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March 1, 2022 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 1, 2022 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Can you get to heaven if your body is cremated---2- Can women be pastors---3- What is the connection between the serpent in the garden and Satan- What does it mean that the serpent was more crafty than all the beasts of the field---3- Why is flat earth theory wrong---4- Why don't you agree with full preterism---5- In John 5-31-33, is the John that Jesus mentions John the Baptist---6- Why are clouds so significant in the Bible---7- What does it mean that those who endure to the end will be saved- What does -be saved- mean---8- What's the difference between an elder, pastor, deacon, and trustee---9- What does the Old Testament mean by mentioning -other gods--

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why rent is called responding to your questions at 877072762072276 as usual. As usual, Lord, as usual, took your questions, your calls and things like that so hopefully everything's working fine and I forgot one switch just want to put a battery everything at once which there. All right, all right, here we have open lines 877-207-2276 and going to medical and out tonight were going will be teaching through the second beginning to go to the second chapter of Philippians.

So I read one chapter and why is that working like you do this and so I avoid on that one chapter and go through to go through.

Chapter 2 will be doing is going to curse Christology on the getting into the issue of the incarnation, the pre-incarnation, the nature of Christ in the Trinitarian union will be talking about what's called hypostatic union in the correct recess as well as the committee got to if you want will be going instant to some of those things on the radio on the Bible study time to put online. So if any of you are interested in watching it. All you do is go to the website is usually the Facebook,.org, and I'll have the link information there will support up to YouTube so YouTube channel thereto so that sounds like something you want to do registered and that all you do is check it out tonight of the going through that stuff and then after a two to study for about an hour. We opened up the questions and so people who are in the room with because it can my house like teach ask questions and also people online last questions of so there you go. That sounds interesting. All you do is so check it out and that'll be at let's see we start at 730 my time which is 930 Eastern time. We use mostly for the CERT five.

It is what it is. The that's how it is for here for people to get your all right having said all of that will be can do is jump on the phones.

Let's get to Vicki from Ohio. Vicki welcome here on the air that would legalize crash and was cremation a ridiculous concept. Now you know how your night out at all little people because of cremation that make any sense you in the classroom whole exhibit is a canceled switch request at everybody that I only now there's nothing as good as dead people who say that a reading book of second Milana calls right it. It's is not there yet. I haven't had My rescue it with the thing about this guide, you know the houses of thousands of years ago they died, Abraham and the patriarchs and all his people. He died and their bodies are gone. There's no bones left. There's nothing left is God not able to is God not able to is God not able to so is God not able to reconstitute the atoms that bring everything back together do what he wants a Corsican right so you and another can't women are not okay like not apply on line at night and all right, barely 1 of my actually it's so first Timothy three and Titus chapter 1 talks about but I yeah and it says that the elder terrace is to be Ms. can I call out positively on their music. When I got a man of one woman in the pastor. By default, an elder, and so she is out of line and she is in rebellion against the word of God actually is repent and just tell her call me up and I be glad to discuss it politely, I would be glad to discuss it over the phone but I tell you she will never want to talk to me because I can show her scripture and show her that she's in rebellion against the got word of God and she will not want to give up her position in her power and authority under title II well I laid out for help will guess you must have held titles that that's not a pastor you know Deborah was now in charge of men.

It doesn't mean that she was a pastor, pastors and New Testament thing ordained by God and that is going on a woman enough to be that I do like I always do that. The hole was glad I did this allotment of dues for 17 years. I'll say the people. If you disagree with me, let's have a public formal videotape debate on this. Will you scripture does the Bible teach that women may have been up pastors and elders. Let's do that title you are doing to fly out there. Let's do it debate and I did.

