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February 19, 2022 12:00 am


Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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February 19, 2022 12:00 am

2/19/2022 - Hell by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together, it's reasonable relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in states in today's speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland Marvel not at this for the hours coming in which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth. They that have done good to the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil to the resurrection of damnation.

That's John 528 and 29 Dino said that Jesus Jesus talked about hell. Jesus talked about heaven and how to get in but Jesus talked about the subject of hell.

In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in a number of places the Lord talked about the afterlife. For those that die in a state of sin and of rejection of God's offer of salvation hi Alex McFarland, you're welcome to the program. So glad to have the listing today and I I want to share some facts about what the word of God and what Jesus the son of God had to say about the afterlife and this is probably a subject that you're not going to hear spoken on by many a preacher. In fact, I would warrant that the vast majority of you probably do go to church. You could go to church for years, maybe even decades, and you probably will not hear a sermon on the subject of hell will give a quote by CS Lewis. Because this is an uncomfortable topic and part of the reason that I'm that I'm sharing this with you.

I was on on a blog site and I was reading some remarks from those in the healthcare field who have been dealing with people dying of covert on this is a time in which the tragedy of covariate in the pandemic has really brought our own mortality to the forefront of a lot of people's thought and there were a lot of doctors and nurses that were sharing experiences of the final moments of people dying and many of them dying of Kovic is interesting how common themes are many, many, many people talk about in their final moments. Seeing angels in the room seeing loved ones that had long since departed. In fact there were a number of anecdotes of people who claim to have seen relatives or loved ones come to welcome them on into eternity. And yet, these were people that the one in the hospital bed could not have known that this person had already died and yet they talked as if they were in the room and then there were a fair amount of anecdotes of nurses and palliative care workers who said the room became bright and and by the way I want to talk about the subject of hell in the afterlife, but for those that are atheist and I've talked with many atheists you know what we were doing apologetics we we do what I call a cumulative case apologetic when you look at the Bible, the resurrection, history, archaeology, science, mathematics, logic, philosophy, all of all of these added together make a pretty compelling case for the fact that we do live in a supernatural world there is God, and there is the afterlife, but I want to talk about the argument of religious experience just the the accounts from the medical field alone should cause that the naturalist, the materialist, the secularist, the atheist to think about the fact that goodness you are all of these accounts of religious experiences to be dismissed and for what basis and you have credible people, medical doctors, medical professionals PhD's and I've interviewed literally hundreds hundreds of PhD's from every imaginable field of discipline, who talk about answer prayer experiencing Jesus. So all of these things together make a very compelling cumulative case for the Christian worldview. But I was reading on this blog site last night. Of all of these people who want to talk about seeing Jesus, seeing angels, but were also a fair amount of accounts from medical professionals of people in their final moments who had horrifying accounts of the afterlife.

Speaking of the following in the fires of hell demons coming to carry them away patients in their final moments that were not religious or even atheistic in a crying help me help me they're coming to get me things like that. Now we don't draw our conclusions about the afterlife merely based on human accounts because human accounts can be incorrect in the Bible warns us that even Satan can appear like an angel of light to see people so all of our convictions about the afterlife, heaven and hell saved and lost. We must temper through the lens of Scripture, but some of the accounts were very poignant because nurses said that I served in the military in the service of of my country. I killed people will I go to heaven because as a soldier I killed people. Now this is another apologetics topic. We've talked about many times about how the six commandments as thou shalt not murder but murder and killing are not necessarily the same thing a soldier engaged in the, the job of the national defense homeowner engaged in the act of self-defense.

It might involve a killing. But that was not necessarily a murder because God gives to nations and individuals and to law enforcement officers peacekeepers Romans 13 one through seven.

God gives to nations and individuals the right to self-defense, so this one nurse was writing about how a man was on his deathbed just weeks ago with coveted is a veteran and he he wistfully humbly ask the nurse will I go up or down, meaning heaven or hell, and she said you know I'm not a minister but you seem like a good man and tearfully in his final moments.

This man said but I killed people back in World War II I did things I don't even want to think about and you know my heart goes out because this is why biblical worldview is so important. But when we come back I'm going to talk about what the Bible does say for hell regarding those that reject Jesus because there is a serious very real warning in the pages of God's word about the fate of the unredeemed, the lost, the unsaved heaven is real so as hell and we know that for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is from the teachings of Christ himself. So stay tuned, Alex McFarland, you will continue this very important subject in today's edition of generation. The apostle Peter wrote first Peter to remind us that Christians have true and lasting hope in their Savior Jesus Christ.

Because Jesus conquered death in an incorruptible glorified body. We can be sure that our salvation is permanence. As we walk through everyday life, the Billy Graham training center at the Cove presents Jesus Christ hope that lives hope that lasts for every believer.

