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FRI HR 2 021822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 19, 2022 12:36 am

FRI HR 2 021822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 19, 2022 12:36 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR right were back ministry poses. Our freedoms are our freedoms are they given to us by Almighty God, our maker, both here in Canada poorly given to us as a privilege about pro-government well will be no earnings. They are inalienable right endowed by our Creator. So our rights come from God, not the Supreme Court, and in fact the working government was instituted to protect those rights that that was the purpose of the Constitution of the United States called today and Phil call me to listen to the radio was used to live here in Cleveland moved away and just move back after animal allow years and it was St. tell me how look Canada and Canada what's happening there against the pages they don't have any guns we have guns and it's time right now. It's time that we start using our guns right now and so I told himů What you just said you know that all these all of our conversations or we are a big monitor where were being spied on being spied on daily continuously by a very, very dark and deep, and corrupt underworlds and rogue agents in the government, very corrupt and what you just said there could get somebody to come to your house at 1 o'clock in the morning break down your door in probably 30 or 40 of these jackbooted booted thugs, jackbooted thugs, like they've done this so many here you know where they come in and break into your cowboy's okay punky boys little punky boys is the way I look at them not. They don't have a lot of courage not of not courage at all and so the and I'm thinking about the fellow that was working stone Oliver stone Roger all right Roger if I don't get Roger Stone and that I'm thinking about what they did to him and in others and in friends that I know what they did to him and that they always come in a hold gain not not a lot of courage there are whole but anyhow and so I told him I said, but what you just said there they are getting use that they to come to your house in the middle of night break-in, because you see these to be something called the First Amendment you guys remember their First Amendment greatly. Early bagel yet.

I remember who did it apply to everyone but but not when did that change because today only those on the far left seem to have a First Amendment right those of of us who were speaking the truth. Those of us that are telling the truth. We we don't seem to have that First Amendment right anymore in we seem to be targeted by what they call the cancel culture. You are First Amendment right on what they want to hear that they don't like what were saying, meditate and you can't be no hate speech. Millie will feature some speeches in St. Paul and then you're not allowed to say that that's all the defining and get rid of some speech and without due. Do you see in the hate speech in the Bible not pay toward that. I see you, but they do some of the words of the Bible might speech absolutely okay does the Bible teach that we are to love what God loves a good God hates the word things okay so in that sense and there there would be all hate speech with that they speech would be a speech of righteous indignation right well. Learning the Bible is true. So anyone that goes in believing the true fact what would Google recruit anybody that doesn't believe in the truth of the Bible and speaking about their sin and rebellion there and all out against God and against truth liquidate the Bible and people at our of the Bible. They hate us.

So what they say is if a street dictates in the Bible right now they've been starting with prime minister and some politician in Fremont is on trial right now to use the Bible to to defend against the effectual gender and cheese is on trial right now. I know that she's she's a real lady heard one other I left that article sitting on my desk and I know she's on trial right now because she told the truth and in Finland now and other places to you know right there in Canada. There's a lot of things that parts of the Bible that that have been Made illegal.

You can you can preach them. In other words, if you preach against the sin of abortion or sodomy there you come under persecution there in Canada and so let me ask you this because a fella called me today, since you know God is angry with America and God is angry with Canada because when they should us when we mention us spoken up and stood up. They didn't end up with the right absolutely can learn that there are God is angering them that every day. Bible says hard. So as it is to be consistent here with try to tell these people want what I'm talking about these police officers when I tell them about the note they need to repent. They need to repent. They need to obey God and not man they need to obey God and not man, and that here they need to try to retain some honored some dignity and you can't do that by obeying a little dictator little tyrant out there don't you remember what after World War II when they were bringing in the Nazis, war crimes, to remember what everyone of every single one of them said that we were just obeying order obeying order in the do you think it you think that that will carry any weight with a step before Almighty God Nonno everybody is responsible for own action so John your being. The cops of Christ, the head of the president and for the founders of cuffs for Christ International tell the police officers out there, tell them in your opinion, what they need to do because they're going to have to did they going to have to step before Almighty God someday apparently Wally got things going on for earning they've got to stand against the government and they are in the government knowing what happens when the government controlled and they might have to resign live they might have been. Speak up and state why wrong and they can't do it.

