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Running for Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 22, 2022 11:05 pm

Running for Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 22, 2022 11:05 pm

Running for Congress

Steve brings Brent Roberson, who is running for congress, on the show today to discuss what it is like. David joins for last segment.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host Steve Noble and everybody well is a lot going on.

Only in the country that are on the old obvious her eyes on Russia and Ukraine and watching up was no fool, and how he's worked his way in there with a peacekeeping force which is kind of funny. And all of that matters. I was talking my students just earlier today on my US history classes telling the make sure you're paying attention because what's going on over in Ukraine and Russia, and Europe is going to be part of American history as well and don't be surprised if in a few weeks you're paying $5.50 per for a gallon of gas which got their attention. All these high schoolers who are now having to spend money to put gas in their tanks and try to get them to understand the politics matters and that's one of the reasons the countries in such a mess is that old Edmund Burke quote that says all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing and so apathy simply is not an option is for any American I would make that argument, but for Christian especially is not an option the Lord our God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. One of the ways you can do that in this country is through the political process. See you guys that have been watching and listening for years. You know that I'm gonna bring up politics often. I'm going to have politicians people that are in office often in this time of the season when were in a big midterm election coming up in November but we have primary season.

First have a lot of people on especially fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that I felt that call to try to impact the life of their neighbors through the avenue of politics and today were doing that. Once again Brent Robertson is is conservative here North Carolina running for a North Carolina second congressional district. Of course, when we say name any congressional district. Right now North Carolina. That's a bit of a?

Or in*because of the lawsuit. In the case and in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, so there's a lot going on there but the second district by the way is large and encompasses where I met here in Lake County goes way outside of that, but Brent Robertson is running for that district were to get to know Brent today and talk about the issues and talk about his fate.

So Brent, thank you for a been a part of the show. Today my friend how you doing all you very welcome. So what will come to get into your life story and how you ended up where you're at and then bringing your life story forward into the political realm, but certainly we all are busy people. We have families that have businesses to run in jobs to do what was it wasn't anything in particular. Brent, if you're going to kinda boil down your decision to make this run for North going to second district what was kinda behind that what got you to the point really like okay I'm doing this over 170 Manuel politicians district entrepreneur walk all about seven or eight years ago in Ballston in the last several years I got closer to Jesus and brought some back in November I was praying and complaining about the state or country.

The same old thing to know. To the extent of us talk Brandon southern bewilderment had windows moments not knowing of the dog thing so God addressing her jealousy soon. Brent just almost all required all sorts of stable for him. I don't wondered what you meant to give an account for that in and as we let such a great point not speaking a contracting. I was in the house painting world for 24 years I we are on a job once and a construction crew that was there they were working on this big barn in North Raleigh really beautiful property and he had always guys wearing a T-shirt and the T-shirt basically had the like. The no smoking sign on the front. But instead of a cigarette and there it had the word whiny in the back it said you're not a willing you're not.

You're not allowed to whine about that which you're not willing to do something about, which is a great thing for for all of us to remember, but for us as believers in particular Citgo. We complain about politics all the time but I don't know how much we actually engage in, especially whether it's prayer hopefully voting, but to actually run what was the reaction from family and friends. Brent and the guys in the Bible study when you said hey you know what to run for Congress will Marcel really don't all silos will walk with you this should all my one good friend played on all days later told Jews don't all recently. This is going on a single source should thunderstorms restore what is only good yeah and that's the end and there's times when we it's I think it's okay that cocked her head and look around and ask those kinds of questions but there are other times when you're so focused on something and you know that the I got mentioned in beginning to show Brent for us as followers of Christ.

Apathy is never really an option. The most apathetic thing we did.

