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Braid Your Whip

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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March 12, 2022 2:00 pm

Braid Your Whip

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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March 12, 2022 2:00 pm

Are there any Christians today willing to drive out the things that are defiling our Father's house?


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Welcome to God, committed to encouraging you to put God while viewing life. The window of the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine. See Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas and as always it was a joy and honor and privilege to join you. Week I want to thank you for tuning this is a great and wonderful day that our Lord has made Lord God. We are just rejoicing and we are glad units. We thank you Lord God for this time of Bible Fellowship that we can hear a word from you and we just asked Holy Spirit that you would guide the way God our hearts, our minds, our speech so that all things are spoken, that it will be nothing but sound doctrine, Lord, that is, glorifying and honoring to you, our Lord came. We pray all these things in your name Jesus. Amen.

What today. Want to talk to you about the truth and I am a lover of the truth and I encourage people that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. You should be a lover of the truth as well because when we look at society today. The truth is becoming harder and harder to come by. There are so many agendas that are being pushed in society and so many things that really is propaganda and propaganda is trying to get people to buy into a narrative that is really not based in truth and so in light of that, I want to share with you a soundbite from a recent incident that happened just two weeks ago and this is in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana is somewhat of a lengthy clip, but I want you to hear it in its entirety because I want you to pay very very close attention. Listen very carefully to how this news report is presented and then want to speak with you about the truth, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office has arrested two of its own accused of shooting a man killing him last week that happened last Wednesday morning along Welton Street W.

DSU reporter Sarah O'Connor joins a fly from Jefferson Parish for that news conference was just held at Shea. The charges LNG dad now in both officers actually turned themselves in, and I'm told that they will be charged with mansard and I would just like take you to some videos that we were able to shoot for you last week of the scene at their names, Isaac Hughes, age 30, 29. Rather, he's been with JPS so for nine years and Jonathan was age 35 he's been employed with JPS so for about two years. Both officers were also terminated from the force. Sheriff Joe Pinto says Daniel Valley was shot and killed by the deputies while inside of a car last Wednesday before it happened. Deputies had received reports from a neighbor about a noise at a home that officers are referring to as a crackhouse. Sheriff Joe the Pinto says the house where Bailey was actually parked in front of apparently officers try to get Valley to get out of the car and surrender for a little over 12 minutes. At some point Valley turns on his engine inside of the car eventually raising his hands and placing them on the steering wheel, where he hit the horn, in which case, two officers began firing shots were told Valley died from his injuries to their perception was that the use of force. In this situation is not justified as much as I would love to be able to defend them. I don't believe there was any criminal intent at this point we've had numerous discussions with our office with our investigators in order to try to figure out what is the appropriate charge. Pinto says Valley's car hadn't moved.

When officers fired shots is also not formed at the time of the shooting officers to point out that Valley was wanted in connection with other crimes including theft in Plaquemines Parish and me. This is very much so I developing story, so please stay with Debbie DSU for more details.

Reporting live from Jefferson Parish a O'Connor Debbie DSU news. So what we have here is yet another incident of two police officers shooting and killing a civilian.

Now I ask you to listen very closely very carefully to the report because there was something that was missing from it that we normally hear and the thing that was missing was there was no mention of race. The police officers and the civilian, their race was not identified in the report. Now there's a reason for that because you cannot see the video course where we are on radio, but in the video news report. They actually showed the pictures of the individuals involved. And guess what, the two police officers are black. The civilian is white so I put that out because how many times have we seen over the last at least decade of the headlines which read white police officer shoots and kills unarmed black man. We've seen that time and time again. What happens is that people rush to judgment. People go ahead and convict officers of being racist sin.

There's is outcry there's protesting and there's writing it. Oftentimes what we find is that the civilian was was often committing a crime and/or resisting arrest at the time of the shooting, but we didn't see that here and you just you have faster quiz yourself the question, why is that well I can tell you why the coals is about a narrative in this incident does not fit the narrative, so you ever seen this on the headline of the news mainstream media all over the country ever seen this on CNN. If you haven't seen it broadcast widely because it again does not fit the narrative you. You heard it on this local report and I had to dig to find this and and again you made out of picked up one of their listening because if you're like me don't view things in life through the lens of race. I just don't view like that we are not always looking to see what is someone's color. When an incident happens so that is your you may not picked up on it, but someone actually brought this incident to my attention. And so I actually had to dig to find this news report, but I did found find it in this this local news outlet did report on it, but from a from a nationwide standpoint, you didn't even hear about it and you and I both know that if the tables were turned, and if the officers were white and the. The civilian was black. We would already have have seen the writing in the protesting unit would be all over the news throughout the nation. But it does not fit the narrative. And that is why sit in the opening that I am a lover of the truth, but there's so much deception and propaganda that is being pushed today and when it comes to honesty and the truth is not always about what you say but is sometimes about what you do not say the calls.