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A study of first Peter with Alex McFarland. Find out more and wanted to raise your hand during the sermon will use your chance hi Alex McFarland here from the nationally syndicated radio program exploring for more than 10 years Micah spurred Harper and I have taught Scripture and answered hundreds of vital questions. We've compiled a brand-new book of the top 100 Bible questions from listeners of all ages from questions about supposing Bible contradictions to apologetics facts that prove the truths of Scripture. This new book features practical content that will make the Bible come alive for you. Can we really be sure that Exists there contradictions in the Bible Bosque that will help me understand the Bible better. There's so much good content in this book 1 Bible questions and answers published by Broad Street publishers and available at your local bookstores and also through for apologetics, resources, books by Alex McFarland and to find out where Alex is speaking to visit Alex program Alex McFarland here. Thank you for listing our website.

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If you want to come on Tuesday night, March 8 with will Graham Tuesday night March 15 with David Barton or Tuesday night March 22 with Lauren Greene of Fox News email me Alex. Alex and five will tell you how you can be a part of the studio audience. As we film or TV ship, but the subject at hand. Were talking about the afterlife and hell and before the break. We talked about how Jesus warned of hell very famously in Luke 16.

He talked about the rich man that died and went to hell and and I want to say this. Good people don't go to heaven and bad people don't go to hell.

That's how we estimate that's how we measure things as human beings. The Bible says were all born in sin, we inherit the guilt of Adam that we do simple things were sinners by birth were sinners by choice. Now, folks. It's wonderful news. The Bible talks about if you put your faith in Jesus, the son of God, the perfect sinless righteous son of God, who gave his life on the cross. If you will trust what Jesus did on the cross, your sins can be washed away. But you're not merely in a state of innocence. If you're a believer you have been declared righteous. This is just wonderful and folks in the pantheon of world religions. This is absolutely unique this concept that you you you are not merely washed clean and declared innocent note in the eyes of God. You are positively righteous. Now it's wonderful. Romans chapter 4.

If you believe in Jesus, you are declared righteous, but let me say this, if you don't have Jesus, you have the unrighteousness of Adam because we are the children of Adam and Eve were part of the human race. We've descended even science as the human race came from a single male-female pair while Bible says that's Adam and Eve right okay we have the guilt of our father Adam. Then we have the guilt of our and sinful deeds. We need redemption.

We need forgiveness we need to be saved as CS Lewis in his famous book, the problem of pain's published in 1962 the year before he died.

Great great apologetics book CS Lewis said this quote some will not be redeemed. There is no doctrine, which I would more willingly remove from Christianity than this.

If it lay in my power, but hell, the, the doctrine that some go into eternity. Lost CS Lewis said it has the full support of Scripture and specially of our Lord's own words.

It has always been held by Christendom and it has the support of reason. In other words, it's biblical Jesus affirmed it and it has the support of reason. In other words, do we really believe in an afterlife where an adult Hitler or an Osama bin Laden has the same afterlife of a Billy Graham or Mother Teresa.

And here's what CS Lewis said in the long run quote the answer to all those who object to the doctrine of hell is itself a question. What are you asking God to do to wipe away all their past sins, and at all costs. Give them a fresh start smoothing out every difficulty in offering every miraculous help.

But God has done this, says Lewis on Calvary. Listen to this in all discussions of hell we should keep steadily before our eyes. The possible damnation not of our enemies, nor of our friends, but of ourselves. This is not about your wife or son or about Nero or Judas. It is about you and me, says Lewis, what have you done with Jesus.

Now the Bible, which is our authority on all matters regarding truth says there is a hell for those that reject Jesus. Now if you asked many people what happens after a person dies, you will discover a variety of responses just like the stories of the people on their deathbed from the medical community, but people are wondering about eternity and even those who believe in heaven and hell very often give diverse answers responses regarding how to get to heaven. What the afterlife is like and many argue even some Christians I've talked to her professed Christians, those that will who really knows well the person who really definitively knows about the afterlife is the person he was, built their conclusions, convictions on what the Lord says.

The Bible says we come back were going to talk about this because you can know with certainty what the afterlife is like and how to be prepared. God wants you to be compared state to continue this brief break radio send your kids to a summer camp that will change their lives for the gospel and equip them to defend the faith truth for a new generation presents the unashamed biblical worldview can go deeper with God at the refuge Of Eastern North Carolina July 17-22 through 12th graders will hear from evangelist and apologist Dr. Alex McFarland as well as conference speakers, profamily activist and radio hosts will and Mickey Addison from American family radio as they share with your kids ways to effectively engage and transform the culture. Campers will also enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, soccer, volleyball, archery, and a whole lot a great summer camp of fun and building the TNG shame can July 17-27 at the refuge cabin Carolina to learn more and to register, visit Alex are you tired of liberal agendas ruining our country. What you don't know what to do about it. That's why truth and liberty coalition was founded. We want to equip you to take back our country and impact the world. Here's how we do it educate broadcasts conferences in our website resources that form equip and motivate unified by collaborating with like-minded organizations like the family research Council, the family policy and life mobilize by providing practical tools you can use to impact your local community as Christians we are called to make disciples of together can change the course of our country for good joint truth and liberty to connect with believers in organizations not only want to see change in our nation but a community that is actually doing something about it. Join us online for our broadcast describe the relevant updates on our website.

