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Putting the "Go" in Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 18, 2022 5:00 am

Putting the "Go" in Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 18, 2022 5:00 am

Stu is taking a chance...on Chance! After Wednesday in the Word, Stu sits down with Evangelist Chance Walters to talk about his testimony of overcoming addiction and his passion for missions and helping people find God!

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Causes reward your mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you.

This is the Truth Network for taking a chance today on truth talk were talking to a chance. His name is chance Walters is an evangelist.

He loves Jesus, who is chance Walters lessened great questions to him an evangelist.

I live right here in North Carolina. My heart burns for Jesus. We have our own nonprofit speak in churches, schools, and in other countries, and so we just went with the go back into the gospel.

A man is is going to be on the show and is conical because there's a little noise behind were in a crowded room there's been over there praying is kind of nuts in your whizzing the word company organized these guys a beginners came today. We got the word were studying Chrissy as it were. Dario, as was allowed, but this guy's a moving target.

We want to take a chance and not get an interview with him. So Dave Compton when you saw chance Walters walked into whizzing the word you got kind of excited about this guy day for you and and I said stew by chance is that chance… I interviewed Jan several years ago on the community focus on WBT when he was with teen challenge and there is a really exciting guy. He's very passionate about teen challenge that has a rich history of in a warm legacy gives you a fuzzy feeling all the good they've done, but chance I read it when you walked in and I thought a minute. I know the guy by chance is that chance. God bless you good to see amen chance guys use you as an evangelist to bring a lot of people to faith in Christ God, get up, you preach it ballpark to preach at mountaintops decreased all of the world how to chance, no Jesus we want to hear your story is a great question. You know, we just got out a Bible study is to do was talking about communion this do in remembrance of me. And I think one of the greatest keys to spark personal revival is remembering where you came from. I'm telling you what I was a drug addict. I was an alcoholic, far from God. I wasn't looking for him.

He was looking for me. I was in jail for my fifth DUI Myrtle Beach and I didn't have anywhere to go, but not look to God and I ended up in a place called teen challenge and I got saved. April 30, 2003, Jesus changed everything for me.

That was the humble beginning tell people as I travel the best drug I ever did as my parents drove me to church I was raised in church and all about God, but I did have a personal relationship with him until I was 23 I needed hope to hear you are, Christ teen challenge we see the sky. After preaching, inviting people to come to Christ inviting people that were in the same boat you are in. What got you into the ministry, what happened after there your testimony. All of the say that the DNA of every leader is just time spent alone with God. And since I committed to just be with God, and I read my Bible. I had never really read the Bible before it was something on the inside. If you know the story I was in a church service that I had never given anything to God. I remember pulling out a $20 bill walked down to the altar is one of those churches where you waive your offering in there like you just don't care slipped into my seat. I went down to the ultra put it in the box and there was a verse in it. Psalm 28 so I love say when in doubt with the Bible out of the back of my seat on the mound that first a lot of people are listening for voice, but I would challenge you today. Look first and in this moment the first gift I ever gave the God who gave me my life verse Psalm 28 ask of me and I will give you the nation's is your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your possession.

So I started praying that prayer God use me if you can use anybody. Lord, use me and he sent us to 28 nations 48 states in the moment preaching the gospel in a wild rod amazing all these folks to God use you to invite Jesus.

Give us maybe a flavor couple testimonies of some some maybe some crazy moments.

Maybe some close calls of what's happened abroad. Also the kind of waking us up to the reality of the need for souls out there to hear about Jesus I travel for Tom and so I see a lot, you know, we love to go to places where the gospel is never been preached before, is a lot of people don't understand this because they've never maybe left their state or their community but we go to Southeast Asia to three times a year and whose gospel crusades and sobbing going to Pakistan is a Muslim nation and this past year, we saw our largest crusade today to hundred thousand people in one place 88,000 people filled out a decision card that they wanted to give their life to Jesus. And whenever you're in those moments that it changes you to see people in poverty in their coming to hear the greatest story ever told. And so there's this mentality we want to do it again. We want to do it in canister will be back to Pakistan the last weekend of March this year and people are just hungry to know the truth. The officers club tell Bill about Jesus. He really believes in the go and gospel.

That's how we started the interview. His name is chance Walters is an evangelist chance. What is it like to see the light come on, you see this happen multiple times that you still go you still preach what you like to see that light come on were people go from darkness to light where there changed to see people just fall her face and caught the Lord to be say what what is that like describe for people out there listening to me noticing that recently you if you're listening out there today I want to say that there is no greater feeling to be up part of the redemption process for somebody's life knowing that you were instrumental in their salvation. See, I used to be an addict and addict is you know an addiction is something that you do that you don't want to do, but you can't stop doing it as I was that I was an alcoholic and drug I didn't know how to stop until Jesus save me now. On the flipside, I can't stop preaching the gospel. I'm so addicted. Jesus, I guy got up I got a provide an opportunity for somebody else to receive the same GF that I received almost 20 years now sees the God of second chances. If you need one. Today, people listening are like while I am not going to go share the gospel with my neighbor and I can go preach the gospel.

As for guys like chance Esther Billy Graham Esther John Wesley.

I'm not going to do that kind of thing. What you say to people out there diving at her. Greg Laurie is a less than 4% of believers are even sharing their faith, we have the words of life we have the message of the Savior who came the only one that can set us free.

You've been set free from the bondage of sin. I've been set free chance what you say to folks out there about the importance of sharing the gospel.

You can do it to the greatest evangelistic tool that we have in our life is our personal testimony and if you been touched by God.

You have testimony, you know, my wife, she's never drinking alcohol. She's never done any drugs and I'll never forget when we first met. She's to hear me preach help. What a story, and she's a chance. I wish I had a story like you and I'm like no you don't, nobody has to go to the depths of sin like me and see the greatest story is when somebody gives their life to Jesus at a very young age, and they serve him faithfully, all the days of their life.

You could have a story let my wife could have a story like me, but you've got a story and that's the greatest way to share the gospel is through your testimony name is chance Walters he's an evangelist. He loves Christ he popped into Wednesday in the word this morning is justice. We can hear them using the back others guy still talking and praying all around your chance is we take us home was the website for folks for your ministry. How can our listeners pray for you and your author.

So one season preach the gospel chance is our website that we have a podcast called on the revival row. That's our tagline because were always on the road and so we would love to connect with you in and see soon your final challenge out there your heart for America. What keeps you going here to leave your urine to go set up another thing you're going to go be preaching tomorrow night you take your sweet family all over the place to preach the gospel. What keeps your engine going.

What do you do that makes you feel most alive as we wrap this interview up. Well, hope Diller and so I have hope of red the end of the book we win, and sadly that there's hope for America believe there's hope for you and I just believe the best is is yet to come. So don't give up this keep moving forward. Amen. Don't take a chance on attorney trust Jesus today chance Walters evangelist Acer let us have fallen your name we love you man and I don't do anything by chance, was using a guiding chance right here to leave you Wednesday in the word barrios. I'll see you next week. This is the Truth Network

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