We can do, which is subcortical it sit on the sidelines and pray and pray is still a very intense thing to do and still a powerful thing to do and it's an active thing to do, but did jumping into the fray and getting into politics. What did you have any kind of concerns. At first Bobby said that it will babe, the Lord's calling in your life but we worried about Anna drag my family and that this, in my business life in and out because if it's not quite as easy as it was a few decades ago. We have to pay a steep price, usually all y'all had always been as close as so were all ears will install you never told me to just over yeah that's a great reminder appreciate you saying this or talking to Brent Robertson who's running in the second district up for Congress here in North Carolina and by the way his website which you can check out if it's got a lot of great information on there about his own background in family business is Brent Robertson there's no tea in their Brent Robertson is the website up the links up on Facebook as well. But you were called to a life of faithfulness. Oftentimes Brent, I think we do the math and try to figure out what's going to happen because we don't want to get egg on their face or attempt something that might not be successful. But that's not really a part of the deal for us as followers. It's just to be faithful and then we leave the we leave the end result, the Lord, not that we don't work hard, you know that as a business owner I know that, but we still have to just be faithful when he calls you to do it. It's going a.k.a. Brent go to the land. I'll show you where like can you point to a map for me on what I would like to know where you end up like no just pack your stuff and go. And that's the life of a Christ follower. That's a life of obedience talking to Brent Robertson were to get into issues his own background and how he believes he is qualified to serve in Congress, and the fact that he wasn't thinking about it and he was running the business and just being a family man makes him qualified in my mind this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall be right back, back, and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking to Brent Robertson today is running for Congress, US district to hear North Carolina which is a really enormous district, and of course things are crazy in North Carolina right now with the districts and I've several friends running in various areas that are still up in the air until we find out exactly what can happen because Northcote states cream court said no, no, no, go back and redraw again so they had to do that. That was turned in last week on the 18th and then we'll see what happens next.

But getting to know Brent Robertson is running as I mentioned for North Carolina congressional district to Anda and bring you mentioned this earlier. Thanks for your time again today and for stepping up to the plate here and running that you're not a politician. I think most of us when you talk about. And even when I talk in my civics classes in my US history classes, but in my six classes specifically.

I'll talk to these 15 1617-year-olds about candidates and what type of candidates do you would you want to see running for office and and whether it's in Congress and the Senate or the House or the presidency in one of the things that they invariably get to is just kind of normal people that have been involved with running businesses in leadership and have family life and just come in living a normal American life that are not career politicians, but feel a certain level of service are our founding fathers never imagined people would be a career politicians and George Washington. Even after his his first term in it and in the second term is like I just want to get out of here back to Mount Vernon and in live on my farm and take care my them done done serving but they served out of an obligation which is what your mentioning and I just don't think we've seen a whole lot of that II think one of the positive things from the trunk presidency. As we saw the effectiveness of business acumen somebody that's been spent their life in business instead of in government. How would you kinda translate being a business owner and you had to roll with the changes.


I remember 2008 for my own business. My contracting company.

My house painting company AMI things were rolling the rock 'n' roll in 2007 was great and then all of a sudden about March or April 2008.

It was like somebody turned off the spigot and it was amazing how fast things went down, but what about your business experience.

Brent, do you think would help in terms of being a member of Congress will all have decisional law school will be worse is all we really will store about $4000 and 50,000 allowed critics on would be one employee in a little over 10 years of our employees and our jumping here over the hundred 25 all 2011, 2008 recession public total will live there just over developers would work for you, or more DOT jobs slow down just a dress along all yet so the reality is for us is business owners that we can't print money. We can't just sell debt to cover the printing of the money we actually have to adjust and change things in order to maintain as many employees as we can and and and the black to actually make money.

What if you're going to like what so you could spend time with some members of Congress in your to bring up to your office and show him some lessons.

What kind of business lessons. Do you think are most of our representatives need to understand and start to employ in Washington DC because the governments run very differently than you run your business. I ran my business or even how we run our household. There seems to be a huge disconnect in that kind of reality.

So the biggest thing is you came here that wiki has been taking his country in here so this all. Sometimes everyone is heard now our grandkids just not really the goal was short he is. Financial responsibility is responsible to pass along to all generations, the likelihood of the behavior. There are this is not so can't spend more washes been doing for a while.

Just you last one will know if that's the problem with Washington DC. It doesn't have a profit motive you mentioned earlier when you were just going up complaining about stuff and I don't use that negatively because we all do that.

