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My First Boot Camp After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 5, 2022 12:35 pm

My First Boot Camp After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 5, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the everyone's first boot camp continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Open Range," and "Good Will Hunting."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is probably doing more from a Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network coming to you and infringed, apparently in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this week, so sit back and masculine journey starts here welcome to masculine journey after hours. Glad that you joining us to talk more about the topic of our first boot camp run, he would tell us a little bit about how we came to the topic. The topic of this week's broadcast is the first boot camp so we are going to sit around last week after I'd set something as a reference back to my first boot camp and Wayne saying something to me and then it's kinda something it as often happens with us. It just kinda sticks and will I will only talk about was that well was just gonna leave it open and does anything that comes your mind that was important to you for that boot camp in this is what you're getting in and you know this group. You think that being good Christian man would vent bunch of rule followers and things we had Robbie with the marathon clip of the last week and Andy were asked to submit one clip gives us a lease to you every week is again decide and be honest the bump in one second over. It was about the reality I know starting with that I feel shamed now have a another topic for another week, while not yet a problem because I think that violates the copyright two minute guys in my heart I know exactly what I did know if I look listed. Start talking you are okay but clip you gotta go back three or four weeks and and play it again.

It didn't get there.

That's my fault because I dumped it on somebody else that like to have the afternoon but it was the Tyler flying in the plane and mile never cry Wolf, which he didn't. He never would even mention wolfs even though he is asked what he is up there for, but that really resonated because and as a said earlier the hell are big adventure together was going to Alaska. But what I probably never said on the ear is the beginning of that adventure was driving across the country.

We broke down for a week in Oklahoma which put us behind so we guy got my wife to Seattle area and then I took off and left her for a week together boot camp. It was a weeklong one bent run by Barry Strickland and that I never had problems with the lawyer stuff and doing battle since they are my earliest memories to headline it just just say like, and if you been blowing stuff up for a long time. Well yeah explosives didn't really hit until late junior high that I was shooting things before that I identified immediately with the warrior. This was a weeklong adventure with God, and it really hit me that I was married at 18, had kids at 22. They were out of the house that my first boot camp was 2003, and it was sort of a oh catch my breath. What am I living for and when I got there and and this was an adventure that God sent us on, and I knew it, but when I heard that was part of every man adventure. I said you not have had lots of adventures of my life but I never really saw that as a core desire until that week and we went through this was in Alaska we went fishing every day.

In fact, to be honest this love sessions because we only did those that night and I was tired not those off, but the movies really had an impact that keep me awake at that site all day, finish the movie but the adventure began there at the end of it.

Barry gave walked up to me and said I got something for you and handed me wild at heart.

I never heard of it. I didn't even know that's what we were doing during the week He had heard the phrase when he handed me the book and that was a turning point in my life, linkage and reset it into you and so that there is your second yet with us this week is always, always bring up bring a lot to the family reunion. You know I don't does bring project and I bring some potato salad to right below the long stockings clip and any other healthy other things that have client has stopped taking on a mythic one for his multiple clips I wouldn't have one half the time that's what I do have my fan club so Clifford the big red that's big bald dog visit is read. So this clip is from open range and this is one of the ones I went back and looked at some notes because we are doing this topic from my first, but I think I think was a journal from the first boot camp. I was so dance I didn't I didn't date any Evansville not exactly sure but I think it was based on the journal type but anyway I went and started flipping through this to see if there was any movies that spoke to me or anything out of them. And sure enough I ran onto the clip from open range and I can't remember the whole thing that basically this they were called free grazers that were taken advantage of everybody else's land to graze their animals and I went into town the night nobody likes him any other man in that town. You know these other ruffians were gonna run in the town and they were like, you know, in a negotiation.

Anna geysers exactly they were seriously many geysers but they were does run in the town and and Charlie and Charlie is the main guy and he basically says you know one guy was complaining about, you know, we don't want all I got kids get killed off names like millionaire managing that's there's a little bit more than that I don't want to tell the whole thing that most of her so I went overboard on that.