I said this so many times over the years I never ever got anybody take me up on not even once. Now I will I have to give her your number and I you we go through the Scriptures neck and teacher concept is probably not aware of like sterile headship and subordination outside of will get some stuff you didn't write okay yeah I very much welcome so very much God bless today was Vicki from Ohio we have three open lines of want to give McCall 877207227 suggested to Doug from Indiana Doug welcome you on here hello Matt, I have a four concerning the serpent in the garden and yeah those are according to my understanding was late mediated creature and what is a correlation on Eric created creature on the earth and what's a correlation between the serpent and that of the fallen angel Lucifer will generally speaking, the theologians assert that it was the devil in the garden and he is Lucifer the fallen angel Lucifer means light bearer, and Satan means adversary, so God did not create him fallen did not create him evil. But in his own prideful sense. Isaiah 1412 through 14, he rebelled against God, and took 1/3 of the angels with him. Thus, the theory and rebelled and entered into the garden, God allow that and tempted Eve and she gave the fruit to Adam and we have the fall. So let's all works okay so what year of pastor do you mean that God created creature more craftier than any others rated in world have to hear it is a critical this is. He was more crafty service yet IN any beast of the field. I think about it. If the serpent there is just to think, but that's just a creature like a snake is a snake crafty. We look at snakes that you look at the cats and dogs and you look at turtles and in you birds of prey, which once craft is not saying that the of the serpent has his intellectual ability. As part of the snake and so was going on is that it's a personification of the devil of the evil one. The serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which interesting is that if you think about this.

There's an in court, not incarnation, but a representation of God in the person of the one who walked in the garden with Adam and Eve at the pre-incarnate, so this is a kind of imitation of that where the enemy of the gospel is doing a similar thing is what enemy does he imitates the true living God. So he was there. God allowed it and the fall occurred also actually die when they speak about phoning your life. People fall from the grace of God and the Trevor correct the phrase fall fall from grace is in Galatians 5 for I think it is, but does not really lose your salvation.

The Angels didn't have salvation in the sense that they were save the righteous judgment of God because they were sinners until the peep the.

The Angels fell as it says Revelation to the third of the stars with the tail, select the start they think that with what happened there is no salvation for angels. They are knocking to be don't have Redeemer didn't have any way to be saved. Those who fell can never be redeemed, can never be saved okay so were to quickly word him if I'm pronouncing it recommended play with like the hybrid type units in Genesis 6, Genesis 6 title enough for lien and in Genesis 6 was really important is physically verse nine through the says there.

These are the records of the generations of no one knows righteous man, blameless in his generations and so some people think that what that means is that his ancestry was without corruption because the Christian church until the 1500s believe the following were the offspring between the fallen angels and women that's my position I hold them in action and the Jews always taught that it wasn't until the Christian church became over this theory. This idea became attacked in the 1500s than what was called the sulfite theory. That is one of the sons I don't buy that for second in June.

It talks about the Angels letter for the boat etc. found a little attempt to limit and so it's worth referencing back to Genesis chapter 6, so it looks like the reason the flood occurred was because the enemy of the gospel was trying to thwart the arrival of of the Messiah by interbreeding and in diluting the the line of people and so God wiped them all out and then one a continuing theory about this is that what the Angels the half breeds when they died were set free for their bodies and their spirits continued in one of the theories is that the demons came from, and that's what they want and how do these are just theories that are within Christian discussions stuff yeah yeah okay and thank you for your time and your knowledge will welcome God bless you certain you have a good evening you two things you listen a photograph for open lines of want to give me a call eight 772-072-2760 McCall okay Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome your yeah they have got my last for ever after. My question was about. And if the auditing firm.

How is that a minute 90 bringing me all the way but cannot close but no in the Bible anywhere about galaxies and all the and how if that is built fall away and you break not sure how is folks we have for open lines. What you call right back after mass Y call 77077 so sure initiative will not do hundred and 35,000 miles away in the sun is 93 million which question they will be away from me.

You mean the flat Earth.

People know I don't send out one of no permit to gather hot it felt Bob part oh so you're asking why flat Earth with left versus would say in response to that is that your position? Is everything when the question is that something is what is your question not quick. It is not fit together that will be filled far away in the movie "this is in reference to flat bursars is that what you're asking is that your question probably know God, agree with them that they know you shouldn't flat bursars will deposit the litter box. Okay yeah they are instrumentalists who don't know what science is actually teaching. They have ridiculous excuses for denying the facts and it's a waste of time to deal with them but I did an article and you know I've done several things exposer fallacies and there's plenty of videos on YouTube.

For example, let's just destroy the flat earth thing.

