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Handling Your Unresolved Conflicts

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 10, 2022 7:00 am

Handling Your Unresolved Conflicts

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 10, 2022 7:00 am

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The man or woman, God has called you to be.

He will not allow you to merely sweep unfinished business under the deal with what the wall and here is why. Because there is no statute of limitation on properly addressing the wrongs we've done to others.

That's Pastor Paul Sheppard and this is destined for victory hello and thanks for stopping by you of any unresolved conflicts in your life, relationships that need to be repaired because of something you did. If so, you're in good company today. Pastor Paul takes us to the story of Jacob and Esau sibling rivalry that festered for 20 years before it was resolved. As you follow along special attention to the way Jacob humbled himself during those two decades of estrangement from his brother in the way God blessed him. As a result, today's message comes your way. Next stay with us here or visit Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor With today's destined for victory message handling your unresolved conflicts. There is brothers and sisters, let me remind you before I get into this installment in the series, how important it is for you to live by resolved because your emotions are fine and the vehicle of your life but never get behind the wheel.

Don't let your emotions drive. They don't have a license and even if they have a license.

They not only insurance you gotta make sure whatever you don't like the way you feel drive your life and so we're learning that from the word of God. Jacob made his brother think all man, and Esau lost lifetime provision and status in the family because of one moments desires.

I don't care how how wonderful an experience can be. It's not worth a lifetime, a blessing you remind yourself that the next time somebody who has no business hitting on you was blinking and winking at you and talking to you all at the gym all in the elevator, somebody trying to help you somebody who is looking at you, how you doing I'm doing fine and I'm going where I'm supposed to be going and we will need to discuss much else they make. You gotta know because I don't you go but I tell you what experience you can have experience in moments that will make you think he's romantic. So when it comes to illicit relationships is the romantic song is a mess you up, if only for one night. Let me take you home so I can keep you safe and well like a baby, don't listen to sound all sweet and wonderful about an illicit relationship somebody you have no business going home and about one night just sound like home. Goodness in them.

You will figure out the cost of that one night.

I don't care if the earth shook, the mountains roared the Angels wrapped when you gotta pay the price and too often the price carries baguettes for years and years, if not for the entire lifetime and so Jacob tricked his brother into thinking this is wonderful. I'm going to keep you from dying.

The reality is he should have turned a meal down, got some water got into the shade and got himself together. Then he could make a decent decision going to house and fix him a bologna sandwich and you have to learn to not let your emotions drive. Now I want to take you to Genesis 27 because really the point of this part of the series is not so much to look at the first transaction where that birthright was concerned, but it is then the second transaction where where Jacob and his tricky mama steel blessing the patriarchal blessing that is intended for the eldest son in the interest of time and we just talk you through Genesis 27 here's what happens. Rebecca overhears Isaac requesting that Esau go out hunt game come back and cook and serve his dad Isaac, a delicious meal after which Isaac said he's going to bestow the patriarchal blessing on his eldest son, so this was a big deal. This was the day that Isaac set up, get more. Let me make sure my son is been blessed as the elders so that the hand of the Lord is upon him as he prospers.

And as he takes the family name and enterprise into the next generation.

He needs to do so without lessening the patriarchal blessing on his life and so it's all this is his day where he's going to get the blessing of his pop and so he goes out has his dad has requested and is going to hunt game bring it back, cook a meal that he knows his dad loves and then after his dad is eaten that meal he's going to be installed, a blessing, but this is mama Rebecca. She overhears the conversation and she goes back to Hassan Jacob that it is a dysfunctional family. Yours is not the first dysfunctional family and she goes back to her son and says your father is planning to give the blessing to Esau. So he just sent them out to hunt game and prepare the meal that he likes and then he is going to bless him, but we need to intercept that with home plan where Jacob get tricky from the he's a trickster please name Jacob which means trickster deceiver supplant the con artist, whatever you want to call it. That's what Jacob means that he was named out from but not only did he have it in him. In terms of his personal instinct he was raised by somebody who was good at being tricky. See tricky Ms. what just nature for him. It was also nurture. He had it in his nature, but he also had in his nurture, meaning he learned how to be tricky from his mama who was the queen of tricky and she shows you right here in this chapter she says no. Here's what we don't do.

