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The Liberated Life - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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February 19, 2022 12:00 am

The Liberated Life - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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February 19, 2022 12:00 am

You can be set free from unseen chains once you recognize them.

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Welcome to this weekends InTouch bypass maternal family attitudes that you pick up from others are more costly than you might think. Embrace the liberated life as the series on the life that wins continues.

If you'll turn to John chapter 8 was to begin reading in verse 30 and read through verse 36 and this is a part of groceries.

The life and winds of this the day the life that wins is a liberated life a liberated life. John chapter 8 beginning in verse 30 and Jesus had had his conversation with a woman taken in adultery. And then he got a good conversational argument here with the Pharisees and the course of that conversation. Jesus says something here that I think all of us should take heed to our having been speaking with the Pharisees, he says in verse 30 as he spake these words, many believed on him. Then said Jesus to those Jews who believed on him. If you continue in my word, then you my disciples indeed. I noticed as he says two things are happening.

If you continue in my word, then you this, my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. They answered him, we be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man. How sales value shall be made free Jesus answer them, verily, verily I say unto you, whosoever committed sin is the servant of sin and the servant of the body is not in the house forever, but the son about it forever. If the son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. The life that wins is the life wherein Christ is freed and liberated to live through that life.

The life that he chooses to live through us is a life with joy and happiness and peace and achievement does not mean that there are no difficulties, heartaches and problems, but the life that wins is the life that wins over the difficulties and the heartaches that we talked about many aspects of it. But today want to talk about an aspect that every single person on the face of this earth is interested in and that is a life of freedom and a life of liberty. Now it's interesting today how people who will turn away from God, oftentimes say the reason that turning away from God and the Bible in all of these puritanical ideas about sex and about freedom and liberty is that they will real freedom, but I want to say that every single teenager whose thinking about leaving home getting your own apartment in order to get away from your parents. I will remind you of one thing when you step out from under your parental authority. You must be very very careful that in order to escape what you think is bondage more than likely you're about to plunge into a greater bondage far more distasteful than what you think you're feeling right now.

Many people moved to the big cities to get away from little towns able to be free to live when nobody knows them where they can really be free and do just like they please.

They call that freedom they want to be liberated from the requirements and the restrictions and the rules and the commands of their parents, only to discover six months or two years later there in a different type of bondage.

They didn't even know existed there in a type of bondage that has absolutely overwhelmed them, put them in a terrible sense of imprisonment to attitudes, feelings, relationships. They never even dreamed existed. People who turn away from God in order to be freed always end up in a greater bondage than they even could possibly conceive existed when I think of many Christians I think of people who are saying but still in bondage human bondage you. So how can I be in bondage asked the same question. The Pharisee asked you several how can I be saved and still be in bondage because there are some very, very subtle types of bondage. We are oftentimes imprisoned by and not even aware of and amending the Christians out there good example of that that demonstrated physically you recall when Lazarus died and Mary and Martha called for Jesus and became a later after they had erected. It is very close and put him in the tomb. There, Jesus came upon the scene of the settlement. Remove the stone they remove the stone anyhow let Lazarus come for an Lazarus came for little by little wrapped in his grave clothes which was sunlight. God sheets that they would wrap around the dead person's body and then sprinkle all kinds of ointments and spices and perfumes on he came for a wrapped in those grade close that Jesus raised him from the dead. But even after Lazarus was raised from the dead, he still was in bondage. He was in the bondage of grave clothes which they had wrapped him in when I think about that scene I think about how many Christians sit in church houses on Sunday and they have been born again, but there's still in bondage they had believed in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, but there's still in different types of bondage there born again, but still in bondage.

Lazarus had life but he was still bound by his old gray because he still smell like death same perfume the same ointments the same spices the same grade close a man can be saved from his sins and still live in bondage and this is why so many Christians are not happy and hereby ask Lord I know that I've been forgiven. I know that have been saved. But why is it that I still feel the way I do wise and I'm not free was not spirit not free, while not liberated. There seems to be something in my life and keeps waiting me down and got I will be freed from all of it. I want to be the total person you want me to be what I want to show you why that can be true in the Christians life in this delay that wins is a life that is liberated from pre-programmed emotional responses I get that pre-programmed emotional responses.