So from their perspective. They just doing what you said and I will deposit the litter box and just and miss read Scripture and then they make things fit. There's a question. Were the questions I have to flatter through very simple question as it is pretending will make a model of how the earth and the sun and the moon in the firmament are supposed to be sweet and understand the proportions was havoc table that's 3 feet in diameter circle enters a dome that's 3 feet high in the middle. Around that time that that roundtable in the sun and the moon are either embedded in the firmament of top near the center or you somehow are able to orbit between the flat earth and the, the, you don't underneath the will. The question becomes not model. Why is it that there's night. Why is it that people once are the world can't see the sun, since it emits light every position on the earth, the sun will be visible all the time.

It is one of the very very simple things to help refute the idea of of letter cosmology so I have no respect for them. I think it's a ludicrous endeavor. I think that they need to stop wasting people's time and move on to bigger and better things set of the polls have evicted around the edge of the earth is a giant ice shield that keeps the oceans in the what's underneath.

This will go with me on. We don't know.

So to look out to see Jupiter and Saturn are all rounds imagine us yet the sun which is a sphere, and all the planetary spheres and then all the sudden we have a flat disk that's the earth that's consistency. It's is ridiculous it is to disdain light when a flat lack of crap playing actually like it. Where a plane is flat. By definition in three points to find a plane but they say Caesar some safes where some say that it's a it's a flat disk or just disk but the Scripture when I speak about the four corners of the earth and the circle of the earth which is metaphorically dunking presentation so it just doesn't work and there's a lot of other problems with the flat earth model. I just suggest the people go on the web and look up flat earth cosmology just flat earth refute it, refute flatter you see plenty of videos from very competent scientists. This is a ridiculous and industrywide notices work okay okay right after I run. Thank you. All right. Okay for the lines going to give me a call 87720776 the stick to Randy from Kentucky Randy Whelchel bureau here.

Listen to your eschatology again yesterday and you made a comment about act 19 through 11 refuting post-colonialism. You could elaborate on that little bit.

It refutes plagiarism. Freedom is greater okay okay hurl and some post millennialist hold to full plagiarism and some don't propose millennialism says that things will get better, which I absolutely deny that you still believe that for] five – 19 through 11, the full praetor wrists say that Jesus returned in the Army's and he's going to return later And some post millennialist say that with the new heavens, but the new heavens were to be brought in by the conversion of the world to the gospel and I will usher in the presence of Christ return.

Some say that I've heard some of the firm of plagiarism that the return of Christ happened in 70 A.D. and that's what it was talking about Matthew 24 Luke 17 that the health that things are to get and that's all you get better from there. But ask one night a little to go to if you want absolutely refutes the idea that Jesus returned in the armies of Jerusalem as the seven idiots praetor wrists say, not one of the trim away, studying it like I'm about like you I was right in a Baptist Church in court. I look at you and why all that I can talk… I hate Connecticut but everything. All of the landmen built right now I'm on mill and mesh working on in-depth study on all millennialism present some time using PowerPoint slides and all kinds and the beast would affect something like that people can see how things relate put what is is next 19 through 11 so Jesus ascended to heaven. This is after it after he said these things, he was lifted up while they were looking on in a cloud received him out of their sight, so there looking up in a cloud received receipt to monitor site, and as they were gazing intently into the sky was satisfied while he was going to hold two men in white clothing stood beside them and they also said men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky. My conclusion is that they were looking into the sky. The reason I say they're looking into the skies, because it they so why do you stand looking into the sky. That's why say hey there, looking in the sky type this Jesus whose been taken up from you into heaven okay will come in just the same way as you watched him go into heaven. Hold on both the right and I got his message of your fear for my call 877 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely right fielder right so I read from Scripture. Acts 112 11 which clearly is a country clearly set the angel stays the return when he returned he went up in the clouds up in the sky. Not only that, but Jesus said, and this is Matthew 2430 and then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky 2664.

Jesus is have you. You have said it yourself unless I tell you, hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven. Revelation 17 behold, he is coming with clouds with the clouds, and every eye will see him.

He's coming back the way he went up is coming in the clouds. I am blown away the people who I would signal that we really BC came with the armies of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., what I can. I know what to do and if I go to the Old Testament. This is a good thing to build religious people through Clement you understand the Old Testament says what they do. The neck and neck problems.