We're going to go to our old flock.

I want you to kill a couple of goats in our own flock.

While your twin brothers that were going to cook from our old flock and she said I know how to fix it. It just like my husband likes it and then I'm going to give it to you when you go in tell him that you are Esau and Jacob says wait a minute. Mom does not go because I am not very smooth skin did not like he is my close don't smell like him because he's a man and he smells like it. And you know me, I'm swapping around the house all the and so Rebecca said no, put your brothers close on you except some places on your smooth skin, and put some hair there so that when your father who can hardly see the Bible describes it being here in this chapter as his eyes are dim. That means he's almost blind. He can barely make out little images and he said I'm just going to fix you up.

So when he feels you you feel hairy when he smelled you you smell like your brother and you have your brothers close all don't worry, hook you and check out when you read it Jacob or say don't know what I don't want to be karst when doing this is pronouncing a blessing to pronounce the carts on my life. I'm not trying to be cars and Rebecca said don't worry about it.

This right in the Bible. I got this if you read it.

She says is wrong may receive the curse that some veteran tricky person she becomes. Take the curse. Gotta watch who you hang with veterans at doing the wrong thing and you get good at what your practice and so you gotta watch who you spending your time with and so Jacob, I will trust you and he goes out and kills the goats and their flock and brings it back in and mama starts cooking and preparing it, and what have you. Long story short, they fix it up. She does all the makeup and gets her son ready and sit in Isaac will be right back with more of today's destined for Victor message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen any Pastor Paul's recent broadcasts. Be sure to stop by Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor and stay with us after today's message Pastor Paul joins me from a studio in California. First, was tuned into the rest of today's teaching handling your unresolved feelings. Once again, here's Pastor Paul Isaac Smelser. He's a way way way way you only so, let me fill you came over that he felt all the hair and any smell to close. You sure you Esau is really unsettled about the he said come you got back so quick with the phone if you went hunting. It usually takes much longer game.

You get back to square watch when you read it. Watch what he said.

The Lord blessed me, Lord, have mercy on God himself lived long enough to learn. Sometimes when you are carnal you are just doing things that displease God and your major. In that moment the care for God's blessing me and he went on and ate the meal enjoyed it and, bottom line is, after the meal he blessed Jacob, thinking he's blessing. Esau and pronounce that you read it when you get a chance.

Here's what happens after that.

In fact, go to verse 30 limit reach a few verses now would happen as soon as Isaac had finished blessing Jacob, and Jacob had scarcely gone out from the presence of Isaac his father Esau came in from his hunting. He also made savory food brought it to his father and said to his father let my father arise and eat of his sons game that your soul may bless me. Verse 32 and his father Isaac said to him, he's on your firstborn Esau then look at this Isaac trouble exceedingly, and said hello. Where is the one who hunted game and brought it to me. All of it before you came and I have blessed him, and indeed, he shall be blessed.

The blessing one something you could withdraw all and then recasted elsewhere. When it went out is done and he said I blessed him. He's blessed indeed.

Verse 34 when Esau heard the words of his father.

He cried with an exceeding great and bitter cry and said to his father blasts may bless me.

Also, my father what he said your brother came with deceit and has taken away your blessing and Esau said is he not rightly named Jacob for he has supplanted me these two times he took away my right and now look, he has taken away my blessing down to verse 41 so Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him, and Esau said in his heart.

The days of mourning for my father are at hand. Then I will kill my brother Jacob look like popcorn die, so I wait to he dies. We have the prescribed days of morning soon as that's over, killing Bible commentary.

I'm not going hurting, killing, you know, brothers usually scrap sometime no tussle around what had not in Old Testament not he's out of here soon as we mourn pop. He's outta here is what I need you to understand. Rebecca sees that Esau is comforting himself with murderous fantasies reimbursed 3042 when you see Rebecca when your brother may in fact he is comforting himself. Think about how you go kill you now.

Yes, you looking real holy, but I bet you there are a few folks in this audience and many more.

Listening to the radio or listening to a CD or somewhere who can relate to how Esau felt you look holy now so you don't want to admit it, which a big Bible right there in your lap but you know what it's like to be so great, so that you could take somebody out. Thank you for the witness.