So we'll talk about what I feel like a name to do something about it.

Freighters refuse to shop management raise my boys just seem killed. We may not know this but there's things and not worsen time you Have a nice burger and that's an athletic department. There is something know is a man and a man worsen dying and it's kind of is similar to the clip I submitted in the first show but no really this things those comments, there those quotes, distill what built boot camp meant to me is that they will awaken something in my masculine heart to do more than just get through life pay the mortgage try to provide for everybody but not take on the enemy not stand up and be what God calls man, not what the world calls Mama what God calls man and to live that out and let it affect every area of your life and not compartmentalize well I'm godly necessary, but I'm not in here but really lived out of my heart you know Robbie, I can't talk about it a lot.

He used to come up to me at boot camp, since they would have a God come after your heart and I looked at them like what in heck are you talking about Tina. It was like I just never had anybody put it to me.

That way, but that's exactly what happens in God Kim's after your heart to wait and reawaken it to him and his purposes. Yeah, he does and I think that United a good topic which we will be next week topic would be what are the things of the knowledge your heart worsen dying you know and everything. It's something to really ponder and I think that's why such a powerful clip a little different than then William while yeah little bit you know because you he's getting together that I have seen really hope I did run a four that the guys that's the way I say that this is just a little different. You know, and the key thing was was Charlie didn't say a whole lot during the whole movie. Now yeah he does listen then again I didn't say much but when he talked all my going to listen to yeah what one, one more thing. There is just well you prompted something and in the now forgotten another leave any comments to I guess the thing is that you don't nobody wants to leave this life feeling like they'd not impacted. I think that's the biggest thing you want to leave you your brain on it and I think God put that in there and whenever we get through halfway through the life and we realize we haven't made the impact that we we feel like he's called us today. We don't feel like we've accomplished and Lippert Huxtable. I go home I'm taking away as my Danny and I thought about the Danny Thomas be good Christian clip got yeah any euro you and talk about your first boot.

Like Rodney, I knew it was about a book while the heart and the Touchet Touchet TN 15 years ago I was introduced to the heart, and John Eldridge, Stefan, that the thing was that I was introduced to a bitter was in a community of people doing it, so to speak in just kind of be like on an island, but he did speak to something in the heart, and I knew it did and I knew there was something to this masculine journey and but it kind of died out because it was you know you're around talking about the stuff in your bicycle and yet asked nice gasket. It is good.

Keep going and inner like go away in so we had started ministry in an is a men's ministry in. I knew my time there in Asheboro was was and I don't know what we really do talk about moving the of to the Winston-Salem area from Asheboro and the bouquet that came to couple years ago was my first one having know that we had started, followed by God. We were, doing that as a group and an it was kind of a last hurrah for us, in my own heart because I knew I was stepping away from guys. I dearly love still talk to some of the most government but I knew I was stepping away as leader.

Is there anything in Stefan in the holy world but I didn't know was I was stepping into the masculine journey world and that was, the boot camp was almost like Stefan do the thing in Narnia really really was water time or order of the Anna because, unbeknownst to me, God was given me the community of me and there were in this genre of of masculinity and truly come in after my heart, and that was my first boot camp was because I had no idea when I talked to Robbie and met Darian and that I would be invited to a radio show to podcast to a community and it was literally. I call it a plug in unplugging one back in the meeting wasn't like I had to search around for another ministry is like blue is really neat God is that some amazing thing Sissy yellow and we matching, we knew that your island of misfit toys kind of person intellect and I will work for us. I had a I had a water gun flagella yes.