But what were some of the biggest issues for you, Brent, and then praying about it and realizing okay for him to complain about it. I should probably be be willing to directly do something about it. Which is why you're running again Brent's website if you want to check that out and see how you can be a part of his campaign in support of Brent Robertson.

No TM Robertson okay Brent Robertson, 20, but what were some of the big issues that really kinda got your blood boiling that got to the point were like okay I get to do some about this again involved will you were worth 20 years. We have Martin 60 America will see you in the next 10 years or changed the direction looks a lot different from America 10 years ago which eroded the same rate your now continual work. So now we have written/we have all borders were Ukraine Bolvar border while coaches change our goals and just wrote you just can't continue to savor all I have told this several times just to see 20 years ago when politics is everybody's life. John four just went home on everybody is just consumed with all the time. The solid-state website. All flesh is worse will be what all the children you if we don't stop yet because ultimately, like I just show my students all the time, the national debt clock in the nation on the national debt clock for other countries around the world and it's read as far as the ice can CNA in and and I wake them up by Mantell in one of my goals is to make them lose sleep at night and the feel like throwing up when they realize what's coming their way and invariably Brent when I die shown different videos and educate them at some point there like Mr. Noble like what can be done about this because lately that you know works, which is passed recently passed $30 trillion in the national debt $30 trillion in debt trillion is such a huge number that people can even relate to it. Saul asked him the file saved a Brent on sale. Could you guys just take a guess how long ago was a billion seconds billion with a B. 1 billion seconds.

How long ago was that there like I know you know five years 10 years was 32 years ago and then a trillion seconds ago is 32,000 32,000 years ago. Any disco that means nothing to me.

Then I tell them what you are just alluding to, or talking to Brent Robertson is running for Congress district to hear North Carolina listen guys, I'm in a be on to glory.

By the time this whole thing falls in on your heads. I'll be in heaven will be concerned about you, but them up anything I could do about it. The slogan to drop on your heads of the bigger question is what are you gonna do about it but I just don't think we understand you mentioned morals Brent. I don't think most Americans understand the gross immorality that's involved and what were doing to the next generation. This is whole. Just be your site is your house right and will store now just show that's right. Not very long at all. When they come back to talk about some things that Brent alluded to will talk about national defense will talk about immigration and border security, and then we'll talk about the economy and see where he stands Brent Robertson's run for Congress Brent Robertson is the website. This is Steve Noble of Europe that there is a man going around in the back and see the show, talking to Brent Robertson right from his website accrued true conservative for North Carolina second correct congressional district, which is not just here in the wake County area texting massive if you look it up. It's one of the biggest districts in North Carolina so you got a very interesting group of people you got course to get the closer you get to downtown Raleigh. The more blue it gets, the further out you go, the more red it gets you have rural people you suburban people you urban people and that's a challenging job to deal at and then when you're in Congress specifically in the House of Representatives. Could you represent a smaller area than a US Sen. that your constituency is tighter and so you have this balance because of the federal government got so big and bloated that Congress has something to say about everything including a national defense and immigration and border security and the economy in general, but then you still have your district back home. In this case district to and so you kinda have to balance between what's in the best interest of your district which is can sometimes be different than what's talking about for the entire nation but when you're in Congress. That's the deal you're dealing with both reveal a local issue you're dealing with the North Carolina issue a new deal with federal issues which makes it challenging but we appreciate Brent Robertson being with us today. Like I said is running for Congress in the house district to hear North Carolina and a brother in Christ and a conservative, a business owner whose learn how to roll with the punches.

2008 comes through. That's a pretty bold move in in a few years to completely change your business model but as a business owner you do we need to do in order to not only survive but to thrive. We need a little bit more that DC, I think we all would say amen to that. So Brent again, thank you for spend some time with us today and thank you for your willingness to serve your welcome his eye wet website.