Let me give you an example that many others don't have time to give you a lot of adjustment to give you one or two ideas and what do I mean by preprogrammed emotional response simpler this day when you and I came into the world. Most of what we learned in most of the attitudes and ideas got back to we didn't decide we can choose to say I will be afraid of the dark. You didn't choose that some medicine don't go out in the dark.

The bogeyman will get you all right as a three-year-old lad and your mother, your dad told you that you had no defense mechanism mentally. If they told you that that's what you read out the doctors of the bogeyman. All right, so if you think about this for the first two years of our life. Everything that entered our subconscious without my it was advised that we didn't choose it, somebody else poured in the all about thought processes so that all of us to some degree.

What we learn we learn by accident.

I don't mean that you eliminate God in this planning in the normal growing up. Whatever your parents are debating like someplace. It don't ever deal with that.

I don't ever deal with that one because my datasets on whatever my dad says go right now. Let's take an example of how you and I get programmed into thinking things that eventually have their effect upon us. Let's say that here is a woman. Here's a family and the husband wife can't get along, but they have all kinds of causes and bikes and so it bondage of the okay so you just little taught when that happens and you don't quite remember that, but you brought visible girl your mother says to you when you're five years of age and be very careful that you do not go within a strangely rare and you do not want to trust me and you cannot trust so you see you then asking about to teach you not to trust men using asking about to teach you not to meet strangers and should you grow up in your life. It and and you realize you don't know why but you do have a difficult time needing strength if you don't know exactly what is for you to psychologist your feeling about yourself then one of these days you get married and and everything seems to be fine but you know everything is as good as you know how to be, but somehow you keep quiet. Get the cutting edge there, and yet you want to be the counter like your being your husband he just pours it only thank you the grandest gal in the world. Your super fantastic is not a woman all over like anything that's great, but I wonder why Joaquin feel the same way he feels, and so you can't quite give yourself absolutely totemic and you don't know what you go through your whole married life like that in bondage to pre-programmed emotional experiences.

You have nothing to do with programming into your mind.

If I had time I give you a whole list of things that we suffer from in our lives it when I cam and parents.

We are responsible primarily not total. They hear them out on the street that here in the classroom, attitudes, and ideas that get programmed into our thinking about fears. For example, the primary purpose may have been protection, but it is a dispatch during that person's life that you'd be surprised how many of us, in fact, all of us have been programmed both for good and for bad, both good and bad. We been programmed and the people who were programming us did not even realize what they would do just dropping little sayings and you see it's a very subtle sense of bonding. For example, whatever you're afraid of that fear puts us at a a perimeter around your life until you break out of that fear. You are locked in by whatever you afraid that locks you in the some degree in your life and that you willing to step out and break through that fear you are locked in you, surrounded you in bondage to the fear and people are afraid of all kinds of things do you have feelings for example, the when you feel them there unpleasant youth is that I wish I didn't feel that way. Or maybe it's a feeling that keeps coming in here like that you never even thought about that you had a choice about but is something in your life that you really no particular like it's an attitude that you would prefer not to experience. Is this something that you that you thought about all I wish I could get over. Let me tell you that is a form of bondage which God wants to free you from, for example, let's say that an attitude crops up and you think I really don't feel that way. I wish I didn't feel that way. I wish I didn't respond to that temptation, that which I wish I did respond to him and that way I was shutting become angry. It seems that when a certain thing arises, always getting.

I wish that didn't happen.

First of all you got to admit that the attitude is there.

Secondly got to isolate and how you isolate it. First of all, you admitted is that the new site that come from in my life. I certainly do not choose to feel this way I don't choose to distrust men, I don't choose to be afraid of the dark I don't choose to be afraid of any kind of financial situation. I don't have all the answers to. I don't use it that you seem to be something I'm having to do with so you isolate you, ask yourself the question, where did that come from you will be surprised if you will ask God to help you trace that feeling to the source. It is amazing that you matter the first time you try.

It is amazing how you be able trace that back to some incident, some experience something you heard something was told you many times you will be able trace it back to its original cause I watch the if you go back and settlement.