That's it. So we get to another clip and so this is a clip that I brought to the show and this is reminder to camp my first one. Unlike dating are very like an essay I'd read while the heart prior to coming to boot camp and actually read it and had the lead let a couple of small group with it and also assuring it with one other person and for me I gotten stuck on chapter 4 chapter 4 in the book while the heart is the one chapter and I get stuck there and read the whole rest of it, but I could not figure out my wound is the funny thing was that God was kind and tell me what was but I didn't want to listen. I wasn't going to allow that to be the wounded part of me in and in my own mind. Looking back, it already hurt me enough. I didn't want to admit that it have been hurting me all along inside of my first boot camp. I'm getting some great information is are going through the larger story and core desires a man's heart. In the end opposer and taken lots of notes and I'm have a little bit of stuff a quiet time within the get to the session on the wind and they play this clip and I could not get out of the auditorium fast enough to get out to spend time with God because I was losing it.

Just breaking down crying and in and knew that I had to talk with God about its will play this is from Goodwill hunting will play it when Sean is the accounts are Robin Williams, yet will he's coming to them there finishing up their sessions and he's offering showing the report that he wrote to the judge, and they start having a conversation with and see how that plays out.

So now it isn't like. Will has an attachment to signers that stuff.

Abandonment is a list of not your fault is not your fault. I now felt. It's not your fault with me right don't you. This is a what's a clip you my thoughts would go to any times guided promptly on the wound. It was my station issue from an older family member in an I'd sworn that I would never talk about it. It would be. I would die with that secret no one would ever know anything. I buried so deep and God is trying to unearth the 90s when letting me set for year or more units. I went to the boot camp and saw a clip and bypassed all the logic and hit my heart in a way in all those times as you listen to it seems not your fault he's breaking down wills wall to the point where he can hear his condition, his heart so much. He can't hear that keep coming audibly, he hears a bit. He can't believe it to be true, it's not safe and on. So yeah that that day, God really broke through to me and help me forgive the person that had molested me.

It took another few boot camps before he help me see that I really needed to forgive myself and I was a harder one and that was because it feels like your fault if you hear the end of this clip it will says I'm so sorry we has nothing to be sorry for. He's been one.

It's been a victim at the enemy so good at making you feel like your wound is your fault. You own it. That's what makes it so hard to break and so that's always been a powerful click to me for those reasons when the effort in front the first boot camp by the same thing your clip locked in that in my first one I kinda got suckered in the common pajama rear.

He is happening in my life is actually counselors of the time and for me is more of a yeah I'll get this thing and get a life off of back doing the course never got there it was. Well my doing here…… That it was going home.

This is not by the end of the by the end of the boot camp I had knew all the reasons why the night I yell had solved all not get out.

As I was leaving now. There is a new man now course, I ran out there doing the things we tell people not thinking J it's it was it was, was started the whole craziness with me realizing that a I can hear from these places where I was hearing from really was hearing from there and it's you can speak to us in a lot of different ways.

For this lesson so yeah you guys it you unleash the crazy, so just now on Scott's phone. One of the things it just really just continues to jump out to me this day is and I know is like the shock you Danny, that has to do 119 Psalm versus concept of the Hebrew letter Shannon, which means check care which also means fake right in the end, the idea of so much more of the world is fake than what is real in my experience, actually of Christianity of house can be completely sincere was there was more fake they are.

When I went to Sunday school or these other places that that was what was real that you know it look like you're ready have their life together. Things are good are all doing well every fine I'm fine you're fine you know it was the whole deal. When you see Darren in a short command. I can see but but this clip brings it out what was going on the army that was real raw life right in front of you. Of course, it shocked me like my eyes wanted to roll in the back my head that they were using the language that you can almost hear and that clips and that like are you serious you display bad right here amongst all these Christian people. But the idea is, interestingly, truth stands the test of time were falsehood is what burns I mean it literally.

It doesn't have any legs to stand on, and so it won't be there and so how cool it is that we can begin to boil down stuff that I feel like it's real that's authentic those words almost always used overused now to the point. But what what I do know is that from the point that you see the poser clip and you begin the process. How much of this is me, which I you now again all the other people posing as one thing that not all my goodness, like how much of it.

