Battalion now here yeah the output was very well of the able A's of Battalion. Remember, he's a Russian and they fought the Nazis right so right that many Americans have heard of the A's Battalion. Apparently NBC was unaware of the group on February 14 when it aired reparations be made for a Russian attack in Ukraine using the A's of Battalion as his example. Okay this was captured immediately by those in the know and is broadcast NBC chief foreign policy correspondent Richard Engel told viewers how some communities in the Ukraine are preparing for war with Russia by taking matters into their own hands.

The report showed Ukrainian soldiers delivering basic training for the whole family for a stated weapons training to a small group of wearable residents including children and elderly. One of them was 79-year-old Valentina constant Novix the best cup welding and AK-47 was made the face of the Ukrainian existence by the world's newspapers, Engel left out of his account the fact that the military formation providing constant data and mass because training was the Nazi A's of Battalion clearly identified by Wolf Singleton Senia used by Hitler. The SS and the second world war right there you go folks and the Nazis are here in America with the communist yeah the still working when you're with them & a okay we want to say Lori from Oregon pledges 60 thank you, Lori, Philip and Michelle from Florida pledge 50. Thank you and were endnote folks keep the phones ringing at 888-281-1110 phone try not to keep the people in the phone on the right note. Federal Reserve a federal army is here. These are his glad all and is even close to being in the Constitution and the seventh is public and that no reason why your taxes are so high. Would you like to know every time I would like to know things. The biggest slice out of high it's reserved and I'm here to tell you my it's not that complicated. Explain in layman's terms is really run well with really happened in this nation is not in our prosperity until now thinking that is money on your very own and all your friends and figuring down the whole neighborhood with the been doing Congress said they Congress check their duty back in 1913 when the value of our money changed from Golden thinking we Constitution nations was a blatant violation of article 110 is no MBI MDC, the Federal Trade Commission seat and they all have one thing in common that is there is one thing, if you haven't guessed about them express the only thing about the reserve is in the rain money is saying no is new I'm I'm for that. I'm all for my old friend Carl Lowe buddy Coakley sure do miss him.

Yet they went home to be with the Lord to everybody: now were back and I want to say that from Chicago pledges 500.

Thank you, Adam, and were down to about let's say you were down about 3000 you know what, I don't think they had animal in there so we might be under 3000 alright so were about done about 3000 that we have 15 minutes, 15 minutes to go, folks, so reminder folks that we are totally listener supported no one in this ministry. Since its inception is taken money in any form. We all donate our own time.

Our own calendar own treasure to keep things going. Your donations pay the bills and what happens is every radio station we go on we have to get enough donations from that radio station to make it available to pay the bills or we can't stay on that station there to stay hard cold fact and were a lot of stations that some stations taken a little more and help us cover some that don't come up with as much, but we have some stations that are at risk of being dropped. Currently absolutely so so but we never got one back and that we would you know is been close, but in this been hard, but we did manage to leave. We scratched in the fourth we stayed on the deal.

Here's the thing Jim would getting the letters were getting from people are unbelievable. We praise the good Lord because it letter saying I would've known that I do not realize that we govern people saying and I and I would've not known about the poisonous folks I would've not known about the bio weapon shots rang and I not hurt your program, I would've got people to him and they were going out.

Got it okay listen John from Parma pledges 100. Thank you John okay and that demonic woman who once lived as a man shed his media narrative. Chills ran up and down my spine.

Kate article by Ardmore Helena Kershner is a 23-year-old woman who lived for several years as a man through hormone therapy and a remarkable video interview. She tells how she came to believe that she was a man largely through the culture of the website tumbler, which co-interview rotted dryer described is an extremely intense but cultlike culture that draws invertible, vulnerable young woman who was unsure of themselves in desperate and what's happening think I just wants my article here.

I was going through this book for community and approval. These young kids, snowflakes, or were raising in the public.

System are desperate for the general like Stanton and followers on the Internet and for approval approval. They have such little self-esteem, and what's happening these people are taking advantage of the low self-esteem and convincing them that they're not whole, and thus they look at their sexuality and reject their Christian morality and outlook of all the possibilities and find who they really are and their buying into this garbage because they're so lacking in biblical knowledge and self-esteem and it's like the old devil possession and I think it really is because what is your confused brain the rejects God, the devil is behind it all, and the symptoms are showing up this one. Interviewer said it's very much like people that he seen the demonic possession and it was like he really believes in the reality of the demonic consider why we know the devil there and the bear tried to get rid of all these values. This girl that was not religious. We have 12 minutes 12 minutes 88828111108882811110. You just jump in when you have something to say, well, you know, really, in relation to that there is been virtual programming going on behind all of the audiovisual programming and in television and also you know with the children and since I'm in the condition of not being self aware of yourself not being happy, low self-esteem, low you know pride in yourself.