They have to like articulated and say I cannot do this. This is against the company mission of the United States or Canada and that my reasons and I cannot obey your legal orders sent we God is no known think a note to defend the Constitution of the United States by visited agent and there was no way I was evident obey any order that was detrimental to the rights that that we have no so they have to do that testimony sent in the need they need power to do it and that power comes from God and of God gives us power to stand for truth and so are you. You're telling these Canadian police officers and all of those here whatever country were on that they're a lot better off to listen to what God has to say and that with these these corrupt bureaucrats and politicians have essays that right well past the early Romans 13 about government.

It always mentions about the older people always bring up about the obeying government. VPs like Hitler did as the Nazis did remember that the depressive preachers do that because they don't have the courage to tell if it is easier, they they can tell you why I believe in God. I fear God, but I look around I will see got. I see governments on the go with me to go with the flow.

When Kate and I mean that's that's what's happening today.

We imprison preachers with metadata about learning all of the cyclic Romans 13 right yeah are God ordained the police again, the purpose of the police with purpose of the police was okay. They were to be ministers okay for God. In other words, they were to be obeying God's laws yet exactly Robert Merton's room at 13th St. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.

We shall not be afraid of the power mean that they did. The rulers are to be against evil, that which is good enough that the natural of praise of the singular praise of the government cited a legitimate government doing good souls who are the police to be a curriculum citizens that are upset with a tyrannical government that used the old endemic both the pandemic of the old available will definitely and taking only rights away the people stand up against the and the government now says that they are terrorists they invoke terrorist was they want to destroy them so is pleased with the before and that the mother tyrannical government that that's the best evil to write and so here you would tell the look you're going to be standing before God someday in and guess what ultra does get to be right there with you. All of those people who who you think that you can benefit by listing to them and maybe get a promotion or whatever they're going to be standing before God do, and he's the judge. Okay now here's the thing we take a look back through history and we look for examples. If we go into.

Let's say into the book of Exodus, you had these two women are right and they then they would shift for MPLS and and shift from puma will they were midwives, but they were employed by the government. They were employed by the government, but in the government ordered them to kill the boy babies now did they obey God, or did they obey the government, thereby God indicates now you had this guy named Moses that he was actually a prince in the Egyptian government and he had a choice to either obey to to be a part of that government or to obey God. Which one did he choose obey God.

Well, we had this fellow named Daniel remember Daniel. Daniel was a sheriff Daniel was a sheriff and he had the lead choice to make to obey God, or to bait a government decree in which one did he choose obey God.

And so would you suggest to the police officers that those words that we just read God and give them to us every 6000 years the word of God has his comedown. It is held its ground 1800 prophecies in God's word have come to pass exactly when exactly where it God said they would be exactly how and that the only real thing.

I mean the only thing for absolute positive that we can count and that we can completely and totally trust on in existence today is the word of God which it would you say that that would be a good message for them I were running in your right got all power comes from God, the power of the police ultimately doesn't come from the state to come from God and we are responsible to God how we holdback our soul. There are people that have had to resign like nurses that were, they were required by the job or simply wouldn't do it. The doctors had to resign for ethical reasons like that and I'm the problem is Casper Ernie and Mrs. Paul Hartley for the police and for Americans to realize is the government now is become evil like not determine and people lived in Germany that a good life.

World War I was rough: things that happen with the war, the economy and all and they went. They didn't have to face like the Nazis came to power and then all of a sudden good is evil and evil with good. And there was a lot of people that had to pay a price and stand against the Nazis and that's the way it is now we have a government that is against the hate America data mart.

They are that their allegiance is to a new world order and test early this is being revealed about you. When I got home and you had other speakers on here that have been talking about this for years and we could see it and it was hard for the people, but now the unmistakable customer what's going on in Canada is right on the surface here. The Canadians have their eyes open to those loyalty is not loyalty to the New World order is a disciple out call Schwab and Rainier in America. So we have to come to grips that there is a evil is permeating America just like it is candidates out really out blatantly in the open and candid of what they are doing in Canada. They sure want to do it very quickly okay sorry I hate is directly through the police. There are more consequences involved in May are forcing when you start touching God's people. God does not turn his back.

He does not close his eyes, so they need to be warned, we've seen and I know John can testify. This you can do press.