They submit the New Testament to the old. It supposed to be the old submitted to the new. The good is the new that sheds light on the old. It's very, very clearly stated how Jesus will return and ask 11 through 11, with all due is a safe in the Old Testament. It's about a phrase of power and so they take that. They say that what it means in the New Testament, and they negate actually want to 11 so I try I told Peter is bemused is chart foolishness.

All right, one quick question that I qualified late, weightless, really fast were you like to point out that with diet 517 to 25. How should I look that some people say it's the new millennium coming in after the great curb reference well equipment versus 17 through yesterday.

17 to 25 July Eric got in some states, a literal 1000 years. It has to be there and then it's not because it doesn't make sense from other areas of Scripture we talking here about the new heavens and new earth are coming later on. That's the case is not about the rapture of jubilation. It is not about a literal 1000 year reign of Christ is going to be there in his reasons for an event over this before it has to be with of the that's people work harder, redeemed, and the North occur. One of the things the problem here is that they want to say to the millennium that babies that she was no longer will be an infant who lived just a few days old.

Then I will live out his days for the youth will die at the age of 101.

He does not reach the age of 100 will be thought to be accursed. So what is talking about infants won't die.

But people are going to die… An infant who lived a few days. It won't happen like that for their organ to know if it's a gonna die an old man, at least you will live long, but the youths are delivered to be 100 years at least. This is wistful to happen during the millennial reign. And if it's a literal thousand year. And this is during the time when crisis was the ruling from Jerusalem. And yet people are going to be rebelling against Christ during his earthly reign when he's in charge and babysitting a live to who knows how many years for parking to die for hundred years at least it into a sister's a lot of symbolism here to be careful at what they do they want take it literally. But as I was going only talking on it now, it doesn't make sense okay thank you very much welcome, glass, let's get to Martin from Virginia Martin welcome your own here. I think that `my call up particular groups like that. I got… A previous call about the flatter, and I get to go back a little bit and thought out of it you know about that flatter came somewhat from our observation of primitive vision of the and now it is not okay not on it don't have to fight your in relation to your it is a separate title if not it's okay but is 20 day rotation just had a me tightly luck with your gifts correct correct right but like the deer if it does not rotate back. It does not look in on an act of your metalhead or about the patient of the flatter type stuff like hey we got the author like this that thatnot all the time. And then we've gone over a lot of different forms that the proof why does not go to… It rotates on many different… In relation to like the sun. Mars other other heavenly God created objects. So if you put a spring in between the moon and the earth at the equator. At the very center was only one object that was wrapped up not have festering plant right up your all the time you write right tightly locked because there is greater mass in the far side of the moon and so is like centripetal force. That's why it's like that but it is actually on its own axis as attorneys have tightly luck was really curious about this.

The moon. This is very very unusual people don't realize how extra are exceedingly rare. It is that the size of the moon and its location and distance between the earth and the sun allows for the the son to be eclipsed and yet still see the Corona and that is why seeing the rare earth it's really nominal yet we are very rare here on earth we are so lucky I'm no where have we ever found where like to be created where like this situation. In the movie cute are that well that's robotically God's grace for all three thank my mother okay alright, alright, let's get to pastor from Charlotte, North Carolina Patrick welcome your own here hi Matt hi Jeremy yes I can. So we got I'm John 51 3134.

Could you read and give me the contents of John John's exercises were Jesus is speaking and the writing but what does it say John 531 34.

While it says if I will testify about testifying for myself, my testimony is not true. There's another testifies of me and I know that it testimony which he gives about me is true you have sent. You have sent to John and he testified to the truth of the testimony which I receive is not from man but I say these things so that you may be saved okay so what your question so that John the Baptist know it's the Holy Spirit under it will be the testimonial of the factual father and the son and the Holy Spirit. The witness of Christ because the father bears witness of Christ, as do the screen. John when he mentioned to John that John the Baptist verse 32 guest John the Baptist. There's another testifies of me another and it's all I like that John the Baptist hold on a sec that's John the Baptist cycled on hold on until he something okay there in Greek. There's two words for all for other lasts and heterodox loss means another of the same kind and Hector Ross means another of a different kind. There is another of the same kind who testifies about me and I know the that the testimony which he gives about me is true that we know the father is one who is testifying in very witness of Christ is as you have sent to John and he testified to the truth.