If you're constantly reporting only the incidents in which the officers why the civilian is black but you don't report incidents in which the officers are black in the civilian is white you are pushing a narrative you are painting a picture that's propaganda of giving people an idea that is just this one-sided thing in the in the statistics actually show that more whites get shot and killed by police then than Blacks in our nation but you will be hard-pressed to find anyone that believes that the calls is not what the need that the media pushes so the media does this, we cannot in it pains me to say this, we simply cannot trust the mainstream media.

I encourage people to to when you hear about stories incidents to verify your through Christian outlets like here on the Truth Network that that you can trust to to report things in a truthful manner not in a biased way because the mainstream media has agendas and the news outlets is is multiple layers as to why they do it. One of the things is, it drives it ratings and so they know that it will cause people to get emotional, will cause people to protest and that gives more people watching and gets more people talking and so that means more money in their pocket so that's that's one side of the corn that is also a group of people who want this narrative push in our country because they want the way that our nation is governed to be overturned. There people out there who are Marxists and they believe in socialism so they they push this. This narrative of that there is unfair and unjust treatment of people of a certain group and that is there MO in which they tried to create class warfare or in the case of the United States of America race warfare and they do it to stir up so much so much turmoil that in their mind it can calls and overthrow of the system to bring in socialism. So that is what we have going on but the thing about it though folks is that is Abraham Hamilton third says the world is going to world they're not guided by the Holy Spirit. So you expect them to go along with blind and deceptive practices. But the thing that really troubles me is what I see happening in the church because I seem to have seen so many pastors and church leaders that are also jumping on the bandwagon of these deceptive narratives I have seen so many pastors that will post videos to Facebook and YouTube as soon as there's an incident reported where it is stated white officer shoots and kills unarmed black man and they get up and say this is racism only to find out later that once the facts come out. As is often the case again the civilian is probably committing a crime or and/or resisting arrest that has been been revealed in numerous incidents and so is is just simply not wise though to rush to judgment when you don't know the facts, and so we should step back, it looks like in this case in Louisiana that the officers were in the wrong. It seemed to be that the sheriff said that it was an unlawful use of force and so he's already saying that they they should not have taken the actions that they did you know II just that back and say I'm not going to rush to judgment, regardless of the race and let the judicial system investigation work its way out, but I again have seen so many church leaders that will stand up and start claiming racism when in actuality that is not the case. What we find is that our Lord Jesus during his time on earth.

There was an incident in which our Lord Jesus braided a whip when the people were in the temple doing things that were defiling the temple.

Jesus meticulously took his time as they were going about their corruption.

He braided a whip of cords and when he finished braiding that whip. He drove out the things that had to file his father's temple, says in John chapter 2 verse 15 when he had made a whip of cords, he drove them out of the temple with the sheep and the oxen, and poured out the changers money and overturned the tables. You see, our Lord knew that the temple was for worship of our great Lord and they had made it a place of trade and so Jesus again meticulously braided a whip and drove them out. So the question that I have today is do we have any whip raters in the church that are willing to drive out doctrines of demons because that is what this is when we look at critical race theory will look at the black lives matter movement. We look at the social justice gospel.

The entertainment in the church. These are doctrines of demons that the Bible said would be in place in the last days because anything that says a person is automatically a races based on their skin color. How they were born is a doctrine of demons anything like the black lives matter movement which says it does not want fathers in the home, which advocates for all of these things that are in direct contradiction to the Bible.

Those are doctrines of demons, the social justice gospel it which takes the focus off of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which preaches the social justice gospel preachers to not forgive, but instead get even, which is also what the black lives matter movement there all tied together they married together that is antithetical to the Christian faith because Christianity says forgive your enemies a love them. But these movements these doctrines of demons say no get even hate your enemy. And we see these things have they have infiltrated and corrupted the church. Our father's house.