You know has been conditioned since toddler's some elements to this if you had a child in the public school system as you would love the child was living dead. Would you want to know if that child is being taught that he may be transgender or maybe or she may be a transgender bottom line is this is that a state of Ohio school board will tell you that they don't teach critical race theory. They don't call it that.

They had components of it yeah and so the only thing you can do is take your child out of the public school system. You know either homeschooler find a good Christian Academy or no homeschool in your neighborhood. There's a lot of parents that are doing at bed at a public school is not where you want to be raising more more and but here now school district parents aren't not entitled to know kids are going.

That's right, you know where that is in them that officially school district Wisconsin like those in other districts across the nation are opposed to sharing with parents information about their children with their children are doing in school.

Not only that, but there there giving the vaccine. Some of the schools. The bio weapon without the parents knowing you had a dinette in California and I had a friend just recently that's here in Northeast Ohio as grandson told her that he didn't have to listen to her because the teacher told him that he didn't have to listen yeah specifically whether those children have been encouraged by other students, faculty or outsiders to go transgender, and the fact of their pursuing that the Kohler lifestyle Geico Modesto, but officials in the all clear district have gone further than most districts who simply want not to share information for fear that transgender agenda will be opposed by parents and there are according to report the Federalist. They are claiming that parents are not entitled to have that information there you go folks. And that's why you're seeing parents, and finally you know it took this call that thing and in that they didn't expect this. You know the file to flow, then expect all of that, that people would find out with the children really being taught in public. And once they found out that even though Joey been telling them heavily for years we went on a light beer near the school you're talking about their route have a equity session on safe spaces and in their training session there in Wisconsin empower Wisconsin looked at. I was watching a look at the copy of the training slide from their February staff development and it says teachers rents teachers that parents are not entitled to know their kids identities that knowledge must not must be earned.

In other words, if the parents are not to be cooperative. They don't get to know anything. So what were saying here is, there are taking over and brainwashing going back to that girl that lived as a man's.

She said well what they did was they told her like here you can't combine sex and love like sex and marriage. All that Smith lies so they're taking the reality that our Lord Jesus taught us was real, and they're saying that the foster lives in distortion that this all about pleasure is all about sex at all about self-fulfillment. It's all about finding yourself it's all about estate near Chile just what we have Carl from Cleveland pledges 850 thank you, Carl, and anonymous from Boston pledges 300 that raises down Joe that we are weird not we are down at the 1800 will really need $1800. So we got eight minutes in eight minutes we need 1800 now tonight across the country there's a new movie that is playing at some of the that theaters and the title of it is who to whose children are they, and it's a groundbreaking breaking documentary teaching brave teachers empowered parents and frontline experts are pulling back the curtain about exposing the hidden agenda in America's schools. And so I know that it was playing tonight at a lot of places in Northeast Ohio but also across the country so look for that movie whose children are they so we see that there is a good movement. The parents are starting to waken up the receiving homeschool is growing in a rapid rate okay and and I know that the everydayness country. Three new Christian schools open up that on average every day while in the Dina County. They've got an okay and they're moving ahead to habit a Hillsdale College charter school and thereby to be breaking ground in their raising money now for that will appraise a good Lord for that, and Hillsdale College is an excellent excellent adversity. A lot of people don't realize, but as an adult learner. You can take courses from them free online and you know there's another something else: mammoth mammoth nation that, I want to get more involved with that that they are on organization mammoth nation that has all the businesses in all the products that are that are not woke they are not the woke. Now I know that I quit buying whenever I could. I quit using any of the woke products and for example I haven't had any Coke since the coconut woke and then told white people that we need to be less white on II know one thing Cosell the following awful gate. When I try not to buy any of the coproducts to but these mammoth nation. These are conservative American-owned conservative companies that are anti-woke pro-American and so were going to do more about promoting that to his art all boy appraisal. Good Lord here we see that the Mike Cleveland pledges 20 and Andrea in Illinois pledges 500 more words of wisdom from Dr. Zelenka, RA, and to have on hand in your your own remedies – is colloidal silver colloidal silver. It's a natural antibiotic.