Jesus is saying that God testifying of him. But John also testified the testimony which I received. He says, is not from man way, says the other one is all I suspect is that one whose testimony is not really for member from God that we sang okay well can you go to John 131 yes I can. And it says I do not recognize him. John the Baptist said but so that you may be manifested is likely baptizing in water. Okay right so John the Baptist when you baptize Jesus.

It wasn't about Jesus or the ball John the Baptist fulfilling his testimony of identifying the son of God.

What switch say I've given you the answer for all that is what I'm trying to hold on I'm sitting I gave you an answer and you seem to ignore it and go on to something else so imply give someone an answer. They don't respond to it or comment on it. They ignored and go to something else tells me to not listen why dialogue will move along and every time you end up forklift to fly. Call 877-207-2276). Mass Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave Emory from Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome running here.

I do okay. We got so important will because they dwell in the second heaven to give a shade and ring comes from them that some of the reasons are so important they have the right you talking about spiritual significance don't know. Symbolize unit symbolized the presence of God. So words mean what they mean in their context.

People make mistakes when they say for example the word all things all means what it means in this context, all the world is being taxed doesn't mean every individual and so click the word cloud has a semantic domain. It can mean literally a group of witnesses. It can also mean a water vapor thing that white up in the sky; it can also mean the presence of God.

So it just means what it means in context. Okay will you go then. All right. Okay. All right.

Okay, just go to Alberto from Georgia Alberto welcome your lake, no Matthew 24 that they say that both you and with each other.

A applicant that people pointed regulation. Or is it with an equally churchy church age presupposes dispensational theology, but so awful jump on that one.

Right now though so medically for you to kind of an interesting text, those who endure to the end will be saved is not teaching that you be saved as in salvation because if you endure through tribulation. And then you're saved for for salvation.

Because of that, will the next salvation by works is not what's going on. But what the context is is an overall sense. It's the apostasy that's coming the arrival of the evil one. People are falling away from the faith. This kind of thing and the one who endures again, will be saved. Some paths that think that it could be during the tribulation period to be saved through that, to the point of Christ's return in the rapture. Some mistakenly think it has to salvation you be saved if you endure to adulation. Some have said that the enduring is what gets you saved. Not that your enduring persecution. But you don't deny Christ if you did then you would not have salvation or you would lose it different views about what that verse means, and to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it is. It cannot mean in any way shape or form that people lose their salvation implication. I believe that for second Jesus refuse that John 637 through 40.

So it I think has to do with you endure through these things are to be saved okay and that you had to do that.

But salvation is not because you endure to the end to someone who endure thin will be safe for the sake because you endure to the end you will be saved right thank you Lord that was so much of doing door the German state young thing right had a strong door. I tried what you going door to be signed and my wife certainly doesn't do a lot with my presence. So cheeks get off generally.

Just be safe, you should be because I'm such a stripper is individual to signify noticing a man of 30 years ago and 88 well think going door to the end what they thing out right not nursing to keep her salvation by how good you on a continuous basis of salvation by works. A lot of of Arminians to step that you were to be. Say yeah you can lose your salvation when you have a good you don't do the bad things unless you lose your salvation so it's up to you and your goodness to get yourself right with infinitely holy God is a heresy okay yeah that they believe not meeting our meeting. Thank you and I'm glad you did. Yeah okay okay God bless you what a great work you to my compass. All right, let's get to Charles from Durham, North Carolina. Charles welcome your near a man how you doing all right. I thought I was drafting a very simple question, but not on think about it out. I don't think like that simple lately with the fundamental relationship lacked different between our pastor Elder and trustee and biblically speaking, the trustee's office given in Scripture. The apostle in the New Testament economy has priority. The prophets of the New Testament is spoken of in first contents 14 and they have the gift of prophesying if they mean profit in the Old Testament that is done away with earn more profits. Jesus says of all the prophets were until John and the John the Baptist Luke 1616 and so in what it says in Ephesians 4.