So I'm asking how many whip raters do we have that are willing to stand up and drive these things out now here we will when I say this folks, I am speaking figuratively.

Okay, I'm not asking you were advocating you to to take a physical whip and drive out your pastor if he's out promoting critical race theory. Now, our Lord did use a physical whip, but Jesus is God and he has a license to do things that we don't have a license to always do what I am advocating is that you speak up. You stand against evil, and I'm not even seem to speak up during the service.

If your pastor gets up he starts promoting these things that are again antithetical to the faith. I'm the same to disrupt the service and to make a scene but but what I am asking is go to him privately and speak to him about these matters and and do your part to to bring a stop to these things, they have infiltrated the church. Again, these doctrines of demons so so that is my question. How many today are willing to drive out these things that are corrupting these things that have infiltrated these things that have defiled our father's house the church because they should not be there. We should be willing to do just what our Lord said to get rid of these things that are defiling his father's temple. We are lovers of the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth and we should always be willing to stand up to stand for our Lord want to pause for short break and please don't go away back with more on the other side you are tuned into God first program you're listening to Brian only got more wine please visit around the library. There you will find articles and messages available as MP3 downloads on various topics such as salvation, Bible marriage lesson is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit our website visit, God will come back to the program. It is Brian Thomason. Today we are speaking about the truth you're just now joining us.

I am sharing with you an incident in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, in which there were two black police officers that shot and killed a white unarmed civilian and well where's the outcry. Where are the headlines all across the union and all the major news outlets.

You don't see you then.

You don't hear it because it does not fit the narrative. The narrative is that Blacks are being hunted down and killed in the streets for no reason by white police officers and folks. These are doctrines of demons is propaganda to try to bring about division to try to bring about lawlessness, which the Bible says would be the spirit of antichrist. We see that spirit that is moving and moving throughout the world now for me I as a man of color.

Why speak about these matters. I have taken heat back lash from a lot of people within my race and they will accuse me of being a sellout they will accuse me of turning my back on our people. They will call me brainwashed all kinds of things but my response to them is that the truth is what I love the truth is what I'm always going to stand for the color of the skin does not matter to me. I just want justice to be done regardless of the person skin color doesn't matter whether the person is black or white or whatever.

I want justice because I am a lover of the truth, my faith, my allegiance to Jesus Christ comes before my allegiance to any color of skin. My faith, my allegiance to Jesus Christ comes before any allegiance to a political party. My faith in my allegiance to Jesus Christ comes before all things, and it should be that we work with all of us. But what I find so often today is that there are so many that will profess the income and claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ unto you, it means taking sides when it comes to these matters and then you see where their true allegiance lies. Folks, we have to stand for the truth. We have to be willing to drive out these things that are corrupting the church and again is a set in the opening that we expect the world to do these things. The world is going to world but when I see this happening in the church and it is becoming more and more common and NS someone a friend of my said I guess you know we we probably should put a clarification wanted to say.

I guess this is helping us to see what really is the true church because the true church is going to be a lover of the truth, I don't. I'm not saying that if you get deceived by something or if your trick by the devil that that means you're not of the true church, a blessing that all anybody can be tricked into see, but it is a not happen continuously over and over and over and over. Not when you will be led and guided by the Holy Spirit when you are truly submitted to the Holy Spirit and and letting him be the discerner for you.

You should not continually get tripped up on these matters. But as I said I am a lover of the truth.

Jesus Christ said he is the truth before Bhutto died. He said I am still searching for truth, but Jesus speaking of himself declared that he was the truth he said in John 14 six I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. Folks if you are a lover of Jesus Christ. That means you are a lover of the truth, you can't go along with doctrines of demons. You can't go along with the deception of that Blacks are being unjustly treated by white police officers all across the board with this broadbrush. Now I know there are incidents in which there are things that are happening that are wrong, I like here want one here to say that racism does not exist in any capacity. There is racism on both sides of the aisle. There are black races there white races that are Hispanic races there races all over the world and all ethnic groups and the reason is because of sin. There is see and that is in the world and until Jesus comes and makes everything new again.

There is going to continue to be seen were not going to get rid of it until Jesus does so, but what I am trying to to get people to understand is that the devil is playing on this.