You know, my mother used to tell me that all the top am I still suffering from that you are and how do you get on that first of all you don't criticize your mother you go back and you asked the question what is normal to feel that way was because her marriage was a mess because she was mistreated all right now looking at that 25 years later because my mother's marriage was a mess. Assuming demonstrably because my mother couldn't trust me doesn't mean that I can't trust them. And so here you are and you ask yourself the question what what is the proper response to that. Now that I am a child of God, indwelling of the Holy Spirit. My choice symbolism. I do not have to choose to feel what I've always I don't have to choose the distrust people along of the simple reason that she or he whatever the situation may have been whoever program that in your month.

They may have been innocent when they did it, but looking back you can see, you don't have to accept somebody else's programming of your life when what they said is not true for you. All right. Suppose you can't trace it back to the original cause they use what you must to you so I guess on the keeps bother me as an attitude. Maybe it's a sense of rejection. What about the like that everybody is against me. While I feel like the people always want to do me in, you may be able trace it back and see what somebody said you how you were treated, but if you can do that you isolate the feeling that things are right now knowing that I'm a child of God love, I got I did not have to feel what I've been feeling while not have to for the simple reason that I have Christ within me and listen Christ within us empowers us to choose how we want to feel about a thing you seminoma diminished when certain thing. I just react. You know why you react because you've never stop to ask the question how I will respond. Haven't you wanted to respond in the affirmative. Some time and people rubbed you the wrong way make people rub and you can use it will not overcome this and I got this from the Christian right, but you can't listen, you can't unless you isolate the feeling. Look at it. Find out what it is, why it's there or that's the way respond out of one respond that way. I have the power because of Christ within the to choose my response. You have the power to choose your response because Christ living within you is freeing you and liberating you to make the right choices in every area of light read the book of Proverbs we have the power to choose. We don't have to just off the top of our heads respond in the wrong way because we have in the past elicit the old subconscious is going to bring up the response that is most convenient. The response your motions to when you see that same situation. Choose because you have about you is I don't respond that way, how the Bible to respond.

I just want to be forgiving and loving and kind and I know that Christ within me would respond that way choose mother power of the Holy Spirit within the two respond in the affirmative and graciously lovingly and forgiving my friend.

One of the most subtle one of the most subtle and destructive forms of bondage is that bondage that lays right beneath the surface in our subconscious, in our own chosen on chosen reactions.

The responses which all of us have of them is the power to choose otherwise, I would like to say if there's a feeling you keep having a response you keep having to do with that you choose not to isolate Tracy to its source. If you can. If you can't just decide I will respond unwinnable. I respond that way just now, but I choose not to respond and wait and I want to respond the way God would have been response.

What is the proper way to respond then look back in your life and ask this question have similar situations come up that I responded in the right way. Then ask the Lord to bring those those proper responses into your life rather than the ones that you know I'm not and you seek by his palace and the life and wins is Christ living within the how would Jesus Christ respond. He's going respond right and what I'm simply saying you is this. I'm simply indicating that there may be a form of bondage which you are suffering from your never even thought about the possibility of it being. I cannot deal with yours for you in this point in this moment but I'm saying you can deal with it. If you will choose to acknowledge the supernatural power of Christ living within you and he won't shoot in no form of bondage.

But for even liberated to become the person they want you to be in change your life, your family relationships with everybody you meet people to free and I will master this morning. Is there any bondage in your life and if there is listen watch this one last thing, if you're not careful and that bondage is been there long time. It will be more comfortable to keep it than to give it up, a father, we thank you this morning that you have freed us that you have liberated us that you've given us all the freedom and liberty will ever need. If we simply willing to claim it by faith and to trust you and to see ourselves as you sales and then to look at our relationship to you and see which children of God we are walking under the constant, unending, unalterable umbrella of your divine love, which covers every single need that we have and father I pray today for someone who's lost someone who's never received Jesus Christ as their Savior, they know they're in bondage. Or maybe some who do not understand that they are in real bondage and what they think is freedom is real spiritual imprisonment would you speak about heart would you stir somebody's heart today to give their life to Jesus Christ and become free because he said if you know the truth. The truth will set you free. And he said of himself and the way the truth and the life and ISP father in Jesus name to speak about some of the come the Christ to be free even liberated from their past skills.

Their past habits of sin. Those old emotional responses that they like to get rid those legalistic attitudes if there say and still in bondage speak to the heart. We praise you this morning by having the power to liberate our children and we claim that freedom right now in Jesus name, amen. Thank you for listening to part 211, the liberated life.

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