Truth and in the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism. Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way. You're listening to the truth for a new generation radio book back to the program Alex McFarland here. Thanks for listening. Hey were going to continue our talk about eternity the afterlife and yes help, but I want to remind you that I'll be at the Cove, the Billy Graham training center in western North Carolina July 8-10.

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Maybe you might feel led to underwrite your $91 tax-deductible gift will send a young person to camp and I'm there. Will and Mickey Addison from AFA. I please if you would pray about it. Go to our website. Alex You may donate securely online. Alex you can write to us PO Box 485, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313, PO Box 485, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 and you can help us make a difference in the lives of young people for God and country. Well this subject of hell and eternity. Even though the majority of people say they don't believe in hell anymore. The majority of pastors will never preach a message on hell, as we said it's in the Bible. Christ affirmed some of the greatest thinkers throughout history from CS Lewis to Billy Graham have obediently preach the gospel were trying to obediently give this nation the full counsel of God Kayla to reason through this together point of the Bible is a book shown to be of supernatural origin by many compelling lines of evidence fulfill prophecy. The words of Christ. The Bible is not the word of man, but it is the word of God, the Bible, the word of God teaches on the subject of help. Okay the Bible is word of God and to disbelieve the Bible is to disbelieve God.

The content of the Bible includes teachings about the reality of hell and the nature of hell.

Therefore, hell is real and it is the Christian's duty to accept what God has revealed about the subject. Through his word now. The Bible teaches that those in heaven will see God. Matthew 58 Blessed are the pure in heart, they will see God. But the Bible also says that the souls in heaven and hell are everlasting. The cells in each are therefore ever.

Yes, the saved will eternally experience God's grace and kindness. Ephesians 27 that into the ages into the eons, we will know about the goodness and greatness and mercy and love of God, but sadly I mean this is really unsettling to ponder everlastingly the lost will will realize the horrific darkness of the choice they made to reject God. That's why I would save everyone listening. If you've never trusted Christ do that today we often say this, Jesus is as close by is a prayer and we have this life this opportunity to call on the name of Christ to be saved, but after death there is no second chance.

There is no second chance after death.

Please do not be misled. There is no reincarnation there is no such thing as coming back in another life there are no past lives.

There is no second chance after death, you have this life and in this life, you must respond to the light that you've been given. Now the church has always at least up until you know the affluent arrogant hubris of 20th and 21st century Christians, we always believe for 2000 years what the word of God says about sin, righteousness, salvation, morality, sexual ethics, gender, friend.

We are in a crisis of truth because many who profess to be believers are living wildly erratic lives.

Believing wildly collected on biblical and sometimes even anti-biblical things. The earliest Christians took the Bible's descriptions of heaven and hell, literally now. First Corinthians 1312 talks about the fact that those in heaven will know each other in the state of love and absolute purity, but read Luke 16 those in hell are very cognizant of the horrific choice they made you think about this. The tragedy of eternally knowing you had the opportunity to turn to Christ and did not and so often times we think about the fires of hell. And yes, the Bible says that it is fire friend. I take that literally. Now I don't I don't know. I have to believe it's a thousand times worse then human language can actually convey, but obviously the worst part of hell is going to be separated from God and we really don't know what that's like me you think about it in this world with all of the troubles and pains of this world. Still, wherever you are in this world you're in the presence of God and can call out to God, but I've tried to help many an atheist understand we don't know what it is to be completely alienated from the presence of the Lord and yet one minute after death there is no there's no turning back. So friend eternity is real.

Choose carefully and right now Jesus Christ offers forgiveness. His resurrection proves that everything he taught about the afterlife is real Jesus rose from the dead, that confirms the man and the message who he was and what he taught and Jesus Christ said whoever turns to him he would receive have you turn to Christ, do you know the Lord. I close by reminding you heaven hello some utopia are not found in this world as as many assume in the saved in heaven are not just sitting on clouds forever strumming are plucking a gold heart you not going to get bored in heaven, nor will there be a party in hell. This is very very serious.

So let's know Christ. Let's help others find Christ and let's do our best with God's help and for God's glory to populate heaven and prevent those around us from going to hell. TMG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes, God one.

That's 877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex

Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. For more truth for a new generation on TMG radio

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