Again, Brent Robberson, 20, Most of you listening in the Triangle area that you're in district to OKC specially need to pay attention but I say this usually Brent, the people of your conservative flesh. If your believer and you know of another believer that's trying to run. You don't have to live in their district to support them.

We should be pretty effective at supporting each other in the body of Christ.

The New Testament especially is full of one another's. So whether you live in District 2 are not really relevant.

You can be a part of Brent's campaign. Sukkot is website check it out for yourself, Brent Robberson, 20, but that's it. That's a challenging thing that you're dealing North Carolina issues and in district 2. In this case as well as nationalist you.

So if we can Brent spend a few minutes before you run out time in this district in this district the same thing but in this segment to kinda go through some your big three biggest issues that start with national defense that something that obviously is on our radar screen now because of Russia. Even though people can't usually connect what's going on. Russian Ukraine with what's going on here but what you see from a national defense perspective. Why is it such an important issue for you all will yes store run in Ukraine as well on the school be so volatile right now is changing moment or moment is all moral.

The future always right now legal is our police or reactive reactors, politicians or reactive polls to react to the news media. This all are doing so in the future will ridiculously go westward and Leslie actually have a plan to get going. Based on the law also would like for a country is also owned a national just thinking not right now. When you train. You should know the hand-to-hand combat experience. Experience now now drops to 4 million women with their spouse. Something so in the years to call computer warfare source will be the people get paid so that we have best and brightest people for comfort. Just consider the future, future realtors will just drastically different. That's a great point to get the best and the brightest in a high-tech military future. We don't need a Facebook or Instagram we we need him in the US military and and there's always incredible men and women you know this Brent that are willing to serve and it's not about the money but there's other people where you got to get a meal to make a living and provide for their family. I think that's a great idea. How do we go after the best and brightest, just like the regular companies do, and in the military and you know you talked about this in your website is now just another political arm political all state people save money and check us as people look at what you will hold course will be successful while that's a great immigration and border security.

This is something unlike Ukraine and you mention this by demonstration appears to be more interested in Ukrainian sovereignty what's going on in their country than what's going on at the southern border. This is a huge issuance of it's a huge issue around the country. It's a huge issue in the South. It's a huge issue in North Carolina.

But why is it a big one for you Brent will go back to national security will just talk about your morning you will have secure this long is in the last year to come across 128 different countries will have rural 428 countries as well. Here is easier to build this photo we need to get that at all, so your Christian love our neighbor low but same time we have to be mindful and address the issues with the people were here. Things start to deal with.

I started with what leaders will have to address that issue was used because all regular immigration names just to sit for a while. Also, all will we don't have secure you well and in you mention and people will throw that out for us Christians are talking about border security to love your neighbor anxious to look out for the, the oppressed, and for the poor and the widow, and I'm like yeah absolutely one of the ways you do that is by securing your border because we've set up a situation down there that's created not just at the board of addenda Mexico and even into Central America.

But the way they come up there.

The walk thousand 1500 miles. We created a humane humanitarian crisis by not having a secure board.

We painted we basically baited the hook. We put the cheese on the traps. All we said okay. When you have a lax border so all let's all go to America. But then you have all kinds of human waste that just happens all along the way.

It really is a bad humanitarian crisis there. Plus there's that challenge of what we do with the 12, 13, 18, 20 million illegal people that are here are ready and as soon as is conservative if we say okay we got to try to figure out what to do it them then people scream. Amnesty beak to your point earlier because anything so politicized. You can even have a conversation about it. We can talk about. We have an issue is a big problem is not will go away and we need to quit kicking the can down the road before you know what is your motivation yet, but all of the people didn't come here legally or postwar Christian situation or plan to get worse as you Mrs. Wright is a criminal or pierces his honest hard-working people directly, they're here now we have to fix the situation. I told you lately yes I will now have to fix that one for me.

I'm like okay and a lot of them don't want to live in the shadow Satan is in the contracting business for a long time and they would prefer to be citizens and then and a lot of them would even be willing to say yeah okay I broke the law. When I came in and I and and I need to account for that. I'll pay a $5000 fine, whatever, just to acknowledge it so you can deal with the issue but then most of them don't want to live in the shadows. They want to join regular American society, which is what we need him to do what about the economy. I know we've got the inflation we have about a minute and 1/2 (but economies a big deal. So what are your thoughts on that as Riverview.