Ernie people that have come against God's people, especially in the pro-life. There's consequences for absolutely so my warning to those polices. You are now in the hands of Almighty God and that is a terrible place to be a frightening thing to ponder Sam so stop.

I commend take a stand as one if you have to be a coward don't come against God's people met several warning because God will defend them. You know to give you some examples of them. We had a facility maladies to attend their church you moved away, but that he was an active pro-lifer and they came after him.

They they try to set them up because of the corruption of those the payoffs and so I went and I was called in as a witness and I was in the witness stand and I had a tiedown and the tie was John 316 for God so loved the world in that he became his only begotten son so this prosecutor steps up in the place that my tie and nieces, are you gonna tell me you really believe that with a smirk on his face and I told him yeah I believe it and listen here you will to. There's absolutely no chance that you won't give them to believe this and eat.

He had this look of fear in the judge looked at him and the judge says well I guess he told you right and so but both of those to both the prosecutor and the judge ended up shortly after that going to prison for crimes they got out her gun and so and I've seen this. Remember, remember that. Remember when I remember what I say something to the witches don't fall in that burning lake of fire. And remember, they charged me with Carol's within a criminal trespass and and terrorizing the witches for singing that song to them out there that bloodied bloodied plan predators. Well they charge me for that and that prosecutor and judge. They shortly after that went to prison to for money laundering running drugs and actually from what I was told that running a horror house out of apartment buildings that they owned the and so I can see all time and time again people where the brothers in the Lord well for good example Dr. Ken overline remember Dr. Ken Hoagland. They put him in prison. He wanted the real reason he went to prison was the real reason is because he was debating these evolutionists and he was ripping them to shreds and some of the college kids in the colleges that were going to the debates they were listing and they were say that you know what this guy makes sense and they had to stop this because he was becoming more and more popular, so they they charge they would false charges in the fourth charge.

False charges were that he was withdrawing his own money from the bank. It was withdrawing his own money, but related, if you do, you couldn't withdraw up to $10,000 K over $10,000 without filling out some paperwork.

He stayed under that his own money that he would use in his ministry, and they still charge him with the real reason they had to give him off of the tour he was ripping the button of the prosecutor that prosecuted him in that case, guess what shortly afterwards, was convicted of molesting a little five-year-old girl and he went to prison for that I can give the example delivers examples all day long what you just said. Scripture says touch not mine anointed touch not mine anointed, As a learning I want to have one more thing your police. Police officers and anyone that are involved in coming against these people. Hebrews 1030 for we know him that have said vengeance belongs unto me, I will recompense sample organ again.

The Lord shall judge his people.

But after Ernie, here's what's coming up. They if they do not stop this coming against God's people and and supporting ungodly communists.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God and passerine guarantee testify from past experience, it will happen and please don't be the one that gone as to make an example out of it will be the Lord, it won't be my handyman will be by God's don't force God's hand because he will do it. That's that. That is my advice to those police officers obey God and not to go obey obey God and not you know that here this guy his freezing. The bank accounts of citizens who donated to freedom convoy.

That's what it's about. It's about freedom.

It's about freedom and so can you please houses those truck drivers that you're harassing. Those are the ones that have brought the food it's on your table again. If you bought it. They brought it up the furniture that's in your house.

The cars that you drive they brought that and what you have to understand they want freedom to go. That guy is a Satanist of Satan's company is an antichrist could go is an antichrist and he did not. Not only are you not obligated to obey unlawful orders from an unlawful man but but shame on you. You have to answer to God for doing there you go. Like Peter said we must obey God rather than man. And that's my advice for you. Please houses find some integrity get your integrity gets on her back regarding an honest try to do the right thing now is a guided didn't do the right thing gay Hillary's attorney Mark Elias is listed on tax filings for burn, loot and murder.

That's unknown.

However how weak got there and so Hillary Clinton's former campaign lawyer, the man who spearheaded dirt digging investigation that led to the unsubstantiated journey dossier on Donald Trump is now working for burn, loot, murder, formally called black lives matter.