He talked about it being very effective not only for a bola but also for the Marburg hemorrhagic fever and then the second thing you mention which I was not aware of was that back in 1870, the American Indians came up with a picture plant extract that basically destroyed smallpox and I looked it up on the Internet and there are some manufacturing websites.

Therefore, organic picture plant extract, we need to to get you on here more often with us just to sit in here and keep us informed and a lot of stuff coming we really need to know that because okay you see it was God to give us a natural herbs cake that's called apothecary he gave us everything we need right on this planet. That's right but it's the pharmaceutical company in the family. Ketamine's witchcraft that I have given us the drugs that are drugs we don't need the natural herbs will work much better.

Don't know side effects this right so there you go. 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110.

We have approximately four minutes left.

We got it we got a raise. Folks, we had, I was cleaning the race at finca.

Okay, they would just had like seven what is coming and now here comes will find out how much we need to raise in just a minute or two.

Locate okay were down to see that's them okay 1200 weekly generates $1200 K $1200. We've got approximately four minutes left to do that so all right 888-677-9673. We need to raise $1200. We have four minutes to do it. Are you listing out there folks.

It was a hand to help us out here. Joe can do that all by himself. He's not going be able to for 1200 by himself. Amazing. I wanted to hear what I just I had an article I wanted to hit on tonight and I'm looking forward here. Let me see let me see where to go already did that one about the millennial's spike increases. Oh, we Artie talked about but let me let me just go there because we talked about the Ukraine war will cause global food crisis. Crop yields may drop by 50% catastrophe notice folks annotated women listen I would listen to the farmers talking again.

This is created, they're paying the farmers not to grow crops. They're paying the farmers not recognizing when they've done it before. Not not not not not like it is today Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party abiding up farmland all across the country, thereby and farmland. BlackRock is buying up homes thereby and and and that's one of the trillion dollar company and so folks, America's got a standout. This is we gonna do it now with right now so you want to be limited as Russia's invasion of Ukraine is affected more than just gas price of the global food supply is being damaged by the war when CEO warned that because the food is going to rise all around the world and of course this here is that this is from the Western Journal by handily beating and that again it's Russia produces a lot of the world fertilizer course we know that per square foot. Washington DC has more fertilizer than all the rest of the countries was right in the city is nothing but fertilizer already now okay okay were down to. All we need now were done with predicament we just got another one Marie were to go okay. Bob and Marie from church pledges 500, appraise, and now we're down to we only need about the $700.

We need about $700. Very good and all, we only got like one minute left, Joe Jody got to actually got three minutes to get three minutes to give an imitation get after it.

All right, while personal pleasure hundred dollars. My all right and I want to tell the folks that of everything we talked about tonight.

The most important thing is where you are planning to spend eternity in this year hadn't given any thought your better because the most important decision that you ever ever will make is that Jesus everything in Scripture leads to one thing, the salvation of man, God sent his only begotten son to the end of all that believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life became of the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. He went to the cross to take my sins pastor assumes everybody who would accept him, took their sins upon the cross paid the price. Wages of sin is death and to be enough, get close to God. You have to be cleansed of sin or you cannot be close to the father. So Jesus made a real clear that here call upon the father. Your repent of your sins from your heart. Your are sorry that your sins put Jesus Christ on the cross and he paid the price for your sin you call upon the father. Repent of those sins asked to be forgiven and then asked Jesus to come into your life to be Lord of your life.

All of your life that if you do this without reservation. They will send you the down payment on the Col. life.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God were you become part of the family of God, a joint heir with Jesus. A child of the kingdom and you will have that gift of eternal peace. The Col. life and you will become the new creature new creation in Christ.

As promised, and that attorney will tell you he and I have met a lot of people we have never met anyone who ever ever regretted calling upon God to become a born-again believer and a child of the kingdom.

Amen to that.

Nick from Bridgeport tech support is 100.

Thank you Nick were getting closer and closer close contact called, even after we have to go off the air right yeah it will be here for a few more minutes after so we can take calls and so that number again is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 will be going off the air in just a minute but I want to thank all of you folks out there again all of the function again. I wanted to dedicate this program tonight to Ed Corsi Dan Shafer Joe Clark Deborah Sally Jones and my good friend Pastor Bruce Pfeiffer, who we just buried Saturday so until until tomorrow. We want to state good night like we always do at this time.

God bless and and Joe Lindemann. We just have no pledge coming in okay another three we made it to you from Ohio. Thank you thank you thank you God bless always always always K by saying why. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time fishing what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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