We need to get back in energy independent. All you have all our sincere US self-sufficient. Our whole country just will have this inflation under control is said earlier about jurors is realistic, state all for all rose early stair 15 years ago. Now all all three 69,001 day with all just north yeah will you use the word self-sufficiency and that's a huge issue for me last year alone we bought about 240 million barrels of oil from Vladimir Putin in the yearbook were under trump. Love him or hate him, but under trump. We were in energy exporter. We were not importing.

We are exporting because we took advantage of the things that got replaced underneath our soil. We need to do that again Brent it's great to have Jan will stay in touch as we move through this election in all talk about your opponent and in the next time you're here, but we really appreciate you being here. Thank you so much for running Brent Robertson running for district to hear North Carolina and Congress Brent Robertson thank you brother. We appreciate you back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble silvery to be with you as always.

And of course being a Monday, Monday, Monday was yesterday. Yes, yesterday was Monday. That was Presidents' Day.

The markets were closed and a lot of the things were closed so we spent the day talking about the presidency in our favorite presidents and what makes a good president.

So we just moved our money Monday update just one day over to today with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark is his website is always land mark in the markets only town 482 points today so got that. What's going on in Russia what's happening with the Federal Reserve that the rates are to be raised so good timing on this passage of Scripture, David, it's great to hear from you.

Thanks for calling it.

Isaiah 4030 through 31. This is deftly one we need to. Here's always great timing.

We just praise the Lord for our chance to start with Scripture grabbing me use grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall. But those whom the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not so younger. We worry about more things than we doing regular little older with the scriptures think that's what you know we you and I about the same age will actually will let you know.

Looking at the Scripture eagles and God wants us to soar like you that bugs the Eagle legal legal actually like crowing recently of a bug.

Eagles away from this thing that bugs them restore attitude" can go about high whatever we face today from the altitude that God sees it but speak his eyes Eagles that he is created to be like the crows there.

Down below. Patient Castro I know that sounds easy in the natural but in this virtual.

That's how God says I went to the store like eagles. Such a great word. And especially today when the silly things going on now course, we have what's happening in Ukraine, which is going to have a boomerang effect and eventually most likely will affect us here in America.

The economic front, but I love that to good to get about the problems get to get up tomorrow.

God's perspective gain some altitude and get out of that.

The day of the day mass that's all that stuff matters. We live in the real world there's consequences that matter today, but ultimately gods above it all. And so that's as I Forgotten that complete forgotten that about crows in the way they get away from the crows just to soar above it and we have that option. As followers of Christ to just be in the spirit and remember his word and study his word and remember his promises. And they're all yes and amen that that gains you altitude fast, which can kinda help you get your head out of all the garbage of the day which is great to think I hate crows there just so annoying. They're nasty, you know, it's just a beautiful thought just getting some altitude get above that you can do that as a Christian, what a great reminder. I love that more market jitters going on what seems like, I don't know if that's the new norm from last week to today is so should we just get used to the statement. While I know how long that while a couple months the whole year really what the Fed does think the thing with Russia causing the problem is low supply chains. Obviously the Fed rates is the biggest concern and procure what Russia might or might not do with having to listen get it day of the Dow is off 8%. The S&P 1% more than 9% domestic 14% and we've lost since a week 3 1/2% of the Dow and porn & monastic course the computer slot will talk about will the black gold pointed traders were were right thing is going to go higher. Were $87 last week were 91 change today, 90, one half sacks. She spread his pain he's been doing this for 30 years.

Jeffrey Curry is the guy's name is interviewed on Bloomberg.

He said quote out everything you talk about you know the gas market oil, gas, copper, aluminum, you name it work in silos Chief Executive Russell Hardy said crude is required to put things in perspective you talk about this to the previous For her just the end of it on a monthly basis in September 2019.