According to the secretive foundations. Most recent tax filings attorney Mark Elias and Plenum in the eponymous law firm was named several times in a Berlin murder formally black lives matter, global network foundations charity registration renewing filing which was submitted in California on February 11 the revelation because of the leaderless organization faced intense pressure from California Department of Justice, which accused it of failing to submit to annual financial reports, and alleging it was an delinquent status will wait till Eric Garvin hears about that I may visit his his duty sworn first to burn, loot, murder, and at the far is deftly not to the citizens of the United States is low thereafter removed and murder are all tools on of the New World order, so no news is concerned is crushed and destroyed the American people that would resist the New World order and to advance the agenda advance. The gender in every way possible. So we have to come to grips that we have quite a and a and a foreign entity. Now that we got a clue and a foreign entity which is a look at nationalism looks at internationalism as its goal. They don't have American interest at all concerning these are not like I say it.

It's like a foreign entity is taken over America like Canadian officials freeze bank accounts of citizens who donated the freedom convoy. It's a state run media brags about using data from give sending go of criminal hackers to target citizens now after declaring emergency act of money little Castro government is tracking down freedom protesters and their supporters and freezing their bank accounts. Let me ask you guys this again if you had your your money in a bank and you know that that bank was allowing other people deposit is to have their accounts froze. What would you do I would put my money out of that bank right away. Apparently what happened in Canada with Mr. Meehan.

The six major bank account number or off-line right okay and now you think you think maybe little Castro's got something up his sleeve. There was evidence, looks that way they will off-line for printer back online now under John there will off-line for a while. I don't know but I don't run on the banks memo line.

Heather gave it always found strong circumstantial evidence that it happened just at the time that they did not salt. III can't agree with John, there looks like they were trying to stop a run on the banks I would take my money on absolutely never put it in again abroad I want to see those institutions go bank absolute doubts here. You know what would they call blue step with blue steppers out known blue step is the determiner using for the death of cats being in lockstep no matter what they're told to do.

They all do it.

They stand together no matter what it is they get there told to vote for a certain thing.

The matter how how sinful, how ungodly, how anti-God anti-country. It is they go blue step. That's what the word they use now blue step means to be in lockstep and but what's happening now is some of the death of cats are seen the writing on the wall. They know it's coming here coming in and made the primaries that's coming here now. If you are one of those Democrats and you had done that you had voted lockstep and you know that you are going to lose the election big time because the voting record. Would you would you say well I'm not good run again and just get destroyed.

Is it better for me to just step down and not run again, and here we we take a look at reference death or credit Representative Kathleen Rice from the New York fourth district cheese cheese the 30th that the crack Congress would that is announced. That is not going to run again that she not run anymore. What you think about that but I think it's good like a film organelle. I'd like to the Democratic Party outlaw what I'd like to see the ready. Hang tight. Will be back right after this the song you are about to hear some of the events described had not occurred in the light of the other. They have occurred in the life thousands of other revenue oppressed Americans author disclaims any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a consequence of the use and application of the following information is not provided for the purpose of renting any legal advice is another were dishonest, totally frivolous and without merit in that, as a matter of time alone with him and only family I am in the message and told them my thinking and playing their game home monitoring Ricoh in the market and under their use in the only man in the subject to know one thing in danger and timely govern and how you they bring their I hardly ever been in the way the family farm in limited government and the danger and Lily misapplied because the mission of taxpayer's need to arrive in reality the bankers bring American banks and you know now and even she can be based on Ron days in the famous around United health and family down there is an and that's a message from the patriots to those that are working out there for the government and you are persecuting the patriots what comes around goes around its year after them today and will be your turn tomorrow do the right thing.

Listen to what God's Word, the Bible has to say obey God rather than man. Let's go to Michigan have Craig Craig here and there hello all.turning it's good it's going, what's up and I need her. I need your advice on something your yard a lot like cockle around the world. I would try to order my topic brought neck with aunt.not get why I died and I do not know what you have any invite for the name of God know I was.

I ordered some hats that hats say on their America needs Jesus there in bold print. Okay and well.

I heard those has a mostly year ago and I called and I talked to the people that that's about the original handsomely got and they said well there been set not there on a barge, someplace that hats you know they put their to do the putting out of the dance that not there. They said as soon as we get a meal get up now. The little red books that we have the ones of the Bible answer both the really great coming.