This this this idea of racism to to get people distracted to get people divided to make people think something is there. When is really not an and that is what I try to get people understand the deceptions that the devil is doing transcendent. Don't allow him to to divide us from one another and I know there are some parents out there in and you have been trying to reach your children and your children have have bought into these deceptions.

Your children are are going along with the the critical race theory in the black lives matter in the social justice gospel and in your heart broken by your you're trying to get through to them but they won't listen, but I want to encourage you to never stop praying because your children can escape your presence but they can never escape your prayers. Don't give up on that child just like in the prodigal son in which he went away he and he went away from his father and he did wrong and he was living this lifestyle over prodigal, but eventually he realizes wrongly. He repented and he came back and there was rejoicing and so likewise your child can repent and come back where they were be rejoicing not only in your home, but in the heavenly home.

The heavenly host will rejoice when they turn to come back so don't give up.

Don't stop praying for them. They may be deceived, but don't allow it to frustrate you. Don't allow it to sever your relationship.

Continue to try to keep a connection with them.

But even if they shun you if they don't want to have a relationship with you. Never ever stop praying because there's power in prayer. That is why I am advocating for intercessory prayer because I know the power that happens when we intercede for one another and their people who again within families. Because of these issues that I'm talking about today. You have been rejected by your family you been pushed out of the family circle because you are not willing to embrace critical race theory, and so they push you out, they say your your old-fashioned you just simple don't understand they may have even accuse you of being a races but if that's you, I want you to dry your eyes.

There a lot of people that are carrying the hurt from that kind of rejection from the family, but I want you to dry your eyes, because our lawyer said he will never reject those who receive him, he said. Hebrews 13.

Five for he himself is said I will never leave you nor forsake you.

In Revelation 21 four and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. I know it hurts.

I know is painful because you know the truth and you see some who have been deceived but yet they think that you are the ones in the wrong and so they're making your life miserable. As a result, but I am encouraging you, Jesus will never leave you. Is there with you. Keep your hands in his hands and allow him to lead the way, because there's power in the hands of our Almighty Lord if if Jesus could make it so that Peter could walk on water.

You remember when Peter in the midst of the storm and and they thought that Jesus when they saw him they did know that it was Jesus. They thought it was a ghost because they saw him walking on the water and when they realize that it was our Lord Jesus asked that he could. Peter asked that he could come to Jesus. And so Jesus bid Peter to do what to come to him and so he Peter then stepped out. He began to walk on the water in the midst of the storm. What happened though was.

Peter got out there and he took his eyes off Jesus for moment, and he started to pay attention to the storm all around them, and he began to sink because he took his eyes off the Lord but I am encouraging you. Do not take your eyes off her.

Jesus Christ do not focus on the storm this around you folks. There is a storm that is around us today. These spirits that are in the world. These doctors of Dimas are creating storms all around us. Don't get distracted. Do not doubt stay focused. Don't lose faith.

We have to stay focused on our Lord. He will see us through to the end.

If we keep our focus on him because in the storm and the story of Peter. You know when when when Peter began to sink. Jesus immediately reached out his hand and called him. He said you of little faith, why did you doubt. So I'm risking asking you today do not doubt but if you do began to have someone as a weakness in you doubt still trusting the Lord he will reach down and pull you up as they focus on our great Lord beautiful as these are not easy subjects to talk about. I'll be honest with you, and I know that is not popular. There are a lot of church leaders who choose to stay away from these issues because they say they're too controversial, but as I said earlier I am a lover of the truth because I am a lover of Jesus Christ with all my heart because I love him.

I have to speak his truth. I cannot just sit by while people are being lied to. The deceived in and not say anything because the thing about it is I don't want you to see because I love youse will. And if I don't warn you, Jesus Christ, and is worried that if he tells the watchman to look out for the people in the watchman does not warn the people he is going to hold the watchman accountable in all of us as believers in Jesus Christ. Watchman should all be morning people throughout our family, our friends throughout the world that deception is out there. The devil is out there to steal to to destroy thanks be to our Lord God that he has the power over the storm. He has the power over the doctrines of demons he has power over all things that he will see us through. If we keep our faith and our trust in him will folks, we are all out of time so that is going to do it for this week, but I want to thank you for tuning in. Please come back and join us again next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever.

Amen. You can think of the Bible blame God for Ryan and I first was a right protected under our copyright is until next time great nation of Israel first

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