Just take them out out think out the consequences let you get to the case. I will happily go.

You can some of you have been there and he's comforting himself with thoughts of killing his brother. So Rebecca says will because that's going on going in and leave town. Leave the whole region that what I want to do is go down to your uncle Laban's house go to uncle Laban and lived there for four days, weeks, maybe a few months, she said, but but before long you'll be able to come back because your brothers are laugh will turn away all she didn't understand about. Oh yeah Jim few days to cool off, you know that come sometimes when people don't cool off what is going on has to be dealt with at a very deeper level and Rebecca were about in few weeks whatever he will be fine. Then you come back home so she seems him down to her brother's house in another region altogether and he stays there. Rebecca thinking for weeks just what it turned out to be 20 years 20 years.

He's living down with uncle Laban in them. This brings me to a critical point.

One of the greatest fears you can have is the fear facing a person or persons you have loaned but face them.

You must if you're going to be the man or woman, God has called you to be.

He will not allow you to merely sweep unfinished business under the he will not allow you to pretend like you have nothing to be addressed. You got a deal with what you did wrong and here's why. Because there is no statute of limitations on properly addressing the wrongs we've done to others. Make a note of that or keep that in your head and in your heart when you have wrong somebody you can say all man that was 15 years ago thought I was 30 years ago, you cannot do it if you will be the man. The woman God called you to be you but I have realized that you must what happened. There is no statute of limitations so Jacob is a strange from Esau for all of the 20 years that he's living down with Laban in them during those years he lived a full life, but he still had to deal with this thing sooner or later he got married knowing to get married to one woman got mad to write your member that he met Rachel fell in love with her Lord is my shepherd, I see what I want. And Laban doesn't Laban's daughter and he said want to marry her so hard.

We got work seven years, you got work seven years for me. You want my daughter seven years and in fact the Bible says, it seemed to him like a few days some years seem like a few days because while he worked hard. He looked over to see reach and he go back to work in some inspired how many of you ladies inspired your husband. That's why he married you he was just so inspired by you your skin to raise her hands. All right, seven years of labor.

Finally, it's always a lot and the wedding date is set, and in that culture.

They introduce the bride into what would be the honeymoon chamber. We will, referred to it in darkness and he's been there, thinking he's with Rachel. But when a long time comes. You know what happened.

The light that these all went out to go Rachel and Laban said you mean I didn't say all she said you but this daughter so I'm not going talk to you about it. The custom you'll need to know about until about the custom you can. My Rachel ~said you write your using that same trick he didn't see okay so you will like some of the 70 thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory message handling your unresolved conflicts now in pleased to welcome Pastor Paul shepherd enjoys me from a studio in California pastor. Many of us put some real thought into what we name our children, our businesses, even our pets. Many of our listeners have wondered how we get our name destined for victory.

So let's talk about that for a moment while I really take Paul seriously when he said God began a good work in us and he's going to bring it to completion which means our lives, our journeys, all of us are somewhere in our journey, not only of chronological time, but we're on a spiritual journey.

I want to make sure that I help you navigate well on your spiritual journey. I want to make sure that I help people avoid pitfalls. Where possible, or at least learned that they don't have to be fatal.

I know what it is to have failure in my life but I also know what it is that failure doesn't have to be final if people will put their trust in God. Repent when they mess up and let the Lord restore us and make us the people he's destined us to be the fact of the matter is if God be for us. Doesn't matter who or what is against us, we're going to get to that place of ultimate victory in Christ. Well we say all the time. Here the broadcast.

In Christ, you are destined for victory. God said it, we believe it and we hope you'll join us in the mission to share the good news with as many people as we can in the days ahead destined for victory is supported 100% by friends and partners like you when you send a generous gift to destined for victory will gladly send you by request Pastor Paul shepherd's booklet trusting God and scary times.

That's trusting God in scary times, which is a companion guide to the messages you heard earlier this week is our gift to you for your generous donation to destined for victory. Just call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, our address is destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. God says bless your moving. You got a deal with what is behind you in the way that I am struck and watch it with it then. I'll let you move forward and be blessed. Some of us need to join Jacob on this journey that's tomorrow and Pastor Paul shepherd's message handling your unresolved conflicts. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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