People love those Bible answer books and that yeah you and so I went to order those that it took me months because the good people that print those couldn't get paper they couldn't get Inc. in the plan will then so I ordered a lot of extra so when they finally did get the paper than a kite. I wanted a lot at night so we have those and start praising the Lord for that new folks at their listing next to the Bible.

I think it's the best the best book you can possibly have that dark already.

John, do you have any you have any advice for I could hear you. I couldn't. I couldn't really hear okay.

Tell them what you ordered. So I went to Cronkite last weekend with the whole like Bob like I don't know what God or not, that you know like mentally and alive.

Well, this just give it to the Lord and then you know what you got the Bible I got a beloved things.

Craig, let's go to Dan. Dan your near panic yet. I can hear you go ahead your rights come from God that your current and we have a current you become a Canadian parent and revenue from any country in the world and you want to become a Canadian you want to become a cop or join the Armed Forces of the airport to the Navy any branch of the Police Department federal and provincial are manageable. You know you got it for, and hope to see the Queen okay with putting the right people. Yeah I can hear you bring back the romantic man when he got elected in 2015 anything about context because we had a good Prime Minister Stephen and after the year that baby you need to be dynamite paper better the next in line to that format.

We have one thing I know is not very intelligent man and liberal.

Right now, even with them one way or another, and the Canadian people, not because right now I work for the stupid and Canadians will not turning God bless you and keep writing up. God bless you dad that I agree with everything you just said God bless and thanks you did a very say it over with till we win, there you go, let's go out to San Diego to and we got Jack during a national emergency, the Constitution, it ended in 1976 Congress passed the national emergencies act, which gave the president of the United States. The sole power to declare a national emergency since 1976. There's been over 80 national emergencies declared by the various president probably up until the national health emergency.

The trunk declared the most famous one was the national emergency with respect to the war on terror that Bush 43 declared on September 14, 2001 know what happens with these national emergency. They expire in one year unless the current sitting president extended for an additional year so out of those 80+ national emergencies that have been declared as over 30 that are still in effect. So every year like clockwork for example, the war on terror is extended for an additional year. Now if the president doesn't sign and renew an emergency on the anniversary date. It expires and I could say I could make an argument that the Constitution is been for splendid since 1976 only really didn't feel it really didn't feel it until the national health emergency. The court, the court, the court to rule that you can suspend the Bill of Rights well if you right-click not been suspended by Biden did every time. It's gotten to the court if they can tell you you can't go to church, you can't go to work that now been defeated but they've been to Spain after staying up in the but they didn't and now yeah sure tyrant, but so we have to stand we have to spend the pastors should have never gone along with it past patient on the jail rather than go along with what the what was being done well you see what happened here when they did that here in Ohio. They said you can't have to suspend no more than 10 people attended and you have to wear masks and you have to do that will guess what we obey God rather than men in a God's word tells us not to cover our faith for the image of God and we we in the God's Word, the Bible made a very, very clear not to forsake the assembling of ourselves in the house of God, so we never missed the service we were there and we didn't do any of that socialist distance languages nothing but absolute foolishness and we didn't wear the masks we obey God and not a stupid corrupt government and you know what real pastors did that real pastors real men of God that were not 501(c)(3) corporations did that none of the UPF churches did any of that mask thing that of the UPF churches notice didn't you note cancel their services in the UPF unregistered Baptist meeting non-501(c)(3) actual New Testament churches.

None of them. They all obey God. They all kept going to church they didn't wear the mass because they knew to obey God and not a corrupt government so I'll make a prediction but they're planning on doing now declassified certain groups in the United States domestic terrorist and go after already already printer the main thing to go after your bank account and here's where there's a problem, the FTI insurance FDIC insurance only to extend the bank fail now if the bank goes off-line but closes for a week.

That's not failing and if you look at your currency essentially like that claim electronic currency. Most people don't deal in cash to do online banking, and their prisoner to the system. It's so easy for the government to confiscate your funds now because the only private financial transaction is cash thanks to even carry a lot of cash today. If you take all the wealth of the United States, less than 1% of that is represented currency.

Most of that currency is in storage at the various 12 district Federal Reserve Bank. You know what you write.

You know John everything that he would just mention I found that written in the book that all of this was going to happen you know what I mean you, Revelation 13.