I'm doing and how much work to I have to do to get rid of the falls so I can stand on what's true and begin to walk into what God really had in mind which you know is gotta be that which is true and so you know in that same section when it gets to you know the heart of the matter. David says I hate and I abhor it is interesting that hate.

It is growing in abhorring in other words, we start out knowing that we don't like posing but it gets to the point where it's just absolutely disgusts you and then it says dialogue my love, but that that debt grows out of this beginning to just I don't like posing but then it's just totally disgusting to the point that like oh my gosh I do so love what is authentic.

I so love what is real, which is what's happening in that clip for me in that home movie. It's a tough movie to watch. It's really tough movie to watch and it's full some language in it but there is some real life moments in this part.

Another part we played on the show before were Sean and will are talking about a painting Ray and Shawn just tells them about life right ending the dowsing and end and hold back in on its it's so good that you look past all that other stuff because there's so much truth in it.

That's why we use these clips is not to glorify Holley within only glorification would say what's the story that they're stealing from God that he's trying to tell you in ways that moving in your heart so much.

Right. That's where the work needs to be done is where that movement is you know it's like okay that's that's a signal. This is where I got to go fix the problem. I will take your job here briefly. Sam, I think anybody that comes to the boot camp for the first time since that's were talking about will see the poser in themselves that are not there not paying attention but you mentioned that chapter 4 is where you put it down is with the father wound and it didn't have to be father. It frequently hits, but that one also is stumbled me for the complete opposite direction. I had such a great father, grandfathers, men that were wonderful examples and taught me well that I struggled finding father wound and God did lead me to them later, but that was, not something I saw it up, wondering how many of us didn't get past the father wound or didn't even hear the father wound our first boot camp. Yeah, I think for me it was God knew that that wasn't the biggest one that he needed to work on AI eventually unpacked by the wounds and and some other ones is much as I dearly love my mom would've told you now 10 years year that there was no such thing as a mother wound. You know that God's come after that. Andy and I were having a conversation this week and I know it's not about the first camp we were having a conversation about I can imagine what life would be like had not been to these boot camps. The first one and then all the others. I think it's Morgan from wild heart that says you live in the day and measuring the decade and it's been pretty close to a decade since I won't read while the heart bend at all.

These boot camps and staff in my life is just totally different in all my relationships in the way I look at life. I can remember.

I don't have any kind of backed up with you guys ever so often I would really get depressed about different stuff that I didn't see any hope in this wasn't that long ago because the one through broken relationship and stuff like that. There was a lot of stuff I don't.

I can't remember the last time I woke up and said this days going to suck.

I can't. I mean, this day is not immune what's the point. I mean I I'm you know it's just a different mindset. But that is the way whenever you look at what Jesus is offering in the New Testament.

I feel like I am starting to really get a sense of that my life is just totally different.

But it's been a process and it's taken time and you know the way the book broken down all that stuff comes at different times.

You don't get all of them want so you have to stay in this and allow God to do all that I feel like I've experienced each chapter in the book and it brought life to me in so many different ways in a TE good enough boot camps.

It's funny you like I want to converse and help wounds healed. Check that off the list and thanks God that's done and then five Orville Ganz is dealing with the same wound in different ways and all the little fingers that it has tentacles that run out the you you know this is deeper than I thought, you know, and unpacking all those different areas you known God deciding at this boot camp is going to share this with me. That's the coolest thing things John said at the first boot camp that I heard and I was marginally offended by as you cannot trust somebody that is not held and I have a dear brother that put the book down there and never picked it back up. Still it into CBC guys. There are waiting to die instead of learning to live Internet with me and I'm just so grateful to God brought this into my life through a boss at work gave me the Internet such a cool thing in and manages made all the difference for me and the difference for my family and I hope that that's what I would do for you and encourage you to register boot camp coming up March 31 through April 3 masculine would love to see you there. Talking actually one of my favorite things about boot camp.

Now the favorite thing about campus every time I go, I encounter not as is encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect real and counter with God knew what I needed.

I knew what I will masculine this is the Truth Network

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