That's the. The issue that we have to deal with. Ephesians 4 deals with the hierarchal structure within the church and we have there in verse 11 apostles and prophets are dealt with an evangelist, and some as pastors and teachers, pastors and teachers are covered by the same definite article in the Greek definite article is the and Greek. It's gave us some as the apostles, and some as the prophets, and some as the evangelist and some as the pastors and teachers that would assist in the Greek so we also have deacons and deacons are servants, but the pastor is also an elder by definition because the elders are the ones who preach and teach in good first printed for Timothy 517 for that. So the hierarchical structure within the church deals not with the Pope and Bishops and things like that but with pastors and teachers deacons like that.

That's the order. Though it the pastor said Kurt were going to do that you did that the elders would really honor a fact on it in and prove it to do the path through the elders commanded had it did that biblical.

Let me read Scripture address it. First Timothy 517.

The elders plural. The elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching so the elders the word elder Henriquez press blue terrace or elders is present.

Roy we get Presbyterian from this word which means that the governmental structure of the church in the domination, then a particular church is Presbyterian means elder Ron elder ruled.

This is a first Timothy 517. The elders who rule generally speaking, you don't have a single elder like a single pastor you have elders generally but what you do. There's only one pastor the passers by definition an elder for per first Timothy 517 so we want to make sure that we understand that it's not the church is not a democracy is not a democracy is not achieved by voting with the congregation lots because the pastor's job is to equip the Christians in the body of Christ. They often are not qualified or educated or know enough to be able to say hey I want to go this way, but her hand doesn't work like that. The elders are supposed to be educated and trained exits and not end up at half to the degree but they need to know what the Scriptures teach and not worthy of so that they're not just first Timothy three and Titus one talks about that. They have certain areas of reputation and an reliability and doctrinal knowledge so that your question so the pastor says hey let's go this way, the church, in part, it depends on how the church is set up because there should be in at your listeners 100 people in the church. Give one elder and you have say 31 pastor and three elders.

Even though the passerby definition elder to let's say you have one pastor three elders. The pastor says maneuver this building and the three over say no were not then they don't because he doesn't have final assault authority that he's one of the elders and the elders as a group need to decide certain outstanding kind of down but I helping church need that up enough Presbyterian pipe direct is correct that correct okay just that's what assess the get go to first Timothy three says that an overseer must be above reproach, etc. good what he's doing. Titus one better. Says here. For this reason, verse five elected Creek that you would set in order remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you to now the elders are in cities overseeing the cities you must be a man whose above reproach, the husband of one wife is white women, pastors and elders having children who believe not accused of dissipation rebellion for the overseer of that stored Piscopo's the get the word bishop from that but the word elder is pretty blue terrace. It looks like elder and bishop are interchangeable. Some people say all the bishops over the elders. It doesn't say that in Scripture for the overseer bishop must be above God's steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, etc. goes on what he's doing is listing the position of the elder is an overseer guiding right and and use it correctly is not a true outfit. I would I hold that truck for like the divorcement give the divorced men in the church something to do while a church can create an office like that. I don't see any problem with that. The Bible doesn't say can only have these offices but the offices that are mentioned normally should be in a church, but they want to say there's a director of children ministry. That's fine, or someone who does.

So it was a trustee who does errands for the church and is trusted with trappings yet. I could see that just needs to be moved under Christian biblical fences say I'm truly little bit okay yet that I want that word again you that Brett is going to rise to grasp the Greek word is press blue terrace's nominative masculine singular and that is just the elder okay and then the word for bishop is present as disk apostles.

That's we could get Episcopalian from that okay all right thank you welcome so much already got RS okay let's get to last caller built in North Carolina billed about a minute.

The show we got what I have two questions.

Hopefully we'll get through one when in the old I've been studying the old blaster out early and late. There's a reference to other God yes quite a bit and I'm not sure how to understand what that means that make okay even from time to time by God's time. Okay, so the gods exist in the Old Testament, but not ontologically. There were no in the snow things that were actually God see what Isaiah 43 4445.

Reason those three chapters will see that God says that there is none before non-Africans even know of any other. Furthermore, in Galatians 48.

However, at that time, we do not know God, you were slaves to those which by nature are no gods to sing. You believe in them and I were slaves in the but by nature not God's. And that's what's going on in the Old Testament there are no other.

Little did I expect you to call back. I have others in his column are okay. We had to say. I will all right affect our bless you this evening had never been teaching a Bible study on to have it online by going to Carmel Ward on Facebook or YouTube is great there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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