It's all everything is coming down okay is falling exactly in place, just the way guys were. The Bible said it would be worth seeing all of these things happening, so but there's something else that's that's happening that is even tell you that the time the Lord's return is even clear and that is what what they're doing with these bio weapons in their changing the DNA of the human body. Once once they've done that.

Remember the last time they did something like that was during Genesis 6 and you heard about that thing they call the flood, but anyhow thanks Jack I got a move on our okay we got what time take one more: we have Cliff here and there. I go to malls chapter 4 and get your take on that because that's talking about the select is payback of the law. Where is the one select when it's payback. Amos chapter 4 okay so they been attempted for here, the word you kind of bet.

You kind of bashing that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor in question need you know you know who is talking to is that the kind of bashing to those referring to. Now he's referring to the women the wives the wealthy wives and that they in Israel. He says here that you kind of bashing near the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crushed the needy would say to their masters bring and let us drink the Lord God is warned by his holiness that low, the day shall come upon you that you will take away the hooks in your posterity with fishhooks and you should go into the breaches. Every cow at that which is before her and you shall cast them into the places that the Lord come Bethel with transgressors and kill go multiple transgressors and bring your sacrifices every morning and your ties after three years here, so he's talking about L's Israelites, Israel's wealthy women who were compared to cows of bashing because they were pampered they were sleek and well fed because the passions of those women selfishly push their husbands to oppress the the poor people helpless people in order to supply their lavish lifestyle is just like those that that are in Isaiah chapter 3 the daughters of Zion is who is referring to right and that it goes farther about how saying they along with not have it rain on well he's being sarcastic. Amos is being sarcastic and is telling them that come to Bethel and transgressed just about their come to Bethel and you know show God whose boss show who you women are a cuticle, multiply your transgressions and bring your sacrifices every morning in your ties after another words he's telling them he's being sarcastic and tell her to go ahead and let the Lord know who you are because while you got your in trouble. Basically what it was telling what show you your true colors you have to it even more. Just should show you are yet he's call an amount that's what Amos was doing: but I'm out of time for tonight and and so John and John which was YouTube gave the last week gave the invitation to remember when no thought it was home and we just got the word was: so that so that means you out. I did a little guy whispered in my ear. He remembers that said, so it's it's your turn, determine and dynamic time you got how much time three minutes okay well every week we we're showing you the difference between all of them go. The manifestation of evil. Evil is real evil just isn't people are against close but evil is a of people I give their heart and their minds over to Satan, and we can see it manifesting right before our very eyes. They want to kill every baby possible. They want to destroy God's institution of marriage want to destroy God's institution of create creating this male and female. They have there in the process of trying to depopulate the earth with these that shot on the list can go on so God is righteous and holy. We need to be on his side. The problem is we have all been born with a sin nature. Every one of those estimates at some point and I like repent and confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Ms. Bisno was God there is no middle ground you reader with him.

We are not and he's provided. The method that we can be linked to him through forgiveness we can become our father.

The Bible says that we can: auto for daddy we can have eternal life you'll heal our heart year. The Bible says look Jesus Christ. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted free us from bondage in our minds, but it takes repentance of sin and confession that Jesus Christ is our Lord. That is your Lord and Savior that he died on the cross and shed his blood to pay the penalty for sin and that he probably rose from that that that's really the gospel.

Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.

He was buried, and he rose again from the dead, according to the Scriptures. Anyone that will do that God is no respecter of persons.

Anyone that will follow God's method for salvation evil except into his kingdom. The matter how bad your past was a matter how many things you did wrong were terrible that all can be forgiven the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.

I asked Ernie I think I covered that all right very good again. How sure are you of that.

Gently turn over Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

That's the promise from above the word absolutely so heaven and earth will pass but there's only one thing that will never pass away. One thing and that's one of God name and so that's folks, this is what we we try to get across to Boise got understand that if you eat some of it was. I don't believe that you will is no chance that you won't normally was in heaven or hell. They all believe one way or the other.

And that's as absolute while we are out of time for tonight like we get to this time, I think you guys for being here tonight, and so on. Okay, I really Ernie home would be good tonight. I agree until tomorrow we go to say good night God bless, always, always keep mind being fight by. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WIWM on the student next time for meditation. Once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right left ministries and is responsible for its content

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