United States will oil independent. We actually exported crude for the first time in a month since 1973 that will change combined shutdown pipelines. In Oklahoma there and now the US imports 3.9 million barrels per day. So if Russia does what they're suggesting they might do this with the market working a lot higher prices and oil that just creates more inflation so yeah it's just brutal in and pay attention, but that's again starting with the passage of Scripture in Isaiah 40. We live in the here and now we have to deal with the realities on the ground, but men in terms of your spirit, your emotions and what you're thinking. Make sure you're gaining some altitude and staying in God's word because like David Salem get used to this. This is kind of the new normal. For a while, you mentioned the Federal Reserve so I guess their first interest rate hike would come next month.

Is that right and will that have much of an effect in terms of the national debt and I what's going to happen as a result could be in March might be 1/4.

Morgan Stanley came out on 17 February and said six times rate hikes this year in the market is saying there's a 50% chance that that will happen.


Morgan Stanley J.P. Morgan choose me for knowing Street rate hikes have a meeting in the perspective right now in 2000 last year and into 2021 interest payment only was $562 billion lower half a trillion. That was one of the largest piece of budget processes percent 562 billion. Morgan Stanley is right will be 1.75% SA $3.9 trillion interest only payment will jump from 562 to almost 4 trillion J.P. Morgan is right, will be at 5.6 trillion interest payment only when we know our next couple weeks on the numbers that talk a lot about history. It's going to be shocking. Everybody get into the Scripture so you bogged down in the crows with this but it's going. Unfortunately I wish we were one somewhere else, but I been talking about this and raise Rachel's goods to be interesting to watch besides insulation will see if anybody running this November in the midterm elections will see if any of them are really going to start tackling this question. Most of the implants they run around that they don't talk about inflation because that hit you on a daily basis you think about it now when you go to the gas station but they don't deal with the elephant in the room. The busy stop in on ants will see what happens between now and November. If any of them actually the backbone of the intellectual honesty to talk about it but on the on the flipside of that, when everything else is going south and ramming all these other problems are friends gold and silver tend to be able to pull in Isaiah 40 and kinda gain some altitude get above all this mess what's going on with gold and silver. While William is off the charts. According the commodity futures trading commission last week, $7.1 billion came in to the contracts of gold, not the physical market but buying gold and silver on the contract.

It quite a bit.

Previous month for the last two weeks of 55% of positioning for higher prices. Silver is up 71% in contracting purchased not the market right thing. The volume of contracts stating that metals are going to go higher. With a couple experts are saying Crispin Hughes, chief marketing strategist from a technical traders is not a cool guy he same goal is getting a $2700 this year. Technically them in the next five years and $7400, so I'm not quoting that although I said we would be between five to $7000 the next five years to 10 years and I said that a year longer program.

He's been a lot more aggressive than I am so movement from hedge funds went from people diversifying in the gold I camp my counsel serving.

It's not just some education and silver were probably more than likely I will say for sure but everything indicates a lot higher prices and gold, silver and the word that you bring up pretty much every week.

David is diversification and diversify your holdings. You should have all the precious metals you shouldn't have all caches and have all stocks are all mutual funds are all real estate, you gotta look across the threat of what's available and will and to use my language that we've used for years. I mean that all of your stuff is in like the market and in your 401(k). That's all one end of the teeter totter and right now things are getting challenging yet nothing on the other. Isn't someone, all of a sudden, that stuff crashes your rear and ends up on the ground and it's a really bad spot.

We sell that in 2008 we saw in the tech bubble and so I'm just hoping people will would be willing to get at least start with education. So where should they start David how do they begin this process to educate themselves so they can diversify the beginning of a 2008 gold by the way company about 602575857502 landmark okay will be all be out next week on vacation with my daughter somewhere planning for a full money Monday just to be a whole lot to talk about serenity down the road what's going on in Ukraine that will probably be reverberating here so can you do a full money Monday with David on Monday, March 7. David got bless you brother thank you for your help as always), talk soon.

Thanks so much Lynn that's his website. As always, this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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